Velvet Blue - Intensive Creature Comforts

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Description: Following their attack by Geki, Ken Masters receives some tender loving care from Velvet Blue.

Velvet Blue had heard about the fight that occurred in Canada (Wasn't everyone supposed to be super friendly in Canada? wtf?) and had decided to take a little trip out to where apparently THE KEN MASTERS was being kept. In this rather large place, Washington Medical Center? Well, this wouldn't be as hard as one thought--thanks to his magical veil, all Velvet had to do was find a bathroom, switch into scrubs and take out a clipboard they'd brought along (2$ back to school sale at a Rite-aid) and walked into the ICU building. They didn't look abnormal, and in the outfit they looked like they belonged there--which any good thief or charlatan would know, is half the battle in trying to walk anywhere you weren't supposed to.

Except Velvet Blue was not here to steal. Quite the opposite.

Holding their clipboard, they walked along the rows of beds of patients, checking each one of their graphs for anyone in seemingly really horrible condition--going down the rows muttering off the status for each one. Surprisingly few people were in critical! Shit.

The University of Washington has one of, if not the finest treatment centers in the Pacific Northwest. People from all walks of life have received some of the best care under the guidance of the skilled medical staff that have dedicated years to perfect their trade.

Luckily for Ken Masters, the trip from Seattle to Vancouver isn't so bad, and being able to receive treatment from providers he knows and trusts in short notice is something he should be quite thankful for. The blonde Ansatsuken user is laying somewhat comfortably in a bed, IVs and wires covering his body. Fresh white bandages are wrapped entirely around his chest, soaked with anti-septic and anti-bacterial medication that is designed to keep any infections at bay.

His room isn't too hard to spot. Located on a mostly empty floor, the ICU is designed to seperate patients from eachother to prevent the spreading of any germs or bacteria. There aren't any Security Guards posted around his room. The hospital apparently assumes that no one in their right minds would try and come in to bother sick World Champion.

God knows Ken would need a lot of anti-septic, what to keep the infections this place is famous for at bay! All jokes aside, however, finally coming upon Ken Masters, Velvet approaches--to anyone that had seen him walking in, he'd look just like a long dark-haired fellow, one wearing black nailpolish, but still. One quick peek behind the curtains of Ken's area however has the figure slipping in--subtly announcing themselves.

"Hello there sir, just gotta check your bandages..." Velvet set the $2 clipboard down on the bed's side table, drawing back the cover to plant the palm of their hand (gently) against the man's puncture wounds.

"Oof, feels like these were pretty deep," Velvet then concentrated focusing ki energy through his arm and down into the man's body, making what felt like a tingly, itching sensation as the wound would begin to rapidly close.

Of course, to a chi-user like Ken, looking up might get him a bit of a surprise. Cat-like eyes, bat ears...? What the heck?!

As Velvet Blue enters the room, Ken doesn't seem to stir. Obviously they have him on some fairly good pain medicine, so the gentle beeps of the machines monitoring his vitals seem to be the only sound in the room.

Yet, once Velvet places his hands upon Ken's wound, the blonde man winces as his eyes slowly open. His mouth moves a few times, obviously trying to say something. When the words fail him, and the strange feeling of foreign ki starts to course across his wounds, a look of alarm suddenly fills his eyes. His mind is clear enough to see the cat like eyes, and bat ears upon the mans face. This is not something he would really expect to happen while he's in a hospital. Is this Darkstalker here to finish the job of that ninja?!

Slowly, Ken starts to struggle. Of course it isn't much of a struggle, especially since he's doped up on enough pain killers to take down Zangief. So all he can do is try and struggle in vain, at the mercy of the strange bat person who currently is pressing down upon that hole in his side.

Man, Ken seemed to have been pretty 'pro'd up, as they say on the streets, or rather in the chat rooms--still asleep, and all that.

"Don't worry, sir, I'm a trained professional," Velvet grins a little, one of his fang-like eyeteeth showing over his bottom lip. They were telling the truth, they were trained, but they received no medical certificate where they had learned how to do this. The rust, dirt and frozen blood of the Snow Queen's kennels deep beneath her castle was not enough to kill the grin Velvet wore, despite the fact he could still remember it and the pain, as sharp as if it was yesterday.

"Relax, sir, you're in shock," Velvet still had the sense to mention, though his eyes and mind were elsewhere--right now he was thinking of one of the queen's handlers, someone he was pretty sure he remembered was thrown to the manticore by the queen before he escaped.

"I didn't mean to have that happen, I really didn't--" Velvet peered over, vaguely aware the man was still struggling, still dazedly grinning, the prismatic ki still flowing into his body--the fact he seemed distressed was enough to snap him out of his flashback.

"Woah there sir, just checking the bandages, are you alright?" Velvet leaned back a little bit, hand still placed against his chest.

As Velvet places the hand on Ken's chest, the man coughs violently. His body lifts off the bed for a few moments, only for Ken to fall back to the bed in complete agony. Post-surgical coughs are pure hell, but for Ken it's nothing he hasn't been through before.

He finally does relax for a few moments, eyes trained upon Velvet. Finally, Ken manages to find his voice, even though it's raspy.

"Who are you?"

The itchy feeling of freshly healed skin starts to overtake the painkillers, which causes a few problems for Ken. If this person isn't here to finish the job, then just why exactly are they here? Secondly, what is he going to do about that ninja on the loose.. And lastly...

"...If you're not here to kill me... would you mind giving me some water?"

Ken bucks like a bronco--this is unexpected, the bed rattles, so does the IV and equipment next to it--Velvet's eyes widen a bit in surprise, got a live one here! While Ken would definitely still feel sore after sharp hand Joe there had rammed his claws into him, the wounds were nowhere near as deep as they had been, prior to Velvet's magic touch.

"What? please sir, us fairies are /good doctors/, we never kill anyone," Velvet grinned a bit sheepishly and their long black hair whipped about, which was notably longer and fuller than a lot of guys would wear it. It gave a sort of feminine look.

"Err, yeah, about that, see, you just had surgery--so giving you water is not a great idea, but hold on--" Velvet would leave and return with a styrofoam cup with a black plastic spoon--handing it to the man. It was full of ice chips. Hospitals kept ice machines specifically for surgery patients--letting them ingest anything immediately after surgery--as they could cough it up and get stomach acid into their lungs, which was not a great outcome.

"Take that pretty slow now, okay?" Velvet tried to say in a quiet voice. "I'm Velvet, by the way, Velvet Blue, I'm your fairy godmother," he grinned a little, winking at him.

Ken attempts to lift an arm to accept the cup, but his arm fails miserably at following the basic instructions the brain is trying to send down.

"Would you mind?"

The blonde man flashes an extremely dazzling smile towards Velvet, his left hand managing to touch the controls of the bed. The head of the bed slowly rises upwards, gently placing the beaten battler in a sitting posistion.
%"So, if you're my fairy godmother... does that mean I get to finally attend the prince's ball? I do have to warn you. Blue isn't my color.."

"Oh, sure--so I heard you were down here after what happened in Canada, decided to come down here to the ICU to see if there was anyone who could use some healing," Velvet Blue took the cup and the spoon, carefully slipping an ice chip onto the spoon and stepping closer to slowly feed it to Ken.

"Maaaaybe, I don't know any princes, I warn, only queens--open big now," he grinned a little and gingerly held the spoon out for Ken.

"Yeah, sorry about all this--the ears, and whatnot, I'm one of the good fairies, I swear," he re-iterated, apparently amused by Ken's smile, and likening himself to the helpful sprites of a story book--well, right now that was kind of not wrong?

"I closed your wound, as much as I really could--you don't want to take the bandage off, though, not yet," he explained, stepping back and setting the cup on the side table of the bed, over the clipboard.

"So this claw man that tried to hurt you--do you know who he is? why did he attack you?"

Ken opens his mouth, taking the proffered ice chip into his mouth. He allows it to moisten his the back of his throat, before smacking his lips a few times. As he listens to Velvet's retort about only knowing Queens, well. Ken does know a couple himself. They really know how to party.

"Random ninja assassin number five hundred fifty six. I mean, that's what I called him. I think he called himself Gecko? Goku? Gemmy? Wait.."

Ken closes his eyes as a look of intense concentration crosses his face. Obviously he's trying to run down the events of the day, and force himself to remember what the ninja called himself. This goes on for a couple of minutes, only for Ken's eyes to pop open in realization.

"OH! It was Geki. Yeah. He called himself Geki. He was talking about how he was going to help me extingush the darkness in myself, save me from myself, kill the boogeyman. Yadda yadda yadda... I'll be honest. I really stopped listening to him early on..."

The ice chips are just to moisten the tongue and throat, really, to make one feel less dehydrated, without actually letting him drink--anything after surgery was delicate, and the doctors wouldn't want the poor guy accidentally having to cough, after all.

"That better?" Velvet asked, spooning Ken another piece of ice. "Geki? sounds like a lizard," Velvet frowned, this 'lead' of sorts into the shenanigans that were going on in the country didn't seem to be panning out, exactly.

"What a weirdo, and that's coming from /me/, hmph," Velvet sighed and shrugged, apparently quite alright with making a joke at his own expense, "It's anyone's guess why he attacked you then, maybe he just watched Star Wars too many times, eh?" he leaned back, speaking gently. He looked over his shoulder, trying to see if he was spotted by security yet, or the other staff. No one seemed to be around, thankfully.

"I just wanted to help since I'd heard /the/ Ken Masters was critically injured and taken here, is all, was on the news," and Velvet had done some combing around himself, but the less said about that the better.

"You gonna be okay there, you think, big guy?" he peered down at Ken's massive frame. /Big/ was putting it mildly, oof. Shoto-users were pretty beefy.

"Much. Thank you."

The ice chips may be helping, and Velvet's healing might have sped along Ken's recovery, but the blonde man is still going to have a fair amount of down time until he's finished recovering entirely. Leaning his bed back slightly, Ken allows his eyes to close for a few moments while the Batboy talks. When Velvet however starts to glance at the doorway, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that maybe they didn't quite enter the hospital the correct way.

"Eh. This isn't the worst thing to have ever happened to me. Few months back some nutjob stuck me a few times with a knife, and before that I got smacked around on my own ship. Heck, it's almost to the point that this is my own private room."

Once more Ken flashes Velvet his most dazzling smile, only to gently nudge the Nurse Call button on his bed controls. Immediatly, a voice comes from the speaker, "Yes Mister Masters?"

Ken holds a finger up to Velvet, indicating he should be quiet. "Would you mind calling my office, and having them send over some of my personal effects. Also tell them that I'll need some clothes for my assistant. Apparently when he was coming up he had a wardrobe malfunction and one of the nurses was kind enough to put him in a pair of scrubs until something could be done... Remind them that he's a medium when they bring up the replacement suit."

As Ken finishes speaking, the speaker remains silent for a few moments until the weary voice of the nurse on the other end replies in an affirmative.

"There you go. Now you don't have to worry about being escorted out by the police."

"I thought he might be someone from one of the crime syndicates or some kind of weird darkstalker, so when I heard he'd tore into you with a claw hand I had to come by and check, guess he was just some kinda nutbar," Velvet isn't too disappointed, he /liked/ doing this kind of thing, after all.

"Really?" Velvet looked about the ICU ward, it did seem rather isolated in here... Apparently Ken was right. They had afforded him some kind of separate space. Huh.

Velvet blinked as the speaker came on, his cat-like pupils narrowing just a bit as he looked around. Shit, he was going to have to make ar un for it before security got to him, if Ken was calling for help--

The darkstalker blinked in response to the finger, eyes darting around a little bit still as he looked around, finally relaxing. WHEW. He almost needed a new pair of scrubs there.

"Phew... you didn't have to do that, but me, in a suit?" Velvet grinned a little bit, their fangs showing again, gesturing to themselves with a pointed, black polished fingernail.

"Hmm... dunno, it might be a good look for me," brows raised, he was already imagining himself in something tailored and flashy, rather than the androgynous looks they were usually clad in. Maybe he could get used to it!

"I wonder if they have anything in purple," he grinned.

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