Jezebel - Ballad of a Teenage Queen

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Description: In the aftermath of her encounter with B. B. Hood, Jezebel has taken to meet her adoring fan in private at a deserted drive in. There, she plans on spending a personal moment with the young girl, while they watch the early 2000s classic 'The Lightning Spangles Showup Hoedown Movie!'. The romantic date night is ruined, however, when not only does Jezebel fail to properly email B. B. Hood, but draws the ire of a Bison, who is on orders to have Jezebel go right back to work with Shadaloo...

The Drive-In at Sunshine City was one of the last holdouts of the long lost medium.

After the sun sets, the lights of Sunshine City's distant towers paint the sky with ribbons of dark blue against the black of night, forming a romantic backdrop to the white screen upon which this drive-in cinema's motion pictures are projected. On most given day of the week, cars can be seen lined up outside it, with those who have stepped outside to appreciate the evening air. Not tonight though. It is just dark greys, with a single car sitting in there, as the screen plays the movie.

Jezebel was waiting for her date in the car at Sunshine City.

She didn't . The actress was dressed in a short, short sundress, very short, and it's colored blue. She has no stockings, no need for them, and she had her cowboy boots on. B. B. Hood would admire her boots. Jezebel had her hair done up in a ponytail. She had her makeup on, lots of makeup, with great red lipstick. She was in a rental; she didn't want to own a car for this. People could follow her car. It was roomy, very roomy, it was a Chevy Suburban. Terrible mileage, but it was so big, so big, if you put the seats down you could even sleep back there. But she was here for her special friend. She sent B. B. Hood an email through her special secret account. She didn't respond to the email yet. But she would read it, and come here.

In the mean time, she watches herself on the big screen.

The Lightning Spangles Showup Hoedown Movie. It came out before Jezebel killed the boy, when she was still young. When she B. B. Hood's age. It did not age well. The movie was still on film, and had to be run on projector. Nobody else was at the Drive-Through. It was just going to be B. B. Hood. She didn't respond to the email yet. But it was an invitation. That way people wouldn't trace it. She used her special company account for the purchases, for everything. All of this. Jezebel just sits on the front seat, as she watched herself on the screen. B. B. Hood might be just busy. She could wait. She could wait all night. Besides.

She could just watch herself.

And pretend.

B. B. Hood was here.

HOlding her.

Right at her side.

Jezebel puts her arm over the My Size Spangles doll, dressed in a red hoodie and with a charming little basket, made up with the most beautiful blonde wig, as she has her temporary B. B. Hood there.

Just until the real one comes, of course.

The drive-in sees a fair bit of use at times. This night just happens to not be one of them. It could be for the best given how events are about to unfold. Aside from the noise of the moving coming over the speaker to Jezebel's car there is nary a sound. Most of the staff has left and really only the poor guy that has to run the projector and chase off Jezebel when the movie is done is left.

Then it can be heard in the distance. The thumping of bass and for now lyrics that are indecipherable. The bass gets louder and louder as another car approaches. It is a decked out El Camino painted royal purple with a lot of gold trim and a stereo system probably worth more than the car Jezebel is currently in. The song Cop Killer blasts loudly as it pulls up on the passenger side of Jezebel's car.

"Yo, bitch. Hope I ain't interruptin' yo date." Mike Bison is not a man that tends to be in a good mood more often than not. The fact he got made to look like a punk by Abigail just means he is even more angry than normal. The fact he was sent all they way out to Sunshine City to track down Jezebel has it even worse. She had been gone for months! Why the hell is she suddenly needing to come back to work? It is all a bunch of bullshit to Bison and that probably means Jezebel's evening just went out the window.

Jezebel could imagine B. B. Hood's words, as the Lightning Spangles of her past begins to ride in the hot air balloon.

"Were you really like that?" She would ask nervously, as the deep bass plays. And Jezebel would bring her closer. "I'm still like that, you know. I just don't show it, except to only my most special fans." And she would gasp, as Jezebel would put her hand on her knee. "Jezebel... Am -I- one of your most special fans." And Jezebel could see herself now, leaning in to give her a tighter embrace, to whisper in her ear, the absolute truth, the most important truth, the realest truth.

The dreams ends suddenly and swiftly, as she hears the words.

Jezebel gasps in horror, as she releases the doll. And there, her hands snap up, reaching up to grab the dashboard. The doll falls over, the wig tumbling off, the mask staying on as the actress's chest pounds. She blinks her eyes, as the rap music plays. She looks over at the camera, looking almost -angry- that someone dared to break apart her dreams. And the moment she looks over, she turns pale.

It's him.

Jezebel looked sick. She looked ready to throw up, as her body gives a single, nauseated shudder. The actress instinctively closes her legs, knees knocking together, as she stares over at the enforcer. Looking out the window, she lets it roll down, as she stares at the boxer. "Um, uh, I- I would- I am- I would- would- I am-" Jezebel is trapped in an infinite loop, as she sputters, her face turning bright red. She doesn't look Bison in the eye, averting her gaze as she moves closer to the window.

"How did- how did you find me-"

She corrects herself, as she flattens down the skirt of her dress.

"Why are you here?!"

The door to the El Camino opens and Bison gets out. His clothing looking stylish with a nice expensive white pants and suit jacket over a silk shirt that matches the same purple of his car. The shirt is partially unbuttoned and several gold chains hang around his neck. He just gives a bit of a sneer as he listens to her stammer about. "A bloo bloo bloo. Stop stammering and talk normal!"

She finally asks a coherent question and he drops his fist down on the hood of her car which causes a massive dent. "You really think you couldn't be found? You remember who are boss is? You aren't that stupid." he says with a light tch. "My ass was out enjoying Las Vegas when I was told by the big guy to drive all the way out to this shithole and find you." Sure Metro City is a shithole too, but at least that is HIS shithole. Nothing about Sunshine City really calls out to him. Probably not even a single damn good strip club to be seen.

"You didn't think you were going to just run about and do whatever? There is shit to be done and grunts like you need to do it. This time hopefully without fucking up. Then again that seems to be your specialty isn't it?"

Jezebel breathes hard, fighting back the tears.

She wanted to run away. She wanted to escape. But she couldn't leave B. B. Hood here, she had to protect her. She had to make her safe, like how a mommy makes a baby safe. Jezebel loved B. B. Hood. Besides, what would Bison do to her? Pulling her out of the car by her hair, slamming her on the hood of the car. Jezebel would helpless as she watches her getting pinned her down, forcing her to watch as he.. as he....

Jezebel turns more red, as Bison -smashes- the hood of the car.

Jezebel opens the door, and steps out. A mistake, maybe, but as she stumbles out, she fixes her feet. It wasn't quite clear for a moment, but Jezebel didn't seem to be running. Was she paralyzed in fear? She was shaking in her boots. But as she averts her mechanical eye away from Bison, her breathing gets more and more forced. She would have run. She would have tried to escape somehow.

Except he is insulting her.

"Don't you bully me!" Jezebel sputters out, stepping up at Bison, closing in at him. She thrusts a finger at him. "Don't you bully me, you big- you big ape! Cracker Jack said I was on break, I was on vacation! That I was working on my nerves! Juri hurt me, hurt me bad, and she ruined our business, so I needed- I needed a break! And Shadaloo loves and respects me as a woman, and wants me to grow, and flourish!" Jezebel flattens her dress again. "So I don't- I don't want you spoiling it. So go back to Vegas!" She puffs out her chest at Bison. "I am earning lots of money, I am giving m-most of it back to the company! When I am ready to come back, I will come back! I don't need any... any of -you- to bully me around! Besides." And her voice goes quiet, as she steps back away from Bison.

"Vega's still dead."

Bison does not look amused. Jezebel is really wanting to step up to him? And then she makes a statement about Vega being dead. That actually makes Bison laugh out loud and he reaches out with hand covered by one of his red boxing gloves and pushes her back. How the hell does he drive like that anyways? "Man I was told you were deranged, but damn!" It is probably best she gave him a laugh. If she made him more mad she might be learning to fly.

"Cracker Jack can say what he wants. I am saying you are coming back because I am Mike Goddamn Bison and I have more say than that pissant." He barks back and and looks at Jezebel's car. He sees the dool and he just shakes his head before he looks to her. "Yeah and we don't give a shit about you or respect you. You are lucky to be part of such a great organization. If they respected you do you think Juri would have been around to fuck with you." He just taps her noggin a few times with a gloved hand.

"And if you didn't notice I am a bully and love it. I can make more money in Vegas in an hour than what you have probably made since taking your sabbatical so don't try to talk to me like you are hot shit." He hasn't gotten violent yet, but he is certainly getting more angered by the moment. "So pack up your girlfriend and get on the next goddamn plane to Thailand."

'Jeeze, Hoedown Dillo, what's happening to me!'

The screen overhead shows a horrifying audio-animatroic of the Hoedown Dillo, blinking his eyes aggressively. The creation looks a lot like a human-like armadillo. The difference? It's beautiful, human-like lips which always show all his white human teeth, and what looks like heavy makeup around it's staring eyes. It's skin was cheap and felt, and it was dressed in a costumy banadana aroudn it's neck. "Gosh! Jezebel! It looks like it's the magical inflating candy! It looks like are beginning to grooooooooow!" As the shadows build on the screen by the transformation duo, Jezebel stands up to Bison, just like her persona.

Before she is knocked -hard- on the ground by the shove of the boxer.

Grunting on impact, she scrambles up, flattening her soiled dress, as she stares back at Bison. The boxer gives a withering destruction, and a fairly heavy ultimatum. How shadaloo doesn't really care about her. How Juri fucked with her being their plan. How they hated her, how they LAUGHED at her. How useless the money she's making. IT was... straight bodyblows into her. She wipes her nose, sniffling. Was she broken?

No, she becomes even more steadfast.

"B. B. Hood is not just a girlfriend." She explains, pointing at the doll in the car. "She's a real girl! That's just a doll, to replace her until she shows up." She explains hastily, like this matters. "We love each other, Bison, it's the purest, most innocent and perfect love Bison. I'm going to adopt her, I'm going to save her life with my love, and I am going to make her part of our Shadaloo family. I sent her an email, and she is coming. I sent it to, Bison. She didn't respond, but she's coming here. She will come here." And then she crosses her arms.

"So I'm not going."

"You're gonna have to make me, Bison. You're gonna have to stand between a mother's love for a beautiful, beautiful baby! And if Shadaoo hates me now? Then fine, I'm leaving. I'm better than I have ever been before, and if Shadaloo doesn't love me, they don't support me and believe in me, then they don't DESERVE ME!" Jezebel starts screaming, shaking her fist as she falls into her Tae Kwon Do stance. "You want me to do what you want? You wwant me to go to Thailand?!

"Then you'll have to make me, Bison."

"I'm not some crazy bitch!"

COMBATSYS: M. Bison has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
M. Bison         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
M. Bison         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Jezebel

Does this trick even know who the hell she is dealing with? After all the shit he had to deal with from Abigail he really doesn't feel like having Jezebel try to stand up to him and act as if he is just some Shadaloo cronie. He is the TOP Shadaloo least when it comes to punching things to solve problems. It is a job he does well and he gets paid well to do.

" Bitch it is probably the hell are we arguing over some trick that isn't even here!?" And then she has the gall....THE stand up to him and say he has to make her go to Thailand. "Oh you be crazy bitch because you said the magic words." The moment she said 'make me' this turned from verbal lashing to something else. Bison barely moves and just stands his ground because it isn't like Jezebel is far from him. "I was going to let you keep your little doll, but I might just rip it in half when I am done with you." He then just gives a quick little jab. Of course a jab from him is probably worse than most punches from a normal person. Perhaps he is just showing he can still be a BIT nice.

COMBATSYS: M. Bison successfully hits Jezebel with Light Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
M. Bison         0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0          Jezebel

Jezebel only imagined who she was dealing with.

As Bison reasonably explains how Jezebel should have used gmail, the actress doesn't even process it. Her mind was swimming. And yet, as the boxer comes forward at her, with the full weight of rage upon her, Jezebel looks for a moment to regret her big mouth. Shivering in terror, she tries to... tries to heroically stand against the make me, the jab lashes out. It smashes her in the face, cracking the bone. Needless to say, Jezebel doesn't power through, stumbling backwards, holding her face as she falls ass-first to the ground. She should have stayed down.

But she imagined she was fighting for real love.

"YOU WON'T HURT HER!" Jezebel shrieks blood pouring down her nose, as her cheek swells up. "You probably hacked her email. Probably made sure she couldn't see my letter inviting her for a proper meeting with me, watching Lightning Spangles movies! You ruined this precious moment Bison! You ruined this, and you are going to ruin everything by... by... KIDNAPPING ME!? You HACKER! You sick and diseased BULLY!" And she screams.


Jezebel hurls at Bison, throwing herself wildly at the boxer. Hurling out a driving straight kick, she would chain it with a deft hip bump, attempting to knock him off-balance with a butt check.

"You are just -JEALOUS!-"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits M. Bison with Broken Arrow.
? Strange Hit! ?

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
M. Bison         0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0          Jezebel

%Shadaloo and people in the right mind don't always go hand in hand. Bison isn't smart and never makes any boasts that he is, but he isn't exactly on a level of crazy like Jezebel or someone like Juri. He is sadistic and enjoys inflicting pain, but for the most part he actually can show moments of common sense and even point out something obvious.

It doesn't matter in this case because Jezebel is off in her own little world and throwing around accussations. "Call that shit what you want. Kidnapping or bringing you back to work. I don't even know who this bitch you are talking about is. I could care less about her!" he calls out and looks to step right into that kick. It does stagger him and the hip bump even knocks him back another step. It seems really just to have made him more angry. "Oh hell naw!"

He recovers quickly and he surges forward, this time a low straight punch aimed right into the stomach of Jezebel with quite a bit of force. "Beep beep! There goes the uterus!"

COMBATSYS: M. Bison dazes Jezebel with Running Grand Smash!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
M. Bison         0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1          Jezebel

The difference between Juri and Jezebel?

Juri made sense.

There was a stability of sadists, of psychopaths. Jezebel? Jezebel was a broken old woman who was behaving in with nearly suicidal confidence against a man who could punch out a god damn T-Rex. As she actually manages to knock the boxer off-balanced? She laughs out loud, almost mocking the boxer. "You wanted me here, you wanted me to take you in the car. Admit it, you wanted me! You wanted me just like all those other-"5R
Jezebel is cut short as she is hit right in the stomach.

There was an attempt to block. But the full body blow stops Jezebel cold, as her eyes go wide. There is a tiny squeak as she sinks to the ground, doubled over. That was basically a knock out. A round one knock out. The Jab was just the setup. Jezebel kind of hangs there, that thin whine coming out of her. Her... entire body felt like it just shut down. She needed something. Anything. ANd finally, she musters a voice in the squeaking.

"Her name-"

Jezebel chokes.

"Her name is B. B. Hood, and she loves me."

Moving on all fours, she hangs down, eye wide. "You... my uterus... I need it... I need it for my babies... with B-b-b hood. That'll we'll... we'll have a child..." And Jezebel smiles, smiles so hard, as she vomits on the ground. Blood comes out, as she is still stunned. "But that's okay. She can be my child. I can adopt her, and she will be my sweet little girl." She forces herself into a crouch, as she charges with energy.




Jezebel throws herself at Bison, flashing with red, white, and blue energy. Taking airborne, she riots at the boxer, throwing herself at him with manic force. And there, she kicks three times in the air. Every kick comes with an explosion of chi, a flash of fireworks with each of the three kicks. And should she manage to make it there? She would finish with a single drop kick, attempting to knock Bison to the ground with a scream.


COMBATSYS: M. Bison endures Jezebel's Where Eagles Dare.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
M. Bison         0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0          Jezebel

Dealing with Jezebel is really making Bison wonder why they even want him to bring this woman back to Shadaloo. Is it really worth the headache? Some are given their powers they wield, but all Bison sees a heap of crazy with little to no value to it. "Jesus bitch. Name one thing not wrong with you!"

His answer comes in the form of those kicks. Ones that unleash firework like energy that slam into the burly boxer over and over. Each one pushes him back only to step forward right into the next and even the final one pushes him back several paces instead of knock him down.

"I wish I was alone! You are fucking up my mood and..." he looks down to see his jacket all messed up and his shirt torn open due to the kicks. "And you fucked up my threads!"

He is almost turning red from how much anger he is full of right now. He surges forward to deliver another body blow perhaps with less force to Jezebel, but it is only to stagger her so he can follow up with a big uppercut to her jaw before stepping back a moment and dashing in with another straight. "I just got this shit made!"

COMBATSYS: M. Bison successfully hits Jezebel with Hard Pressure.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
M. Bison         1/-------/=======|=======\=======\1          Jezebel

He wasn't going down.

If Jezebel was more clearly thinking, she might realize that she needed to work this out. She was burning bridges, she was creating trouble. "Everything is right with me. I am beautiful, and I love me!" She declares, even as her entire torso was still somewhere between numb, disjointed, and agonized. As she messes up his clothing, though, she snorts a laugh. "You are just a dirty, dirty sick man! You should love me! You should love Shadaloo-"

Jezebel takes the straight hard.

She goes down hard again. This time, her entire face was blackened, the bruise spreading across. The crack was now a shatter. It hurt, it hurt so bad. She stays down a little longer. Was she giving up? No, she flattens her dress again, and she rolls over, rolling up. Just as her senses came back, too. She breathes had, gasping, calling out. And looking back over, her face so badly swollen, only her blue mechanical eye could transfix on him.

"I'll be nursed to health." She mutters aloud.

"The dolls will see what an awful thing you did to me. And Cracker Jack, and B.B. Hood will all be there, and will see what you did. And you'll be punished, you'll be thrown out and punished, and everyone will love me and nurture me. You are a sick and disgusting man! You think you are really hurting me? You think you are strong enough to hurt me?" She breaks into a gallop at Bison, thrusting her thumbs at herself.

"I want you to try harder."

"I want you to actually be serious, you dumb idiot!" She seethes, and hisses. She throws herself towards Bison, throws herself at him as she start flailing with a wild chain of kicks. Aggressively. Madly. Psychotically. A chain of seven kicks, burning with red, white, and blue energy. She was desperate, fighting as she tries to take him away from the car.

All while the inflated form of the Live Action Hoedown Dillo leers down at them from the silver screen.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel issues a challenge!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
M. Bison         1/-------/=======|=======\=======\1          Jezebel

COMBATSYS: M. Bison blocks Jezebel's Magnificent Seven EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
M. Bison         1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0          Jezebel

The sad part is sure he is an abrasive jerk, but Bison wasn't here for a fight. He had better things to do. He wanted to just give Jezebel her orders and get out of the shithole that is Sunshine City. It could have gone so much better up until she had to say those two words. 'Make me'.

Her gibberish is just getting worse too as she takes a pounding. She doesn't even shut up. Maybe he should have just been going for the jaw this entire time. "Love? Bitch I just love two things. Myself and money." Love is such a silly word to him anyways. Probably one he fully won't ever understand the meaning too. "They pay me I stay. Simple as that. And the pay is gooooooood."

Mistake number two is when she tells him to be serious and calls him an idiot. There is just a moment where a switch goes off while the boxer is stopping each of those kicks with quick moving hands letting them absorb the punishment. "SERIOUS? YOU WANT SERIOUS?"

Once she is done he just rears back and unleashes the biggest punch he can think of. She wants serious? "Bitch you got it!" She might be getting a free flight to Thailand.

COMBATSYS: M. Bison knocks away Jezebel with Gigaton Blow+.
+ Epic Hit! +

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
M. Bison         0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Jezebel

THere is, for a split second, clarity across Jezebel's face.

Looking dimly straight at Bison, the arrogant delusions disappear, as the veils rises up. And for that split second, Jezebel realizes that no, you do not make the heavyweight boxer pissed off. No matter what you believe in. You sometimes shut up. A moment of understanding. Maybe Jezebel even thinks it is her fault. But at that point, it is too late. When the punch comes? It connects RIGHT in Jezebel's chest.

And Jezebel goes flying.

Mid air, she couldn't breath. The reason why? Her entire rib cage was shattered. She would still need a flight to Thailand. She might be doing so in a body cast. She smashes right into the concession stand crushing through. Bones shattered, she is doubled over a soda fountain, which drenches her in Fanta. Her mechanical eye is knocked out, hanging loose from her eye socket. She doesn't get up. She can get up, with the broken legs. It wasn't irreversible. It was pretty bad though. And in her last moments of consciousness?

She dreams.

'B. B. Hood will save me...' Jezebel thinks to herself. 'She will convince Hayley, and Honoka, and Pepper to all love me again. She will unite them all to find me, and rescue me. And then, they will tell the Dolls. And then cracker Jack. everyone will come and rescue me. Everyone will come and rescue me, because they love me. Everyone really loves me. I love me. It's all up to you, B. B. Hood."

"All Up to you..."

"Oh no Jezebel!" Cries out the Hoedown Dillo, as he leers eerily at the screen. Him, and Jezebel were floating, floating, floating away over the Pacific Ocean. They were both blown up like balloons; Jezebel was clearly in a costume, but the Hoedown Dillo... it wasn't clear what was happening. "It likes we are floating away! Floating away to...."

"To thailand!"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel gives y'all a free turn!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
M. Bison         0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
M. Bison         0/-------/---====|

She wanted serious? She got it. There is no feeling of regret at all either. Bison doesn't like to be talked to in such a way and he certainly wasn't having it from some crazy has been actress. "Stupid bitch." he says and spits on the ground.

He looks at his tattered jacket and shirt and gives a shake of his head. Good thing he has the money to fix it, but damn. It always sucks when a good suit is ruined. He fishes out a ticket from his jacket and tosses it in the driver's side seat of Jezebel's car. If she knew what is best for her she should be taking that flight be it once she is healed up or while she is still nursing her wounds.

His gaze falls to the doll in the passenger side and he lets out a soft tch. "All that shit for a blowup doll. Never will understand women." he says to himself and he moves back over to his own car. He isn't going to linger around. His job is done and well if Jezebel disobeys? He will just remind her that is a bad idea.

The sound of heavy bass fills the air again as the El Camino revs up and Bison drives away leaving Jezebel to take care of herself.

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