Eve - A normal day at school... Or is it?

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Description: A chance encounter at school between Koto and Eve... Yet neither of them seems to recognize another from their previous hostile encounter.

[OOC] Koto says, "Heh. Want me to start, since you came up with something first?"

[OOC] Eve says, "I can set if you want. :D"

[OOC] Koto ponders. "Let's see what you got?"

You know those girls, the ones who travels in small giggling groups? One of them was around, making its way through the hall from one class to the other. There was exactly three of them, yet the third one was slightly lagging behind, books clutched to her chest while the two others in front were vividly discussing the most recent gossips, an excited glee on their faces while the other one felt more absent-minded.

Even though they all had the same outfit, she stood out from the two others quite easily, thanks to her golden blonde hair and those few bright blue and green.

Koto was mostly hanging around Taiyo High because it's where he tended to, apparently, lose track of whatever he was tracking. Right now he was idly poking on his cellphone as he leaned up against a wall. His uniform's not Taiyo, though. That much is for certain! Pacific High. Probably one of those inter-school classes and all.

The young man has, unfortunately, forgotten about the crazy assassin type with all the recent knocks to the head he's taken rather brutally these days since meeting her. He also happens to be scowling a bit. "Aw, c'mon. No signal here, either?" He grumbles, starting to walk down the hall towards the group of giggling girls. "Guess I'll have to head for the roof."

When Koto approaches them, the girls give him a glance and they grow silent for a second as if whatever they were talking about was an important secret. They move out to one side of the hall to let him pass, only to reveal the third girl behind who wasn't really paying attention to anything that was going on.

Unless Koto does something for it, Eve just more or less walks right into him. Her clumsy and absent-minded behavior, whatever the end result is in the end is enough to make the teeanger's friends giggle in the background.

Koto really wasn't watching where he was going. The only good thing is he had a good grip on his phone whenever the inevitable happens. A small crash that has him stumbling a bit at the unexpected encounter with the third girl.

And that has him blinking a few times before he looks to see what in the world he crashed into for that matter. There wasn't anyone there the last time he looked!

The moment Eve crashes into Koto the girl staggers back and she lifts one hand up to her forehead, "Ouch.." She whimpers softly as he drops her books on the floor. The only thing she could hear was the fit of laughters barely concealed of the two girls who were in the background and watching the scene from afar.

A faint blush spreads on her cheeks. Eve heaves a soft sigh and she kneels down to pick up her book and scattered pieces of notes and scribbles, "I'm sorry, it's my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going..."

Blinking a few times, Koto crouches down to help with the notes and the book. "No, it was my fault, too. I was a bit annoyed the signal wasn't so great here for some reason."

He still hasn't recognized her at least, but he's definitely at least in a bit of a hurry to help out with the notes and the like. A small glance is given towards the two girls who are trying to laugh. "Friends of yours?"

When Koto glances their way, the two girls attempt to cast their gaze sideway and hold their laughters, naively acting as if they weren't spying on Eve and the two. "Thanks..." Eve answers absent-mindedly as she reaches out to Koto's hands to grab the papers he gathered.

The question seems to surprise her and Eve glances in their direction, a smirk growing on her lips, "Yeah, you could say that..." The girl says as she straightens herself up, "That's what friends do, right? Laugh at each other, no?" She asks with a genuinely naive smile. She clutches to her books and notes against her chest and she just stands there and smiles at Koto. Then, after an awkward silent moment just staring and smiling at him, Eve lowers her gaze, "Oh, I forgot.." She says, extending her hand at him.

Standing back up, Koto looks at the two, then turns to look at Eve. He blinks as he sees the hand before taking it, "Sorry that I ran into you. My name is Koto."

Hey, at least he's being honest on it. He even has a kind looking smile, too!

"My name is Eve," The girl says with a slow nod of her head. When she lets go of Koto's hand, she gives a wave to the two girls who remains in the background and moves away a bit but still keeps their eyes on the two of them.

Eve glances down at Koto's phone and she shakes her head, "You won't get anything, there'S too much static here," Eve says. Truth be told, thanks to her, most phones have problem picking up signals in the school.

Shrugging, Koto says, "I guess I'll have to go a lot higher up, then. No way there's that much static from the rooftop."

He smiles, "I hope your friends don't plan on giving you too hard of a time about running into me." He moves to go past her. "And here I was hoping to watch a few videos before I had my next class or had to go back to my own campus... wow, this sucks a bit."

As Koto moves past her, Eve turns on her heels and she says, "Wait.." She walks back toward him and she reaches out to grab Koto's phone. The girl picks it up in her hand and she stares at it for a moment.

It was hard to see exactly what was happening, subtle spark on the tip of her fingers and Eve hands out the phone back to Koto. She giggles and smiles, "Next time I'll try not to walk into you Koto," She says. If Koto checks up on the phone, not only is it now fully charged, but the reception is perfect, even heightened... At least for a little while.

Eve beams and she hums softly to herself as she walks back toward the other girls.

Koto looks surprised when he sees the signal and battery. He was sure it was lower. Tilting his head a bit, he nods. "Ah... thanks, I think?" Well, he wasn't even sure /how/ that could happen himself.

Whistling a bit, he starts to type in on the phone a bit a bit. "Hm... Tetrafang or Revolution?" He mutters to himself before resuming the whistling as he makes his way off. That had to be a bit of a weird encounter.

Of course, half-way there, something sparks and he blinks a few times. He turns to look at the trio. Blinks, then shakes his head. "Naah... would've tried to kick me through a window if it was her."

[OOC] Eve, perfect undercover agent, mwahah. :3

[OOC] Koto says, "Heh."

[OOC] Koto says, "Well, to be fair, Koto assumes Eve is some sort of crazy lightning throwing girl who raves about samples."

[OOC] Eve laughs. She is, most of the time. :D

[OOC] Koto says, "Heh."

[OOC] Eve says, "Thanks for the scene, Koto! We'll meet again, I'm sure... Maybe another time for samples ~"

[OOC] Eve is just a ditzy blonde when she's not hunting students. D:

[OOC] Koto says, "Heh. SUUURE you are!"

[OOC] Koto says, "But welcome on the scene. Fun seeing another side to the character."

[OOC] Eve is a good little soldier! Beams!

[OOC] Eve says, "I'm sure we can be friends. :D"

[OOC] Eve says, "Until I'm told to take a sample from you! Rawr!"

[OOC] Koto says, "Heh."

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