Echo - On Leathern Wings

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Description: Arriving in Metro City, Echo runs into Sophia, the lecturing lamia and a little confusion is had.

Metro City. It is dark right now. It has been about a year or so since the violence that Jedah had brought to the city, destroying the Metro City Bridge. Since then, life has somewhat returned to normal--but after sundown things come with the night that no sane man would welcome. Not even gangs want to frequent these areas after dark--only the destitute or those whose job might take them here could be found. The industrial section east of the bridge wreckage looks no greater at night--as this being a rust belt city and all, it and places such as Chicago look dark and abandoned.

But tonight is not a day just like any other...

Old newspapers are swept up by the wind, fluttering like leaves in the dark--the rows of multiple 18-wheeler trucks lined up like toy soldiers in a warehouse parking lot are silent as the grave. Out of nowhere, long fingers of electricity began to curl out of thin air and dance up along the backs of the trucks--the space between them suddenly growing very black, being replaced with... something else. After it resides, the walls of the trailers are perforated--the material there just being /gone/, and a strange white figure is slowly walking out between them...

Sophia was still recovering from her fight with Geki, she hadn't left Metro City. Red eyes peer through the darkness to make sure no one saw her as she hid inside one of the truck trailers. She's suddenly surprised by the arrival piercing through the walls of the vehicles. The lamia certainly hadn't been expecting someone to join her out of nowhere this evening.

The figure in what isn't just wearing clothes, no no--that's more like a coat of fur. They're also being long ribbed ears and... large wings on their back. They reach up to brush long dark hair back away from their face as the wind pulls it back and up along, they look down at themselves.

They're stark naked.

"Whoops--I really got to do less of these multiversal hops," she looked around at themselves, and the dirty city around them, holding their arms and wings out for a second--dark mist began to rise up from the ground and creep around them--the dark smoke-like vapor cloying and settling against their body, forming what looked like a full-length inky black dress, the skirt of which was slit up the left side to about mid-thigh and scalloped or ragged, somehow on the right, all the way down to the ankle. A pair of red leather high heeled shoes clattered against the ground just around their feet, having seemingly apparently materialized right from the air above it, her white-furred 5-toed feet with tapered nails flipping them over as they were slid on.

"Definitely cuts into my wardrobe and shoe budget--" she raises a brow as she looks over her shoulder. Did she think someone was there?

Sophia turns a bit red as the naked bat woman materializes out of no where. She also coughs a bit at the vapor blowing her cover. "Did you just teleport in here?" She might as well speak up now that someone knows that she's here. "Multiversal? As in alternate universes?" This woman is making her a bit uneasy even if they were both Darkstalkers.

"Yes," Echo explains, matter of factly, without missing a beat, the sound of stiletto heels are clattering across the parking lot as the bat lady heads closer to the hiding snake girl. She narrows her eyes as she gets closer, bending over a bit. The moon shines down on the white of her fur as she does show, giving her an ethereal luminescnt quality, like she was bathed in some kind of glow in the dark powder.

"What did you do to your hair? And what are you doing out here in this dump?" Echo asked the snake girl as she stopped short of her. She didn't seem to think running into a lamia out here or at all was odd, in fact, she seemed a little excited!

"It... it is Nagetta, right? ...Or that wind girl, something," Echo shrugged and waved it off, apparently it wasn't important, and she was just confused.

"I was in a fight with a my hair dirty?" Sophia's forked tongue flecks out as she smells herself. She could use a shower. "Nagetta? Is she another lamia? I'm Sophia." She hasn't met any others like her yet. "I didn't think anyone else would come out here at night." She explains what she's doing here At least the bat woman wasn't freaking out which was a plus.

"Hmm," Echo pursed her lips and peered at the Lamia, shrugging again either way. "Well then, I'm Echo, not the first of your stripe I've run into, will just say that," the bat lady walked around the side of the trailer where the hole in the side of it revealed the snake girl.

"Well, just got back from abroad, I guess I better see where I am exactly before I check in on any of the jobs I have lined up, sorry I ruined your trailer," Echo looked up and bit her bottom lip, noticing the circular shape her arrival had sliced out of the sheet metal of the trailer itself. Oof, that was going to be a hefty repair bill.

"Need to get a new phone, didn't bring my old one with me before that world blew up, shit," Echo sighed, "It's so funny, how dimensions can just collapse like that, am I right? I hate it too," she grinned a little, the bat going on a bit of a spiel.

"It's not my trailer, I was just hiding here." Sophia should get out of here before the owner returns. She adjusts her glasses to get a better look at Echo. "You're not a succubus are you?" She had mentioned travelling from other dimensions and she was bat like. She certainly doesn't want to end up in someone else's domain again.

"Oh," Echo said, sounding as if she had made a silly mistake, blinked a little then collected herself. "Well then, lets get a move on then, are you hungry-ish? We could find something, maybe," Echo paused a little bit, at being asked the question.

"A succubi? Me? Hah, no my dear, very much a bat, thank you," she waved that off, stepping back so the lamia could slither down from the perforated trailer. The edges of it that had been cut off were likely cool enough to the touch now--though probably a bit sharp, aheh...

"Yes, regenerating uses quite a bit of energy." Sophia's stomach growls as she mentions that. She slithers down from the trailer into the open and looks around carefully as she does so. She's still a bit beaten up from her earlier fight.

"Really? Well then, lets find..." Echo trailed off, as the sound of what had to be work boots rose to her large, bat ears.

"Something for dinner," Echo grinned, her long white ivory teeth quite visible as her wings rustled behind her. The lone security guard that was guarding the property had come to see what was going on. Guess it was his (un)lucky day.

He'd be okay, though, likely--headaches were a common affliction after a blood and energy donation.

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