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Description: The first NOL representative up for duty as Emissary to Illyria will be one Second Lieutenant Mai Natsume. The position as negotiated to serve as a conduit of communication. Obviously, Miss Natsume will be expected to report her findings and submit status reports directly to NOL, on everything she observes going on in Illyria, but there is no expectation that she be included in whatever closed-door meetings the newly formed Illyria government chooses to hold. She will be instructed to be non-obstructive to anything the Illyria government/Sacred Order is up to, and to only lend her combat skills to matters concerning Illyria at the request of the Sacred Order.

A red cloaked and obscured figure was patiently awaiting being received, or at least acknowledged and placed in quarters. She hadn't been out of eyeshot of her escort since her appearance at the border of the fledgling nation. Arriving early, minutes ahead of schedule at the border, seemingly unarmed and with written and magically sealed copies of her orders.

A large trunk of clothing and personal property she relinquished for screening and had caused a massive disturbance at the border checkpoint. Possibly carrying deadly poisons in her luggage and on her person, a case filled with clothing obviously intended to seduce or lead officials of the Sacred Order astray.

She was seated with her hands resting in her lap, her blue hair pulled back into a long ponytail that's bound with a yellow ribbon, twin antennae of hanging down in front of her downturned face and mid chest length bangs. Lieutenant Natsume Mai, official Emissary of the Novus Orbis Librarium was completely mortified. She should have suspected her friends might have done something nice in helping her prepare for such a stay and trip, as well as being by herself. But those clothes and that underwear...

"Kajun... Noel"

When that trooper opened her bag for inspection, only pick something out and puzzle over it's nature and purpose for a good long while. Holding that lacy thing up and rotating it around until he located ties and clasps. A slow dawning and confused inspection allowing enough time for it to dawn on gradually Mai, her hair antennae and spine straightening in alarm as she realized just what it was /probably/ was and who likely added it to her bags. She had made herself stand there, disciplined and quiet while gradually turning redder out of embarassed.

Then, the pink pouch with white coloured bunny faces turned out to be some travelling snacks prepared by Noel, it had been a thoughtful gift; she hoped that poor man was going to be okay. Mai had attempted to warn him, usually the aura hanging about a =DEATH DINNER=(Text visually inky wet, black and dripping) was enough to discourage people from eating them, but unfortunately her protests may have distracted him just enough he placed one in his mouth. POISON. She was carrying deadly poisons as well.

Mai leans her head backward against the wall and exhales a long drawn out sigh.

"I could have made a better first impression."

Not that she was going to find any friends here but it would likely cast extra suspicions upon here and make the tasks pursuant to her duties harder to manage. If it weren't for the extra uniform and books in her case they might have considered everything in her luggage to be a threat to National Security.

It is entirely possible that things are about to get worse.

Or at least mildly confusing.

Heavy booted footsteps echo through the halls of the gothic white-walled castle of Illyria. The place seemingly in perpetual re-construction and a long ways off from the visions of a thriving modern castle-town that architects and imagineers forsee for its future. Still, it is growing rapidly more capable of doing the duties the Sacred Order requires of it, although one grumpy Leo Whitefang might argue otherwise at the moment given that the meeting room he had -wanted- to use came down with a severe case of a leaky roof, sending rain water pouring in on him and his desk and paperwork during the most recent use of it just prior to him receiving notice of the arrival of the emmisary from the NOL.

"Perhaps I spoke to soon about this to Clio. Not a day later and already the NOL is back in my hair.." he grouches as two large Sacred Order soldiers march silently behind him but wisely keep their mouths shut.

Thus his arrival to meet Mai is fairly loud and boistrous as he pushes open massive double doors leading into the chamber she's been asked to wait in and he bursts in with a flourish of his massive coat and even more massive (well to him at least) mane of hair. The two guards snap to a stop at the entrance to allow Leo to step in, look around and then blink as he sees Mai.

He stares for a few uncomfortable seconds and then leans back and lifts a hand up to shield his face as he attempts to whisper back at the guards,

"I thought you told me the ambassador had arrived. Why is Miss 'cosplaying'..?"

"Er..Sir Leo.." one of the guards speaks up, trying to figure out the best way to correct him.

Jolting up the Dizzy lookalike pauses on the balls of her feet, a betrayal of her nervousness and rapid fight or flight assessment. Stiffly walking toward an imposing figure she felt a cub, tentatively entering a lion's den. Mai performs a smart NOL military academy style salute. Crisp and practiced she snaps up ramrod stiff in execution but then seems rather awkward and out of place when lowering said saluting arm.

"Second Lieutenant Mai Natsume, with the 78th library regulars. 4th Magic Division. Ah, -Emmisary from the NOL to"

Mai kind of trails off, She did have orders to hand over at one point but given the trouble she'd already caused at the border they'd already been taken for inspection.

Red cloak drawn back with her arm raised mid salute. The girl presenting herself was a good deal shorter than Dizzy, her hair length was shorter and she lacked the wings, wore her hair styled differently but the same coloured hair and even similar ribbon. Obviously buxom and womanly figure while also a shade too thin and just a tad pale.

"Please allow me to apologise for the fuss at the border!! I wasn't able to warn your man in time to avoid the cookies!"

An apologetic and guilty look as the girl drops her eyes. That was her own responsibility, she should have obviously checked and rechecked her luggage and found the 'changes' out before they got to the troops who were just doing their job. She was quite embarrassed about the lacy clothes but at least the underwear's there hadn't hurt anyone... Like the cookies had potential to do.

Ah no. This isn't Dizzy.

Leo blinks a few times at the resembalance but as Mai truly makes her presence known, the obvious sets in - that is unless Dizzy has learned some degree of shape shifting which isn't impossible.

But Dizzy's acting ability, to put it plainly, sucks. Nope, this one is genuine.

"Ahh...c-cookies?" stutters Leo before blinking a few times and then shaking off his confusion abit to try and regain his stern demeanour back again. He was expecting the worst - something like Katarina..but this is certainly not what he had in mind when they said they would send an ambassador so he finds himself on uneven footing despite it all. "You are ..NOL?" he questions, confused. Where's her pitch fork and devil horns?

Finally, he seems to recover more of his wits, clearing his throat and straightening up slightly, "Ah yes, well Yes. Second Lieutenant Mai Natsume, welcome to Illyria... I did receive notification of your arrival and a message from the Imperator herself regarding your arrival. I didn't hear of any trouble but I trust that whatever happened didn't give you any bad impressions about our young nation. We're still trying to put the pieces together, after all.."

Hastily waving her hands back and forth horizontally she wants to assure him she hasn't personally found any trouble.

"No! none at all."

The troopers had been rather efficient and seemed just as embarrassed as she was when rooting around in a young woman's luggage and unmentionables. She was keeping a rough tally of how many uniformed troopers versus volunteers she'd seen in her head, ratio of rank to file. Curious to see how many non-humans were mixed into the ranks or if she could see a Gear up close. Her job had begun at the border, all of this information was to go into her regular reports.

A long drawn out and calming breath.

"I apologize in advance, I realize my presence here my cause some additional burdens and drawn manpower from places otherwise they would be needed."

There is a brief roll of her shoulders and duck of her head, a vague incline at the waist. A bow from a person of some courtly position to one who stood higher, which abruptly deepens to full waist depth as old mannerisms have to be overcome. She wasn't that Mai anymore.

"I will attempt to avoid interfering as much as possible over the course of my stay. My reports are to compile reports on the growth and stability of the population, visitors of note and ...research being carried on in the Telluric Complex."

She wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to do that last bit. That was kind of a gibberish of empty words with no real context or spoken comprehension. Report on what she saw, she would handle that much and perhaps others could pore over what was import in her reports.

"For such, I have some writing materials with my luggage, but only require perhaps a desk to write at and somewhere to sleep."

Urgh. At this point Leo would have -preferred- Katarina. This girl is..nice. This is the problem with NOL isn't it and the Imperator knows it and is gleefully using it. He can't very well hold a grudge against the organization as some monolithic entity just because its core is rotten. Still..there is merit in being guarded and as Leo listens, he hoods his eyes slightly and becomes slightly more closed off as his stance stiffens just a touch.

"Yes...of course. It is, as agreed, with the Imperator.."

He relaxes subtly. It's hardly Mai's fault that this twisted situation is occuring and he did agree to these terms.

"At the moment I'm afraid there isn't much going on to be of any entertaining value aside from our effort sat rebuilding the castle but we both know how rapidly things can change in this day and age... Exploring Illyria, The Telleic complex, restoring the castle, and establishing working infra structures are our current priorities. We can't function as a nation if we're still struggling with basic things like commerce, health care,.."

Leo turns and pushes open the doors to lead back into the proper areas of the castle, "I will show you to your room. I'll also need to leave word for Ky Kiske that you are here so he isn't..surprised."

Understanding and nodding along, The NOL Second Lieutenant face clouds over markedly at mention of Ky's name. The night he had supposedly attacked the Southtown base he had hurt precious members of her unit who were caught up in the ensuing fight after the alarms started. It was all anyone was talking about while tending to the injured afterwards; How they were attacked by Ky Kisuke.

The audacity of the Sacred Order attacking a detention facility full of dangerous individuals, how surely this would lead to war between them. Now here Mai was, a representative of NOL to those same dishonourable people. No, not all of them! Just Ky-kisuke.

She was apprehensive about meeting the man and having to work around him.

The way that the giant Lion man had phrased that, warning Ky? She supposed that made sense now that there was a NOL emissary arrived. His name was pretty universally dirt throughout the Librarium and he had a proven history of attacking NOL. It was probably for her own safety.

If that barbarian of a man caused yet another incident attacking a NOL emissary? It would surely lead to war, and a lot of good people would be hurt.

"On the subject of Ky kisuke. It's only fair that I caution that I am not unarmed, and am capable of defending myself if required."

A terse tone that betrays just how little she thought and expected of the man. Also a bold claim for a girl who had turne dover all her belongings, Mai had fully intended to divulge the fact that she was unaware of any fool proof method of disarming her. Suppose if they bound all her limbs or kept her in an unconscious state.

She makes no move to demonstrate or otherwise alarm guards or her escort and otherwise maintains pace with Leo. Which is something she has to step quickly to do anyway.


Leo's reaction to that is..surprisingly rather mild and tame and probably isn't going to do much good for clearing Ky's good name.

"I see.. You need not be concerned Miss Natsume. I'm unsure of what First Lieutenant Katarina may have told you but I understand that her demeanor and attitude doesn't represent the NOL at large and when Sir Kiske threatened her it was in response to her needling, prodding and vindictive behavior and comments towards him during the ..tense situation that started the Illyria expedition. Ky would not harm you or any other and is a man of incredible justice, faith and good will."

Leo pauses and turns to look at Mai directly now, both of his large arms folded though his stance is unthreatening. "I have no doubt that the lady Katarina has done much to try and bismerch his name. You should give him an opportunity to show you his true self. He is a man of passionate but great character. As to your weapons.. I would welcome seeing them in action. We have a training yard and are working on developing a more technologically appropriate training center as well. It would be an honor to see your capabilities in action in a controlled location like that and you have full permission to use those facilities to maintain your combat skills."

He's unsure of just how much she actually -knows- as well but she -is- here after all.

"..I..assume you have been fully briefed on the nature of Illyria's existence and the different beings you may encounter here, such as..Gears?"

"It's not- ... He hurt a few members of my unit in his last attack. I can't forgive that - else I wouldn't be worthy of a position leading them."

The was no poison spoken into her ear regarding the character of Ky Kisuke. Though Katarina? That Katatrina? She was the sole of discretion and hardly spoke a word to her classmates, a prodigy always taking on extra classes and seeking out additional lessons rather than socializing. Katarinas schhol life reminded Mai of her own homelife. A Saddening affair to be driven so that the opportunity to develop friendships just, slipped away.

Mai could separate her own wants and feelings from what was required of her completing this assignment. The painfully tight fist at her side was hidden beneath her cloak, reaching across body with her other arm to still the trembling and gradually relax the fist.

She was rather glad they weren't worried that she was still armed. Even with just Ars Magus formulae she could probably still defend herself for time. The promise that she could continue her training and keep up her physical condition though, that was a welcome one. If they thought she would be excellent practice for training the troops to face NOL soldiers, Hazuki-style martial arts were beyond rare. There were only perhaps two practitioners even in the Library forces.

Make no mistake! You will be living amongst your enemies and they will attempt to use you!

"Ah, there wasn't too much to the briefing about Gears. 'They are UN manufactured constructs designed to appear human, animal-like or built expressly for combat roles. They can appear lifelike but were built by men still living today.' And theres apparently a device or signal that can control them. A special type of Gear uses it. Or something like that..."

Recited pretty much to the letter. The important thing to keep a watch for was Gear numbers. If they gathered together a large enough force inside safe 'territory' it could be a threat to the entire world.

"I'm not entirely sure why I was selected. There were certainly people better qualified and more informed. I'll do my best at the role and give it my all!"

Her insecurities and the lack of information provided had her questioning her suitability for this assignment. The fact she was here though meant that someone higher up the chain sent her with a purpose. Her name wasn't merely plucked from a hat. She simply didn't know why.

"I see.. don't know ..much about the attack. The purpose of the raid..what happened.." Leo seems oddly solemn as he leads Mai into the guest quarters sector of the castles and for a few long seconds he's silent as if pondering her words heavily.

Then: "I do not think Ky would disagree with me when I say that you should retain this anger and this sense of responsiblity for your men who were hurt. It's an unfortunante side effect of conflict that people under our command are put in harms way when decisions are made by forces that may stand against us. You have every right to be indignant against the actions of those who attacked the security center and hurt people close to you, regardless of their reasoning. Did you know that an assassin was hired and sent against members of the Sacred Order expedition during the early days of it? Many I was on a first name basis with were hurt or even killed. It's a sad lot for those of us who are placed in harms way to do our duty.."

He pauses at a door and a room prepared for her and then turns to face the girl, "But try to not hold a personal grudge. There's a line to cross when care and concern for your comrades turns into a vendetta or a point of view that may blind you to certain facts of the realities of war and the reason why things happen. Your description of Gears has let me know that there's much you don't now yet about what's going on. Perhaps you were sent here to learn, not just for the NOL, but for yourself, the truth of the world outside of your military academy and the strictly following orders. The Imperator is..wise.."

And crafty. And dangerous. And manipulative. And a liar....

"I trust that your time here will prove enlightening. I will be sure to inform Ky about these matters so he conducts himself accordingly. I know he would not want you to be uncomfortable. Perhaps, when you are ready, you can be exposed to more information and...make your mind up for yourself."

One can hope, after all. The last time that happened with an NOL officer, she quit their organization. This girl seems kind enough. IF nothing else it'll give her the tools to deal with her superiors better then she's currently equipped to..

Mai trails along beside the large man. The sharper heel-click of her heeled boots on stone echoing at a different timber and faster cadence to Leo's tread. His words that she didn't actually know what had happened regarding the attack kind of silences the conversation. It was true that she didn't know anything about what motivated the attack at the time.

The command gear was being held there for study, now here somewhere in Illyria.

That upturned and earnest face expresses just how troubling it was to hear that assassins were involved in hurting people under his command. Assassins were meant to come after their target alone. As a routine target of assassination herself Mai Hazuki expected them to come after him. Mai Natsume was driven to the edge of despair after being told her own father had employed assassins to try taking her life during her days at the academy.

For the children of the duodecium the prospect of dealing with assassins and directing the movements of their own knives in the dark was as expected as learning appropriate table manners. It was sad news that other innocents were caught up in it.

When he stops by a door in particular she abruptly stops and mentally fixes the number of doors and archways she's seen. 26th on the right?

"I'll give all I can, Everything in my power to protect and save everyone I care about."

Her precious friends and the smiling faces of people who put their faith in her. People gave her reason to live and keep moving forward, getting stronger so she could protect those smiles.

"Please do, If the day comes I cannot save them, I'll avenge them instead."

Warning Ky-Kisuke of her presence so they might avoid antagonizing one another? it seemed a smart idea now. She heard Leo's words but they ran right off her heart. The memory of holding a comrade in her arms and while their blood warmed her hands and soaked into her uniform was a firm countermeasure against words of caution and wisdom.

The diminutive teen strolls past Leo into the room, interestedly turning her head to take in the bed and furnishings. It actually had blankets and covers, probably more plush than her cot back at the Base; a writing desk and chair, even a curtain on the window. Considering this was a nation slowly piecing together archaic or undeveloped infrastructure this was probably luxurious.

"Uaaaah, you have my thanks for the room. It looks really comfortable."

"And you were escorted here by The King!"

Leo's warm hearted over the top self confidence bursts through for a moment through all the solmen talk.

"Certainly special treatment for our very first official NOl ambassador. A more important guide you could not have asked for." Leo nods his head firmly while also thinking a touch. He'll have to take a few to come up with a word to enter into his dictionary to describe this unique situation.

"Vengeance is fleeting, Miss Natsume but that is all I will say on that matter. Just...keep an open mind.."

Leo nods his head and steps back to let her get situated, "I will make arrangements for you to learn the ins and outs of the castle and be shown how to enter the Telluric Complex as soon as you are ready.."

And with that, he steps away, his steps briskly taking him away from the door. Stranger and stranger is the NOL. His own grudge against them once more being put to the test.

As he moves, he ponders her words and Ky's reports. "Hmm..I don't recall Ky saying he fought any of the rank and file soldiers there even with his initial blitz through to get straight to Relius.." he muses absent mindedly while moving down the hall...

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