Jezebel - Bountiful Harvest

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Description: In the wake of her Terry Rogers interview, Jezebel is obsessed over her performance, and how everyone is turning against her. While she gently complains to the producer, however, she is visited by a number one fan. Except it isn't a number one fan; It's Bridget, looking to follow up a bounty on Jezebel. Unfortunately, Jezebel only knows of one bounty: A million dollars for her life.


Jezebel's screams rip out of the dressing room, the actress hurling the shouts at the producer of the Terry Rogers show. See, the blonde haired woman just had her interview on the Terry Rogers show, the number one interviewer of fighters in the world at this time. And she was humiliated. At least, until Marduk came up. That's when it cut short and was replaced with a Doctor Who rerun. But Jezebel was ripping into the producer, dressed in her own pantsuit as she goes berserk. How bad was Jezebel doing?

Well, judging by the sound of the breaking glass, it was bad.

Wine pools on the ground as the producer escapes out of the room, running down the hallway for her life. "You are insane!" She states, as she retreats. And Jezebel emerges to throw a chair after her, smashing it in the hallway. "You are crazy!" Jezebel declares. "You are crazy, and evil, and so is Terry Rogers! You are all so EVIL!" She seethes, as she slams the door shut, nearly breaking it. ANd striding to the mirror, the scarred actress forces herself into a seat, gripping her temples tightly as she stares into the mirror. Tears were running down her face, as she fantasized, fantasized about the interview so hard, about how it should have gone. How Pepper and HAYLEY betrayed her. But not Honoka. She was just confused. Confused, confused. She gives a heaving breath.

And she smiles.

"I am beautiful." She tells herself, releasing her head. She touches on her features in the mirror. The craggy scars left by the whipping she got from her biggest fan. The mechanical eye, glowing blue. And her teeth, her lovely teeth, and lips. "I am beautiful, and I love me. And I will always love me, from now on. And nobody can ruin me. They deserve awful, awful things. And that's okay."

"Because I love me so much."

Opportunity only knocks once, but in this case, so does the devil.

Stepping past the ruin of the chair and the puddle of rich, red wine, Bridget makes his way to the dressing room, frowning at the mess that has been made. But maybe, just maybe, Interpol could get to the root of the woman's woes.

"Miss Faiblesse?" The voice schooled to be soft and sweet. "Miss Faiblesse? It's me, Bridget." The door is opened a sliver so that the nun's habit and the mask of delicate cloth can be seen. "Miss Faiblesse... are you alright?"

The door is pushed open more, then youthful blonde stepping inside and closing it behind them, flipping the lock with a so-soft sound that is, hopefully, covered by their words. "You -are- beautiful, you know. I heard you through the door." This is almost sheepishly offered - eavesdropping isn't very polite. "Why would you ever think you're not?"

Very slowly, Jezebel focuses on the other figure in the mirror.

She focuses on the nun, the figure dressed... Bridget. IT was a englishwoman, a nice young english girl who was a fan of Lightning Spangles. She knew about the English fandom; there was London Spangles in the AUs, a whole host of AUs. Jezebel's smile intensifies, as the question comes. She doesn't turn around to face Bridget. She just stares into the mirror, as she nods her head, still wrapped in her illusion of self-love. "Why thank you, Bridget. It's... so hard for people to understand it."

"It's even hard for me to understand it."

Jezebel touches on the shaped of Bridget in the reflection. "Because sometimes, it's hard to tell when someone is beautiful on the outside. It's what's underneath all the mask, the illusion, that matters. And I am growing so old, I am getting so ripped up, and torn up. I don't look like I used to. But I love me more than I have loved myself ever before. That makes me beautiful on the inside, Bridget. And that make me beautiful. So beautiful." She sighs, tracing the shape of Bridget on the glass.

"Are you here for an autograph, young lady?"

The words definitely don't sound right, and they put the young blonde on edge. Maybe it's the repetition of them, or the way that Jezebel refuses to look away from the mirror, but something makes the back of Bridget's neck prickle up with goosebumps.

"I... could use an autograph. But, you know, Miss Faiblesse, I happen to know some folks that could help you. Make it easier for you to see your own beauty. Would you like that?" They ask, stepping closer, until they're right behind the tattered bombshell, close enough to touch - but they don't.

"I would, I mean, if I was having some trouble loving myself, I would want someone to help me. Wouldn't you like some help?"

"You want to help me?"

It seemed like Jezebel was taking the bait. The trouble was, it might not be clear what kind of fish she was. There was an aura of... apprehension around the actress. Was this the possession? Jezebel slowly turns around from the mirror, her good eye dilated, her mechanical eye focusing a blue LED light directly on Bridget. She looks up and down the youth, a narrow beam of light starting from Bridget's face, all the way down to her feet, so close. "Y... your..." Jezebel twitches a bit, blinking her good eye. "Your friends, helping me." Jezebel slowly stands up, the narrow distance narrowing further..

"You know I've been to a mental hospital before?"

She takes a step towards Bridget, her presence overwhelming. "A rehab center; prison. There are so many people who say they want to help me. Producers. Ex-Boyfriend producers. Directors. -Fans-" The corner of Jezebel's lips begin to crack, the smile intensity building. "People want to help me, but they don't really want to help me. They want to fix me, pull me apart, and put me back together the right way. The right way." She taps her mechanical eye. "I can see, you know? I can see right through anything..." The smile doesn't break as she whispers joyfully at Bridget.

"You're with the police, aren't you?"

"I do, yes ma'am." Polite seems to be working. But then, it isn't and Bridget is glad of the cloth that hides most of their face from sight. If Jezebel can see through anything... There's an uneasy shift in Bridget's stance, hands being folded neatly in front of their short skirt. Can Jezebel still see? A hint of a blush creeping up along the edges of the cloth mask. Oh dear.

"No, I'm not with them. But I do think they can help you. I think it's wrong that they tried to make you into someone different. They shouldn't do that. They should see the pieces and make them whole again. Not.. different."

But she doesn't expect this answer to go over well, subtly sliding one foot behind the other to shift their weight and balance to a place where they'll be ready if it all goes wrong.

Jezebel's smile doesn't stop, as her gaze grows even more piercing.

"I am so happy." She says so softly. IF the presence was giving Bridget goosebumps before, the youths hairs would be on end now. She could see. But what could she see. As Bridget hastily explains, Jezebel tilts her head to the side. There is a cracking sound. ANd she straightens her neck. "It's wrong that they tried to make into someone different, maybe, or maybe... maybe I am being lied to again?" She reaches at something in her pocket. She reaches out to place a hand on Bridget's shoulder. "Why don't you tell me all about them, though?" And she lifts her hand... holding the pen. "While I get your autograph set, pardner!"

"What am I signing now?"

Bridget didn't think this through too well. They have nothing for Jezebel to sign. And that pen has a pointy tip that could be all too easily used to, say, stab Bridget. "Oh, well, I was hoping to sign something of yours, but I guess..." They reach behind to retrieve their stuffed bear. "You could sign Roger?" she suggests, still all tensed up and ready for the other to completely lose her senses.

"I don't, personally, know many of them. I just know you've got a fat bounty on your head and I intend to collect!"

It didn't have to be much of a ruse.

Jezebel was just smiling, at the moment. She was unstable, very unstable. Even Bridget could see that. And yet, when she says she wanted to sign something of hers... well, what did the nice young lady want? A picture of herself? A paper? Her clothing... but then, as the teddy bear comes out, as she instinctively holds the bear, the truth comes out from the girl. ALmost a whisper, almost a breath.

And she pauses.


Fat bounty.

Jezebel's hand tremble. A cold sweat breaks out over her, as she begins to breath faster. She remembered the bounty. The threat. Pepper's threat. She didn't even- she didn't believe it would happen so fast. One Million Dollars. That's how much Pepper offered for her head? For her... death? She stares at Bridget, shivering in pure terror. And she... she scribbles on the teddy bear, the words 'Jezebel Jezebel Jezebel.' Until finally, she can speak.

"Oh." She says brightly.

And then she snaps her leg forward.

The kick comes fast and instinctive, panicked. It was a practiced Tae Kwon Do straight kick, attempting to force distance between herself and Bridget. She wasn't smiling now. She was terrified, fear seizing across her very being. "HELP!" She cries out.


But no one would hear. No one would choose to hear. Jezebel already burned her bridges on her way out of here. If they could hear?

WHy would they choose to?

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bridget has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Bridget

COMBATSYS: Bridget blocks Jezebel's Medium Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          Bridget

Roger is going to need a bath, poor lil fur monster. The reaction to going to jail for twenty-odd thousand dollars seems a little extreme - but Jez is so unstable, so cracked and broken, that maybe it isn't so far-fetched after all!

Unaware of the higher bounty, and her Bridget's own low standards for what makes a bounty 'fat', they turn the kick aside with their shin, wincing at the bruising impact.

"Roger! She could use a /HUG!/" Commanding the bear to come to life in Jezebel's arms and try to squeeze the Spangles girl with those soft, nubby arms. That have steel inside them.

COMBATSYS: Bridget successfully hits Jezebel with Roger Hug.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jezebel          0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Bridget

If it was only a $20,000 bounty, Jezebel might even cooperate a bit.

At the moment, the actress was going berserk, going complete wild in terror as she feels the mortality. "I LOVE ME!" She howls at Bridget, the kick comes, as the nun calls for Roger. "I LOVE ME, AND I WILL NEVER DIE!" The bear hurls out at Jezebel, and she tries to escape, she tries to turn away from the grasping bear. But it latches on, it squeezes her and crushes her, and it's and it's like Babes In Toyland the movie where the bears the men in bear suits they grabbed Jezebel, and they and they-

And she screams.

Jezebel screams for her life, as she flails, lashing around wildly, crazily. "LET GO OF ME! LET GO OF ME! HELP! HELP!" She would lash out with her leg, lash out with a staggering kick at Bridget's abdomen, attempting to smash her powerful leg hard into her. ANd with the same berserker strength, she would pivot, smashing her own hip into Bridget, almost throwing herself over the nun bounty hunter in that rising panic. Jezebel public meltdowns were a different character than this. Bridget might have encountered a monster with Daniel. But Jezebel?

Jezebel had to be possessed to act this way.

... Right?

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bridget with Broken Arrow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0          Bridget

"You have a bounty on your head! I'm taking you to Interpol. No one is going to help you!" Crazy lady! No wonder they're paying so much for her! Bridget watches the hold that Roger has on Jezebel and then nods to their self. "Roger! Get sharp!" Commanding the squeezey mcsqueezerton to change direction with his attack.

The bear sprouts jagged blades like a helicopter rotor. The blades spin up with a soft whir, and the bear lets go of Jezebel, turning the propeller on the woman as he starts to zip back towards Bridget's waiting, loving arms. Cause he's the booboo-bear and best not left unattended too long with Jezebel.

"You're coming with me, Jezebel Fablaisse, willing or not!"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel fails to interrupt Jagged Roger from Bridget with High Noon EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jezebel          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Bridget

She confirms Jezebel's fears, and worse more.

Interpol. So even the government ws after her. They wanted to kill her. Everyone wanted to kill her. But they wouldn't because Jezebel was BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL. Even as the bump comes, she was spinning, turning around to -continue- attacking Bridget, continuing to tear into her. And so much might work, of course, except those were BLADES. She is actually torn out of the pivot kick, red white and blue energy blowing from her leg as she screams in agony. Falling to her knees at the blade, her assault at Bridget stops dead as she struggles to rip herself free from the bear. Panic, more panic, and more pain.

And terror takes on a desperate turn.

"You're a nice girl!" Jezebel babbles, as she tears her nails at the buzzsaw bear that was returning back to Bridget. She brings her hands forward in a pleading prayer. "You don't have to do this! You never have to do this!" Jezebel babbles, as she struggles on the bear, body bleeding, the blood seeping through the pantsuit. She was manic, completely manic, as she gropes around, grabs around, struggling with Roger. "Please don't do this! I'll do anything! I'll do anything! PLEASE!" She shrieks, tears going down her cheeks.


"I do. You don't understand. My family needs the money." And Bridget needs to buy back their love, or at least, convince them he isn't unlucky. or cursed.

"I'm sorry."

Pivoting hard on the ball of his foot, Bridget snaps his leg out, using the momentum to try and throw Jezebel back with the ferocity of the hard kick.

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Because no one can see anyone else's tragedy, and being called a nice girl chaps Bridget's ass, rousing the anger at being closeted into girl's clothes for so long. Today just isn't a day for feeling cute and girlish!

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Bridget's Strong Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jezebel          1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1          Bridget

"You just need the money?!"

Jezebel spits out terrified. As Bridget lets out the kick, the actress deftly catches it with both of her hands, groaning as she is sent stumbling back on her feet. Smashing herself into the vanity, she eases on it, chest rising and falling with every breath. "I can give you the money! I can give you the money you need! I just need- I just need time!" She shakes her head. "You're a better girl than this! You don't have to do this!"

"We can work something out, Bridget."

Spreading her legs a bit, to fix her stance down, she begins to empower herself with her words, charging with energy. "I can just talk to my friends, and they can pay you out! And then you can pay your family, yeah! And maybe enough left over to go shopping for better clothes! And you can settle down with a nice man, and be happy! Be happy like me!" Red, white, and blue energy cascades over Jezebel, as she struggles to turn her fear into positive energy, to empower her, to fill her with strength.

"Don't you want to be a woman as happy as I am?

COMBATSYS: Jezebel burns with the AMERICAN SPIRIT!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jezebel          1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1          Bridget

"I don't work with criminals. I just hunt them down and collect the pay!" Ethics. Morals. Everyone has that line they don't ever want to cross. Apparently that line with Bridget hinges on 'being a good person' and not 'a bad guy'.

"You're not happy, Miss Fablaisse! You're miserable. You're broken. I don't want to be anything like you!" the nun-dressed man shouts back, golden hued hair working out of the nun's habit as they move and fight.

Spinning, Bridget grabs a vase with flowers, attempting to break it on Jezebel before follow it with a hard left punch to the midsection and a firm kick to the backside.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel guards against Bridget's Armed Combo.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Bridget

Jezebel's tone shifts.

With the fear melting away, there was a joy, a passion, a tone shift. "I am beautiful." She repeats, as Bridget declares that she doesn't work with criminals. "And that's not true." Jezebel says, the fear burning away as she lets out a broad smile. She was practically glowing now, practically overflowing. She smashes apart the vase with her fists, before deflecting the incoming punch with her forearm. The terror was gone. And in it's place? Pure joy. Overwhelming joy. The purest joy, and love, and self-love. "I Am so happy. I am not broken anymore, I am made WHOLE." The blue mechanical eye streams a thin beam at Bridget, locking on the youth as the final kick is tenses up, the woman's bottom firming up on impact. "And most of all?"

"You want to be just like me."

"Everyone wants to be like me."

"I just have to SHOW it to them!"

Jezebel hurtles in, unleashing a straight kick at Bridget. Which then snaps into a high kick, and then, a round house kick for the face as well. A kicking combination, a chain of frantic kicks hurling forward. "Come on Bridget!" She shrieks, as the tempos accelerates, the chain of kicks hammering below the belt now, before she finishes the chain with a staggering hip bump, to send her and the fight right into the hallway. "Come on! Hurt me! You want the bounty? Hurt me! EARN IT!"

"And show me just what kind of woman you are!"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel issues a challenge!!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Bridget

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bridget with True Grit.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jezebel          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bridget

Bridget tries to sidestep, to evade that onslaught, but every time they twist, there's another hard kick coming in, driving them back. "You're wrong! You're sick!" Bridget cries out, the wind knocked out of them with the next blow, before the last sends them crashing out into the wall, leaving a back shaped indent in the drywall. The nun breathless.

But Bridget still has Roger. "You want pain? Fine." Teeth are clenched tight as the blonde youth gathers herself, hurling Roger at Jezebel and following, sprinting in his wake before the pair of them jointly assault Jezebel, one playing to the other, one leading so the other can find an opening, doing their level best to lay Jezebel out with a flurry of blows.

COMBATSYS: Bridget successfully hits Jezebel with Me and My Killing Machine.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1          Bridget

Smashing her into the drywall, Jezebel squeaks with delight.

"COME ON BRIDGET!" She declares. She strides towards her, attempting to grab her by the blonde locks. "PROVE TO ME YOU LOVE ME!" She screams. She was expecting Bridget to lash back. But when Roger comes in for the assist again, the smash comes, intercepting Jezebel. The actress gasps, as the duo of yoyoing assault batters her, beats her, bloodies her. She is caught off guard, as she slams back into the door, hanging on the doorway in a stunned manner.

And then the laughter begins.

"He he he...." Jezebel starts to giggle. "You think I haven't gotten worse? You think I'm not used to. I'm so used to men called me sick and wrong, and girls, and little children now. But it turns out all of you are sick and wrong!" She falls down into a low crouch, averting her eyes. "You all want a piece of me, to suckling on my fame and wonderful kind nature. You, and Hayley, and Pepper, and now even Honoka is betraying me. It's so SICK and WRONG!"

"And -disgusting!"

The words come heavy, toxic, even as Jezebel, bruised and bloodied, continues to -smile- through the pain. "What are you supposed to be? A bounty hunter? A killer? You're just a little girl who want to latch on my teat of fame. To be the one who kills Lightning Spangles! The one who killed Jezebel!" She crouches down, as the energy flows over her. "I couldn't even kill myself, Bridget, when I hated myself. I was wrong then, just as wrong as you." She cocks her head up at Bridget.

"What makes you special?"

And she launches.

Spiralling through the air, she corkscrews through the air, the red white and blue energy cascading down her. And there, she unleashes three aerial kicks, to send herself and Bridget towards the stage, towards the set, towards the main soundstage. Each kick comes with an explosions of red, white, and blue fireworks respectively, the blast contained within the room. A relentless assault, a viscous assault. And one overflowing with love and power and self-respect, overwhelming glowing with it. Jezebel wasn't going to let anyone kill her. They were allowed to hurt her, and bully her, just like how Terry bullied her. But she wasn't going to let Bridget kill her.

She wasn't going to let anyone kill Lightning Spangles.

COMBATSYS: Bridget instinctively blocks Jezebel's Where Eagles Dare.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Jezebel          1/---<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1          Bridget

"I.. I... /NO/. You're wrong. I'm not a killer! I'm not trying to kill you." Bridget protests, though by now, as deep into her madness as she is, it's not expected that Jezebel will /hear/ Bridget's words.

As Jezebel launches herself towards the nun, they brace up and then divert all of that incoming energy, shunting it, diverting it to the side, though it costs the youth more bruises for the trouble, and those are starting to add up, to slow Bridget down.

Rather than try to move in after blocking the attack, the youth reaches for the yoyo's, whirling both to build momentum before lashing out with the heavy steel of them to assault Jezebel.

"Just stay down! Just /stay down/." Not wanting to kill the other, not wanting to BE the terrible things that Jezebel is accusing them of being.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel interrupts Loop the Loop from Bridget with Magnificent Seven EX.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Jezebel          1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Bridget


Jezebel's grin becomes a snarl, as the final kick hammers down. Recovering on the ground, she is already babbling again, even as the yoyos build their momentum. "Don't you know the bounty for me is -dead-, not alive?" Jezebel hisses, eye wild. "She wants me dead, Bridget, because I wanted to make her love Lightning Spangles. She's a stupid, diseased-minded girl who doesn't understand the vomit she spews from her mouth, Bridget! And she's trying to hurt me, that's how petty and sick and small she is, she is trying to hurt me, when I am the most important person in her life that's alive now!" The first yoyo hits her as she rises, and it's like a tripwire.

She -slams- a leg into Bridget.

Red, white, and blue energy floods over her as she smashes through the whirling yo-yos. Launching Bridget into the air, she carries into another kick, and then another kick, and then another kick. She flies upwards with a rapid chain of six kicks, each bringing a burst of fireworks. The seventh kick comes, -smashing- the pair of them through a wall.

And knocking the pair of them out on the soundstage.

The Terry Rogers set was still together, still there; the white polyester chairs on each side, the 1960s style oblong table. The cameras were off of course, as well as the studio audience not being present. But the crew is still cleaning, and even Terry Rogers is sitting nearby, nursing a black eye. Jezebel rises up, recovering from her barrage, her mechanical eye transfixed. "I'm never staying down anymore. I'm not some WHORE that people force down again, and again, and again. I am so real, and I am beautiful, and I love me. I'm never going to caged again." There is a dim pop sound, as she suddenly grins.

"Do you know Johnny Cage loves me?"

She? Interpol has no gender! Just a bounty posted for a measely twenty-eight thousand bucks that is seeming very far out of reach right now.

Each of those incredible blows lands, knocking the wind out of Bridget, and hurtling them through to the sound stage to land in a heap, mostly on their belly, with a leg drawn up from the pain of the savage attack.

"Roger..." A faint whimper from the downed youth as they try to get up, staggering into something resembling an upright posture, one arm hanging as if dislocated from the impact. With a hiss and a bitten back sound, Bridget turns and jerks, twisting the arm to set it back in the socket, then rolling her sore shoulder.

It's not much better, but that little bit might go a long way. "Good for him." Let Cage get all tangled up in this madness.

"Roger!" Stronger now, summoning the teddy bear for the assist. "Get her!" Using the last of their strength, or close to it, Bridget hucks the bear at Jezebel, leaving the fluff covered mechanical monster to try and plow into Jezebel's midsection while Bridget tries to catch their breath, unsteady on their feet.

COMBATSYS: Bridget successfully hits Jezebel with Roger Rush.

[                          \\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Jezebel          1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1          Bridget

"Terry Rogers doesn't CARE about you, MURDERER!"

That is Jezebel's response as Bridget calls for Roger. Terry, for his purposes, is cursing mildly as it looks a lot like his 'guest' is going berserk on a small... girl? Boy? It was right on the border for Terry. But the rabid Spangles was already chasing after Bridget. She was about ready to kick Bridget -right- in the ribs when the Teddy Bear comes for the assist again. Flying in a desperate frenzy, she twists to hurl herself away, to roll away, to ESCAPE.

And she takes the hit.

And that seems to snap something else in her.

"YOU STUPID BEAR!" She screams, as she starts circling around like a stunned bull moose. Frothing at the mouth, her smile was burning on her lips, as her eyes roll around her head. "You maniacs. You crazy, sick people. You are all trying to bring me down. You want me to hate me again. You want me to be disgusted with the aging scarred woman I am turning into. You want me to hate myself, so I can try and kill myself again. But you can't make that happen. I won't let you. I! WON'T! LET YOU!" She suddenly snaps back in focus, as she aims to -slam- her foot right between Bridget's legs, to send the youth airborne...

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Bridget          1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Bridget with A Few Dollars More EX.

[                                <
Bridget          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

Jezebel slams her foot hard between Bridget's legs, sending her into the air.



Not her in the air.

Jezebel's eyes widen, in shock, jaw slackening. She felt it. She felt it, right in the base of the top of her foot. There was no boots this time. It was so exposed, so real. She felt it before, she felt it so many times before. She stares up, and then, at her own foot, like she stepped in a pile of dog feces.

A man's testicles.

Jezebel's face screws up into a look of disgust, of sheer disgust. "That's a MAN!" She screams, pointing at the man, eyes wide around the crew, around Terry, around the large, bald black man staring at her warily. "That's not a woman, but a MAN in DISGUISE! DISGUSTING!" She shrieks. "It's a MAN dressed as WOMAN! DISGUSTING FILTHY SICK! WRONG! WRONG!" She lectures to the crew, dazed, enraged. "Can't you see how WRONG THEY ARE!? What kind of DISGUSTING FREAKS they are SENDING at ME!?"

The crew one by one begins to turn their backs on Jezebel.

Jezebel stares blearly eyed, as she snarls in rage. Terry shakes his head, at the display of hate, of woman. Jezebel finally snaps kick, intercepting Bridget HARD before she can touch the ground, a flash of explosions ripping around them both. It knocks Jezebel on her back, as she rolls on the ground. She writhes, hugging herself, clinging to herself. "Perverts, disgusting... freaks... monsters... diseased FREAKS..." She mutters, her eyelids fluttering. A shadow passes over her. "Lady..." The deep voice rumbles. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you."

"But you are being a god damn crazy ass bitch.

Jezebel spits a bloody mass of sputum, before passing out.

Struggling to function, there's an attempt to move out of the way of that incoming foot. It fails. They try to get clear, but no. Poor lefty takes the brunt of the kick, though if you ask righty? Righty says /he/ got the worst of it. There's a terrible popping sensation, and then agony that causes Bridget to /howl/ while in flight, seeking to curl up instinctively before Jezebel's booted foot finds Bridget once more, smashing the slim figure into Barely holding himself together, the blonde youth sent flying horizontally this time, crashing hard into a wall and laying still, everything gone black and there's freedom from the pain of those crushed manberries.

Terry Roger looks over the aftermath.

"Well, that's a right cop." He sighs at the destruction. It was bad enough that the interview backfired. But now a fight backstage? The cameras weren't even on, though the Crew Members certainly recorded it on their cellphones. It looked like another controversy. He should have taken that gig in Top Gear. Less trouble, less crazies. Terry pinches his temples, as he facepalms a moment. There is a crashing sound, as a stage light is knocked over. Looking up, he finds the culprit.

"What are you up to, Marduk?"

The hulking, 7-foot grappler was no longer in his bear suit, but was now clad in his NOL uniform, practically bursting at the seams. Rubbing his bald head, he was casting a shadow over Bridget, as the rest of the crew looks over the unconscious Jezebel. And having giving his words to Jezebel, he was over at Bridget, the unconscious young man laying there helplessly. He was looking over the nun. "Ah! Ah! Don't touch that, Marduk!" The interviewer pipes up. "You don't know where he's been..." Marduk shakes his head.

"I gotta say, Terry, I don't agree with your assessment!"

Marduk looks over Bridget some more, inspecting the youth. "He looks like he's in a really bad situation, and even though he is dressed like a girl for some reason, I think we need to get him to a hospital or some kind of shit! I mean, first you let Crazy McNutso on the show, skipping over me, and then you let this happen Terry? I gotta say, this is really fucking awful! I'm gonna load him in my Hummer, and cruise him to the hospital!" Terry shakes his head firmly. "Marduk, you are just going to get yourself in more trouble! You are already in a lot of trouble as it is!" Marduk ignores Terry, as he heaves Bridget over his shoulder. Turning to leer at Terry, he practically growls, as he begins to carry Bridget off. "You forget Terry..."

"I always get what I want!"

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