Chizuru - Meeting Mai Shiranui in a ramen shop

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Description: Following her vision from the Yata Mirror, Chizuru meets with Mai Shiranui Downtown Southtown and offers her to improve her talents. In the end, it's Mai Shiranui who ends up giving Chizuru a whole different offer.

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Downtown shopping district. Under the looming height of Geese Tower, there are a number of smaller businesses and local stops. Mai Shiranui is in one such spot, getting lunch at a noisy ramen counter. Below her seat is a stiff square bag full of today's shopping: outfits she's going to either wear for public appearances or hastily return later for new ones as she gets fussy. She's in one of her usual skimpy-cute training outfits, the weighted tail of the split skirt hanging down behind the stool she's sitting on and occasionally jostling as people walk by.

Mai's not hard to notice, as she's gregariously chatting with people as she (frankly, a bit sloppily) works on her ramen bowl. She's rather popular in these parts. Her seat is visible from the outside window, and she doesn't mind even if people try to get a look at her. But she's too busy eating to sign autographs.

Little did Mai know that she had caught the attention of someone special -- not her usual sort of fan. For the past couple of days, Chizuru had scrutinized deeper into Mai's life, studying the woman and witnessing her potential until she had finally decided to meet her.

Finding her would prove to be much easier than other prodigies Chizuru had set her eyes on. The Shinobi had a rather flamboyant style of life and she was far from discreet... In fact, it was impossible to miss her.

Chizuru ventures inside the ramen shop and spares a glance in Mai's direction as she discusses with various persons. The woman takes her time and she strides over the counter to take a seat where she can, considering the little crowd of admirers that are around of Mai and Chizuru spies on the conversation, amused by the young woman's energy...

When she has a chance to get a word in edgewise, Chizuru speaks up and says, "Mai Shiranui ~?" She asks, almost too politely, "My name is Chizuru Kagura.. I doubt you know me, but I've watched you for a long time now and I would like to discuss with you," She says, glancing up at the people who surrounded her for a moment, then back at her.

Mai takes a break from her chatting to turn and regard the other woman. She doesn't seem to think anything amiss about being recognized in a crowd like this. She offers a big smile, winking one eye, and gives a little head-nod, though not quite a bow considering she's sitting down. "Hii! Nice to meet you... Chizuru, is it?"

She puts down her chopsticks and looks over the crowd herself. She hopes this isn't too dire or important, considering the tone of approach. But Chizuru seems pleasant enough. "Did you happen to catch my last bout? Pretty impressive, right? If not, that's okay too... are you a fan, or a fighter?"

The latter seems possible, but Chizuru's aura, at least from a personality standpoint, seems much calmer than Mai's.

Chizuru was the exact opposite of Mai -- she exuded a calm aura of serenity while Mai's own energy was irradiating from her constantly. It was hard not to get overhwelmed by Mai's presence but Chizuru's composure does not falter. If anything, Mai manages to breach Chizuru's peaceful look by causing a smile to curl on her lips.

"Very impressive," Chizuru concedes with a nod, "A little bit of both, you could say, but not in the ways you might expect," Chizuru adds.

Chizuru tilts her head to one side and she leans a bit closer, as if to whisper a secret to her, "You have a lot of potential... I could help you tap into this potential,"

Mai likes secrets, so she leans in instinctively, her head tilting into a listening posture. She blinks a few times at this new revelation.

Then she smiles again, takes it in stride, and picks up her chopsticks. "Really?! That's nice of you to say, but... I dunno. I already am pretty amazing."

She squints one eye again, but this time, it's in more of a sizing-up way, as if she's getting a more skeptical look at Chizuru. Her voice lowers just a little - which is a bit of a feat since for a ninja, she's not very quiet. "...Are you some kind of guru?"

There was something about Mai's behaviour that was almost contagious ~ was it her innocence or her cheerful demeanor? Hard to say but Chizuru had a hard time not to get swept up by it. The woman leans back and she nods her head slowly to Mai, "You are..." She admits, closes her eyes and averts her gaze from Mai.

Chizuru remains quiet and allows Mai to come up with her own conclusions. To her question, she chuckles softly, "In a way... I have seen and heard many things, Mai... Of what you could become, of who you are..." She glances at Mai and smiles, "I want to guide you, and help you, because I believe in you..."

Her lips curling into a wider smile, Chizuru leans in a bit closer and she whispers another secret to Mai's ears, her intonation slightly playful, "... Maybe I could help you with a certain obvious young man too," She lets her words trail off, knowing she had no skills or talents to do such a thing but... She couldn't help it. It was Mai's fault.

"Whaaaat?" Mai is used to people saying nice things, but this is all quite flattering. She makes a gesture with her right hand and flips out a paper fan - smaller than her usual combat fans, but similarly decorated - and waves herself with it in a show of false modesty.

"Well now I don't believe you," she says, though she seems swayed, actually, since flattery does work quite well. She scoops up another bite of noodles, then pushes the bowl aside as it's mostly empty. Her elbow rests on the counter as she slightly turns her body in Chizuru's direction. "...Do you really know about him? Don't be a tease," says Mai, who is in fact a tease.

Chizuru can't help but be amused at Mai's reaction. The woman knew she should take this more seriously, but there was something unsettling about Mai she couldn't quite put the finger on. Chizuru moistens her lips and purposely averts her gaze from Mai, replying with a secretive intonation, "A little ~" She lets her words trail off for a moment, before she finally glances at Mai and smiles.

"I've told you ~ I have seen many things about you... Of your past, present and future..." Her eyes glance at the others around who tries to spy on their conversation and Chizuru leans a bit closer to whisper, "And I have seen your undeniable love and passion for a certain man with a golden mane," She says with a nod. "... Another martial artist," She adds.

Mai's eyes go wide and she blushes just a bit as Chizuru leans in to whisper. Moving just her right arm, she fans herself again. The wind picks up around Chizuru as well, but it's mostly aimed at Mai and cutting down some of the color in her cheeks. Mai considers Andy for a moment as Chizuru describes him.

Then she snaps out of it, sitting up with a straight back. She reaches into her top - somehow - and pulls out some money, which she puts on the ramen counter. This is a bit of ninja slight of hand. "Hey, let's go for a little walk to talk about it. I think it's getting hot in here. Or maybe that's just me...." A dreaded double-pun; her chi aura is firey and she does tend to run high temperature as a general rule.

She picks up her bag after hopping off of the seat.

Watching Mai's cheeks growing a deeper shade of red as she describes the man she saw in her vision amuses Chizuru. A part of her can't help but feel a bit of guilt at how she ended up using her family's heirloom and took a sort of mischievous pleasure from Mai's reaction to her revealation.

Chizuru nods at Mai and she straightens herself up from her seat. Her eyes wander down at the various bags Mai brought with her and she stays silent for a moment, "After you..." She offers, waving her hand to Mai and she follows her on her way out of the shop, away from the various' fans' ears.

As she steps out of the shop, Chiziru returns to the matter that brought her here in the first place, trying to avoid to get sidetracked again, "I seek persons like you, Mai, who possess unique talents... You have a very strong aura, I can sense it, and you are gifted in more ways than one..." Chizuru says, "... Most notably, you know how to create and manipulate flames," Chizuru adds, "... And I can help you develop your talent and control over this,"

Mai walks outside into the fresh air. She holds her bag behind her, with both hands on the strap. She is still happy to absorb the compliments, though she sometimes finds training a bit dull. She usually uses her fire chi on pure instinct.

She turns to look at Chizuru as they're walking, and though she's listening, decides now that they're in the open, she'll ask some questions about it. "That's right; that's one of my special ninja magics. So you have a strong chi too, huh?"

She looks ahead again. "You're not the only person that knows about me and Andy," she adds. She has flirted with him quite openly at times (even if he hasn't seemed to notice). "But you know some specific stuff so I'm wondering. Is knowing things your special talent? I'm always looking for people too."

Chizuru nods at Mai. It was a little bit more complicated than that, but she decides it was easier to acknowledge to Mai. Chizuru smiles and she rests her hand on her waist, "You could say that... One of my many talents," Chizuru admits, "This man you long for though was not really the one I was interested in, but he was in many of my visions," Chizuru says.

Mai's last sentence causes Chizuru to arch a brow though and obviously caught her curiousity. She tilts her head to one side, "Looking for people?" She asks with an hint of surprise in her voice. Though she doesn't say it, her intonation and stare were enough to see she wanted to know more.

"Absolutely!" says Mai. She brings one hand around and makes a V-sign, the other holding onto her shopping bag. "I'm always looking for strong female fighters to join Women's Team with me!" She asks, a little teasingly, "Did your other visions show you any?"

Chizuru blinks and stares at Mai for a moment as she explains everything. Obviously by the look on her face she must have not foreseen that. Chizuru chuckles and shakes her head a bit, waving her hand in the air dismissingly, "Oh, I... Don't use my power for... Those sort of fights, it was not meant for that..." Chizuru admits. Tournaments, the sportmanship... Her power was sacred and shouldn't be used for such petty things. The woman stares at Mai for a moment, as if considering. Her lips curl into a smile, "Perhaps I could be convinced into it..." She admits.

Mai waves her hand a little bit, flopping it. "Well, think about it! You don't have to if you don't want to, of course, but if you have the power to find people... I'm very curious who else you might find! I should really be observing other fighters more. That would help my skills to grow, too."

Mai looks up at the air a bit. "So I hope if you help me, you won't think my uses are frivolous."

"I will join your team," Chizuru says with a slow nod of her head. A first step toward earning Mai's trust, toward being able to help her and, hopefully, in time, having Mai return the favor to her. "... It would be my pleasure, but know that I haven't ever fought in tournaments like you have," Chizuru's training and arts had been meant for other purposes, after all...

".. Perhaps you should test me out before you deem me worthy of your team though," She offers, waving her hand up, "... And as part of being a team, I suppose it'll only be natural for us to train together," Chizuru adds with a nod. Ah, yes, the counter-part of being part of a team with her.

"Oh yeah, that's fair. I can't just invite anybody without seeing how well they know how to fight." Mai really has no idea what Chizuru is capable of at all. Only the things she's claimed, which... well, she could've figured out from reading tabloids and just being acting mysterious about. "If we're going to train together, I should definitely see your chi in action!"

Mai takes a few steps down the street, getting ahead of Chizuru as she's still clutching her shopping bag in one hand. She leans over a little. "So do you want to make a date for it, or test shall we test it out right now?"

Chizuru arches a brow as she considers for a moment. Her eyes turn over to the crowd in the middle of the street, then back at Mai. Unlike her, Chizuru was not used to fight in crowded enviroment like this one and she says, "It might be better to test my skill out somewhere else, perhaps another time..." She glances down at Mai and adds, "... Beside, who would watch over your belongings while we fought?" Chizuru asks.

Approaching Mai, Chizuru slips out a business card from one of her pocket and she offers it to Mai. It was a very austere card, with Chizuru's name and number. A cursorary look on the card that was given to Mai is enough to reveal Chizuru is in fact the chief executive officer of the Kagura Entreprises.

Mai takes the card, and looks at it... blinking a couple of times at the reveal of the logo. "Huh?"

Then she grins. She slips the card into her top with that same trick of slight of hand. "Okay! It sounds like a date to me! At your place."

With a smile, Chizuru nods to Mai and she waves her hand, "I'll be looking forward to it, Mai Shiranui ~" Chizuru admits. She moistens her lips and turns on her heels, giving her a last wave of her hand as she departs.

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