Echo - Dead Trouble in Little China

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Description: Echo encounters Koto the Sentai Hero in Chinatown for a battle of light against dark!

Koto, with the holidays upon them, had decided to venture out into Chinatown again. His first time here had encountered one hell of a cosplayer. Now? He was there mostly because he was hungry, didn't want what was at the school or in his dorms, and wanted to get something good to eat already.

The young student's wandering was mostly aimless so far, but he did happen to at least be noticeable in a crowd as he tended to wear those odd television hero shirts. As it stood, he was finally done eating and satisfied as he wandered the streets, mostly back alleys now as he was headed back towards the downtown and specifically Pacific High itself possibly where he was a student at.

Overall, he was in a good mood. Whistling, hands in pockets, and pretty much just doing his own thing.

"Hey there, little boy, look who's out walking alone," comes a voice from above--crouching on the corner of the roof of a Chinese restaurant is Echo, clad in black dress and boots, perched on the very edge like a freaking gargoyle.

The bat lady is not bothering with any kind of human-appearance or disguise, practical or magical--her long white-grayish wings flaring out around her as she looks down at him, her elbow propped against one knee, her chin resting in her palm.

Looking around for a second, Koto finally looks upwards and shakes his head. "I just can't wander around Chinatown without running into something strange these days."

Pulling his hands from his pocket, he runs a hand through his hair. "What is it this time? Your meal get away from you? Trying to put some curse on that business? Oh, wait," He snaps his fingers, then points, "Someone turned you down! Right?"

"What's the matter? You think bat people are strange? Are you specist?~" Echo sneers at the boy and grins a little bit, her wings flapping a little as she stood up from her crouch and soon was flapping down to street level to join the boy.

"Curse? If you mean the health inspector, I think they're done for already, honey," Echo grinned broadly, showing her ivory fangs and teeth.

"Turned down? Me? Pfft, nobody's turning me down tonight, you wanted my attention, well now you got it, babe, I'm sure Sabbath can use a sample of that delicious blood of yours, or some part of you!" she cracked her knuckles and what looked like plumes of smoke swirled around her arms, raising her arms wide!

COMBATSYS: Echo has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0             Echo

COMBATSYS: Koto has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Koto             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Echo

Koto brings his hands up as he sees her land and apparently ready for a fight, especially as she mentions samples. "Samples? What is it with ladies and samples these days? First that lightning throwing teen, and now you."

Bringing his hands up quickly, he sweeps his let hand across rather quickly. "Henshin!" The bright prismatic glow covers him before leaving him in that costume again.

Instead of flat out attacking however, he swings a leg out instead... and literally kicks a trash can at Echo! Which looks to be having trash in it, too. "I swear there has to be easier ways to get 'samples' than trying to beat my brains in. Ah well."

COMBATSYS: Echo blocks Koto's Thrown Object.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Koto             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Echo

"What the--" Echo brings her arms up which catches part of the trash can--but still takes the very edge of it off the forehead.

"Owww!" she whines almost childishly at the fresh pain that stabs into her head now, causing her to become disoriented after that. It might have had to do with her large ears and the hollow THUNK the trash can made, as well. She is a bat, after all.

"Guh, gonna punch your ticket, sentai-boy--" of course, due to how that sentence sounded, which she didn't even realize sounded really /wrong/, this comes off as rather unimpressive, threat wise.

she does however try to step in closer for a haymaker to the side of the boy's neck and shoulders!

COMBATSYS: Koto blocks Echo's Medium Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Koto             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0             Echo

"Hey, might as well toss the trash at you. You probably miss it." Koto comments, then pauses as he hears 'sentai-boy' out of that.

Then he has to bring an arm up, lessening the impact to his shoulders and neck at least, as his arms move a little despite the rather fierce block.

"Well, about time someone got it right besides May." He comments, then brings his front knee up, snapping his leg out into a crescent kick aimed at side. "J-Kick!"

COMBATSYS: Echo dodges Koto's J-Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Koto             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0             Echo

the Bat lady's forearm connects hard against the boy's arm, the bat stepping back to put some distance between the two.

"Please dear, I've /never/ been that trashy," she grins, brushing her long black hair back--just in time to tilt her head to the side, nearly avoiding the attack.

"Getting a little sloppy there, speaking of--I could use a drink--" she snarled and drew her lips back, lunging toward Koto trying to bite into his neck or shoulder!

COMBATSYS: Koto blocks Echo's Aggressive Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Koto             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0             Echo

Koto brings his hands up, at least making sure she doesn't get the neck or the shoulder. The arm, on the other hand? Yeah, that's probably in the way.

But, she may have made a mistake as Koto's feet slide to give him a wider, more balanced stance and his hands shift from being closed fists to more open and looser fists. His hand that he didn't stick in her way goes for her midsection in an attempt to literally lift her upwards and over in a throw meant to slam her back first into the ground rather harshly.

"No biting on the first date." He comments afterwards.

COMBATSYS: Echo blocks Koto's Strong Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Koto             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0             Echo

Echo's teeth find the boy's jumpsuit, or undersuit--whichever it happens to be--cutting into the spandexy material and pulling back, only doing little damage.

"But that's how we say hello!" Echo manages a sshe's being hefted nad tossed over the boy's shoulder, winding up coming down /hard/ against the asphalt nearby, groaning as she pulls herself up.

"Alright, phew--too much petty scuffling in this alleyway, time to wake the dead~" Echo's dress flared out, as if wind came in a burst from underneath her, arms raised. What looked like two pale, legless scythe-armed spectres with gaping holes for eyes and mouths appears from the air around here, zinging out towards Koto and trying to rend him with their massive armblades! They were pale blue and translucent, partly there and partly not.

COMBATSYS: Echo successfully hits Koto with Abracadaver.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Koto             0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Echo

Despite moving back to try to get some room to block, and even sliding to a more solid stance, Koto ends up slashed by both of the spectres as they manage to go around his arms. Wisps of that prismatic energy come off of him as he decides, apparently, to stop playing around.

If she knows what sentai is, she might recognize that there's a big massive prismatic display underneath him that quickly goes to his back leg as he swings himself around. All that prismatic energy is right on the kicking shin aimed straight at her as he calls out, "THUNDER KICK!" The frightening part is that impact or miss, it will leave exactly like it sounds. A clap of thunder, not to mention hitting like a freight train.

COMBATSYS: Echo dodges Koto's Thunder Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Koto             0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Echo

The droplets of blood appear to go /right through/ the arm-bladed spectres, proving they're not really there... but then what cut him? There is definitely something wrong here.

"Snff... snff--ooh, that's a very good year, don't worry honey, I won't let more go to waste~" Echo is then lifted up by something invisible--sailing up and directly out of the path of his prismatic kick. She seemed to kick off of whatever unearthly force she was riding on and her wings snapped open, acting like a bit of a parachute.

"You speak of heroes and villains boy, are you sure you haven't had enough of playing white knight yet? Because I've got a very dark fairytale for you--" Echo held her white-furred palm out, and what looked like a /hospital gourney/ rising up from a dark portal in the ground behind him, rusted and festooned with straps that lashed out--trying to catch him!

COMBATSYS: Koto endures Echo's Necroscopy EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Koto             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0             Echo

Finding himself suddenly being well... attacked by a hospital gurney? Where did /that/ come from, anyways? Koto lets himself go with it. Seeing as he's pretty well literally strapped, he comments, "I did not know you swung that way, but you should be the one with the straps."

He fights against the straps, bringing a hand up to his forehead as he grabs at what looks like a prismatic copy of his crest before letting the strap help him along with the throwing of it. "J-Slugger!"

The prismatic projectile flies outwards, apparently the wrong way until it literally spins around aimed at Echo first, then trying to go for the straps that are holding Koto down.

COMBATSYS: Echo blocks Koto's J-Slugger.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Koto             0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1             Echo

Scalpels and various other rusty tools swing around from behind the gurney and STAB into the poor Koto as he remains pinned to it, grinning at him and watching the 'show'.

"Oof, put a little life into it honey, you gotta learn to work that blood spray!" the straps appear breakable after all, however--and the boy would be able to move with the object lashed to him or break out of it soon after.

As the boy swings the head ornament at her, Echo brings both of her wings up and arms, shielding herself as the prismatic energy impacts her and throws her back--the bat's wings unfurling outward afterwards, snapping back as she pulls herself back through the air.

"Tantalizing offer, maybe if you're still alive after this, hmm?" the bat lady's eyes then flashed, an eerie awful red color--as what seemed to be some kind of magical fear-inducing effect radiated from her body, trying to shake him apart!

COMBATSYS: Echo successfully hits Koto with Spirit Wrack.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Koto             0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1             Echo

The prismatic head piece circles back around, cutting Koto loose but not in time as he gives out a scream of pain at the apparently mental attack, even falling to his knees not far from her.

"First that innocent act..." Koto says, struggling towards his feet, "... then this..." The young hero certainly has guts to still be standing. Bleeding heavily from the various wounds on his suit, glaring up at her it seems through the otherwise featureless eyes. "When... will you people... stop... playing... around!"

After saying that, Koto erupts into action, throwing a wild series of punches aimed at her in a surprising display of his being more than ready to flat out beat the hell out of her. Punches thrown wildly, quickly, and rather fiercely from his otherwise loose stance.

COMBATSYS: Koto prepares to take his last stand against Echo!

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Koto             0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1             Echo

COMBATSYS: Echo dodges Koto's Mix-Up Combo.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Koto             0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1             Echo

"It's okay, hero, time for you to take a nap now, don't worry, Echo will be gentle~" the bat lady landed, and the boy might be able to hear the footfalls of her boots as she stalked toward him, with him on his knees and all that.

"You're the one that wanted to fight a darkstalker, remember? Your own actions put you here, and for what? Take a few bumps, prove how cool you are?" She paused just short of him, reaching down to put a hand on his head and tilt it back to look at her.

"Just because people are different than you doesn't make them evil and indefensible--well, from where you're sitting right now probably makes me seem that way, but," she grinned, before his sudden surge of energy seemed to return--throwing those punches and strikes at her like he was Wolverine!

"How are you /still walking/??" she is momentarily puzzled, he was so injured just now, how was he still able to move?! She dodged back and ducked low left and right, able to avoid the punches still.

"You wanna fight monsters, you'll become one! I'll give you one last chance to run!" the sleeves of the bat woman's dress swirled as she began creating an orb of blackness above her--swirling with ghosts and death energy!

COMBATSYS: Echo gathers her will.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Koto             0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Echo

Koto steps away, unsteadily keeping that wide, balanced stance as he brings his hands up. Two can obviously play the whole game of gathering power as that prismatic energy suddenly flares around him, spinning and swirling as it dances around his body.

"You're right. /I/ asked for this. I want to be a hero because people like you make me sick." Koto states, blood even leaking out from behind his face mask it seems.

"Your kind prey on others." He stands up a bit straighter, tensing it seems despite the blood flowing. His eyes look towards her as he brings his hands up into that loose stance again. "They do not care what they do to a person."

The prismatic energy reaches it's peak as he brings his hand back again, obviously ready it seems. "To someone who was simply minding their own business and met you. I protect those who you prey on."

COMBATSYS: Koto glows with prismatic energy.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Koto             1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Echo

"Woo--you animals really /are/ dumb! Kill and the world dies with you--die and you laugh alone! Bwahahahaha!" Echo is floating off the gritty, dirty asphalt of the Chinatown alleyway, her hair whipping around as the dark magickal energies form into what looks like a large obsidian orb of DEATH behind her, finally ERUPTINg and lancing out towards him like spectral heat-seeking missiles.

"And tonight, we prey on /you/."

The dark, inky black energy engulfs the entire area, blotting out the sun, finally leaving them in somewhere very dark and cold, the blackness descending on the young hero!

The energy surges around them, finally encapsulating the entire space black, nothingness.

COMBATSYS: Echo gathers her will.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Koto             1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Echo

Koto brings his arms around as his hands slide together. That immense prismatic energy forms into one massive, large symbo like a winged dragon's head in front of him before going to his hands. "You are mistaken. We are not animals, much as you are not. That does not matter to you, I expect."

"When I die, I hope to make a mark on this world. A mark that will show the signs to others that you can face the demons at our door. And fight back!" The young hero declares before bringing his hands up. They slide to a plus looking formation, that is pointed at her no less.

"AURORA BUUURST!" Then comes what can only be called a blast of prismatic hell in a wide, large beam aimed straight for Echo. A beam that, if it misses, will surely be one hell of a beacon into the night sky as well as get a lot of attention as it just keeps going practically. It probably fades out, but the fact is all that power? It's obvious that someone is bound to want to poke and prod at him. Maybe.

COMBATSYS: Echo interrupts Aurora Burst from Koto with Still Falls The Night.

[                                < >  //////////////////            ]
Koto             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>-\-------\0             Echo

As the large prismatic beam shrieks towards Echo, the brilliant display of it is enough to light up the dark space around them--she swerves while holding her hand up--and brings it down, causing all of the inky blackness around them to come crashing down on the poor hero--blanketing all in the night.

It is gone in a second, too fast to be believed in one's waking hours, but there long enough to be replayed endlessly in nightmares--the black space just collapses and disappears in less than a second--the light rushing in and Echo being thrown back by the prismatic chi energy, wounded but still apparently able to fly.

"Whew--the only way this can end is if one of us is dead, you know... I kinda like the sound of that, to be honest, g'heh..."

Koto likewise is sent flying backwards, landing heavily but still able to rise upwards. He looks a bit in disbelief because that was probably one of his more powerful attacks and whatever she used? It... well, ate it pretty much.

Finding himself shakily on his feet, Koto brings his arm around, and decides to at least try to fend her off or give her some reason to not pursue him as he tries to back away, stumbling almost into another side alleyway.

The means of fending her off comes in a bright, prismatic wave of the energy aimed at her as he calls out, "Dragon Emperor!" The attack might miss, but well... it's at least going to be something to leave a mark as the rolling, cascading wave soars at her.

COMBATSYS: Koto can no longer fight.

                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |>>>>>>-\-------\0             Echo

COMBATSYS: Echo blocks Koto's Dragon Emperor.

                                  >  ////////////////              ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\-------\1             Echo

Reaching up to wipe her brow, Echo brushes her long black hair back, still confounded on how the boy can still /move/, breathing hard and groaning as she reaches up to gird herself against the prismatic energy wave that hits her--forming a shield of black magic around her to try to stop it. She manages so, only partially.

"Caused me a lot of trouble, boy, but still--good try," Echo bends down after landing and walking over to Koto, pricking his arm with a small needle she produced from her hip pouch.

"I'll hold you to that bite, and maybe those straps later on, darling," she would lean down and give him a bloody kiss against the forehead too, should he still be concious, before turning and walking away. She enters a side alleyway, and promptly disappears, as if walking through a door into nothing.

COMBATSYS: Echo has ended the fight here.

Koto, after collapsing in the alleyway, was sure that he had hidden himself. Barely conscious from the injuries, he can't even fend her off when she goes and... sticks him with a needle?

Staring as she just disappears, despite the rather bloody kiss to his forehead, he finally lets unconsciousness claim him as he lays there, still bleeding slightly even as his costume fades away.

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