The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 0 - Shadaloo: Marz Reports

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Description: Vega summons Marz to give him an update as to just what in the world she's been up to.

Normally, when one would enter the throne room, the magnitude of it all would be surreal and overwhelming. Normally, the monitors on the walls would be displaying everything from stock prices to movements of small unknown trade caravans in the middle of a desert. Normally Shadaloo staff and soldiers would be lining the walls.

Today however, is very different.

Five different bodies, two scientists and three soldiers lay in various places across the majestic throne room. Each and every last one of the monitors is shattered, sparks falling from torn cables, glass littering the floor, crunching as one walks across it. In the center of the room resides the cause for all of this destruction.

Lord Vega himself stands in the room, facing the throne itself as sparks harmlessly fall all around him. Carefully, and with purpose he moves towards a soldier who seems to still just be barely alive, fear radiating from the poor fool's face as the true king of Shadaloo reaches down. The soldier is lifted easily from the floor, only to have a look of extreme agony cross across his face before being dropped, his head rolling around on his shoulders in a very unnatural way.


The lord of Shadaloo beckons his doll to come foward, knowing that she may very well be the must dutiful of those who serve him.

The work in Japan has been continuous. Week after week of observation, data collecting, organization, editing and dissemination. With Lord Vega acting indisposed and the arising of a new threat in the form of the NOL, there was much for the informational officer to handle. As a German student and under the guise of Lt. Fischer when activating sleeper agents, the work had proven fruitful.

All the moreso when the pieces had finally come together and the focused offense could begin. A series of checks in the making before the final mate. A culmination of planning for a decisive showcase the world would not soon forget. Something to sear into the minds of the world that Lord Vega and Shadaloo are the true powers that be.

But for now she is being called for something she isn't quite certain on. She hums to herself, fingers tapping on the heavy laptop slung against her hip. Tap tapping the tune of a song she doesn't know the words to and can't quite remember the name of but nevertheless are half present in her mind. The other half being the notification of Lord Vega.

When the elevator opens to the great throne room, Marz steps out with practiced, steady, measured step up to the Lord of Shadaloo and immediately snaps to a dutiful salute and a dedicated statement of, "Lord Vega!"

She desperately avoids considering the monitors and electronics that have met their untimely demise today. And the people. The count for something as well.

The glass beneath Vega's feet crunches loudly as he makes his way to the throne, reaching down to clear the cushion of any debris before manuvering himself down upon it.

~Report, Marz.~

The lord of Shadaloo is getting straight to the point, obviously having lost a fair bit of the composure he's had thanks to the former occupants of the meatshells that litter his throne room. His hands now grip the edges of his throne tightly, eyes focused solely upon the Doll. It's obvious he still has a fair bit of anger swirling around in there, but a part of him does understand that at this time, none of it should be directed to Marz.

Marz steps back instinctively, at the sound of glass under Lord Vega's feet. She retains her composure, though, this is Lord Vega. She has been doing her job and to a degree she would call admirable. And of course, being asked to report is something she is more than ready for.

But still. it IS Lord Vega.

"I will start with the largest scale, Lord Vega. The geopolitical landscape has seen several upheavals in recent months that should be both considered and capitalized on. No doubt both of which you are capable of doing," she introduces the subject, turning her laptop around and opening it up. The straps keeping it level so she can free both hands to type away. "A misguided attempt at force has weakened some of the United Nations standings in the world and has allowed a particularly curious now adversary to arise. The Novus Orbis Librarium, or NOL, is an occult paramilitary force that claims a degree of authority over what it deems magic or supernatural. They have specifically called out Shadaloo as a challenge to your might. I have been monitoring their rise and presence in Southtown. I will send you the video I have prepared on the data I have collected. Suffice to say that while they are a threat, they are rigid in their thinking and prime for manipulation."

Marz looks to the monitors and sighs. The sigh shifting to a hum. "I will make certain to show you the video once your monitors are replaced and repaired, Lord Vega."

"Novus Orbis Librarium..." The words physically leave Vega's mouth as he slowly starts to let the anger go, fingers idly now tapping along the arms of the throne. The mighty lord of Shadaloo allows a few moments to pass, only to shift himself forward in the seat of the throne now.


The voice of Vega is smooth, and inviting. It's not one most would expect. They would expect harsh, powerful, stern.

Yet, Vega did not get to where he was by power alone.

"Marz. You have done... well."

A rare accolade from Vega may be something that Marz will treasure for some time to come, but any good leader remembers that the carrot sometimes gets better results then the stick.

"I want you to find out everything you can about these men in this room... And then I want strike teams dispatched. Their families are now... the proud new test subjects of Shadaloo..."

Marz smiles, restrained just short of beaming with pride at the praise given to her by Lord Vega himself. She bows to him, and then remembers to actually close her laptop before slinging it back to her hip.

"At once, Lord Vega," she confirms the task given to her. It should prove simple enough. "I will confirm a clean up crew to attend to things." Marz, not being a particularly large person, is not entirely equipped to handle this much clean up on her own. But that is what delegation is for.

"There is also a matter of a new nation-state arising in Europe," she adds, adjusting her glasses as the moment hits her. "Illyria. They may be worth watching for the future. I have only remembered this recently, but I will make certain to amend the details to my written report."

Marz ponders, considering. "Oh yes, there is a particular product on the market, a form of paste called Golden Angel that creates adaptive clothing. Though it is water soluble. It appears to be psychoreactive in nature. While this may not prove useful, a substance that shapes and forms toward unconsidered thought may be of use for research purposes."

"I trust that our researchers already have been looking into this 'Golden Angel' paste?"

The words are less of a question, and more of a statement. One Vega knows that Marz is not suitable really to answering as it is outside her scope of responsibilities. The words once more linger as Vega allows a purposeful silence to build up, before he rises once more to his feet.

Once more his heavy boots crunch loudly upon the glass as he moves towards Marz, only to pass right by her. The Doll has given her master much to ponder, and she does have work to do. Those monitors are not going to fix themselves.

"See that my orders are followed. Bison will be suitable to.. convince anyone who dares to question you with my commands. I however, have a ship to catch. It is time to pick up some desired cargo from Japan..."

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