The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 1 - Cabaret Chasing

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Description: In search of Lee Chaolan, Raiden is dispatched to a Southtown nightclub to question former (?) Violet Girl, Felicia, about her employer's whereabouts. However, the showgirl has her own plans. With intimate knowledge of the Shadow Council, she is set to head to America to assist Charlie, and a hard working girl has no time for Syndicate games. Will Felicia be so quick to rat out her boss, however, or will cat have her tongue?

The Cabaret where Big Bear finds Felicia is a rather... upscale sort of place. It's an actual theater, for one, and not a 'men's club' or some other sort of establishment. However, that doe not mean the performances there are advised for all audiences--there is a heady amount of skin and lace flying around--while maintaining the proper sort of atmosphere. Broadway as it turned out was still a little too high profile for a up and coming Darkstalker/Catwoman actress, at least at the moment, and when there wasn't any productions of 'A Streetcar named Desire' going on, which her agent would let her know about--she could be found in places like this.

Currently, there was a woman singing a rousing song from 'Burlesque' in a police office'rs campaign hat, dark satin gloves, lacy black brassiere, panties, garter-belt, sheer black stockings and heels--and little else. Afterwards, Felicia would appear--walking up to a lone microphone, wearing what looked like a shimmering red strapless cocktail dress and pale silver heels and gloves--her back-length hair teased cleanly and delicately back. Her ears and tail were visible, of course--though quite a bit more smaller and more innocuous than before--and she lacked the usual amazon-frame and fur she normally did. This too was another of the Catwoman's shapeshifting 'tricks'. They really didn't make dresses or shoes in the kind of sizes her other form demanded, anyway.

As piano keys were tapped, she began to sing.

Big Bear is not much for shows. Funny since the man is heavily involved in wrestling which has quite a bit theatrics in its own right. He isn't here for pleasure or fun though. Tonight it is all business and it is hard for him not to stand out in a crowd.

The lucha mask he wears is something that draws attention, but his massive frame right now is wearing a high end tailored suit. Geese likes his men to look their best when out in public not causing trouble and even Big Bear can't escape the fact he has to dress up at times. He was sent to ask questions and get information. Be subtle if he can, but there is a reason why Big Bear was chosen for this task. If he needs to get physical there are few other low end enforcers in the Syndicates ranks that can match up with him.

He remains quiet and watches the show for now. The catgirl is allowed to perform as he stands against a wall with arms folded as he waits for her to finish. No reason to ruin everyone's fun. If she refuses to cooperate then he will get plenty of his own fun.

Once the singing and piano number is over, it would be hard not to have noticed someone like Big Bear--he looked like he was an unused gladiator in that movie The Running Man, starring none other than Ahnuld baby--but this does not immediately put Felicia on the defensive or her hackles back. Not quite at all--she knew all sorts that hung out and funny costumes, and who was she to judge? She was a cat lady in a cocktail gown, eyeshadow and lipstick--if that wasn't funny in some way, she wasn't sure what was!

"Hola, chico--what can I do for you? Autograph? my lipstick mark on it will cost extra, I warn you," she approaches him slowly, gait methodical and slinky--her heels clicking, announcing her presence. She's giving him a smile and sedate 'come hither' sorts of eyes, though if he peers closely he can see how the pupils of her green eyes constrict into almond shapes as the lights hit them.

With the music number done the big man pushes off the wall and he adjusts his tie. It looks like he won't have to go track her down as she comes to him comes off the stage. "Afraid not." The big Aussie says in response. "Been sent here for another reason. Figure you know what it is."

His eyes wander, but he does well to try and keep it professional right now. Or at least as professional as he can be given the situation. "This deals with one of your previous employers." His gaze moves around the room and those nearby catch the dangerous look he is giving and they end up giving both Big Bear and Felicia wide berth and in turn some privacy.

"So how about we do this the nice way and you just let me know what information you have on this Lee guy. I go give that information to my boss and you get to go back being a fancy cat." he explains to her. He gives a smile, but it perhaps isn't the most sincere. "So what do you think? Seems like a good enough deal, no?"

"Mmmmnot really? Explain?" Felicia stiffened up just a little, though not showing fear exactly--simply her body language became more... rigid. If Bear had been around a lot of house cats before, he might notice the arch that had come into play on her back--a kind of readiness.

"Oh, if you mean Ricardo, I am never working for that cheap slime again, he can try to short girls for pay all he wants, but he's not going to do it with--" that is when the name Lee is dropped.

"OH, the /other/ cheapskate slime," she shuddered just a little, though it seemed more in anger, this time.

"Information? I haven't exactly seen a whole lot of old Lee-boy since his company went under and he stopped being able to pay me, among other things--what's he done now?"

Well at least she doesn't seem to like Lee so that might work in Big Bear's favor. He reaches over to pull a small table and some chairs over. He offers one ot Felicia before settling down on the other seat which groans under his weight.

"Don't know what he has done. I just know the boss wants him and he figured you might know. Sent me to go see what you knew and well if you were trying to hide something I was to rough you up." He rests a arm on the table and he leans on it. "Look, you look like a nice young lady. If you got any sort of lead just let me know. I can tell the boss what you know and after that you should be free to go about without problem." He does grimace a bit. "Can't promise that, but I would assume that is how it would go."

And while Big Bear doesn't make mention of a name Felicia is in Southtown so it is safe to assume who Big Bear's employer is. "I am not exactly privvy to what is fully going on right now. The boss wants Lee and usually he gets what he wants."

Felicia sits down, regarding Big Bear with some seriousness. "I haven't been in contact with him since I last saw him in Cuba, he's a manipulative worm that used me for his company's image--last I knew he was busted and all of his company's assets had been siezed," Felicia sighed, looking at the large luchador man.

"Hey, if someone wants to bust Lee I'm all for it, as far as I'm deserved the slimy freak got what he deserved, he doesn't care about people at all," she shrugs.

"I figured he'd be in a drunk stupor somewhere around wallstreet, thinking he's still the CEO of a company--you know, not accepting reality? He's pretty good at that," she grins.

The big man takes this all into consideration as he rubs his chin with thumb and forefinger. She doesn't seem like is trying to lie about anything. Big Bear isn't the greatest judge of character, but he feels the tone she is using is one of disdain when talking about him. "I see...." He eyes her up and down again then contemplates.

"Well I don't think you are trying to trick me." He sits up and gives a shake of his head. "Was hoping there would be more information, but I guess we'll have to look at other avenues to find him." He rises from his seat and reaches up to tug some at the mask to readjust it. "Just between you and me just tread lightly. Don't think anything will happen to you, but I wouldn't suggest leaving town. I am sure there are eyes on you and well.....I am one of the nicer guys when it comes to stuff like this." She was more than lucky it wasn't the likes of Mr. Big or Yamazaki. There probably wouldn't have been much in the way of talking.

He looks back to Felicia. "You hear from him at all or find something new use this contact number. I am sure you will be well rewarded if it leads to his capture. If you are into that sort of thing." he says with a smirk after digging out a piece of paper with a number scrawled onto it and offers it to the feline.

"Like I said, last time I saw him he was hiding out at that massage parlor in Southtown, where those two big lugs were trying to drag him in--he didn't even help me after they roughed me up," Felicia pouts. She sounds like she's being dead serious and candid throughout the entire conversation. Of course, this was...


Felicia's secret weapon, dontcha know?

"Ooh yes, if I find that sleazebag he's going down," she reaches across the table with her satiny silver-gloved hand and takes the piece of paper from Bear. As she leans over she smiles again, winking at him.

"You don't be a stranger yourself, eh big guy? I like guys who like to keep the masks on, if you catch my meaning," she grinned and raised her gloved hand with the piece of paper to her lips--blowing him a kiss, and leaving the imprint of her red lips on the paper itself.

If only he were younger. The big man gives a bit of a laugh at the antics and he just nods. "Heh, I might stop in again sometime. I got some other work to do in the meantime." While some parts of Southtown are quiet enough overall the town is a mess with all the fighting going on behind the scenes. He just hopes Geese knows what he is doing this time around.

"Well if that is all you got to say I will make my report." He just gives a nod and turns about to leave Felicia at the table by herself while making his way out of the club. With a sigh of relief he reaches up to tear off the suit jacket, shirt and tie and toss them in a nearby trashcan before pulling his phone out.

He'll believe her for now, but Big Bear also knows his ass is grass if Felicia knew more and ran off. "Yeah, it is me." he speaks into the phone. "Cat says she knows little. Some thugs roughed her up last she saw him. Not sure if she is being sincere or not, but she looked it. Would still put some eyes out to make sure she doesn't flee." He mmhmms and nods. "Got it." He hangs up the phone and heads down the streets. Time to let loose and maybe get into a bar fight.

"Sure, that's fine," Felicia nodded, leaning back. She didn't expect that sort of 'bait' to be taken anyway. She rises from the table and makes a show of walking off as Big Bear takes out his phone--one of her ear perks up. Of course, the massage parlor /wasn't/ the last place she saw Lee. The last place she saw him was at Krauser's castle barracks, where she'd broken free of his control and given him a piece of her mind--and left him there. Of course, that information could likely give these folks clues on where to eventually find him--and that information was hers and hers alone. Now guys were coming into her /work/ and hassling her about them. Well she wasn't going to stand for that. She'd worked hard and risked life and tail to get where she was now, and she was not going to be intimidated.

She leaves Big Bear to his call, though one of her cat-like ears twitch as she picks up part of his part of the call--she'd expect they'd watch her for a while, she would have to forget this for a little bit, at least until they got bored of watching her--slip out in her house cat form after staying over some party boy's house--or the like. Another trick Felicia the Catwoman had up her sleeve. No one suspects the house cat.

"Lee, Lee Lee... Looks like you have some 'esplainiiin to doooo," she mimics Ricky Ricardo's famous line, back from black and white TV. Yes, she had been around that long, she was a fair bit older than she looked--she wondered sometimes why that was, she assumed it was her Catwoman regeneration, staving off the rigors of aging. She supposed it was one thing to be thankful for--no need for plastic surgery.

Life had it's little ups and downs to be sure--but now she was going to have go on another rollercoaster. She just hoped she'd make it through this one, too.

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