The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 2 - Seek and Destroy

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Description: For as long as any Sunshine City resident can remember, the Black Dragon Cult and Southtown Syndicate have been at each other's throats for control of Sunshine City. Shadaloo's been able to establish a foothold -- but they'll still need a fresh influx of material to continue the planned war effort. Experimental soldier V1 is overseeing the transfer of shipping containers, crammed full of clandestine weaponry and heavy military hardware, onto trucks for transport to the local base. Up until now, Shadaloo's been able to obtain the waivers and permissions necessary to avoid even the most stringent security checks. But will V1 be able to sweet talk a top-notch inspector like Chun-Li into looking the other way?

Up until now, Shadaloo's been able to obtain the waivers and permissions necessary to avoid even the most stringent security checks.

Which means a paper trail.

Which means that as special agents, fighters, and psychic children vanish around the globe, the International Task Force has a trail to lead them towards the cartel behind it all-- albeit one full of dead ends and red herrings. Making the leap from investigating some of the innocuous shipping containers running into the latest hotbed of American gang violence to identifying Shadaloo lurking behind them took weeks, between the cartel's lawful subterfuge and the ITF's growing personnel shortages. Ever since receiving the dire news of Vega's miraculous return to life, however, there's been at least one agent who's kept her attention focused wholly on chasing down every last lead available to uncover the resurgent army's operations.

Which is why Major Charlie Nash deployed her to her favorite trainyard in the whole, wide world tonight, as containers full of high-grade materiel pull in along with at least half a dozen other cars to meet a group of black trucks. Dressed in her Interpol uniform, she and a couple of ITF agents have taken over the inspection duties for tonight, giving whoever's normally responsible for waving everything through a questionably deserved but definitely /needed/ break.

The detective's knuckles go white around her clipboard as she watches the train pull in, and stay that way until she reminds herself to breathe.

The train pulls to a stop, and a single man hops out of the waiting trucks. He is impeccably dressed, his business suit exquisitely tailored to best display his athletic frame. His white hair is close cut, but not quite military close. Sunglasses hide his eyes, but not the hints of a scar running over his left eye. He frowns as he looks around; there is... an anomaly. The ITF personnel are not the expected inspectors. He walks toward them, cool and business-like.

"Excuse me," he says in a loud but even voice. There might be something... familiar to it to Chun-li's ears, but perhaps not. "What seems to be the problem here?"

No, he does not introduce himself, nor does he seem ready to.


Brown brows knit, initially curious before the incredulity sets in. The well-dressed man gets a careful head-to-toe while she lets the question linger.

"Only if a thorough inspection by duly appointed officers of the law is a problem," Chun-Li replies, setting her eyes on those dark lenses as a smile faintly touches her lips. "Sir." The clipboard goes under an arm so she can offer him a firm hand in greeting. "With the current climate in Sunshine City, there's been some, well, /pressure/ to keep a closer eye on what, exactly, is coming in and out of the city. Put up a wall at the border if you want, but if the roads are good and the trains are running..."

The detective-inspector softly tsks and shakes her head.

"You can call me Detective Xiang. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to, this evening?"

The man produces identification. "Victor Ahaon," he prounces it ah-HAY-n, the identification is sufficient to confirm his identity. It is, of course, an expert forgery. He returns the handshake; everything above board here. He seems to be in excellent physical condition, and he moves like someone who is more than capable in any number of situations. Former military, perhaps, or even a martial artist in his own right.

"I see," he replies, in an /almost/ amicable tone of voice. "So you have a warrant, then, to search the train?" Another man comes running up with bills of lading and paperwork. "Our paperwork was properly filed, and our cargo properly inspected in customs before leaving the station." The paperwork is proffered. Of course everything would be in order here. More excellent forgeries, more excellent bribes paid.

"If you don't," Victor says, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave us be."

Likewise, Detective Xiang looks and moves like someone capable of setting records among her fellow law enforcers. Of course, she's also made appearances on the professional fighting circuit for years, so if Victor keeps up at all, there'd be little question of why that is.

"It looks like you guys covered all the right bases..." she thoughtfully murmurs while paging through the paperwork. The question of a warrannt is allowed to hang while she does this, carefully. Thoroughly. Meticulously.


Page by page, document by document, clause by clause, she reads for comprehension and aggravation for an interminable stretch before picking her index finger up from the page and flashing Mr. Ahaon a smile.

"Of course," she concisely offers while flipping the clipboard to show him a warrant; everything above board here. "It'd be a big waste of all our time if I /didn't/, right? Don't worry; we'll be as quick as we /can/ be, then we'll be out of your hair, promise. I know it's a pain, but, well..." Stretching a hand back, she gestures towards the bleeding city beyond the 'yard and gives Victor a fleeting grimace. "It's important to be safe. Who knows: some low-life could've snuck into customs, loaded your guys'..." Her eyes flick down and she pages for a second or two.

"... perishables, electronics, and assorted medical supplies with drugs or guns... you'd be mules without even knowing it. I can't imagine what that'd do to people who pay /this/ much," she slaps the papers against her clipboard, then offers them back to Victor, "attention to doing things just right."

Victor gives no sign of discomfort during the wait. If Detective Xiang is trying to apply some kind of mental pressure, it seems to be having no effect on the man. He returns her smile with one of his own. It's just as insincere, as well.

"Then I have to ask, again, you have proper... /legal/ authorization for all of this? As well as written proof of said authorization?" He is already holding a hand out to the man who brought the paperwork, who has a cell phone to place in that waiting hand.

"I can have my lawyer here fairly quickly, otherwise," he says, without a trace of bluster or threat, just fact in his tone of voice. He is already bringing the phone around and thumbing through the screen.

"Would whatever happens after that take less time than letting us poke around your containers full of nothing would?" the Detective evenly replies while canting her head. "How are you - sorry, your lawyer - how is your /lawyer/ going to explain my warrant not being good enough for you, I wonder?"

After a bit of scrolling, she pushes the clipboard towards him, then shifts to advance towards the train with a brisk wave. Beneath the signed warrant, further paperwork spells out the agents' duly granted authority to search the cargo being brought in by whatever company Shadaloo's hiding behind for contraband on behalf of the International Task Force, with the blessing of state and local law enforcement. The paperwork mentions a reasonable suspicion that the containers may contain illegal narcotics, firearms, and/or slaves, and grants the agents in the field the right to seize any such goods and/or people encountered in the course of a search.

"I'm sure your boss appreciates the lengths you go to, to keep his property safe."

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"Understanding warrants, or any legal documents for that matter, is not my area of expertise," Victor says almost amicably as he pockets the phone. Then something happens.

The two agents with the Detective suddenly slump to the ground, like puppets with their strings cut. The reason becomes obvious from two sources of information: the blood spray coming from their heads and necks, along with the twin report of rifles being fired from long range. The bullets, supersonic rounds, did plenty of catastrophic damage.

Victor has handed his suit jacket to his flunky, and is finishing tugging on a pair of gloves before the bodies hit the platform. "I'm sure that he does," Victor says as purple energy flares along his left hand.

Chun-li no doubt recognizes the energy for what it is: Psycho Power.

Victor is lunging towards the Strongest Woman in the World with a flickering left jab before most people can register that the two agents are dead!

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A flickering fist meets a white, leather sole. Blue chi springs from the impact point and clashes with Psycho Power; sheer force gradually forces limbs apart until Chun-Li drops out of her split-second defensive roundhouse, then staggers back a step to survey the damage those two reports wrought. The tassels trailing from her hair whip furiously as widened eyes scan the 'yard-- then set on Victor, narrowing. Chi spirals up along legs that ripple and strain against navy material, dancing until her hands are alight with blue sparks.

"It's a shame that he won't be able to bail you out," she lowly bites off. "Not that I'd expect him to bother if he could, but, you know."

The next moment, the only signs of her are the thin blue trails sparking through the air between she and Victor-- and then /around/ Victor as she tumbles around the edges of what she reckons to be his guard. Mere seconds - and numerous bounds - later, she darts in close, then balances on one foot and throws the other towards Victor. Just as the rest of her did, the limb practically vanishes into a blur of scintillating chi, but not one of the dozens of kicks she proceeds to throw is a feint.

"If you WEREN'T about to be thrown in the darkest hole I can find!"

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Chun-Li          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0       Zach Glenn

More of that psychic miasma of power flows across "Victor's" arms as the man deflects every single one of the incoming kicks squarely. He seems... unruffled, although the sleeves of his shirt seem a bit singed.

"You are welcome to try," he says, not in a taunting manner. There is no trace of joy or play or tease in it. "I would be hard pressed to stop you from the attempt."

His right hand snaps down to one side, a blade of psychic force extending from that straight hand.

"I will, of course, resist such attempts." The man sweeps the blade at a diagonal, looking to rake the blade across Chun-li's upper body from hip to shoulder. "Strenuously."

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Chun-Li staggers towards her knees after Psycho Power rips through her body and sets her nerves aflame, but catches herself with fingers braced in the dirt. Both hands then snap into parallel with her waist; the move she makes to rise smoothly transitions into a lunge towards Victor. Her hands unfurl and thrust into twin strikes aimed squarely at the man's gut, which helps direct the chi sparking around them a few inches forward so that /it's/ the first thing to-- potentially-- make contact with the white-haired man before her palms drive her frustration home.

"/Why/?" she demands mid-strike, simply. Furiously.

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Victor tenses his abdominals and sets his weight, catching the strike squarely without flinching. Power boils off of the man as he regards Chun-li without emotion. The sunglasses shift, sliding slightly down his nose.

"It's my mission," he says as he adjusts the glasses. "To ensure that this train will continue unimpeded. I had hoped to dissuade you from interfering with my task," he says honestly. "But it seems that you have your job as well." That strange energy slides along the man's arms as he throws a left hook followed by a right straight at Chun-li's head. Should they connect, each strike will unleash a detonation of psychic force!

"It's nothing personal," he says. "Not with you, or your agents. I simply cannot allow you to stop my work here."

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Grazing Hit
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Chun-Li          1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1       Zach Glenn

The Detective writhes into agonized stiffness as psychic energy pummels her then collapses, panting greedily. The chi swirling around her body flickers madly between blinding and faint with each ragged breath until it's just-- gone, bursting out of existence to leave a shower of dim points in the air around her.

"/Children/," she hisses, locking eyes with the man as she pushes up on trembling arms. The lack of emotion tells her that either he won't care at all, or Shadaloo recruited a professional who cares more about getting his job done than finding excuses to hurt people while doing it.

She knows where she'd put her money, but nothing /else/ has gotten her the least bit under his skin, and it would be /nice/ to be wrong, besides.

"Your boss is stealing /children/; is what you're bringing him?"

Chun-Li's palms come together as she rises into a thrust aimed at his chin, and hit or miss, she tries to dart around his flank as her arms drop. If she makes it there, her elbow will lash towards his spine, then she'll snap forward to thrust a staggering kick backwards, towards the back of his skull.

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Chun-Li          1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1       Zach Glenn

An arm snakes out, diverting the palm strike upward. The man turns to catch the elbow with his own, deflecting the strike on the meat that gathers at the bent arm, before tilting to one side to avoid the kick altogether.

"I honestly do not know," Victor answers with what appears to be comeple honesty. "I only know that I am supposed to ensure that the train gets to where it is supposed to. The cargo is irrelevant to me."

He takes advantage of Chun-li's positioning and his own spin the scythe a short kick directly at her back, more of that energy surrounding the leg. There cannot be all =that- many people who can keep up with the Supercop.

Just who =IS= this man?

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Pivoting hips and years of honed instincts bring Chun-Li's right forearm sweeping into Victor's shin, but unlike the first moments of the fight, the impact brings visible discomfort as purple force licks up her arm and kinetic energy rattles its way to a new home in her bones.

"Why are you working for them?" she sharply wonders, eyes flicking towards his as they connect with one another. "Is it money?"

Grimacing, the Detective drops a couple paces back, sinks to a knee, and splays her hand across the ground. "Did they promise you something?" she presses between deep, carefully slowed breaths. Her voice burns with outrage, but the volume's falling as she settles into her rhythm. In, out--

"Do you just not-- /care/ who else you might be hurting tonight...?"

Gold and blue ripple from her chest, blossoming until the air around her is thick with raw, sizzling power. Wind chi sets her hair - violently loosened from its buns thanks to those psychic detonations - aflutter along numerous capricious currents while surging, indignant heat distorts her image. In, out--

"It doesn't matter to your mission anymore, 'Victor': who ARE you, that this is OKAY with you?!"

There's no bothering with testing Victor's guard, not anymore; whoever he is, Chun-Li knows for /certain/ that he's too dangerous, too casually, blisteringly skillful to approach with anything less than her best. One moment, she's on her knee and yelling at him; the next, the world around him explodes into a hail of kicks, slicing winds, and searing, electric chi.

When she eventually switches legs - if she makes it long enough /to/ switch legs - it happens so abruptly that Victor might not register the difference; it's all high-speed violence and unleashed rage at this point. In, out--

The final switch is punctuated with one last blow: a thrust kick along an upward angle, pointed at the man's chin. Every bit of blue and gold stirring and boiling around her explodes along that leg, sketching a brilliant brush stroke of spiritual energy into the air on its way towards the Shadaloo operative's body.

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Victor turns, more of that energy pouring off of him. He regards Chun-li with wary suspicion; she is readying something big. However, she is in close too quickly to do anything more than summon more of that mental power to protect himself as the kicks come screaming in. He braces up as best that he can, but there are too many of them and they are too powerful for the operative to stop at all.

The psion crashes to the platform, his shirt in little more than burnt tatters around him... along with glass and metal. His skin is a mass of bruise and burn and laceration, even though these things are starting to heal over already as he brings himself to his feet.

"I already told you why I am doing this," the man says without rancor. Only the man is clearly not Victor. It would not be all that difficult for Chun-li to recognize the man; he was the team captain for the third placed team in King of Fighters. The Heirs to Legend were notable for their finish despite the low seed they had acquired. "And who I am is not important either."

Zach Glenn stares at Chun-li, though those emerald eyes stare at her with... /nothing/ in them. She can tell he is looking at her, but there is no spark, no animation to them. Power builds around the man, and suddenly there are hundreds of swords forged of psychic might hanging in the air around the two fighters.

"The only thing that matters is the mission," he says flatly, before charging the woman, a pair blades in his hands as he closes the gap, slashing at her as he passes only to grab two more weapons. Then two more. Then two more. The barrage of attacks seems to come without ceasing until the blades are all gone, and the psion slides to a halt in a low crouch.

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[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/----<<<|-------\-------\0       Zach Glenn

Chun-Li keeps up; thus the gasp and stutter-step backwards when she sees a Cinderella story picking himself up from the platform. Her tournament appearances have been spotty of late - too much time spent failing to capitalize on Shadaloo's post-Mortal Kombat decline - but the woman has been a fighter all her life. Nothing would more surely mark her as a fraud than not recognizing the empty face staring at her once those glasses are gone. Hell, she almost placed the voice from media clips alone, but even with Major Nash's warning about skilled fighters having vanished into Shadaloo's employ ringing in the back of her head... a third place KOF finalist was the last person she expected to find guarding the cartel's cargo.

And he sounds so, so cold. So empty, so absent of anything other than what Shadaloo needs of him.

"Your name," she slowly, but forcefully interjects as Psycho Power builds to a murderous crescendo, "is Zach Glenn. You-- you finished third in the King of Fighters, with-- God, a falconer? A circus juggler?"

The Detective takes in a shuddering breath and the air is full of swords before she can release it.

"You're more than this," she insistently hisses, forcing her eyes to stay on his even as the threat of death looms from hundreds of angles. "You're BETTER than being a tool for Vega--"

She only /just/ notices that he's getting closer as she utters those futile cries, just in time to drop back to a crouch and lose a few inches of hair to scything psychic puissance. He's the /third place finalist/ of the last King of Fighters tournament; after a shuddering exhale, she manages to push every /other/ implication of that fact aside to focus on the one that matters most right now. Her eyes remain locked on the man, but she's less worried about trying in vain for a connection than she is about avoiding one from all those swords, which means focusing on his feet and arms as he darts around her.

It's like a dance-- like in the movies her dad would take her to on weekends, beautiful in its lethality. Beat by perilous beat, she manages to duck, weave, and dive /just/ shy of those passing strikes while her heart pounds as if each syncopated moment will be its last.

Finally, she can feel herself sinking into the rhythm of this fight she's mostly been stumbling through thus far. The effort of playing partner to Zach's incredible bladework for however long it takes to empty the air of hundreds of weapons two at a time leaves her clutching her knees and gasping for air... but she'd rather be tired than dead.

"I won't-- hh-- I won't LET him use you...!" she swears while pulling herself upright. An arm folds over the invisible, searing wound where his blade alread met her body, then she buckles and her promise terminate in a grimace. "God," she mutters beneath, "that /sword/..."

Again, she hauls herself upright, and this time she surges through the pain; rather than buckle, she flips herself upside down and twists powerfully enough to propel herself towards Zach. Legs laced with bicolored chi aim to generate a short-lived vortex of savagery around the man, and then as she lands, that energy rushes to dance around her entire body in slender contrails.

Third place finalist; he can't be allowed even a /moment/ to breathe.

Pain and determination wordlessly erupt from Chun-Li's lips as she hurls herself into another forward flip towards Zach. Her chi snaps inwards, focusing around her right foot as the heel screams towards the top of the man's skull with a scintillating axe-kick that leaves her crouched and panting desperately for air.

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"I am most of those things," Zach agrees, devoid of anything anything like remorse or concern. Chun-li launches into her trademark series of kicks... and Zach is ready for them. Each of the Spinng Bird Kicks is met by an expertly timed forearm, which completely depletes the move of momentum even as each flare of chi is repulsed by a matching flare of psycho power.

The psion senses, or thinks he senses, an opening and lashes out with an open hand comprised entirely of psycho-kinetic force to snatch the woman out of the air...

...but that is all that it grabs at, and the kick slams Zach into the platform once more. He gets up, but it is all he can do. He regards the woman carefully as he waits for her next gambit.

"The most important thing is that you don't need to be /this/," Chun-Li insists as he rises. On that note, she dashes a few feet along the platform, then springs into a flying kick meant to crash into his sternum and slam him back down.

"What happens if you fail the mission, Zach?!" she demands mid-flight. "They'll DISPOSE of you, won't they?! They didn't EARN this loyalty, and they don't DESERVE it!"

In stark contrast to her rapid-fire offense thus far, she's moving sluggishly after pouring so much of her energy into that last series of attacks. Between exhaustion and the psychic fire still burning within, jumping instead of running in-- hell, /running/ instead of staggering close enough for a quick blow takes a toll, but it's worth it if it keeps those crates--

-- and this hollowed out weapon--

-- out of Shadaloo's hands.

COMBATSYS: Zach Glenn interrupts Medium Kick from Chun-Li with Soaring Dragon EX.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Chun-Li          1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0       Zach Glenn

"I am certain that they would," Zach agrees. "An asset that cannot accomplish its purpose is not worth keeping around." There is... nothing there. Nothing of doubt, or worry, or rage. Or of a dozen motivations or emotions that would normally run through a man, especially one like Zach Glenn, if Interpol's file on him were any indicator.

The psion crouches, power flaring around his right fist as he waits for Chun-li to close. The woman made multiple errors: she thought that she might break through Zach's programing, thought that her speed would serve her better than Zach's might would serve his. But mainly, it is that she =jumped.= She cannot course correct, cannot dodge. Can't even put up anything like a defensive effort.

Zach launches into a blistering uppercut, his force and momentum carrying him airborne as his fist slams into Chun-li's jaw as her kick slides right by his face to hit nothing but air. Zach lands lightly on his feet, watching Chun-li.

"I will give you a chance to surrender or leave," he says. "Otherwise, we shall continue."

Chun-Li hits the ground a split-second after a spray of blood. Quick, shallow-- rhythmic breaths pound through her chest afterwards, as she pushes up onto her arms, through the throbbing and the burning. Dual-colored chi wafts around her like radiant smoke warning of the bonfire within, pulsing a little farther out with each breath, until she eventually makes it to her feet. Her next inhalation sucks every iota of energy into a tiny star hovering before her in anticipation. Her eyes meet his; she would /tell/ him her answer, but she's pretty sure he just broke her jaw.

And it wouldn't matter if she /could/, anyway. She would if she could, but it wouldn't /matter/; nothing she could bring herself to say to him matters, so she lets her next breath and a driving, two-palm thrust through the air give the only answer that might. At the barest touch of her hand, rapidly compressed chi explodes into a crackling globe around Chun-Li. For several rending seconds, the woman disappears into the spiritual storm shredding indiscriminately through the platform as it seeks to consume Zach.

She /can't/ surrender or leave. Two agents lie dead, but there's still a life on the line; as long as there's breath in her body, she /must/ fight for him.

COMBATSYS: Zach Glenn just-defends Chun-Li's Kikoushou!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0       Zach Glenn

Chun-li's resolve is, in fact, remarkable. But it is also, apparently, not enough. The psion weaves another barrier of energy around him, and simply charges =through= the storm of energy surrounding the woman, closing the gap in an instant before planting his feet about shoulder width apart.

"Very well," he says evenly, even as he hurls a three-quarters uppercut at the side of Chun-li's head. The fist is carrying still more of that psychic might, and will unleash a furious blast of power should he connect!

COMBATSYS: Zach Glenn successfully hits Chun-Li with Explosive Strike.

[                                < >  ////////////                  ]
Chun-Li          1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0       Zach Glenn

Zach dashes across the crumbling platform and strikes decisively enough to put an abrupt end to Chun-Li's storm. When blue, gold, and purple fade from the air, the Detective's lying unconscious amidst rubble, still breathing but barely. The effort of summoning enough energy to project with that level of force would've left her in a precarious position as it was, so his sheer, sudden violence made for a brutally effective countermeasure.

He made an error in thinking she could ever leave him be after getting as far with him as she did, just as she made one in giving herself over to righteous outrage rather than pragmatism.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li takes no action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zach Glenn       0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zach Glenn       0/-------/-======|

Zach Glenn stares at the fallen form of Chun-li. There is nothing on his face, not even the satisfaction of a battler hard fought. He motions to his toady, who hands him the cell phone again. The psion refuses the jacket, however, as he punches up a phone number.

"This is Victor One," he says in a dull monotone. "I require a clean up crew and a capture team. Two bodies, one potential asset." He hangs up and starts issuing orders as the train pulls into the station, and soldiers hurry to offload and reload train cars. Only then does he regard the Supercop once more.

"You will not enjoy what follows any more than I did," he says in the closest thing to an apology, before heading towards the trucks. It will be time to leave shortly.

COMBATSYS: Zach Glenn has ended the fight here.

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