Cody - SNF: Wolfman vs Dracula

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Description: In the battle for the (horror movie) ages, Leo Whitefang plays the Wolfman engaged in mortal combat with a vampire, with only one monster left standing in this action-packed start to Universal's Dark Uni--what do mean that got cancelled? _ Heavy D! just called from traffic on the freeway? Then who just went on set?! Not this again!!!

Ah beautiful Chateau de Colde. Located on the outskirts of Paris, France, the Chateau De Colde has been within the boundaries of the city since its construction in medieval times. The maison had been the ancestral home of the De Colde family, a minor noble family with some renown. Now, it is a popular tourist location for those willing to leave heart of Paris for something with a bit of unique history. What an appropriate site for another..SNF!

Leo Whitefang can barely fathom these things. Sure, he loves a good fight and training and..really any opportuity to just show how magnificent he is onthe field of battle is always going to be a wonderful experience but..really? WOLFMAN?? "WHo is responsible for this!!" he thunders at the SNF represenative infront of the castle in the designated combat space for the battle to come. "I am no -dog-. Is this how you treat foreign dignitaries with ..with...lion motifs?! Ask them to become...doggies!?"

Several Illyrian knights are trying..and calm The Second King down, but Leo just ends up fuming and storming away after snatching the Wolfman mask from the SNF coordinator.

"Am I a dog, soldier??"

"No, sir Leo! You are a lion! But--"

"Then..why have I risked attracting bounty hunters to come out here and be told to dress up like a dog!?"

"..Wolf, Sir Leo! Wolf!"

Leo gives the soldier a withering glare and then turns to stare mournfully at the Wolfman mask in his grasp.


Heavy D! fumes in the backseat of his cab, as horns honk and traffic is backed up all around him. He is wearing a ridiculous vampire costume with fake fangs and a cloak, but hasn't bothered to remove his shades. "Man, are you for real? I got a fight tonight, damn it!" He pounds the seat in frustration at his luck. "Monsieur, I am sorry, I cannot move ze traffic," his driver says apologetically. "DRACULA DON'T CARE ABOUT TRAFFIC! DRACULA WANTS HIS PRIZE MONEY!"


From behind Leo, in the pristine castle, there's the steady rattling of chains as someone moves into view. Cody pauses, taking in the view as he rubs the back of his head and stifles a yawn. His bored expression drifts over to Leo and his retinue of knights, as well as the fight coordinator. "Yo," he greets.

"Finally! Heavy D has arrived!" determines Leo. He tosses the Wolfmask towards an aide who fumbles to catch it and then fails, utterly, to stop Leo as he strides towards the arriving Cody with all the confidence of a man about to deliver a rousing self-worth speech to a enraptured audience. "W-wait sir!" yells the aide who then looks towards the confused SNF workers who just shrug helplessly while beginning to dial Heavy D on the cell.

"I see you have also opted to ignore this silly convention of dressing up." hmphs Leo as he approaches Cody. AFter a few blinks the fact that Cody is wearing chains and a prison jumpsuit dawns upon him. "Still..this..a strange costume you have on. Not theme? You don't -look- like a 'Heavy D' either.."

The iron crosses on his large arms emit a ripple of light and a wavering of liquid metal as the iron-chi of the Great Knight charges into them and the swords expand towards their Zweihnader like sizes on his wrists, "Well, I suppose this 'Shared Monster World' series they're doing is trying to be a little different by means of Dracula in Jail.."

Cody stands there with his hands in front of him, looking completely nonplussed by Leo mistaking him for Heavy D. "Yeah, well, maybe the real terror is the state of the US prison system," he says. As Leo powers up, Cody scans the large room they are fighting in. Windows...curtains...vases with flowers, fancy statues...rugs. Yeah, he can work with these. Everything is a potential weapon. "Maybe I'm just thinkin' outside the box."

He doesn't power anything up; instead he stretches his arms over his head, then rolls his neck. "So...we doin' this or nah? Hope them fancy things you got on your arms ain't for show."

"These don't intimidate you? You're very much a fighter then. Or stupid with to many knocks to your head from said prison system." Leo clangs the blades together and then drops down into a combat crouch. A blast of chi whirls up around hin and spreads out, driving the air from around his form and sending it whipping through the room briefly to disturb curtains and rattle the vases. The onlooking SNF offcials immediately pale slightly. It might be that having to much collateral damage here isn't going to look good on them.

But such mundane matters are far from Leo's mind. Instead the Lion-Man dashes forward, crossing the distance between himself and Cody in the space of a heartbeat and both of his blades whirling out in a spinning slash that trails iron chi behind it as he seeks to cross Cody up and end up behind him and in the Brynhldr stance.

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Leo Whitefang    0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Cody has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cody             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang successfully hits Cody with Kaltes Gestober Erst.
- Power hit! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Cody             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

Cody shrugs. "Gonna go with A /and/ B," he says. Then Leo is coming straight at him. Cody is not used to fighting sword guys that often. There's Katana/Sodom, and the occasional nutjob like him, but...this was new. This was, dare he say, exciting. His heart thumps as the lion man comes at him. Cody flares out his nostrils, and...simply prepares to absorb the blow.

The twin blades slice through his front easily, and blood flies from the cuts in his chest as his jumpsuit gets shredded by the x-shaped slash mark. He gasps as the sharp, stinging pain hits him in a wave. He clutches his chest and staggers forward. "Nice...I like that," he remarks. Slowly one hand reaches behind his back and pulls out something from within his jumpsuit, kept pressed against his back. It's a long length of metal pipe. "I like that a lot."

He turns and swings the pipe to smash it into Leo's back, hoping to catch the guy before he can turn around.

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blocks Cody's Gentle Swing.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Cody             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

Well then, this is going to get messy.

There's a ringing of metal and a spray of sparks as Leo brings his swords around to deflect the pipe away from him.

"You like that?" he asks, curiously. " you enjoy pain.."

The force of the blow isn't lost on Leo as the shockwaves of hte impact go rippling through his body but his recovery is swift as he darts in and leaps, seeking to slam a lengthy leg into Cody and use the momentum of the leap to send him crossing Cody up once again, darting by him in a flash of golds and browns with speed in contrast to his imposing physique.

COMBATSYS: Cody Toughs Out Leo Whitefang's Evasive Strike!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Cody             1/-----==/=======|===----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

"Ain't a real fight unless someone's bleedin'!" Cody replies. He taps the pipe on the ground and beckons for Leo to come forward. As Leo leaps, Cody turns his head slightly, grimacing a little as that foot smashes into his face, causing spit and blood to shoot out from his mouth as the big man switches up sides again. Cody moves with the force of the blow, but recovers and turns to face his foe once more, with a boot print on his mug to show for it.

He exhales, then suddenly darts for Leo, attempting to grab him with both hands. "Hup!" He tries to toss the knight into the air, and rears the pipe back like a batter about to nail a fastball. He waits for it, then swings forward to smack the pipe into Leo's head and send him flying away. "HOME RUN!"

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blocks Cody's Toss & Smash.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cody             1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

The air vibrates and the clang of metals once more rips through the area. The impact sends Leo spiraling bakcwards away from Cody, a look of annoyance and surprise on his face an instant before he regains a sense of control and spins at the last second to plant his feet against the opposing wall. Several vases are knocked aside, shattering asunder at the large mans passage but the sound of them breaking asunder barely gets a glance from the Second King who, instead, grins at Cody and then presses off of the wall like a rocket that's been fired off.

Both of his blades blaze out with iron chi that rips through the air with jagged trails akin to the slash marks associated with lions claw as Leo drops down onto Cody, spinning as he falls and aimin a dual slash at the convict with enough force to try and bear him down to the ground from the impact of the blades.

Should this occur, a sweeping kick follows up the attack as Leo combos the assault and attempts to regain more stable footing on the ground in the process.

"Someone should take you up and train you on how to use a sword, boy!" he quips, cheerfully.

COMBATSYS: Cody interrupts Siegesparade from Leo Whitefang with Rapid Fire EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Cody             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1    Leo Whitefang

Cody looks at his pipe, which is now bent. He sighs. He watches Leo push off the wall, and soar into the air like a brilliant comet. Now he's bearing down on him and well, that looks like it'll hurt. Fine with him.

He tosses the pipe away. Before Leo can impact, Cody pulls out a very, very large knife from his jumpsuit and immediately runs to meet Leo head on. The two blades connect with his shoulders and tear fresh cuts in them - more blood flies from the wounds and splatters onto the black and white tile. But Cody is already moving, as Leo is now in his face. The knife is swung rapidly, slicing into the man repeatedly and different angles. Cody is a flurry of movement, passing the knife from hand to hand as he works to carve Leo up despite the ground cracking underneath him from the sheer pressure of the two forces colliding.

Eventually he jumps back, still standing but having taken a sizeable hit from his counterattack. He holds the knife in a reverse grip as he faces his foe. "Swords? Nah...always been a knife guy, personally."

Cody may have taken that attack head on but the brunt of that damage went to Leo. Certainly his Sacred Order made uniform does some good in protecting him but 'some' is not enough and those knifes strikes are expertedly placed and piercing, pin cushioning the Second King and sending him off balance to tumble into the ground violently and slide back a few paces before he leaps back up to a crouched and ready stance. He blinks a few times and takes a moment to assess his new found wounds and then he grins and stands up straighter, spining his swords about easily, despite their size.

"It looks like you are better armed then I recalled.. 'Dracula' .." Oh yeah, this was themed after all. "I suppose I'll have to truly bear my fangs.."

With that, Leo dashes in again, this time leading with one sword and following up with another in a leaping spinning slash. A burst of chi ripples out from him, the force of energy flickering the lights themselves while his blades score trenches into the stone workings o the floor before coming up like a pinwheel to try and bring their fury into Cody.

COMBATSYS: Cody Toughs Out Leo Whitefang's Eisen Sturm!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Cody             1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1    Leo Whitefang

Now the man's coming at him like an attack helicopter, chunks of tile flying everywhere as Leo bears down on Cody. The convict grits his teeth and prepares to, once again, just tank the hit as it comes. The blades slice into his front more, opening up fresh wounds - although nothing deep enough to be life threatening, as his body has been honed tough over the years - that bleed more on his jumpsuit and the floor. He is knocked off his ass by the sheer force of the attack, landing on his back with a hard thud.

He grunts, and rises, wincing but still standing. "Oh right. Dracula, yeah, that's me. Hey, I gotta say...I think I'm finally startin' to have some fun." He cracks his knuckles. "You ready to start fightin' for real?" He swings his fist in a spinning hook punch to the jaw. If it connects, he follows with a straight jab to the chest, a stomach blow, an uppercut to the jaw, another spinning punch, and finally, a huge uppercut that is so powerful it generates a small tornado around Leo once it lands. "JACKPOT!"

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blocks Cody's Final Destruction EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Cody             0/-------/-------|=======\==-----\1    Leo Whitefang


Leo is impressed with Cody's resilance and tenacity ..but also mildly annoyed. "Just getting started eh?" he breathes under his breath as he rebounds from his spinning attack and brings both of his blades up again to try and stay right on Cody and press the foward to maintain his blitzkrieg level of assaults on the escaped convict.

It's a mistake that nearly costs him dearly as Cody powers through the remnant of the Eisen Sturm and sends a fist hurtling around followed by another and then another in a blur of strikes that Leo's own superhuman speed is scarcely enough to handle. It still puts him on the defense as the flats of his blades and his crossed arms move to intercept and redirect the incoming blows until the final upper cut actually finds some purchase and sends Leo staggering backwards in a small leap, carried by the force of the winds a few paces away.

But the Second King reacts swiftly and with the sound and fury of the winds still ripping apart the castle foyer, he blitzs forward at Cody, once again whirling a sword around with the speed of a cracking whip as it arcs up in a vibrant chi laden slash. This in turn followed by Leo shouldering in with a powerful ramming assault from his large body and then a firmly planted kick aimed for Cody's midsection in an attempt to push the man off balance and force him back defensively.

COMBATSYS: Cody interrupts Armed Combo from Leo Whitefang with Bad Stamp.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Cody             0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1    Leo Whitefang

Cody shakes his head, droplets of sweat flicking out from his unkempt hair. All throughout the fight, he has barely changed his expression, as if he was completely disconnected from reality. That despite the fact he was in a castle in France facing down a man with giant cross swords and a larger than life attitude, he simply wasn't in tune with the world around him. But this fight, as brutal as it is becoming, and as quick, is stirring his emotions. His eyes are focused and clear rather than sleepy.

He turns and the first sword swipe slices up his arm, creating yet another fresh cut in his flesh. It's when Leo rams that he makes his move, jumping over the man and letting him pass under...then stomping both feet down on his head to Leo's face meets the floor.

It's a brutal manuever and Leo goes doooowwwwn. Hard. Enough to crater the floor, sending a debris plume up and a dust cloud billowing out dramatically in time with the movements and flourish of his long coat and mane like hair.. His iron-cross swords scrap against the ground, adding to the violence. It's what the SNF folk came for, isn't it?

But he's hard headed, quite literally, perhaps to a fault..and as Cody's weight presses down upon him, Leo is already twisting and recoiling and then pushing back off to try and use the force of his movements to knock Cody backwards, if not completely skywards, as Leo rights himself into a bruised and bloodied but ready combat crouch.

He grins, leaning forward like a sprinter readying himself, "A lion always hunts with one hundred percent of his strength! Your very genes remember that terror..." Chi boils and billows like out of control electrical currents and he brings both of his sowrds together, slamming them into one molten mass that begins to form a massive lance with a roaring lion's head at the end of it.

"Every human knows in their soul to run in fear when the LION BEARS HIS FANGS!

And with that he launches off, thundering like a bolt of hurtled lightning at Cody - seeking slam into, overwhelm and pass beyond him, literally spinning as he does so. He slides to a stop in the aftermath with the rest of the energy of his assault following in his wake to create a massive explosion along the path of his dashing strike.

COMBATSYS: Cody endures Leo Whitefang's Windrad des Weltraum but gets knocked away!

[                             \  < >  ////////////                  ]
Cody             1/---====/=======|=------\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

Cody is shoved, briefly airborne, but lands in front of Leo and takes a knee, wondering what he'll do next. Ah, here comes the heroic speech. Cody sticks his pinkie in his ear while Leo talks, seemingly nonchalant. But his heart is still pounding, wondering what will come next, eagerly awaiting the next move. He looks on as the swords combine to form a giant lion's head. "Huh, neat," he remarks.

Then the man is off, and Cody braces himself for the impact, gritting his teeth as he throws both his arms out. "COME ON!" he yells, right before Leo slams into him. There's a loud thunderous roar from the impact, the air is displaced, and the convict flies backwards...and crashes through the room's tall windows, landing in the garden beyond and creating a deep furrow in the grass and soil as he slides across the ground, until finally coming to a stop with a big mound of displaced earth behind him. His jumpsuit is almost in atters, bruises, scratch marks and red cuts dot his body, there's some glass shards in him, and he looks unconscious.

After a few seconds, however, he stirs, and slowly makes his way back to the room. He steps through the broken windows, and seems to be dragging something behind him. It's a stone statue about as tall as he is, ripped out of the ground with his own two hands. He looks at Leo, breathing hard, and wordlessly lifts it over his head and charges with a yell. He jumps, and tries to slam the statue down on the knight as his (potentially?) last move.

COMBATSYS: Cody can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Leo Whitefang    0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blocks Cody's Large Random Weapon.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Leo Whitefang    0/-------/-----==|

Cody, of course, is already falling on his face after bringing the statue down.

For Leo, it is a moment of triumph and still gripped by the rushing energy of his previous assault, he's able to turn just in time to see Cody descending towards him and releasing the statue in attempt to bring Leo down with him. "Well done!" he declares before bringing his body into a defensive and braced position to catch the brunt of the assault against his swords and arms as they lift up over his head. His knees bend but his prodigious strength surges and then races upwards through his body.

A flash of light and a slashing spin and the statue rips apart, sending debris flying everywhere with some of it still managing to slam into LEo but not hard enough to bring him down.

A moment later and he's standing up right - battered, bloodied, bruised but the winner.

"An impressive display for an ordinary citizen!" he declares, despite Cody's downed form likely not being able to hear him, "I will advocate on behalf of a lenient sentance for you when you return ot prison. When you have doe your public service - come to Illyria and join the Sacred the Order!"

He bellows a laugh at that and then strides away.

For a few paces. Once he's sure he's out of camera shot the limping and dragging begins as his aides reach out to help him back to the Illyrian transport.

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