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Description: After staying over for the evening, Velvet Blue awakes for a Bavarian Bed & Breakfast at Werewolf Hotel! Aka The von Sabrewulf estate. They discuss where to go next.

Ah, Bavarian mornings. What creepy oppression that seemed to haunt the land with the fall of night is vanquished with the morning rays of sunshine across the lightly clouded sky. Birds sing their songs to signal the breaking day and, along with this change of atmosphere, so too does the Sabrewulf Estate feel different.

The smell of breakfast foods, some no doubt high in fat -- one aroma is distinctly fried pork sausage -- now haunts the halls. With no staff around to offer such a morning service, it must be the Baron himself. There is a question on if he managed to get any sleep at all, or if he even sleeps much at night period, that may go relatively unresolved. The mystery of how such a beast is able to cook, however, can be easily solved: the one cooking is a beast no longer.

In the kitchen, so adjacent to the dining room as was pointed out the night prior, a familiar face quietly works about the kitchen juggling things on the range. At smoe point during the night, Konrad must have regained more than just his composure. While not a chef by any means, the breakfast is simple. Baked pretzels, fried white sausage, some accompanying sweet mustard, Welcome to Bavaria.

It remains to be said that waking up in strange dude's homes was something Velvet was not that unfamiliar with. In all honestly, jokes aside, it kind of was--sleeping at night had been a rough time once he'd been able to get back from Makai. Needless to say nightmares are a thing one needs to deal with once they return from a giant nightmarish zoo constructed around a giant palace. This place didn't remind him of that, though--it wasn't even a castle, it was more like a mansion. Or a big plantation house--not that Velvet had ever been that far south to experience such. Most of those were historical anyway, not really setup as places to live in. Unlike this.

Velvet Blue had been sprawled out one of the rooms. Was it for guests, servants, or family? He didn't know--he'd just picked the first one that had a bed with sheets and a quilt, regardless of the room itself. Finding such had been a bit trying, but there had been one. The performer's long white boots lay crumpled nearby the bed, dress hung from the bedpost. They were still wearing the tights from the night before, good thing the damn things helped with keeping warm--which was why he wore them, truth be told.

However, as Velvet is part beast himself, the smell of cooking is definitely enough to rouse him--the androg male pulling themselves up with a yawn and pulling their clothes on before heading in search of the smell of food. And so, Velvet would appear in the kitchen's doorway, back in the boots, tights and red dress, running fingers through their hair to straighten it.

The meal so prepared may not be as grand as what one might find at a hotel B&B better suited to offering greater comforts atop of traditional foods,'re hard pressed to find a meal more traditional than this one. Pretzels, sweet mustard, fried veal and pork sausage, and beer; yep, that's one way to start the day. It surely may not seem to reflect the more noble status of the one that prepares the food, however.

Two plates, two steins, with two small bowls on each plate for the mustard. Konrad is just putting the finishing touches on the servings when his guest makes an appearance. Konrad himself wears house shoes, pants, and a simple white shirt with a house robe draped around and tied. His own hair looks a little worse for the wear, but he did put some effort into combing it and his facial hair so that he doesn't look too ragged.

"Guten Morgen. I made some food, but if you are not all sat hungry you vill not offend me by refusing it. Somesing simple, ja?" Immediately that voice and accent are no doubt familiar, from before, which were not present coming from the mouth of the wolf. Normally he wouldn't make breakfast for guests himself -- not that he has any guests over -- but he feels apologetic. Plus, perhaps it will offer a chance for some conversation on previous topics.

It wasn't just feline that was in Velvet, of course, probably some other animals--bat, was one of them, also maybe... demon? dragon? he honestly wasn't sure. The tail had been for balance, and the Matriarch of the palace hadn't been terribly forthcoming in what the design or animal came from. He was a chimera, sure, but of some unknown origin.

"This place is pretty dusty, gotta admit--but if you want me in a maid outfit that's gonna cost ya, I'm afraid," Velvet leaned against the doorframe to the kitchen, watching Konrad work. He seemed to be making a lot of food, it was almost touching, the idea that he was making food for the both of them. Wait, was he? Yes--there was two plates and two cups laid out. Hot damn. Konrad was also looking decidedly less fuzzy this morning, which Velvet was thankful for--he didn't exactly appreciate hair in his food. Dog or otherwise.

"I'm a darkstalker carnivore, of course I'm hungry, ahhhn--" Velvet yawned, this was not a yowl of erotic elation, we assure you--"But do you have any coffee? this is pretty early for me, I'm fine with instant," which is what any good college student on their own tended to make--especailly if they hadn't ever bothered to learn to brew real coffee.

"I would luff to, mein herr~" Velvet put a little bit of a German accent in his voice, it sounded like a really gay effeminate Medic from TF2, or maybe an especially twink-ish member of the Hitler Youth.

"Conversation? What about? Oh right, the werewolves," Velvet would move about the kitchen and help set the table with anything they needed or Konrad missed.

"Kaffee? Oh, of course." The ornate steins sitting on the counter near the plates were full. "It's a bit early for a proper brotzeit, but I belief I can safely assume sat neiser you or I haf had a morning meal yet and, as much as I hate to admit it, I am not so good at cooking for guests. Pretzels, baked; sere is weisswurst, which is a tasty sausage made from pork back und veal; und sen you haf hefeweizen sere. Eh, made from malted vheat vis a certain yeast. Good for digestion und a light buzz to take se edge off of mornings." The man takes the time to point everything out.

"But! Nefer fear for I haf eine Kaffeemaschine, ha ha ha. Erm, take vhat you like, ja, und feel free to head srough sere into se dining room. I vill prepare some kaffee for you und sen join you." Unless, of course, there is a motion to be very informal and dine standing at the preparation counter. With the state of things around the mansion, there is a lot of informal going around.

"But- jawohl. Die Werwolfe." The nobleman places his hands to his face. "I am sorry. I haf not had much rest, I am vaking up, und English is not my first language. I vill make an attempt to speak more clearly." There is a small pause and slow inhalation before Konrad continues. "Yes... The werewolves." With some effort, his accent fades a bit.

"You were worried about me investigating because I have little control over my own affliction for...the same reasons I worry. But, you tracked me down, so I have to accept that this could be an opportunity. Rather than blindly researching stores of knowledge, perhaps this would be a chance to learn more about how such afflictions affect other people. In turn, it could help me find a cure for myself as well as others." There is little to hide the fact that his motives are selfish, but he's willing to use such knowledge for the good of others if possible. Still. Priorities.

As he speaks, he goes about trying to find the stored coffee beans and grinder. He manages and turns away to wander about toward where the coffee machine rests. It sees use, just not as much in the mornings. Mornings are times for beer. It's the Bavarian way.

"Sausage is fine, really, I figure you don't have any eggs, though." Velvet thought about making a sausage joke there, but decided against it. Most things seemed to go over Konrad's head, anyway.

"You gotta grind beans, even? They sell the stuff already ground up, you know--but thank you!" he tries to find silverware for the plates, as well as anything else resembling napkins--then proceeds to set the table for anything Konrad missed.

"More I wanted to see if you had any idea who this multi-tailed fox lady was, or if you knew of any shapeshifters down there, but I don't think you do, and I don't think you're connected--but that means you ought to come to Japan, maybe you can find out more about your... affliction, if it's something you want to try and treat," Velvet has sat himself against one of the chairs, taking a load off, for the time being, tilting his head as he looks over the man.

"Thing is, are you looking to render yourself completely human? or simply try to control the transformations better? Your big wolf form could be useful if one of us got attacked, you know," he smiles a little, still probably amused at Konrad's formality and accent.

"It's fine you know, most of the men whose places I wake up certainly don't want to make food for me, like this, I appreciate," he grins.

"Yes, I always grind the beans," affirms the man, but it's electric, so once it is plugged in Konrad sets about opening the bag of beans and pouring a measured amount into the grinder. "It provides a fresher taste and more fragrant aroma, I find. moment."

The grinding machine is loud as it the blades buzz around like a mini blender rendering the beans into a coarse rubble and further on into something a little more fine. In the emptiness of the mansion and the lack of major activity in the kitchen otherwise, the sound is quite amplified and makes, for the brief moment, conversation impossible.

Once the beans are ground, they are added to a paper filter and Konrad grabs the carafe and carries it over to the kitchen sink for water. "You are correct. It is nothing I have a connection with, nor am I responsible for the spread of such a curse. I would rather be rid of it altogether. You have to understand, it is no mere hound on a chain to be summoned at will. I am the one on the chain..." His volume drops as he voices, "And every month the chain grows shorter," while pouring water into the coffee machine. Upon replacing the carafe, he switches it on, sighs, and then turns about to wander over and fetch the plates first, to carry those over to the dining area, and will return for his beer afterward.

"Besides, while my tests seem to show that I cannot pass on the curse myself, I'm not certain I want to take that chance." He puts a plate down and then stares at the one remaining. "People could get hurt. But, I suppose things are taking a turn for the darker globally, if what little I have watched on the news is an indication. I don't want to add to troubles. I'm a peaceful man. I want to be able to live my life as such." The remaining plate is put down and he turns away to go fetch a both steins. He may drink both himself; he has a weakness for alcohol, and he may need plenty.

"But, you make a point: I may not have a choice. Until I -do- have a choice. Even as just a man, I am not helpless. And I have my intellect and wits." At least until he gets halfway to drunk before noon, anyway.

"I know some ladies like that," Velve nods a little, not missing a beat, and apparently straight-faced after that fairly subtle yet off-color remark. Off-color was kind of the order of the day with Velvet, to be fair.

Velvet Blue pulls his hands up over his large batty ears as the machine whirrs ans the cacaophonous buzzing fills up the room, being silent as Konrad grinds his beans, so to speak.

"Well, to be fair, I /do/ like you more like this, you're a lot more... gentle? Seeming? I wanna say? and I don't know how many swiffer dusters or lint brushes it's going to take to get the blue dog hair off the furniture around here, phew--but maybe we can try to devise some kind of better method than those huge scary injections you've been using to control it? I don't know," he shrugs a little, sighing. His stomach growled, at that point--though Sabrewulf could likely hear it, he wasn't sure if Konrad could. Even so, he acted like it didn't happen.

"That's true, we can get you a really big Mossberg pump-action shotgun, maybe, to use when you're not a wolf--and a chainsaw!" he grins a little, perhaps trying to cheer Konrad up, a little. this /was/ a rather weird and tough situation, after all.

"Yes, that may be so, but in my youth the beautiful women that wanted my hand only so desired it because it held my wallet." Konrad is just as quick to answer back, it seems. The sound of dripping coffee can be heard even as the man's footsteps return with his hands holding both steins. He places them both down together. "By all means, eat while it is hot. Don't wait on my behalf. If you don't want the baked pretzels, either, that's fine. I'll eat them later and you can have half of my weisswurst. The, mm, coffee will take a few minutes, but shouldn't that long." The only other major sound that can be heard is the distant ticking of a clock on the far end of the dining hall. It looks amazingly empty with only two people in it.

"Perhaps I can devise another way, but my family's alchemy has not failed me so far." To start, Baron von Sabrewulf picks up his beer and simply downs about half of it all in go. It's one of those mornings? Or is every morning one of those mornings? "My concern is not on a failure of my family's knowledge, but of the curse that has befallen me." The heavy vessel is placed upon the table and he reaches to pick up- Oh, he forgot to pull out silverware and his guest did it for him? Where is his mind today? "Th-thank you, I- I've been very lost in thought this morning." He picks up a fork and knife to cut off a chunk of white-wrapped sausage.

"Ha ha, yes, well, that seems a bit excessive," comments the older man regarding such weapons. "I would like to think that reason is stronger than deadly force, when it comes down to it." He pauses a beat. "Well, part of me does, anyway. You need to understand, if I'm to do any travel with you abroad, that what I am -- what you saw last night -- I can only barely control with what I long as things are calm. If things turn," Konrad sighs, "violent, the mind that takes over is not fully my own. Worse case, I can't even remember anything. It's like I don't exist. Do you... Do you realize how frightening that is?"

Unlike some lycanthropes that are more in tune with their natures, it would seem that Konrad can be severely feral when enraged. It's good to know. "The strange thing is, and this is not something that I've been able to discover in any of my archives on past cases of lycanthropy, but at times- At times it feels more like an outside force trying to take over my mind and body. Is that not bizarre?"

"Hmm? ohhh, yeah," Velvet's response there might have been more pithy, usually, but he was more gentle when Konrad was divulging something clearly personal and important to him. This was a part of his life, after all. His real one. Velvet knew the weight and importance there, as he was normal once, too.

"You do have a nice place, so I suppose I can see how that might happen," Velvet blinks and looks upwards, around the kitchen. The ceiling and walls here were spaced far enough part to make this single kitchen likely quite a bit larger than even some of the /studio/ apartments Velvet had rented in the past, even /before/ he was a darkstalker and had limited venues of work.

"Oh I'm gonna eat, don't worry," Velvet grins, his fanged incisors showing in a way that might seem a little unsettling to a perfectly normal human, at least one unaccustomed to seeing such things--though there was a mirth to it that seemed to also set it apart from something feral or predatory. And the nomming would begin--likely even before Konrad got that coffee on the table.

"I'm glad I came all the way out here to the countryside, the food in Germany is something else, man," Velvet says, likely with a big chunk of sausage hanging out of his mouth, before nomming that too. Most of the 'touristey' places around the airports and bigger cities sold a lot of food that was fairly unethnically German, alas, he'd noticed--a lot of kebab and curry, perhaps unsurprisingly.

"You mean like blacking out? yeah, it can be very scary for someone that drinks, they can't remember if they slapped their girl around, or hit someone with a car, or even lost their wallet in a train station somewhere," Velvet nods, trying to show understanding a bit. "I feel it sometime too when I haven't absorbed someone's energy once in a while, I feed off desire, it makes me really frisky," he relates.

"Mmm. So, you see, then?" Konrad speaks into his cup of morning hefeweizen as if the truth were very apparent. "My quest to rid myself of this affliction is one of survival." He tips up the beverage to drink more. Bavarian guys know how to put beer away. It's in their blood! "Otherwise, there is a very real possibility that things might go black for me forever."

On that grim note, he thunks his stein down and laughs almost darkly. "I know, I know. It must seem terribly over-dramatic, and with a guest, no less -- it's very bad manners all around, but you- You brought this to me. If you had not come, I would be asleep right now after a long night of drinking only to begin my studies again upon awaking." Konrad points over at Velvet Blue with his fork (also bad manners) and states, "So, tell me more about this attack. The ones that did it. The person behind it. And when were you planning to head to the East to investigate?"

He picks up a pretzel and dips it into the sweet mustard before taking a moment to chew thoughtfully on the bread. "I will need time to prepare for the journey. Like it or not, I will want to prepare at least two weeks' worth of my 'medicine', although I suppose I could get by with half that if I'm careful. The rest: passport, costs, luggage; no problem. I travel very light."

But is von Sabrewulf okay with the knowledge that such a journey might come with very real physical conflict?

"Maybe... also, are you drinking beer in the morning?" Velvet blinks a little and raises a brow, looking up at Konrad. He can smell the odor of beer from across the table, apparently--both from the scent wafting across the table, likely also from Konrad's breath.

"Jeez, and I thought people in my family were into drink, anyway--" Velvet is being a bit of a snit here, to tell the truth, but he has good intentions, "You should come to Japan with me to find this one, wolves like to chase foxes, right?" he is really enjoying that bratwurst or whatever it is Konrad has plunked down for him.

"And either way, maybe some time around the club scene will help you, you know--what do they say, music soothes the savage beast? Or was it breast? it doesn't matter--" Velvet grins, waving it off with his fork, meanwhile sipping the coffee. It's likely black, who knows if Konrad keeps cream about that isn't chunky, but he's okay with it black. It's something to drink, at least.

"We can find this lady and make her tell us about her little werewolf pals, find some kinda more suitable long term treatment, jah?~" he grins with a nod at the thought. Then again, he'll have to figure out how to try and cram both himself and Konrad into the car he rode up here on, he realizes. That manuever might prove difficult.

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