Abigail - A Masters Business Venture

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Description: Ken Masters comes a calling with an offer Abigail just can't refuse...VROOOOOM!!!

A faint breeze gently blows, forcing the water nearby to gently lap across the harbor docks. A smell of salt and fish fills the air as the gulls cry loudly, searching for their next victim to pilfer tidbits of food and whatnot from.

None of that however really matters one single bit.

A line of vans is parked omniously outside a single business with the horrifically tacky neon sign that reads 'Abigail's Scrap Metal'. The cries of the seagulls seem to simmer down as the doors to each of the vans open, as men with camera gear suddenly rush out, quickly photographing and filming the surrounding area, their chatter obviously pointing to excitement.

It seems that someone is looking to cause a big stir here...

The roaring sound of Death Metal shakes the area with all the force of a seismic event, rattling glass, shaking abandoned cars and flickering lights.

'Red Lights, can't stop this beast!!

No mercy, we own these streets!!

And on and on the nonsense goes. The thrumming raging throaty roars and the deep booming impact of drums and guitars emerging from the epic center of the aforementioned junk yard, heedless of the arrival of the vans and uncaring at the fact that this entire section of the city is likely being kept awake by these antics.

The cartoonish billboard image of a grinning monstrosity of a man situated next to that gaudy neon sign shakes and trembles from the booming impacts of the music. When the man himself actually emerges from the depths of the warehouse, weaving and bobbing and bouncing to the beat of the music, it's pretty obvious that the billboard image of him is vastly understating just how freakishly gigantic the world's biggest Street Fighter is.

He's also literally carrying a car on his shoulders with about the same ease someone else might carry an empty book bag.

"Metal Lord, that's breathing fire!!" he roars, in tune with the song. A song dedicated to..himself!

His squinted eyes and revelry make him oblivious to the vans that are lining up all to close to his place of business...but eventually he does notice and he turns slightly, cranking an eyebrow up and crinkling the face paint on his pit bull like features. "Hruh.. What the..?"

The cameramen rush around, quickly comparing notes on how to best utilize the area as a whole. Some of them start scrambling around the outerwalls of the shop, while others quickly start taking visual measurements on where the best angles might come from. Two of them have even managed to climb up nearby lightpoles like trained acrobats, quickly looking down and appreciating the locale as a whole.

As Abigail finally starts taking notice of the literal media circus that is running amuck outside his business, one of the more important looking men quickly rushes forward into the shop to shake the giant man's hands, paying no attention to the fact Abigail is carrying an actual car on his shoulders. "Abigail, right? It's great to meet you! I'm John Myers, the director for an upcoming television show. My boss said this would be the perfect location for filming, and man, was he right!"

The director continues to ramble on, gushing about how wonderful the shop is, glancing around and nodding happily at the different piles of junk, or various projects that are underway. "We'd be delighted if you'd allow us to film here."

"Whoa, whoa, WHAT??" Abigail's expression alternates between mid fury to confusion to curiousity to a mixture of furious confused curiousity all at the same time as he is assaulted with the flurry of information and his eyes begin flickering everywhere to watch the rapid fire antics of the camera crew as they begin rushing in and out of his modding warehouse and up and down the light poles and appearing in places one would have thought impossible to reach by normal humans.

"Wait just a second! You can't just show up and start setting up like this in my shop!? What sort of show? Why didn't I get any calls first??!"

Of course the fact that he's been on the road for months now with World Warrior and then these Saturday Night matches completely slips his mind along with the potential that this is another screw up by Two-P, Axl or J who are inconveniently not here.

The monster-modder kicks out a foot and loops a thick power cord under it before snapping back to yank a free and cut the blaring music. Naturally he doesn't bother lowering the volume of his own voice despite no longer needing to shout.

"I aint given no permission until I get told what the hell's going on and what type of money and publicity I'm getting out of it!!" A meathead he may be - but he's a meathead good at making money.

"Mister Abigail, sir, I assure you that we are not going to actually start any sort of filming without your consent. As to the money and publicity, sir, well.. It would be filmed on location here in your garage, so your company name alone would be a focal point of where we are located while filming. That alone would drive up your business twenty-fold." The director seems to be doing his best to try and appease Abigail, however he's not quite doing the best job.

"As to the type of show sir, it is a contest of who can build the better car. The challengers, or our champion. The challengers would face each other, in order to win the chance to beat our current champion and take their throne as the Master of the Garage." The director grins as the sounds of a Porsche 911 scream out in the distance. "Of course, we would need judges who are masters of the craft in order to properly judge which is the better..."

The man is doing pretty well considering he has an irate nine foot tall, closing in on half ton of muscle, man staring him down with an expression that would not be out of place on a pit bull getting ready to lock jaws on something from now until eternity. Even more impressive considering that the car the behemoth is carrying is slowly crumpling up like tin foil as Abigail's muscles tense and his massive limb curls inward treating the junked car like so much wet cardboard as his irritation rises..

But then he hears the pitch and his eyes widen slightly and a light bulb seems to switch on in his head. Well..firstly the show is about cars and building and modding cars so right away his attention is gotten. When the mention of celebrity judges comes up, he inclines his head and further arcs an eyebrow in consideration of what this could possibly lead to.

"Eh? So some sort of...uh..reality..show? Like that cooking contest with Darkstalker themed menus..?"

His ears twitch as he picks up on the sound of the approaching Porsche. "Eh That sound slike a 911 GT2 RS at 690 hp.."

"Yes sir, a bit like that. However our menu is cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles. Really, anything you can attach a motor to, and how much you can customize it and make people REALLY have to own it." The director relaxes a bit as he watches Abigail closely. One false move, and he'd be no more then a bug on a 18 wheeler's windshield.

The sound of the Porsche gets closer, until its close enough to coast up to the door of the garage. Expert control brings the car to a stop without the atypical revving of the engine before its placed in park. As the door of the car opens, the worlds most famous blonde slowly climbs out, smoothing out the silken white dress shirt that rests upon his body.

Ken wastes no time walking up to the director and Abigail, quickly throwing an arm around the director's shoulders and grinning at the behemoth who owns the shop. "What'd I say John? Perfect, isn't it?" Quickly letting go of the director, Ken slides closer to Abigail. "I'm a bit sad, Abigail. I figured that when I gave you my card you'd have called me by now..." An almost sincere look of dispair crosses the charismatic battler's face, as he then brightens up. "But! I figured 'Well, if he isn't going to call me at least to tell me my car's ready, I'll just have to come down and check on him!'"

Well now, this changes quite a bit! Abigail's eyes widen in surprise and then he relaxes, becoming even more at ease. Now normally he wouldn't have much time or much to think of where rich pretty boys like Ken are concerned... but Ken's arsenal of car's, past exploits with them and the fact that he's..well...Ken Masters so far as his fighting reputation goes, goes a long way to keep him on the positive and not the negative where Abigail's perception of people is concerned.

"You!" he rumbles in surprise and then pauses to consider Ken's words, "..Well I've been kinda busy being a World Warrior now..." his voice trials off as he considers things. Do they actually still have Ken's car in there? It's been months..

Yeah they probably do. Abigail blinks a few times and then shrugs that off as if such happenings are fairly normal around these parts. "So..this your doing, Ken Masters?" he rumbles while pointing a huge gnarled tree branch of a finger at the director and then swiveling the massive digit over to Ken. "This show is your show?"

"Well, of course it'd be my doing. How many other people do you know who have auto shows, that would be absolutely at home in a place like this?" Ken flashes a rather sly smile Abigail's way as he moves to sit atop a closed barrel. With the air of much practice and ease, he quickly hops onto the barrel, and sits, clasping his hands together in a rather innocent way.

"I did tell you that I'd be in touch. And here I am. I want to do a show here. This time, instead of me screwing around with projects of my own.." An almost over-confident air comes from Ken now as he crosses his legs, looking a tad more serious then most actually see.

"I need a location, one that would have enough tools and parts for everyone to use. It has to be someplace that will rarely ever have the same thing available every time. Obviously, a scrap yard is the best place of all. And if you're really on the up and up as you say you are, then this would be the perfect business venture for you."

A quick glance is given around the shop, only for Ken to raise his right hand, scratching idly at the bottom of his chin. "Of course, this is your shop, and whatever you say would go. Heck, I'd even say you have the right to decide the theme of the build..."

People tend to presume the worst of Abigail when they see him - and well maybe they should being that he's a nine foot tall monster of a man with biceps so big he can wear tires around them as arm bands. Being known as the Bay Area Chief and still being called 'Chief' by former Mad Gear members also does a lot for his reputation as well as the fact that he doesn't think twice about walking over cars or through walls like the proverbial juggernaut.

But there's so much more to him then that..one of them being..he knows how to make money, legitimately, and run a business. He smells opportunity and being on the same page interest wise as the person bringing said opportunity makes it really hard to have a poker face about this. One can see right through the mask of his Death Metal facial paint to see the kid in the candy store look in his eyes. He's in.

"Weelllll.." he begins, slowly, "....I got a backlog of modding jobs to deal with and important clients I can't put off but... Yer idea..sounds..like fun!" There's a pause as his 'hard to get' mask completely shatters and he rumbles, "I'm in!"

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