Velvet Blue - Lynch Mob Blues

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Description: While at an outdoor cafe in Southtown, G.I. Jane, aka Lita, attempts to stop a lynch mob from attacking a lone Darkstalker teenager. She is aided by Velvet Blue, who teaches the mob a bit of the electric swing, while Lita teaches them the joys of leg-breaking!

Velvet Blue sat outside at the outdoor cafe, leaning back with legs crossed in one of the patio chairs at a table, enjoying some kind of coffee double latte sort of thing--he wasn't sure what it was, exactly--it was coffee and whipped cream. The darkstalker leaned back, the people around oblivious to his inhuman nature, clad in a full-length dark suede jacket, along with what looked like black tights and white wedge-heeled boots on. Bit more conservatively dressed than usual, but then again the days were not biting cold but could still be a bit warm at least while the sun was out. That wouldn't last long, though--and the night gave way to quite a chill.

"Ahh... nice out today," it was important to enjoy the little things, he knew that better than anyone, his blue spaded tail hanging down beneath him, and idly curling around one of the legs of the chair as he sat back.

Lita, for her part, comes to the cafe loaded down with bags from her shopping excursions, there were things that she could only get in Southtown and by this point she needed to sit down and relax so she could continue after she's done eating food and drinking tea. Clad in a baby blue sweater, blue jeans, black calf high leather boots, and black purse. Her Big Fucking Sword was in the trunk of the car because that drew attention and attention was the last thing she needed.

As she's seated, she pays the darkstalker no mind, completely oblivious to his nature. Her order is taken and when she's left alone, she put her cellphone on the table and a single earbud into her ear. The other is kept empty to listen for potential problems.

It was true that most chi or psycho power users could see through the veil Velvet Blue used to disguise himself from unwanted attention, not everyone could, even then. Humans that were mentally ill, slept in graveyards or been out too long on full moons sometimes could, or children--their minds had not been entirely stripped of imagination and sensitivity to such things yet. The otherwise effete looking male with the mane of long black hair sipped at his coffee, leaning back in the chair and peering over at Lita as she set her groceries down and took a seat. Perhaps out of the corner of her eye or the like hse might see /something/ as she sat down, a flash of a yellow, cat-like eye in his direction, or maybe a glimpse of a long ribbed bat-like ear sticking out of the hair. But it would be gone in a second.

Was there something suspicious about this one sitting across from her...?

Lita, however was not mentally ill and has never made a practice of sleeping in graveyards. She was however not entirely stripped of her imagination. It just ended being diverted towards arts of war and utilizing whatever she could pick up as a weapon. So as she takes stock of every potential weapon in the outdoor cafe, her eyes focus in on the coffee and for a moment she can see the finger tips flicker for a moment then on the chair causing her to see for just a moment, she can see a tail coiled around the chair leg before the image disappears just as quickly as it came.

Lita, in disbelief, blinks a few times before she moves to the next area, denying what she saw she hears some shouting in the distance.

It looks to be a teenager with green eyes, brown hair, and pointed ears running for dear life as he screams, "This was mine! I bought it!"

The angry mob was not inclined to listen as they screamed names like, "Liar," along with "Darkstalker scum."

Lita rises from her seat and places the money for the meal and turns to the waiter to say, "This should cover everything. I may need this in a container."

She moves to intercept the crowd and shouts, "May I ask what's the matter here?"

"There something wrong? You never saw a queen before, dear?" Velvet Blue notices the reaction from the lady, there. However, rather than say, being defensive or trying to act like nothing happened, Velvet actually seems a little playful with the poor blonde lady. Muscular as well.

"Do I have something on my jacket, G.I. Jane?" he teased the woman a little more, before one of those batty ears picked up a commotion of a different vareity. A gang of people chasing a darkstalker that was too low-level or unskilled in conceiling himself. His own fault partly in a way, Velvet thought for a moment--he should know better than that. Still, someone getting run down and stomped right in front of him? Not today. Time to teach some clever monkeys a lesson.

"Y'all want a low-down dirty darkstalker to beat on, how about you feast your eyes on this delicious specimen right here," Velvet Blue had gotten up from his chair, taken a last pull from that cup off coffee before discarding it and waited till the teenager passed by where he was standing, then zipped between him and the crowd, gesturing toward himself.

Already he was forming what looked like neon glowing shapes along his fingers, X's and O's and triangles, it looked rather colorful and innocuous, really--the light bathing the audience. Velvet of course was grinning insanely.

"You just gotta ask yourselves one question--do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punks?"

"I thought I saw something. I'm sure I was wrong." Her tone was defensive at first but the moment that she hears the teasing tone, her lips curl into a smirk as she decides to let Velvet's teasing go. "Queen? It's a shame I never got to hear them live, Freddie Mercury's voice is amazing."

As she hears the footsteps of the neighboring table's occupant approaching her she turns and nods. She, for a moment, could see the darkstalker's true self flicker for a moment before the disguise shows up again. She shrugs. Darkstalker or not, she at least has an ally.

The teenager having realized that the two of them are intervening takes advantage to put a little more distance between the mob and himself before shouting, "I even have a receipt!"

One of the members of the mob shouts, "It's fake!"

Clearly, reasoning with them isn't an option. Judging by the glowing symbols, she's assuming Velvet might be more of a ranged fighter and due to only being able to keep a pair of kunai hidden in her boots, her particular range options are limited. Her goals are keep the mob from swarming her makeshift ally, and stay out of his way, and avoid killing. No reason to increase the bounty on herself if she didn't have to.

Lita charges in, latching on to one of the mob members arms and swinging him into another member before sending him face down to the ground. There's a sickening crack as she performs a standing armbar on the grounded individual before he lets out a high pitched scream. A few of the close by members hesitate before moving towards Lita. After all, she was the first one to injure their numbers.

"I guess she's not kidding, It's time for a song and dance routine!" Velvet Blue wastes no time in opening the front of his jacket, the red silk qipao he's wearing underneath is flashes as the wind draws the sides of the coat back, the darkstalker unleashing the colored shapes into the audience--

And... there are no explosions, no people getting thrown back, or tossed around--however, something else seems to be happening.

"Hit it!" Velvet's voice rings out, and the members of the crowd that are afflicted... start dancing with eachother? It's quite an elaborate broadway-style sort of production, too--think of the 'Cuban Pete' dance sequence from The Mask, it's kind of a lot like that.

"Thanks for your help babe, I always need someone to open for me--just don't break them too bad!"

Never did Lita think she would find herself in a situation like this. A mob being diffused by a darkstalker turning a lynch mob into a flash mob. Lita decides to work within the framework of the elaborate dance number to perform a variety of disarms on the mob. After all various kata were essentially dance steps utilized to teach martial movement. This was just repurposing them to fit within a different context. Steps and spins put her position to perform chokeholds without the rest of the mob noticing and when it got to the point of the conga line, there was a trail of unconscious bodies.

As this was happening, Lita kept getting flickers of Velvet's true self as she was being forced to by the circumstances to utilize her creatvity and imagination in a mostly new arena.

"Oof, yeah, there we go--work those moves, girl!" Velvet grins and shows his applause of Lita's actions verbally throughout the fight--those stragglers that Velvet cannot pull into the glamour of his dance routine he'll try to entrance with his movements and natural (or should we say unnatural) charisma. It seems to be working as Lita is able to make short work of the ones that were armed, at least--meanwhile there are glimpses into the darkstalker's true nature--a flick of that blue spaded tail, a flash of the yellow cat-like eyes, the pupils narrowed into slits as he drank in the exhuberant energy the crowd was filling him with as the performance continued and he took part in it--the pink ribbed bat-like ears... yeah, there was definitely not something right here. But compared to the alternative...?

When the alternative is a young person who didn't do anything wrong beyond what appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Lita was willing to work with this. As far as she was concerned, weapon wasn't evil it was what you did with it that determined good and evil(oh how supernatually naive she is). Her human(?) ally wasn't using it to harm or take advantage but to protect. That was good enough for her.

The final mob member collapses to the ground, and her own particular dance step is suddenly abandoned as she moves to her table, grabs her food. She needs to get ready to start making tracks before the police or worse, the Novis Orbis Librarium/a bounty hunter shows up. Someone might think that after watching her exert herself, now might be the perfect opportunity to go after her. She wanted to avoid that at all costs.

"Phew," Velvet wipes off their brow, their long mane of dark hair sticks to it--they seemed like they would be out of energy at this point... but seemingly not really. It was more like they just got a fairly good workout out of the killer mob turned flash mob!

"Thanks for being my wing man there, G.I. Babe, I appreciate it," Velvet Blue gives the poor teenaged darkstalker a signal to get moving if they haven't already, and then proceeds to zip their coat back up, moving in the same general direction as Lita.

"Woah woah, wait up hon--" He'd work to keep pace with her, the boots he was wearing clattering beneath him as he ran.

"You always stick your neck out for pointy-eared people in the street?" he asked, seeming surprised but amused.

She's still getting her shopping bags together, and making sure her purse(carefully organized and modded to allow for quick and easy access to whatever content she needed at a moment's notice) hadn't been picked over by an opportunist while she and Velvet were dealing with the flash mob. Then again, snapping someone's arm into uselessness probably works as an amazing deterrent for the those who are a bit more mundane.

"First time for everything. I would've done it again." She pauses to tilt her head in the direction of the teenaged darkstalker. "He was willing to show he had a receipt. He was following the rules and they didn't care. He needed help and I provided it. Simple as that, luv."

The sandwich gets packed and the unfinished tea is looked at mournfully. It seemed to be a tragic waste that it was too cold to drink and she still needed to make tracks.

"It was wonderful teaming up with you but it isn't safe for you to be around me."

Shopping bags are accounted for, purse is accounted for.

"Even authorities sometimes don't follow the rules, it's true," Velvet is following along with her, likely making sure she's got her purse and groceries and all that as they head off.

"That felt pretty good, gotta admit, you come here often?" he grins at her with a wink, making it seem like he's flirting. He may or may not be, really, but who can tell?

"Oh yeah, why is that? is the toned figure contagious?" he asks, joking around a little with her as he follows along with the muscled lady. "I guess I better be careful, I dunno if I could pull off this dress the same way with a six-pack--actually, maybe that could be a good look for me, hrm--" he second-guesses himself in mid-fleeing.

As the former Delta Red continues to stride away from the cafe, side by side with the human(?), she finds herself divided between amusement and concern. She doesn't answer the 'come here often' question directly but instead says, "My! You're a cheeky one, aren't you?"

Her steps quicken as she turns the corner. She wanted to lay low for a bit. Having a travel companion made a little harder to.

"The toned figure is something that came from hard work.The six-pack was never the goal for me but more of a fringe benefit. The thing I'm more concerned about being contagious are the people coming after me, coming after you. I know you're not part of them since you wouldn't have sent that kid off otherwise."

"I am, yes," Velvet answers matter of fact on that one, his tail trailing behind him, sticking out of the hem of his long jacket as he walks, the Delta might be able to catch glimpses of it here and there--or maybe just thinks she sees it.

"I kinda like it, I wonder how many crunches, squats and sits up that took to cultivate," he pressed a long dark-nailed index finger to his chin, that of his right hand, curious as he peered over at her.

"I should get back into the squats myself, and get more protein into me, whew--you headed back to your place then?" he makes small talk, but is not unaware of what's happening, he doesn't want to get stopped by any police after G.I. Jane there went on her arm and leg-breaking spree!

The route the Ikari Warrior/former Delta Red was circuitous in an attempt to lose a tail. Multiple turns at points that didn't make any logical sense, ducking off into alleys. It was clear that she knew her craft in terms of evading pursuers. Granted, she might've been paranoid but in her position, it would've been hard to blame her.

She suddenly stops and turns towards Velvet.

"I think we should probably part company here. Like I said, I have some dangerous people after me and I'd rather not have them go after you too just because you were associated with me."

She begins walking away once more sparing a moment to glance over her shoulder and wave before turning into an alleyway.

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