The Bell Tolls - TBT Act 0 - The Taekwondo Problem

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Description: Juri Han is paid a visit by her Master, and she decides that it would be a great idea to sass him. This just will not do.

Juri wakes, tangled in the sheets from a short and restless sleep, blinking blearily at the morning sunlight shining through the privacy curtain drawn haphazardly across the glass door of the patio. She had slept less than five hours, the digital clock on the nightstand tells her, and her first thought is to simply bury herself underneath the covers and try to drift off once more. The insistent throbbing in her head does its best to prevent that, however, pounding away like a war drum as if to punish her overindulgence the night before, evidenced by the half dozen empty bottles strewn about the room. Even the silence in her chamber is agony, the lack of the usual morning bustle on the streets below as the herds of school children set off for a day of systematic brainwashing filling her with some fuzzy obnoxious feeling that something was wrong.

Eventually, she gives up and crawls out of bed, staggering her way to the bathroom. The teenager scrubs a hand over her face and grimaces, first at the touch of the cold water and then at her own reflection in the mirror. Red bloodshot eyes peer back through the gaps in her fingers and the tangled mess of her unkempt hair, staring accusingly at her. She meets that gaze with a baleful stare for several seconds before pulling the mirror aside to reveal the medicine cabinet behind it, flicking the top off a bottle of asprin and tossing a couple of the pills into her mouth.

A warm shower helps to improve her mood a little, if not her headache. She strides out of the bathroom about half an hour later, idly rubbing at her long hair with a drenched towel. It's only now with her head mostly on straight that she takes a moment to look around the large bedroom, noting that some of the clothes scattered about aren't hers. She idly snags a large t-shirt draped over the back of a chair and tugs it on, letting it hang loosely around her slender frame like a short dress, before stalking over to the bed to investigate the far side.

As she'd suspected from the bits of hazy memory she'd pieced together in the past few moments, a pair of naked bodies lie in a heap on the floor, entwined together by a tangled cocoon of bed sheets, much the same as she had been. The two visitors, a man and a woman, slumber only the way a couple of black-out drunks can, their mouths hanging open with bits of drool and booze staining the sides of their cheeks. Other than that, they are both rather attractive, probably college students she picked up from the local bars for a night of entertainment.

These past few weeks have been rather dull thanks to an untimely request from Seth which had drawn her away from the World Warrior tournament to deal with far more mundane matters. She'd spent a lot of time cruising around the country, enjoying the feel of the open road with the occasional bit of trouble here and there when she was feeling feisty. Unfortunately, the steadily growing power of the NOL has made it rather difficult to stir up shit without bringing down an army on her head. As much fun as it might be to trash a platoon or two of those uppity punks, she still can't be sure that there won't be another untimely malfunction in the Feng Shui Engine. A repeat of the incident with that hulking monstrosity is not high on her list of fun times.

Leaving her playthings to sleep off their own night of excess, she turns to the patio, wandering out onto the small ledge to lean against the railing. A stiff breeze greets her as the glass door slides open, billowing her hair and shirt out behind her in a wild flutter of motion. Her eyes close and she simply enjoys the feel of the wind on her body for a few moments, taking in a deep lungful of the morning air with its faint hints of smog and brine.

While she could most certainly have afforded the much fancier suites found in the business district, Juri finds the 'upper class' of society to incredibly boring. All they ever do is spend money and gloat, strutting around in their glitzy outfits while wearing fake smiles and uttering shallow platitudes to each other. It's fun to go screw around in a casino every now and then but from her view right here in the middle-class part of town she gets to see far more interesting things. Muggings, street brawls, drunken idiots facing off like a couple of peacocks, school students duking it out over which of their crappy institutions has the most honor or some shit. Even the dark stalkers and Gears that show up from time to time to find prey tend to skulk near the slums. It's an endless parade of people vying for dominance, kind of like an ant farm but with more chaos.

"Well, little insects... how will you entertain me today?"

That sense of something being wrong may very well be the least of Juri Han's worries today. The hussle and bustle of what would be a normal day within Southtown fills the air, yet the people far below seem to be moving in patterns, the usual randomness missing from their usual mundane lives.

If the Taekwondo prodigy were to truly pay attention, the same ten cars would move up and down the streets in an endless loop, the groups of school kids would wander back and forth between the same five shops.

Its as if the world around Juri is stuck in a loop all of its own.

And if the woman truly were to pay attention, just visible upon the roof-top across from her, a heavily clothed person stands, unmoving, yet she would truly feel its gaze never once leaving her. The face is impossible to make out, as if this being were meant to be an undetermined face within any crowd. Truly, it would be enough to make most people fully believe they had finally snapped and gone insane.

Moments later, the two teenages that Juri had brought home rise to their feet in an almost mechanical like fashion, moving through the motions of dressing silently. They say nothing, failing to respond to the world around them as if they were trapped in a dream of their own, faces blank and devoid of any signs of life.

The throbbing that Juri felt upon waking up would return, as the sense of the real world around her falls. The feeling is one that is unmistakenable, one that those who have been subjected to it fully understand. Some even worship it.

It is truly the power of a God. A God who has come to return one of their own to his flock where they belong, and teach them the errors of their recent behaviours.

~You are never outside of my grasp, and it seems that I will have to remind you of your place....~

The world around Juri will fall silent, the people on the streets below now missing, the front door to her condo wide open with her 'guests missing'.

The billowing sound of fabric rippling in the air appears before Juri, as the very fabric of reality shreds in a haze of pure Psycho Power. Her master has returned.

Lord Vega has descended once again.

Despite her hedonistic indulgences, the girl's senses retain a keen edge, her eyes picking out details that no one else would likely ever notice. Some of that incredible awareness comes from the potent battle computer connected to her brain, the Feng Shui Engine's remarkable engineering providing her not only with well-springs of nigh endless power drawn from the very world around her, but also boosting her perceptions to the point of near clairvoyance. No detail, however subtle or minute, escapes her notice for long.

Juri's steadily improving mood hits a brick wall as she quickly starts to pick out the patterns in the world around her. Considering she had specifically chosen this place for its unpredictability the bizarrely repeating scenes playing out are hard to miss, as is the ominous figure looming in the distance. Though she cannot make out his face, she is experienced enough with the sorts of mind games that psions are capable of to know when someone is messing with her. And the list of people with balls big enough to fuck with Juri Han on purpose is short indeed.

The teenger glances over her shoulder as the pair of students rise, watching them dress with a look of disinterest. She doesn't care about those two. They were a means to indulge her own wants and needs, nothing more. She can't even remember their names, if she ever even bothered to ask in the first place. It does somewhat surprise her that whoever is behind this game cares enough to remove them from what is most certainly about to become a war zone. Even if they don't attack, she's definately going to fuck up whoever is behind this. Maybe the exercise will help shake off the last of this hang over.

However, when that familiar itch in the back of her brain finally starts to make itself known, her excitement dims somewhat. "Shit, really? Of all people, it has to be him? Today, right now?" A hand goes to her face to rub at her temples as the obnoxious pressure intensifies but she quickly shifts it down to her chin, propping her head up on her palm, sporting a bored expression as she waits for Lord Melodrama to make his appearance.

There aren't very many people in the world who can come face to face with the nightmare that is the lord of Shadaloo and not feel fear. His very presence radiates a sort of primal power that grips the hearts and minds of those around him, crushing them in the tyrannical grip of his awesome power. It's natural to be afraid; it's /smart/ to be afraid. Even those close to the man, his personal servants and trusted lieutenants, maintain a healthy dose of respect and terror, knowing full well that he could end them at any moment.

But not Juri. Out of the myriad criminals and murderers that make up Shadaloo's ranks, this young girl is the only one capable of taking that oppressive aura of his and shrugging it off. Perhaps it is arrogance that makes her immune to his intimidating presence for she certainly has that in plentiful supply. However, her confidence is not entirely unfounded. Indeed, if there was to be anyone within his own ranks that might one day usurp his power, it would be she. And she knows it.

"Oh, long time no see, big guy. I was starting to think you'd finally kicked the bucket."

Juri smirks at the demi-god infront of her, her voice dripping with sultry sarcasm. She slowly rises to a standing position, making no efforts to hide the fact that she's wearing nothing but a t-shirt at the moment as she lifts her arms up over her head in a slinky stretch. After a moment, her hand comes down to rest on her waist and she talks up a dismissive yet seductive stance almost on instinct, hips cocked to one side, her eyes half closed in a coy fashion.

"So, you get tired of playing house with your little dollies? Hahaha! You really don't expect me to take their place and start dancing on your strings, do you?"

~You've forgotten your place.~

The words are like a shotgun blast directly to one's brain, as the tyranical dictator hangs in the air before Juri. A methodical grin slowly grows upon the man's face, his right hand reaching forward towards the woman in an almost affectionate manner. Everything about this screams wrong, and almost anyone would truly agree.

"Are you jealous that I've given them more attention then you? I would have thought that you are above that sort of petty behaviour..."

The words are silky, enticing in their own way, betraying the harsh appearance that is Vega. Any wise ruler knows that there are times you must treat your subjects with kindness, to remind them that if they properly serve you, then there is nothing for them to ever fear. Unfortunately, Vega knows that Juri has a very bad habit of biting the hand that feeds.

"You would be wise to remember who you belong to, Juri Han. Unless you would like for me to break you like the rest of my toys..."

The teenager grimaces slightly but looks unimpressed, both by the psychic bombardment of her mind and the implied threat. Her own formidable powers protect her from the worst of Vega's theatrics, though he's certainly not doing any favors to her hangover. The idea that he might decide to take a hands on approach to company management doesn't seem to faze her much either, but then she's always been impetuous, even after being repeatedly crushed by his superior psycho power. It's just one of her little charms.

"I didn't know you were getting into comedy," she says, dismissively smacking his hand away from her face. "What the fuck do those little strumpets have that could possibly make me jealous? An opportunity to be dressed up like a ballerina and molested for your little science experiments? Ugh, no thanks. Keep your freaky kinks to yourself."

Juri takes a step back to put herself out of creepy touching range, frowning openly now. She's not really in the mood to deal with this bozo, though kicking his butt might certainly improve her disposition. Her head swivels sideways to peer at the bedroom behind her. Damnit, even if she tried to drag this fight somewhere else, there'd be all sorts of attention brought down on this place. Time to find a new place to crash, it seems.

"I don't belong to anyone, old man, especially not you," she says, turning to glare at Vega once more. "Atleast Seth knows how to ask for a favor."

The dictator's eyes narrow the moment Juri dares to slap /HIS/ hand away from her. Raw psonic energy starts to flare to life around Vega, smoldering with rage from the sheer disregard Juri seemingly has for him. Obviously his time away has done the young woman no favors, and truly she needs to be reminded just exactly who she's dealing with.

~It seems that you've developed a nasty habit in my absence.~

The raw power flowing freely from Vega's body is enough to cripple most, and even cause majoy issues for the most trained of Psions. So its no surprise when the powerhouse of a man reacts in the manner he suddenly does. His right hand thrusts forward, easily grasping Juri by her throat and lifting her up with ease. Time seems to come to a standstill as the very world around them warps in a brilliant flash of light and energy.

The two are transported to the nearby rooftop where the heavily clothed figure stands, its attention still remaining on the two, as Vega's wrist snaps forward, casually flinging the barely clothed teen away from him.

~I will have to remind you just exactly who I am!~

COMBATSYS: Vega has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Juri has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vega             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Juri

Even knowing that it's coming, the smart-mouthed teen doesn't have the luxury of getting out of the way, her only escape routes being through the glass door behind her or over the edge of the balcony. While a fall of this height would pose her no problems, she's not particularly keen on running around in the streets half naked. She might be less inhibited than most girls her age but there's no reason to go giving these middle-class scrubs a free show.

Fortunately, as she'd guessed, Vega's not interested in drawing attention to his sudden return. Otherwise he wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of isolating the two of them or politely knocking on the door, so to speak. Much like Juri herself, his usual methods are a bit more...theatrical.

The trip through the Shadaloo lord's mental warp leaves her briefly disoriented. Juri tumbles backwards onto the hard concrete with a grunt but manages to recover some of her dignity by rolling with the impact, flipping over into a crouching three-point stance. Her eyes narrow on Vega with a dangerous manic glint behind them for a couple of seconds before she smirks, rising lithely to her feet with renewed composure.

"Ha! What's the matter? Feeling shy all of the sudden? I thought you liked to be the center of attention?"

The girl shrugs and leans forward, arching her back suggestively, her eyes half-closing as her voice drops to a low purr. Despite the sensual undertones that she puts off, there's a very distinct predatory vibe radiating from the young fighter, like a snake preparing to strike at an unsuspecting prey.

"Mmm, but if you really want me all to yourself, I guess I can play along. After all, there aren't many people who can get me all worked up like you..."

The soft pink tip of her tongue slowly darts out to trace the bottom edge of her lip, her hands running over the loose surface of the t-shirt, tracing the hidden contours of her body beneath the fabric. Looks like she'll be getting a different sort of entertainment than she'd expected today.

"Now, come on! Give me a decent fight for a change! I'm tired of all these weaklings!"

Grinning maniacly, the girl's left eye shimmers with an inner purple light for a brief instant as she takes up her fighting pose, showing no hesistation regarding her current state of dress. If he wants to stare at her naked body then it'll just be that much easier to kick his ass. Besides, the creepy bastard probably already has a bunch of pictures from all the experiments they did. Taking the initiative, Juri lunges forward in a bold frontal attack, her body whirling like a tornado as she lashes out with a pair of powerful spinning heel kicks at the towering figure's stupid butt-chin.

COMBATSYS: Vega blocks Juri's Spin Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vega             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Juri

~You dissapoint me, Juri.~

The dictator casually raises his left arm, scoffing at the young taekwondista as she slams her feet into the arm, and not the 'Butt Chin' she readily was aiming for. A strong chin is the foundation of a powerful man.

And few are more powerful then Lord Vega.

~Without my gifts you are worthless, and can do no more then soil my clothes. Allow me to show you real power.~

A sadistic sneer crosses the man's face, as Psycho Energy swirls to life within his right hand as it rushes forward, seeking to latch onto the face of Juri Han. If he manages to grasp the girl, an immense flood of Psycho Power will flood her body, seeming to overload her senses and nerves an a intrusive and painful fashion.

The disgrace will not end there, as the girl will be once more flung to the side casually, almost as if Vega were implying that she was nothing more then rubbish, worthless and beneath him to dispose of properly.

COMBATSYS: Vega successfully hits Juri with Psycho Fall.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Vega             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0             Juri

Despite her speed, the master of the Shadaloo is faster. It's a rare scenario where she's fighting an uphill battle right from the start but that only makes it more exciting. Her feet slam into the heavily muscled arm in rapid succesion but like any skilled fighter his quick defense renders the blows into superficial strikes at best. She'd only meant to probe him anyways, draw him out into some committed action that she might exploit, but it turns out that she is the one who falls prey to a trap.

Vega's hand slams into her face like a slab of molten steel. She lets out a cry of shock and pain as the searing Psycho Power pours into her flesh, setting her nerves on fire and her blood boiling. Momentarily dazed by the assault, she offers no resistance to being tossed again once again, this time landing in an ungraceful sprawl.

"Nnngh... ha ha... hahaha!" Juri starts to laugh, placing a hand over her face as her vision swims with the aftershocks of the mental assault. "It's been a while since anyone made me feel it like that! Oh, I'm gonna enjoy breaking you into pieces!"

Kipping up to her feet, the teen leans forward in an aggressive crouch, staring Vega directly in his blank white eyes. She takes a couple of sudden steps forward and then draws up short, snapping her leg out in a high kick that lifts it almost vertical against her body. The lashing motion of her foot creates a crackling purple wave of energy, a towering crescent of Psycho Power that scythes across the roof at breakneck speeds, gouging out a thin trench in the concrete as it tears its way towards him.

COMBATSYS: Juri successfully hits Vega with Fuhajin.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Vega             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0             Juri

The wave of Psycho Power washes completely over Vega, allowing him to /feel/ a sensation that most are just not capable of making have. The feeling is one that he once was quite accustomed to, however those capable of forcing him to experience it have dwindled until there is only a scant handful of beings alive capable of it.

That feeling is pain.

The sadistic sneer upon his face falters for a moment as a look of surprise briefly flashes across his face, only to be replaced rapidly by a look of exhilaration. Leaning his head back, a sudden bellow of one word escapes his lips, one that would surprise most who would witness it.


Lowering his gaze back to Juri, a maniac’s grin rests upon the Lord of Shadaloo’s face, as Psycho Power once more floods from his body. There is no denying now just what impact Juri’s attack has done do Vega, though it may not have been the intended course of action.

The Psycho power swirls ominously around Vega now, strengthening him as he extends both hands outwards, harnessing the psionic flow in only ways he is fully capable of.

COMBATSYS: Vega gathers his will.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Vega             1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0             Juri

Juri sneers at the exultation that her assault on the man's body brings forth, ignoring the fact that she had herself only moments before done something similar. As always, he's just got to do everything flashier. Well, two can play at that game.

"Wow, if a little love tap like that is all it takes to make you happy... you're gonna be in stitches by the time I'm done! Ahahaha!"

Lowering herself into a wide stance, the teen draws her arms in tight at her side, fingers clenching into tight fists as she calls upon her own power. The Feng Shui Engine shimmers to life at her command, her left iris shifting into the familiar shape of the black and white taijitu, two equal but opposite inverse teardrops representing the balance between light and darkness. The symbol begins to spin madly, speeding up to a blur of dark color in mere moments as the engine revs up to its full power.

A brilliant light bursts forth from Juri's eye, engulfing the entire socket in a searing neon glare. All across her body, thin ribbons of raw Psycho Power begin to waft up from her skin, slowly rising like smoke to create an aura of sinister intent. It isn't quite as potent or pure as the energy brought forth by the man who had cloven his own soul in half in pursuit of perfection, but it's not far off, perhaps the closest thing to attaining the sort of nightmarish destructive potential as his own.

The insubordinate young fighter grins back at Vega, matching even his arrogance with her own. Just like the Shadaloo commander, she's fully confident in her ability to come out on top here, and even if she doesn't, there will always be the next time. She's far too useful to him to get rid of.

"Gimme all you got. Hahaha! Try and break me!"

COMBATSYS: Juri grins madly as she crackles with flickering pscyho power!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Vega             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1             Juri

The Psycho Power enveloping Vega bleeds into the open air, surging across the ground like a thick blanket of miasma. Its obvious that of the two, Vega's psionic energy is surpeme, and thusly it seeks to choke out Juri's own. This was originally his power, and if she thinks she can get away with using it on him, she'll have to think again.

The Shadaloo lord launches himself, hovering for only the briefest of moments, only to slam himself violently into the ground before Juri. The concrete of the rooftop spiderwebs as he slams into it, once more allowing his right fist to surge forward to grasp ahold of Juri's face.

Like the last time, if he manages to latch on with his iron grip, once more unleashing a torrent of Psycho Power into the girl's body, yet it won't end there. His left fist will slam forward to the woman's gut, launching forth a secondary burst of Psycho Power, looking to cause as much internal damage as possible to the taekwondista as possible. The assault will be swift, brutal and just like Vega.

COMBATSYS: Vega knocks away Juri with Psycho Punisher.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Vega             0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1             Juri

Well, she asked for it.

Juri doesn't even bother to defend herself against the whirlwind assault. Her chances of making any meaningful defense against the full might of Vega is pretty slim but if there's one thing she can use as a weapon in this titanic clash against the overwhelming might of Psycho Power master it's her tenacity.

Gritting her teeth against the pain she knows is coming, the teen continues to stare wild eyed into the oncoming train until it plows right into her. She takes the blast to the face in stride, a low grunt escaping her lips as it once more sears at her mind. That's it? That's all he's got? She can take that all day. Her stance shifts in preparation to unleash a swift strike of her own while the overconfident bastard is distracted but the second punch takes her off guard, knocking the wind right out of her sails and her lungs.

Juri staggers backwards on her heels, choking for air. The look of surprise on her face quickly turns into anger as her temper starts to flare, the true nature of the beast lurking behind her facade of seduction and teasing showing through.

"Guh...! Damn you! This isn't going to end the same way as before, you bastard!"

Gathering up her power, the girl hurls herself at Vega in a reckless fashion, seemingly having abandoned strategy in favor of simply crushing him with raw aggression. With only a couple feet left between them, she leaps at him with a flying kick, her leg sheathed in crackling psycho power. Juri's body spins like a windmill in mid-flight turning her simple martial strike into a whirlwind of destructive potential, each of her long deadly legs whipping around to deliver several kicks in rapid succession.

COMBATSYS: Vega blocks Juri's Senpusha.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Vega             0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1             Juri

Any composure Juri had is now right on out the window, and this is what Vega was truly waiting for. As the wild psycho powered kicks surge forward, the mighty Dictator crosses his arms, shielding his body from the powerful blows Juri is sending forth. Silently, the man counts the blows to himself, 'One... Two... Three...' each time shifting his body just slightly to minimize any damage that could be done from neglect.

~It will end the same way each and every time.~

Psycho Power explodes violently from every pore upon Vega's body, tearing wildly at his clothing. The man slowly takes three steps backwards, only to suddenly hurl himself forward as if he were tackling the poor woman. Unlike a normal tackle, the mighty Vega spins his body wildly, flying towards Juri like a corkscrew seeking to draw her into one of the most destructive of his abilities.


COMBATSYS: Vega successfully hits Juri with Psycho Crusher.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Vega             0/-------/-----==|=======\=======\1             Juri

Even in a rage, Juri's skill is a superb display of martial technique, her violence expressed as the culmination of years of single-minded focus empowered by the raw fuel of her psychotic rage. She executes the attack flawlessly leaving no openings through which her opponent might retaliate, keeping even Vega's potent might at bay until she is forced to touch the ground once more.

Her arms cross over her chest instinctively as the large warrior steps backwards to gain room, knowing full well what he intends. A barrier of crackling power takes shape over her arms but it does little more than prevent them from shattering when the torpedo-strike slams into her like a battering ram. She lets out an involuntary cry of pain and fury, riding the front of the flying punch until it comes to a halt, sending her skidding backwards on her heels, somehow managing to remain standing after the brutal impact.

Her eyes filled with hatred, Juri glares at the Shadaloo overlord, her face half covered by the loose bangs of her long hair. She clutches one of her arms in the other, cradling it like a wounded animal. She can tell even without applying pressure that the bone is fractured, maybe even broken. If he thinks that's about to slow her down, however, he's about to get a rude surprise.

"One of these days I'm going to kill you," she hisses. "You hear me?! I'll grind you under my heel like the bug you are!"

Ignoring the intense pain that shoots through her arm as she lunges forward, Juri once more hurls herself up against the iron wall of the Psycho Master's defenses. She's beyond caring about the effectiveness of her strikes now, caught up in her lust to see the man suffer in the same way she has. Once more her body becomes a spiral of motion and energy as she crashes into Vega head on, rising high into the air on a vortex of swirling purple fire.

It pulls at him with the fury of a raging tornado, attempting to draw her hated foe into the maelstrom as she floats upwards, ready to unleash a massive point-blank crescent of that terrible power into him to blast him back to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Vega counters Kaisen Dankairaku from Juri with Psycho Punishment.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Vega             0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0             Juri

As Juri wildly flings herself at the Shadaloo lord, Vega allows Psycho Power to flow freely into his cape, neatly absorbing the Psycho energy that Juri is throwing about like a wild beast. Each kick is nimbly evaded with the cape, sapping more and more of the psionic power that Juri is trying to unleash upon his mighty form. Eventually however, Vega does have enough of it.

All of the power that Juri has launched forth is suddenly delivered back to her in a violent liver blow, Vega's fist sending her own energy back into her body like a firehose. It isn't pretty, it isn't elegant. It is meant to teach the girl a lesson. One that is filled with pain and misery if she does not remember just what exactly she is dealing with.


The mighty warlord steps away from the girl, staring at her with disgust, knowing that this is the most she is truly capable of.

~Remember, child, just exactly who I am the next time you feel like disrespecting me.~


That's the only retort that she can manage as the violent return of all of her wild power is redirected in a single focused strike. The girl's eyes go wide, her pupils dialating into tiny dots as overwhelming agony fries the circuits in her brain capable of making reasoned thought, replacing them all with screaming klaxons and flashing red lights that fill her mind with painful white noise.

She staggers backwards a single step, too stunned to even attempt to breath, her mouth hanging open in a mixture of shock and agony. Then she just collapses, falling loosely to her knees as the last of her strength melts away. Wretching noises fill the air as she pitches forward, emptying the contents of her mostly empty stomach onto the ground. She has enough wits left to thrust her good arm forward, catching herself before she face plants into the pile of her own vomit, but anything more than that remains beyond her for several long seconds.

Eventually, she manages to regain enough composure to push to her feet. She wobbles unsteadily, clearly pushing herself to manage even this so quickly after such a decisive and punishing blow, but her pride won't allow her to remain bent down like some sniveling servant any longer than those brief moments.

" day you're going to pay for this," she mutters at him, glowering darkly at the ground while clutching her wounded arm, but her spirit isn't in it any more. She's lost utterly and she knows it. It's kind of a stroke of fortune that they went somewhere private for this little chat, that was just outright embarassing.

"Tch... just tell me what you want me to do."

COMBATSYS: Juri lets you live a little longer.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Juri can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/----===|

Vega's face twists into an unpleasent approximation of a smile as Juri becomes a bit more complient. He slowly starts walking towards the taekwondista, only to stop as he stands directly infront of her once again.

"It's a job I'm sure.. you will find... entertaining."

Once more Vega physically speaks, this time to impart the importance of just what exactly he is tasking the girl to do. The smile twists to a sadistic grin as he reaches forward once more, hand gently gripping the young woman by her chin to focus her attention fully upon him.

"Pay a visit to the Dhalia of the Akatsuki-gumi. Let her know that.. her full cooperation in our future and upcoming endeavours would be highly.. lucrative for her to accept. I trust you can be persusiave enough to convince her without resorting to violence. Do not let me down Juri."

The lord of Shadaloo releases the girl's chin, only to slowly float into the air.

~The Shadow Council is officially disbanded. Shadaloo will return to its rightful place as the ones in charge.~

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