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Description: After strange lights and sounds are heard from an old castle in the mountains of Transylvania, Walter is dispatched to investigate. Problem is, is finds none other than Velvet Blue occupying the place, having deposed it's former resident! Or rather... has Velvet found Walter?!

With Jedah's Spire towering over Japan right now and the heat still present in America (Thanks to Dohma's attack on Metro city...) it's perhaps not a surprise that Darkstalkers tend towards different areas in Europe right now. Different parts of America were still pretty safe, of course, it's not like one really needed to be /afraid/, but since Japan got nuked during the revelation of the gears all bets are off. Darkstalkers did sort of get a pass with that, though--one has to recall. Everyone is too worried about Gears now to give Darkstalkers the same kind of attention, it would seem--as people are fickle and short-minded beings. That doesn't mean it can still be a bit hard to make a buck depending on what your vocation is...

"Whaddya mean you don't need any live entertainment at this place?!" for Velvet Blue, issues with the locals--who were none the wiser of his true nature--were at the moment currently a thing. A tragedy of weather had shut down a lot of the local clubs and bars in this area that Velvet had happened to be passing through, on his way through the European countryside to the west coast, likely checking on what was going on in the supernatural hotspots of Ireland and Scotland--everyone in the know was aware that's where succubi came from, after all--but doing a few performances for easy money (and a bit of energy) was always a plus.

"Well if you can't throw a party down here, I'll go..." Velvet paused from arguing with the manager of the bar he currently stood in, peering out the window to the HUGE CREEPY GOTHIC CASTLE sitting in the countryside, silhouetted by the moon.


And like that, he was gone. Since then the locals have reported all sorts of strange lights and weird noises coming out of there. Is it haunted? inhabited by ghosts, vampires? Mormons?! Who knows!

Lights and odd noises? A giant gothic castle with evil miasma all around it? Locals that don't like the party life and equally aren't up for moving to a holy land full of Gears!?

Let's just say one Priest Walter Bardsley has spent the last night in his cheap hotel room looking at all of the lovely fliers he'd made with cheery 'Come to Illyria!' letters and a nice picture of Illyria's castle.

Walter has the power of God and photoshop on his side. It's not enough, it seems. So, wanting to impress said unimpressed locals as well as sate his own curiousity in all things spooky, Walter has just completed the trek up those thousand steps.

A spear butt pokes open the front gates with an eerie creeeeeak that has him wincing involuntarily. He looks around, and finally tosses off his cloak. No need to hide wings /or/ tail today. A deep breath!

"Lord grant me strength! May this simply be some little ghost girl's pranks coming out to play." Compared to succubi and other weirdness? He'll take a bit of light exorcism and getting ghostly wedgies. Into the courtyard he steps, proudly and glowing golden lightly in a way that certainly won't add more to the rumors.

"Oh. My. God,"A yellow cat-like eye appeared in a small mirror, followed by a fanged, ivory-toothed grin. A tube of lipstick rises into frame to apply rouge to a pair of pouting lips--followed by another grin.

"Look at you, you are so on point tonight," Pull back to reveal Velvet Blue, now applying mascara with a small compact mirror in the window of the large, gothic castle, one yellow eye roving over to view just who walked into the courtyard. Was it the pizza man? He sure hoped--turning to look, Velvet had to do a double take--it wasn't the food delivery, it was someone /way, way/ better!

"Uhhhhhnn... release me..." a dry, rasping tired voice echoed from some corner of the chamber Velvet stood in, which had several torches as well as some electric lights with cables routed around, likely leading to a gas-powered generator somewhere.

"Sorry, that's not the food delivery /for you/, hon--you're still looking a bit on the bloated side, anyhow," Velvet Blue stepped over with a click of heels to what looked like a large, gilded coffin, which currently housed the dessicated and pale remains of a man in black evening wear and a red lined cape. A stake protuded from his left breast, which he was clearly too weak to remove.

"Gotta get back to your weight loss program babe, ciao~" Velvet closed the lid and draped a cloth over the casket, completely drowning out any of the figures whines of protest. He stood up and put a heeled foot to the side of the box, sliding it back into it's sconce--out of sight, out of mind. For a few more years, at the least.

"Now, where was I... oh right!" with a BWIP sound effect Velvet was off--time to greet the guest!

Sometime later, Walter would no doubt see the front door of the castle just... creak loudly open. Ominous!

The front doors swing open! Walter's basically a golden glow stick at this point, but even that doesn't prevent the horror of peering into the Abyss! Or a dimly lit, old castle anyway.

Horror, because out comes a few of the castle's residents that aren't currently staked-and-held in a coffin to marinate for a few centuries! Walter would be proud, really Velvet. He might even give you a whip.

These inhabitants happen to be a small flood of batties, actual bats, and Walter is left to pffft swish swish swish away at a few of the things, and avoiding a squirrel or two that had snuck their way inside.

Into the spooky foyer he goes! He straightens his frock, wipes his feet off on the carpet, and raises his spear proudly into the air. A bit more chi in the tip, and it's like a small flashlight!

"Come, oh you demons and horrors that infest this castle! Lost spirits in need of release! With the Lord at my side, you shall be vanquished or sent to the pearly gates, whichever you please!" Channeling his best monster hunter voice, he proclaims loudly and foolishly his intentions!

"...Or if you're another stray cat monster, I have brought tuna and milk!" How thoughtful.

The squirrel and bats squeak and chitter on by, not seeming to have much interest in Walter. There are insects of the night to feast upon, after all. And whatever squirrels eat--nuts? Brewskies? Are they like Conker? Who knows!
5rThe foyer is mostly dark, the guttering torches and candelabras the place may have once hosted seemed to have been removed. Alas Lumiere will not be joining us. For the moment, at least.

There is almost absolute silence and darkness in this place, it really is like walking into the abyss. Once Walter speaks up, however.

"Oooh, milk...? you shouldn't have, dear," a purring, cooing masculine voice rises from the darkness.

As Walter proceeds forward, he'd bump into something--a table? No, it's--


The metallic shields of large electric lights snap open, a short buzz before the area is bathed in light.

And then another, softer series of clicks. A pair of stiletto-heeled, thigh-high boots are approaching Walter from the darkness, at nearly eye level. They're even open-toed, displaying a set of 5 painted red pointy nails each.

Walter didn't bump into a table, it was a stage!

"It's /so nice/ of you to join me here, honey--I almost got this place all set up!" Velvet Blue cackles. He's wearing a darling set of indigo open-toed thigh high boots, along with what looks like a dark undersuit which opens at the front in a sort of shallow V-neck, the edges covered in thick white fur-ruff, like that of a bomber jacket. The darkstalker's blue spaded tail flicks back and forth as Velvet bends down at the waist to blow a kiss at Walter, the bat-eared figure's yellow eyes are luminescent in what remains of the gloom.

There is actually a stage setup here, rounded and quite large--tables and chairs have been brought in from elsewheres and the place is rigged with electric cables and lights. Neon lights, even! The foyer really was being turned into an ad hoc club.

"Mmm... what brings you here, man of the cloth?" Velvet's blown kiss gently flaps out as a pair of red lips, which attempt to attach themselves to Walter's cheek, leaving behind a red lip imprint!

BUMP! Luckily Walter's on the ground, or he'd have taken a stage dive! But instead, he stumbles slightly back into an old lounge chair! The priest-dragon rubs his wings, gets his tail out from under his legs, and has to run the last few seconds back over in his mind, such is his surprise!

There's no mistaking that voice, the appearance, or that spaded tail! Ignoring the urge to grab it, his own draconic gaze slowly tracks it's way up to land upon fuzzy ears and batty yellows!

"Velvet!?" Certainly odd to see the Darkstalker here, but by the warm smile on his face and how he seems to perk up juuuust a bit, not an unpleasant one. It helps that Velvet, dressed as he is, is an absolute treat to see up on stage!

"Erm, well! Ah, hello! You see, I was attempting a bit of good old fashioned missionary and immigration work, when the locals started to complain about lights and this castle! A good sign for ghosts, zombies, or vampires you know? So I thought to investigate!" He leans his spear /away/ from Velvet as a show of peace.

"But this doesn't exactly seem like a haunting! EEP!"

Attacked! By a blown flappy kiss right on the cheek! Walter's face is soon matching the color. He's a little more rigid in his seat thanks to that, smiling like a goofy idiot.

The poor dragon priest just doesn't know what to do with himself, feelings all ajumble, but he can't keep his eyes off of Velvet the Starlet! "Not to criticize, my friend, but a few posters around town and a bilboard might be in order. Less monster hunters knocking! ....Good taste of venue. What sort of show are you...planning?" Is that interest in his voice? The holy man is every curious, much to his shame and misfortune.

"I guess it's not surprising to see a priest sneak into a show like this--I guess people thought there was something bad going on here?" Velvet straightened up, listening to the man's explanation. "Ahh, yeah, I figured they'd be spooked--there /was/ something here, too, but it's gone now, took them out," Velvet waggled a long dark pointed nailed finger, as if to say 'ah ah ah'.

He grinned as the priest was attacked by the blown kiss, brushing an index finger under his own chin in deliberation.

"True, I was partly experimenting with my own ability, to be truthful--I still need a good bit of gaffers tape to secure all those wires--I couldn't have people tripping to their deaths on electrical cables--and a hardware store is a bit far away," Velvet sighed with a shrug. When Walter asks about the show though, Velvet is suddenly quite excited again.

"Ahh, so desperate to hear me sing and see me dance, aren't you honey? I know how it is, perhaps you'd like to just lie back and relax there," he winked at Walter, and indeed, the Darkstalker might even be using some supernatural suggestion or empathic energies to help relax Walter. To tell the truth, Velvet Blue was an energy vampire of sorts--emotional, the stuff humans gave off when they felt something strongly. A lasting side-effect of his transformation in the Makai.

Walter sighs at that! "Well done then! ...Though /do/ leave some for the rest of us wanting to keep humanity and darkstalkers safe from predators, hmm? I have a reputation to keep, and you've both the charisma and skill it seems to outshine me. I rather like playing the white knight at times." He admits, laughing a bit.

The dragon definitely clings to the charity and good works end of his first profession, and the mention of tape and wires has him nodding. "You should have mentioned something! I have enough duct tape, extra wire, and cable sheathing to supply an outdoor rock concert in the honda. Old girl has too many electrical problems." He also comes prepared it seems.

Whatever anxieties or confusions Walter had, seem to melt away as that wink hits him. That perfect voice, the light, just how suddenly /soft/ that chair is. He finds himself sinking into it. The dragon lets out a quiet little rumble! That spear goes tumbling down with an errant bump. The knight-dragon really does look so tired when he's not playing Sir Spearalot. He wears a lot of hats.

"W...well! It /would/ be rude to not at least see rehearsals. You /are/ so beautiful. All of this traveling, fighting...mmm." Legs cross, he loosens his frock, and he snuuuggles his way into that chair as his eyes are laser-fixed on Velvet. The tug of relaxation and pleasure is in his slowly loosening heart.

"We need to keep ourselves safe, as well--though I suppose the Gears have taken a bit of the heat off us," Velvet sighed a little. It felt like a cop-out, that. Disingenuous. "I know, you're quite the Lancelot, I love it~" his cat-like eyes then light up as Walter mentions his supplies in his car. "You... made it up that road in a little Honda? Jeez, thank god for small favors--" he declines to make a priest having duct tape joke, for the moment.

"That's a good boy, now lets see if we can't... stimulate you, hmm?" Velvet grins as he watches Walter settle into that chair. It's like watching him turn into jelly. Almost too easy, but Velvet will never admit how proud the effect he has on Walter makes him.

"You'll have to excuse me, I look a lot more like a Frank--but I have proven my skill at being good... Riff Raff," Velvet Blue snaps his fingers, on both hands--making the lights he wants come up as he launched into a rendition of 'Time warp'.

"Time is fleeting, madness takes it's toll..."

At various points, it might be hard for Walter to distinguish whether Velvet is still on stage, or right up against his ear.

"But listen closely, I've got to keep control," the priest can feel a long-nailed hand traveling up his front before the spaded-tailed darkstalker is back on stage.

"I remember doing the time warp--drinking those moments when the blackness would hit me~" there is accompanying music for this, as well--the place has been rigged for sound, after all.

Don't insult the honda, Velvet, it's made of sterner and more cantankerous stuff than any Darkstalker! Also possibly haunted.

He really is a jelly dragon! "Do your worst, you fluffy eared puff, you!" Is that supposed to be a challenge? Or maybe Walter just loves stage shows, who knows!

The music filters through, and his eyes go wide! He looks from stage, to beside him, never /quite/ sure where the singer is! The voice tickles his own appendages, sending tingles down his spine! Nevermind the feeling of a nail tap-tap-tapping it's way up him. He bites his lip, and there's a muffled sound that barely escapes.

Soon enough, he's humming along even if the priest doesn't know it himself. His tail, draped over the lounge chair, flicks and sways with every note, every sinuous sound that comes out of Velvet's wonderful lips. He sinks more and more, legs crossed, splayed half-way across the lounge like he was a french girl.

"...Could he be an angel in disguise?" Whispers the transfixed priest, feet waggling lightly as if they want to keep time, or maybe throw himself up on stage. What Velvet can feel, however, is that the dragon is feeling better than he has in quite some time, given recent events! The mix of letting go and sparking attraction is a small miasma around him!

"A poof, ooh, I haven't heard that one for a bit~" Velvet is somehow close to Walter again, this time standing in front of him. Soon enough however, the darkstalker soon occupies dragon lap.

"And the void would be calling..." Velvet Blue cooes as he straddles Walter's lap, a dark pointed thumbnail slowly stroking down Walter's chin, gently putting pressure on the man's jaw to part his lips.

"Speaking of drinking the moment in," Velvet purrs, referencing the lyrics from earlier as he leans in with half-lidded eyes, affixing them to the priest's--closing after a moment.

Walter would be able to feel a certain... pull. Clearly, Walter is used to being fed on by vampires or succubi of various stripes--it might be a running gag for him by now, but this is more like the feeling of expending energy due to an exercise, rather than an enervating drain of one's vitality--the bat-eared darkstalker is feeding directly off the man's desire.

"Mmphh..." Velvet's hands are affixed to the preist's shoulders, his blue spaded tail wrapping about one of the man's ankles.

Walter /tries/ to summon up some indignant response, but instead Velvet takes the initiative by crawling into the priest's lap and all but pinning him there! The thin frame of the bat-stalker might be easily thrown off in other circumstances, but Waltie is like so much jello. Velvet, too, lives up to his name. The poor uptight, repressed priest looks oh-so-embarrassed, and yet his desires are clear!

"This is...ah, very close, Velvet!" Stammers out the priest, only for that long nail to rub his chin. The rising indignation is nothing against warmth, pressure, and maybe just a little bitt of coercion to smooth out any remaining ruffled scales on the dragon-man.

Warm lips part, and the breath of Walter and that energy within comes out easily, almost eagerly! The repressed urges and lusts, and other things he keeps so hidden is a potent soup for such an energy-feeding creature as Velvet! Better yet, the dragon is indeed used to this kind of thing. He can't help it, really. Better him than draining dry some poor starving waif or damsel!

When it comes to giving to his fellow Darkstalkers, he can be a pushover like that. He also tastes a bit spicey in the emotions. Arms wrap around Velvet's back, and tail draped across the darkstalker's waist.

The sounds he makes are remarkably feminine, even as he half-struggles, half-snuggles while being fed upon!

The entertainer is not coy, seeming not to listen to Walter's indignant response, but he still doesn't stop. It seems predatory, at first--and in some ways it is regardless--but getting this close to the other man, he can feel no fear. No fear, no pain--just passion. The energy comes quickly, eagerly, as if given willingly. And it sort of was. This was how some desires worked. There were things people wanted or had a passion for that they'd never admit in their waking hours, albiet more often as they slept.

The bat-eared darkstalker's nails dig into the open-toed boots he's wearing, despite them lightly hanging off the ground, toes curling. His hands move from the other man's shoulders to drape his arms loosely around Walter's shoulders, their bodies close now, two hearts seeming to beat as one. Velvet isn't even being that gentle with Walter, the lack of pushback from the dragon's emotions and the way he's responds emboldens the performer, drinking him in deep.

"Mnnn...." Velvet has to tilt his head to fasten the connection even tighter, slowing the transfer but deepening--wanting to draw it out. From the sounds Walter is making, apparently he's also helping him get in touch with his fairer side, but Velvet is too preoccupied to gloat.

Slowly, like a piece of reverse footage, luster that might have faded from the rigors of time and exposure to the elements returned to the Darkstalker's hair, the gloss and shine of his nails and lips, the skin becoming less pale and ruddier, the scaly blue spaded tail wrapped around Walter's leg even regaining a strange wet-like sheen. It happens too fast to be believed in the waking hours, but gradually enough to be recalled in a dream.

The aggression in the feeding has Walter arching his back, pressed up against Velvet so very closely! His heart indeed hammers in his chest, all of that warmth and closeness and presence an addicting drug even as that same emotion is sucked and drawn from him deeply!

Walter's eyes close to slits, all but fluttering his eyelashes in between trembling and barely resisting the urge to outright kiss the other Darkstalker.

And even as Velvet grows that much more vibrant, that much more shiney and lively, Walter struggles more and more, less to get away and more to get closer! That deep well of everything he won't, or can't do comes up in that delicious mist. His hands slide up Velvet's side, rubbing up his back and finding those ears to rub, to caress. And his tail?

It goes utterly rigid. He's glad that there's no one to see, as the sounds he makes would certain lead to questions he'd rather not answer amongst his fellow priests.

No pain, no fear, no danger. Those things don't exist for Walter right now, there is just that pull and the ecstasy. As the dragon's tail goes rigid like that, Velvet shivers and draws back as well--as if through the benign parasitic connection the bat-eared darkstalker felt it as well.

"Augh... god," Velvet bites his lower lip and winces, spasming and thrashing about, wearing a frown as he looks over at the priest, now busily rubbing and stroking his ears.

"I wasn't even gentle with you and you had too much energy for me to take, I felt like I was going to pass out," he is either unwilling or unable to stop the petting and fondling of his ears, giving the man a once over to make sure he's not harmed and is breathing right. Even though Velvet had taken alot, it would not have hurt Walter even if he'd tried to pull out every last bit of that emotional high from him--though it might have left him listless and vacant stared for days.

Which to be fair, Walter was sort of doing right now. Velvet shifted position--now sitting sideways in the priest's lap with his legs dangling over one of the arms of the chair, arm casually around the dragon's shoulders still.

"You'll be fine, I think, it's normal for people to have a hard time walking after one of my performances," Velvet grins, holding up a hand to inspect his nails, turning his hand to the side to gently tilt the man's head around by his chin, to face him.

"Nnnhh.. how do you feel there, father?"

What does our poor drained Dragon look like? He's practically limp in the chair, laid back, his eyes glassy and sparkling as though he'd just seen a beautiful angel wrap her arms around him! Even Velvet speaking barely manages to rouse the priest, who is currently breathing hard!

He really, really does look like he's both ran a marathon and also had far too much of a fun time at a club! Which, technically he has! His hands are latched to Velvet's ears still, playing with his scalp and generally doting as he lounges in the aftermath of that draining. He twitches occasionally. Nope, someone doesn't want to move. And with Velvet lounging in his lap and dangling that way. The man might get a somewhat weak hug and brush along the front!

"That...that was..."

Gulp. A little, coy blush on his cheeks! "...Do you have Velvet Tour tickets? Because you've earned yourself a fan! Don't tell the local Bishops, they hate me enough as it stands." Then he gently dragon rumbles. Yeah, he's going to stay here a bit, cuddly cuddly dragons!

"Don't worry father, your secret is safe with me," Velvet teaess a little, before relaxing back against the priest. Eventually he will detatch himself from Walter and help the poor priest up, likely help him get cleaned up and back to his car, after a short rest. He didn't want the poor man driving under the influence of Velvet now, or anything. While he was there, he'd likely steal Walter's tape too, he still had to secure those cables--safety in the venue was paramount, goddamnit!

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