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Description: As Ayane skips her physical education class in Pacific High's athletic fields, she stumbles on the pathetic sight of a battered, beaten and bruised hero Koto.

Koto has been, oddly enough, laying on the beach near Pacific High for a while now, and only just managing to crawl his way up to near where the school is.

His student uniform looks to be a mess, at least, with sand all over it, and he's just laying there at the moment. At least he managed to roll to his back, even if that makes it harder for him to breath a bit. "... I really need to see if I can make a sword or something."

The hero has definitely seen better days. Freshly healed from fighting Mitsuru, then he has to jump in and attempt to save some overweight businessman and accountant from being run over only to see it's an assassination attempt... oh yeah, and said assassin probably left a pretty large bruise on his jaw from that staff if not a few busted ribs despite his whole costume protecting him a bit. Sprawled on the grass, he has to be one hell of a sight for anyone to see.

Students from Gedo High seldomly had the chance to come over to the athletics fields of Pacific High for somce of their physical education classes. Most of them were into the areas meant for athletism of all sort, except for Ayane, one of the new girl in Gedo High.

A tomboy rebel who was skipping classes already, a true Gedo Student with that harsh and cold expression on her face of someone who didn't give a fuck about it all. Truth be told, the reason she's not with everybody else is so nobody can see the physical prowess and feats she is able to do.

This simple reason causes her to venture off toward the beach, just striding about without really any purpose until she stumbles on the young beaten and bruised boy sprawled on the grass.

Her lips curl upward in a slight expression of disgust and disdain, the girl folding her arms in front of her chest and averting her gaze as if to ignore the wounded boy's presence. Then her expression changes slightly, as if she had a sudden change of heart, glancing over in Koto's direction.

She walks up to him until she's standing above him, staring down at him, her feet almost each one beside his head but not quite so she can actually stare down at him.

She had that cold and harsh expression on her face, but a smirk crosses her lips as he says, "What's the matter? Got beaten up too bad you can't move?" She moves her right leg to poke-probe the boy's shoulder as if to assess him, but her eyes were scanning his body for his injuries more carefully than it would seem.

Those injuries are pretty bad. Having the standard Pacific High uniform, there's at least a sign of a bruise on his chin from something, he somehow managed to roll up his sleeves to probably check and well... /those/ bruises look like he might have been taking on baseball bats or something.

The prodding on the shoulder even has him wince as he opens an eye from having it closed. "... you try taking on some sort of assassin with wicked staff moves sometime... oh, and whoever that Mitsuru person is."

Koto isn't even bothering to really look at the moment, obviously trying to not breath too hard. "I would say hello or give a bow or something, but well... you can see the state I am in? Nice hair, by the way."

The young girl had seen her shares of injuries in her life and Koto was obviously in quite a bad shape. More than a little school brawl should have left him, at least that's what it looked like. Her expression softens, almost with an hint of pity in her eyes at the poor mess he was in...

Though it all fades away when Koto dares to compliment her hair. She turns her gaze away from him, "Tsss.. You're so pathetic..." She replies. She folds her arms in front of her chest and turns on her heels. For a moment, it might feel like she was going to leave, but Ayane ends up moving so she can kneel by the teenager's side. "... You'll sleep it off, don't be a whimp," Ayane adds, moving her hands to get a hold of Koto's arm. She lowers herself a bit more, to offer him support as he moves his arm around her shoulder and attempts to make the boy rise up while he's holding on to her.

"Let's get you to the infirmary..." She finally adds, the first words that had a sort of caring gentlness to them unlike the others she said. Whether or not he likes it, Ayane helps him on his feet so he can walk with her while clinging to her.

Koto blinks a few times, doing his best to get up with Ayane's help. "Huh? Uh... yeah, you go take on that redhead, then..." Koto mentions.

Wincing a bit as he is finally gotten to his feet, even if he does have to slightly cling to her, he walks carefully. "... thank you..."

He looks at her carefully. "... my name is Koto... Mukai Koto... can I have yours so I know who I am repaying sometime?"

"Maybe I might," Ayane replies instinctively to Koto as if it was a challenge or dare. Knowing how bad his injuries were, Ayane doesn't seem to mind to offer him the support her needed to walk away from the beach and off into the school, allowing him to go at his pace.

Her eyes glance about, alert for anyone who could stumble on them, "Koto, huh? Yeah... For one, you better not tell anyone I've helped you out, or else you'll realize whatever this chick has done to you is nothing compared to what I can do to you,"

Ayane stares at Koto for a moment, silent, gauging him as if struggling with her own inner conflict. She then turns her gaze away and finally says, "... You can call me Ayane,"

"Huh... nice name." Koto coughs a bit, wincing.

Glancing around as well, he frowns. "We can take the back entrance if you think I can make it there..."

Koto grumbles more to himself than to her, "... I seriously need to test that suit sometime and see what all it does."

Then he seems to consider before glancing at her again. "Why are you helping me, anyways?"

For some reasons, it felt like Ayane didn't want to be seen helping out Koto -- it works out perfectly that she's doing all of this while all the students were in classes or on the fields for their physical education exams... Or was she glancing around so cautiously not to get caught by some of the staff of the school? Who knows...

Ayane follows Koto's instructions and they head out for the back entrance, making their ways inside of the school. She hasn't been in Pacific High all that often so she seems to ignore where's the nursery at.

His compliment to her name causes her to glance at her warily and she snorts. She turns her gaze away, slightly flustered at the next question, "Bah! You looked so pathetic lying on the grass all beaten up..." She lets her words trail off, as if she wasn't able to properly word out the true explanation.

"There, we're almost there," Ayane says as he spots the nursery sign at the end of the hall.

Gives a small laugh, then winces from doing so. "Hey, you take a bo staff straight to the chin and try to walk straight."

"It wasn't even a swing, for that matter. Just a stab with it." Koto manages to get out.

Walking carefully still, he smiles a bit. "So which high school is it? Your uniform is different, and I am fairly new."

"Oh, and I won't tell anyone you helped me. I get that there is some sort of rivalry thing going school-wise or whatever."

Once they reach the other side of the hall, Ayane uses her free hand to open the door. She walks into it with Koto still clinging to her, poking her head in to see if someone was there. Alas, no nurse no one was here for now.

"Settle down," Ayane says as she gestures and helps Koto over one of the only bed in the room. Her lips curl into a smirk when Koto tries to defend himself and she rests her hands on her waist, "Toughen up," She says, her intonation mean yet with enough subility to sound like she was trying to tease.

Ayane moves back to the door, glancing outside for a moment, to see if anyone was there, then back at Koto. "Yeah," She says, glancing at his outfit then back at him, "Heard you guys were a bunch of losers. I thought you got beat up by other students when I stumbled on you." Ayane was fairly new as well, but the Gedo Students on their way to Pacific High kept repeating things like that.

Settling back to the bed, Koto laughs. "We are not." He winces again. "That sounds like Gedo High from what I have heard since I arrived here..."

Laying back on the bed, Koto gives a bit of a relieved breath as he lays there. "What made you think it was some sort of bullying that caused my injuries? I did not know that may be common in schools here. I may have to look into trying to fight against that."

Giving a small hiss of pain, he nods at her. "If you are that worried, I am sure a nurse will come along to take care of me, Ayane... you managed to get me here whenever... most would have left me... including students here..."

Ayane leans against the door frame and folds her arms against her chest. She lifts a knee up and presses her feet against the door frame. She doesn't answer him when he guesses her school, but the faint smile she's struggling to conceal shows he must have guessed right.

Koto's chilvarous reaction toward bullying causes Ayane to snort almost in disdain, "Students get beaten up all the time, you were just... Beaten up pretty bad," She shrugs, "Like you can do something about it,"

The girl gets slightly flustered and replies, "I am not worried, you dork... I just can't leave you like that," Ayane frowns and she unfolds her arms, striding over Koto with resolve, "Take off your shirt,"

Typical male student reaction incoming. She can probably see it a mile away. Even if Koto is hurt, but well... he is at least modest a bit.

"Um... that is a bit sudden, Ayane, I mean we just met..." Koto says in reply as he stares at her wide eyed.

With her striding over, though, he sighs and reaches to start unbuttoning it carefully. At least he did not have to wear the blazer earlier.

Ayane arches a brow and blinks in obvious confusion at Koto's reply. Though it lasts a second before her eyes widen and she then glares at him, ".. What!? No, silly! Grr.." She moves one hand up, as if ready to smack him with the side of her hand, but she stops herself and lowers her hand, heaving a soft sigh as if to control herself. "I'll check your injuries, stupid.."

Fortunately for Koto though, he decides to comply : Ayane turns her eyes over to his chest, her hands moving up to carefully inspect his bruises and his skin, ".. The most deceptive things about bludgeoning injuries are the internal bleeding," Ayane says, ".. If you don't have any, you'll be all good just by resting it off... And stop trying to act like a hero," She says, shaking her head slowly.

"Ah.. ow... watch the ribs. Both of them got good shots there." Koto mentions as she checks around his ribs. There at least doesn't seem to be internal bleeding amazingly.

"... and sorry... I think my head is still rattled a bit... I... uh... did not mean what I implied... um..." Koto's face flushes with some color.

"... as far as stop acting like a hero... I can not. My abilities... I /want/ to use them like my heroes. They even look like them." Koto says.

Just as Ayane's cold and harsh expression first make her look like, she wasn't the gentlest of person. The way her hands touch and move on Koto's body to check his injuries was efficient and rough for someone who was beaten up like he had.

Ayane snorts, "Oh yeah? What do you expect to get from that? Just being a hero gets you kill, that's what you want?" Ayane says, her intonation going a bit more aggressive much as her groping, enough to make the poor teenager wince more in pain. Looks like he hit a sensitive spot.

Ayane lets go of him and she turns on her heels, "Tss... Just do whatever you want, what do I care.." She takes a step away, staring away from Koto, "... Lucky for you, seems you've got nothing too bad,"

After the well... groping, pain, and some more wincing he relaxes when she steps away.

"I... do have a reason. Have you ever had something that made you smile when you were younger? Meeting someone in a costume, helping someone who just needed it..." Koto mentions, looking towards the wall briefly away from her.

Turning his head back to look at her, he continues, "... that's what being a hero is for me. I don't want to see anyone steal that from someone if I can help it."

Ayane makes her way back toward the door, leaning in the door frame again. She listens to his reason and turns her head away, staring off in the hall. The way she remains silent and doesn't seem to inclined to look at him. Were he to look at her, he might catch a glimpse of her facial expression, twisted with a mixture of silent rage and disdain.

She then turns her eyes back in his direction, that expression fading away into a gentle one for a moment as he gauges him. "... Just get some rest now, Koto.." She says softly, almost struggling to get the words out.

She lowers her gazae a moment and turns on her heels. Without any further words of farewell, Ayane just walks out of the door and leaves the nursery.

Koto blinks a few times, then nods. "Thank you again, Ayane... see you around." He says, then lays back to be comfortable until a nurse shows up.

After all, it's time for him to at least try to heal a bit. And hopefully not end up worse by wandering out.

Still, his thoughts are filled with questions now and he'll have to look up the purple haired Ayane whenever he gets a chance.

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