Circuit Of Champions - Blue Pro Belt Match: Lightning Spangles vs BB Hood

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Description: IN the wake of her Terry Rogers interview, and her bounty attack after the show, Jezebel is paranoid. Terrified. And still required to defend her belt, as well as her life. After she gets a tear-filled letter from a one true fan, however, she is challenged for her belt. Encountering the poor young girl, Jezebel is unaware that she is stumbling into the trap set by the one and only Bulleta, hungry for her bounty...

Everything was falling apart.

Jezebel was holding on to the very reality by her fingernails, digging them in deep and hard. Her interview backfired. But that was the least of her worries. The word got out on the newsletter, seizing the fandom by the throat. After her interview, she was approached by a bounty hunter, a man disguised as a fangirl nun. And the hunter... the hunter tried to kill Jezebel. To collect the bounty. The bounty which Pepper Green, the real Lightning Spangles, placed on her head. Dead. A million dollars dead. She managed to fight her- him off, but Jezebel had it burning in her head, as she hung within the dirty, illuminated public restroom.


People wanted to murder Lightning Spangles. Rip her open, pull out her liver, for the crime of showing humanity the way to make fire. She was a Prometheus of humanity, with her dime store cowgirl shtick. And she was perfect, she was wonderful. Jezebel was a champion, a belt holder. That's why she was at the girls restroom at the Spangles Restaurant, the only Restaurant Chain Officially Sponsored By The ShadTV Lightning Spangles. She had a challenger, who wanted her, wanted to claim her belt. A young girl, an innocent girl, a perfect innocent little girl. And Jezebel wanted this, she deserved this.

Because she was beautiful.

Jezebel was so beautiful, more beautiful than any man, woman, or child. She was very beautiful, past her scarred, mangled face, her soulless cybernetic eye, and her smile, her ever burning smile. She was dressed in her rhinestone vest and blue jeans. The red, white, and blue, with her brown cowboy hat and chaps. She was a tall woman, leaned over the sink, staring into the mirror. She was so beautiful, even now. That's why they all wanted to kill her. She laughs out loud, as she pulls away from the mirror, her spurs clinking as she strides forward on her brown boots.

She didn't even need makeup, when she emerged from the bathroom.

In the main eating area, it wasn't the cleanest, fanciest Spangles in all of Wichita, Kansas. The interior of the fast food restaurant is shiny, all ready for the SNF. Black and white checkerboard tiles, red chairs with white tables, and wall to wall decoration of the cheapest, most tasteless thrift store rejects from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Giant neon rocket guitars, twisted porcelain statues of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, and a really big singing trout. A row of condiments on a wooden counter is all that keeps some sense of order in the place, allowing a kind of line to form before the ordering station. There is no cashier now, no audience, only the camera crew and judge for the belt match, the defense of her Blue Pro Belt. "Howdy y'all!" The blonde-haired woman calls out brightly, her mechanical eye scanning the empty booths.

"Where is that rootin' tootin' B. B. Hood!?"

In a red sweatshirt with a drawn hood, a red mask stretched over the lower half of her face, baggy white cargo pants, and red sneakers, B.B. Hood and her clearly overstuffed satchel are a bright, if reserved pop of color amidst the audience. The girl only approaches after the champ calls for her-- and even then, she comes reluctantly, with slow steps forward and an encouraging nudge or two from the crowd. With stiff shoulders and nervous glances between the crowd and the Cowgirl, she comes, and her breathing grows steadily less stable until she's practically hyperventilating through her mask as she /forces/ her gaze half a foot or so up to Jezebel's.

Miss Hood's challenge came in the form of a four page letter with neat handwriting and a heartfelt story about how she /had/ to learn how to fight-- how to protect and provide for herself after her parents were cut down by black-booted thugs during a raid on the lab they worked at together. It isn't so much that she wants to take the belt from Jezebel - the /real/ Lightning Spangles; rather, she's hoping that by simply being /seen/ in the same ring as the champ, her own stock in the fighting world will go up, giving her more opportunities to provide for herself.


Blue eyes sink; Bonnie swallows, hard; they rise with a soft shudder.

"Present," she manages to squeak out in a small voice. "I'm here, and, I just-- I-- aah..." Another swallow and shudder, but she manages to keep her eyes glued squarely to Jezebel's-- and even draws a small, trembling hand out of the hoodie to offer a greeting.

"... god, it's so, so... I never, /ever/ would've thought I'd get to meet you, much less... o-oh, gosh, oh, you must think I'm such a-- a LOSER, god--!" she stammers.

Jezebel's mental state was so far over the edge, it was almost incredible when she acted normal.

It is almost a reflex, once she sees B B Hood's character, her presence, her... her nerves. She knows, instinctively, on how to work with excited children. So when she sees B B Hood acting erratic, acting wild, acting... acting afraid, Jezebel actually calms down, her manic expression softening to a warm one. She comes to B B Hood, and gently reaches her.

"Don't feel so nervous!"

Jezebel comes down to one knee, her smile burning over the deep lacerations and scars across her nose and cheeks; the results of one of her biggest fans expressing her devotion to the Lightning Spangles fandom. "I never think people are losers. Not Hayley. Not Pepper. And definately not me!" Jezebel points a thumb at her own chest. "You are a brave, beautiful young lady to come out to meet your biggest, most favorite hero. And I think it is an honor you are challenging me! Here." She turns towards the camera.

And she draws out the letter from her vest.

She holds it up to the camera, all four pages of it, where the little i's were even dotted with the lone star of texas. "When I read your letter, I knew that I had to meet you in person. How I helped you overcome the tragic death of your parents, at the hands of hateful bullies who took advantage of them. What your father was forced to see, before he was murdered violently, what you were forced to see happen to your closest family. What your mother... what your mother was forced to do. How they was betrayed by her closest friends and supporters, or at least, they seemed like they were supporters. How you yourself saw me as a mother figure replacing them, after seeing my wholesome movies, how it reminded you so much of your own lost, late mother. How I was, as a person, that could replace the hollow void in your life that appeared. How that Lightning Spangles gave... gave you..." Jezebel wiped away a tear from her good eye. "Gave you a second chance at living, a zeal and love for life that prevented yourself from taking your own life. That by loving me, Lightning Spangles, that you could learn to love yourself." Jezebel shuts her eye, leaving the mechanical one transfixed, as she sputters a sob of her own.

"I'm sorry, B B Hood, it was just so beautiful."

"And... and just as well to fight you... As well, to help you... understand why some of the things that happen to me aren't my fault, B. B. Hood." Jezebel's tone deepens a second, a hesitation of insecurity. "Some misunderstandings you took away from the interview, ha ha, from the Adopt A Spangles match! So don't feel so nervous, B. B. Hood! My red-" She pauses a moment. "My -blue- belt is open for anybody to challenge, and take from me!" Jezebel twitches her good eye. She puts away the letter into her vest, and pulls out a single, gold-painted plastic star badge. "And that's why, as part of your challenge, I am going to make you an honorary Showup Hoedown Deputy!" And delicately, she pins the badge on her chest, smiling brightly. "There, don't you feel a lot better? You're a real Showup Hoedown Hero to come all the way out here!" She places a gentle hand on B B Hood's shoulder, looking right into her eyes. "So can you promise me something, B B Hood?"

"Can you promise me you will do your best, here at Spangles?"

"Where it just tastes better(c)?"

Even though her mouth is covered, B.B. Hood draws both hands over it as the sudden nearness of Jezebel - her HERO - wrenches a gasp from pumping lungs.


The teen's whole body tenses as Lightning Spangles proceeds to not only motivate her, but share her story-- and how much it /means/ to her. To /her/-- to /Lightning Spangles/, Blue Pro Champion for a year; People's Champion for life. She shivers and spends a little too long letting her eyes graze over those wretched gouges before fixing her gaze fast to Jezebel's. Every bit of encouragement is met with brisk nods, but once the letter comes out, she simply remains still, basking in the warmth of a supportive hero even as she's made to relive the worst time of her life.

(just remember)

"M-Ms. Faiblesse..." she whispers after that beat of insecurity, only to demure so Jezebel can continue once she recovers herself.

(granny's never coming home.)

There's a tear rolling down B.B. Hood's cheek by the time she's being inducted-- and it's quickly followed by more once she snaps her eyes towards the incoming badge and sucks in another gasp. "G-god, oh my god, o-oh-- th-- thank- THANK you!" she forces out once the badge is in place and Lightning Spangles is TOUCHING her.

After some sniffling, "I-I p-p-promise, Lightning Spangles...!" is whispered through tears. "I WILL do my best, here at Spangles, where it just tastes better(c)--"

Blue eyes flick towards the nearest camera and linger for exactly as long as it takes her to soulfully repeat the slogan.

"-- because-- well, because you're not just /a/ hero, you're MY hero, Miss Spangles! ANYTHING awful that might happen to you is, well, it's, it's just-- it's just the world not being MADE for people who tirelessly pursue justice and beauty-- the world just tries, and tries to drag you down, but here you are, strong, beautiful, courageous... and still standing up for girls like me!"

She punctuates this by trying to throw herself into a powerful but brief hug before pulling back so she can wipe her eyes and take a ready position.

It was like a dream.

Forget Hayley. She never really loved Jezebel. She just wanted her mother to pay attention to her. She just wanted MOMMY to give BABY HAYLEY some Kangaroo love. She could imagine Hayley in that pouch, like Kanga and Roo. Forget Naerose. Even though she was like a child in a legal consenting adult body, she wasn't really a child. Not a pure and innocent child like B. B. Hood was to her right now. A precious, perfect child who truly loved Jezebel and Lightning Spangles. Who would give anything for Jezebel and Lightning Spangles, preciously prepared for careful grooming to be a true Lightning Spangles. Better than Pepper, much better than Pepper. So when B B Hood hugs Jezebel?

Jezebel hugs her right back, with more love than she had showed anybody else than she could even remember.

Right now, Jezebel could feel the paradise wrapped around her, B B Hood saying every word that Jezebel wanted to hear. BB Hood goes back, to ready herself for a fight, as Jezebel swoons, still in a daze. "I love you B B Hood." Jezebel whispers to herself, as the endless stream of tears goes down her face. And this time?

There is no makeup to run.

Lightning Spangles eases into her Tae Kwon Do stance, swaying, drunk on the self-satisfying love that BB Hood gave her. No defense, no insecurity. Absolute trust. She makes the straddle stance, as she motions for BB Hood to attack. "Come on... come on..." She whispers, looking at BB Hood, practically begging her to make the first attack. She wanted her to do her best. She wanted her to BELIEVE.

She wanted the whole world see how strong a love for Spangles could make you.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bulleta has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0          Bulleta

B.B. Hood's stance is boxing oriented, if boxers learned their foot and handwork exclusively from phone cam footage of schoolyard fights and lugged plump satchels around-- if they were prone to swiping trembling knuckles beneath their eyes to catch tears so there was nothing obscuring their gaze of their heroines. Already beyond whatever wild dreams an adoring fangirl could've possibly harbored while spilling her heart across four pages, she freezes as if there was a gorgon in the audience and chokes down a lump of nerves.

After a good five seconds of the two blondes staring at one another in adoring and/or satisfied silence, Bonnie finally shudders out, "Okay..." and gives her cheeks a couple of gentle slaps. As soon as her hands reclench, she begins a moderately paced but palpably timid approach. Her jaw grows increasingly set as she tries to focus herself on the task at hand-- on /fighting/ Lightning Spangles rather than being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of her presence.

Just as she's nearing the edges of her reach, that internal struggle seems to have been lost, because she's just clenching the straps of her bag instead of even pretending to mount an offensive stance. This close, though-- she /can't/ run, not when Jezebel's in her iconic stance-- not with so many people /watching/--!

Sucking in a deep breath, she squeaks, "-- I'm sorry!" then seizes the satchel's straps in both hands and SWINGS not just it, but her entire body towards the Tae Kwan Do Cowgirl. Whatever's inside is HEAVY as it barrels towards Jezebel's ribcage-- heavy and METAL, judging from the muffled clatter. Bonnie's eyes-- /almost/-- squeeze shut, but she never quite lets the champ leave the edges of her vision.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Bulleta's Shyness & Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jezebel          0/-------/------=|=======\=------\1          Bulleta

Jezebel almost didn't think the girl would really fight her.

Maybe she would just hug Jezebel, just staring at each other. Jezebel would run her hands through her hair, like a mother, like a real loving mother figure. It would be so real. And yet, as B B Hood manages to take the first move, Jezebel could feel her heart melt. She was running to her, holding her bag. Jezebel actually laughs a bit as the bag is swung at her; it was clearly an amateur's stance. But Jezebel works with it, carefully pushing her forearms forward to deflect the bag gently-

And there is a crushing thud.

"Ow! Hey! That- that really hurt!" Jezebel pips up, as the bruises and welts spread on her arms as she stumbles backwards. That hurt. That really hurt. But Jezebel didn't show the pain on her face, just a smile. Her eye though... the hesitation. Waking up from the dream. "Ha ha, uh, B. B. Hood, what do you got in there? Is it all the Lightning Spangles memorabilia I need to sign?" She asks lightly, the mask not even slipping. Everything was still good, everything was still wonderful. There was no pain, no hurt, no sadness. "Because you might need to get a second bag for all the Promotional Spangles Choice Products You Are Going To Receieve!" Jezebel gives a thumbs up to the camera.

And she thrusts he leg in.

Lunging in with a deep kick, she attempts to kick through Bulleta's position. Driving in deep, she pivots, whether or not she hits. And there, she finishes the rushing assault by trying to give the teenage girl a heck of a hip bump. All while Jezebel gives the canned, artificial sweetened flavored speech as she pitches the products mid fight. "Aren't you curious on what high quality products you are going to receieve, BB Hood, Thanks To Your Support!?"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bulleta with Broken Arrow.
? Strange Hit! ?

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jezebel          0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1          Bulleta

"Promotional Spangles Choice Products?!" B.B. Hood gasps as the satchel smacks against her hip, once, then just sits there. The uncertainty in her expression breaks as her blue eyes open up wide and she clasps her hands together. "O-oh, gosh, I /couldn't--"

The hip bump catches B.B. Hood when she's doubled over and straining for breath, thanks to a lunging kick from an unexpected angle. The cowgirl's leg slid right past her raised arms on its way home; they're still up when the hip bump makes her wobble, stumble, and nearly fall on her bottom.

"Y-yes..." she wheezes out with her head bowed. Suddenly quickened breaths drop back to a stabler pace, then she forces her shining gaze back up to Jezebel, along with a big, but shaky smile. "Of-- of course! If LIGHTNING SPANGLES is going to be so kind, so loving as to give ME promotional products after she's ALREADY given me the gift of her presence, her-- aah, her STRENGTH..." The smaller blonde rubs her belly pointedly as she straightens up. "I'd be a fool to refuse, but..."

She bites her lip, averts her gaze, and starts twisting the hoodie's drawstring between her fingers.

"... well, it's just... I-I know this is so, SO stupid, so-- but I'm just-- I'm afraid, Lightning Spangles. You're so sweet, a-and strong, and... and I'm just some GIRL who barely knows anything, I-- I'm just making it up out here, y'know? All the other fighters, they're so big, and mean, a-and... and I do OKAY, but... well..."

The petite fangirl jukes left, then tries to dart behind Jezebel so she can launch herself at the cowgirl's back. Mid-leap, the drawstring is yanked completely free, her nervous fidgeting having already succeeded in bringing it half-- no-- a quarter-- of the way out, maybe. A quarter if that--

-- because for a hoodie's drawstring, it winds up being /awfully/ long as it flutters through the air. Awfully long, and - if she's able to mount the cowgirl's back and cinch the rippling red length around her neck - awfully /strong/.

"I have to CHEAT a little, Miss Spangles..." she whispers when she's near enough to be heard.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel interrupts Medium Throw from Bulleta with High Noon EX.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Spangles Choice Brand Products - "You've tried the best, now try the rest!"!!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Jezebel          0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1          Bulleta

Jezebel dimly begins to realize something was wrong.

It was subtle. After the hip bump, Jezebel stumbles into the table. Turning around, she was already clutching the first of the Spangles Choice products: A gallon of Spangles Choice Iced Tea. "Perhaps you can start by cooling off with delicious Spangles Choice Iced Tea!" Smiling brightly, she shakes the cloud brown liquid in the hazy beige translucent container. She seemed almost unaware as she gives the teenager her space, keeping her back turned as she slips around her like a predator. All while she continues the pitch to the camera. "Made out of real fruit flavoring substitutes, this tea is non-caffeinated and is now carrying 25% less sodium than ever before! Spangles Choice! You've tried the best, now try the rest-"

And she suddenly drops the Gallon, as BB Hood goes for the throat.

Up close, B B Hood could see the signs. The scars around the neck, when Jezebel tried to end her own life. It was faint, subtle... but uncovered by makeup. Another evidence of the long, terrible life Jezebel inflicted on herself. As the rope wraps around, Jezebel reacts violently, staggering around wildly as the cameras train on. Eyes wide, she crashes herself back into a porcelain statue of Elvis. The figure shatters as she gags harder, trying to slip her hand around the rope. That might be the obvious play.

Until the leg comes around.

Drawing her leg back, she -swinging- it straight up, the tip of her foot hitting B B Hood between the eyes. Not too surprising; the flexibility of Jezebel well documented in her... blue period in the Hong Kong b-move circuit. But why would B B Hood watch -those- movies? The kick to the head gives her a moment to break free, as the second kick comes to seal the deal; an explosion drop kick that comes with the crack of red, white, and blue fireworks all around her. Eyes wide, and body burning with chi, she steadies her stance. "Cheating is wrong, B. B. Hood!" Lightning Spangles declares, gasping for air. "You... you don't have to fight dirty, sweetie! Lightning Spangles is never dirty! You just gotta be true to yourself, pardner!" She suddenly strikes a pose, saluting, puffing her chest out.

"You have to be just as honest as your hero, Lightning Spangles!"


Bonnie "Bulleta" Hood faintly frowns, squints at her monitor screen, and dutifully fills a notepad with valuable intel gleaned from illegally downloaded research materials, having long since moved on from studying sanctioned fight footage and the Terry interview.


It isn't so much that B.B. Hood was unprepared for Jezebel's flexibility; it's the cowgirl's sheer will to survive - expressed through thrashing as B.B.'s drawstring garrote settles into the brutally worn grooves of her neck - that really gets the struggling fangirl. The woman's boot snaps B.B.'s head back like a lead slug, leaves her reeling--

-- vulnerable--

-- crumpling to her knees amidst patriotic pyrotechnics after the second kick doubles her vision-- and then down to her hands. The satchel hits the ground with a heavy *THNK!*.

"B-buh..." The hooded girl shudders, wrapping her arms around herself and only /just/ looking up at the scarred heroine. "But I-- i-if I don't d-do what I, I--" Sniffling begins to accompany those shudders, and B.B. Hood begins to crawl rather than rise.

"I'm not LIKE you, Miss Spangles--! I'm not strong and brave like you, I-- I can't be as PURE as you," she whimpers. The satchel grinds audibly across the ground with every 'step' taken towards Jezebel; it does not hamper her blubbering in the slightest. "I-- I'm not a hero, I-- I'm just a /girl/..."

When she throws herself forward to cling to Jezebel's legs so she can pull herself up into a needful embrace, it's with a bitten back wail and an utter lack of malice.

The latter doesn't last long beyond her retaking her feet.

"Can you teach me?" she whispers, going up on her toes to get as close to the cowgirl's ear as she can. "How to be a hero just like you?" There's no tearful uncertainty behind the question; the innocence is still there, but the sharp tonal shift lends a mocking edge. It's punctuated with her trying to swiftly shift her grip from 'pathetic desperation' to 'bear trap' in an effort to lock herself and Jezebel together so she can spin them around...

"How to be brave and keep on trying, no matter HOW many mistakes I make?"

... and around...

"How to protect myself-- how to LOVE myself, no matter WHAT anyone says?"

... and around...

"Please, please, PLEASE," she mewls, "teach me how to be honest like ~YOU~, Miss Spangles...!"

... and then release, allowing Jezebel to fall wherever the high-speed embrace might leave her.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Bulleta's Sentimental Typhoon.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1          Bulleta

So... vulnerable...

Jezebel was feeling strange, stranger than ever before. There was an apprehension before, when the somewhat lethal tools were being used insidiously. Danger? Maybe it was danger. But now, as she sees her opponent, the sweet young girl so... helplessly falling to the ground. As she sobs, and shudders so pitifully, Jezebel could feel her chest swell even more. As B. B. Hood writhes, acting just as innocent as Naerose, but so much more... forceful. Direct. Eager. As the girl throws herself at Jezebel, she can't even resist. She almost wants to embrace B B Hood so tightly.

But then she whispers in her ear.

Jezebel freezes up, her heart catching in her throat. She felt so... so intense. So wanted. So important in this vulnerable fan's life. All Jezebel had to do is reach out, and touch her. Jezebel clasps her hands so tightly, almost as tight as the teenager's grip. B. B. Hood needed her. She needed her so badly, she needed her gentle but firm guidance. She needed her, wanted her. To show her how to love herself so much, so deeply, so intimately. She needed to be made an honest woman. She was going up, up, up in the air, flying as high as a kite.

And she is flung away.

Jezebel has enough instinct to break into a roll, a tumble. Hitting the tiles hard, she breaks with the tumble, rolling hard into the chairs, knocking them over as she smashes in. Gingerly, she tries to stand up, tries to as everything feels so SENSITIVE. She was breathing hard, exhausted already? Worn down? Her heart was pounding, her blood rushing around her ears. And the cameras on her, just like the cameras on her in those other movies, her non-fighting movies, those research materials.

And just as sweaty.

She is bright red now, as she stares past, panting lightly as she swallows hard again, looking at her opponent. B. B. Hood might not notice how Jezebel is reacting. But Bulleta would see those reactions. From certain men, and women; the ones that could break the glazed eyed, drugged out stare. The ones that pulls the smiles from her, the uncomfortable levels of attention, the intense stares of longing the transcends the screen. It would turn up in biographies of more niche and successful actors and actresses; when Jezebel Faiblesse pays too much attention. Most recently and intensely, with Johnny Cage himself. Not simply love, or admiration. The darkest weakness of Jezebel, that only the most cruel and sinister predators in her life exploited.


Jezebel chokes, shaking her head, her heart was racing. This was just like her encounter with Honoka at the hotel room, the suggestions that weren't there. It was all in her head. It was just her imagination. And yet, B. B. Hood was behaving just like how she imagined a proper young beautiful lady should act around Lightning Spangles. "I... I am needing..." There is a lump in her throat, as she feels her goosebumps rise. She tries to force her energy into something.. something else. She felt thirsty; where was a drink? Did they serve liquor here at Spangles? Her knees tremble, as she swallows hard. "I think... I think I can... I can teach- I can teach you, like a t-t-teacher to a sweet... obedient... student..." The B. B. Hood persona had fully sunk into Jezebel's broken psyche. "I got to teach you the basics of how to be a g-good young woman, B. B. Hood! Mentor and g-groom you to being a proper Spangles... Spangles lady..." Better than Hayley. B. B. Hood would do what she's told, all with a- with a smile. And that thought plunges into Jezebel, as she flares up with red, white, and blue energy.

"... How old are you again, B. B. Hood?"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel burns with the AMERICAN SPIRIT!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jezebel          1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1          Bulleta

Maybe sharing an embrace with her hero invigorated B.B. Hood, gave her a second wind; that's probably what the commentators are saying as the girl straightens up and adjusts her loose, stringless hood with a sweet and resolute smile. She's panting, but panting and standing is a marked upgrade over the begging and crawling of moments ago; adjusting the satchel on her shoulder summons a soft grunt of effort.

Jezebel swallows, stammers-- shakes-- tries her very best to stand amidst a broken bit of Spangles; B.B. Hood just smiles and shuffles nearer. The trembling fangirl who announced her challenge via weepy letter might not know what the cowgirl's blush and sweaty uncertainty signify, but she seems to know it ought to flatter her: those blue eyes that are never more than a heartbeat from tears fall as she nears, and her smile grows until she can't help but show teeth. Now and again, she offers little nods of-- not understanding, exactly, but acknowledgment for Jezebel's fumbling pitch; plenty are accompanied by bemused brow-creasing.

Luckily, Jezebel manages to find her way around to something nice and simple that her fan can respond to with utter confidence, eventually, causing B.B. to brighten.

"Seventeen-- oh, Miss Spangles, I KNOW you'd be the best teacher a girl could want...!" she chirps before hopping to close the distance between them with a knee aimed at Jezebel's gut. She tries to follow the attack up by stepping forward to keep herself close, so she can go up on her toes and drop into another whisper:

"People say I'm very mature for my age; I bet I'd be a /wonderful/ student!""

COMBATSYS: Bulleta successfully hits Jezebel with Surprise & Hop.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Jezebel          1/-======/=======|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

A predator.

"That's... that's almost all grown up." Jezebel whispers quietly. She was regressing, shifting back to the desperate, hungry Jezebel that trolled through the streets of Hong Kong. A piece of meat, looking for a hungry producer boyfriend to take her in, make her feel worth something... and then make her work. Make her earn that attention, that affection. Jezebel had that presence that just drew predators in the industry to her. That need for attention, for affection. That willingness to do anything. And that hollow self-esteem, that made it so easy to pull apart. She can't even pull together a proper block with her swollen forearms, as she almost WANTS B. B. Hood to embrace her, to... to do something... something...


Jezebel groans in pain, her half-hearted block not able to even muster. "But... but..." She murmurs to herself. She stumbles, falling around as she grips her abdomen, weezing. She was hurting. Hurting so bad. She needed to attack. Her ultimate moves! Everyone loved those. Where Eagles Dare. SOMETHING. But she was trembling, as her emotional state was so entwined with B B Hood. She breathes so hard, as she smiles, smiles so much. Maybe... Maybe it was okay for B. B. Hood to hurt her. Maybe it helped her. She would be a wonderful student, they could wake up, and have breakfast, and Jezebel could teach her, teach her, no, no. She tries to do something at B. B. Hood, trying to attack her, trying to... something. Her mind was reeling, her psychology snapping in half. She had to fight back, she HAD TO. Because these thoughts, these feelings, these needs and wants?

Because it's wrong.

The thought stabs her right through the heart, as she finally forces a straight kick, thrusting in deeply at her fan. She was clearly distracted, her mind unable to latch out. It wasn't the manic aggression in her normal fights, the hysterical madness, the wild chaos. Already, some of the crew was placing more and more Spangles Choice products. She needed... she needed to advertise. Almost half heartly, as she recovers the kick, she grabs a box. "Spangles Health... Spangles Health and Beauty Products - Better than Nature!" She belts out quickly, trying to suppress the -criminally- disgusting feelings in her. Jezebel almost feels shame, disgusting shame.


Jezebel loves herself so much.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bulleta with Thrust Kick.
? Strange Hit! ?
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Spangles Health and Beauty Products - Better than Nature!!!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

COMBATSYS: Bulleta has left the fight here.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has ended the fight here.

The kick sends B.B. back to the soles of her feet a split-second before it doubles her over with an agonized wheeze. "S-see...?" she softly gasps out after a couple seconds of coughing and struggling for air. Her tear-veiled gaze rises to fix on Jezebel and her promotional efforts and she lets her battered body sink until she's kneeling; all the better to catch her breath. A few thin cracks spread from the satchel's impact point, thanks to the damage Jezebel's landing did to the tiles.

"Y-you've been through so MUCH, lately: that horrible man trying to trick you on TV... those, those OTHER Spangles blaming you for their problems. But you're still fighting, still... sh-SHINING-- hh-- ha--" A semi-conscious grasp around her midsection and a lean forward gives the world an unexpected tilt. Her eyes widen and briefly bounce around Jezebel's face without any real focus until she manages to recover a bit by dropping her head and planting her hands on the ground with a shiver.

"... still willing... to give so much..." she murmurs. A couple deep breaths and a tentative headshake gives her what she needs to bring her eyes back up to Jezebel. "To someone who deserves it so little, j-just... just because you CAN. Just because you're THAT n-noble, and GOOD, a-and--" Muscles begin to tense beneath her loosely fitted gear as tears of joy and pain roll down her cheek. "-- Miss Spangles, I-- I CAN'T beat you, we both know that, but please..."

Whether she's mid-promo or not, Jezebel will have to contend with a fangirl flying at her midsection, intent on tackling-- /pinning/ her to the ground with all the deceptive strength a wee teenager with a tile-cracking satchel can muster.

"Teach me, please-- I NEED to be like you...!"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel endures Bulleta's Power Throw!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

Why were you hurting her Jezebel.

Jezebel holds up the product, and... and she doesn't care. She doesn't care. She just wants B. B. Hood. Just B. B. Hood. Only her. She was hurting the person who loved her for who she was, and that was wrong. It was okay for her to hurt Jezebel, it even felt good to feel so real and alive. Jezebel even touches on her face, as B. B. Hood talks about how much BETTER she is than those sick and wrong Spangles. Still a shining beacon of hope. So when B. B. Hood comes at her? When she moves to throw her down and pin her down?

Jezebel lets it happen.

She lets the girl pin her, force her down to the ground. She lets her grasp her, and claw on her, and overpower her with that incredible strength. Jezebel was smiling when it happened, even laughing a short, choking chuckle. She relaxes even as the back of her head smashes on the tile. This was good. This was very good. "You can beat me..." She coos, as her neck makes a horrible cracking sound. Jezebel gently places her arms around B. B. Hood for an embrace. It was good. It was good.

It was sick and wrong.

"N-No!" She says, gasping, suddenly pushing at her, suddenly resisting. "No, no, no!" She gasps again. "This is -wrong!- I'm not a freak, I'm not a per-pervert!" Why would you say that Lightning Spangles. She writhes on the ground, with B. B. Hood straddling her. Straddling her? Pinning her down in a sampo style hold? Jezebel's perception was whirling into her darkest wants. Jezebel could feel her darkest dreams come to life. All that was missing was the burning yellow eyes, the Hoedown Dillo Mask loosely dangling from the side of her face, and the thick, juicy Baconators being forced down her throat. No, not Baconators. Spangles Beast Burgers. It just tastes better.


Red, white, and blue energy floods over her as she forces into a half crouch, still entangled with the feisty young girl. "Don't... don't hold me- don't hold me so tight! Please!" Jezebel starts panicking in embarassed frenzy. "You are- please! Be y-y-yourself!" She wanted this. Jezebel always wanted this. And she hat- hated- hated herself for it. The still surface of the water breaks. She doesn't love herself, she doesn't love herself for this. She is- she is trying to prey on this young lady? She needed to attack! She needed to... needed to...


And she explodes up.

Should Bulleta get caught in the rising assault? She would find herself swirling tightly together with Lightning Spangles, swirling with her in waves of red, white, and blue. But as they reach the climax of the- the apex of the rise, she would break away with a trio of desperate, aerial kicks. Each kick bringing a flash of red, white, and blue fireworks respectively. It should be inspiring. It had to be. But Jezebel... Jezebel looked like she was going to throw up or SOMETHING, because she doesn't even land on her feet. She just collapses on all fours. Trembling.

Face beet red.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta blocks Jezebel's Where Eagles Dare.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jezebel          1/---<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

After forcing the back of Jezebel's skull against the ground, B.B. Hood just holds her-- presses her shoulders to the ground with both hands, seats herself over the scarred heroine's stomach to discourage rising. The coo and embrace earn wide-eyed elation followed closely by a quiet sigh. She doesn't shift her hands much beyond sort of flattening them against Jezebel's back, but she readily lets her head come to rest against Jezebel's shoulder. Lets her eyes gradually close and her cheek - soft and especially warm after being bathed in patriotic sparks - slide periously towards a final resting place against Jezebel's neck while a few locks of hair slip from beneath the hood to graze against Jezebel.

This close, she smells like Spangles-brand perfume cut with gun oil--

-- and it mercifully doesn't last long before Jezebel remembers who she is. Or forgets?

"What--" B.B. murmurs, squinting down as she's suddenly shoved-- forced to fumble for new purchase against those shoulders so she can hang on while the cowgirl bucks. Once again, her sheer strength of will catches B.B. by surprise. Despite a few seconds of pushing, Jezebel manages a crouch and B.B. wraps her limbs around the heroine in a futile effort to wrench her back to the ground. "Miss-- Miss Spangles, I-- I don't understand, what're yooooooooaaaaaaaah!"

B.B. is airbone before she knows it, and for the first time today, she feels regret.

She should've just let go when she had the chance.

At the cli-- apex-- of their ascent, while Jezebel separates to throw those kicks, B.B. pulls her limbs in tightly, letting them take the abuse over her already ringing skull. The final kick sends her rocketing back to the ground with stinging arms, a sparkling blue trail, and enough velocity to demolish a display of Lightning Bangles health trackers. She lies there breathing shallowly and running a hand surrepitously over her satchel for a few seconds afterwards before slowly pulling herself up, doing a quick check for blood-- hastily pulling up the mask that slipped after her twirling embrace with Jezebel, once she feels bare cheeks. The satchel is hauled out of its divot and into her lap with a heavy grunt, then she shifts and jiggles it subtly to finish teasing something out of a compartment peeled open by her purposeful fingers.

"Miss Spangles-- MISS SPANGLES!" She stands as she shouts, hoping that the spike in her own volume and the drama of the moment are enough to cover for the sound of something solid and metallic *klonk!*ing to the ground. "Please, don't reject me, I-- I-I--"

Wrenching her tearful gaze from Jezebel, she takes a step away that leaves her foot nestled against-- is that a metal frisbee on the ground? Against a metal frisbee, on the ground. She looks /quite/ surprised when there's something obstructing her, then, but has no issues with kicking it away-- in Jezebel's direction, forcefully enough to make it slide a ways before stopping near her.

"Y-you're my h-hero, Miss Spangles, not a-- a FREAK, or--" B.B. stammers while shuffling away from Jezebel - towards a camera - and hugging herself. She holds the camera's eye with her teary gaze for a long moment, then swallows and glances over a shoulder. "I don't know how to BE anything but someone who loves her favorite hero in the whole world," she soulfully whispers before turning away to wipe her eyes and sniffle.

Jezebel may or may not notice the little red light blinking away on that metal disc, but the proximity mine explosion that comes just after B.B. Hood looks away from her would be impossible to miss.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Bulleta's Malice & Mine.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jezebel          1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

The scent imprints on Jezebel.

Jezebel couldn't stop the assault of thoughts running through her. She hated it, but loved it. The conflicting love and hatred was hitting her harder and harder. Even as she lashes out, she hated it. She didn't want to -hurt- the people she loved, she didn't want to hurt B. B. Hood. She was an innocent victim of Jezebel. And faster and faster, Jezebel was panicking. What if Jezebel came off too strong? What if she scares away B. B. Hood away forever? How could Jezebel sleep at night, the girls scent haunting her, as she never, ever appreciates the soft touch and attention of B. B. Hood?

B. B. Hood would think of her like a monster.

And yet, her words come out, the purest, more innocent words. She doesn't even... doesn't even feel bad about Jezebel hurting her, kicking her. Jezebel felt so warm, as the restraint she had on herself breaks away, piece by piece. She doesn't even worry about the landmine slipping to the ground. It didn't matter. Only B. B. Hood mattered, and her forgiveness. Her forgiveness what Jezebel was thinking about doing, imagining to doing, would be doing. It was practically consent at this point. She didn't want Jezebel to reject her. She wanted to... to accept her.

And she looks down at the flashing red light.

Instincts surge over her, as she crosses her arms. It's not her first explosion. She worked in Hong Kong before. The blast sends her flying across the room, crashing hard into a table that breaks. For a moment, she lays on the broken table top, writhing. And then, she laughs. Giggles, even. "Ha ha ha, that was... That was.." Jezebel is dazed, the shrapnel peppering her arms, her legs. Blood was pouring from her now, the Bleeding Spangles oozing out life in the fast food restaurant.

Because she was okay.

She was very okay.

Love hurt sometimes.

"You can... You can just call me Jezebel, okay B. B. HOod?" Jezebel says, smiles, approaching B. B. Hood. "Just Jezebel, I can be Just Jezebel for you. We can... we can pretend to be... pretend to be too though... it's okay.... I'd never.. never reject such a wonderful, wonderful fan..." Jezebel gives a warm smile, even as the shrapnel pours from her body. She walks up to B. B. Hood, to reach out to her. Not to attack, no, she didn't care about attacking. Even if this was a fight. This was the chance. This was her chance. She wasn't going to give up this chance. She reaches out to place a hand on B. B. Hood's shoulder, lowering herself down to smile closer, closer at the girl. And she lets the very words from her heart out.

"You don't have to be anything more than someone who loves me, B. B. Hood."

COMBATSYS: Jezebel gives y'all a free turn!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jezebel          1/--=====/=======|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

With the mask in place, Bulleta smiles big and proud while she wipes her eyes and Jezebel reels. She has no /real/ idea of what the woman is going through, of course, but she knows nauseated when she sees it, and that /outburst/...

Needless to say, the smile doesn't budge an inch until she finishes an internal countdown, and--


-- it's time for B.B. Hood to whip towards her flying hero with a horrified gasp and hands clapping over her mouth. "I-I thought, I just found, I-- I didn't--" is muffled through those hands as she runs closer, heroic Tae Kwan Do prowess be damned. "I'm sorry--"

The laughter-- /giggling/-- cuts her off, brings her to a stop-- and makes her bite down on her bottom lip for a moment, lest she join in. Another, even briefer internal count, and B.B. Hood lets go-- gives the bleeding cowgirl a pained, watery look as she approaches. She nods quickly at the invitation to call Jezebel by name, and when the scarred heroine reaches, B.B. Hood resumes her own approach without a shred of concern; of /course/ there's no attack.

Jezebel's her hero, and she loves her.

As soon as that hand hits her shoulder, B.B. Hood tries to pull her into an embrace-- to fall forward and rest for a few moments in the middle of this pitched battle for Blue League supremacy. The exhaustion is very real after a long bout of provoking the champion to lash out and protect herself.

"Do you mean it?" she whispers into the Hong Kong veteran's ear. "You'll... you'll let me love you...?"

One of her hands brushes the heroine's bloody side for a second as it falls into her hoodie pocket.

"Do you love /me/, Jezebel?"

Her thumbnail shakes a little as it slides along a plastic tube, props against a safety cover for a second, then ever so gently nudges it free to bare steel.

"Even if I accidentally blow you up a little...? Even if I have to take your belt?"

One of the cameras to B.B. Hood's left catches the syringe as she yanks it from her pocket and tries to bury it into deep in Jezebel's neck, thumb already poised against the plunger. The sedative inside isn't the most powerful, but it's formulated to /hurt/-- to make veins burn as it spreads through the system. It's meant to make a mark-- an opponent-- sluggish and easily contained more than it is to knock them out cold; given the constitution of the average darkstalk-- fighter-- compromises must be made.

"Will we still love each other, Jezebel?"

COMBATSYS: Bulleta successfully hits Jezebel with Armed Combo.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

The whispers give her goosebumps.

Jezebel just holds her tight, as the camera and judge crew gets... gets nervous. Really nervous. Union rules basically said that working at a Spangles event counted as overtime. This was one of those moments where you didn't know if you had to call the police. Jezebel didn't care. She wouldn't care anymore. The inhibitions were peeling away. She deserved this, because she was smart, and beautiful, and kind. Why should there be any rules on love against her? B. B. Hood needed her. She even sees the needle come out. But this time, there isn't any reflex, she just looks at the teenager. And nods her head knowingly.

And lets it in.

There is a gasp and a clinching, as the needle penetrates. And then, fills her with the noxious toxins. For a moment, she breathes hard, shuddering. She was slowing down, her grip was loosening. But while she slows down... the giggling comes out more, harder. She begins to relax more, not even flinching at the needle.

"I will always love you, Bee.. Bee... Hood...~"

She wasn't going down. She wouldn't be going down. Because... because Jezebel had much worse in her. It saved her life when she tried to kill herself; the level of chemical tolerance she had was only augmented by her raw physical talent. If anything, the dilation of the pupils, the lower inhibitions fill her. She lets out a full moan, as the tranquilizers kick in. "You can... you can take it all... my sweet... Bay.. Bee... Hood" She coos, as she twists her hips. She wasn't even wearing the belt. "You know... you can... you can inject another in me, if you have to." She says softly. "I trust you, My Baby~"

And Jezebel begins to squeeze.

She begins to try and squeeze, and hold the beautiful girl in the mask, so tight. And then, on camera, let the whole world see. She would try and push her against the wall. And.... and... The middle aged woman would try and rip away the mask fully, and tries to force a kiss on the underage, troubled teenager on camera, under the influence of heavy sedation. It's the true self, right? She loved Jezebel, worshiped her. She practically consented already. And Jezebel never would let that go, no matter what.

She loved her Baby Hood.

She loved her Baby.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta blocks Jezebel's Medium Throw.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bulleta

B.B. Hood tosses the needle aside once it's spent and claps her hand firmly over the wound. /Then/ she giggles along with Jezebel, a little-- nervously, as if she's unsure whether they're in on the same joke. She doesn't blush, but her eyes fall when Jezebel expresses her love, and beneath the mask, her jaw works the way someone's might if they were chewing on a lip.

"My Hero-- my /Jezebel/... d'you... d'you mean it?" she whispers. "I'm-- I'm ~yours~?" Jezebel's already down, so she just leans forward to touch her sweaty brow to the cowgirl's while her free fingers tenderly graze over some of those scars. "And you're ~mine~?" Raising her eyes towards Jezebel's, she summons another, more relaxed giggle-- a girlish, smitten thing amidst sore bodies and blood.

"I," she shyly whispers, "-I kinda like it when you call me 'Ba"


Taking it slow might've been the wrong call, Bulleta begins to realize, as Jezebel crushes her with love and terrible, drug-fueled strength. Blue eyes bulge; the girl writhes for a moment to free herself before just gritting her teeth and telling herself she can bear it until the scarred heroine lets up.

And then Jezebel starts grabbing at B.B. Hood's mask.

The young lady in red grips Jezebel's face in both hands. She doesn't fight having her mask taken, doesn't resist at all-- until their lips are just about to meet.

"Aaaall mine~," she then utters in a dreamy sigh.

With sharp twist away and a downwards jerk against Jezebel's head, she tries to drive her knee into the scarred heroine's face while clenching her jaw. It's not as /neat/ as another needle, but it's also not as likely to lead to Jezebel trying to affectionately crush her, again.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel endures Bulleta's Strong Kick.

[                           \\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\======-\1          Bulleta

So was so close, she could almost taste the aftershave and gun oil.

Here you see her, Jezebel. Standing there across the way. She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her. And you don't know why, but you're dying to try. You wanna kiss girl. Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do. It's possible she wants you too. There's one way to ask her, Jezebel. It don't take a word, not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl, kiss the girl. Jezebel was about to sha la la la la la, until. Until.

Until the knee comes up.

Jezebel's jaw shatters, her teeth smashing in. There is a sickening groan, as her grip remains latched on. Between the drugs, and the lust, and the madness, it was a miracle. She didn't even perceive anything wrong at first. Except, of course, she was hurting. Losing consciousness. And worst of all, Baby Hood was not doing what she's supposed to. She was breaking the fantasy.

And that.

Would not.


"That was... bad... Baby..." She says, smiling that bloodied, broken-teeth grin, the oozing shrapnel, the craggy scars that fissure her visage. Her tone was threatening now, in it's hushed whispers. "You need to control yourself, sweetie. You are mine, Baby, you said that. Shut up." She hisses at the crew, who was moving in around them both. This was... this needed to be intervened. She focuses harder on Bulleta, arms trembling. "You are have to keep... control... And let me be in... control..." She suddenly screams, as she releases Bulleta, turning at the crew.


And Jezebel -slams- her foot upwards, aiming to punt right between Bulleta's legs.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Bulleta          1/-======/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bulleta with A Few Dollars More.
-* WILD HIT! *-

[                                <
Bulleta          1/-======/=======|

The blow comes, as Jezebel kicks B. B. Hood up through the roof.

The actress breathes hard, teeth rolling over her lips, ceiling tiles falling around her, as she stares up. And she turns back to the camera, to the crew. She stares at them. "What." She threatens. "What's the matter with all you people. What is WRONG with you. Why do you judge me, every time I'm happy? Why do you judge me because someone who NEEDS me is just a little younger than me?" Just a little younger. "I wanted to be a child, I always want to be a child, I always wanted to have a child who would love me as much as I loved her, I always want to be YOUNG. And." She points up in the hole. "I can help her. I can finally help her as only a beautiful, grown woman can. Just like how I helped Hayley, just like how I helped Honoka, how I helped my Fishy Friend Naerose, and just like how I helped Pepper. I love each and every one of them. But now.... now I have someone who loves me back. Loves me for WHO I am. Who can hurt me... who can hurt me as hard as she can."

"And who I can hurt as much as I can."

When B.B. Hood comes back down, Jezebel unleashes the monster of a mulekick, bringing a cataclysmic explosion of red, white, and blue... and stray munitions. B. B. Hoodis sent smashing through the walls of the restaurant. And Jezebel? Jezebel is backfired straight into the crew, cutting out the camera feed as she -hurtles- through them, collapsing into a heap with the men. Holding them. Hugging them close.

Just like she would with her darling baby Hood.

It takes everything Bulleta has not to scream something foul at the top of her lungs when Jezebel sends her through the roof, and by the time hits plaster, there's a stain spreading across the mask thanks to a badly bitten tongue.

At least it'll blend.

Even if she weren't flying out of earshot, that last blow to the head was enough to send her fading out of consciousness while Jezebel rants below; she'll have to catch the replay later. Or find the WorldWarriorStar video later, if it turns out that Lightning Spangles' passionate speech about her right to love and be loved by a seventeen year old girl doesn't make it to air. The inevitable crash actually brings her to-- albeit groggily, the teenager lifting her head as her body bounces off of the ground and the satchel remains wedged in a shallow crater.

On her way /back/ down, B.B. sees four feet flaring with patriotic fury flying at her face. Unable to drag her limbs up in time to protect herself, her next best option is to try and roll with the impact a little after she crashes through the restaurant and hits the parking lot. A couple of heavy bounces later, she comes to a stop when her body wraps around the corner of a sedan's bumper. As she rolls off onto the pavement, the satchel's momentum smashes it into the driver's side window, then her arm slumps and it crashes down beside her.

The eye that isn't too swollen for it spends a few seconds searching for cameras before she lapses back out of consciousness.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta can no longer fight.

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