SNF 2018.05 - Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! - Zangief vs Abigail

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Description: The tank is a modern marvel. Powerful, tough, capable of blowing apart cars with ease. Not to mention they're surprisingly fast. What better way then to celebrate the marvel of modern warfare then by pitting two human tanks against each other. Both drink motor oil for breakfast, both have the power to mow down anything in their path. Both are virtually indestructible! Abigail and Zangief will test their strength against each other, truly deciding once and for all, which one of them is the tank, and which one of them is merely a Yugo.

Oil, rusted metal, stacks of abandoned cars, ruined's almost like being at home! Except for the rust part. He hates rust.

But it's a fact of life when dealing with scrapyards and scrap metal and as such they couldn't have possibly picked a better place for Abigail. The camera crews and gathered fans waiting for a look at the Metro City Titan only make it better as to behemoth is a natural show boater and sports a considerable amount of charisma that you simply wouldn't know by the looks of him or the reading of his resume which has.. 'Former Mad Gear Chief, Chief Enforcer' and other such things splayed in bold print across it. One must be proud of ones accomplishments after all.

At any rate, Abigail's arrival in his custom rig Monster Truck is accompanied by a loud blaring musical horn as he thunders into the area by rolling the truck across several haphazardly placed abandoned cars in his own personal gift to the audience in the form of a spontanous monster truck rally.

He screeches the truck to a stop afterwards and then climbs out of it, looking more like King Kong emerging from a cage to small for him then a man leavin g atruck, and then clambors ontop of it to raise his steel girder dwarfing arms sky high. His chest swells and he then belts out a roar that sounds more like a fleet of semi truck horns sounding off then a normal man much to the delight of some and chagrin of others who cringe and cover their ears.

"YEAH!" he finally manages out with some degree of being understood in english as he stomps off of his truck, stepping onto the roofs of a nearby car to use as steps and crushing it underneath his weight as he bears down to the ground.

Without a custom monster truck, or even a custom regular truck to punch up his entrance, Zangief was content with the car service hired by his handlers back home.

The luxe black Town Car he pulled up in a few minutes prior to await his opponent is currently being used as a stage. The driver, at least, is watching from a safe distance with a gaping, wide-eyed expression as he skitters back from the wreckage.

Abigail's entrance had already drawn the Red Cyclone's watchful eye, but the lengths the former Enforcer takes it to...! Thick, brown brows rise, then furrow, then soften-- and then the Russian tosses his head back with a bark of stiff laughter while unfastening the cloak wrapped around his body. Maybe ten feet from the impromptu rally, Zangief lifts his eyes up-- up-- to Abigail's.

"Such a wasteful display-- such flamboyance!" he calls out to the colossus. With a flourish, the cloak flies into the audience, casting long shadows on its way towards enveloping several onlookers. Melon-sized biceps cut with scars both old and new tense as he thrusts a kolbasa-thick finger towards his opponent. "Such confidence... such ARROGANCE! Mr. Abigail of Metro City, YOU are my opponent today, and for the people of Russia-- for Richard, the VERY NICE MAN who brought me here today-- I, the RED CYCLONE swear to break your mighty back across my knee, if that is what it takes to teach you the meaning of humility!"

COMBATSYS: Zangief has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zangief          0/-------/-------|

"Hey! I didn't even get to smash a car between my hands yet!" exclaims Abigail in disappointment as Zangief calls out to him. Instead he begins approaching The Red Cyclone, each step causing a faint rumble in the ground in an impossible display of his strength and weight. "We crank it to the 11 in Metro City! Either keep up or get out of our way and get off the freeway!"

He has no majestic cloak to throw though. NOte to self. Add cape to the truck later.

He does take an additional second to consider his opponent, "Hey...HEY..I know you. You're Zangief! Oh boy..this is gonna be good." He laces his fingers together and then strains his hands, cracking his knuckles and producing a loud sound which sounds like boulders cracking. "I'll crush you.."

COMBATSYS: Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Zangief          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Abigail

No sooner has the threat been uttered does Abigail begin charging at Zangief, opting to close the distance faster...

Well, fast might be to strong a word. It's more like an ogre like trundle with both of his arms raised slightly to his sides and his thundering footsteps shaking the ground and pounding violently with each step as he bears down on the Russian Beast. "Vrroooom!!! Vroooooom!!!"

At the last second he twists, spinning on his feet and then turning to drive his boulder like fist forward at Zangief.

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Zangief with Dynamite Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Zangief          0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Abigail


Abigail's disappointment earns a hearty, heartfelt bellow and arching brows from Zangief, who folds his arms across the 'X' cut into his chest. "A CAR, eh...? Somehow, I do not think you are bluffing, comrade! But-- perhaps you will get your wish in due time, no? The 'foreign object' is a coward's refuge! A true fighter WELCOMES his opponent's strength, WHATEVER form it may take! So! Cars! Boats! Airplanes-- whatever you like, smash away, my towering foe, but smash for GLORY, rather than arrogance...!" Throwing his arms out to either side with a roar, he adopts the low, wide posture that wrestling fans the world over know.

"And when you have finished your smashing, you will find the Red Cyclone's--"

Abigail starts moving and the refinery's /already/ shaking.

"-- grinning face-- nngh--!"

At the moment, at least, he's doing more grimacing. He starts to bring his arms up in a cross before his face, but Abigail has the speed of a locomotive, massive and inevitable; the fist is there, barreling past his forearms before the cross-guard can be locked in place. Zangief's head wrenches to one side and spit flies from his mouth; his head remains turned after the punch while his own fist is dragged through the blood already beginning to run from his lip.

/Now/ he grins.

"Your strength... INCREDIBLE!" he roars, elated. As the smaller - /smaller/ - of the two men, Zangief nonetheless refuses to back down from engaging in what they, in the Motherland, would refer to as 'a slobber-knocker' with the Mad mountain: his upper body twists, then /explodes/ into a whirling dervish of motion as both arms extend in an effort to hammer Abigail with fists.

COMBATSYS: Zangief successfully hits Abigail with Double Lariat.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Zangief          0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0          Abigail

That was an awful lot of verbal posturing! It's pretty sure most of that went over Abigails head, especially as he began to enter into a charging rush during the latter part of it. When his fist lands onto Zangief he grins in some satisfaction but he's less satisfied as Zangief is still standing there and hasn't even been knocked back by the blow.

"'re pretty strong yourself..!" he concedes after Zangief compliments him and then explodes into his whirling attack. An attack that Abigail is forced to widen his eyes as he observes it and then raise both of his massive arms up to try and shield himself from the incoming torrent of blows.

He is unsuccessful. The spinning fists rain onto the goliath, battering him and forcing him backwards, nearly spinning him fully about until he twists to regain his balance and then spins forward in a counter rotation with his massive arm hurtling about like a massive tree tumbling down a mountain side.

"Let's see who has more horsepower!" he belts out before attempting to club this limb into Zangief's body and then he follows up with a second swing as his spin continues, this one a massive upper cut hurtling around and up at the russian with strength that would send nearly any opponent flying away under typical circumstances.

COMBATSYS: Zangief blocks Abigail's Abi Twist.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Zangief          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Abigail

Zangief wouldn't be among the world's greatest pro wrestlers if he wasn't comfortable with cutting promos.

"Da," he says of his own strength, arms up and flexing as he comes out of his spinning assault. Beaming proudly, he and bouncing pectorals like basketballs give his opponent - and the audience - a quick show.

His arms come down /just/ in time to blunt the trunk-sized limb seeking to crush his body - and the uppercut, at that - but showing off by weathering /one/ blow from the titan took a toll: his aching frame can't fully bear absorbing the stress of another blow of that magnitude so quickly, so while he /tries/ to keep himself low and rooted, the sheer momentum behind Abigail's punch sends Zangief several feet up and backwards. The cyclone rolls through the landing to come up on a knee and takes his time in standing.

"Heff... heh... hnn," he pants while gazing up at Abgail. "Truly incredible... hh. Tell me, Mister Abigail: you are familiar with my work, da? To be the best in the ring takes not just strength, but skill-- and DETERMINATION! You have seen me wrestle; now, I will SHOW you why it is that the Red Cyclone is the terror of locker rooms across the world!"

Abigail has nearly two feet on Zangief, and the Russian seems - if anything - to be /feeding/ off of the mismatch-- off of being so thoroughly dwarfed in size, and perhaps raw power by an opponent. The Cyclone charges at Abigail, his footsteps resounding loudly without quite managing to generate the sorts of tremors the Mad mountain's did. His lips draw back in an almost savage grin, but his eyes-- his eyes rove thoughtfully over Abigail, looking for openings in his stance.

Settling on the giant's left side, he darts that way as he gets close enough to risk Abigail's reach. His arms snap out, then tundra-hardened muscles pump and he surges forward, hoping to seize Abigail's belly in a bold clench so he can be hauled up-- up-- /up/-- and over Zangief's head in an earthshaking suplex.

COMBATSYS: Abigail barely endures Zangief's Atomic Suplex ES.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Zangief          1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Abigail

"Bah, I can do that if I want to!" fumes Abigail at Zangief's flexing and showboating and the fact that he failed to do the type of damage he first intended to. The Red Cyclone is every bit as tough as his legend implies and thus when he surges in on Abigail, the titan makes what could be seen as an error by attempting to weather the attack instead of blocking or dodging. Such tactics worked against the boxer but less so against the grappler who eschews a strike to instead go for grasping around Abigail's trunk of a waist,

"What the hell--!!" is all he can get out before he goes crashing into the ground with earth rattling force that bounces the towers of abandoned cars and oil drums up and down and lifts bystanders several feet from the ground as the earth splinters from Abigail's weight.

His teeth grit and his nostrils flare, steam billowing from them as the Mad Gear titan's signature rampaging rage starts to bil out. Teeth gritted he rolls free from Zangief's strike and then lurches to his feet, looking more like a bouldfer with arms and legs for a split moment before he turns on the Red Cyclone and sends a massive fist hurtling at the Russian Bear with blinding speed.

At the end of the day, Abigail is actually not a grappler..but a striker..contrasting the likes of Zangief and Hugo..and his punches are in a world class all their own.

"Di-di-di-di-di-di-di ABIGAIL PUNCH!!" he roars while unleashing a rapid fire barrage of machine gun like punches towards Zangief, ending with a double fisted hammer-blow that lunges upwards in a display of raw power.

COMBATSYS: Zangief barely endures Abigail's Abigail Punch.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Zangief          1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0          Abigail

No posturing this time. As soon as Zangief retakes his feet, he's back in his stance and /lunging/ after the giant with his teeth still bared.

His progress is cut immediately, /brutally/ short when he SLAMS into the first of those unbelievably rapid punches and his head snaps as if a semi just barreled into him backwards-- but once the successive blows make it obvious that Abigail has no intention of giving him any relief, he clenches his jaw--

-- drops his guard--

-- and ROARS as every muscle in his body tenses. Punch after shattering, phenomenal punch twists his head all about and sends blood flying from his mouth and nose, but he /refuses/ to budge... until that final, rising budge FORCES the issue.

"... hhrrrAAAAAGGHH!" he cries while rocketing away from Abigail in a steep arc that ends with him at the bottom of an asphault crater. Quick, shallow breaths wrack his body as he pushes one hand-- then the other-- past the rim, claws his way up...

"You..." Kneeling beside the crater, he wipes blood from his mouth with one forearm while bracing the other hand against his knee and slowly, painfully rising. "You are... you are NOT an ordinary man-- not even an ordinary GIANT...!" he pants. "But, ah..." With a final intake of air, he forces himself up to his full height and puffs his chest.

"... NEITHER IS THE RED CYCLONE!" That declaration is punctuated with a hop forward and vertical leap that he will surely be thinking about when his trainers are icing him down later. The leap would normally be unnecessary, but Abigail is /not normal/, and he /needs/ to seize the giant's shoulders-- /needs/ to force Abigail to bend forwards as he returns to his feet, so Zangief can try forcing the former Enforcer's head between his meaty, bear-scarred thighs.

If he manages /this/ feat, the one that follows will join those initial leaps during his ice bath ruminations: hauling Abigail's entire body up so it's parallel with his own, then not only leaping again, but /spinning/ as tries to get enough height to make drilling Abigail's head into the refinery truly worthwhile.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Zangief's Screw Piledriver ES.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Zangief          1/--=====/=======|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

Some degree of fighting instinct kicks in as Zangief makes his leap towards him. Abigail braces, his mind running through a number of options but settling on, "Do not get grabbed by that." and "Do not get grabbed by that."

Sadly a downside of being the size of a semi-truck cab means he's got little ways to actually execute any attempt at avoidance and so he settles for attempting to use his reach to his advantage and, bracing his huge body against the ground, reaches up with both of his arms to try and counter grab Zangief's own shoulders just before the Russian Behemoth slams into him full force.

There is partial success here as he prevents Zangief from getting a good purchase on him enough to manage to flip Abigail upwards and before the Mad Gear brutes feet can leave the ground, he lunges forward, spreading his vast chest wide and wider and filling up Zangief's field of vision with the incoming immensity of his upper body, not unlike having an actual semi truck bearing down on you.

"KABOOOM!!" he roars, eyes wide with a maddened open mouthed smile on his expressive features. "Let's put the the pedal to the metal!!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Zangief with Hungabee.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Zangief          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

The next thing Zangief knows, he's picking himself out of a small hill of oil drums, having ridden AbTrak's Chest Express all the way there. He stumbles forward when he finally frees himself, but manages to turn it into a roll that leaves him crouched, instead.

"'Kaboom'..." he pants, gripping his now borscht-red chest, "... /INDEED/...! Hnnh--" Pushing up to his feet, he settles into a more cautious, deliberate advance towards Abigail, unwilling to relent from the challenge but unable to bear throwing himself back into the shredder with the same abandon yet again. "Have you considered the ring, Mister Abigail...? They frown upon wanton destruction of rental property in reputable leagues, but you... you would be a mighty attraction indeed, my boastful foe!" With the next breath that fills his lungs, amber fire begins to seep from his many crevices and dance across his musculature. Exhaling turns dancing into a surging flare of chi enveloping his form as wrenches his right hand back--

"Your striking, off the charts-- we would simply need to train you in the art of grappling, da?!"

-- then ducks low and lunges in search of a double-leg takedown, hoping to catch the giant off-guard with some old-fashioned fundamentals. The chi winks out as he comes in, he's looking a touch more vigorous than he was a moment ago thanks to whatever inner resolve he managed to channel.

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Zangief's Grounding Throw.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Zangief          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0          Abigail

Though pretty masterful at the art of no selling, Abigail can't keep it going forever and the great gouts of breathes he huffs and puffs are telling that he's running on a tank that's ebbing low instead of high. Still, a Zangief compliments him, a little of his fire is deflated. He's got an ego's hard to keep the rage going when your opponent is being nice!

"I got a business to run." he manages to get out just before Zangief comes blitzing back in..and goes low when Abigail swings high.


The entire encampment shakes when the world's biggest man (per the flier at least..) goes tumbling down to the ground, shuddering and violently rocking the area with his head crashing hard into the ground.

So captured, he begins to flail his huge arms around, trying to regain balance but also ssending a double fisted hammer swing hurtling around for Zangief with momentum usually associated with a wrecking ball.

"But I don't mind pushing it to the redline!" he roars. A nonsensical comeback, perhaps, but it sounds loud!

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Zangief with Hammerblow.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Zangief          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0          Abigail

Comebacks don't /need/ to make sense when you're as strong as Abigail. Who's going to poke fun at a man mighty enough to make the Red Cyclone himself slump and drunkenly weave with a single, guard-annihilating blow so soon after being taken to the mat-- ground?

Blood leaks from Zangief's lip and the rude cut beneath his right eye as he bobs atop Abigail. His grizzly-submitting grasp on either side of the titan's head is all that keeps him from collapsing then and there, and his arms are /shaking/. Determination still burns in his eyes, but they're unfocused, glassy-- he /should/ be done. Out, finished-- and, perhaps, if Richard and his Town Car weren't there to lend the fight a dash of extra weight beyond the everpresent imperative to make it worth Russia's while to facilitate his participation in bouts like this one, he already would be.

"Think... think it over..." he wheezes. "Business... business comes and goes, but wrestling... hrrgh--" Those great, scarred arms shift, seeking purchase beneach Abigail's arms, because he means to haul himself to his feet... and bring Abigail /with/ him.

"Wrestling... IS FOREVER! FINAL--"

As soon as they're standing, Zangief attempts to slip around to Abigail's back so he can wrench the colossus into another suplex-- only this time, he means to /keep/ his grasp around the high-pocketed hot rodder's enormous waist if it lands...

"-- ATOMIC--!"

COMBATSYS: Zangief knocks away Abigail with Final Atomic Buster ES.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Zangief          1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1          Abigail


Rolling through the first suplex, Zangief retakes his feet and brings Abigail with him. He wrenches back and his legs, his arms, his torso-- every inch of him trembles and screams in protest until, with roar echoing through the refinery, he manages to heave the titan over his head for suplex number two.


Rising in he crater their impact leaves, his roar continues as he lets go for precisely as long as it takes to adjust his grip and flip Abigail upside down for one last throw.

"BUUUUUUUSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" accompanies a leap that isn't quite as high as it might've been a few minutes ago and the drilling descent that his body can't help but twist his foe into after reaching his apex.


When it ends and he's rolled away from Abigail, he pushes himself to his feet, weaves for a moment, then stumbles back down to a knee with ragged breaths.

A mushroom cloud of debris and dust plumes upward as the area shakes violently from a full on seismic event, sending stacks of cars and oil drums toppling over and collapsing part of the rear area of the refinary as the shockwaves rush outward and cracks race in every direction from the thunderous impacts.

As Zangief rolls away , Abigail is left upside down and buried up to about his mid shoulders in the middle of a huge crater which only widens as he finally tips over and falls backwards to land violently and add to the ongoing quakes.

He's silent for a few seconds and it seems that all is done..but then he begins to sit up rumble forward, rolling towards his feet like some monster out of an old horror film, teeth full and grinning and expression glassy though his body shows the blood, bruises and tears from Zangief's thunderous assault.

It's clear he's running on fumes though. He staggers forward, shadow enveloping Zangief and then suddenly he bursts with a final speedy assault that sends his colossal arm swinging down for Zangief with a palm swat attempting to bear him to the ground and flatten him there.

"It's a dead heat!!" he thunders.

COMBATSYS: Abigail can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Zangief          1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Abigail knocks away Zangief with Abigail Special.

[                                <
Zangief          1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|

Up, Zangief goes, lifted from the crater formed around his body from Abigail's palm smash. Abigail tosses him skywards and then lunges a huge fist up, followed by another, and then another, and then another, literally battering Zangief like a speed-punching bag with a continual series of rolling punches that shake the area repeatedly with each strike.


The final impact is a palm smash that hurtles around and sends Zangief spiraling away from him in a random direction. A huge blast of wind and a shockwave billowing up around the colossus from the force of the impact.

For his troubles, Abigail rotates, following the arc of his own swing, and then spins himself right to the ground like some sort of drunken idiot.

"I'M...I!!!! I...uh..ow..yeah I'm out. All out of gas..aint got nothin' but fumes after that one.."

Like a great, scarred boulder launched across the ocean by a cannon, Zangief skips several times after that final palm smash, then skids across asphault, digging a trench with his shoulders.

When he finally stops, he's not far from Richard, who managed to recover his nerves well enough to perch atop a surviving car's hood so he could watch the fight like the rest of the audience. With a hellacious road rash across his back and shoulders to go with his swollen chest, cut and bruised eye, and lumpy face, the Red Cyclone wheezes out, "Comrade... comrade Richard, I... I have... avenged... your vehicle...!" His trembling grasp towards the driver falters when he trails and the lights finally go out, leaving his arm limp across his chest.

COMBATSYS: Zangief takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Zangief can no longer fight.

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