Siren - House Call

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Description: Not long after being recruited by the agent of a shadowy organization, Hei awakens from a drug-induced slumber in the midst of an old abandoned warehouse and soon finds himself engaged in a (mostly) harmless bit of sport as his skills are put to the test.

"Is it time?"

Glancing over her shoulder, Siren directs her gaze towards the only other person in the room with her, posing the question to them with a nonchalant smile. Her look is returned in silence for a moment, her pretty face reflected in shimmering distortion across the silvery surface of a one-way faceplate. Clad from head to toe in a loose-fitting white hazmat suit, it is impossible for her to tell much about the individual contained within. Gender, age, ethnicity - all of it remains a mystery.

"Yes, I believe he will wake soon."

The reply comes to her through the heavy distortion of a voice filter, twisting the sound and tone into something gruff and metallic. Even if she had personally spoken to this person in the past, she'd never know it from hearing such noise. This sort of thing had bothered her at first, when she was still a new 'recruit' to the organization, but it didn't take much convincing to sell her on the practically of it. The less she knows about who is and isn't batting for the home team the less of liability she can be. A bit over the top in terms of paranoia but, she supposed, you don't become the world's most secretive and successful shadow organization without taking some extreme measures.

The room in which she now waited was just another example of the care that had been taken to ensure nothing could be traced back to some critical source. Once the loading dock for a large warehouse, it had been hastily assembled into a make-shift medical examination bay. Large banks of portable machinery line the walls, some she recognized while others looked like something out of a cheesy old science fiction television show, with rows of blinking lights and switches that made odd digital patterns in repeating sequences.

Having answered her question, the mysterious doctor returns to pretending like she doesn't exist, focusing their attention on the hefty laptop which has been set up to analyze the various test results. The blonde sniffs slightly, unused to being so thoroughly brushed off, but likewise puts the terse specialist out of mind as she turns to regard the real reason she's hanging out in some dusty old building.

The body of a young man lies stretched out atop a stainless steel gurney, his lean, muscular form covered in an assortment of bright colorful tattoos. The powerful soporifics which had been injected into him via the thin metallic collar on his neck had kept the assassin out of commission for nearly an entire day - more than enough time to run the necessary medical tests to compile a database of all the relevant information.

Siren slides onto the edge of the table, taking a seat next to the unconscious man's head. Not for the first time her gaze wanders over the chiseled surface of his well-formed torso, hedonistic thoughts dancing freely across the surface of her mind. Such an attractive and youthful body. The tattoos are quite fetching also, though she does find the choice of roses to be a rather strange motif alongside the more powerful and masculine dragon symbology.

Reaching out, she places a hand on his abdomen, tracing the contours of the individual muscles with her gloved fingers like a blind woman reading braille. Her hand journeys upwards over the curve of his well-developed chest, following it up to the edge of the collar around his neck until finally coming to rest on his cheek.

"Time to wake up, sleeping beauty."

Her touch withdraws and she gathers up a small vial from the a nearby tray, removing the top with a deft flick of the thumb. The tube is moved over to his face and waved back and forth a few times under his nose, letting him get a good whiff of the powerful smelling salts. If he is indeed on the edge of shaking off the effects of the drugs then he shouldn't need much of a push to revive. A bit forceful but she's dreadfully bored and quite eager to move on to the next phase of the medical trials.

Hei Xuanfeng awakes with a start.

Sleep has not been a place of refuge for him, as of late. Sleep is where that snot-nosed brat had swept him away, trying to force his hand into making him fight some young girl. Nevermind that the girl had the lower body of a snake. In retaliation for the arrogance of such a notion, Hei, of course, had declared that he would not do anything except for take down the punk himself. Since then, he has been waiting for the nightmares to come. But they haven't. Not yet.

He feels it immediately. That weird, cotton-fuzz in his brain that is the indication of having been drugged. Sitting upright, the rose-tattoo'ed assassin places his face within his palms, which in turn falls into a protective shadow cast by the ungodly length of his dark, dark green hair. He grumbles something inaudible to himself. A curse, in Mandarin. He hates this feeling. It makes him feel nauseated, his stomach doing flips inside of him. Slowly, he lowers his hands, and blinks his eyes open.

"Where... the fuck... am I?" he asks, mostly to himself, in his native tongue of Cantonese. He freezes, casting those golden and jade eyes across the room, sweeping from one side to the other. One can easily see the rage building just under the surface of that youthful and delicately sculpted face, twisting his elegant good looks into something cold and callous.

And then, his gaze fall onto Siren. His shoulders relax, and a breath that he hadn't realizes he had been holding escapes him in the form of a sigh. He does, however, give a roll of his eyes, as he turns himself on the steel table to face her, letting his long legs drape off the side, and his slender, spidery digits curling around the ledge as he grasps it.

"You know..." he says, using his mastery of the English language, though he does bear a muted strain of that familiar HK accent. "If you wanted to see me, you could have called. Drugging... not the best idea... I'm prone to violence."

The rough awakening is allowed to play out without any comment or interference. Siren watches from her perch at the head of the bed with quiet amusement in her eyes, her legs crossed and hands resting casually on her knees as if she is seated in one of the elegant and comfortable chairs that populate her various personal abodes. When he finally turns to face her, the woman offers him a coy smile filled with traces of smug satisfaction as she responds to him in perfect Cantonese.

"How fortunate, that's precisely why you are here, Mr. Xuanfeng."

Unlike their initial meeting, the beautiful agent is dressed in a more practical sort of attire designed for ease of movement rather than showing off her absurd wealth, though it would seem that even her working clothes have a flair for style that puts most casual-wear to shame. A skin-tight black catsuit encapsulates the majority of her body, emphasizing the curvaceous hourglass form from her chest down to her long well-toned legs.

The top of the suit flares out like a wide V-cut dress, leaving her ample cleavage to be contained by open halves of a fancy white shirt which she wears like a light jacket over the top of this snug layer. Two thick metal plates framed in a molded scaffold of steel braces offer some measure of protection to her abdomen, almost like she has turned the concept of a corset into a form of armor. It likewise has been shaped in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye, enhancing the ensemble rather than detracting from it.

The final bit of exotic design can be found at her legs. Instead of each half being a mirror of the other, the right leg of her tight suit terminates only a couple of inches down her hip. Siren's pale leg pours out of the opening, revealing a small section of her flawless skin before it is gobbled up again just above the knee by a sturdy black stocking which seems to be composed of the same material as the rest of the suit. Affixed to the front of this tall 'boot' is an expertly molded metal shin guard. Thick and sturdy, either this strange addition is some sort of fashionable sports equipment or it's a weapon meant to reinforce a heavily kick-based martial art. Either way, the asymetrical design is certainly eye-catching.

After a moment of smirking at him, Siren chuckles quietly and pushes away from the table, stalking over towards one of the rows of medical machinery before turning to face him again.

"Sorry for the sneaky invitation but my employers are rather fond of their shadow games. How are you feeling? The drugs should be mostly out of your system by now."

Hei takes a few moments, remaining silent even after she has given her greeting an explanation. His gaze wanders over her body, openly, though it's as much to take in the state of her attire as it is just to indulge himself a few indecent thoughts. Her get up does bring to mind some thoughts about how she might fight, though Hei has no intention of that outcome at this point. Far better to simply ride this thing out with her.

"It must be nice for you, yeah?" he asks. "Getting to play a role that isn't just a pawn?"

There is, surprisingly, no accusation or taunt in the tone of his voice. He's not trying to jab at her. He understands that feeling all too keenly, himself. It is how he felt once he left the monastic life behind. And that feeling of being a pawn is something that this whole ordeal is leaving him with now, of course. But at least this is of his own making. This is a ride. He just wants to see where it goes.

"The drugs are wearing off. I'll be fine," he confirms with a nod of his head, as he slips off of the table onto his bare feet. He does keep hold of the table as the sudden shift serves to set him a little off balance as his head spins. Bringing his hands up, he holds them before his chest as if holding an invisible sphere. Golden light begins to swirl, glittering motes and ribbons of chi being drawn in to that vortex between his palms, which, in turn, slowly turn and spin as if he were twirling the orb around, helping to shape and define it. Then, he pushes it into his chest, and that light seeps into him, flowing throughout his veins visibly, and alighting them under his skin. As the glow fades, a few places vital spots linger, glowing longer than the rest, though they, too, slowly fade away.

"So... what are we here for, then?"

Siren lets out a soft laugh at that, shaking her head from side to side.

"Don't worry, Mr. Xuanfeng, we are all pawns in this game. Whoever might be moving the pieces on the board, I have certainly never met them."

Nor is she particularly interested in doing so. Judging by her own experience with organizations such as the one that now currently holds her leash, information is the most dangerous thing one can possess. It was possession of inconvenient evidence that got her pulled into this mess in the first place. No, she would have to be buried far deeper into the shadows to know what is truly going on behind the scenes. Whatever powers lurk at the heart of the Illuminati, they have no interest in a simple thief such as herself. She is but a small cog in some grand machine, tasked to keep things running smoothly and easily replaced when no longer useful.

"That's good to hear."

The woman quirks an eyebrow at Hei's shimmering recovery technique but does not seem overly surprised at his powers. Chinese martial arts have long had a reputation for emphasis on inner harmony, balance with nature, and all that sort of mystical hocus pocus. She's given acupuncture a try on a few occasions but as far as Siren is concerned she'll take an aspirin over meditation any day. Regardless, it seems to work just fine for him, which brings another faint smirk to her face.

"Medical check-up. Blood work, x-rays, that sort of thing. Our dark masters like to keep track of that sort of thing. Makes it easier to decide who is useful in the field, I suppose - though in your case it's mostly a formality."

Still smiling, the woman starts to move back over towards Hei, slinking almost like a cat in a playful mood. The tightness of the suit against her skin makes for an attractive sight and she makes no efforts to shy away from showing off, almost like she takes pleasure from being the center of attention; a rather strage trait for someone whose trade relies on being unseen.

"There is also one other reason you've been brought here..."

The attack comes suddenly and without warning. Siren's leg snaps up, her metal-armored shin whipping at Hei's head so quickly that there hardly seems to have been a transition from walking to kicking. She strikes a second time with placing her foot back on the ground, her greave slamming down towards the side of his knee mere moments after the initial blow, flowing from one strike to the next with fluid and deadly grace.

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"Medical check-up?" Hei asks with a mildly playful scoff. No matter what the circumstances are that have brought him and Siren together, he does feel somewhat at ease with her. Enough to at least show his amusement at their shared predicament in regards to those who are holding their leashes. It's all too textbook to him. It's truly like something right out of the pages of a conspiracy novel, isn't it? "I haven't been vaccinated. That kind of thing doesn't really come up in a monastery. Can I get a flu shot while we're at it?"

As Siren gives that sinuous and sensual display of moving towards him, Hei's posture shifts ever so slightly. His shoulders slip back, his chest presented, and his chin rises just a hint. Those soft, pliant lips of his curl into a cheshire grin, his eyes gleaming as he looks her over. He's not afraid, nor too proud, to reveal that he's peacocking for her, in response to her own gratuitous display. It's a fun game, for him, that back and forth of attraction and restraint. It's also clear that he does not have any compunction about showing off his own physical virtues.

His only response when she remarks about the other reason is the simple quirking of a brow, ticking upwards inquisitively. As the kick comes, Hei's grin never once fades. She moves fast. So fast that most might not even see it. But still, her greave finds nothing where he once stood.

Overhead, Hei is "crouched" upon the ceiling, hidden in the shadows. His eyes are wide, and manic, lit from some inner, emerald light. He dives off, tucking and flipping so that his feet lead the way. His long, reedy arms fold across his chest as he twirls in the air, corkscrewing back towards the earth with the speed of a ballistic missile, with only her in the path of his descent.

COMBATSYS: Siren blocks Hei Xuanfeng's Que Ti.

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And so their battle begins with a whisper rather than a roar.

The assassin proves that his skills are not mere talk, easily escaping her surprise attack with incredible reactions and silent speed. Siren recovers from her failed attack almost instantly, turning her gaze upwards towards shadowy nook where her compatriot has hidden himself away as if she can see right through the darkness. Her sultry smile turns into something she has never shown before, her soft lips peeling back and her eyes narrowing into an aggressive and predatory smirk.

"You'll need more than just speed to hide from me, Mr. Xuanfeng."

Rather than attempt to retreat or avoid the ballistic lunge, the agent meets Hei head on. Her armored shin snaps up once more, this time to create a shield upon which his flying kick is blunted. The impact drives her backwards a couple of feet but rather that skid on her heels, Siren seems to almost float lightly across the ground, as if gliding on a cushion of air. She rides this momentum for several feet, attempting to put distance between herself and the assassin.

Siren's hand flicks out in a sudden whipping motion as she retreats. A small rectangular object, an ordinary playing card at a glance, slices through the air like a hurtled dagger. The way that it cuts a straight path clearly indicates that it's made of more than simple stiff paper and, indeed, should it impact his body directly, the man will find that in addition to having an unpleasantly sharp edge, it also carries a rather potent electric charge.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng blocks Siren's Ante Up.

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"Hide from you?" Hei asks with an exaggerated air of incredulity, even as his feet collide against her uplifted leg. He seems to spring right off of her defense, soaring backwards with a trailing arc of black-green hair flowing behind him in a perfect crescent moon shape. His body arcs with the grace and poise of an Olympic level gymnast, and when he lands, he does so on both feet and one hand, sliding backwards about a half foot. His grin has never once wavered, it seems. "I wouldn't dream of it. I have nothing to hide from you. I would have you see all of me."

As she flings that card, Hei reaches up and bats it aside with a flick of his wrist. Electrical sparks flare, and arcs of it crackle along his forearm. Other than a shiver that causes each of his muscles to shudder with a fluid sort of wave, he shows no adverse effects from the shock.

"Let me show you something beautiful..."

Hei seems to flicker, side to side, as he zigzags towards her, closing that distance she created. As he nears her, his feet halt, allowing him to slide across the concrete floor of this old warehouse, passing by her side.

As he does so, his hand flickers out with the speed of a striking king cobra, attempting to grasp her wrist. Should he be successful, she'll find that those long, slender fingers, for how delicate and beautiful they look, hold a grip that is not unlike iron. He uses that grip to jerk her arm upwards, exposing her side.

His other palm manifests a ball of golden light within it, which swirls and spins like a violent, spherical tornado, with sparks and spikes of wind flaring around it in a spiral. This, he'll slam into her side, where the vortex that is created will work to suck her in, as if held by a pool of extreme gravity, and pummel her over and over. Hei's slide comes to a close and, should his attack been successful, he'll release her arm, as he claims a position at her rear, facing her.

COMBATSYS: Siren blocks Hei Xuanfeng's Zhenkong Quantou.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Siren            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

Siren lands nimbly on her feet some distance away. Though her card was unable to deliver its shocking touch it did manage to slow the assassin down long enough for him to defend against it, which is all she really needed in the first place. By the time he has lunged for her, she's already taken up a defensive position, her body beginning to shimmer with soft blue light.

"Alright then... show me."

Hei's serpentine approach is met by his target's amused smile. Rather than panic or show signs of attempting to try and guess which direction he plans to come at her, she merely sits there, waiting patiently until he has drawn close enough to strike. Siren offers no resistance when he reaches out to grab her arm, instead using his aggressive action to her benefit. She spins to the side, pirouetting with his upwards tug so that instead of her vulnerable side his mystical orb is met by her armored shin, the leg once more acting as a barrier against his assaults.

The neon cerulcean energies of her chi clash vividly against the chaotic ball of light filling the space around them with hissing sparks and flashes of errant power. The two forces struggle against one another for a few seconds but, in the end, Hei's attack is unable to breach her defenses and she repels him with a quick push as the glowing orb fades away.

Running a hand through her long blonde hair to toss it over her shoulder, Siren chuckles with delight, her eyes sparkling at the exchange.

"You're right, that was quite a spectacle. You've gotten my heart all aflutter, Mr. Xuanfeng. But I'll need a bit more than that to fall for you. Show me what you can /really/ do!"

Grinning fiercely, the thief takes a sudden hop back, once more floating lightly away to put distance between herself and Hei. However, this time the retreat is only a prelude. Falling into a low crouch, her greave suddenly begins to emit a brilliant misty cloud of energy as if expelling steam from teapot. The hazy aura expands rapidly until her entire leg is alight with neon blue light at which point she simply explodes from her perch like a rocket.

Siren's body twists in mid-air, flipping about so that the cocoon of whirling chi wrapped about her legs is leading the way. She becomes a lance of roaring wind, spiralling like a bullet fired from a rifle with its sights zeroed in on the tattooed Triad killer.

COMBATSYS: Siren successfully hits Hei Xuanfeng with Payline.
>> Decisive Hit!! <<

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Siren            0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

As their energies clash, Hei's eyes peer over his shoulder, boring directly through her, as if he's trying to stare into her soul. It's not far from the truth. He's measuring her, testing to see what she has to offer him, in this exchange. It will be no fun, of course, if her beauty is all that she is. So far, he's more than pleased. She has ability. She has awakened her spirit, to some extent. This already sets her above all those pretty faces that he comes across.


As she dances away, Hei turns, pivoting on the balls of his feet as he flips that impossibly long mane of thick, dark hair back, off of his shoulders so that it drapes down, the ends kissing at the backs of his knees.

"Now now..." He replies to her taunting with a wry grin. "It's better to build up to these things. Slowly. Foreplay builds the anticipation, and makes the inevitable release so much more intense, doesn't it?"

As she comes barreling in with that speedy attack, Hei tries to slip out to the side, a flourish that is not unlike a matador escaping a bull. But, he's just barely unable to make it, caught up in the wreathe of energy that enshrouds Siren. He's knocked back, stumbling a few feet as he reels from it, but when he regains his balance, he still smiles.

"That was truly remarkable. Thank you for showing it to me."

He doesn't hesitate. It's not his style. With another burst of his nearly inhuman speed, Hei Xuanfeng is on her once again. There's an invisible surge that comes from him. It feels like a heated breeze that leaves the fine hairs on the back of one's neck standing on end. Intangible, and yet, palpable like a pressure in the air.


His voice rings out, echoing in this echo chamber of brick and concrete as he unleashes a flurry of hand strikes so swift that his arms become little more than a blur. Those strikes seem to come from all angles of attack, striking out to aim at various points on Siren's body, high, low, side to side. All over. Each is accompanied by a small flash of gold, but none feels like anything more than a gentle touch. Unless she manages to evade or defend against this feathery light assault, he finishes with one lingering fingertip gently resting between her eyebrows.

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The agile woman lands in a neat three-point crouch, the envelope of biting blue energy around her lower half snuffing out like a candle flame. Siren smiles at the assassin, her expression one of cat-like amusement at his failure to avoid her strike. She's never been much for violence - it's loud, messy, and leaves too much evidence behind. However, her formative years within the embrace of organized crime had taught her that it is better to have the knowledge to defend herself and not use it rather than not having and find herself in need of it. Preparing for any eventuality is what makes the difference between a simple thief and a master burglar.

Hei's sudden shift into the falsetto octaves almost makes her roll her eyes. Every two-bit wannabe since Bruce Lee has channeled their focus into that obvious and recognizable signal that something dangerous is about to happen. Well, let him have his fun, she supposes. It's not like the attack isn't quite fast and impressive despite his eccentricities.

Pushing to her feet, Siren once more goes on the defensive, an area that she seems to excel at to an extreme degree. The blinding assault of countless punches manages to find not a single iota of purchase, each one met by equally swift and well-aimed blocks or barriers of energy. The cat-burglar laughs with glee as she bounces backwards on floaty tip-toed hops, leading the Chinese warrior around in a neat circle about the edge of the room as if they were dancing in a ball, always managing to keep pace with his frenzy of violence.

Siren continues to duck and weave, her long golden hair fluttering with the motion, until suddenly the momentum changes direction. Instead of retreating, she hops into the air, flipping acrobatically up to handstand on the man's shoulders. She perches there for a moment, her body a vertical spire that seems to weigh almost nothing at all. For that instant she becomes a performer basking in the brief glow of displaying their skill to another and she grins at her fellow agent like a cat that has cornered a mouse.

"Alley... oop!"

Shifting her grip inwards, Siren clutches at the sides of her prey's head, hooked gloved fingers seeking purchase in his soft flesh. Her body begins to teeter towards Hei's back and, as she does so, those long attractive legs snap open like a pair of scissors. Pivoting her hips with powerful twist, the cat-burglar's arms become the focal point of a sudden unpleasant torque as she helicopters about in a rapid spin, attempting to bring the assassin's skull along for the ride. After a couple of rotations, she releases him and unleashes a swift kick at his back as she falls, propelling herself away to relative safety.

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[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
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Hei is delightfully impressed with the skill that Siren displays. He isn't surprised, but he is impressed. The gleeful pleasure is easily recognized in the near manic light in those golden-jade eyes, and the salacious grin that grows with each deflection and interception of his flurrying fists. It would have been a disappointment to him, had her strength not matched her beauty.

Suddenly he finds himself used as a gymnast's pommel horse, with the exquisite burglar perched in a perfect handstand atop him. There are only a handful of techniques this could result in, and they're all fairly similar. He immediately knows what he needs to do. It's just a matter of timing it just so.

Hei feels the shift of her weight, her balance tipping towards his back, alerting him to the throw that is to come. When she pivots and begins to spin, she'll find that there is no resistance at all from the illustrated assassin. No. In fact, it appears that he spins with her of his own volition, and in turn has leapt from the ground. As she descends to the floor, he ascends up and over her head, so that as she attempts to kick his back, he's landing behind her.

"Think fast!!!"

Hei stomps his foot on the floor, and slams one fist into the open palm of his other hand. He turns, spinning in a pirouette so swiftly that he seems but a blur, with a tail of dark green-black hair spiraling around him. Suddenly a burst of gale force winds erupts, with him at its epicenter. It creates a dome of destructive, hurricane force pressure, with shimmers and spikes of energy crackling through it as it expands in a radius around him that extends for several feet, threatening to envelop Siren and cast her across the room if she isn't careful with her defense. Clearly this is how he came to the name of the Black Whirlwind.

COMBATSYS: Siren dodges Hei Xuanfeng's Zhiming Xuanfeng EX.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Siren            0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

There is a brief moment of surprise that dances across Siren's face as she feels the assassin shift beneath her, recognizing what it is he is up to the moment she feels no resistance in her arms when the rest of her body starts to spin like a top. It is, ofcourse, the perfect counter to her technique but the timing required to match her movements is precise and delicate. Move too soon and he would simply add momentum to her spin, too late and he wouldn't have enough control to stick the landing, leaving him prey to her follow-up kick.

Hei's reactions were perfect, however, which puts her in a somewhat awkward position. Hanging upside-down in the air before him, she is all but the perfect target, with little means to defend herself - or so it seems anyways. His taunting warning is ironically precisely how she manages to escape this harrowing situation unscathed for it is her wits that she relies upon the most in her line of work - well, that and being prepared.

With no clear target to use as a backstop for her kick to push against, the cat-burglar's strike seems like it might accomplish nothing. Yet, instead of merely whiffing harmlessly through the air, it stops as if impacting a solid surface. Ripples of blue energy radiate out from the bottom of her boot, painting the faint image of an invisible platform as she crouches against it, her cocky smirk once more taking over her expression.

Siren leaps away from the cushion of air like a spring the moment that the assassin's violent storm is unleashed. The deadly dome of power chases her with blinding speed, licking dangerously at the tips of her feet with crackling energy, but she proves the quicker. The woman hits the far wall like a speeding bullet but rather than cratering into it, she finds yet another opportunity to show off. Flipping around at the last moment so that her legs impact first, Siren folds into a three-point point crouch as she contacts the unyielding surface. A massive blast of swirling wind explodes around her, cushioning the landing as well as bleeding her momentum off in a vibrant display of neon blue light.

Time seems to slow down for a moment as the master thief hangs against the wall, perched like a gargoyle. Slowly, she tilts her head up to look across the room at Hei, her long beautiful hair fluttering majestically around her in the current of vibrant power. She grins at him, laughing openly like a child at an amusement park, clearly enjoying herself.

Goodness, it has been a long time since she's had this much fun. There's a certain kind of rush that comes with her job, the danger of knowing that a single mistake could botch everything and leave her with nothing for her efforts, or worse, land her in the kind of prisons that most people don't even know about. The rich and powerful take rather dim views of people who swipe their fancy toys.

But, ah, that's half the thrill of it! Sure the fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, and luxurious lifestyle is a big part of why she got into the business but there's something primal inside of her that craves the rush of adrenaline that only comes from risking her life, riding that thin red line between danger and destruction. A thrill-seeker, that's what she is, and what better way to get her fix than to engage in martial combat with a man who has trained for years to use his body to take the lives of others?

Already, she's had a couple of close calls. Hei's skill is certainly the real thing and he's clearly not holding much back. Testing him was the real purpose of this impromptu fight. All around them, tiny hidden cameras are capturing every moment of their confrontation, recording his movements with specialized gear designed to keep up with the kind of supernatural speed that professional fighters can achieve.

Before her tenuous grip on the vertical surface can lose its hold, Siren leaps away from the wall, hurling herself back across the room. She glides most of the way, gracefully floating on a gentle curved line that rises and falls, depositing her only a few feet away from Hei. The agile thief hits the ground running - or, sliding in this case. Turning sideways, she skates on the heel of her armored leg, leaning backwards slightly to turn her entire body into the blade of a bulldozer as she plows directly towards him.

"Coming through!"

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng dodges Siren's Change-Up Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Siren            0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

That destructive bubble spreads out, cracking the concrete flooring, tossing medical equipment and steel tables about like beautiful plastic bags in front of a creepy kid's videocamera, but Hei knows that he did not catch Siren up within his deadly whirlwind. No. She managed to escape. Can it really get any better than this?

Hei and Siren are, in many ways, kindred souls. He might enjoy the expensive clothes, fast cars, luxury penthouse suites and beautiful women, but for him, the true reward is the thrill of moments like this. Where his skill is tested, and his opponent actually proves to rise to his level. Moments where the adrenaline pumps freely, and every moment is a hair's breadth away from catastrophy. Siren is providing much, much more fun than Hei has had since the moment he walked into the headquarters of the Sun Yee On Triad and started kicking the entire gang's asses to prove his worth.

Siren is living up to her name, it seems. Luring him in with the siren song of beauty and skill that keeps Hei not only occupied, but actually pushing to make sure that he keeps up. This is good. So very good!

As the dome of wind-chi disperses, and Hei's spinning movements comes to a cease, allowing him to fall back into a defensive fighting stance, his eyes fall on the blonde thief as she's perched on the wall. She leaps, and the young halfblooded assassin actually rushes forward to greet her. Her grace and agility are perfect. A rival to his own, even. As she hits the ground sliding at him in the attempt to bowl him over, Hei flashes his Cheshire cat grin. Just as she might slam into the svelte young man, he twists, shifting to the side and rising up onto the tips of his toes on one foot. He twirls, leaving only a blanket of his thick, satin hair for her to pass through as he whips around and attemps to deliver a knife hand attack to a vital spot on the back of her neck that would cause a flash of pain to run up her spine. She's giving him such a thrill. It'd be a shame if he doesn't reward her with at least some sensation for her efforts.

COMBATSYS: Siren fails to interrupt Aggressive Strike from Hei Xuanfeng with Snake Eyes ES.
- Power fail! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Siren            0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1     Hei Xuanfeng

Such an obvious and deliberate attack naturally was never meant to land on the quick-footed assassin. She had practically broadcast her intentions to come at him and the ease at which he avoids her sliding tackle brings forth no surprise or disappointment. It had all been a setup anyways.

As Hei turns to the side, whirling like a matador facing down a charging bull, Siren pivots as well. Her ability to defy the normal laws of gravity has been on full display throughout their brief match and she leans upon this skill once again, instantly whirling around to drive the knee of her greave towards the assassin's midsection. Though he cannot see the intricate inner workings of the 'gift' which has been given to her by their shadowy masters, the artificial polymers and pistons with which her muscles have been augmented unleash a quick burst of extra power, turning her kick into something closer to a battering ram.

Once more, the two agile warriors find themselves in a contest that is decided by mere heartbearts, crushing knee and whipping chop closing in at the same time. Before, Siren had won that exchange when she slipped out of his trap; this time it is Hei who is the faster.

The deadly knife-hand strike catches the thief on the side of the neck as she spins. The powerful blow interrupts her momentum, driving her sideways as the delicate balance she'd achieved through her manpulation of wind power is disrupted with a swift but decisive blow. The fallout of this outcome is quick and unpleasant.

Siren tumbles to the ground, bouncing off the hard concrete with a dull thud that elicits a soft gasp of pain. She tumbles with the fall even as her skull rings from the impact sending a wave of momentary disorientation washing through her mind. Long years of training and learning to recover from such mistakes serves her well in this instance and even before her body has come to a stop she's back on her feet, one eye closed in a grimace.

"Ah... I misjudged that one a little," she says, her voice somewhat strained.

A couple of fingers probe the bruised temple for signs of actually dangerous injuries. You never can tell with those kinds of hits. Fortunately, it would seem that she managed to avoid anything particularly worrying and since there aren't any open cuts leaking blood or anything of that nature it's mostly her pride that comes away wounded from the exchange.

Her smile is quick to return and she blows a petulent puff of air from her lower flip, fluttering her bangs at the assassin. That's precisely the sort of red-line scenario she's been seeking from this little confrontation, a chance to challenge the odds and see if she's good enough to beat them. So far, she's been doing pretty well.

Both of them have gotten their shots in, though that marks the first real blow she's been dealt thus far. It's mostly been a game of cat and mouse, each of them testing the other to see what opportunties arise and what sort of tricks the other possesses. This data should definately please her handler which means she's free to enjoy herself a little longer.

"Well, I suppose there's enough time to play around a bit more. But I really must dash soon, I have a dinner date to keep."

"Don't worry," Hei says, as he stands over the fallen blonde. Despite his nature, he doesn't capitalize on the advantage, but gives her the time to check herself. "I'm not going to kill you. I'm growing far too fond of you to ruin this."

He takes the moment to sweep his loose, freeflowing hair back, twisting it and expertly sweeping it around and forming a knot within itself, to hold it in the low hanging tail that he's customarily seen sporting, but is without due to the state of undress he was in due to the examination. Those almond shaped pools of gold and green never stray from her, however. He might be willing to give her the luxury of a self examination, but he's not going to afford her the chance at striking at him while he's inattentive.

Nor is he going to give her too much time to recover, either. No sooner than he closes the knot in his hair, Hei's expression flashes, changing from passive to a manic, wide eyed grin. A chuckle rises up from within the depths of his chest, spilling out of his lips as he lashes out with an inward crescent kick. A trail of sharp, blue and white energy, with a shimmer and waver of the air surrounding it, traces from his toe. Anyone who might have seen the likes of Heidern or Leona in combat might know what that telltale energy signature means. Chi honed and refined to a nearly two dimensional sheet of razor sharp cutting power.

The crescent kick is just the start of this deadly technique, however. The outward sweeping finish carries Hei into a quick half spin, so that he's in a perfect position to launch a sidekick leveled at Siren's armored corset. This kick, too, is wreathed in that same cutting force, formed like an X just before the point of his toe. More kicks follow, his leg becoming a blur of whipping attacks and slashing chi that rains down upon her from high and low and everywhere in between, with the intent of peppering her with painful slashes all over.

After what might seem like an eternity spent within a Hell of a Thousand Papercuts, should his attack actually succeed, Hei suddenly whips around with a roundhouse from the other foot, leaving another shimmering arc of slicing power that cuts across the top of her chest. Finishing his spin, he launches upwards into the air with an iconic flying dragon kick, with a more violent trail of that same razor wind energy leaving a diagonal slash that seems to pass right through her.

In the end, should she not be able to rise to the challenge of defending against this attack, she might feel, at first, that it was weak. Surface cuts and barely connecting kicks. But, after nearly a second, as Hei lands from that flying kick, the many wounds will suddenly burst open forcefully with crimson mist filling the air around her.

COMBATSYS: Siren just-defends Hei Xuanfeng's Bagua - Tiantang Chengfa ES!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Siren            0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

For someone who says they aren't trying to kill her, the assassin's next move sure looks like an elaborate way to do precisely that!

Siren is already in motion when Hei comes at her, the casually composed attitude that she wears little more than a mask that conceals a constantly scheming mind. She has no reason to expect him to offer her any leniency or mercy, nor would she appreciate if he did. Even his promise that he has decided not to kill her takes some of the thrill out of their battle. Though she suspected it was true, there was always the chance that he might go a little too far, get too swept up in the heat of the moment and unleash some of his killing potential. Alas, chivalry lives on.

The crazed expression is met by one of demure calm. The thief's mouth ticks up slightly at his enthusiasm, allowing herself to indulge in the fantasy that he's actually serious, that he fully intends to slice her apart bit by bit and she's engaging in a battle for her very life. It's about the only thing left that gives her any real enjoyment. Every aspect of her life is some sort of search for that sharp edge of danger, a junkie ever in search of the drug to which she has become hopelessly addicted.

A flash of light fills the warehouse as the initial strike clashes with the cat-burglar's bold defense. Her armored leg rises up in a high kick to intercept the sweeping crescent, neon blue light sheathing the limb in a protective field. The cutting wave of energy never gets the chance to reach her, stopped cold before it can be brought to bear.

Siren grins, holding their legs locked together for a moment before the deadly dance continues. Hei's pivot to the outside is matched by sideways shift from his target and when his foot comes sweeping at her, she's already rising to meet it, that damned leg of hers stopping him cold once again before the razor-sharp chi even has the chance to manifest properly.

"Tut tut, can't go having you ruin my clothes. I'm quite fond of this outfit, you know!"

Every one of the strikes that follow are likewise deflected with expert precision, their path blocked by her greave in a rather impressive display of flexibility and speed. No matter which direction his kicks come from, she's able to predict or react in time to get her long armored leg in the way, giving the assassin some rather alluring visuals in the process as she's forced to stretch quite far for some of the more unusual angles.

The sudden wide roundhouse kick marks the first of Hei's attacks which are not blocked. It finds no purchase all the same but it is with speed that his elusive quarry defends herself rather than defense. Siren's back arches as she leans away, tilting her torso out of the path of the kick and the slicing energy that follows in its wake. As always, she waits until the very last moment to attempt this feat, so that his strike comes dangerously close to slashing the top of her outfit clean in half, missing by mere centimeters.

This backwards leaning motion continues as Hei winds up for his final assault on her in what has been an absurd barrage of frantic motion. If she didn't know better, she'd think he was trying to impress her or something. Siren launches into a graceful backflip, her timing proving impeccable down to the last microsecond. The flying kick carves a deadly line through the air where she once stood, its scything trail of energy catching only the fluttering edges of her lengthy golden hair, a broad blissful grin on her face as she sails safely overhead.

Now it's her turn to show no mercy. Merely halfway through her acrobatic escape, Siren's feet alight upon the air, shimmering ripples expanding underneath her heels as she leans poised just overhead. Her own grin shifts to something more aggressive and devilish as she zeros her sights in on the still recovering assassin, her elegant blue eyes opening a little wider in anticipation.

The thief explodes directly down into her target, kicking off the manifested pads of wind like a springboard. Her body twists impossibly fast, righting itself before she can dive head-first into the pavement. Her armored leg snaps out in a wide powerful kick as she turns upright, pivoting in mid-air like a gyroscope. Several more of these bone-crushing roundhouses crash towards him in a whirlwind of neon blue light, pressing him backwards as she aggressively hounds him with a non-stop barrage of her own.

The nature of the attack shifts mid-stream and without warning. Suddenly, her carosel of violence becomes a blinding blur of frenzied onslaught. Siren leans back on her weaker leg, cocking the cybernetically augmented one up against her chest for just a moment before it becomes a blur of motion as she unleashes a hail of sidekicks into his chest, laughing wildly at the sensation of unleashing some of her true power.

The final blow is almost as flashy as her partner's though not quite as elaborate. Taking a quick hop backwards, the foreign woman once more draws her leg tight against her chest, prepping it like a gunman chambering a bullet. With a quick surge of motion, she lunges forward, the half-machine limb explosively thrusting out like a pneumatic piston as neon color explodes to life around it.

COMBATSYS: Siren successfully hits Hei Xuanfeng with Midnight Boxcars.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Siren            0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

"Can you blame me for trying?" Hei asks of her, in response to her denial of him tearing her clothes from her. "Here I am, giving you my undivided attention and offering up a fight, and you're already thinking about your dinner date with someone else?"

The words are spoken as the two clash, kick for kick, with her denying every blow that he sends her way. That is twice now, that he has utilized speed that ordinary humans would never dream of being able to accomplish, and she has met him and matched him in turn. She does know how to make one's heart flutter, does she not?

He already knows that he will not land a hit on her by the time he's finished that roundhouse and launched himself into the flying kick, but maybe he is trying to impress her. She does seem to be enjoying this as much as he does, so why not indulge her and show off a bit while he's at it? He doesn't mind showing her what he's capable of, as long as it is a game of getting as good as he gives. And she's been no slouch in that department, either.

He's barely touched ground when she's launching herself from midair, down at him. His wide, almost feline eyes lift up, zeroing in on her as she descends, and he tries to step out of the way, but the wide arc of the initial attack still catches Hei in the side. This halts his movement to get out of the way, and he's shuffled back into place as she unleashes on him.

Hei is pummeled and battered with the onslaught, but all the while, as she hammers away at that proud, tattoo-covered chest, the young man looks her in the eye without flinching. Smiling. Inviting it. His expression is clear. It's okay. Let it out. Let us inflict pain on one another so we can truly feel alive. Let's be each others victims.

When she winds up for that final attack, Hei holds out his arms, lifting his chin. The lunging attack slams into him with all of it's neon glory, and the assassin flies back, hitting the ground, rolling and then, perhaps surprisingly, flipping back onto his feet.

"What does a guy have to do to keep your attention?"

Hei dusts himself off and kicks one leg behind him, against the wall. Using it, he launches himself as a corkscrewing projectile at Siren, with one fist extended to drive into her chest like the pointed tip of a drill. It's not the end of the attack, but rather the start. When Hei lands, he immediately follows through with an open palm strike aimed at the center of her chest, his fingers splayed wide, with the tips curled in so that his fingers drive into five vital points surrounding her heart. He follows this by wrenching her arm up, so that he can drive a finger jab into her side, between her ribs to strike yet another.

Finally, should he manage this, so far, he uses the limb he had wrenched up overhead, and uses a sliding, sweeping step to move past her, drawing that arm of hers straight back. It becomes a lever, with his shoulder as the fulcrum which he uses to jerk her backwards, his hips helping to lift her off of the ground and over his back, to be slammed onto the concrete floor.

COMBATSYS: Siren blocks Hei Xuanfeng's Combo Grapple.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Siren            0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

"Hmm. Is that jealousy I sense?"

Siren smiles coyly, her body still posed with the armored leg pulled up against her midsection, the deadly weapon already drawn back and ready to unleash again. Or to defend with, as it turns out. Despite Hei's apparent acceptance of her sadistic urges, she seems much less inclined to be a punching bag. It's a contest of wits and skill, after all, not some kind of religious flagellation.

The thief takes a different approach to her defense this time, utilizing her primarily to ward off the strikes. The drill-like flying punch is caught on the flat of her palm, stopping it from finding purchase in her supple chest. Her fingers snap closed around the assassin's fist but maintain only a loose cage about it, allowing him to spin himself out while still preventing it from going somewhere she doesn't want it to.

The claw-fingered heart punch is likewise met by an open hand. Siren's gloved fingers splay out as she intercepts the dangerous strike, lacing her fingers betwixt his to ensure she has a proper grip. This leaves the two of them in an interesting situation, both hands locked together as they jockey for leverage, strength against strength. The thief's sharp blue eyes narrow slightly as she puts on another wide grin, growling at him in a playful fashion.

The contest seems to be rather one-sided in the end. Siren's arms buckle after only a few seconds, both of them being pulled upwards to reveal her defenseless side. The sudden jab to her ribs earns a quick grimace in response, but the armored bands of her corset do much to blunt the impact. An unfortunate but tactical sacrifice, which quickly becomes apparent when he moves to toss her to the ground.

The brutal hip toss turns out to be the point where she finds her escape. Her feet move as she's hefted up over Hei's shoulder, running up a 'wall' of rippling wind. The extra support takes most of the torque off her limb and when he moves to slam her to the ground, she's already working to turn the grapple into an attack of her own.

Siren's heels come around much faster than the assassin had planned for, his victim using his own grip to fulcrum herself around his wrist. She swings around like a gymnast flipping over the high bar, putting her sinuous flexibility to work. Both of her feet come slamming towards his chest like a wrecking ball and she uses the firm tattooed surface as a spring-board to launch herself away to safety; or, failing that, conjures another barrier of wind to offer her the same benefits.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng fails to interrupt Evasive Kick from Siren with Duo Yu Tui.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Siren            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0     Hei Xuanfeng

"Jealousy? No," Hei replies with a lopsided grin, as the two are locked hand in hand, face to face. He leans in, his face hovering between their clenched hands, and as she growls with narrowed eyes, he tilts his head to one side, drawing in dangerously close until their lips threaten to touch. "I wouldn't call it jealousy. But, how would you feel if some Prince Charming came along and swept you off of your feet, only to tell you that they were rushing off from you to the next in the line?"

He breaks from her when her elbows collapse under the pressure, snapping his head back and moving in to deliver that next blow, and follow through. He can tell by the lack of weight that she's up to something with that ability of hers to seemingly walk on air and defy gravity. In the middle of trying to wrench her to the ground, he aborts the throw, releasing her arm.

Bent sharply at the waist, the Chinese fighter simply tosses his legs up and around, the perfect start of a butterfly kick, with a flare of chi erupting around his feet.

But, she's swift. Her acrobatic display brings her heeled boots crashing in against Hei's rose-inked side with enough force to elicit a grunt of involuntarily expelled air from his lungs. His attack cut short, the assassin spins through the air in the other direction from her, landing in a three-point crouch with his legs spread nearly in the splits.

He coughs, and blood erupts from his lips, spattering the concrete floor, and trailing down his chin. He can feel the ribs grinding against one another, broken in the places where she had kicked. His side burns when he breathes, as if the blood wasn't enough to alert him to the damage to his lung. He stands upright, wiping off his blood-covered lip, and takes up his defensive posture once again, putting the smile right back into place. Now. Now this is getting to be really fun.

Making good her escape with a bit more success than she'd planned for, Siren floats lightly to the ground, alighting upon the concrete with a soft click of her heels. She shows no signs of concern for the apparent injuries inflicted by their fierce combat, failing to even glance down when he paints the floor with tiny droplets of red. He's a big boy, he can take a few lumps. And if not then he's probably not going to last long in this line of work. Hei doesn't strike her as the sort of person that goes for the 'ghost run' on any given mission. Plus there's that doctor still loitering around somewhere. They can probably deal with a few cracked ribs if the need arises.

"Is that your way of telling me I'm charming?"

The thief's eyes sparkle with mischief as she smirks at him, a faint chuckle of amusement echoing through the wide room. A long sigh escapes the woman after a few moments and she shrugs, resting her hands on her hips. Sadly, there is no more time left for games. Already there's things in motion which require her attention, tasks which she doesn't have the luxury of putting off any longer, as much fun as it would be to continue dancing circles around the poor man and tease him endlessly about it.

"Sorry to be a buzzkill but I'm afraid we've run out of time for today. Things to do, people to see, sinister shadowy plots to enact. Honestly, they really run a girl ragged around here."

A quick wave is given as she turns away, stalking towards one of the dark corners of the warehouse which is not well lit by the arrays of portable medical equipment. Her pace accelerates as she vanishes into the darkness and a moment later the dark silhouette of her form flies up towards one of the large busted-out windows lining the upper story of the facility. The burglar pauses, her obscured form turning to glance down at him and offer a final wink and then she's gone, just one more shadow in the night.

Behind Hei, the doctor clears their throat, which comes out as a burst of scratchy white-noise through the voice-disguising modulator. The small figure wanders up to him at a slow and deliberate pace with their hands resting at their sides, making sure he spots the approach and can see there aren't any weapons in their possession.

"I have finished my analysis of your vitals. No blood-born pathogens or diseases were detected and your bio-rhythms are all quite healthy. You fall well within the acceptable parameters we require. Unless you have any questions, regarding the medical information that is, you are free to go."

"I'm sorry if I'm not being clear enough," He says with one thin, arched brow rising upwards. "I'm not trying to play coy here."

If Hei is bothered by the injuries that last attack inflicted, he has a poker face that would take him far in any gambling den. If anything, the light in his eyes has only grown more vibrant and alive. Which only makes their dimming more noticeable when she cuts things short. Immediately that devilish grin drops, becoming a frown. His brows hang low over those slivers of jade green that peer at her with unreserved disappointment.

"You can't keep leaving a guy hanging, you know. It has adverse physical effects on them. I'll be all but useless to our quote-unquote masters if you keep this up."

Innuendo aside, Hei doesn't try to stop her as she makes her retreat. He just watches her walk away, with his boyishly handsome features hardening more and more into stone as the rage starts to settle back in. By the time she flashes him that wink from above, Hei's entire demeanor has shifted. He looks cold, and lifeless. A reptile, clad in a pretty human skinsuit. A serpent peers out from behind those cold green eyes. Not a man.

But he still makes the motions. He even blows her a kiss.

He remains still as the doctor approaches. Too still. None of those unconscious little fidgets and ticks that humans do to subconsciously let one another know that they are one and the same. No shifting of his weight on his feet. No little twitch of the fingertips, or clearing the throat. Not even so much as a blink.

After the doctor gives their report, Hei finally turns on them, looking into that mirrored faceplate with that detached, winter cold stare. His upper lip curls at one corner, showing a hint of his teeth, including eyeteeth that are just a hint too long and sharp. With a casual disinterest, Hei uses one hand, flickering about with light taps of his his fingertips across the hapless doctor's body, striking atemi point after atemi point to create a chain reaction that both increases their heartrate while blocking off the flow of blood in places. The explosive end result is, thankfully, contained within that full bodysuit, but is assuredly messy and not a pleasant way for the doctor to die. It was nice for them to leave a sacrifice for him to vent his frustrations on, in the end. He'll have to thank his shadowy "masters" for that the next time they decide to toy with him.

With a sigh, Hei nonchalantly walks to the nearest door, slipping out into the streets without a seeming care in the world.

COMBATSYS: Hei Xuanfeng has left the fight here.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Siren            0/-------/=======|

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