Lilith - Under a Rock

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Description: Ragna the Bloodedge recovers after his run in with Zach Glenn and Bullet in the Mexican desert, where he is discovered by none other than the Flat-chested Succubus herself--Lilith Aensland!

A blood trail in the sand, a small chunk of a town missing. There was a lot that had happend in the last couple of hours, following Ragna's bout against Bullet and Zach. It all started with the woman attempting to claim his bounty, which it eventually devolved and spiraled into a bloodbath when Zach Glenn got involved. It's even worse, as Ragna had no idea what that man was even there for! So for the time being, Ragna had to hobble off to allow himself time to heal. While he's not blessed with the accelerated healing factor that some people have, his connection to his Azure Grimoire does help speed things along.

The man has found himself currently under a rock, in the middle of nowhere. His body pressed up against it, as he attempted to find the most comfortable position he could. His right hand clutching at his chest, which until recently, had been bleeding quite heavily. "Uughh...." Is all he can voice out, before reaching out to an invisible water bottle. "I need to remember to buy more supplies..." He chastises himself. His blade rests right next to him, and he presses his hand to it.

The one worry he has, is that Bullet or Zach might have tipped off their comrades about him. So he had to try and keep his senses about him, just in case some bounty hunters might come along to claim their prize.

The minions of Jedah have been operating, as it turns out--in Latin America for a bit now. At least this one has been!

"Mas mas mas, por favor o/`

Comes what sounds like a high-pitched, girlish voice into the arid countryside.

"Mas mas mas si si senor!"

There is a rumble nearby as a large unnatural-looking completely red arm and hand stretches out and grabs the giant rock that Ragna is hiding beside--or beneath, like some kind of arthropod--and lifts it up--looking beneath it.

"Whoo--I knew I smelled blood out here but I figured it was the cartel out here disposing of some of their garbage--who are you?" Lilith is more or less in her regular succubus outfit, except she is also wearing what looks like a shemagh (cotton headscarf) wrapped around most of her lower face and neck--with a pair of cheap sunglasses over her eyes.

Ragna hears the chanting and just stays still, that is until his resting spot is lifted clear into the air! The man grabs the hilt of his blade, and rolls to the side. This causes him to visually grimace but he's able to power through the pain.

With both his hands, he brings the blade up in a very weak defensive stance. "Garbage?!" He roars back, not addressing the question. "Who the hell do you think -YOU- are?" He asks back, his eyes focusing on this /child/. His eyes glance back and forth to that large hand that is currently holding the rock. "You're obviously not one of the people around here..." He works out on his own.

Regardless, the Bloodedge is ready to fight, even in his weakened state if he has to.

"I'm Lilith Aensland, brother blood, and I was talking to myself," Lilith's cheery expression doesn't change--setting the rock down not far away with her wing-turned arm reforming into said wing.

"I'm also not a 'people'! though I have been meddling in the affairs of what the people around here have been doing--whole lot of violence, lot of organized crime--lot of nutzes," she grins down at Ragna.

"You're not a nut, are you hon? you wouldn't wanna jam that big huge blade into little old me, now, would you?" her voice turned more sickly sweet and coy.

Ragna still holds the blade towards Lilith in a defensive manner, though his grip loosens a bit on the hilt. He takes a moment to think of her words before deciding what to say.

"Lots of nutzes?" He can't help but smirk at that. "You could say that again, after what happend the other day." Ragna then pulls the blade back and plunges it into the ground. Both as a peaceful gesture and as a way to help keep his balance. "Ill admit...." He begins. "That you seem a bit more sane then what I've dealt with lately. So, ill play along with this act."

"Im Ragna, Ragna the Bloodedge." He adds his given title, using it as a means to prevent her from attacking. That is if one can really intimidate a being like Lilith. "If you cross me. I'd have no problem plunging this blade..." He taps his weapons. "Through your sorry ass..."

"It looks like whoever it was had some fun with you, hon--why don't you tell Lilith all about it," she stepped down from the rock which she had perched herself on and tugged the scarf down from her face and around her neck, giving her a sort of weird gothic cowgirl look, almost--and propped the sunglasses over her violet haired forehead.

"Who said I'd be sorry? I'm not usually ever sorry about anything, hon--succubus and all, you know--we eat people, sure, but I like to leave most people alone with all that, you know? But I do what I will with the wicked--and speaking of," Lilith produces a smartphone from /somewhere/ behind her and swipes her thumb across it--checking something before replacing it back where it was.

"I still got to find me a rather atrocious horror--it's a thirty year old woman who dresses up like a cowgirl! You wouldn't happen to know anyone like that, would you dear?" she asks, for a moment making a large ten-gallon hat appear briefly over her head.

"I....have not." Ragna replies to Lilith's question about the cowgirl woman in question. You would think that the girl creating a hat would atleast warrant a eyebrow raise, but Ragna has seen some much weirder stuff in his time.

"Hrrrgh...." He mumbles out, before letting himself fall back to the ground into a sitting position. He then leans his back against his weapon like a sort of chair. "Alright...." He admits, and smiles. He doesn't really have much more he can do right now. Until he's completely healed, he can't risk going back into any town. To him, Zach is part of some sort of cartel that might be looking for him. So it's best to lie low for the time being.

"How I got here...." He looks at the ground and just starts laughing. "Would you believe Im here because of a woman?" He asks Lilith curiously. "All about money. Seems like such a stereotypical thing when I take a moment to really think about it." He waves his hand in a small circle. "Anyways....a fight broke out. Some buildings got leveled, which ANOTHER fight broke out....and here we are." He doesn't seem to really be on the ball with details.

"Ohh, well then," Lilith looked momentarily disappointed, like a child might, stamping her stiletto boot against the sandy ground for a moment, before relenting and shrugging her shoulders. The hat also winks out of existence--it really wasn't the right look for her, anyway. Reminded her too much of Toy Story, anyhow.

"Oh, no--a boy and a girl are how all great stories start--you know, like the Titanic, or a streetcar named desire!" she nodded affirmatively.

"Do you need emergency services? do you require medical aid? Perhaps some chocolate milk, or a burrito?" she tilted her head. "I can probably get signal out here, even!"

Ragna quickly raises his hand up as she offers to call for help. "No!'s fine. I just need a little more time to heal up, and ill be on my way."

Again, Ragna notices that her hat completely blinks out of existence. It causes him to wonder 'why do I always seem to meet up with these types of people'? "I don't know about this story." He adds, "This girl was more interested in dragging my sorry ass in, as far as I can tell." He manages a shrug. "Not gonna lie though, she packed a pretty good punch." He rubbed at his chest, which still ached from a LITERAL PILEDRIVER hitting it. Probably best to put it out of mind for now.

"So then, Lilith, why are you so interested in this cowgirl? Seems like a....strange reason to be way out here by yourself?"

"Well, to be truthful--I think we've have a bit of trouble getting an ambulance out here into the desert, anyway," she says a little downbeat, crouching down next to Ragna in the sandy ground.

"Eh? Police, interpol? What?" Lilith seems mildly interested, looking over at him--seemingly to have some passing familarity with these sorts of organizations.

"I was just down here taking care of some criminal scum that are working with Shadaloo, the cowgirl I mentioned works with 'em--I aim to kill her, mmhmm," she hums a little to himself, though unironically it winds up sounding like Karl Childer's patented vocal tic.

"She's some kind of shadaloo whackjob who preys on kids--involved in human trafficking, murder, all that fun stuff," she explains casually with a shrug.

"Im not exactly too sure..." Ragna says, giving a thousand yard stare. "NOL is willing to pay quite a hefty sum for bringing me in." He finally admits to the Succubus. If Lilith was lulling him into a false sense of security, she was doing quite a good job. Though, strangely, Ragna finds her presence just as tolerable as Rachael's. Heck in some lights, the two of them are functionally similar. Atleast in Ragna's eyes that is.

"Shadaloo?" He asks curiously. While he's not completely unfamiliar with the name, he's not exactly been focusing on it. Ragna tends to be lazy about things that don't pertain to his interests. "Sounds like a bunch of assholes to me, if they employ trash like this woman?" He can't help but shrug slightly. "Im not really being helpful, am I?" He asks, casting the gaze of his red eye back at Lilith. "Im not one that usually gets wrapped up in those sorts of things." In reality, Ragna is ALWAYS caught up in those things!

"Oh those guys--the weird Christian Fundamentalists that work for creepy librarians, gotcha," Lilith nodded at the mention of NOL. The difference between her and Rachel is that Lilith is not nearly anywhere near her paygrade power-wise, so would likely ilicit a much lower sort of chi or psi-signature for most.

"Yeah, you know--huge international terrorists, they work for that dictator guy," she mentions casually, again. Nothing is really serious with her, so far. Besides the little bouts of mania, here and there.

"Dresses in red, got a skull on his cap, all that stuff," she looks over at him again.

"No! But it's okay," she replied cheerily with a grin, not seeming to mind.

"These people that roughed you up though--who were they?"

Ragna just shrugs, "Don't know. One was a woman who dressed like cheap street candy. The other was some white haired guy in a suit. Beyond that, I dont have a damn clue!" The man's lack of knowledge shows itself again!

"It doesn't really matter anyways, Ill crush anyone that stands between me and putting an end to NOL." He says this with conviction in his eyes. "It's only a matter of time till I dismantle the entirety of their organization." Talking about this seems to have lit a fire inside Ragna, and he moves to stand up. He does this by sliding up the side of the blade. "Though if this Shadaloo has any ties to NOL, it wont be long before I go after them as well."

Gripping the blade, he clasps it to the back of his hip. It seems like Ragna feels well enough to move out, even if he needs a bit more time to heal up.

"Cheap street candy you say? sounds like she'd attract that cowgirl nutjob--continue," Lilith raised an eyebrow at that. "White hair, huh? in a suit? Couldn't be David Bowie--it's been dead for a bit now, eesh," Lilith made a waving motion with her hand as if fanning away a bad odor from her face.

"Sounds like you definitely should--crush them, I mean," she nodded again, affirmatively. "Tell you what, if you get any leads you can call me and I'll be around if you need any help--if you want," she shrugs again, seeming indifferent if he dislikes the idea. She was probably thinking 'hey, at least I tried!'

"You're not hungry either? you don't want to find some churros?" she grinned at him.

Ragna just lets out a small chuckle, and shakes his head. "No. Im fine." He quickly answers. "I think I've had my fill of churro's for awhile." What does this comment mean, who knows, but he says it with a pretty convincing tone.

"Im fine with sharing information." He slams his right hand into his left palm. "I wanna find that one guy, and rip him to shreds after what he did." He then turns to look at Lilith, "How do we contact each other, if we find any information about our intended targets?"

"Mmhmm, I know the feeling," she said with a pursing of her lips, nodding a bit again.

"Uh well, you see we call eachother on our cellphones--you do have one, yes?" Lilith cracked the knuckles of two of her fingers and made a 'flicking' motion--a small light green-glowing soul bat fluttering out and forming into a small card with Lilith's number on it--drifting down into Ragna's hands or lap, whichever was closest.

"If you don't got one, I guess you can use a payphone? aheh, gotta stick with the times, and all that," she stands up finally, replacing her scarf and sunglasses over her face, to ward off the light as well as the sand and grit from the wind.

"Vaya con dios, por favor!"

And then she explodes into green glowing bats, and flies away. Like you do.

Ragna grabs the card provided, and just watches as Lilith EXPLODES into bats. "I dont even..." He lazily gets out, before just shaking his head. "It's been a weird day." He adds, before turning and making his way back to civilization.

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