The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 2 - Believe Wrong Death

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Description: down tattooed gangsters in search of Scarlet Dahlia, one of them is bound to point him in the direction of a mansion in the well-to-do district of Southtown Village. According to the books it belongs to a man named Kichida, but Abigail ain't got time to dig through property records -- he sees a black limo, and he sees some Japanese guys in fancy clothes not unlike the ones who wrecked his truck! That's good enough for a throwdown, right? Problem is, those aren't the Akatsuki yakuza, but rather their Syndicate rivals -- led by none other than Geese Howard himself -- here to check on the property recently "claimed" by Nagase's efforts. Ha... Predictable...?!

A sleek black limousine rolls through the streets of Southtown Village. Of course, the car is far from an unusual sight in the upscale neighborhood, but it's somewhat rare to see this sort of decadence. Luxury cars, certainly, but limousines seem a bit too heavy-handed.

Street lights dance across the cars windows as it rolls along the asphalt, the chaffeur manuevering it carefully around the sidewalks toward a sizeable mansion nestled among the brownstones. The car pulls up into the driveway carefully, slowing to a stop once its clear of the road.

And as soon as it is, two Japanese men in slick business suits exit the vehicle. One is the driver, the other riding shotgun. The one riding shotgun steps back to the rear of the limo, reaching to open the back door for the passenger. Whoever it is does not emerge immediately.

So this hasn't been a great vacation for Abigail. As a result his vacation hasn't been great for anyone who has come across him either.

The superhuman hot rodder has been on the hunt for something precious to him. Something that's the part of his very soul! His beloved...Monster Truck. Taken from him and shoved into the middle of a massive crime war and..for what? Well..for nothing as far as Abigail can see. Nothing save earning his ire and riling up a titan that has now been sowing chaos by beating up any and everything that looks like it -could- be gang related as he talks his way through the streets of Southtown.

So maybe it's -not- quite the worst vacation ever. Violence always cheers Abigail up.

At the moment, the behemoth rests, sprawled across a bench and watching the streets only to be blinked out of his deep thought when the limos roll by. Curiousity draws him up to his feet and after a momentary pause he begins treading down the street, rumbling the earth with his steps and drawing closer and closer to the outside gates of the Brownstone like some sort of mini-kaiju.

The chaffeur moves around to the opposite side of the door before putting his index finger to an earpiece. He waits patiently with the other man, the two of them framing the two as the man inside steps out. He is a tall, well-built blond man in a finely tailored suit whose hair is slicked back on his head. Abigail may quickly recognize him as Geese Howard.

Geese carries himself with his usual lofty arrogance. He adjusts his tie. "So this is the place that Duke's ninja seized." Geese looks ahead to the mansion, lifting his head slightly and with a sneer. "A step toward repaying me for the trouble he's caused us."

"Kuroda and Tachibana are setting up a perimeter, Mr. Howard. It looks al--" The earth-rattling footsteps cut them short as the men grow tense, reaching into their coats. They look at each other, then turn to their boss for confirmation.

Geese nods to the doorman, a tall, well-built Japanese man shaped vaguely like a refridgerator. He nods once, moving toward the gate once he's closed the door of the limo.

Confusion settles on Abigail's face. He squints his eyes and curls his fingers around the bars of the gate while thinking. As Geese begin sto move off, he blinks.


A tug of his arm and the gates come ripped up, wrenched free from the ground by his monstrous strength. Rubble is srewn around him as he tosses the gates aside and begins stalking forwad, moving towards the parked cars and intending on following after Geese into the mansion.

"i'm talkin' to you! I've got some questions! Where's my truck! Where's The Dahlia!!"

The man approaching the gate is used to being the biggest guy around---that much is clear from his build and how he carries himself. This is someone who has climbed his way through the ranks of the Syndicate to be one of Geese's personal bodyguards. In a normal situation, he would likely be more than willing to throw down with any comer.

In light of this situation, he stops in his tracks, taking one step backward with a clack of his heels against the walkway. He takes a deep breath, tugs at his collar, and looks way up at Abigail.

"Excuse me," he says, "but that's," There's a brief pause. "Private property." He squints, sliding his hand through his hair and adjusting his tie again. "...what do you know about the Dahlia?"

Mad Gear might be a thing of the past but if Belger knew how to do one thing, it was to recruit monsters. Some of the biggest men alive made up their elite ranks and the man in the suit is right in the path of the biggest.

The tires around Abigails biceps strain, nearly buckling as the muscle beneath swells in size and the goliath bears down on the man without showing signs of slowing.

"FINALLY! Everyone I mentioned The Dahlia to acts all stupid and stuff and then they end up not being able to say anything because I've crushed them! It's aggravating! Now -get out of my way-. Is The Dahlia's house??"

He reaches down with a hand big enough to palm a sewer covering , intending on literally pushing aside the large man infront of him so he can continue treading forward.

"I got business! They stole my truck from Metro City and it's payback time!"

Sweat beads on the man's bro as the tires strain. What kind of monster is this, he thinks, working his fingers into his collar again. Could he even stand a chance of fighting this guy? This seems more like the responsibility of Big Bear or Billy.

The man works his hands, clenching his fists and lowering into a fighting stance. He's about to slip into it when Abigail's hand pushes again his chest and knocks him over onto his back, pushing him clear out of the way. He doesn't shout out, but instead seems awestruck.

"The boss is gonna kill me..." he mutters to himself. What should he do? Should he call for back-up? The boss certainly won't be intmidated---he's heard the story's of what a monster Geese Howard himself is, but if it comes to that...

"This isn't the Dahlia's house!" he calls after Abigail, climbing back up to his feet.

"Yer lying!" declares Abigail with absolutely no evidence to support his supposition other then the fact that he's angry and this is the first lead on The Dahlia he's gotten since being in this forsaken city.

His skin turns stark red as his sinew pumps and swells up. The monster becoming even more monstrous and freakish as his tank top strains to contain the swellign immensity of his upper body as his rage builds.

He points at the limo and starts stalking towards it.

"You're just trying to keep me from what's MINE! So how abou I start with this!"

Approaching the car he reaches down at its back end, placing one massive hand under the frame and then lifting. Arms capable of casually crushing a compact car by slamming his hands together with the car between them, begin to flex and lift and the limo starts to creak upwards. "I'll fold this in half and twist -you- into it!"

"N-no! It really isn't, this is--" the thug starts to clarify, but there's an odd moment of confusion there. Does he say, and give up critical intel to this mountain of a man, or does he keep quiet and risk letting the limo get demolished? Would it be worse to fight this monster of a man or call Mr. Howard and see what happens? It's now or never whatever the case..

He puts a finger to earpiece. "Kuroda, Tachibana, we got a situation in here. I need back-up." The man climbs to his feet and dusts himself off before standing up to his full height and trying to reclaim at least a little of his dignity.

"That's Mr. Howard's limo," he interjects, "Who do you think you are?" That last statement starts as a shout, but his voice falls off about halfway through.

"I'm a trash compactor and you're TRASH!" bellows Abigail. At first the haze of his rage causes him to miss the name 'Howard' being thrown around but he then slows in consideration of what he -thinks- he just heard.

"Huh? What do ya mean 'Mr. Howard's limo?" There's a pause and then his muscles swell again as he leans forward, dropping the limo back to the ground roughly, "Is -that- The Dahlia?? Spill it!"

Abigail's massive hand lunges out, reaching for the front of the suit of the thug, intending on hauling him up into the air by it, "I aint GOT ALL DAY, dammit! Work with me here! I'm trying to actually keep m'leads conscious for once!"

"Mister Howard!" the man interjects. "You know, Geese Howard?" When Abigail mentions the Dahlia, the man bites his lip. "Of course not! The Dahlia's some up-and-coming crime boss trying to take over Southtown! Huur-

The man is suddenly picked up by his collar, held up by one hand by Abigail.

This draws a sudden pause from Abigail who freezes on the spot. He draws the man closer to his pit bullish visage and sneers, "..Geese? -THE- Geese Howard? -WORLD WARRIOR- Geese Howard?"

His grip tightens slightly, spasming his enormous fingers around the mans collar..and then he just drops him and his big expression breaks out into a wide grin.

"Well didn't you SAY SO IN THE FIRST PLACE!"

He slaps his massive hand on the limo top, "I know Geese! I fought 'im in the World Warrior tournament. He kicked my ass.."

Abigail dusts his huge hands off and then crouches low, looming over the guard, "..But you -do- know who Dahlia is... Dahlia's got -my- truck. So does Mr. Geese Howard know where t'find her??"

"T-that's the one! That's him!" the man sputters, then pauses. "Wait, how do you kn--"

The man drops in a heap, landing on his back. He crawls back slightly and dusts himself off, but before he can get up Abigail is looming over him again.

"Y-yeah? Well, he's checking out this property now. He recently...acquired it." The man tugs on his collar. "He's uh...he's looking for the Dahlia too, y'know."

"Well then WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO!" repeats Abigail while slapping a massive hand down onto the mans back and then moving to also grip him as well. "You woulda saved on all that yelling and me stomping around if you'd just been upfront in th'first place! Sheesh."

There's also the fact that Geese pretty handidly handed Abigail his butt during the tournament and that's not something easily forgotten. The Superhuman Hotrodder may indeed be Superhuman but he's not -quite- ready to challenge the World Warrior Champion again just yet. Soon though. Soon.

I'll see about getting those dents out of the limo later." he rumbles at the guard, "But fer now, you're gonna take me to see Geese Howard cause it's time fer me to get my truck back and take this Dahlia apart!"

Abigail is, if nothing else, business savvy and he senses a business deal looming in the air. Assuming Geese remembers him.

"Ah, Abigail."

Geese Howard's voice has all the confidence and presence that the manhandled goon lacks. While he may have quickly clamed up in the face of a threat like Abigail, Geese handles himself with the same lofty arrogance than punctuates most of his dealings.

"Have you reconsidered my offer?" Geese pauses, glancing to the gate. "Or did someone else make you an offer?" His eyes move to the man being smashed down, then shaken about with a callous lack of concern. If anything, the kingpin's expression is disdainful, even judgmental. He looks back to Abigail.

"What brings you here?"

"I thought -you- were The Dahlia!"

Abigail drops the so called 'bodyguard' to the ground and roughly turns to begin approaching Geese with steady stomping steps. He's fought the guy before, lost badly of course, but has fought him so that breeds a certain level of familiarity with someone especially when you're dual finalists. That the monsters in World Warrior were in a league of their own isn't lost on the behemoth though but he seems comfortable simply walking up to a comfortable speaking distance with the Kingpin.

"These..these Yakuza looking goons. Some chick with energy wind powers or something. They wrecked my garage and STOLE MY TRUCK!"

He pounds a fist into an open palm and glares blankly as if remembering the humiliation of the break in and theft.

"And then they said something about someone called The Dahlia thanking me for the 'donation' of my truck! What gives! So..I ..uh..came to Japan to get my truck back. I tried getting some help from the rest of Mad Gear but those bozo's didn't want to be bothered!"

He then seems to consider Geeses comment about the job and he looks torn momentarily. Old habits die hard after all but he's got a legitimate thriving business, pays his taxes and is pretty clean with the police back home. Getting back into Mad Gear or more sophisticated trouble..aside from property damage ..has him anxious. But then.

"Look, uh, I've got a legitimate business going in Metro City but they said you were looking for this Dahlia person to. You help me, I help you. That's how I vroom!"

Geese crosses his arms over his chest, lifting his head slightly to make eye contact with Abigail. "Hah! Hardly." The Syndicate kingpin says, taking Abigail's words in as he explains the situation. His brow raises for a moment, as if something surprises him. Even if it does, Geese doesn't confirm what.

"Well I can't fault you for your directness. Violence begets violence, and if her agents took what was yours, taking it back by force sends the clearest message not to bother your business."

"As a fellow businessman, I can appreciate that." Geese smirks, shaking his head slightly. "But you make a good point, Abigail. The Dahlia seems very interested in taking things that don't belong to her. Perhaps you and I can reach an agreement on that end. After all,"

Geese uncrosses his arms, sweeping back his hair. "I did make you that offer for a reason. I think with some help finding the Dahlia, you can do a fine job of getting your truck back on your own, and I certainly won't object to whatever revenge you want to take while you're at it."

That tournament did yield some results for him after all. Not only did he gain some fans and notoriety out in the fighting world but he impressed and left the tournament on good terms with some of the most powerful individuals in the world. Receiving not just one but two possible job offers out of it - though Abigail is hardly going to mention Rugal to Geese..he's got some business savvy after all. And he's also smart enough to keep the fires stoked when necessary as well. Few would accuse Abigail of being ..'intelligent'.. but there's another sort of wisdom in the work he does and playing the 'dumb guy' has worked in its own capacity as well.

"Yes!" he rumbles, cheerfully..though it's perhaps the type of cheer a Great White Shark has at hearing of a waiting buffet, "That's what I want. All I want. Why would they take my truck!? It makes no sense!" he fumes, nostrils flaring and a burst of super heated air exiting his nose briefly as his body reddens with boiling anger again. "They'll learn not to mess with my stuff and Metro City, when I'm done with them!"

"Excellent," Geese says, crossing his arms once more. "I'm certain if we can point you in the right direction, you'll find the Dahlia in no time. Maybe with a proper incentive, she'll come right to you." Geese looks to the man on the ground with a sneer.

"Call Kadowaki and fill him in on the situation. He can certainly point Abigail on the right track."

Geese looks back to the giant of a man. "Kadowaki has been trying to track the Dahlia's movements for some time. If he cannot find your truck, he can certainly find something worthwhile for you for it." Geese smirks with a knowing arrogance. With Abigail's background, Geese sees certain he'll understand the implication.

"..Yeah... Yeah." Abigail does indeed understand the implication. He rubs his jaw, scratching the hair there and then nodding his head in agreement with Geese. "Sounds like a plan. I'm on board!"

His mood lightens now. Days of rampaging around Southtown aimlessly and at least some direction to move in, possibly a conclusion even, on this troubling matter. "Thanks!" he offers to Geese while holding out a massive hand for Geese to clasp if he sees fit. "And, uh, sorry about any damage to the limo. I'll get it fixed up for you if anything's wrong."

Geese glances at the limo, then back at Abigail. After appraising the hand for a moment, the Syndicate kingpin gives it a professional shake. Perhaps it seems appropriate to seal a deal. Perhaps Abigail has gained the closest thing to respect that Geese gives. In any case, Geese handles himself with far more composure than the man from before, who is still trying to get himself put back together.

"It's of little import. Perhaps there will be more work for you in fixing in the future once you've resolved your business with the Dahlia."

Abigail probably has a higher opinion of himself then he should - or is just in a happy mood now that there is a lead on his truck - or all of the above..and as such didn't think twice about offering his hand nor does he even notice the hesitation. Still he seems to have gained some direction and solidified the respect of the Southtown Kingpin so that is enough for him for right now.

"Good!" he exclaims at the prospect for additional work, "we're back in business!"

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