The Bell Tolls - TBT Act III - Duet

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Description: Seized from the Sunshine City International Airport, the plucky catwoman Felicia has found herself in the clutches of Lord Vega himself. And yet, he is a merciful god. Felicia gains an offer to willing fall within ranks of Shadaloo. If she refuses? Felicia may have received an offer to join Shadaloo, but Vega always gets what he wants in the end. Will Felicia becoming a willing agent of the organization to find Lee Chaolan once more, or will Shadaloo gain little more than another Darkstalker weapon?

The first thing that one would see as they enter this room is nothing but the sheer intensity of thousands of lights bearing down on them. No furniture. Nothing but the low hum of thousands of watts of electricity powering the bulbs that illuminate everything.

Since Aprile's capture of the Darkstalker known as Felicia, this has been where Shadaloo has kept the poor creature. No breaks from the light, with very little food and water to keep Felicia going. The food and water has been delivered from different areas of the room, with no two spots ever repeating just to ensure that no patterns could be formed, and attempts at escape made.

Compared to the treatment others have received at the hands of Shadaloo, this is pretty good...

Felicia had been attacked by Aprile outside Los Angeles International Airport, and a fight had ensued--the Darkstalker femme shedding her more human guise in favor of her more amazon Catwoman form--and did battle with the Doll. It ended with her being jabbed with a very /nasty/ dose of poison, or sedative--it was hard to tell which, exactly, as the concentration of the dosage was likely high enough to end up lethal to a normal person, in either case.

Any /normal/ person, indeed. And just what horrors might await the frisky feline at the hands of Shadaloo...?

"Zzzzzzzsnnyah.... Zzzzznnnnhhh...

Felicia is sprawled on her back, divested of her sports attire that Aprile likely shiv'd her through anyhow, in full Catwoman form. The five clawed toed of her feet are splayed out around her as her arms are folded up around her front. If you've ever seen a cat sprawl out on a sofa in particularly warm weather, or simply out of being that tired, this is quite like that.

"ZZzznnnyah... mnnhh--g-gimme that, iss mine... my tuna-melt, damnit..."

And from the sound of it, the Catwoman's regeneration has turned what would be a near-death experience for most humans into a dozing nap.

Normally, most people receiving this treatment would be begging to be released. It seems that Felicia is nothing like most people.

The lights in the room slowly start to dim, as the hiss of pnumatic pistons fill the room. Doors start to open on every side, as soldiers slowly enter the room, lining the walls with weapons pointed directly at the dozing cat.

Most of the soldiers seem to be quite on edge, and for good reason. The abilities of a Darkstalker are something to worry about, especially with the rumor is abuzz that the mighty Vega wants this one for his own.

The soldiers fall in line as the caped visage of Lord Vega comes into view of the doorway. His eyes spy the dozing cat-girl, and yet there is something about it that amuses him. Obviously the woman does not care as to who she is ready to parlay with, or this is her way of attempting to set the tone of the negotiations. Either way...


The voice violently tears through the minds of those around him, with some of the soldiers collapsing to the ground. Most would understand that the voice of Vega is mighty, but there are always those who just are ready to underestimate it...

~Wake Ms. Felicia, so that we may discuss just why you are here.~

Cats are heavy sleepers, this is something that can't be overstated. At least most of them are. Felicia is one of them. The hissing and sounds of doors and boots tromping around merely causes her to toss and fuss a bit against the floor, her hair spilling out around her shoulders.

"Mnnn... mmyah?!" Felicia suddenly sits up and blinks her eyes open as she realizes she's surrounded by soldiers, which actually give her a split-second memory of something else--another oddly large, indoor environment where she was facing down soldiers of a slightly different kind--Violet Systems security force, actually. A momentary flash of watching the boot of her Violet Girl outfit swooping down to kick out a man's kneecap, the bone splintering and jutting out the back of his pant leg. It gave her a momentary feeling of both excitement and horror--Lee?!

"Huh?" she blinked away the blurriness of her vision and shook her head impatiently as she waited for it to focus, blinking--only to notice it was /Vega/ of all people standing there, in full dictator cap and cape glory.

"Oh." she sounded vaguely disappointed, and well, she was.

"Hi, uh, what can I do for you?"

To Vega, it seems that Felicia is more like an animal then a person, and her actions are merely reinforcing this idea. Most would realize that when the Lord of Shadaloo is before them, they would do well to keep in mind that this man demands the utmost respect, otherwise things can (and usually do) get extremely messy.

The caped dictator holds a hand out to the young catgirl, causing a few of the soldiers who remained standing to shift nervously as this could prove to be another of those messy episodes that they'll spend days having to clean up.

"Tell me Felicia... When we last met, you were in the service of Mister Burr, correct?"

Contrary to how most picture him, Vega's actual voice is smooth and enticing. While his presence alone is enough to make even the most hardened of world leaders tremble in their fine italian shoes, his charisma is something he has worked very hard to hone as well. As they say, at times it is easier to gather flies with honey then it is with vinegar...

"And... my informants tell me that your.. how would you put it... 'friend' Lee Chaolan has gone missing from the dojo he was holed up in.."

At first, Felicia might have thought that Vega was holding a hand out to help her up--but as she looked around at the soldier's reactions, well she got the idea this might have been a little more serious than what she might have originally thought! It wasn't a gesture to help her up, it was more... 'come here', or 'get up'.

She uses her hands and bows her knees, pushing herself up and off the floor and stands up slowly, nodding to him.

"I've worked for Burr before, yeah, Cracker Jack and Stray, too--Lee??" she tries to steady herself, combing her hair back with her thick, red-nailed furry white fingers.

"Lee's part of this thing, right? I don't know where he is, but I want to get him out of whatever trouble he's gotten himself into this time," she announces.

"Mister Chaolan has nothing to do with this. This is solely about you."

As the Dictator lowers his hand, the left corner of his mouth tightens for the briefest of moments. The tightened corner loosens, as he flashes a wide inviting smile towards the young Darkstalker. He waves his right hand towards the soldiers, dismissing them as he once more holds his left hand out towards Felicia.

"I believe that you would do well being a part of my organization Felicia. We would be able to protect you from those who misunderstand such as yourself. You would also get to travel the world in luxury. Of course, we would also assist you in locating Mister Chaolan if you so desired..."

"Huh...? So you don't want him, you want me, huh?" Felicia is quiet for a moment. After Violet Systems folded she had been setup pretty good and had been able to shed the life, more or less--that of working with organized crime. Organizations like Shadaloo and Violet were a much more steady (and lucrative) kind of operation than just crime, though--that was what had allowed her to discard gangsters like Stray or Cracker Jack. She simply didn't need them anymore. She had papers, and legal tender, and acting opportunities due to her exposure and time working for Violet. Maybe this too, could work out.

"Yeah? Sure, I think we can arrange something, sure--if you want me to work for you," she nodded, tentatively.

"I'm so glad you amiable to this..."

A sadistic sneer slowly starts to rise upon Vega's face as he turns away from the girl. The still extended hand closes slightly, only for him to snap his fingers loudly.

Two masked women suddenly enter the room, bowing towards the dictator. "Please take Miss Felicia here to her new quarters and ensure that she's made very comfortable while I make the nessecary arrangements for her newfound employment..."

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