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Description: It was the chance of a lifetime: Seijyun and Gedo High was actually having common school rooms, which you could opt into. Of course, no proper Seijyun High lady would accept the offer to mingle with Gedo High trash. But for Mitsuru? It was finally a chance to pretend to be a real delinquent. Unfortunately, when a real delinquent is found stealing her seat in the commons, it instigates a fight that sends both her and Ayane into the hell that is Seijyun High

In an effort to strenghten the bonds between the students of the various schools of Southtown, the staff council of the principal schools had decided to have 'shared' classes were students from two different schools end up in the same class at the same time.

While a few might have been able to form strong friendship out of this experience, it has ended up being more fuel for the feud between the rival gangs in the schools.

As far as Ayane was considered, she could careless about the students of all those schools... And by the way she was sitting in the back of the class, she obviously exuded that sort of attitude.

A petite girl with few friends, she had a sort of aura of animosity around of her. There was something about her... Petite and frail looking, yet with a fierce and ferocious presence like a honey badger. Her presence had been enough to keep people away from her and she was quite happy with that. Without a care in the world, she was balancing on the rear legs of her chair, with her arms crossed, staring out of the window...

Tough luck for the new girl, she happens to have taken up Mitsuru's usual sitting spot in class. You know, the one in the corner in the back.

To be fair, Mitsuru was -also- a kind of new girl.

The corner spots generally was a matter of first come, first serve. Followed promptly by bitter fighting. While Seijyun High has standards and rules, especially compared to the public schools in the surrounding city, the fact was simple. Even for the matter of friends, Ayane had few friends?

Mitsuru had none.

Mitsuru comes in a little early; for her, it was a little late. SHe didn't like Seijyun High. It was... it was cancer to her. Toxic. Especially in the class rooms. It was hard to describe; but Mitsuru was used to the idea that if you threw your weight around, if you bullied people, then you would be safe and stable in your position. But everywhere she went, it was the tiniest things. Her pens and papers would disappear. Stains would show up on her uniform when she wasn't looking. There was always giggling and gossiping right out of her line of sight, that would only stop when she looked. Her seats would be taken, nobody wanted to be near her, and any time she asked for something? She would get it, only to find it lost the moment she took her eyes off. She was alone, painfully alone. So the moment she steps into the classroom?

She had enough of it.

The towering, dark-haired girl strides through the lanes between the desks. From the moment she entered the room, she locked her eyes on the chair in the back corner, and locked her gaze straight upon Ayane. The lean girl, dressed uncomfortably in the long skirts of the Seijyun High uniform, steps clumsily to her corner. There is a rise of chattering in the classroom, the teacher wasn't in yet, and they could -see- the first year Mitsuru stampeding like a buffalo at the little girl. Nobody wanted to start anything with Ayane, the smaller girl had her aura down. But Mitsuru? The school girl isn't subtle as she reaches the corner desk. Glaring down at Ayane for a moment, her face scrunches up as she balls her hands into fists. For that end, Mitsuru wouldn't say anything. Instead, She would promptly kick the back legs of the chair in a wild, crude boot, in a loud attempt to get Ayane's attention. Only then, would she speak up.


Ayane had no friends. She wasn't here to make friends, nor to enjoy herself she was on a mission. The violet haired girl had always shunned others with piercing glare and vitriolic remarks, anyone who dared to approach her to initiate a sort of friendly contact had regretted it. Most Gedo High students have grown to know it was better not to mess with her, but seldomly someone would try to do it and those who knew Ayane were always eager to see how this would turn out...

The way Mitsuru was stomping the ground toward Ayane just thrilled the few Gedo Students who were around and knew what was about to come. They always loved a fight. Whispers can be heard, one of the teenge boy even saying out, "Man, this chick's crazy, 10 bucks on her ~" And the few Gego Students eagerly get into a few bets on the outcome of this encounter.

Ayane was aware of her surrounding in spite of her day dreaming gaze : it was just a sort of way for her to blend in and her senses open to everything around.

When Mitsuru finally stops in front of her, Ayane finally lifts her gaze up at the other girl. The kick had been enough to disturb her, forcing her to stop balancing on the chair's back legs so she doesn't fall over.

It would have been easy to diffuse the situation, but instead of that, Ayane lifts her hand up and waves it toward the front of the class dismissingly, "Get lost, prissy girl, your tough girl show's not impressive anyone,"

Mitsuru wanted this.

See, Gedo High and Seijyun High didn't have many opportunities to cross over. And when they did? Already, the giggling boys, the eyes, the leering. They were laughing, yes, but it was the right kind. The girl doesn't go tumbling to the ground. But that's okay. Mitsuru used to eat girls like Ayane like popcorn in middle school. She would rip them up, they were stepping stones. She didn't feel the pressure of Seijyun High anymore. She felt her element. She felt a dog eat dog world.

And it was the rush she needed.

"The hell you call me?" Mitsuru spits out, giving the chair legs another kick. She juts her chin out, looking down at Ayane, powering through the aura of dread around her. "You probably think you are hot shit. You are in -my- chair!" Mitsuru looks away from Ayane, to look at the students, to sneer at them. She loved it. She was going to beat up a real Gedo High student, and all the students, all those delinquints were going to see her do it. They were going to be in awe, and want her to join their gangs. This was, in a sense, a goodwill to Gedo High from Seijyun. She turns back to Ayane, reaching out to grab her by the hair.

"I think a little pipsqueak like you needs a lesson..."

Ayane didn't want any of this.

Yet, she couldn't help it but reply to Mitsuru harshly, responding to her opposition with equal fierceness and bitterness. The fact that her comment seems to have hit a sensitive spot for the Seijyun High student causes Ayane to smirk, leaning back on her chair to steady herself at the other kick. However, the girl's physical hostility was enough to earn her a glare from Ayane, her body tensing up slightly. It won't take long for Mitsuru to aggravate Ayane's anger if she continued to try to intimidate like that physically. "Tsss," Ayane spits out, "And what are you gonna do about it? Whine and cry until daddy's little girl gets what she wants?"

Everything in Mitsuru's behavior was warning Ayane that the girl was hostile and everything she did only provoked her further. Yet, she expected her scathing remarks would have been enough to dissuade her but... No.

When Mitusur makes her move and grabs Ayane's hair, the Gedo Students erupt in an astonished cheer. Ayane winces at the sudden pain, moving out of the chair to alleviate the pain she felt at the back of her head. Her body reacts instinctively to the aggression, one hand reaching out to grab Mitsuru's arm near the shoulder, her legs shifting to try and destabilize her as she attempts to swing Mitsuru's head down against the desk, hopefully strong enough to force her to let go of her hair.

Mitsuru was the kind of girl who punched down.

Yes, she had professional fights. But as she gets her grips on Ayane's hair, the younger, taller teenager actually cackles. "Oh, lets see if I can't twist some tears from you then!" She tries to turn it, trying to pulling her out of the chair as she lets her move around. She was expecting some resistence.

She wasn't expecting the full-force reversal.

The impact comes, as she lets go on instinct. She was dazed in a moment, almost staggering to the ground. Stumbling, she brings up her fists to the cheers of the students. "You dirty little skank!" Mitsuru seethes through her teeth, as blood seeps down the welt on her forehead. It wasn't a lethal blow. A little harder, a different angle, it might have put Mitsuru in a coma for months if not years. But here, that would be enough to dissaude most people. But to the Seijyun High, the drawing of blood only serves to incite Mitsuru into a frenzy. Flailing her arms around wildly, silvery energy cascades over her body as she tries to hurl her fists at Ayane. There was no finesse, but raw brute strength. She was going to hit Ayane in the face, over and over. No defense, and no discipline. She was still expecting just a little brat. Blood coming down her scowling face, she didn't even feel it.

She would need to be taught her lesson harder.

The reversal had happened in a flash ~ a swift and powerful counter attack that surprises the student that were watching. The guys from Gedo High knew Ayane looked fierce, but they didn't expect her to be able of such fighting prowess...

Ayane almost regretted it instantly. It all happened out of instinct and if there's one thing she doesn't want, it's people starting to ask questions on why this girl is so gifted. That brief instant of regret fades away from her face though as Ayane staggers back and reaches the back of her head to ease the pain she felt from Mitsuru's grasp. Hearing the Seiyjun High girl's voice was enough to stir the flames of her rage toward her, "You little bitch, fighting dirty, hair gripping, now what, gonna try to slap me?" She taunts, a smirk on her face as she notices she had been able to draw blood from the girl's forehead.

Ayane would have hoped this would end here but... No, Mitsuru's asking for more. However, this time, Ayane was ready for her. The smaller girl slides back, moving her body to avoid the punches, one after the other, lifting her hand up to brush away the fists before they hit her face, leaving Mitsuru to exhaust herself through the flurry of punches she's delivering.

Ayane might have had a few opportunity to retaliate but... She didn't want to. She was holding back, not wanting to expose to everyone what she was truly capable of... Hopefully others would not notice it.

Unfortunately, even if Ayane proved to be swift and agile, Mitsuru's constant pressure managed eventually break her guard and her fist finally connects with Ayane's face. A sensation that must be quite blissful after being denied so many times by the smaller, taunting little girl.

The impact was brutal, knocking the girl off a couple of feet, causing a few chairs and desks to be pushed aside. The only thing that prevents her from falling back is the circle of students standing around the two gals fighting in the class, which holds Ayane up.

Shaken by the punch, forced back on her feet by the two boys who ended up catching her, Ayane grunts as blood trickles down from her nose. She glares at Mitsuru and her first reaction is to turn over, scream and hurl her fist into one of the boy who held her, the powerful blow knocking the wind out of him and he crumbles in a fetal position on the ground. What a way to thank one of those who prevented her from falling... Who knows, maybe he groped her? Or Ayane's just enraged.

Ayane tries to control herself, but her fury was obvious. She lifts a finger up at Mitsuru, "You better apologize now, or I swear, I'll kick your girly ass so hard you're not gonna be able to sit for a month,"

Mitsuru was almost crying, as Ayane kept dodging and deflecting.

She hated this. She hated it in the professional fights in front of cameras. She hated how everyone past middle school was suddenly able to fight. To fight back. To make her look like a tall, ugly buffoon who couldn't fight. She hate hate hated it. She hated it from Koto, she hated it from that homeless bum. She hated it from everyone, and it made her so angry and upset. So when she finally connects?

She lets out another cackle.

Mitsuru's face was bright red, already she was sweaty. Wiping her brow, she sneers at Ayane as she sends out a punch. "What a big baby. I bet you're Gedo High because mommy and daddy didn't love you, and sent the good kids to good schools, and left you to stink up Gedo High. Or maybe you're one of those quiet psychopaths." She cranes her neck at Ayane, blood obscuring her eye, as she stomps at the smaller girl. "I bet you brought a boxcutter to school to make sure you wouldn't get picked on any more. I can smell the pathetic on you." She apes Ayane, sweeping her hands around in mime. "Yeah, I know that stupid self-defense class stuff you're pulling. Not going to help you." She draws back a fist. "Cause you're not as strong as me."

And Mitsuru throws out a fat, heavy haymaker, bring all her weight into the blow.

The first punch had been the worst. Not only for the pain, but it was also a blow to Ayane's pride. This pathetic schoolgirl managed to draw blood from her... If only Mitsuru knew who she was messing with, how dangerous Ayane truly was the violent haired girl thinks to herself. The anger and frustration she felt as her honor for her clan prevents her from unleashing her wrath on Mitsuru leaves Ayane to grit her teeth visibly as she fiercely glares at Mitsuru.

Her insult finally causes the unwavering girl to falter, her eyes widening as her cheeks turn crimson with rage. Already infuriated, this insult about her loveless parents was just enough to make her go over the edge. "Wh..." Ayane stammers, her hands clenching tightly into fists, so tight they become white. "Why... You... You little spoiled, pampered bitch!"

Blinded with her fury toward Mitsuru, Ayane doesn't seem to react this time when Mitsuru swings her fist for the petite girl's face once more. This time, the force of the blow Mitsuru gave her knocks Ayane back, but the circle of students open up to let her roll over on the ground.

The crowd groes silent, almost in awe. Mitsuru's brutal haymaker should have been enough to deal with a small girl like Ayane, right? Alas, Ayane is just like a ferocious and tenacious badger. She swiftly recovers and spins on her legs, getting to her knees, one hand moving up to swipe away blood that trickles down from her forehead and nose.

Ayane then shouts and lunges head first for Mitsuru in an attempt to tackle her violently, her fist aiming to punch Mitsuru's flank if she manages to ram her head on afterward.


Mitsuru liked to draw blood. It made her feel tough. And when everyone see her draw blood, it made her feel warm inside. She was the strongest, she just proved it. "That's it?" She scoffs, as she rolls her shoulder from the arm that unleashed the punch, loosening it. It's just as she's loosening it that Ayane comes springing back, hungry for blood. The tackle comes before she can even release herself. She comes stumbling back. That much would be fine.

But then the punch comes.

Mitsuru makes a sound as she comes crashing back into a desk, knocking it over as she falls on the ground. Not a loud howl of pain, but a short yelp. A strained moan. And a whimper. She tries to breath, gasping for air as she struggles on her back. The wind. The wind had been knocked out of her. She was just short of a broken rib, only a bruised one, as the concentrated precision of power is poured right in her. It must have been when she crashed into the desk. She struggles, trying hard to leverage Ayane off her, trying to twist and turn. "G-Get off me!" She spits out.

"Get off me you crazy bi- you crazy girl!"

This little girl was voracious and vicious, punching much harder than one would expect from someone so petite and lightweight. Ayane continues her charge, obviously well intending to take down Mitsuru and make her feel her wrath. The moment they both crash down on the ground, Ayane squirms in an attempt to dominate the other girl and pin her down.

Before she has the chance to get some solid and clean punches out of her though, Mitsuru manages to pry her off from her. Ayane grunts as she crawls on her knees away from Mitsuru instead of trying to cling to her.

Blinded by her fury, Ayane pants from the exertion as she straightens herself up and she reaches for the chair she used to sit on, "You want your chair!? Here's your throne, majesty!" Ayane shouts as she turns on her heels, lifting the chair up high over her head.

Ayane shouts and swings it hard, as hard as she can on Mitsuru, with enough strength to shatter the wooden chair if it hits something.

Mitsuru was getting enraged.

She hurt, and she was angry, and she was going to lose control. As she forces Ayane off, she doesn't even have enough time to sit up. Ayane was already going for the chair. Mitsuru, anticipating the hell of a time, throws up her arms blindly. "You crazy girl! You crazy crazy girl! I'll kill you!" Ayane is high over Mitsuru, as the students begin to chant. The apex of the battle was upon them, as Ayane brings the chair down.
It doesn't reach Mitsuru.

The classroom falls silent. It happened in a flash. Two teachers stand by, eyes burning with authority. The first is a gritty middle-aged man, a former police officer turned Gedo High instructor, who has no qualms about manhandling a young girl like Mitsuru into an armbar- with respect to the growth of the student, of course. The second? A gentle-faced, perpetually smiling young woman of Seijyun High, who was firmly, but gently, gripping the chair leg in one hand, stopping it dead cold. Her eyes are closed, and yet, her full presence is directly straight into Ayane.

The other students find themselves in their chairs, eyes directly averted from the pair.

"Mister Zenigata," The female teacher croons softly, as she makes a subtle but precise twist of her wrist to disarm the chair from Ayane. "What do you think these two... young... girls... are doing?" The male teacher, snagging Mitsuru in an arm bar, turns up his nose as he keeps restraining the young girl. "Just another fight, Miss Tatsumaki, we get those in Gedo High." Mitsuru sputters out loud. "She started it! She took my chair, and she tried to hit me!" Mitsuru struggles in the teacher's grip. Until she 'stumbles', and hits her cheek on the floor. "OW! OW! You're hurting me!" Mitsuru shouts out, as the male teacher refuses to release her. Miss Tatsumaki keeps smiling at Ayane.

"And what's... your side... of the story, darling?"

Ayane had been so blinded by her rage and showing this girl her place that she had hardly noticed how the class went silent by the sudden arrival of the two teachers. After all, in a school brawl like that, did she really have to worry about her surrounding or hidden enemies?

Apparently yes.

Her face was twisted by her fury and her lips were curled almost into a blissful smile when she was about to break that chair on Mitsuru until something holds her. One foot on the ground, her knee bent in the air as she's stopped half-way through her devastating chair smash. Both of her arms are held back behind her head as someone held the chair by one of its leg.


It takes a second for Ayane to realize just what was going on, the unexpected turn of events causing her to finally 'see' what was going on. It was enough to cause her anger to dissipate Ayane's anger. She doesn't resist when the teacher takes the chair off from her, she merely stares down at Mitsuru who is getting immobilized and restrained by the teacher. There was almost disdain in her face as Mitsuru kept wriggling and squirming on the ground.

Ayane glares at Mitsuru when she lies to the teachers in an attempt to safe her hide. She folds her arms in front of her chest, her gaze judging her for a moment. She tilts her head and spits some blood to the ground, though obviously a sort of provocation to Mitsuru.

"Yeah, whatever, the bitch was looking for it, I don't care," Ayane replies, averting her gaze from the teacher, not even trying to object against what Mitsuru said, as if she could careless about this and whatevver consequences.

Truth was : the last thing Ayane wanted was to draw more attention on them and bickering on who started it would just make things worse.

Miss Tatsumaki is nearly the paragon of stealth as she draws back her hand, ready to slap Ayane across the mouth.

"Miss Tatsumaki, I would appreciate it if you -don't- abuse my students. We don't believe in physical discipline in Gedo High." Miss Tatsumaki lowers her hand, her smile not fading. "Seijyun High has no tradition of physical discipline either. I was merely... protecting my student from the filthy language of -yours-. n any case, this isn't the precinct, Mister Zenigata; I don't want to see Miss Tokugawa get another 'accidental' injury resisting restraint, and I don't believe her parents would appreciate it either~" The male teacher scowls at the smiling visage of his counterpart, before finally releasing Mitsuru. Miss Tatsumaki lowers the chair, putting it perfectly in place behind where the desk would be. She clasp her hands together.



Mitsuru smugly sticks her chin up, as she rises into a stand, rubbing her head. Mister Zenigata keeps his arms crossed, glaring at the pair. "Well this is Gedo High campus, so Gedo High discipline is what we need. Hard work after classes, cleaning the school top to bottom. Ayane knows the drill by now." He looks at Ayane, squinting an eye warily. Mitsuru actually smiles at that.

But Miss Tatsumaki shakes her head serenely.

"Proper ladies," She begins. "Should be educated, not broken down. The proper procedure here is that both Ayane and Mitsuru need to reconcile their differences. Both should work together after school to craft a supervised essay describing how they feel, and how they can strive to be better young ladies. Toil is only going to turn them into...." Miss Tatsumaki's mask of calm breaks for a moment, as she turns up her nose. "Common Laborers. And as both of the offending students are young ladies, I believe Seijyun High discipline has priority." The mask returns, as she cocks her head. "Mitsuru is -very- experienced in writing essays already."

Mitsuru's smile is gone, as she stares at the ground.

Ayane doesn't flinch when Miss Tatsumaki's hand rises up. If anything, Ayane had been taught to respect authority and corporal punishments had been ways to make her respect that authority in her youth. Without any sign of insubordination this time, her hands just clench into fists as she braces for the slap that's never coming.

Ayane doesn't hide her surprise though when the two teachers argue over what consequences the two of them would have. Ayane frowns and averts her gaze from Zenigata when he mentions her 'experience' with the Gedo High way of punishments. Considering her background, Gedo High's method of discipline was a piece of cake to handle.

However the way Miss Tatsumaki describes how they should deal with it causes Ayane's adamant composure to falter a bit. Was this sort of punishment or consequence even humanly possible?

The girl blinks a few times as she stares at Miss Tatsumaki, mouth agape for a few seconds, "... You... You can't be serious..." She dares to glance at Mitsuru, the girl from Seiyjunn High, "... Right?" She asks meekly, as if clinging to the bit of hope she had this was all some sort of bad joke.

It was serious.

Mitsuru's frowning was not bullying. But someone who had been cowed before. And that weakness.... was too obvious to the students now. THey were averting their eyes, yes. But they were peeking now, at the duo of 'hardasses' who were suddenly on the teachers leash. But this was Gedo High. This was Gedo rules. But there is something the draws sheer terror from Mitsuru, and a rise of giggling from the students.

Mister Zenigata was nodding his head.

"So you make them hug and talk about their feelings, is that it?" The teacher rubs his chin. "Now if it was one of my boys, I'd tell you to go sit on a nail. But Ayane... I think she needs a little more sensitivity." No. "She hasn't been taking the Gedo High treatment well, and she's been having trouble fitting in too, which is the point of the discipline. So, take her! Maybe she just needs to have a cry and cuddle or whatever you Seijyun High types do." Mitsuru turns up her nose, as she turns back to the teacher. "Screw you!" She spits out to the Gedo High teacher. "Screw you! You are seriously going to let this hag walk all over you? What a baby! What a big baby wimp! The male teacher glances at Mitsuru.... and then looks past her, ignoring her. That was it. That was the coup de grace. BEcause when the teacher ignores you? It's over. Mitsuru stamps her feet. "I'm NOT going to write an essay on this stupid cow! I can tell you how I feel! She's stupid, you're stupid, all of you are stupid, and STOP LAUGHING!" And that was the case. The students were laughing at Mitsuru's tantrum. Gone was the intimidation in the presence of the students. Mitsuru's hands were balled into fists, she was ready to lash out-

Until Miss Tatsumaki brings her hands on each of the two students shoulders.

"It's settled then." The teacher says so softly, a smile on her face. "Ayane, I can't help but state how lucky you are. I can tell you have a lot of trouble expressing your true feelings. You'll find that the Seijyun Way will help you get those feelings out, and let you express them in a permanent, documented form. ANd if you have trouble, we can try again. And again. And again. And again, until we finally forge you into the proper young lady, that your family will be so proud of." There is a burst of giggling as some student apparently finds it -hilarious- for AYane to be forged into a proper lady. Mitsuru was storming, pouting furiously as she looks at Ayane. "This is -your- fault!" She hisses. But the vice grip of the teacher continues, as Mister Zenigata smirks at the duo squirming. "There is no fault here. Only feelings."

"And I am sure you both will be so excited to spend as much time as you need to learn about just how much you have in common~"

Cry and cuddle... Those words are enough to make Ayane shudder in dread. Her mind was already in the gutter about the prissy pampered treatment she would be forced into. Unfortunately, her face was unable to conceal that obvious terror on Ayane's face who was still shaken by the revealation of their punishment.

The only thing that stirs her out of her torpor is how vividly Mitsuru objects herself to this punishment. Ayane blinks and her anger surges through her, her confounded gaze turning into a menacing glare, "Shut your damn mouth, hoe!" She shouts at her through gritted teeth, one hand clenched into af ist. Unfortunately, her insult and warning must have been lost in the general hiliarity from the rest of the class.

The laughters are enough to cause Ayane's cheeks to blush : she was used to psychological harassment, but not of this nature. She averts her gaze a moment, but when the mister Zenigata insists on the form of her punishment and how it causes students to giggle more, she lifts her gaze up and glares at those who dares to laugh at her, her whole body shaking from barely restrained rage.

When Mitsuru adds insult to the injury, Ayane glances at her and she shrugs her shoulders and opens her arms, thrusting her chest forward a bit in a provocative manner as she says, "Bite me," Just loud enough for her to hear, but those who were looking obviously saw the aggravating gesture Ayane made.

It was the Seijyun High way.

Boys had to be hammered and honed into young men. But the Seijyun High way was more insidious, more subtle. Shame. Humiliation. Ostracizing. It is one thing for a bunch of students to make fun you in your face. It is another when nobody reacts to you, nobody sees you... but you hear all the rumors bouncing around as shadows. Rumors. That was the most dangerous thing. As Ayane insults Mitsuru, Mitsuru sneers. But as Mitsuru charges at her, Miss Tatsumaki keeps them apart with a firm, strong grip. She was already walking out, taking the duo with her. As they are marched out (to deal with the administrative details), the calls from the students come. They -had- heard Ayane... for better or worse.

"You take good care of your ho, Ayane!"

"Aren't they such a cute couple?"

"I wonder if they are really friends, or just frenemies with benefits?"

"Well you know that Seijyun High doesn't have any boys in it."

"I guess if I was desperate, I'd be Ayane's bitch too!"

If Ayane was worried before about how miserable the treatment would be, then she would be just as pissed as Mitsuru is now.

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