The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 3: Giants Of Southtown

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Description: Convicted vigilante Cody decides to visit Southtown after hearing reports of increased gang activity, hoping for a good fight. He runs into an old face, and he's much bigger than Cody remembered...

The gang violence in Southtown continues. In Downtown, already not entirely safe in all of its areas, one must take extra precaution to watch ones back less they get caught in the crossfire of a fight breaking out in the streets or seen as potential prey to sate the boredom that can settle in, during the downtime between more rowdy periods. Thus, when a series of loud building shaking *BOOMS* begins rumbling through one of the more shady and dangerous side streets, the average citizen begins to make a hasty retreat to clear the area. Very much not willing to test the fates on whatever is making such noises.

The *BOOMS* continue, followed by occasional *THOOOMS* and other assorted rumbles that would trigger nearby seismometers until finally the outer wall of an abandoned building explodes outward in a plume of dust and debris that rockets out into the streets and warps a lamppost caught in the disaster.

As the debris cloud rolls away the source of the earthquakes and destruction is well revealed. One gargantuan Abigail, plowing forth like some ancient juggernaut through the structures wall as if it were little more then wet tissue paper. Behind him a series of Abigail shaped holes lead all the way back through the building and through a series of other ones that cross a few city blocks. Clearly he was employing the concept of the shortest distance between two points being a straight line.

The very ground lurches as his booted feet crush their way onto the sidewalk and he flickers his gaze from side to side, searching the empty streets for something until he eventually bellows out a disappointed, "Augh!!! This is TERRIBLE!!" at no one in particular.

Violence is something Cody isn't a stranger to. It has defined most of his life, and continues to define it even after his incarceration. So much so that not even the system can keep him down for long. After getting word that things were boiling over in Southtown, he made his usual escape and hitched a series of rides to see what was up. Also to, hopefully, satisfy his need for a brawl. Otherwise this entire trip will have been for nothing.

After Abigail makes his locomotive-like exit into the streets, Cody can be seen on the other side, leaning against the wall of a closed-up seafood restaraunt. The chains of his handcuffs rattle as he reaches up to scratch his cheek and let out an audible yawn. He has witnessed the behemoth emerge, but his expression seems bored or tired. "Someone key your car, motorhead?" he asks, loud enough to just be heard. "Or maybe you forgot to pay a parking ticket?"


"Abigail's nose wrinkles slightly as he swivels his head like the movement of a tank turret, to lock right onto Cody's position and he peers at the man with squinted eyes and a look of concentration. He begins lumbering forward towards the convict, clenching his boulder like fists and causing his sinew to creak like the stretching of industrial leather as his physique bulks up slightly with the rise in his levels of agitation. "The hell did you say, punk..?!" he finally manages to burst out before he thunders to a pavement cracking stop in stark surprise at who it is.

"Huh?!''re CODY!!" He rears back a little bit at that, "What're you doing here?? Aint you supposed t'be locked up??"

He rubs his jaw, musing over this coincidence, "..Someone named The Dahlia had my truck, my Vroom!! They stole it from Metro City. Wait a aint involved in that are you? You trying to pull some stunt with me??"

Cody stands in the giant's shadow, and removes himself from the wall, walking closer to Abigail and looking up.../way/ up to meet his gaze. "I just decided to stretch my legs...I heard there was some action down here." He examines his knuckles, which have blood on them. "...if you can call it action." He looks back at Abigail. "...did you get taller since I last kicked your ass? Or did you do somethin' with yer hair?"

Then Abigail brings up his missing truck. "Alright, look. Before I get into some whacky misunderstanding: No, I didn't steal no truck. I don't know any Dahlia either. All I'm here to find a decent fight. So let's get down to business. I think, I want to kick your oversized ass all the way down this street. Whaddya think about that?"

The Enforcer of Mad Gear, Abigail was always that crazed gangs titan. Bigger then the Andores. Bigger then Hugo. And the rumor was that he was still growing bigger. He seems to nearly envelop Cody compared against the immensity of his silhouette...but where such facts might intimidate most others it's seemingly serving as invite to the blond fighter.

For his part, Abigail simply rumbles, "Oh, my hair? Well yeah, you noticed? I'm trying a new look and all.."

He seems rather proud of his stylin' but then his face quickly changes moods as if a switch had been hit and suddenly he's a massive snarling pitbull that leans forward and bellows at Cody, "You aint got the horsepower to keep up! I'll crush you!!" His massive body begins to redden, steam wafting up from it in the telltale sign of his boiling rage, "Let's start this race!!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          0/-------/-------|

Cody's facial expression doesn't change, even as his challenge is accepted. He does, however, crack his knuckles and steps around the giant, moving closer into the street proper. "Yeah, yeah. Just don't disappoint me. Maybe you'll cure my boredom by showing me what that big body can do."

He turns and spreads his legs, raising his fists like a boxer and staring Abi down. "Come at me, Speed Racer."

COMBATSYS: Cody has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cody             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Abigail

The invitation is given and Abigail isn't one to turn down an opportunity at taking the first hit. No sooner has Cody begun to raise his fists and utter his laters verbal jab is Abigail springing forward and bearing down on him.

The Speed Racer comment may be a jibe or seem ironic..but Abigail can move fast when he wants to. It mostly comes in his strikes as opposed to actual body movements. His lumbering gait propels him across the ground at Cody with an increasingly intesifying shaking of the earth as each footstep booms onto the breaking cement, leaving footprints several inches deep, and at the very last second he twists and sends a massive fist barreling forward at Cody with such force there's a visible distortion of the air itself as it thunders in on the convict.

COMBATSYS: Cody blocks Abigail's Dynamite Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Cody             0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0          Abigail

Abigail's speed surprises Cody a little, having expected something more akin to Hugo. His first match against long ago now. He can barely remember it. For Cody, the destruction of Mad Gear was a torrent of thrown punches, blood and sweat. He crosses his arms and blocks the punch, a small shockwave of air erupting from the impact. He skids back a bit, and grunts. "Hmm...okay," he says.

He quickly crouches and hikes up one of his pant legs, revealing a wrench duct-taped to his leg. He pulls it off and in one motion swings it upwards to smack Abigail in the jaw.

COMBATSYS: Cody successfully hits Abigail with Gentle Swing.
- Power hit! -

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cody             0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0          Abigail

"What the--!"


The wrench slams solidly into the massive mechanics jaw bringing back, all to quickly, the memory of steel pipes and other assorted Metro City goods and imports that were the order of the day back when Mad Gear was in full effect. Stars whirl around his vision and he staggers briefly..but recovers all to quickly...and complains.

"What the hell was that!! I thought you were trying to be some legit World Warrior or something!" Mind you, Abigail has fought people with swords, telekinesis, superhuman strength and other assorted strange supernatural effects at this point..but there's something about getting hit with a wrench that's just wrong.

"I'm a professional now!" he declares before suddenly crouching low and then lunging up into the air at the height of his leap actually managing a full flip before he comes thundering downward with both of his fists dropping down like some sort of industrial sized piston at the convict.

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Cody with Giant Flip.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Cody             1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0          Abigail

"World Warrior? Come on. I don't care about that crap. All I want is a good fight." He then sees Abigail leap. How the hell does he jump? Why can he jump??? Cody attempts to run under Abigail in hopes of eluding his descent...but Abigail's big meaty arms smash down on his back, flooring him instantly. Cody hits the pavement so hard it cracks, sending pieces of debris scattering everywhere. A trashcan nearby rattles and spills some garbage.

With a grunt, Cody rises, blood trickling from his mouth. His back feels like someone ran over it with a truck. "Ugh...okay. Now I'm feeling it. A little. What else ya got?"

Cody suddenly shifts his weight to his back foot, and throws out a kick so fast he dashes forward, chi energy surrounding his foot as he aims to plant it right in Abigail's gut with the force of a torpedo. "Ha-ha!"

COMBATSYS: Cody successfully hits Abigail with Ruffian Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Cody             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1          Abigail

It's rare for any force of an attack to actually wind Abigail but this one manages to do so. The kick blasts into his broad stomach and actully forces him backwards - dragging his huge feet across the ground and forcing a huge gasp to exhale out of his large mouth as his body heaves over. He staggers, eyes bulging, but he does not fall. Instead, a boiling anger continues to surge forward, reddening his body eevn more so now with his muscles seeming to pile sinew ontop of sinew in a burst of size increase as his strength roars larger and larger.

"It's not crap!!" he bellows, incensed at the words and his anger is followed up by a sudden pivoting of his body as he twists on his heels and spins, sending a huge forarm hurtling around at Cody. He follows this movement up by continuing his rotation and bringing his other arm around in a thunderous upper cut.

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Cody with Abi Twist.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Cody             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1          Abigail

"Wow, touched a nerve? Trying to get a fancy sponsorship or somethin'?" Cody asks, still looking bored and nonplussed at Abigail's increasing fury - which, of course, may just add to the anger further - even as the giant prepares his next attack. Cody can feel the air rushing against him as Abigail spins, and uses his wrench to block against the massive uppercut that strikes him. The force blows him off his feet, and he lands on his side, reeling from the blow.

He shudders and gets up, clutching his arm. The wrench is gone, and he winces as he returns to a fighting posture. He doesn't even wipe the blood from his jaw. "Quit bitchin' and get at me." Cody then runs and jumps, swinging his extended leg around to smack Abigail in the side of the head...and he keeps spinning, smacking Abigail again on the return. It's a quick, but powerful, technique used extensively in his past, the simple yet effective double kick.

COMBATSYS: Abigail interrupts Power Strike from Cody with Abi Lift.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Cody             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1          Abigail

Ask and ye shall receive, as the saying goes. Abigail's massive arm is a blur of movement just as COdy's kicks start to land against his head. It hurtles upward in a crushing swat, the fist blasting into the attacking convict with the force of one of Abigail's modded cars..swatting the man high and backwards away from him as Abigails stance widens and he holds his ground.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." he rumbles, the casual display of strength almost absent minded, "Quit hasslin' me. I'm kicking yer ass, aren't I??"

Cody doesn't quite know what happens when Abigail grabs him. One minute he's throwing a kick, the next minute he's hurled like a rock away from him. He flies quickly through the air and smashes into the side of a building - the same one Abigail just plowed through, in fact - and bounces off, landing on top of a parked car and destroying the roof. Thankfully, due to Cody's innate strength, he doesn't die...but he is definitely feeling it. He moans, and rolls off the car in a heap, his prison jumper torn in many places and revealing scratches and freshly formed bruises.

"Yeah...yeah, that's it. Now I'm feelin' it," he says, gritting his teeth as he gets closer. "That's what I'm talkin' about. I knew comin' here was a good time. Gettin' to fight a monster like you...I feel pretty good right now." He coughs, then spits blood off to the side on the concrete. "So thanks. But I ain't done yet."

Cody cracks his knuckles, then swings his right fist in a spinning hook punch to Abigail's midsection. He then clasps both hands together and performs a rising double-fisted hammer to try and hit the big man's jaw. Then, a blow to the stomach; next, a vicious uppercut, and then another spinning punch. Finally, he finishes by coming around again and punching upwards...unleashing a massive tornado just from the movement of his fist alone to engulf Abigail and send him skyward. "GET OUTTA MY FACE!" he calls.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Cody's Final Destruction EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Cody             0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1          Abigail

The colossus is battered like a training dummy or an ancient tree that's served as a target of taking trained kitches and punches in a large training yard. Abigail's body is buffetted and rocked and then engulfed in the spiral spinnin vortex of wind that picks up loose debris and hurtles it around the towering man, adding additional knicks and scratches to the list of the assault on his pesonage.

It all seems to hardly do much of anything to the brute. In fact, Abigail simply stands there, muscles flexed and bulked out and weathering the assault like a suit of reinforced armor.

"Oh yeah!!" he roars, "You feelin' good? You're gonna love this then!!"

Abigail's massive fist comes whirling downward towards Cody and the ground itself. Upon impact the very ground lurches and shakes, throwing Cody off balance in a moment of vulnerability that Abigail takes full advantage of. He lunges forward and grasps for Cody, lifting the man straight up and then following this up with his enormous torso dwarfing fist coming up for a thunderous punch which is followed by another and then another and then another as he batters at Cody like the man were little more then a punching bag being used at some old gym somewhere."ORA, ORA, ORA, ORA, ORA!!!"

He finishes this pummellin with a final swat that's intent on sending Cody hurtling away from him violently.

COMBATSYS: Cody blocks Abigail's Abigail Special.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Cody             1/-----<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0          Abigail

Cody just looks at the fact he barely did anything with the same glum expression. "Oh. Well, that sucks," he remarks with a sigh. He greets the inevitable counterattack, throwing up his arms and curling slightly to reduce the damage. This changes when the ground-pound throws him upwards, and he is grabbed by the big man's hand. He is hoisted and then used as a speedbag, repeatedly punched as he braces his body for the punishment. Finally the swat sends him hurtling away and through a plate glass window.

This seems like the end, but then Cody casually steps out of the broken shop window, picking glass out of his hair. He's even bloodier and more torn up now, with one eye starting to get swollen and bruises now visible on him. He spits some more blood and wipes it away, giving Abigail the same tired expression. "Alright, this is taking too long for my taste; I'm bored. You win. I'm goin' back home."

That really should have put him down.

"WHAT?!" Abigail looks utterly flabbergasted. This..isn't the Cody he remembers. He's so thrown off that he's not sure how to respond. He looks at his fist. and then back at Cody and then his fist again.. and then just shrugs.

"Huh..well I'll be damned. He's lost his mind up in there. Wait!!"

He waves a hand to try and stop Cody from walking off, "Ther'es lots of crazy's around here. Including the folk who got my truck. Onna them is bound to make you excited to fight. That's the only tip I'm giving you. You hassle me again and I won't be so casual about it!"

Cody is about to walk off when Abigail stops him. He turns slightly, running a pinkie finger in his ear as he looks on. "Really? Huh. If you say so. I guess I oughta look up this 'Dahlia' person then. Thanks for the tip. Next time we go at it, we're gonna make it Fast and Furious, not drawn out. You get me?"

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