SNF 2018.06 - SNF: Beachfest! Hitomi vs Hei Xuanfeng

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Description: It's a Saturday Night Fight! A karateka versus a Kung-fu Practitioner set against a backdrop of: drrrrrruuuumroooooo-ol.. Niki beach! One of the most beautiful and unspoiled tropical locations this presenter is aware we're still allowed to use. *mic squeal and awkward silence* Fists will fly at this location! /and/ through the medium of television and production magic!! You! The home audience will feel you're actually right there! ... sounds like a matchup made in Heaven!


Pumping away at the pedals Hitomi swoops around the corner and builds up even more speed on the cycleway as she shifts the bike into a higher gear that has her all but lifting herself off the seat in her efforts to build a little more speed. Hair streaming behind her and with breakneck speeds she circles the island. An opportunity to travel like this didn't crop up that often. Niki beach with its sparkling waters; the elusive wildlife and tonnes of fun activities. She didn't know which she'd rather be doing for fun, some volleyball maybe or going swimming. For now, her nerves had been starting to get the better of her; she had to go do something to shake that feeling off.

Stretch tight muscles out.

On the homeward stretch she keeps pedalling but drops the gear level, just soaring along the cycleway that was elevated but ran parallel with the sea and a near unrestricted view. She extends her arms wide, out to either side as though she were flying and eases off pedalling until she glides without effort.

Nearing the end of the cycleway she claps her hands back on the handlebars and veers down another trail heading towards the beach. Tall well-spaced palms almost reach the shoreline and one of the nets for playing beach volleyball is still erected and hasn't been cleared away. It was high tide so the water levels were up and the vast majority of spectating were off in the water on floats, or back on the dockside piers where they could get an ice cream and a cold drink and watch. Just a few people sunbathing and watching the SNF crew assemble and check their equipment that she notices.

Hitomi swings a leg over the frame, riding side saddle as she allows the sand to slow the bike enough she can skip off and guide the rental bike to a walking pace and then a mostly grassy spot to lay it down on. Chain side up in order to keep so much sand getting in.

The rugged and rough blue demin jeans and T-shirt wearing Hitomi skips forward a few steps and heads over to the fight manager, him checking off that she was here and floating around she meanders back towards her bike, spinning a backwards circle on her heel as she walks to take in all the sights. One there she drops onto her tooshie and starts unlacing her sneakers.

It wouldn't do to be fighting in this stuff, if she got wet it'd slow her down. She was trying to consider this a training holiday! She didn't consider extra weight a hindrance like she might once have.

Speed and Weight!

Hitomi would be slower for it though, and on a sandy beach with sand that'd also clump on her clothing and grasp at her feet. When Hitomi climbs to her feet again after setting her boots aside she peels her Jeans off unceremoniously and then the shirt. A clear coloured bandeau swimsuit that became an over the shoulder strap of bright orange. Orange and white striped Bikini bottoms, Hitomi adjusts the fit with a tug and elastic snap.

Within minutes she's paced out a few square feet and measures back to centre, striking up a pose she begins a kata of traditional karate. Strong punches and fast snapping kicks.

The young man known these days by the alias Hei Xuanfeng has been rather busy with unpleasantness over the last few weeks, so this little trip to the beach is a much needed break. He wasn't about to let it go to waste. Far from it. Not far off from where the SNF match is supposed to be set up, the young assassin reclines blissfully in a folding out lawnchair. Around him are a group of other young men and women, the men looking like they might be a shady bunch. The rough and tumble sort. The girls, on the other hand, look polished and well kept, each more beautiful than the last.

As for Hei himself? He's also a creature of intense beauty. His body is supple and sleek, with clearly delineated musculature and long, slender limbs that seem well suited to a swimmer or acrobat. He's the kind of athletic that is borne of true utility, rather than gym-honed vanity. His skin is supple and smooth, a golden ivory in hue, though covered extensively by elegant and intricate tattoos of serpentine dragons winding down each limb, interspersed with vibrant red roses and verdant leaves and vines. Barely anything covers him, for he has little use for such trivial things such as modesty. He's wearing only a form fitting blue speedo style bottom. Little else adorns him, save for a pair of sunglasses on his eyes, and a few beaded and leather bracelets about his wrists.

Of course, Hitomi's arrival doesn't go unnoticed. When she starts stripping off her clothing, a murmur starts to spread among the group. Shoulders are patted, fingers pointed, and the thuggish men are prodded and scorned by the women at their sides as they turn their heads to look. Hei takes note of the shift in attention, and rises up in his seat. Lifting his shades atop a head full of deep, dark green-black hair that's loosely held in a ponytail, he turns his golden-jade stare over onto the karateka girl as she begins her kata.

Interesting, that.

He lifts his drink, a sweet frozen red concoction that sports a wedge of watermelon and lime along the rim of the glass, to his lips to take a sip from the straw poking out of it. A small smile starts to flirt at the corners of velvet soft, pliant lips, and one thin brow arches under the mess of bangs that forms a crossed point over the bridge of his slight, upturned nose.

"Easy boys. I think this one is for me," Hei says, his voice silvery and light, almost a velveteen purr. He sets his drink aside, and sinously rises from his seat to tread barefoot across the scalding sands towards his opponent. Stopping just outside of her squared off portion, the kung fu killer places a hand on one hip, tilting his head in the other direction as that green, almost feline gaze sweeps up and down over her.

"You must be the girl, huh? Hitomi?" He calls out when her kata turns her to face him. "I can only hope that your strength matches your beauty and form. When we fight, be sure to show me something that will take my breath away. I'll make certain to do the same."

Hitomi pivots into the spear like punch just as she's addressed and freezes in that moment. The Sensei calling a halt during any movement was a possibility, she had and trained and developed the physique to do so. The reason she froze when addressed so: Was because she hadn't noticed his presence at all, it was a strikingly potent one to suddenly have appeared out of thin air and feet away. Her own steps and strikes could have masked his approach, the sound of rushing waves and murmur of people. She uncoils from the striking position and massages the back of her head as she actually appears to go from chagrined someone had snuck up on her to uneasy and embarrassed.

"Hitomi, yes."

Somehow, this guy kind of reminded her of Ash. The same ethereal beauty was there, but while Ash was always covered up, this guy was covered in all manner of fascinating and brightly coloured tattoos. Her own innocent bright blue eyes start tracing the tattoo patterns over his body and all too soon she realizes she is staring. Immediately clapping both hands over her face like a shield when she realizes her can see her staring.

She remains like that for a few scant second and then wills them away, lifting the shield away from her embarrassed face and back down to her sides.

"I am Hitomi, I look forward to the match. I- caution could you please remove those glasses."

The sunglasses, they looked pretty expensive. She'd hate to have to replace them if they got trodden on or broke during the fight, but mostly.

"I don't want to accidentally hurt or cut you with the glass if t-they should break."

He really was pretty enough she would hate to leave a cut let alone one that might scar or lead to eye damage. She hadn't even looked away to follow his footprints back toward his group, nor at the SNF staff... everything unnecessary retreated away as she focused in on her opponent. Gauge how long his reach probably was, estimate how heavy. Weapons probably weren't going to be a factor unless he had swallowed them.


Hitomi assumes a ready fighting stance, fists raised and one leg stepping forward and compacting the sand beneath bare and unadorned feet. No pretty nail colours or anything aside from a pink hairband and earring studs. In all her life, Hitomi had never felt plainer or less impressive than she did right at this instant.

All she really had left to speak with were her fists.

Hei is a keenly observant man. He notices immediately that the young girl is surprised by his sudden appearance, and is flustered as a result of it. It only causes the smile that toys with the edges of his lips to become something of a suggestive grin. Oh. She's blushing. That really is rather endearing. Following the path of her eyes, he knows well enough that she's examining the beautiful inkwork that lines and colors his lithesome form. One eyebrow slowly creeps upward with every passing moment, but she might notice that his posture shifts ever so slightly. His hip cocks to the side just that little bit more, his spine arching barely a fraction of an inch, to accentuate his strong, proud chest and those broad shoulders that help to give him an iconic and heroic V shape to his silhouette.

Hm?" He asks when she mentions the glasses. His yellow-green eyes sweep upwards, as if he might see them perched atop his brow, and then he gives a nod. "Ah, yes. Those. I'm not very concerned about them, but if it makes you more comfortable..."

Reaching up, he plucks them from his head, and with a flick of the wrist, tosses them aside without a second thought. They land somewhere near the rolling waves, half buried in the sand to be forgotten or, perhaps, claimed by some lucky passerby or fight fan.

Hei steps forward, and no. He's certainly not wearing enough to conceal any weapons. Not even there, which is evident by just how tight those bottoms hug to every part of him. His every movement is something elegant and graceful in a way that is almost inhuman. He moves with such casual muscle control that it almost seems as if he is boneless, gliding across the sand rather than trudging along like a thing made of the heavy stuff of meat and bone and viscera. Airy. Light. It's hard to say which he more resembles. A cat or a serpent.

"You're so eager to get the match started! I would typically enjoy a little more foreplay with such a remarkably cute young girl such as you, but... who am I to keep a pretty girl waiting? Always work to satisfy, but leave them wanting more..."

With that, Hei's long, slender arms sweep out to their full length at his sides. Slowly, they form a circle, with one sweeping down, and the other gliding an in upward arc. A curving line of his hand bisects the middle, and if one were to trace his movements, it would clearly show a yin yang symbol drawn in the air. His arms fold in an X across his chest, and he raises one leg with his knee bent high. A sudden stomp forward, and the Chinese-British halfblood is left in a low kung fu stance, both knees sharply bent, his toes dug into the sand. One arm is fully extended, palm out, before him, with the counterpart held loosely into a fist at his hip. The look in his eyes suddenly shifts. No longer it a sparkling, teasing light, but an inferno that could pierce right through her.

Clearly, he's ready.

The karateka remains poised and ready to attack, fringe and hair shifting with the sea breeze and a faint sheen of sweat already built up on her skin. She blinks, she breathes she doesn't budge. She actually was making dozens of moves, shifting her position gently, vaguely raising or lowering her fists to see if anything prompted a reaction in her opponents stance.

Considering a dozen different ways she might start off in the moments before the coordinatior calls for the match to begin she closes her eyes in a deliberate move, screwing up her eyes to force out a little more moisture. After that point she ceases blinking. She wouldn't miss his first movement, her chance to study how he moved.

When the call comes out, a droplet of sweat trailing down her face falls the underside of her jaw. By the time it contacts the sand she's bounded off the starting line, a scuff of flying sand behind her and the half-german girl is casting a tall shadow against the sky overhead as she leaps into the air, one leg extended downward she backspins around to cleave downward with a flying axe kick, the other leg descending and aiming for Hei's collarbone.


COMBATSYS: Hitomi has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hitomi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Hei Xuanfeng with Shingetsu.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hitomi           0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

She's so very earnest and determined. There's an innocence to her that Hei is finding particularly appealing. It isn't naive. Dedication, perhaps. She's taking this seriously. It shows that she intends to grow stronger, and perfect her art. Hei cannot help but smile once more.

And then she's off. Hei doesn't move at all. He remains still and calm as Hitomi launches herself into the air in a shower of sand. Only his eyes track her movements as she ascends, becoming a black silhouette against the brightness of clear blue skies. He waits for the last moment, and sweeps his arms upward, forming an X with his open hands to catch and deflect the kick. It is a well executed defense, for certain. But he hadn't expected the power of such a blow. It punches through, and her heel drives down into the meat of his shoulder, instantly tightening the muscle into a knot. He's going to feel that blow later, for certain.

But he isn't going to simply let one surprise set him off of his game. Hei twists and turns in the sand, rolling off of her axe kick, and in the process, reaching out with one hand to grasp at her wrist, and lift it up, exposing her side. He stomps down into the horse stance, while his other hand slides across his midsection to deliver a palm thrust against her rib cage.

But it isn't simply a palm thrust. As he draws near, an explosive burst of bright chi erupts in the center of his palm, becoming a twisting and spiraling orb that seems to possess it's own gravity, intending to pull the girl in and pummel her repeatedly, twisting and rending at flesh and bone, should she be caught in its vacuum wave.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng successfully hits Hitomi with Zhenkong Quantou.
- Power hit! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Hitomi           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

Hitomi staggers trying to find her feet when Hei jerks her arm upwards, she twists and tugs to fight the hold as she drops into a lower stance. Stretching her free arm back and cocking it at her side she starts twisting away from him. When his palm contacts her side, She was unprepared.

A lengthy shriek of pain rises as it drills into her unprotected and bare side. Her knees losing their strength and arm falling momentarily slack it's all she can do to try and outlast it. Her hair drawn over her shoulders and into her face, the gravity of the attack tugs at her scalp while obscuring her vision with it, all while boring into her side.

As her head pitches forward as though she might faint, it exposes a grimace of gritted teeth with strands of her own hair caught in them and against the curve of her lips, alongside the violently quivering fist tucked against her far side.

The bruising coming up on her side continues to darken in colour, spreading across the side of her torso and emerging form beneath his palm as she continues to twist away from him and torque up even more power at the cost of additional pain, perhaps further damage. She was fully intending to blow him away with single shot of pure brute force.

"Fly -- AWAY!!"

A sternum height blow with that much windup, she could throw a grown adult flying a few dozen feet. The same attack had ruptured organs in a man large enough to not be sent flying.

It was dangerous.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Hei Xuanfeng with Fudo-Fujin ES.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Hitomi           0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1     Hei Xuanfeng

Hei looks down at her with wide, manic eyes as she nearly buckles under the power of the chi-empowered vacuum sphere. His expression is void, betraying neither pleasure nor sorrow. A lifeless mask, from which something else peers out. The young assassin has felt her strength now, and he's not going to play with her. No. He wants to ensure that he is able to withstand more than just a few blows in this fight.

But will he be able to? As her fist trembles, Hei looks down upon it. He suspects that she's going to deliver a very powerful punch, but she's been drawn in. Will he have enough time to get out of the way?

He moves like a striking serpent, but his speed still doesn't help him to evade the blast that catches him in the chest. Did his sternum crack? He's not able to tell, as the numbness settles in immediately. Unwilling to let his own vantage slip, the swift youth grabs hold of Hitomi's wrist, using that to stop his momentum with a jerking halt, rather than go sailing away from her as intended. His legs fly out from under him as a result, making it seem like he's a ragdoll flapping in the wind for a moment before he can reground them.

"Well, you've certainly taken my breath away!!!"

As his feet hit the sand, they do so with more power than they perhaps should have. A wave bursts up from the sand, blasting it up in a circle around the pair of them, and unsettling the ground beneath her feet in the process.

With her, hopefully staggered for just a moment, Hei moves with inhuman celerity. His hand thrusts out, with a flash of chi bursting from the tips of his fingers as he attempts to drive them into the soft, meaty tissue of her stomach. His foot sweeps to the side, turning him so that he flanks her, shoulder to shoulder. He tries to jerk her arm upward, exposing her ribs for a blasting elbow strike. Another sidestep, and Hei is nearly back to back with her, and uses the full force of his body to drive the back of his shoulder into her spine with explosive power.

"Let me show you something beautiful..."

Here, Hei spins once more, this time ducking down with a whipping dragon tail style sweep. If it works as intended, Hitomi's feet will be flung out from under her, leaving her suspended in the air for just long enough for Hei's spinning follow through. As he rises from the crouch, still twisting, he unleashes a swinging, underhanded uppercut which will push her higher into the air, over his head.

And should she be launched, her body will descend back towards the earth, where Hei awaits. Golden light crackles between his fingertips, as he gives an open handed, finger thrust upward, into her stomach. That golden chi instantly becomes jagged, three foot length spikes of energy that "pierce" through her, without creating physical puncture wounds. She'll be left there, held aloft on his fingertips as his chi courses through her body, and sealed off atemi points turn her own body against her, creating imbalances of her internal processes and possibly rupturing and hemorrhaging of her organs.

After a moment, he'll drop her unceremoniously to the sandy ground, face first as he dances back and away from her to create some distance. In the sand around them, the waves of chi have carved into the sand the image of the Eight Trigrams surrounding a yin yang symbol with a radius of twenty or so feet around them.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Hei Xuanfeng's Bagua - Zou Yuanquan ES.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hitomi           0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

The ragged gasping breath drawn into her lungs was sweet as and invigorating as orange juice. Tottering where she stands she's still processing the pain and tugging at her wrist. He hadn't flown away at all, because he was still clinging to her. She staggers toward him, her own force imparted into his bod pulling her out of grounded stance, as his feet come down the sand bursts up into her face and eyes, a hasty shielding of her face protects one of her eyes, the other eye screwing closed and her face reflexively turning away.

The hand contacting her abdomen elicits a hiss of pain and a kicking of her heels as she tries to start back peddling away from the finger sharp points trying to bury themselves in her stomach. Hard muscle resists being penetrated so, daily five hundred sit-ups without ever missing a day for more than a decade. She was a soft looking girl by appearance, with iron at her core Hitomi resists. When he moves out of her line of sight so speedily and digs an elbow into her already bruised ribs she hunches in response. Her backward retreat dying and running out of momentum she starts to pitch that way.


As hei prepares to shoulder into her back to back the girl turns her head, the dusting of sand glittering where it covers her eye, trapped in her lashes as she is looking back over her shoulder at him. She forces her eye open in order to track his movement. In response to his lunge at her and she hops and contorts her body into a L shape, her derriere making contact with the centre of his back with a fleshy smack and he drives her into a gentle spin, she tries to put her leg down but his sweep contacts the limb and thus she continues to spin , leaning backward and trying to get away even as a fist rockets up millimetres from her jaw.

Tumbling backward, into yet another roll through the sand she pushes up overhead with both her hands on the next rotation to vault back to standing, right onto the Yin side of the symbol.

Falling to one knee as she tries to stand she kneels whilst cradling her injured side, checking her hand for blood as she inspects her trembling fingers after having touched her wounds. She wasn't bleeding out this time. Forging on, Hitomi buries her palm in the hot ands of the beach and shoves hard to push herself back up. No-one interfered when Creg Marduk had nearly brutalized her in front of schoolmates, the fight staff then hadn't tried to save her that day. She had no faith they'd try to stop the fight at anything short of a permanent injury. She was on her own, there was no choice but to fight.

Rather than wallow in how much pain she was in her fists tightened at her sides. Hitomi brushes her chin with one of those fists and then falls back into stance. She couldn't express anything to make sense of this senseless match, of his desire to hurt her. She didn't understand him, but she'd dealt with another Monster threatening to carve her up before. Stabbing and bleeding her as she fought.

She survived that, she'd survive this.


It ever hurt to talk, every breath brought pain.


COMBATSYS: Hitomi gathers her will.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hitomi           1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

For all the pain that Hitomi was experiencing, she was far better off than Hei. His shoulder, where she had dug her heel in with that brutal axe kick, was swollen so much it looked like he had a tumor, and was turning a deep, dark shade of purple with dark red veins laced through it. His chest, where it isn't tattoo'ed, is taking on a similar shade. His legs are starting to tremble at the knees.

"Don't worry, darling Hitomi," Hei says, lifting his chin up and staring downwards at her. His smile is saccharine sweet. This is the kind of face that belongs on the covers of magazines and boy band album covers. It is not the face of a merciless killer. "I'm not going to do you any lasting harm. This isn't that kind of party. If you get too scared, or think I'm pushing things too far, you can always yield. We can even come up with a safeword, if it helps you feel more secure."

Even now, Hei's confidence doesn't waver. He might know that she's coming out ahead so far. She hits hard, and if he takes another attack like she's dished out thus far in the match, he's not certain he'll be able to keep moving. But Hitomi is showing fear and uncertainty. She might be assured she'll survive, but he can smell the blood on the water like a shark. She's been hurt before and she's worried it might happen again. He'll capitalize on that to the best of his ability. It might give him the edge he needs.

"Do you need a moment to catch your breath?" Hei asks, his eyes gleaming with salacious delight and unrestrained desire, as if he were practically devouring her with his eyes alone. He even captures the corner of his bottom lip between his teeth for a moment, as his eyes wander down over her body, openly lingering for a brief moment on her ample chest, before continuing on. Let her take the moment to breathe. He could use it himself. It might afford her time to regroup and unleash some other powerful attack, but it might just give him enough of his stamina back to be able to survive it. He hopes.

"If that much had such an effect on you, you really should have let me finish. I'd have had you melting in no time."

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng gains composure.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Hitomi           1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

He mixed his signals so much it had her momentarily confused, one moment he was poised and elegant with a voice like warm milk then next: Openly staring at her body similarly to how Creg Marduk had. It send icy shivers down her spine to have his gaze rove over her body so. Tropical beach sands clung to sweat covered skin, a brighter and sun kissed gold complexion than her own pale skin.

Hitomi wasn't a great beauty, she tried to maintain the same weight so that her wardrobe fit. She picked out a cute outfit when she wanted to feel cute, a tough and durable outfit when she wanted to get out and about. She loved her clothes, they had colour and brightness they were a part of how she expressed herself, quite literally so since she tailored or handmade some of them to best do so. Just staring so at the soft and plain girl behind them stripped all her comfort away.

She wasn't a toy! She didn't like people looking at her so! AND You-know-what!!

She beat Marduk, fair and square. She was terrified at the time and pulled out all the stops, it wasn't what she would have considered a matchup between opponents, she wasn't proud of that fight. He didn't respect her, that man had barked like a dog and ogled at her the whole match.


No safeword, no more bullying her into taking a step backwards. Her fist collides with her open palm as she works the two together to loosen up a tension in her shoulders. Heedless of the injury in her side she moves like she'd set the fact she'd been hurt and scared aside. Pain by itself wasn't a high enough hurdle to stop her beating this creep.

"I will not be defeated."

She would drub him up and down this beach as much as it took to beat some respect or manners into him. Fringe shaded and dark eyebrows draw down fiercely, like storm clouds gathering over the ocean she was similarly glaring a hole right through the pretty-boy.

Mid rush towards him she suddenly slows her advance and reels her elbow back until the joint is fair pointed at Hei's throat. Then jambs the elbow and forearm down hard at his uninjured shoulder. Driving his torso down so she kick upwards once again to right and stagger him as she plunges her fist into his face. All while she's maintaining a steady walking-pace advance.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng blocks Hitomi's Strong Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Hitomi           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

One eyebrow ticks upwards when she says no, and Hei cannot suppress the smile that pulls at the corners of his mouth, until it's split his lips open, revealing the pearly whites hidden behind it. She was going to muster her strength after all. That pleases him more than anything. He might have won the fight, but he'd have lost interest in her had she just kept herself in that timid, recoiling state. Now she was showing some fire.

"Oh. That's so perfect! You're so very gorgeous right now! My heart is fluttering, and my knees are getting weak!!"

As she advances, Hei stands his ground. Her fire and passion excites him tremendously. He wasn't lying in the statement made about his heart fluttering. If she pays attention she will see that there is color flooding his cheeks. A light in his eyes as he watches her coming towards him, and his pupils dilate. That smile is one of awe. His entire body posture straightens, as if he were putting on his very best show just for her.

And he meets her, blow for blow. Her elbow doesn't meet his shoulder as intended, but rather his open palm. The kick is met with crossed wrists, preventing it from meeting his already tenderized trunk. And that fist, when it comes, is only met by dipping his chin, so that her knuckles crash against the top of his skull, just above his hairline where the bone is the thickest and the nerves are spread thin. A place that is more likely to break her fist than to phase him.

Nor does he retreat. He stays his ground the entire time, so that, in the end, she's forced to practically walk into him if she wants to keep her advancement going. Which he'll use to slip one arm loosely around her waist, his hand at the center of the curve of her back. His other hand reaches up, lazily gliding across her cheek with a feathery light caress that is as smooth and soft as silk.

"Win or lose, we should enjoy our moment while it lasts..." He says in a satin purr that spills from his lips warm and sweet like molten honey, as he dips in close, until the tips of their noses are nearly touching, and his head tilts to the side ever so slightly. His breath smells sweet and fruity as it plays across her sweat slicked flesh, cooling it with its touch. His voice dips lower, softer still, speaking in a near whisper that is the kind of intimate way that one speaks only in those private moments shared with a lover in the bedroom. "After this, we should get together and relieve one another of our mutually inflicted pains. Just you and me. Hot tub. Bottle of champagne. View of the moon over the ocean. Sound good to you, Hitomi?"

But for now, they're still in a dance. Hei's fingertips trail away from Hitomi's cheek, tracing the line of her jaw and dipping under her chin before finally falling away. The half-Asian killer takes a single step backwards, before he suddenly sweeps both arms upwards in a circular movement, meeting in a point above his head. As he draws forth his ki, he raises one knee to his chest, and his hands drop down so that he slams his fist into the cupped palm of the other. His foot stomps the ground, and another burst of sand is sent spraying up into the air.

And then he turns. Pirouetting on the toe of one foot, Hei spins at incredible speeds, as ribbons of wind and sand surround him, forming a wall, and then growing and congealing into a rapidly spreading dome that churns up everything and threatens to envelop and crush Hitomi, should she not be careful!

COMBATSYS: Hitomi dodges Hei Xuanfeng's Zhiming Xuanfeng.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hitomi           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

There was frustration, her opponent was able to meet and minimise the effects of each of her blows but she continues hammering home each one. When he adjusts tack and lowers his head to intercept her fist she rotates her elbow and forearm, changing the point of contact and bringing her swing short but still impactful. She lost a lot of power, but in turn her first merely stung instead of breaking anything. She was leaning right into the blow even after it landed, intent of driving him back.

Instead of being driven back he slips around her fist and steps in. MUCH too close!! She can notes the arm brushing and closing around her waist, a glace downward and in that direction and then return to glaring accusation up at him, the four or so inches of height difference between them was more than obvious this close. His hand plastered to her lower back even as she laid a closed fist against his chest to push him away, and was hurriedly drawing back her striking arm which was lost behind his uninjured shoulder.

Under his gentle caress she bristles and tenses, she even tries turning her head to shrug off the touch. This was just Gross! Her pulse quickened initially out of shock, as his sweet whispers and the fruity perfume intrude into her personal space and filter through her senses she responds by bracing her arms between them and pushing outwards to swat his hands off her. A ploy he avoids by dancing away of his own volition. He irritated and offended her very being but perhaps that was the point. Remain calm! Keep a cool head!

The dome of Sand and wind would surely have ensnared her if she had recklessly lunged in after him. Perhaps that was his plan, or he was so misguided and crazed he thought someone might go for what he suggested. She takes a moment to study the dome before reacting, allowing it to grow dangerously close before dipping low and vaulting into the air, her leg descends in an axe drop against the side of the dome and it repels her into the air and higher into the air, as her momentum begins to arrest she comes back down with a solid punch and to the same effect is thrown up yet again higher.

Her ankle and foot pink skinned and stinging from contact with the wall, her hand stinging worse than it had making contact with Hei's skull. Hitomi turns a gentle backwards flip in the air. Maybe, she didn't have enough weight to break through before, not unless she hit a higher speed.

Hitomi blossoms her limbs wide into a star to try and arrest her backspin, instead angling forward and headfirst, arms trailing behind her like a diving falcon she dives down at the dome. She had no alternatives, it had swallowed the ground on which she stood when she leapt.

She'd break through and smash the man that lay at its heart, all in one fell swoop.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng parries Hitomi's Fierce Punch!!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hitomi           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

As Hitomi plummets towards the dome of chi and wind and sand, it starts to disperse. At the last moment, she'll punch through the wall, and see the man standing at the epicenter, with his green eyes cast upwards, expecting her. Her fist comes crashing down at Hei, locked on as if she were a missile. The assassin slips sideways, grasping hold of her punching arm at the wrist as he turns like a matador, jerking her forward so that she lands off balance and offering up her back to him.

"Mm. You seem angry. Why?"

Hei's spinning turn carries him into a leaping twist, his body parallel to the ground as he cartwheels around with a butterfly kick at Hitomi's back, with a flare of chi arcing from his feet, creating a blue-white circle of slashing energy that distorts the air with a shimmer like a mirage.

"Is my offer not satisfactory?" he asks, as he lands from the perfectly executed, chi empowered butterfly kick, and keeps turning, whipping around with a spinning crescent kick, alight with more of that cutting power, and then a hopping inwards crescent kick, to complete the tornado kick.

"This is supposed to be a fun match, Hitomi. You seem to be in the wrong headspace!"

With that, the Chinese-British halfblood leaps, twisting one last time to shoot upwards into the air, leaving a straight line of that slicing, blue power from the sandy earth to the sky, with the intention of sweeping the girl up within and lifting her up into the sky some twenty feet, before letting her drop down once more.

As he lands from the attack, Hei remarks, "Whatever animosity you're feeling, it isn't me that is the problem. I'm offering you nothing but a pleasant evening, because you have really piqued my interest. If you think me insincere, then test me!"

COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Hei Xuanfeng's Duo Yu Tui EX!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hitomi           0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

Ploughing face first along beach sand Hitomi's first problem is trying not to inhale a lungful of the stuff. Her instincts tell her to keep moving, staying still will hurt: there's no reprieve or mercy to be found here. Expect no quarter.

Gracelessly walking her hands forward and under her as though swimming she pulls herself along until she can buy a foothold against some firmer ground and come up moving. By the time she expects she has put at least a little distance between Hei and herself she turns to face toward him only to have to lean back and begin falling once again to avoid the scything legs.

Set back on her haunches and with her hand down supporting her she seemingly has no defense against the followup unti, she starts standing up into it. One shoulder down, one arm rising inversely to the other falling. her rising arm touching upon the inward swinging crescent kick she guides the kick down and cross the back of her shoulder blades. A sheaf of light brown hair falling when the cutting edge of chi passed so narrowly close to her head. The second kick she intercepts by reaching out with her defence, pushing it to the full extent of her reach she pinpoint precise jambs her fist in behind his knee at same time warning against the blow traditionally. Two points to push back against and divert that cutting chi from her bare flesh.

Foolishly, leaving her jaw and chest exposed, he wasn't done.

Her forearm held vertically as a barrier to ward off that last vertical attack it's a bright and angry red, the skin unbroken yet she couldn't feel the arm at all. Her fingers were in the midst of spasms twisting her fist into a claw; a constant trembling in reaction to a trauma she didn't feel.

She wobbles and reels about as she totters to standing while he sails to the ground graceful and chatty. She just really wanted to bust him right in that perfect nose for how he had been treating her. She wasn't a plaything or prize to be won or deceived. She was a person with her own desires and heart; it was not for any man to trifle with and hers to decide to give away. People's lives and the things they valued were not playthings and entertainment, not for anyone.

"What I want... Is to punch you so hard that any girls watching who bear you a grudge feel a bit of satisfaction from seeing it happen."

She shakes out her numb hand, a brief flapping of her wrist and it's right back into stance. She felt like someone had lit a fire under her today, if this jerk was this bad dealing with her there were probably others he'd treated much worse.

Her blitz like step-in and swift wide-stance punch to the gut was a direct follow up to the attack she'd landed earlier. Sternum, abdominals, shoulders and chest while avoiding the heart. Every blow was tournament legal and by definition; performed thus to avoid injuring an opponent during competition. She was going to beat Hei into the ground by the most well-meaning, yet painful and torturous way possible.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng blocks Hitomi's Fujin EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Hitomi           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

This is getting ridiculous, on so many levels. How is she so easily able to just read his moves so casually as if he moved at the speed of turtles on heroin? Every thing is working against him in this fight, and he's getting frustrated. Not at himself, but at everything. Her attitude is only making it worse. This girl clearly has some deep rooted issues that need to be worked out. His interest in her is deflated completely by the time she's finished her comment. His entire demeanor shifts instantly. He's bored. Everything points away from her.

"You... What the fuck are you even talking about?" he blurts out incredulously. As she comes in with that punch, Hei lifts his arms up, catching the punch against his forearms and sliding back a few inches in the sand. His upper lip curls into a sneer, and he lets his hands fall down, shaking them out.

"You act like I've offended your fucking great ancestors, because I offered to have a good time together after a friendly match? I'm here to have a good time, and have a no hard feelings fight. If you're too fucking immature to handle trading fists with someone without it meaning they're your enemy, you need to get the fuck out of this business, girl."

He dances away, back on the balls of his feet, but he lowers his hands.

"You can search this fucking planet far and wide for any "girl who has a grudge" and you'll find none. Don't fucking ever mistake me for someone like that again. As for this match? Fuck this. If this is how you fight, I want no part of it. You wanna hit me so that you can get some sort of satisfaction venting your frustrations on whatever other guy might have hurt you, go right ahead. I'm done with this, though."

He holds his arms out to his side, opening his defenses wide for her to come at him, but the look of sheer and utter disgust that reflects in his eyes speaks volumes more than his words had.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng gains composure.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Hitomi           0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1     Hei Xuanfeng

The half-german teenager patters to a halt, stilled in her tracks as she stands accused and pinned by Hei's look of disgust and venomous words. The rush of emotions running through her was simmering under a lower intensity heat, that chilling and repulsed gaze cooling what fire she had and her leaving her she feeling positively ill.

She didn't want it to be like this, Being or feeling this way. Frustrated enough by what felt like cruel and unprovoked bullying she'd declared they needed to be punished for it. Did they? Maybe there was something really wrong and she was reading too much into what was going on, as people they were miscommunicating. She was in the wrong?

Hitomi glances across at the SNF crew and finds no reassurances there, just camera lenses and a home audience. Blank fisheye's to a girl in the midst of an existential crisis. Her look strays to Hei's group of rough looking friends... he was here with friends or had made some while on the island. Could he be all bad if he'd managed that? She straightens and tries to let this weird tension flow out of her, letting her head lol back and completely dropping her guard.

A heaved breath and questing search for some core answer.

"I should Quit. You are right."

It was all over, she should let it go. Even now still wanted to smack him but the urge was sickening and wrong. With that said there was no longer any reason to be here. She forces herself into a minimally respectful bow and turns her back on Hei.

She'd allow the SNF staff to tend to any of her injuries they thought required medical attention and then take her leave. She should have apologized to him while she had the chance but there was something deeply rooted and stubborn inside her that was unfathomably offended by Hei's approaches.

She really and truely disliked and despised the man, no matter she couldn't justify exactly why that was to herself. Her impression was still no reason to go as far as she had. If her head wasn't straight as Hei suggested? - She should set her fists aside until she had just cause to use them.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi has left the fight here.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hei Xuanfeng     1/------=/=======|

Was she really going to quit just like that? Hei isn't so certain. With as much anger and disgust as she was displaying, he was certain that his invitation to pummel him mercilessly would be acted upon. But she was going to give in and just stop. What is the deal with this girl?

He remains there, standing in place with his eyes fixed on her as she gives that bow and turns her back on him. His nose crunches up, it's button tip lifting, and his nostrils flaring. The side of his upper lip draws tight, lifting in a sneer that might have made Elvis Presley green with envy. Disrespectful girl. He feels his blood boiling in his veins. The air in his lungs is like that of a sauna. Heavy and hot. His muscles tremble, but not from the pain of the injuries he's sustained, but rather with the urge to go knock some damned sense into her. How dare she give such a disrespectful bow, and then turn her back on him? Him?


He stalks forward after her, his fists clenched tightly enough that his knuckles are bleached white, and rivulets of blood are starting to seep out where long, glassy nails have pierced and embedded themselves into the flesh on his palms. "Hey, you don't get to walk away like that! That was disrespectful. You should at least give me an apology, damnit! I did nothing to deserve that attitude!!!"

Whatever Hei might be, be it thug, assassin, monk, romancer, lecher, or what have you, he's still very, very much Chinese. Face has a very deep rooted hold on the culture, and body language is used to display certain things with far more certainty than words ever are relied upon. A minimal bow and back turning is just about the most insulting thing you could do to someone. He couldn't let that slide, or he'd lose face.

"What the hell is your problem, for real? This could have been a good night for us both! You're really strong and really gorgeous, and I thought you seemed like you might be a cool person, but that attitude... that just ruins it. Where the hell does that come from? Is this your first professional fight? We could have been friends, dammit. And now you think you're just going to spit in my face and walk away like that?"

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng has ended the fight here.

Hitomi momentarily stiffens up as he calls after her -- and then she begins to walk away much faster. Willing to go as far as a light hurried jog.

She had processed his request, on some levels agreed with him! Lamenting her actions even as she was still forging on with no real plan and escalating panic. Yet something inside her acknowledged this was an impossibility. It could not be done, she could not apologize.

He keeps calling after her, she continues increasing her pace in order to get further away. It wasn't that she would be embarrassed, she kind of felt she was in the wrong but he was asking her to give him something she wouldn't in a million years. She would never forgive him.

Reaching the medic at a trot she only stops jogging on the spot long enough for him to check the state of her wounds. The worst of which was the bruising on her side.

Hitomi refuses to turn and acknowledge Hei. If she were not so clearly running from him and his words it would be like he ceased existing in her world. She even makes an effort to make small talk and joke with the medic to further avoid making contact with reality and the scene she was causing.

Hei will only follow for a few feet. When it is clear that she is going to outright ignore him rather than make a sincere apology, he'll stop.

"Fucking bitch..." He mutters under his breath. This... is not going to be a situation that is ever going to end up well for anyone. If Hitomi thought he was offensive, the feeling of offense he now feels is something complete and unforgivable. She had insulted him in one of the worst possible ways. On camera. For the world to see. And she refused to even acknowledge him afterwards. This was a severe loss of face for him.

"Alright. Run and hide, little Hitomi. We'll meet again, and you'll find me a lot less accommodating..."

Yes. He will not rest now, until he sees her broken and bleeding, begging for her life on the ground at his feet. He will find out all that he can about her, and he will burn her entire life to the ground until she has nothing left. He will make her watch every single person she has ever even so much as smiled at die before her eyes. Her family. Her friends. Lovers, past and present. All of them will be torn asunder, and she will know that it all is the result of her irresponsible and grotesque actions on this day.

His eyes and heart as cold as ice, he casts one last reptilian stare of those lifeless jade eyes after the girl as the medic looks her over. A huff of air, and he flips his long, dark green tail, and closes his eyes, turning his back on her as he walks away, waving off the SNF crew that come to try to check on his own wounds.

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