Echo - Lakeview Cabin IV

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Description: Koto runs into an Echo at a cabin by the lake--it's not quite the camping trip he imagined!

After a grueling match with La Huesuda the other day in Los Angeles, it was back to Japan for a certain necromantic sorceress. Time for some rest, recovery, spa treatment... and a little BITE to eat, if you know what I'm saying.

Enter: The Campsite. A scream peals through the air as Echo exits one of the cabins overlooking a large lakeside area in the country. Japan is one of those weird areas where you can go from huge city with skyscrapers to relatively remote undeveloped countryside in a few hours drive. It was nice. The serene, untamed wilderness... also the lack of firearms, which made a pitstop like this fairly enjoyable.

"Oh just put some ice on it, you big baby," apparently a young lady had just discovered what she'd done to her boyfriend. Well, he was alive--but looking distinctly paler than before, and Echo had to cover her mouth as she let out a rather un-feminine burp.

"Oof, phew, 'scuse me," she sniffed at the air. "Eugh, fresh air, the scent of pine," she made a face, wrinkling her nose. She was pretty sure the air was heavy with pollen, to boot. She was in oen of her customary black dresses, pumps swapped out for a pair of patent leather boots.

Well, it wasn't every day that someone wandered around. And that one was Koto in this case. Holidays were upon them, after all, so Koto was using it to be out and about in the country side rather than confined to the Pacific High.

The young man was currently just wandering around. At least until something rather amiss seemed to catch his attention.

That being the rather pale looking guy as well as the sound he just heard.

Koto, usually, is rather dense for a hero but well... someone shouldn't be that pale, nor should someone be going on about putting 'ice' on whatever happened. He makes his way over, currently dressed in jeans, a light jacket, and black shirt. "Is something wrong over here?"

He was definitely doing the part of acting a concerned citizen at the moment, but was cautious a bit.

"Something wrong? Sheesh, have you /seen/ the size of the mosquitos around here?" Echo is standing atop the steps from the cabin's deck to the ground still, having heard the man coming. She is also making no attempt at disguising herself, though she probably should have. It's just a 5'8" bat lady standing there, acting like nothing is wrong. (There probably is.)

"And what are you supposed to be hon, park ranger?" she's busily fixing her makeup in a compact as she stands there.

Koto sighs, rubbing his forehead. "Not quite. A tokusatsu."

"And, I can not have a DarkStalker around preying on people no matter if they let them live or not." Koto declares.

His feet slide into a stance before he brings his hands near his waist followed by his left raising up across his chest and sweeping across slowly, "Henshin!"

A prismatic glow surrounds Koto before leaving him in what looks like some sort of spandex costume with bits of armor. "Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon, ready!" His right hand comes up, forming a J shape that even briefly glows with whatever strange power he possesses, showing the J for what it is.

Seriously, it's another masked hero! In Japan!

"What the heck is that?" Echo frowns a little as she closes the compact and pockets it, blinking a little as the masked fighter proceeds with their transformation, eyes widening a bit.

"OH, you're one of /those/, I get it now, well uh, are we doing this then? I was still trying to recover from the last person who tried to attack me," Echo put her hands on her hips, her wings rustling behind her as they flared out a little bit, in a sign fo intimidation... or perhaps irritation? It's hard to say which. Either way the effect was undoubtedly to make her seem larger than what she was.

"Don't you value your skin? how about you beat it before you get hurt," Echo momentarily gnaws at her lower lip, ivory fangs visible.

Koto seems to glare at Echo. "I guess you do not know much about heroes. We do not value our lives, but those of others. We fight to protect those that can not protect themselves from ones like you."

Koto brings his fist into his hand. Then he pauses, looking considerate. "Wait, what do you mean recover? I mean, you look fine to me."

That definitely confused the hero a bit.

"You should, I'm a necromancer, I can do things to you after you're dead you'd wish you were still alive, it only goes without saying," Echo has a vanity moment, there. "There was a time wizards of our kind were valued by communities and seen as normal, communication and seeing to the dead," Echo held up a hand which she balled a fist, opening it to reveal what looked like a blue, flaming skull.

"But that was a long time ago, and such things like that are just tales to be told, now we are a dread sorcerer, binding unlife to our whim," she tilted her head towards the masked man.

"A luchador attacked me, you know how it is, must have been a tecnicos, the 'face' type," she winked.

"Uh-huh. And what were you up to that earned attention then?" He retorts.

Koto hums, "Technically, you still are but well... it depends upon if you raise the dead or just talk to them here, I suppose."

Considering, Koto rubs the back of his neck as he seems to consider. "Also, no worries on the whole 'dead body' thing. I knew the price when I signed up. I really just hate people preying on innocents like that, but I also hate to hit someone when they're down and out. Ugh... to actually fight or not to? I hate that question."

"A bit of business, I like to keep busy," Echo didn't offer anything more than that, for the moment. "You should care for your own life, it's the only one you have, the disquieted dead have a hard lot, I'd know," Echo grinned again.

"Think hard now, you're losing the light," she gestured with her chin up to the air overhead, where the light was beginning to wane.

"How do you know about Darkstalkers anyway? What's your problem? You don't like bat people?" she raised a brow at that question.

"Oh, I tend to run into them sometimes. You should have seen the wolf ones at the mall the other day, and the crazy kitsune lady." Koto says simply.

Then he considers and slides into a fighting stance, "Weell... we are here, and I did come out to train, so why not get in a good fight?"

"Seriously, though, my problem is that it seems you lot just prey on people for whatever. You should see some of the photos I have seen." He shivers a bit. "I know you guys are not nice at all, and I plan on stopping DarkStalkers wherever I can, just like my tokusatsu heroes."

"I'll 'tokusatsu' you, boy," Echo smirks. "You shouldn't be so eager to go around attacking people you don't know, I'm not the only one those around here," Echo whisked the blue flaming skull in her palm away with a gesture, around the masked warrior's feet, the earth churned and rumbled.

Skeletal hands would pop out from the ground, trying to grasp and hold the young man's hands.

Echo immediately began to laugh, her wings unfurling with a leathery flapping sound, like a stiffened flag in a harsh wind.

"Meet some of my friends--there's a reason the ancient Hebrews called us 'Bone-Conjurers', d'ohoho~" Echo was taking wing, literally, rising into the air with her dress fluttering now.

The hands are something new, and Koto is surprised by them. Despite having a solid stance, his feet are grabbed and he manages to at least punch the ones going for his hands away, but he's still occupied.

By the time he's even able to move after swiping some of that prismatic energy at the hands, she's taken wing where he can't follow. "Learn the local language, old lady!" He calls back after her taunt comes to mind, he shakes a fist up at her, knowing he can't follow her into the air.

"I'll see you again, child of man, masked warrior, pray you've earned some better manners before then!" Echo is high into the sky by the time Koto has dealt with the skeletal arms that reached up from under the ground to grasp him. They crumble and drift way in the breeze, as if they were only held together by whatever fell magic that Echo had willed them into acting with. The sun begins to set now, and the darkness looms.

Might be a good idea to get out of there.

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