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Description: Naerose follows Velvet Blue back to Southtown's Entertainment District after the Werewolf attack with Kiyomi, only to find... Chet?

After sirens and police vehicles started filling into the area where Kiyomi attacked earlier, Velvet Blue pulled back deeper into the city away from there. With Naerose apparently following him. He didn't seem to mind, though he likely had to pause here and there if the woman couldn't keep up with how fast he moved.

A light rain had begun to fall, which made the streets glow a myriad of colors thanks to the neon lights overhead nearly /everywhere/ in this part of Japan, the entertainment district called kabukicho, which was essentially Velvet's main haunting grounds. To Naerose's credit, there were 7-11s and various other places to get food around here, likely even a McDonalds somewhere--but for the moment Velvet moving at a relaxed pace through the dark but well lit streets, in Japan's own city that never sleeps--it was a lot safer here and there was quite a fewer police, which Velvet didn't want to stay and answer to.

The bat-eared Darkstalker sighed and reached up, brushing long black hair from their forehead. They had really wished they hadn't worn one of their /good/ qipaos tonight, if only because he'd had to get fairly violent in it. It wasn't ripped or stained with blood, but it went against principle to get rowdy in such gear. Dresses were expensive, damnit. Especially good Mandarin ones like this.

Apparently Velvet didn't know how hard Naerose could be to shake. She didn't seem unnaturally fast or really unnaturally anything, but she could keep up if she wanted to. The sort of way something keeps up, but only when you're not watching it. She looked normal, at least in abilities, outlandish in outfit and appearance, but if she stubbed her toe, she whined about it. If someone said something rude to her, she pouted. Not like she could knock someone through a wall. Could she? The jury would have to remain out on that for now.

Where were they going? She didn't seem to care. She didn't ask questions, mostly she just followed along as though it were expected invited even. The only thing that really perked her attention for any long period of time were various places that had food. Sure there was sights and sounds and Naerose could seem more like a tourist, or at least someone whom has a very short attention span, but the food, she was way more into the food.

Whenever Velvet stopped for long, or paused, she'd be there. She carried her broom in one hand and nothing else. The food she'd stolen before? Gone, probably eaten. Occasionally she might adjust her hat or shades, which she apparently wears all night long, but otherwise she followed dutifully.

The enigmatic man, mercenary inside mercenaries, known as Chet, was afoot tonight. Chet never wandered, yet was always seen wandering, his every strange action with the purpose of Gil's Godhood, raising up the secret investors and cabals behind the Illuminati to the crowning heights of mankind. They had infiltrated the United Nations with the distraction of the nuclear domination of Japan, and now controlled Interpol, as well as several military units in First World governments.

Chet was here seeking out Velvet Blue, the holy light of the Illuminati conspiracy seeking out the Darkstalker for a particular purpose. Chet's specialty was criminal networks, and infiltrating them, making him an expert in misinformation given via a whispered word. His service was Lucifer, which sat over the land from a throne surrounded by marble and cloaked in white and gold. The pyramid with the eye, the Holy Spirit of primal shadows, had been disguised as the Pentacle, the wandering magick of sailors.

Chet, arrayed in his white and gold suit, sat in a cafe, his leg crossed luxuriously, with a cigarillo gold-tipped behind his fingers in his hand over a small glass ashtray. He watches as Velvet Blue, and in his tow, Naerose, approached, enjoying a plate of sushi made from different crustaceans and delicacies from foreign countries, arrayed before him in numbers far too numerous for him to consume alone. There were two chairs beside his, facing outwards for people to sit in.

Both of them were watched as they approached, by ninja assassins on the rooftops, high-powered nightvision goggles and modern climbing utilities arrayed on their navy blue suits. They danced from rooftop to rooftop, having tracked them far enough for Chet to arrange his little dinner.

Chet raises his hand with an oddly knowing smile to Velvet Blue as she approached his table at the cafe, dropping all fingers but his fore and thumb and gesturing at a chair.

Velvet's blue spaded tail flicked about behind him, the people walking nearby heedless of that and the ears, or the strange yellow cat-like eyes of his, which seemed to glow in the dark. There was a lot of light around them thanks to all the electric signs, so that was not as immediately obvious. The Darkstalker could feel the man in the white suit's eyes on him, apparently, as they soon turned toward Chet, approaching him, long heeled boots clicking.

"Something I can help you with, Gold-san? You want a private dance, maybe?" Velvet did not smile or smirk, their expression more or less neutral, but eyes curious as they peered down at him.

"Are you going to be okay out here, you think, Lady in Red? You still hungry?" Velvet turned idly to Naerose, trying to figure out what she might need. He wasn't making her take off at the moment, he was probably just a bit unused to their attention.

She doesn't notice Chet, Velvet's companion is just following him and even when they are headed toward a table with a person she's still oblivious. Even when they stop she's still looking around and seemingly aimless and without a care in the world. It is only when Velvet starts talking to Chet that Naerose notices him at all. . . . And his food. She licks her lips slowly, thoughtfully.

"Umm, I dunno, I think, you know that he is offering us a perfectly nice meal." She is only too eager to accept. Another person might take Velvet's words as dismissal, but she seems to let that slide off of her like nothing at all was said and is already moving toward one of the chairs.

"It is not very nice to refuse a gift, I mean right? It's like saying.." She thinks about what it is like saying and then gives up, "It's just not nice." She leans her broom against the table and rubs her hands together in anticipation of what will surely be a lovely meal.

"It's a shame," comes a pattering roll from Chet's tongue, as he puts his cigarillo out in the glass ashtray, his dextrous fingers grinding it out before letting it rest in a notch on the tray's rim. "That you believe your highest service is my pleasure."

"It seems that we are for the same purpose," comes a nubile grin, his lips stretching around his capped teeth. "None for ourselves, unless indulging in what we've given another."

"Sit, both of you, and enjoy a feast." Chet uncrosses his legs and picks up his chopsticks in his left hand, picking up a piece of scallop maki covered in red fish eggs. "We have business to discuss tonight. My only name is Chet, and it is the key to all others."

He places the scallop roll on the tip of his extended tongue and lets it roll into his mouth, before biting into the succulent raw shellfish. There's a sotto chew from his mouth, as he slices his chopstick through a dab of fake wasabi on the tray, and places it on his mouth.

There's a sharp inhale through his nose, as his eyes squeeze shut in pleasure. His mastication is hurried now, the green horse radish mixing with the rice and seaweed and scallop, the little red eggs popping between his teeth.

He swallows and opens his eyes, a satisfied line across his lips as he regards the pair.

"She wants to eat, so I think you have my attention for right now, Gold-san," Velvet slips down into one of the chairs, though doesn't seem super interested in the food. To be honest, after the quite stressful encounter with Kiyomi earlier, their stomach isn't even really settled. He watched Chet begin to eat the scallops, someone liked their seafood, apparently.

"You seem rather... moonstruck, is there something you might need?" Velvet Blue's yellow, cat-like eyes seemed to peer over the man. Chet could see that Velvet was an inhuman darkstalker, while the rest of humanity around them passed by as if nothing was amiss.

"What kind of business? you need to hire me for a show, right? A string of them? Anything 'special' I need to know about it? Something you want me to wear, likely?" only now did Velvet become a bit more amused and playful, their nerve returning.

"There is a conspiracy I have knowledge of," Chet intones, reaching to a small china stand and removing the top, revealing a trio of cups and a small decanter of ice cold sake. "That I would like you to know of."

"Shall we discuss it in terms a magician would understand, my little imp?" he asks, with a tilt of his head to the right. There's an extension of his right pinky from his hand as he reaches to the decanter and pours himself a small cup of sake, then removing it from the tray and placing the decanter back atop the placement. He slides the china tray to the pair across from him, beside the plate of assorted sushi.

"What is holy, trusted, and vain?" Chet asks as he sips the sake.

"A church, a police officer, and a spy. The church hides you from the weather, the police officer protects you from the weather, and the spy predicts the weather."

"So whom, is hunting, the Darkstalkers, dearest?" He places his empty sake cup down.

"A combination of all three. Interpol."

There is a conversation going on, but Naerose isn't part of it. She's instead only too eager since she got the go ahead to enjoy the food. Could she tell the difference between horseraddish colored green and real wasabi? Heck no, in fact she probably couldn't tell you what any of that stuff was to begin with. One clue to her ignorance is she doesn't know how to use chopsticks. She picks them up, tries to hold them properly in one hand for about five seconds, then gives up and decides to use them as spears mostly.

So she spears something that is probably considered a delicacy, the sort of thing you should savor. The sort of thing you sit back and make a groan as you ingest, you probably want some of that pickled ginger as a pallet cleanser first, or maybe not. Soy sauce would be a tragic of course and at least Nae doesn't reach for that, instead?

Nomnomnom. She gobbles the first and second and third bits she can get her hands on. No care is made to savour the individual flavours or textures. She isn't pausing after each piece in fact three end up in her mouth at once and probably not complimentary ones, as if such thing existed in sushi. It was truly a horrifying display to anyone who enjoyed sushi. Anyway, she's not paying any attention to the talking.

A conspiracy. Less lucrative to be sure, but also ontop of that something Velvet's gut made them a bit on-guard with that. He wasn't expecting such a reply out of a guy dressed like that, hanging out in the city's entertainment and red-light district.

"Ohh? you wanna tell me something?" Velvet put his elbows against the table and rested his chin on his interlaced fingers, watching Chet.

"Go on?" imp. That was... interesting. Maybe his first assumption about this one was somewhat correct.

Velvet reaches over and pours himself a small cup of the alcohol and looks over at Naerose at the same time. "Eh, how're you doing there, Lady in Red? everything there okay?" Velvet asked Naerose, apparently making sure she was having a fine time with that food.

The Red Witch really doesn't want to stop eating the free food to talk about eating the free food, that's kind of silly isn't it? She gives Velvet a sideglance around the black rims of her shades and then manages, because it would be rude not to say anything, "Muffh, Goofo". Because she doesn't bother to clear her mouth first or anything or stop eating the free food.

Briefly Naerose reaches to try the drink herself. Is she old enough to drink? Despite how she acts, she looks like an adult. Luckily the question is not relevant as it takes a mere sniff for her to decide the alcohal is not for her. The soy sauce on the other hand? She decides she could drink that and does drink some of that.

Chet looks at Naerose, gesturing with a single chopstick at the sweet potato roll. "Try that with the soy sauce."

"I've told you already, haven't I? Creatures of the night now have Interpol classification as subjects of intelligence interest. Why are cops working with the church, and the church has become a spy, to police the night?"

Chet reclines and raises an eyebrow, picking up a slice of pink-red ginger and laying it on his tongue for a chew in the side of his mouth.

"There are stranger mysteries to grasp than the world of man, but none so strange as our skin clad in the dark. There is a vast conspiracy against you, imp, than you'd wish to see, because if you saw it, you wouldn't be able to admit it." His jaw slowly rolls, before he swallows the flattened, eviscerated herb, wetted in apothecary chef's dye. "Tell me, imp: what would be the meaning of a minor enforcement bureau, classifying you creatures of the night, and for whom?"

Velvet nods to Naerose, that kind of response from her was good enough for the performer, it seemed.

"So you're a cop, huh? you wanna put me in handcuffs?" Velvet teased the gold and white suited man, tilting his head a little. "A conspiracy that involves me, huh? Someone's trying to find me? That's not that surprising, really, I'd assumed with the Spire all those sorts of government agencies were going crazy right about now, what with all the Darkstalker activity," he doesn't mention the pack of Werewolves that just tried to slaughter a whole group of people a few blocks over. News of that will likely disseminate soon.

Velvet Blue reaches over and tries the sweet potato roll with the sauce, chewing on it slowly as he leaned back, crossing his thigh-high booted legs, the blue spaded tail coming out from under the red qipao lilting about here and there.

"The world is centered around you, now?" Chet asks with heavily sodden lids, chuckling with a puckish grin.

"No, dearest boy, the world isn't centered around anyone, but it has centers. Tricks of geography and land and tradition, the relationships between the globe and the organizations of people upon it." The mysterious man in white gestures with his hand, at Naerose. "That one. Where is her center?"

He looks to Naerose and leans forward, his hands placed on his thighs as they slide forward on the pressed white slacks of Spanish dancer's linen.

"Where do you acquaint yourself, witch? Your center is him, for now. But where will it be tomorrow?" He moves his gaze back to Velvet Blue. "Is this lady, why you consider yourself the center of the conspiracy, of which I speak, or do you normally draw those to you?"

He sighs with good-natured patience.

"No, imp, I will tell you what I am. I am a devil, like you, but I am merely the hole in things, whereas I can see you with my plain eyes. A hole is always missed by all, but just the person who needs them." A lie about the nature of things? "Remember my three riddles, fae, a guide at the crossroads always speaks in three, for you have come down one path."

He stands. "Remember that path you have approached from, to see what the answer is. And if you walk backwards, you will be trapped by these three riddles, but only a demon walks backwards." Chet withdraws an ivory leather follow from his long jacket and withdraws a sheaf of Yen, placing the arrayed money in the hands of a waiter.

"A holy church to hide from the skies, a trusted man with a badge to protect from the tides, and a vain man on a summit to tell you when the storm approachs."

A priest.

Perhaps Velvet Blue has grasped more of the riddle than she thinks.

Chet slides his hands into his pockets, and begins to nonchalantly stroll away, into the night of the kabuchiko.

The Red Witch at first is not listening and then she's being referred to and then addressed. You can see her pay attention even as she is mid chew. Her jaw works slower and her shades reflect the face of the man referring to her, well sort of referring to her. She stares at him through the shades. . .probably. Her eyes are kind of hard to see. Finally she says, "Huh?"

Naerose really doesn't seem to get the more deeply philosophical stuff and she turns her gaze to the fellow next to her and then the one across the table. "My center?" She asks, "Acquaint myself?" The only thing she seems to undrestand is the word 'witch' She agrees with that much at least. "Tomorrow?" She asks, probably she knows that word. Probably. Oddly for a woman dressed in red who is clearly trying to look like a witch, Naerose doesn't seem that mysterious, just kind of ... dumb?

"Usually is," Velvet Blue tilts their head, peering at Chet curiously. The cat-like eyes of the Darkstalker rove over Chet, or 'Gold-san' as he'd taken to call them. "Her? she's not a part of this, she was just back there," he gestured behind them, apparently at where they came from. Again, he doesn't mention the attempted Werewolf Slaughter.

"I work around here, in Kabukicho, if you want to know--it's where you can find me if you need to," he shrugs, smiling finally.

"I attract a lot of people to me, I can't help it--but did you have some information for me--" then Chet says he's a devil, of some sort. Things are getting interesting.

"So you're a chi or psycho power user, huh? I see, explains why you can see me," he remains quiet after that, listening to Chet speak.

"He speaks in vagueries, lady in red, it's okay--but I think he wants my help," Velvet peers at the money that was set out, Gold-san was paying for the food bill, or offering Velvet a job?

The Red witch blinks a few more times, watches the figure go and then decides that any food left is fair game. She cleans off the table completely. When she's done and it does not take her very long she turns to Velvet and tells him, "He seemed like a pretty nice guy."

She starts to rise and lookg at the crowd where he went off to. She is of course torn. People who fed her are usually worth sticking around, but there seems to be two of them and they are in different places now. Then again, this fellow seemed to only feed her cause this other fellow was there so, she decides to stick with this other fellow instead of this, or rather that fellow. Just as before Naerose is lingering around Velvet, just sort of looking around like a pet cat or something that is too lazy to chase laser pointers. Probably the moment he starts walking she will too.

"Nice, but weird," Velvet takes another cup of the cold sake. He's not going to let it go to waste, after all--that stuff was expensive. He just sort of watches 'Gold-san' walk off, after leaving the money for the food.

"You got someplace to go to, if you're afraid you can stay with me tonight. My place is small, however," Velvet shrugs, relaxing for the time being. He'll probably polish off a good spot of that sake before he too heads off, likely taking Naerose with him.

Sure enough, Naerose keeps up. "Why would I be afraid?" She asks, clueless apparently of why she would be afraid. The werewolves or any other reason seems to glide off of her like water. "Heyheyhey," she changes subjects rather quickly, "Do you live around here? Is there a lot of shopping? What about part time jobs? I bet I could do something like journalism or private investigator." She really does sound childish for an adult for no apparent reason.

"Anyway, are you some sort of spy? Because when you're talking sometimes you sound like some sort of spy, or super hero. Then again, I'm not really sure what a super hero even is. I saw some neat comics though." She babbles this time.

"Yeah, I got an apartment a bit away from here, if you don't mind a bit of walking," Velvet winced a little as he uncrossed his legs, the heeled boots clicking underneath him. "I need to get out of these shoes anyway--next time I decide to fight off a pack of Werewolves I gotta wear something besides stilettos," the performer manages, realizing how rapidly messed up they were getting from the sake, before setting it back down. He frowns a little bit as he looks over at her.

"You from the Makai? you don't have a job, eh?" he raises a brow at that. "No, not a spy--it's a bit of a long story, been to the Makai and back, that's all," at least all he'll explain for now.

"What's the Makai?" Naerose asks, with the cluelessness that mirrors how she was when they first met. In fact this might be the second time she asked and probably the second time poor Velvet will have to answer. She looks at his shoes, she looks at her boots. Her boots are better for walking, but they're still stylish kind of boots that might have cost a fortune.

"I'm from.." She seems to think a moment says, "You know, around." And shrugs. Weirdly she doesn't seem to be trying to be evasive, she seems to have just lost interest in finishing saying where she is from before she finished saying it.

"Demon world, Lady in Red," Velvet responds, he smiles a little, just sort of watching her, though he has to lean back and put a long-nailed hand to his head afterwards. "I think I had way too much of this stuff already, urgh--it's almost completely pure, like Everclear," he takes another one of the sweet potato rolls, just to make sure he has some food to cut through the alcohol.

"Around, huh? you didn't seem too bothered when that horde of werewolves came through," he gave her a 'mhmmm' sort of look, he's amused, however, not annoyed, or suspicious.

"Doesn't matter to me anyway, right now, I wanna get out of these boots and take a shower--my place has one," he begins to stand and dust himself off, looking over at Naerose.

"You coming, Lady in Red?"

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