Velvet Blue - Back down the Rabbit Hole

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Description: Masami retraces his steps to the Gold Lounge, the hidden, seemingly Darkstalker-centric club to find the mysterious Velvet Blue who saved him before. He finds him half-twisted, but still in a good mood.

While it's relatively warm during the middle of the day in Tokyo, it is course a little raw during the dead of night. Likely time for school boys and girls to be back home or at dorms for the evening. That is of course if you're not a bad boy, of sorts, anyway. There's still a fair few running about this evening, it would seem. While Velvet /had/ promised to come by and see some of Masami's pottery work, it's sort of a hectic night for the party scene, apparently--and it would appear that Velvet has gotten a little... held up, somehow.

Of course, nothing is keeping Masami from trying to go look for him. Can he follow the white rabbit back to Wonderland, though...?

It might be a bad idea to try to look, really. Once one falls down the rabbit hole, it's very hard to climb back out. Nonetheless? Masami is looking. Going back to that place he remembered disappearing, Masami looks for that door again. And when he finds it, he... hesitates. Should he knock? Just walk in? He's kind of not the usual clientele.

In the end, he decides to knock. It's the polite thing. Besides, if those patrons ARE animal-people, they have claws, and fangs, and horns, and other ways to make sure he has a not-nice time if he just barges in.

Of course, if Masami really was going down the rabbit hole, Velvet would have had to get the scoop on that kind of afair, that darn waitress, always so damned seductive! Masami is going down another sort of rabbit hole tonight, as his ventures have allowed him to locate the door to the Gold Lounge again again.

Knocking at the door will get him silence for a few moments, as inside someone has already looked through a peephole and discovered a 'normie' has located the door and is braying at the door. So the word goes out to backstage to see if it's anyone people know.

"Well well well, look who just couldn't stay away," the door swings open and Velvet Blue is standing there, clad in what looks like a red silk qipao with gold trim, indigo feather boa around his shooulders and... fishnets? Oh yes, criss-crossing down those long legs, perched in open-toed strappy blue vinyl stiletto heels. From the half-mast look to his eyes and the fact he's holding a martini glass playfully in one hand, it's clear the darkstalker has been drinking. Still, their eyes light up and he grins when he sees Masami standing there, lips red with lipstick.

"You don't want to stand out there all night, do you hon? Come in, come in~ hey everyone, look what the Cheshire Cat dragged in~" he calls aloud to the rest of the club. There are a fair amount of the dubious looking folks in here from the other night, though mixed in with a few others, a pale-skinned girl with antelope antlers is doing a bit of 'performance art' on stage, in what looks like a neon pink harness of some kind. Was she just pale, or or was that some kind of suede-like fur?

Nah, that THAT kind of 'rabbit hole'. Masami hardly knows the lady. Besides, she's a rabbit! For someone who isn't familiar with this sort of thing, there's a bit of a mental conversation one needs to have with oneself before that can happen! Masami has not gotten to the point of that mental conversation where he gives himself permission to do that.

Though yes. Masami waits at the door for a few moments, wondering if he just... knocked on a wall or something and now he looks ridiculous. Is he really seeing the door? Fortunately, before he can talk himself out of it, the door opens.

He smiles, waving to Velvet. "Hello there," he greets. And of course, he waves politely to the room at large when Velvet calls attention to him. He does feel a bit strange, being the only 'normie' here. But he doesn't mean any harm, so... well.

"Come in, come in mon ami~ I'm sure no one else minds," Velvet would snakes his free arm around Masami's waist as he tries to pull him over the threshold and into the lounge, closing the door behind them with his foot. The live entertainment tonight is a little risque, it would appear, the strangely blue glowing antelope girl on stage has the pink neon harness highlighted, like the entire figure is a dancing day-glo distraction. And Velvet is definitely dressed a bit... saucier than he had been the other night, apparently Masami had come calling on a heavy 'party' night of the week? There is a lot of alcohol going around.

The next thing Masami might notice is the long-nailed hands of the drag queen next to him pinching his butt as the hand around his waist slips a bit lower.

"Oof, sorry about that babe, you know what they say about idle hands, and all that, d'ohoho~" he gave a bit of hokey laughter, before looking back at the boy.

"So, isn't this a school night? you just couldn't resist my presence, I know, come~" he's already leading Masami over to a large red velvet sofa against one of the far walls. It looks like the one Frank from Rocky Horror Picture Show is always lounging on--in fact it might absolutely be a replica of one of the stage performance prop furniture.

"Ahhh... there we go," the blue-spaded tailed performer begins to de-couple from Masami and takes a seat, leaning back against one arm, those long fish-net clad legs of his crossing.

Masami manages not to blush as Velvet's arm goes around him -- though only by telling himself that it's just a friendly gesture. But he does enter the place when guided in, even though he does seem a bit surprised when he notes the rather, uh. HEAVIER entertainment than the last time he was here. That said he's fairly sure they don't exactly have the same regulations here. Besides, he's not drinking -- and he's seen girls in very little clothing before, so aside from antlers and fur he's seen dancing before.

Though he jumps a bit, blushing slightly at the pinch to the rear. "I remember hearing that, yes," he agrees, at the mention of 'idle hands'. Though he does go a little serious at the question of what he's doing there. "Truth be told, I needed to convince myself that I'd really seen it. That I was really here. It's easy to think that I had been caught by those thugs and beaten up, and that being here was nothing more than a hallucination brought on by head trauma. I had to find out."

As Velvet sits down on the sofa, Masami does the same. And yes, he's going to look at the legs. Briefly. No staring, that's not polite.

"That's right, they become the devil's playthings," Velvet likely has been drinking, one can tell from their mannerisms--but he's not quite over the hill yet in terms of drunkenness. "Oh right, I was suppose to meet up with you pretty soon, right? Is that why you came over?" the bunny waitress comes by and Velvet is quick to trade out the now empty martini glass for a glass of water, pausing to ask Masami if he wants anything.

"Didn't really see what? you want anything, by the way, babe?" Velvet asks distractedly as the dark-skinned bunny lady stands there, patiently. He does catch Masami staring though, uncrossing and crossing his legs casually on purpose to see if he can capture Masami's gaze again.

"Just a soda. Thank you," Masami offers politely to the waitress. Still not drinking, even when he has the opportunity to -- there's a possibility that Velvet wouldn't object, in the state they're in. Though no, Masami's being responsible still.

Once the waitress leaves, Masami answers Velvet's question. "This," he says, indicating the club. "You. This place. Everything. I wanted to convince myself it was all real. I suppose it's easy for... someone like me to convince myself that it wasn't real." 'Someone like him', meaning 'a normal human', of course.

And yup! Masami looks again, when Velvet adjusts his legs. Though no, he's not going to stare. Be polite. For a couple of reasons.

"Sure," Velvet nods to the waitress, and she heads off to return with a frosted glass of soda and ice for the gedou student.

"I... feel real to you, don't I?" Velvet might reach over and guide the boy's hand to those fishnet-clad legs, a bit provocatively, grinning a little--though he'd be interrupted when the waitress returned shortly with the soda.

"Ah yes, right, thank you--ahem," he eyes the bunny eared lady, who rolls her eyes and then departs again.

"Did you need more proof than that, hot stuff? There something you're still curious about?" he'd scooch over to sidle up next to Masami. "Did you think humans were the only creatures running around this city? you've never seen a darkstalker before?" he looks over to the boy, his yellow eyes fastening on the student's, with a little grin.

Masami blushes darkly at that leg-touch. That was unexpected! Though at least he doesn't yank his hand away like it had been burned, so there's that. Also hello there waitress! "Thank you," Masami offers to the waitress when she returns with the soda. Though he is still blushing because touchy tha leggie.

He does turn his attention to the question, though. "It's easy for normal people to... rationalize something away as not what it appears to be. A costume party. A furry convention. In my case, a hallucination." He waves a hand. "Something that makes conventional sense."

He does not scoot away from Velvet, no. But he does shake his head. "I have not," he admits. "I have heard the term. And I heard about the issues Metro City had with them. I have never myself met one before, though. Well, not before the first time I came here."

"Please, we have /way/ more class than a furry convention, honey," Velvet says with a dismissive air, quite the vain darkstalker he is, d'ohoh.

"Well, you're not hallucinating, unless one of your friends slipped you some MDMA before you ran in here that day--no, most people just can't see us, we have disguises so we are safe," Velvet took a long drink from his water, giving a sigh of relief. Still a major buzz there, but the water would assist with that.

"Yeah, there was an attack there a year or so back, place got pretty messed up, can safetly say none of us were involved," he gestured to the patrons and staff. "This is just a place for folks like us, a little paradise hidden in plain sight, people with psychic or ki-powers can sometimes spot us, must make you more special than I thought there," that arm slithered around Masami's shoulder again, the queen pulling himself closer to the boy's side.

"Just a thrill-seeker then, or do you really like what you see?" the bat-eared darkstalker flirted.

Masami chuckles. "Oh, I know. Just... that does seem one way to dismiss the sight of darkstalkers," he admits. "Not one I would use, mind." As for being slipped something? "Oh no, I meant... hallucination via head trauma. Percussive maintenance tends not to work terribly well with people's heads, unfortunately."

He nods at the mention of the attack. Though when Velvet talks about ki power, he seems to understand. "Oh, I see. I do heavily rely on that when I fight." Oh, but then that OTHER question. "I have heard that after one gets hurt enough times one starts to seek it. But... no, I don't consider myself a thrill-seeker," he notes.

"Though... you are very pretty," he admits honestly. He's probably not intending to flirt, but what's more attractive than honesty?

"Nah, I don't sense any head trauma with you hon, in fact you seem just fine to me," Velvet looks back to Masami, tracing a long-nailed finger down the side of Masami's jaw and down his neck. "My kind can sense injury and energy levels, at least my particular variety--and I'd not want any harm to come to you, babe," Velvet withdraws their hand from the poor boy's skin, pulling his arm back too.

"Aww, well I do like to give a good image--royalty must present themselves, after all," he winks to Masami and the student would probably be able to feel Velvet playing footsie down there with his ankle, one of the darkstalker's nails plucking at the cuff of his pants through the fishnets and open-toed shoes.

"Ah, good," Masami notes, when Velvet reassures him it's not head trauma. Second opinions are always good! The news of being able to detect life force, though, is a new one. He makes to ask about that... though then Velvet runs that finger down his jaw and neck. He shivers a little. It's not a shiver of revulsion, though. He is... surprisingly OK with this! Though he does ask, "Er... s-so, can all darkstalkers do that?"

Though he blinks a bit. "Royalty?" Since... well, he's not sure if there's a whole different hierarchy for darkstalkers than in human society. Better to ask than assume, right? And he does glance down at the 'footsie', with a bit of a blush.

"Not all, a fair few aan, though there are those that can't hide their appearance--low level ones, and all that, me and my friends are a little tougher than the average bear, you might say," Velvet shakes his head a little. "That was a joke, honey, royalty, drag queen, get it?" the performer gestured to themselves, grinning a little at their own joke. By now the alcohol was beginning to wear off a bit as the darkstalker drank most of that water, and his eyes took on a blear appearance. He probably also realized he'd been necking and playing footsie with a high school student. One that could see him for what he really was, mind, but still.

"Aheh... sorry babe, I get a little overfriendly at times, you know? You caught me at a bad time, sorta," he downed the rest of his drink and hailed the waitress down for more.

"But no, there's nothing wrong with you, not that I can see, anyway," he looked over Masami again, appraisingly. "After all, you do have good taste to keep coming here, am I right? d'ohoho~" they laughed in a hammily haughty way, that was likely more for theatrics than out of real humor, but they still seemed amused.

Masami nods at the information. "I see. Or rather, I don't." He chuckles quietly. Unlikely he'd be able to ferret out a darkstalker that didn't want to be known about. Then again, chances are a darkstalker that doesn't want to be known about probably just wants to be left alone.

Kind of like a bomb-defuser -- either he's right or it's suddenly not his problem.

The explanation of the comment of royalty gets a blink. "Oh, I get it," he notes. Sheepishly he notes, "I, er... didn't realize." Apparently he thought Velvet was female! Though on the bright side it doesn't seem like he's very put off by it.

And he chuckles at that last part, about having good taste. "Ah, that's a loaded question," he notes. Though it sounds like he's teasing. "If I say I don't have good taste, you get offended. If I say I do, I sound arrogant." He chuckles again.

"I suppose I took a bit of a risk bringing you in here, but then again I definitely felt someone with a strong power signature coming that day, so chances are you might have stumbled in here either way," Velvet leaned back against the boy's shoulder, looking over at him. "Besides, I got a bit of pull here, so I'm sure the others are fine with it," he nods, then tilts his head at Masami.

"Wait what? I didn't think I passed /that/ well, are you pulling my leg?" the darkstalker leaned over and gave Masami a playful rap of his knuckles against his shoulders, raising a brow at him. "Least you're not pulling my tail, anyway," and as if on cue, the spaded blue appendage wrapped slyly around the boy's nearest ankle, teasingly.

"Please, dear, I'm part cat, we /never/ get tired of hearing how pretty we are~"

Masami nods. "There are definitely people who would cause trouble if they could find this place," he agrees. "I'm not one of them, though. There are good people as well as bad people, and that is probably true for darkstalkers as well." They're sapient right? So... well. Yeah. "Do let me know if someone gives you grief over my being here, though. There's no reason you should have to take abuse for my sake."

He does chuckle at the pulling on his ankle. Though he does stare a bit at the tail. It's not because he's afraid of it. It's just odd, and he's not used to people he knows having TAILS. Though now that he's a little past the initial 'what part of the Twilight Zone did I fall into' mental state, it's not too weird. "No, you carry yourself remarkably close to the way a woman does," he notes in response. "Biologically speaking, that might be due to you having a tail; you may have to balance differently, to move differently, than the way someone without a tail would need to."

He also chuckles at the mention of Velvet being part cat. "Well, you definitely are pretty," he offers.

"They likely will, if something like what happens in Metro city happens here--that's why we're going to stop them, if they do," Velvet grins a little, "Aww, well you flatter me hon, means I do my job well, I do all sorts of performances, looking great while doing it is just part of that," he sighs a little and leans his head against Masami's shoulder next, letting his tail detatch from Masami's leg in the process.

"Sorry there, mind of it's own, say, we should continue this some other time, I think, it's getting pretty late and my buzz is wearing off--plus you ought to be home soon too, it's a school night, remember," Velvet grins at the boy before getting up from the sofa, leaning down to give Masami a full-lipped kiss right on his forehead as he rises--more of a stolen kiss, really. Hopefully no one tells Masami he's got a great big red lipstick kiss mark on the middle of his forehead, either.

"And you're right, the tail IS for balance, ta-ta for now, my lovely," he winks, before sashaying off.

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