Neo League 0099 - NL#0114: Yoshimitsu vs Leo Whitefang

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Description: With Illyria now owned by the Sacred Order, King Leo Whitefang wishes to gain recognition for the nation-state through the medium of Neo League. The first to answer his call? Yoshimitsu, the current leader of the NL. <Winner: Draw>

Castle Illyria represents the seat of power amongst Illyria, where the ancient line of kings ruled over their lands. Perched within the Illyria valley in the Albanian Alps, the castle bears a strange blend of classic medival architecture and almost ancient Macedonian and Greek influences, all with modernized nuances running through it. Endless white marble spires and vaulted arches intersect throughout the castle grounds, giving a strangely gothic style to it despite the brightly designed masonry. The entrance to the castle bears a sturdy gatehouse leading to a narrow, over-vaulted corridor of the entrance.

The ramparts of the castle share this blend of styles. Electric lamps illuminate the parapets, enhanced with magical energy. Many carry a checkerboard pattern upon the floor, bringing alternating black and white tiles. Vines and greenery overgrow on the parapets and in decorative pots, giving a kind of floral life to the walls.

Unusually for what is normally defensive fortifications, there are great marble fountains decorating on high. The ramparts cross not only on the exterior walls, but over the courtyard and gardens of the castle complex, intertwining with the tall towers that pepper the castle grounds. The pathways are reasonably wide, big enough for two vehicles to drive up and down across without pushing each other on the sides.

In the aftermath of the war for Illyria, the castle was mostly rebuilt to it's original state. It just so happens, that original state was ruins. Already, the effort was taking place to modernize the facility. The villages around the castle were being populated and inhabited by both man and Gears; for the most part the two are living apart, though the boundaries are already blurring. Food was centrally distributed still with some rationing; but agriculture was already being attempted. But in every new nation, there are those who would prey on them.

It's not surprising that there would be thieves.

For the first time in the history of the world, a Neo League match was going to take place. The challenger? The current leader of the Neo League, the mysterious Yoshimitsu. The ninja was clad in a smooth, almost ceremic looking pale grey plates all over his body, an unusual samurai suit of armor. Upon his head was a broad flat hat made of straw. An ogre-like mask was bound over his face, as lines of red steel glow between his joints. His sword was stow away at his hip, as he inspects a recently repaired fountain piece. Already, he had plucked out one of the large 'gemstones,' a large purple quartz orb, from the base of the fountain. "Am I to understand correctly..." Yoshimitsu states aloud, gripping the smooth, polished stone as he holds it up into the air.

"That I am to fight a king?"

"You have no idea how important I am, do you." is the answer to the question. A deep voiced bravado that ripples through the area from the entry way of the courtyard. The speaker, one Leo Whitefang, fills the entryway up with his great coat, mane of blond hair and the presence of two Sacred Order guards assigned to him who snap out a salute as The Lion of the Order strides forward into the yard to look balefully across it at the fountain damaging Yoshimitsu.

"I -am- important, yes?" he asks of the guards.

"You are the king, sir. Very important!" answers one guard.

"WRONG!" thunders Leo, snapping both of his great swords out into view with a flourish of liquid metal and a blazing of chi. "I am SUPER important!"

He then seems to fianlly take note of the damage Yoshimitsu is doing and his eyes widen in fury and frustration, "Gaaah! Put that back! I just had that fountain repaired!!" He snaps into an agressive stance, blade pointing at the other swordsman, "I do not know much of this Neo League and have only signed up for the purpose of working to grant Illyria additional clout..but you will -pay- for your errant behavior in damaging things that do not belong to you!"

Yoshimitsu turns to the ornate display of leadership, that comes with the arrival of a king. Holding the orb, he steps back, overwhelmed at the armed guard escorting the swordsman. And as he looks at the hairy man, his eyes burning under his mask, he looks about to say something... until the guards interrupt. He is about to say something again, but Leo interrupts. And finally, as the swords are unleashed, Leo points out that he is -breaking- things. And Yoshimitsu, looking at the orb, the fountain, actually bows his head a bit.

"Ah! Warui warui..."

He swiftly apologizes, pushing the orb back into place in the fountain. It rolls out again. Yoshimitsu looks around warily, as he looks almost panicking. As the camera crew of the Neo League finishes setting up, Yoshimitsu falls to one knee, and pushes in the orb -hard-. Twisting as he pushes it in, he puts all his effort into putting it back. Grunting, he finally release it delicately, palms out, hoping it stays in.

It stays, for a moment.

Satisified, Yoshimitsu rises up from his knee. The ninja crosses his arms, the green lights of his eyes flaring behind his mask as he faces Leo Whitefang once again. "I am Yoshimitsu, the leader of the Manji Clan of Ninja! For over 400 years, we have fought to defend the weak against the strong, to steal from the rich, to give to the poor! Since our betrayal by Oda Nobunaga, we have declared ourselves never to fall under the rule of any lord or any king." Yoshimitsu draws out his katana blade, tracing his gauntleted fingertips along the edge. Green energy flows from within the sword, as he draws it back. "If you wish to earn the respect of the Manji Clan, you can only do so through true comba-"

The orb falls out again.

Yoshimitsu breaks from his stance, looking down at it.


King Whitefang listens, surprisingly patient at that. He straightens to his full height and sets one sword against the ground and the other he taps against his shoulder as he observes the other swordsman with an appraising and wholly judgemental gaze.

When Yoshimitsu actually seems to apologize and put the stone back in, his expression softens just a touch. It's good to be apologetic after all. Especially in the place of one with such authority. However as the Ninja fully explains the position of his clan, that frown returns.

Then the gem pops back out.

Leo fumes and then drops down to a crouched position and pulls his dictionary out from the depths of his great coat. A writing feather flickers into view and he flips to the page on 'Ninjas'. After a quick contemplation he quickly scribbles next to it: "Vandals." and then stands back up to put the dictionary back into his coat.

"It will seem that it is not only respect I will craft today..but an invoice for you to take back to your clan!"

"An invoice?!"

"No no, that will not be necessary!" Yoshimitsu declares, shaking his hands at Leo as he looks back to him, and down to the orb. Strengthening his resolve, he puts a hand on his hips, shaking his head. He was even peering at that dictionary, which had him -very- self-conscious, for a ninja at least. This would not due. "I refuse to accept any invoice! If the gem will not return back into it's place..." Yoshimitsu looks down at the quartz orb. And then, he snaps his fingers with a horrific metal sound, as if he has come to a great understanding.

"Then the very rock has chosen to come home with me!"

Yoshimitsu kicks up the stone. Catching it in midair with a grunt, he tucks it under his armpit, cradling it under his arm. "It comes with a heavy heart, for your nation looks so poor; but if the stone refuses to go home, then the only honorable thing is to adopt it! Do not worry, I will exchange it for a gift and a promise, when the time comes, Oh King!" Yoshimitsu raises his blade, into a salute. The call of battle is made, as the fight begins.

And then the sword begins to spin.

Whirling like a propeller, the ninja takes flight, hovering up into the air. Using his sword for the lift, he hangs over in the air for a moment, as the ninja looks down. "Oh ho ho! I am not escaping, Oh King! But it is my attack! Have at thee!" He declares, as he dips hard forward. Rising back up at the last second, he turns around, positioning behind Leo. And there, he comes crashing down -hard-, aiming to goomba stomp Leo on his head. Should he connect, or miss, he would immediately flip off the head, backvaulting away.

Still clutching the orb under his arm.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu has started a fight here.

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Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang has joined the fight here.

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Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu successfully hits Leo Whitefang with Acrobatic Bliss ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

Leo doesn't even know where to begin with this one. So much to comment on, so much to say. His mind is a whirl of frustration and annoyance and at the end all he can sputter out is.

"We are -not- poor!"

Which really, begs discussion on his definition of 'poor' but either way, he hardly recovers his shock at the comments and Yoshi's attack manuever in time to do much about the attack itself - and it slams into him surprisingly hard, knocking him back and away from the guards and nearly to the ground as Yoshi rebounds away.

He's quick on the recovery though. A flourish of movement and a flash of metal and he's vaulting up and after the ninja, literally wall running as his large frame dashes along the stone of the wall framing the entrance he arrived in. With a sudden surge of motion, he springs from the wall - gaining incredible height over Yoshi,

Between all this he huffs out, "It would seem that you vandallzers are intent on increasing the scope of your bill! I will now declare the bill already late and add interest!"

His body plummets downward to return the favor with a downward slash of both of his swords with iron chi visibly trailing behind the arc of the weapons.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu parries Leo Whitefang's Siegesparade!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

"My apologies!"

Yoshimitsu states firmly, almost... tauntingly? Pivoting off of the king's head, he vaults away. "If even the king must insist he is rich, then I have every right to steal from this castle, to give it to the truly poor!" Was the ninja mocking him? As he lands swiftly, he barely has time to react. Leo was already hurling to his flanks, already descending to strike at his side. Yoshimitsu tosses the orb in the air. Flooding with green energy, he begins to spin, twirling around as the slash finally comes. He narrowly escapes the double slash, repositioing right beside the King's right flank. He would keep moving, of course.

But not before bringing a hand at Leo's head.

Should he grab Leo, he would immediately attempt to pull them forward and wrench his head down and under, in order to flip them onto their back. Should he manage to get Leo down on the ground? He would fix his foot hard on Leo's chest. Reaching out, he would snatch the orb out from the air. And then, drawing back his imbued blade, he would finish the attack by impaling Leo's shoulder with the blade; a dangerous attack, if not entirely lethal.

But only if he could seize that shaggy mane...

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang fails to interrupt Oni Killer EX from Yoshimitsu with Kahn Schild.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0    Leo Whitefang


The first grunt -could- be considered a complimentary one at avoiding his slash. Leo's not above or beyond being able to acknowledge the skill of his opponent after all. That first strike was..exceptionally powerful. Still, there are some things that need correcting.

"I never said we were -rich!- There's a number of degrees between -rich- and -poor- you know!"

His eyes flicker about, trying to re-establish Yoshimitsu's position and upon doing so he spins turning to try and avoid him getting ahold of his luxurious bloom of hair. His iron cross blades spin around in a back handed swing but the Brynhldr stance fails him and the miss sends both he and Yoshi tumbling back to the cobble stone of the ruined castle ground with Leo bearing the brunt of the impact.

"Yearrrgh!" he belts out as the blade comes piercing through his armored coat and into his shoulder. Sheer tenacity and fury cause him to not loosen his grip on his blades however but he's clearly at a serious disadvantage.

The blade drives deep.

Pulling back the blade, Yoshimitsu steps backwards, wiping the blood from his blade. "I wish the world was only so simple, King Whitefang. Illyria is a new land. I can feel the hope, the opportunity. But kings will always be kings, I cannot help but strive to humble those who are of noble blood." Yoshimitsu stands fast, giving his opponent the chance to rise. He holds up the orb, letting the sunlight dance upon it.

"Perhaps you can solve a riddle, then."

"The rich demand justice, the poor demand charity. What does, in fact, the people in between need?" The ninja comes into a sitting position, crossing his legs into the lotus stance. He places the orb in between his legs, as he focuses. "I am no vandal, King Whitefang, nor is my clan. I am a bandit king, a lord of thieves who rob the rich to give to the poor, and to always carry myself into doing what's right! There is no nobility, and the only honor I hold is our own. Above all, to do good! But answer me this." And the ninja falls into meditation, focusing as the emerald energy cascades over him.

"What am I to do with those who are neither poor nor rich, who nevertheless suffer unrighteously?"

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Yoshimitsu       1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

A pinned cat will hardly sit still for a conversation once released to express its ire. Thus once Leo is released his body tenses, waiting but an instant as Yoshi begins speaking..and then he's on the move.

A blurring flash of golds, browns and yellows surges backwards and then forwards again, iron chi sparking along the ground as the swords trail against the stonework and then blitz upwards in a whirling upward slash that seeks to not only tear into Yoshimitsu but to also continue on to knock that gem upward into the air and sending it spiraling sky high.

"I don't know."

Leo's answer is direct and to the point even as he rebounds off of Yoshi and then suddenly launches his leg around in an arcing kick to slam it against the orb as it falls back downward and then send it hurtling at Yoshimitsu like an errant stone tossed by a giant. This is followed up with another sword slash as he tries to pass behind Yoshimitsu to skid to a stop and then reach for the rebounding orb as it bounces skywards and then back down again.

"But Illyria is a new nation and I am king not by nobility but by the peoples choice and only one of three at that..s o take your riddle elsewhere until you learn to not see the world in simple terms of black and white!"

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blitzes into action and acts again!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Yoshimitsu       1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang successfully hits Yoshimitsu with Eisen Sturm.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Yoshimitsu       1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu blocks Leo Whitefang's Armed Combo.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Yoshimitsu       1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1    Leo Whitefang

The ninja is -obliterated- out of his lotus position.

The raising upward slash is not simply a technical marvel, but a timely one: Yoshimitsu brings he sword before him, to try and block it. But the slash easily overwhelms his defenses, as the spirally blade knocks both him and the orb into the air. "Well Done!" Cries out the ninja, as he is forced to draw out his second blade, a smaller wakizashi. That is what he needs to muster against the second assault, the kick unleashing the orb straight back at him. He is able to deflect the orb with both blades, sending it skyborne as the follow up slash is only partially deflected. Now, the flash and flickers of energy surge over the ninja, as he stands fast, both blades out.

And the orb lands right in Leo's grasps.

"Ah, but even the greys are merely black and white, in minuscule." The ninja muses, back to the king. "Power is not the only strength there is, Oh King!" He states, as the emerald energy flows over him. With the deep gash in his armor from the opening attack, he overflows with power, as he turns to face the king. He reaches in, unleashing a staggering slash with primary sword, the katana. From there, he spins into a secondary slash with the wakizashi, burning with soul energy. Giving two more slashes as he presses the assault, he finally bounds into the air into a hop, leaping off the ground into a final overhead slashing strike with his katana.

"But why do we argue over such idealogies, when your heart is pure?"

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang blocks Yoshimitsu's Ashura Blade.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1    Leo Whitefang

Sparks and chi fly like a mixture of fireworks and the wild waves of the sea itself as Leo whipcracks his blades around to meet Yoshimitsu's dead on. The flow of the energy burns, rushing and scorching into him but he holds fast and the other sword spins around to block and then block again as the two swordsmen exchange a flurry of clashes that rips the courtyard up and roars conflicting chi out like a bonfire.

Leo neither gains nor gives ground but instead follows up the assault with his own, spinning in the process to bring both of his blades whirling around in a spinning strike that carries him through the onslaught of supernatural force.

"It is not the components of the colors that matter alone but the results of the mix and the people working together for a better future. You are mighty philosphical..for a -vandal-!"

The orb is momentarily forgotten, tossed sky high once again in the force of the assaults. Who will claim it??

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu parries Leo Whitefang's Medium Strike!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Yoshimitsu       1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1    Leo Whitefang

"Is it truly a better future?"

Yoshimitsu finishes the assault, keeping both blades out for only a moment. For a moment, the ninja seems ready to challenge it. Yet there is no malice from the ninja. In fact, as the last slash comes, he states brightly. "I think it will be. This kingdom may not be rich in wealth, but even I, a humble ninja, can see it is rich in spirit!"

The counter-attack comes in a flash.

As both blades comes, he uses his own Katana to pivot, to twist and turn around it as he moves. The second blade comes forward, and he deftly deflects both blades, turning in at Leo's flank again. Coming in very close, he is face to face (mask?) with the king for a moment. "I have a confession to make, Oh King!" The ninja states.

"I am -deeply- sorry about defacing the fountain!"

And he suddenly spits out a -blast- of toxic mist, right for Leo's face! The surge of green mist would be almost illusionary in effect, and very likely more disorientating than fatal. But the tingle of psionic energy would flood to his very soul as he would then step back, both swords put away.

In order to catch the orb as it falls down!

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu successfully hits Leo Whitefang with Poison Breath EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Yoshimitsu       1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1    Leo Whitefang

A king does not turn away from things most foul that must be endured for the sake of the kingdom! At least, that is what Leo would say as he fails to disperse the poison mist as it rips into him and into his mind - and instead is forced to barrell his way forward through it, while throwing both of his forarms up to make some effort at dispersing it.

A quick cut of his gaze reveals the incoming stone as well as Yoshi's seeming vulnerability as he makes a move to catch it.

"Your apologize is noted." he remarks, "And as King, only -I- have the right and ability to PARDON you!"

So declared, he lunges forward in a flurry of movement, bringing his swords around once, again, and again in a rapid fire series of imbued slashes that blaze iron chi behind their and envelop the lion-man in a glowing wash of energy.

Upon the last slash he attempts to leap right past Yoshimitsu, a blazing 'x' shaped explosion of energy ripping around them both as he swings a crossing slash with both weapons and then reaches out to try and snatch the rebounding gem as it is buffeted by the force of the assaults.

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang knocks away Yoshimitsu with Leidenschaft Dirigent.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Yoshimitsu       1/=======/=======|==-----\-------\0    Leo Whitefang

It was a moment of weakness.

"Namu?" Yoshimitsu blurts out, as he just catches the stone. With no stone out, with no hesitation from the King of Illyria, the ninja staggers backwards as he takes the overwhelming onslaught of slashes point blank. He tries to deflect with his armored limbs; but it is no match for the sheer weight of the assault. Here, the speed and taunting agility of the ninja is in full regard, as it becomes -very- obvious that the ninja, despite the armor, was more frail than he seemed. The explosion of energy -tears- over his ceramic armor, leaving deep lacerations and fissures as he -slams- into the wall.

The stone returning back to Leo Whitefang.

Yoshimitsu falls to one knee, struggling into a stand. This time, he -does- draw out his blade once more. "It seems my arrogance has cost me dearly!" He declares, raising the blade up. "But I will not be pardoned without my own right!" He spins in place in a flash of crackling energy. The ninja swiftly teleports, reappearing right beside King Whitefang. But his back was -turned- to Leo, the sword drawn back. Not pointing directly at Leo, but at Yoshimitsu's own abdomen. Sparking and flaring with wild energy, the ninja cries out. "Seppeku!"

And he drives the blade in.

Whether Leo is hit by the first blow or not may not matter. There is a pulse of psionic energy that bursts from within, as Yoshimitsu begins to spin. Whirling with incredible force, the overwhelming soul energy cuts like a hot knife through butter. Every spin comes with a shockwave, as Yoshimitsu attempts to cleave into Leo once, twice, three times, each with a suicidal pulse. He doesn't collapse in the end; he only draws out his blade, barely able to keep standing, back turned to the King once more. "I am the master of my own justice."

"With sacrifice, without peer."

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang interrupts Manji Blood Dance from Yoshimitsu with Konigliches Gesicht.

[                           \\\  <
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang can no longer fight.

[                           \\\  <
Yoshimitsu       0/-------/<<<<<<<|

"What in--"

Begins Leo. But he has no time to finish that statement as Yoshimitsu is upon him and Leo has barely turned but that ghostly psionic attack comes roaring into him, threateing to rip his very mind and soul to shreds and certainly doing his body no favors.

His teeth grit as his body tenses, his visage becoming nearly lion like as his teeth seem to become sharp and almost fang like as a side effect of his building chi.

Chi that explodes out from around him in a blazing surge of furious iron force that takes on the shape of Leo's own form. An enormous physical bust that explodes outwards and then upwards in a rising pillar of rapidly dissipating energy.

The explosive force rebounds Leo from his position by Yoshmitsu and into the ground where he rolls over everal times, unconscious, to land on his back, facing skywards. His arm flops down, hand opening up and the gem stone rolls out of it, impassively bouncing towards the edge of the repaired fountain where it comes to a stop in a tuft of grass.

It takes an incredible spirit to defy the Manji Blood Dance.

As the final spin comes, Yoshimitsu expected Leo to surrender to the pure force of Manji strength. Instead, he is greeted with an explosive backfire of Leo's raw energy. The surge of the metallic seal -rips- through the armor, decimating the last of it's defenses as it sends Yoshimitsu hurtling, slamming -hard- into the wall. Rebounding off, he comes to a crash inside the fountain, landing facedown in the water. A stream of bubbles come up, but the combined responses of both leave the true prize wayward.

The stone orb sitting between them.

With a metallic groan, Yoshimitsu lifts his head up, the visage crushed on him. Rolling his head a bit, he gives a sigh, looking at Leo for a moment. "... Draw?" Yoshimitsu sighs aloud, before dropping his head back into the fountain with a splash. The Neo League judges agree.


COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Yoshimitsu can no longer fight.

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