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Description: In isolated Europe, Naoto Kurogane's travel plans change when he's picked up by a strange, green-haired motorist. Are her intentions as benign as they seem, or is there something more sinister behind the wheel?

Europe, honestly Naoto didn't know how the hell he got here, but it's where he found himself, things here are odd, and well he travelled around walking. There is a lot of history and myth around here, though one of those myths was about vampires. He laughed and scoffed, 'These people don't even know the full truth behind us.' he had though to himself. Still he travels, walking through the streets until having ventured out of one of the bigger cities and traveled down an old path leading to the very out skirts. He did manage to get a ride here and there, but tonight he is walking. The moon is up high and full. The sounds of wolves howling causes him to smirk. "Wished I knew if she or her sister was here or something." frustration colors his voice of his frustrations.

The car comes along the road at a reasonable pace, its presence known by its headlights long before it can be heard rumbling down the road. Out here, in the near wilderness, cars are a bit scarce, especially at this time of night. Even wih the full moon the light from the road is unmistakable.

The car slows to a rumbling crawl as it gets close to Naoto. It's blinkers come on with a steady series and clicks and flashes of yellow. It rumbles from the asphalt onto the dirt, rumbling to a stop near the young wandered.

"Do you need a ride?" a woman's voice asks over the motor of the lowering window.

Naoto heard the car as it was coming up the road behind him, the lights only added to that fact. Still he moves out of the way, the late teen easily able to see in the darkness of night, though as the car comes to a stop near him, he stops himself. Looking to the woman in the car, his eyes a deep chocolate brown color, though as he looks to the woman in the car, the Eye of the Hunter gives him information about the woman.

Before answering, he looks up the road, he was traveling, "Sure I can use a ride." he says to her as he moves around the other side of the car and waits for her to unlock the door. Naoto doesn't have anything on him, honestly when he came through he only had the money in his pockets and the clothes on his back. If allowed, he gets in the car and closes the door, "Where ya headed?" he asks. The dark skinned young man asks as he looks to the woman.

The woman is strange one. Even getting past the fact both her hair and her eyes are an unusual green color, if Naoto has a sort of supernatural sense through his hunter's eye, he'll likely realize that this woman resonates "supernatural."

The green woman flips the latch to let her passenger get the door opened. In the dim dome light of the passenger compartment, her strangeness is even more apparent. She's dressed in a white button up shirt and dark pants, with a bat...clasp in the bosom of her shirt. She's gorgeous, with pristine skin and features as though she were sculpted of marble. Even then, however, there's a sort of energy in the air. A magnetism that's hard to explain, like it's always on the tip of one's tongue but never quite there enough to say it.

"Oh, I'm just cruising. Do you have somewhere that you need to be? It's dangerous to walk out here at this time of night." Her voice is smoky, but pleasant. "Some maniac might drive by and not see you."

Naoto did take that into account as he looked at the woman, her life force far exceeds the norm for a normal person, so she is something other than when she is appearing as. Still he didn't see it prudent to speak about it at the time. Naoto looks at the woman studying her for a long moment, taking in what he can for the time being and the Eye of the Hunter does indeed inform him. He just quirks a brow just slightly as he looks to her.

"I'm capable of minding myself and being able to deal with problems coming at me." he says to her. He is pleasant but straight up, not sugar coating things. "Besides should a maniac do try something they wished they hadn't stumbled upon me." he gives a little smirk. He does look down at the bat, "Crusing doesn't sound bad, I'm pretty new here and dont' really have a place that I should be or need to be at." he says to her.

"Confident and straightforward," the woman says, "I can appreciate that. It does explain a bit of why you're out this late and so far away from town." The woman puts the car back into gear, moving it back onto the road with a flick of her blinkers.

Did the bat move? The bat may have moved. Surely it's just a broach though.

"Maybe -I'm- the one who should be worried about maniacs then, hmm?" She says playfully, moving back into the main road. "So what brings you out here?"

Glancing towards the bat, he quirks a brow but even it has some sort of level. He leans back into his seat and relaxes a little bit, "Something tells me you're not a damsel in distress." he says as he looks over towards her. "Outside of the beauty....." he doesn't continue on that. He looks out the front windshield, there isn't anyone coming. "I have to be, I don't see the point in beating around the bush. It doesn't do anyone any good sugar coating things." he states. Its something he had to learn the hard way, he rolls his right arm a little bit. Still looking up at the night skies, "I just arrived, I'm just wandering, don't have any real place to go, all I know is that this isn't my home." he states.

Despite relatively mundane appearances, Morrigan's 'level' continues to be frighteningly high. Naoto may wonder if something is amiss or if his eyes are playing tricks on him. Why does this random woman picking up hitchhikers in a Mercedes have such a lifeforce?

The bat does seem to have one, as well, but it's strange. It's not...bat like. More...person range. It seems to blur together with the woman's own, somehow.

"I can be, when I feel like it. Sometimes." the green-haired woman." She glances at him, raising an eyebrow at the beauty comment. When he doesn't pursue it, her eyes go back to the road.

"Ah, so that kind of wanderer. Listless, roaming. The freedom of having nowhere to be, but the torture of not having anywhere to be. Something like that?"

This is throwing him off, what is she? The bat too, this woman is too odd for him, though so far she isn't trying to eat him, so he will just keep a close eye on her. "Pretty much." he says to her. Noticing she was looking at him when he called her a beauty, "Well you are. Though in a car like this, there is something more about you." he choose to go on. He looks out the window, "When the world you know ends and you turn up somewhere new, you have no where to go or no where to be." he states. There isn't much about him that he needs to hide, still he is keeping track of her power levels and her bat. He does look around the car, just in case, "Your not going to take me somewhere and try to kill me or get my ass kicked are you?" he asks at the same time fishing for a name.

"Why thank you," the woman says, almost singsong in the playfulness of it. "Do you like the car? You might call it an impulse buy." Occasionally the green-haired woman glances up at the rearview mirror to look at Naoto without looking at him directly.

"Oh, a refugee, maybe." She tilts her head at the comment of taking him somewhere to kill him. Tree continues to rush past outside the car windows.

"There's no fun in that, is there? And Morgan will do, if you're that curious. What about you, stranger? Do you have a name?"

When she looks in the mirror she will catch a slight flare of red in the boys eye before it vanishes, "Nice to meet you Morgan and you're welcome." he says as he plays off at not seeing her looking at him using her rearview. "I'm Naoto." he says to her. "Pretty much yes, I'm a refugee." he tells her. He looks around the car again, "It's pretty nice, I've not the money to travel like this, but yeah I like it." he says to her. "It's pretty roomy and comfortable so far." he says as he looks back behind them, damn they did cover quite a bit of distance already. He could've covered half of this running, but damn a look of relief slightly washes his face as he now has the ride. "So where we going? To your place?" he asks.

Morgan doesn't seem too shocked by the display, but it does bring a smile to her face. She drives quickly. Maybe a little too fast for the road, but she seems to be enjoying herself well enough. And there haven't been any breakneck turns...yet.

"Oh, money can be an issue for some," Morgan says, "and that's what I thought. Cars are so...normal, that if I was going to use one I wanted something luxurious.

"Well, where do you want to go?" Morgan asks. "We could get a bite to eat, or maybe I could find you a room somewhere." There's a pause. "I'm not sure if yet if you'd like my place or not."

Naoto smirks as he feels the car going faster, he leans the seat back enjoying the ride. A smirk playing on his lips as Morgan drives, "Yeah money is what it is, I don't really care, though it has a lot of use and i need to figure out how to rectify that." he says as he looks towards Morgan.

He chuckles, "Well you got something thats fast, though I'm sure there are more which is faster than this, isn't there?" he turns an inquisitive eye to her. A mischievous smile playing on his lips as he allows himself to enjoy looking at the green haired woman driving beside him. "As for where to go, fuck it, why not go to your place, we can get something to eat on the way depending on what you like." he says to her. "If you need me gone I can do that as well." he says.

"I find it mostly useful when I want something. Money for the sake of money is...rather droll." The engine upshifts as the car rounds a straightaway, giving some more room for acceleration.

"Oh? Perhaps I should have opted for the convertible?" Morgan flips her hair shifting gears again.

Her eyes roll turn toward Naoto when he makes the suggestion. "Mmm. Words from a man with nothing to lose? Don't you have somewhere to go back to?"

"Another world, maybe?"

He looks to her, "You could've but then again it's your money." he says to her. He sighs as he relaxes enjoying the feel of the car as Morgan drives, her reflexes are incredible. He is still watching casually as he looks out the window. Naoto glances over to Morgan as she speaks, "Another world?" he asks. "Look Morgan, my world is gone." he says. Again he doesn't play around about where he is from and not caring to just have her guess. "It was destroyed and here I am. Anything else?" he asks her. "If you want to ask me something just ask, wordplay isn't for people like us." he says simply.

Morgan attention flits between the road and Naoto. It's a bit dangerous, in a way, particularly as she increases her speed.

"Such a nihilist," Morgan says with a sigh. "You make it sound so mundane, as if that's the only possibility." Her hands slide across the leather up ahead as the red of a stoplight glows up ahead. She does not seem to be slowing down.

"If there's one thing that I've learned in hundreds of years, it's that few things are certain in this world. Any word that I've been to, honestly." A pause. "Or maybe dishonestly. Honeslty feels a bit too much like a commitment."

"As for wordplay, speak for yourself! I enjoy it. Not to be rude. When you're my age, you get bored at times." She's looking at him, paying the redlight no mind. What look like several danger signs in a foreign language blurr past the windows outside.

He grins, liking how she came back at him, though now that she is looking at him, the red light is warning them, but she is in the car driving, though she will notice that slightest bit of action about to be taking if this car hits something. "I see." he says. His eyes tracks hers, "I'm no nihilist." he says. "Everything I've known is now gone Morgan. I have no clue of what happened, and now I'm somewhere I have no clue about, trying to read and gather as much information I can about this world." he says to her. He has lost everything, and the people he once knew and cared about. Though as Morgan speak about how old she is, "Damn.." he says impressed.

"Oh, good," Morrigan says, still looking at the light ahead. "Then there's still hope you for I suppose. Maybe you're not the only one, no? Strong souls have a strange tendency to find ways to keep cropping up --- trust me, I have some experience here. It can be...rather annoying."

The light turns green. Morrigan flies through the light without incident.

"So a strong life force, unfamiliar with the world. This should be entertaining."

Naoto grins as he looks to Morrigan, "Well I guess there is still some hope." he says as he looks at her. Watching as they cross right as the light goes green, "Your pretty damn awesome with driving." he says as he rubs his face. "So tell me more about you Morrigan." he says. "You have a lot about you that you haven't spoken about." he says as he looks ot her. "You're a lot stronger I sense then most of the people we are passing buy, along with that bat in the middle of your shirt." he says as he looks to her.

Morrigan lets go of the wheel, sweeping her hair back with both hands. Why she would need to do such a thing seems to mostly be a flight of fancy. Perhaps it's out of defiance of the assessment of her driving.

"I suppose," she says, "or maybe I just cheat." Morrigan melodramatically, her open palms lifted high before she takes the wheel once more.

"There's a lot about me that I don't speak about," she continues, "and quite a bit that I do." She looks forward at the road once more, suddenly possessed by an intense focus. She bites the edge of her lip.

"You've told me where you're from so far, hmm? A world that has moved on, wasn't it? Perhaps we'll trade, then. Would you believe I was born in Scotland?"

Quirking a brow, "What's a Scotland?" he asks as he looks to her and turning in his seat to get a bit more comfortable. If she isn't worried, neither would he, he's sure they both could react quickly enough if the need arose. Taking a moment to think, "I guess so, but you seem familiar to a few I know, but I will wait for you to explain more." he says as he looks at her. "Please continue."

"Ah, right," Morrigan says, "alas, the humor is lost on a tourist." She quirks an eyebrow at the mention of familiarity, looking Naoto over once again. She doesn't say anything, but expression changes. It's a subdued sort of half-smile that someone might have after a mild but pleasant surprise.

"Now you've derailed me. Familiar to a few you know?"

He shakes his head, "Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt." he says. "Ignore me for now, just continue please." he says as eh looks at her. Sometimes he does confuse himself and right now he's making things a little awkward which he doesn't want to do. The dark skinned male just sits there, looking bit embarrassed.

Morgan yawns, suddenly and abruptly. "I doubt you'd believe it if I told you the story I was thinking. Let's just say that I'm a foreign dignitary with the long and storied life that comes with immortality and dire need to alleviate boredom. Perhaps you'll find out a bit more later, mm?"

Hitting the blinker, Morgan turns down a side road. In the distance, the light of a town---and a welcome sign---suggest civilization. "Did you say you wanted something to eat and a place to stay?"

He looks to her for a long moment, "I see, well I honestly want to know more about you Morrigan." he says simply. He looks forward for a moment, than back to her, "What do you like to do to alleviate boredom?" he asks. "As for a place to stay and food, yeah I did say that." he says. The sound of his voice indicates he hope she isn't going to just pawn him off at a dive or something, if so he would probably be gone after he ate. Still he looks more closely at Morrigan, "From what I can see of you, I like." he says boldly. "I hope this will not just be a one time meeting. Can't go around not knowing anyone in this life and for me in this new world."

"So do many, many others," Morrigan says dryly. "But I tend to not be terribly forthcoming." Her focus goes back to the road, turning her attention away from Naoto completely for what may seem like a long, drawn out moment.

"I find ways to keep myself entertained, but answering questions isn't one of them." Her tone is heavy, even a little biting. Less playful than before, at the very least.

"But I suppose it can't be helped, can it?" Morrigan's eyes roll over to Naoto, looking at him for a moment before going back to the road.

"I tend more toward playthings than friends, but I think I know someone more down your alley."

Morrigan's fingers trace along her bosom, delving into her top to pull out a business card. She turns it toward Naoto between two fingers.

Naoto takes the card but he also watched her pull it from her bosom, he smiles. "Look I don't mind being a plaything either, but who is this person?" he asks. He didn't want to keep asking her questions. He does find her very attractive and well why not, he leans back in his seat watching her now, he does glance to the side.

"Read," Morrigan says, pursing her lips. She snaps her fingers and the card seems to steer itself, gently guiding Naoto's hand to bring it into view. The card reads:

Private Investigator

Beneath it is a contact number and an email address.

"He's charming," Morrigan says, "and he came back from the dead, so you don't have to fret weirding him out with your history there."

Reading the card, he nods his head and puts the card in his pocket. He smirks a little bit, and he rests while she talks.

"I dont try to talk much about myself. I figured I would tell you seeing as you were nice enough to give me a ride Morrigan." he says to her. Still he smiles at her, having allowed himself to relax and enjoy the conversation. He glancing out the window and as she allows the car to drive itself. He quirks a brow up at this, "Nice." he says to her.

"I can tell," Morrigan says with a wry smile. "Oh, I wouldn't call myself nice. Sometimes I do people favors to see what happens, because I'm trifling that way." She leaves it at that.

"Hitchhiking across Europe is boring. It's much more fun to keep interesting people moving to see what stories follow them. Conflict makes the world exciting, wouldn't you agree?"

He quirks a brow up at Morrigan and laughs, "I guess each person story could be fun depending on what happens to them." he says. Shaking his head, "Yeah, sounds like your trifling." he says to her. "But a good looking trifling woman is nice." he winks at her. "And yes, it is pretty boring hitchhiking across Europe, I have too many damn maps and not a lot of money, but oh well, gotta make due with what you have and what not."

"I find it makes people a bit more tolerant of my meddling at least." Morrigan pulls the car to the side, easing it lopsidedly into a parking space. It would seem Morrigan is that jerk that double parks. Nearby, a sign reads something in a foreign language, but the icon next to looks like a bed at least. A hotel?

"No money? Hm." Morrigan reaches into her top again, pulling out--a wallet? She tosses it to Naoto. "That should help." She rolls her neck, running her hand along the nape. "But I have to get going. Mmm."

"Ask around about Illyria. That also seems down your alley. Maybe you'll find someone more helpful." Her gold eyes roll toward Naoto.

"And maybe I'll visit again later. We'll see."

Taking the wallet, he looks inside to see what all is in it, granted Morrigan has caught his attention pretty easily. "I think I've been to Illyria." he says to her. "I fought some dude who looks like a Lion, it's been a while. But I think you are right I should do more there." he says as he looks to the hotel. He looks out the window at how she parked, than he looks back at her, yeah she is the one to double park. "Don't keep a guy waiting too long, you want to keep this interesting don't you." he winks at her and he takes out a pen and a piece of paper and writes the number to a phone he was able to get. "Call me or pop in whenever." he says. "I have a feeling you may know how to find me without it." he says. Still he is interested in her, might as well offer.

"Ah, him," Morrigan says, "we've met before. In Illyria." Her hair twirls around her fingers boredly. "Oh, I can't stand waiting. I appreciate not making a man wait."

Morrigan takes the number as a courtesy. "Oh, this makes it easier," she says, "I do like to text, much to the chagrin of some."

"But we'll be in touch."

He laughs, "Good, so don't make me wait." he winks at her and gets out of the car. He looks out at the hotel than turn back to look at Morrigan, "Thanks again for the ride I appreciate it." he says as he begins to move away.

"Any time," Morrigan says, "though expect more trouble later." A pause. "You only get one freebie. Next time, I take my price up front. Don't get into too much fun without me, hmm?" The door shuts heavily as Naoto moves away.

And with it, the car is gone. It seems unlikely this is the last he'll see of the green-haired woman.

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