The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 2: Meeting of the Muscle Minds

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Description: Franco is just a simple man wanting to make Southtown a better place. Abigail is a man on a mission to get his truck back. Both are mechanics and are pretty good at beating people up. Is this the start of a new friendship as the duo look to plow through Southtown in search of Abigail's truck?

It's been a rough time for Southtown hasn't it. Gang violence galore has the streets unsafe, fighting common, the citizens cowering in fear and the strange and unusual coming to make a visit to Southtown to stick their noses into events that would otherwise simply be flying under the radar...

Three thugs run afoul one such individual as they busy themselves spray painting vulgarities on the side of a building while a massive truck thrums and rumbles nearby. So invested are they in their art making that they don't notice the ground shaking or the vast shadow that rolls overtop them and the building wall they are using as a canvas ..until it's to late.

Turning reveals the vast torso of Abigail with his pit bull like visage scowling down at them from somewhere high above. An instant later and he's swept up all three into his gargantuan arms and has them squeezed against a chest capable of treating an engine block like a wet cardboard box.

'WHERE IS MY VROOM!" he thunders at them while squeezing. The sounds of bones crunching audible along with their cries. "I Know you HAVE IT! I recognize the sound of that 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel with 385 hp and 500 lb torque! You wouldn' be inspired to have that if you didn't have my TRUCK!"

He continues squeezing the trio together, threateing to turn them into a ball of meat until he releases them at the last second, realizing all three are unconscious. And then he bursts into tears. "Nooooo! My latest lead!!"

Thugs causing trouble is actually the least of Southtown's worries it would seem. Most normal people wouldn't know that, but those that have been fighting back and looking to protect the innocent are finding that the Syndicate has started to employ some questionable creatures to do nefarious deeds. Franco Bash was someone who found that out first hand when he had to fight the strange, vampire like creatures near Gedo High a few nights ago.

It seems the vampires found out not to mess with Franco the same way many of the other Synidcate thugs have over the past few weeks. Franco is a man on a mission to clean up the streets while juggling his job as a mechanic at the airport and also take care of his son. No one ever said being a single father is easy.

"AIEEE! Run away!" There are some shorts not far off from where Abigail had just subdued those three poor schmucks. Men in suits looking all sorts of roughed up are fleeing out of an alley way before Franco emerges in all his bright orange clothed glory. "And that is what you get for trying to bully my favorite place to get tea!" He shouts as he waves a big hand and decides not to give chase. They have learned a lesson to day he hopes. "Second group today. Will this ever cease!?"

Blissfully oblivious to this is Abigail, due to being drowned in his own personal one track minded sorrows. Sure he may be a little late to the game but he's focused on the last bit of information he has and that is that this 'Dahlia' person has his truck. He slams his fist to the ground, cracking the pavement and then he pushes up to his feet. "Stupid Mad Gear. Why didn't those morons come with me!" he grunts out before finally turning to see Franco just down the way. He's bright. He's orange. He's big. He's a suspect. Or at least someone who ought to know something. You dont' stand out like that without knowing something.

"Hey you!" Abigail turns and starts to make his way down the streets with his signature earth shaking foot steps while raising one arm to point at Franco as he draws near.

"Do you know where my truck is?! Do you work for this Dahlia person???"

It isn't often Franco runs into someone larger than him. Even more rare when the person dwarfs his rather impressive physique by being so gigantic. Franco's attention is fully focused on Abigail when he gets his attention and starts asking questions. "A truck? There are many trucks around here my large friend. I know more about planes than trucks admittedly." The name Dahlia on the otherhand? Nope! Doesn't ring a bell.

Franco lets his big hands rest on his hips as he looks up at Abigail. "This has been a dangerous town so I would not be surprised if someone here did decide to steal your truck. Why I just dealt with a trio of men trying to rob my favorite tea shop! I am not sure who this Dahlia person is you speak of." Another bad person!? There are enough of those around here. Maybe he will have to look into this Dahlia and if she is a troublemaker.

"You don't look to be from around here. I am Franco! Mechanic at Southtown Airport, Kickboxing Champion and a proud pappa! I also have taken up vigilante work given how bad crime is right now." He offers a hand and delivers a firm shake if Abby accepts it. Smaller in size yes, but Abigail could also tell Franco himself is a mighty man as well.

Abigail is not always a nice man. Well no he's never a nice man. He's a cauldron perpetually on the verge of exploding with just different degrees of 'not raging'. He's also not a patient man. But either way he squints his eyes and just sort of stares at Franco long and hard as the other man explains himself and just on the edge of losing his temper, a few things are said which refocus the brute.

"Yeah..yeah! They stole my truck. From Metro City! Who would do that!! This is Japan!!"

He looks frustrated at the lack of recognition of the name Dahlia, "What the.. that's all I have to go off of! The Dahlia!! Isn't there some sort of crime war goin' on here?" He snatches his massive hand down and grabs Franco's - sparing basically no strength at all as he rants, squeezing full bore. "The hell is wrong with Southtown! It's almost as crazy as Metro City. Hey..FRANCO! You don't look Japanese..what're -you- doing here??"

Give Franco credit. He might not be as strong as Abigail, but he doesn't even flinch when Abigail uses his strength to give a very FIRM handshake. Though once released Franco does give that hand a bit of a shake. "Crime is running rampant. I have never seen so many crazy things. I was working on a plane and find all these guns and drugs and next thing I know I have to subdue some shady man that was trying to take them." He has to agree Southtown has become a crazy place. Maybe he picked the wrong place to move given what happened with the Gear army and now this.

"And I am from the states! Moved here with my son for a fresh start. Apparently my choice of where to move was not a good one." he says with a laugh. "But you mention this Dahlia person. She might be one of the people behind all of this problem." He hmms as he looks about then back up towards Abigail. Then he seems to get an idea.

"You are missing a truck. I am sure some lowlife here got it. Why they came all the way from Metro to here is perplexing, but you are a man in need of help and I am here to help all of those in need!" Oh dear. There goes the neighborhood. "We can investigate this Dahlia person together, find your truck, and take care of anyone who stands in the way! This place isn't exactly safe. I got attacked by strange life stealing monsters just the other day. Don't want that to happen to you afterall!"

That indeed draws a look of concern from Abigail.

"..Life stealing monsters. You, uh, like..vampires??"

He blinks a few times and then shakes his head back and forth and puts a huge hand up to it to scratches around his Maple Leaf shaped mohawk. "..That's downright weird. The hell is wrong with this place.. Well, actually now that I think about it, Metro City's got a Darkstalker thing going on for it so I guess it's not that different as far as that goes.."

As to the rest, Abigail lowers his arm and eyes Franco appraisingly. Abigail's a world warrior after all. It's not like he needs a bodyguard. "Yeah.." he confirms, "The people who took my truck said 'The Dahlia' thanks me, or somethin'. They reminded me of Yakuza.. Do you know where t'start looking, Franco??"

Franco can only give a nod. "Vampires! Something like that! Came out of nowhere, but they soon found out Franco Bash is not an easy target." He lets out another laugh before getting a more serious look. Now there is the rub. Abigail is a big man so it is safe to assume he would have a big truck. Something Franco has not seen around town. Something like that would probably stand out.

"Well not exactly. We would have to look at places that could store a truck of immense size. I work at the airport so I can look around there! Maybe one of the private Hangars is hiding it. We could check the docks as well. A lot of different places that could house your truck. And if that doesn't work!"

He claps his hands together and grins. "We just beat answers out of the trouble makers of Southtown until one of them have information about your truck, this Dahlia person or both!"

The behemoth thinks, carefully examining this plan from all angles before noding his head and getting more and more excited and pleased as the seconds pass and the plan sinks in. Especially the last part.

"Yeah..YEAH. I like that, I LIKE THAT." he shakes a balled up fist, "Especially the beating answers out of them part! You look like you can beat people up pretty good, Franco. -And- you're a mechanic? They call me the Superhuman Hot-Rodder back home. I mod cars and trucks. You work on planes. What could possibly go wrong!!"

He claps his massive hands together, "We'll clean up Southtown! All of the gangs!"

It was probably on this day all of Southtown's lower level thugs and criminal elements felt a shiver run through them. As if Franco running wild wasn't bad enough now he found someone for the time being like minded and ready to put some boots to faces. Franco just grins wide as it seems his plan came off as acceptable and he nods.

"Mechanics got to stick together I would think! I would very much like to see some of your work!" Franco himself isn't one to mod the planes he works on. More than likely because he would get fired if he did so. But he has found a new friend and someone that seems to enjoy some of the same things he does.

"I must go home and make dinner for my son, but after that we can begin our search! Whoever this Dahlia person who stole your truck is will certainly regret it!"

"Oh yeah, you got a kid." Abigail was apparently ready to go roaring right then and there but the reality of the real world settles in and he nods, disappointed but understanding.

"Alright, Franco! I'm going to keep looking but soon we're going to start runnin' these wannabe gear heads off the road!"

He gives a two fingered salute and then turns and starts heading away, slowly thundering up the streets in search of another set of victims.

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