The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 1 - Weak Upon The Strong

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Description: Following the dark psionic presence lingering around M. Bison, Yoshimitsu and his clan of thieving ninjas has targeted the boxer's associates for great justice. Descending upon a cartel in Mexico, the clan of ninja has just liberated some ill-gotten goods from one of the cartels. Armed with the wealth, Yoshimitsu himself arrives in a beleaguered village near Oaxaca to deliver much needed relief. What he could have never expected, however, is that the goods he made away with were property of Shadaloo...and FANG believes such interlopers must be punished! PUNISHED!

Glorious honor.

In his battle with M. Bison, Yoshimitsu had saw the darkness that sat within the heart of the foul boxer. The taste of Shadaloo, the cruel terrorist organization that preyed upon the weak. Yoshimitsu did not know where the heart of this evil sat. But as the terror struck down upon Mexico and the United States, the ninja made his choice. They would let Southtown have it's gang wars. Morality demands to come to Mexico, and strike down upon the criminals, to seek Shadaloo, and destroy the heart of it. The channeling of the sword divines the path of a caravan, heading towards the border.

It comes swiftly.

The Manji Ninjas descended upon the truck, striking in the darkness. Striking out with lightning speed, the gang of ninja overwhelmed the security forces. Not a drop of blood was spilled, in careful precision. When the cartel's allies would uncover the trucks, they would find it cleanly emptied. Nearby? Small pyres, burning away the drugs that was not worth keeping. And by them, the bound and gagged escorts, neatly leaning against each other on stakes bearing the symbol of the Manji . It was incredible precision... but the destruction of the drugs, it was clear. This wasn't not a rival gangster. This was something more. The ninja clan would collect the weapons and some of the strange laptops, to secure out in a cavern in the wilderness.

And it was for Yoshimitsu to bring the rest to the meek and mild.

Early in the morning within the isolated Mexican village, impoverished and exploited, does the ninja go. The first fingers of dawn stretch over it, the laughter of Yoshimitsu lifts high. The ninja was garbed in a dirty-clay armor; almost terra-cotta in appearance, with stone work contorted over his samurai armor. His mask was a grim Chinese visage, a stone mask of red clay. In his gauntlet hands was a shining katana blade of green energy. The ninja sits crosslegged in the center of town, blade across his lap. Around him? The chests of stolen money, the pesos nearly rolling out of the containers to the ground. And there, Yoshimitsu waits.

Ready for the villagers to emerge, to their delight.

But the villagers do not come. Not yet, in any case. Instead there is a lone man. He is a tall man, almost freakishly so, with stretched features. His clothes are regal purple and black with orange trim and a large, wide-brimmed black hat. Dark sunglasses cover his eyes, and long, ornate sleeves cover both hands.

He walks with high, almost crane like steps. It's an eccentric sort of gait, almost whimsical, in fact.

"Well, well, what do we have HERE?" the man says, his voice shrill and unpleasant. "A modern Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to some poor, helpless villagers? How quaint. QUAINT!"

The man suddenly takes a long step toward Yoshimitsu, getting close enough to leer over him as he goes about an inspection. He pushes his sunglasses up with one of his concealed hands, nudging up the bridge with his sleeve.

"But tell me, where does someone get THIS kind of treasure in the Mexican desert, hmmm?"

The arrival of the single man bode trouble.

Yoshimitsu is all too wise at what was unfolding. A thief found in the nearest village was clear. When an representative of the wealth is there as well... the entire village was in grave danger. Yoshimitsu did not expect to be followed so quickly, and yet, his foolish mistake may have doomed the entire village. The ninja looks down, humbling himself before the eccentric man? No, to roll forward, tumbling across the dust with surprising acrobatics. Rising up to a stand, he grips the blade in both hands in a moment.

"You will not hurt these people."

Yoshimitsu declares this, rising up into a stand. Pointing his blade towards the stranger, he draws his armored fingertips along the edge of the blade. Green energy flows over it, as a hum is heard. "Yes, yes... you have the darkness too. You follow a dark soul, the very same that carried this vast wealth. A long shadow casts over the whole of this land, it's tendrils running deep within the souls of it's innocent people. Your spirit has been judged! And it must be punished with incredible justice!" Yoshimitsu gives an equally hammy palm thrust in FANG's general direction, giving large, heavy steps as he moves away from the money. The ninja faces FANG silently, before making the boldest of bold statements. He cocks his head aside, and almost murmurs it. "Hrm, that outfit... I thought qipaos were a woman's wear?" The ninja hastily adds.

"It looks good on you, though!"

"First you rob the coffers of Shadoloo," the lanky man says, "and then you suppose you can decide the fate of these people? Such ARROGANCE! Such BRAVADO!" Yoshimitsu rises, and the other man backsteps, suddenly widening the distance between the two of them. It is reflexive, even with the slightest threat of a strike.

"What INSOLENCE!" His voice drips with venom. -- "Do you not know who you are speaking to!?" the tall man says, lifting his head haughtily and sniffing the air sharply.

"Perhaps you need to be enlightened!" His face curls into a wicked, shit-eating grin as he looks down on the Manji Clan leader--both literally and metaphorically.

"I am FANG, the greatest of the Four Kings and second in command of Shadaloo, and I have come for your head, Yoshimitsu of the Manji Clan!" FANG shows his teeth. "Yes yes, I know who you are. Don't think you've escaped our surveillance. Shadaloo's ability to gather intelligence is only exceeded by Lord Vega's frightening power!" FANG's eyes move to the sword. "But it seems that you are a bit more interesting than our intelligence suggests. PERHAPS!"

FANG spins, on his heels. "You will be a good candidate for my research! I MIGHT even be inclined to leave these people be, if you'll go ahead and humble yourself before I take you back to my lab!"


Yoshimitsu repeats, almost spitting out the words in disgust. "So you are the terrorists behind this darkness! How absurd!" Yoshimitsu matches FANG's movements, stepping deftly, the ninja cautious of the strange figure. "Your coffers shall flow freely from your craven hands, to the very people you victimize!" Looking up to the taller figure, he shakes his head.


Yoshimitsu surges with soul energy, flashing with incredible power as the energy of his ancestors flood him. "I will not fall under your knife, wretched interloper. Your intelligence is so praiseworthy, and yet, you are blinded by willful ignorance! Your Lord Vega is nothing but a false king, a hollow tyrant that seeks only to enslave the world with his foul evil. The path of such arrogance is only death! You should know that all too well. And you if have chosen to stay upon this path anyways."

Then I shall assist your suicide!"

"Now do you dare fight the leader of the Manji Clan, you buffoon?" Yoshimitsu readies his blade, the green light glowing from behind the eyes of the terracotta mask.

"Or will you keep spinning like a fool!"

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: FANG has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0             FANG

"Foolish!" FANG shrieks, flapping his arms and sending those sleeves flapping. "To think someone like YOU could challenge Lord Vega! Allow me to demonstrate just how far away you are from his power! All will submit to his power, and I, the NUMBER TWO of Shadaloo, will see to it!"

FANG suddenly moves. He doesn't dash, or leap in, he simply takes a long, striding step and suddenly the lanky giant is upon Yoshimitsu. His knees bend as he shifts into something resembling a Kenpo stance, and he snaps forward with swift elbow strike, even if his arms remain firmly hidden in his sleeves. The blow is swift and obscured by his wardrobe, but in the wake of it he snaps back, chaining the elbow into a swift, backhanded forearm strike to try and slap the ninja upside the head.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu parries FANG's Nirenko!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0             FANG

"It is YOU who are FOOLISH!"

Yoshimitsu's rebuttal comes swiftly and directly, as the man begins to flap furiously. When the man moves, though, it is incredibly graceful. Like a crane maid, he gently falls into the kenpo stance. But such delicate skill disguises a fierce power. Yoshimitsu barely has time to react when he is at him.

But he does.

"If you are evil, and you are two, then be all too aware, that the root of evil is simply irrational!" Yoshimitsu declares defiantly, as he suddenly -flashes-. Spinning like a top, he deflects away the elbow strike. When the forearm slap comes, the ninja is already behind the arm. The ninja was almost instantly giving a suddenly slash of the blade, a swift counter, infused with soul energy.

But it would not cease there.

The ninja would chain it directly with a front flip high to -stomp- off the face. There, he would rebound off the lanky fighter, positioning away towards a nearby blacksmith. The villagers were hiding, yes. But the ninja would use his very cunning to lure this man to his own traps. Besides. If this really was Shadaloo.

These villagers could not stay here long.

COMBATSYS: FANG blocks Yoshimitsu's Poison Wind EX ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/------=|=====--\-------\0             FANG

FANG's brow furrows in frustration when Yoshimitsu deflects the first strike and ducks the second. When the blade comes for FANG, he backsteps with a rustling of fabric, his arms brought up to guard against the blade. In the next moment, FANG leans away from the follow-up strike, repelling Yoshimitsu by catching his boots with his concealed hands, even if it means FANG almost falls backward from the stomp.

But even so, the backwards lean turns into a complete backwards fall, and FANG somersaults over onto his feet once more before dropping into that crane stance once again. "Challenging Shadaloo is the only thing irrational here!" says FANG, sweeping his arms with a flap. He sweeps his arms in an imitation of snake style, but with those sleeves its move of a strange dance, his hands hidden from sight save from an occasional flash of purple.

"Allow me to demonstrate your foolishness with a DOUBLE dose of poison!"

FANG sweeps after the repositioning ninja, tilting his sleeves upward. Two sickly purple globs of chi splash out from the ends, soaring through the air before dropping down toward the Manji Clan leader.

Each hisses sinisterly on contact with anything--even the ground.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu just-defends FANG's Nishodoku!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0             FANG

Poison hands.... ?!?!

Yoshimitsu's swift attack comes with staggering force, the stomp hammering the stance of the assassin. And yet, as he lands, the ninja only has enough time to turn back to see FANG descending on him like a ghost. Foul energy surges around him, as the ninja sees the splash of cursed power. With a sweep of his sword, he quickly deflects the blasts away. But as the droplets strike his armor, the foul hiss comes, and Yoshimitsu realizes. LOoking at his blade, the same hiss comes over his Katana, and a mere drop on his gauntlet... as it oozes across the blade. Poison energy.

It couldn't be.

"You are not of the Hizoku clan!" Yoshimitsu declares, well aware of Ron and his betrayed ninjas. Yoshimitsu, sensing the corrupting poison, throws his blade away upon the anvil. The caustic energy ceases upon the blade, the enchantments on the scared sword enduring. But the poison oozes to the handle... and the anvil, which begins to melt. Yoshimitsu needs to purge the venom from the blade, the cursed energy dangerously corrupting it. He could not let it soul his hands any longer. Even the droplets, even the armor, was only just barely stopping the poison from infiltrating his body. Returning back towards FANG, the ninja unleash two swift elbow strikes at FANG, driving in with the rapid elbows. "But the poison hand technique... unless... No! The Nguuhao was destroyed!" After the elbow strikes, the unarmed ninja would then pivot to unleash a mule kick, trying to knock FANG into a rack of tools.

Before returning to try and retrieve his blade.

COMBATSYS: FANG dodges Yoshimitsu's Scowling Spirit.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0             FANG

Backstepping, FANG sweeps his arms up, brushing one across his face. That wicked smile widens. He seems so certain of himself, even with Yoshimitsu's persistence. He stands up straight, reaching to adjust his dark glasses.

"How observant! I am not of the Hi--"

Yoshimitsu's elbow strikes come for FANG, but the lanky man dances between them. He sidesteps and backsteps, weaving to the right of the first, and to the left of the second. In the wake of the mule kick, FANG drops backward again, going beneath it before planting one of his sleeved hands on the ground. He kicks up at Yoshimitu, trying to catch him from underneath before the ninja can recover. One snap kick, then another. Always two.

"So they were, but I lived on by the beneficence of Lord Vega! His power cannot be questioned, but at his side, I have risen above all others!!"

COMBATSYS: FANG successfully hits Yoshimitsu with Medium Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0             FANG

"You choose life over honorable death?"

Yoshimitsu's words are outraged, shocked, and even more disgusted. It is clear to the ninja warrior what it means, precisely, when you are the lone survivor of a clan. Especially when you are serving under the man who killed them all! As his attacks are deftly evaded, Yoshimitsu turns back to the anvil. Spinning, he reaches for his blade, energy still lingering on it.

But there is no time.

FANG catches the ninja, as Yoshimitsu is sent crashing into the anvil. His ceramic armor cracks, as the anvil collapses into pieces. Gripping his blade, he turns back, trying to force himself into a stand. "You are nothing but a stooge, a hollow-souled lackey. No true leader would allow his brothers to die with an empty death. You are a coward, a toad." The poison endures on his Katana, as it floods towards him, and his soul. In response, Yoshimitsu reaches to his waist, and draws out a second blade. Drawing in the soul energy from the wakizashi, the poison is sealed away, suppressed as the ninja... groans in agony. Gripping his second blade, he forces a backhanded sword draw slash with the smaller blade. he spins fully into the backspin, striking with his primary sword. A second spin comes, bringing overwhelming soul power as he rends into FANG. "You betrayed your kin, for only power!" Fighting not only for his life.

But the life of the villagers.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu successfully hits FANG with Ganto.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             FANG

FANG scowls at the accusation. "What greater treasure has a man than his life? Honor? Discipline? These things are meaningless to a dead man! Meaningless!" The lanky fighter bears down on Yoshimitsu once more, circling like a vulture when blood is drawn. "The poison of the Nguuhao is unmatched in its lethality! No man can stand against it--except THAT man! Lord Vega is more than human!"

FANG looks ready to strike, but Yoshimitsu's wakizashi is drawn, slashing through FANG's coat and leaving him open for the smashing strike. It drives FANG down into the dirt face first, knocking his glasses aschew.

"You have never faced that power and know the true terror of Lord Vega! Among the Nguuhao only *I* survived, and my survival made me worthy of the position I hold now! If they deserve some sort of special honor they would have lived, but instead they were struck down by the might of Psycho Power!"

What follows if FANG scrambling to get up. He looks weak, battered by the attack. Perhaps Yoshimitsu did a number on the scrawny fighter?

But suddenly he thrusts his palms down, a geyser of purple, toxic chi erupting under the Manji Clan leader. FANG's evil, awful grin is back in force. "My poison may not have been able to conquer Lord Vega...but allow me to show you what happens to EVERYONE ELSE!"

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu dodges FANG's Ryobenda.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0             FANG

Yoshimitsu's confidence does not refrain from lashing out.

To say the ninja has contempt for FANG is an understatement; the long legacy of Yoshimitsu has always been dedicated to battle the evils of man and beyond. To confront wickedness was the greatest honor; to use cunning was acceptable, but only a tool for the honorable. To have honor within was one of the greatest virtues of the clan. That, at the vow of charity and the embracing of nothingness ran deep within the ninja clan. What FANG embodied was not only injustice.

It was the sheer antithesis of his clan.

"A hundred words, and still nothing more than a fool!" Yoshimitsu crassly dismisses FANG's claims, spining on the impact. Standing tall, he glares at the man, his eye burning with energy. Yoshimitsu draws away his wakizashi, the poison-chi sealed properly. The contamination of the toxic energy was impossibly dangerous; not only did it eat at the flesh, but the very spirit. The ninja had more to say.

But first, the surge of energy.

The gesyer of energy erupts, and Yoshimitsu is forced to spin once more. Twirling as his body crackles with energy, he loses the opportunity for a counter attack, as he hits the wall of the blacksmith. Stunned, he still manages to escape the consuming corrosion. Steadying his feet, he thrusts his blade towards FANG. "What is more worthy than a legacy? Of companionships? Of friends? You have invited poverty upon your soul, and claim it is boundless wealth? In a hundred years, there will no knowledge of FANG, of Number 2, of loyal lapdogs sipping the scraps of misery. And the only legacy will be healed wounds and ash! And not even Vega will mourn your loss... You are knowledge without wisdom, without understanding! There is only one mercy for you." Yoshimitsu grips his stomach.

"And it is death!"

Yoshimitsu retches, spitting up a burst of psionic energy, purging himself of the corrupt energy swirling within him. Hurling it ahead, he lets the psionic cocktail spill over his opponent. The ninja makes disgusting choking noises, as he doubles over, the spray still spewing forward.

Had the poison hurt so badly against him?

COMBATSYS: FANG blocks Yoshimitsu's Poison Breath.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0             FANG

Nothing that Yoshimitsu says is untrue. FANG is nothing if not a conniving, sniveling coward, and his realization that he could not defeat Vega with his poison likewise turned him into an honorless traitor. Perhaps he always was, and it was only the catalyst that turned the spark into a flame.

But in any case, FANG's fury seems to burn ever brighter the longer he and Yoshimitsu do battle. Wiser men with cooler heads would not let such insults get under their skin. FANG is neither wise nor cool headed. He might merit shrewd, yes, but wise? Certainly not.

"Foolish? FOOLISH?" FANG shrieks, "Foolish is challenging Lord Vega! I attempted to show you the error of the ways, but it seems like a honor-driven bonehead like yourself will only listen to force!"

Poison breath spews forth from the ninja, and FANG draws back. covering his mouth with his sleeve as the psychic power laps at his robe and skin. He leaps out of the lingering cloud rather than dwell in it. What follows is a rapid, frantic assault. FANG smashes forward with one of his concealed hands, then thrusts with the other. He leaps forward into a double-kick, continuing his frenzied assault.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu counters Fierce Combo from FANG with Supreme Soul Stealer ES.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1             FANG

Righteous technique.

As eccentric both opponents was, it was still a battle of stark contrasts: good vs evil. As Yoshimitsu releases the poisonous gas, his agile opponent is able to disperse it, defending his breath from the lingering miasma. Almost wildly, the counter attack flashes upon Yoshimitsu. The ninja only just has time to deflect away the first smash with the flat of his sword, his souls boiling around him. "It is you who is the fool, you who can only understand through force! Come at me!"

"My Fatal Blow Awaits!

"Your darkness is only paled by the craven nature of your Shadaloo! I had come here to defend the weak, and drive away the predators set upon them! It seems that I must bring so much more to this continent, if your ilk are infesting it!" The thrust of the palm is pushed away, as Yoshimitsu repositions. Already, he was readying his blade, as the full force of the souls within flood out of the blade, within the ninja himself. When the final double kick comes? He brings the edge of the blade around, letting the light die down. He brings the blade to catch his feet between his upper arms and the back of his katana.

And it explodes.

Like Vega's own energy, but mirrored: Pure psycho power, channeled through four hundred years of ritual sacrifice. The backfire comes as Yoshimitsu sweeps his blade, the waves of souls drawing back within as he cleaves the blade from the tip of FANG's toes, all the way up to the very peak of his hat. Standing fast, he glows with pure energy, as the soul force within him cascades like waves. "Where is your fortress, servant of darkness?"

"Tell me, so I can come and strike down your lord!"

The sleeved blow of FANG is redirected away with blade's flat, but the second blow follows it with a violent flap of fabric. That blow is likewise pushed away while FANG's agitation rises. He practically lunges into the double kick in fury, intending to smash the leader of the Manji Clan into the Mexican dust.

"What are you d--" FANG's realization that he has been caught comes slightly too late. The explosion of psycho power surges through FANG as the blade bites into him. FANG shrieks, stumbling backwards and clutching his chest with one of those ridiculous oversized sleeves. FANG staggers once, twice, and then falls to the ground, prostrating himself before Yoshimitsu.

"Please, have mercy! I'll tell you!" FANG wheezes, raising himself up to bow again. His sleeves ripple in the wind as he does this twice more before leaving himself prone, resting on his hands and knees.

"To think that someone other than Lord Vega would have such power..." FANG wheezes. "I should not have challenged your might, Manji Clan leader!" But beneath his large hat, FANG's face is hidden. He bides his time, waiting for Yoshimitsu to draw nearer.

And when he does, FANG suddenly springs up, tossing a double fist of poison toward Yoshimitsu's face. A dirty trick?!

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu blocks FANG's Dokunomu.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/----===|>>>>---\-------\0             FANG

Finally, a surrender.

Yoshimitsu's counter attack finally seems to have defeated FANG. Whirling his blade around, he lets the energy disperse, as the Shadaloo number 2 begs for mercy. "I will show mercy, if you tell me your secrets! For as cowardly as you may be, there are greater evils than even you." Yoshimitsu approaches boldly, unaware of the trap he was about to stumble into. As the sleeves ripple, he over him...

"Damn You!"

Yoshimitsu's words blurt out as the gush of poison comes straight at him. Sweeping his arm before the poison, he spins backwards as the venom sinks deep into his terracotta plates. Hissing aloud, the ninja lands into a bizarre stance, balancing on the tip of his sword as he sticks it into the earth. "You feign defeat, for a craven attack! Damn you! You are a worm! A hundred deaths would be not enough to bring justice into your worthless name!" Yoshimitsu holds in place, his armor still hissing violently as the poison eats away. He doesn't move just yet, but he focuses. Balances.

Conceding the next move to FANG.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu gathers his will.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0             FANG

FANG cackles, almost like some variety of bird. The lanky man practically dances to his feet, even if he seems a little strained by the effort because of his earlier injuries. He clutches his side, his teeth clenched when he puts too much pressure on it.

"In a life or death battle, there is no honor, only victory!" FANG says, his sleeves having fallen back to reveal the hands beneath. His fingers are unnaturally long, with sharp, claw-like fingers, but worse is the poison. Each hand is practically purple with dripping, poisonous chi. Is that why he kept them hidden?

His twists his palm back and forth sinisterly, sweeping his hand through the air. "Did you really think that the second in command of Shadoloo would yield so EASILY? Your foolishness is only matched by your arrogance, ninja!"

And suddenly, FANG strikes forward, lunging into a sharp, pointed strike with those awful nails. He goes in with the left, but then stops short and strikes upward with the right at the last moment. A feint?

COMBATSYS: FANG successfully hits Yoshimitsu with Fierce Punch.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Yoshimitsu       1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\0             FANG

So far, it seemed that the ninja was heroically slaying the Shadaloo agent.

Even from his stance, he was waiting for that attack. And when the crane strikes? Yoshimitsu does a quick leap from his pogo stance, rising up, expecting a deft wide blow. When it feints into an uppercut? That is what catches him. "Agh!" He cries out, as the blow -shatters his mask, the deep cracks spider webbing through it. A lethal blow for many, even as the armor continues to hiss. Yoshimitsu does not fall to the ground; knocked high up, he stabilizes himself with a whirling blade. Spinning his sword hand like a helicopter, shards of his mask falls to the ground.


"Victory without honor is without meaning! You clucking chicken! Ka roo Ka Koo!" Declares Yoshimitsu, hovering in the air. "If a chicken you must be, then I hawk I must strike as! Kyeeeeeehaaaaaa!" He ceases his hovering, as he erupts in soul energy. There, high up, he lunges forward with both feet. Green energy cascades around him, as he aims to drive them into FANG's face. If he connects? He would lock ankles around their neck. Then, legs around their neck, he would flip Fang up into the air, then grabs them as they fall to situate them into a spinning Izuna Drop out of the air, aiming to not only cripple his opponent.

But himself as well.

COMBATSYS: FANG blocks Yoshimitsu's Spirited Away.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\0             FANG

As Yoshimitsu circles, FANG steps like an angry flamingo, which is as ridiculou as it sounds. Were the assassin's mere touch not enough to melt a lesser man than Yoshimitsu, it might be funny. Suddenly, the gap is closed and Yoshimitsu scoops up FANG and the two engage in a grapple. The taller man slithers like a snake, trying to work his way out of the Yoshimitsu's grip, and the Izuna Drop turns into more of a tumble as the two smash and FANG rolls away from it.

"G-ghk!! I don't care what kind of bird you think you are, because in any case--your goose will soon be cooked!"

And with his proclamation, FANG surges forward with both claws, thrusting toward Yoshimitsu's chest with a flash of purple and a splatter of corrosive chi.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu dodges FANG's Sotoja.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0             FANG

Two Clucking Roosters

Locked In Mortal Combat.

The Loser is Plucked

Yoshimitsu's crashing finish falls apart in chaos. Despite this, he is quick to roll up, his momentum refusing to yield. Surging with energy, he brings back his blade. In tandem, FANG lunges in with his claws. With a flash and a flicker, the ninja turns, twisting on the charge as he slips wide around the claws. Dipping low, he brings the sword up, as he comes into a crouch.

He does not stop spinning.

"If you think that my skill is a mere gosling, then take a gander at this, you buffon!" And Yoshimitsu spin, spin, spins at FANG, his fist extended, to barrage the lanky Shadaloo commander right in his... legs? Crouch? Knees? His dimensions were all off. In any case, he was spin, spin, spinning into the tall man, all while calling out.

"For the goose is loose!"

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu successfully hits FANG with Manji Stone Fists.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0             FANG

The claws cut through the air, dripping poison with the snappy stop at the end of the strike. Fully extended, FANG finds himself unable to withdraw when Yoshimitsu snaps up with a spinning fist, which catches FANG, first in the knees, and the, dangerously higher.

The Shadoloo King's eyes cross, his sunglasses falling down on the bridge of his nose and coming dangerously close to dropping off entirely. He staggers backward with a wheeze, baggy sleeves clutched near his waist.

"You---you'll pay for this slight!" FANG hisses, "--later! Do not think you have evaded the wrath of Shadaloo PERMANENTLY!"

And with that, he shoots forth a great burst of poison, splashing all about and rising up an noxious cloud of miasma.

Enough of a cloud, in fact, that FANG can take off in a long-legged run away from the village. It is unceremonious. It is shameful. It is...FANG.

Though it would be understandable if someone mistook it for an ostrich.

COMBATSYS: FANG can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu blocks FANG's Nishikyu.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/--=====|

Namu Namu Namu.

Yoshimitsu's attack finally lands with staggering force. Barbaric? Maybe. But Yoshimitsu stands up, refusing to collapse. In response? FANG unleashes the full force of a poison cloud upon him. "ACK!" He cries out, bringing his sword around as the cloud envelopes him. For a moment, there is nothing; only the miasma. The cloud hangs, threatening to linger so long, to destroy the very village. And there, the whirring sound is heard. The mist becomes a tornado, a cyclone, as it whirls and whirls around. Yoshimitsu, flying into the air, lets his katana spin like a helicopter blade. Spinning faster and faster, he lets the mist spread out, breaking away the cloud. The ninja finally lands, his armor hissing. And yet, he was alive. Standing fast, he looks around...

And sees his opponent had run off!

"A shameful coward! I should run you down like the foul bird you are!" Yoshimitsu thrusts his blade towards the far off cloud kicked up by the fleeing fool. The victory was acrid; as he looks upon the village, the ninja stays his blade. "There will be a great deal of work still before us. I must get these villagers to safety! For that craven rooster will be returning with the flock. And vengeance will come with the extermination of every man, woman, and child in this village. I cannot allow this." Yoshimitsu looks at the wealth. "Alas, my gifts have only brought burden on the good people. I will give penance for my foolishness." And the ninja is dumbfounded, and he considers hard.

"Surely there must be a place of safety for these people...?"

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu has ended the fight here.

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