SNF 2018.04 - SNF: Rondo Of Blood

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Description: Rachel Alucard is a mystery to the broader world. There are rumors and evidence of the figure, but nothing clearly solid. That is, except one detail: her father is no more, and she is thus probably an orphan. And it is time for a crack team of SNFers to find out! The combined effort of Belt Champion Jacky and Showgirl Heartthrob Felicia must confront the mysterious maiden in a mysterious castle, to bring her before the Saturday Night Fight for promotional adoption. Armed with a suicide squad of a camera crew, they descend into the darkness as they hunt down the mysterious girl. Will they get their wish? Or will they merely get some tea time?

Everything about this specific SNF event is absolutely, positively, a bad idea. The venue is planned around superstition and folklore that may not even be true. And if even parts of it ARE true, that only makes the idea even worse. Either there is a dangerous vampire at the heart of all this, or there isn't. Neither outcome is ideal for a weekend fighting event.

But then again, a cursory review of SNF events in the past will clearly reveal that 'safety' and 'sanity' often have little to do with what the organizers come up with to keep viewing audiences engaged.

In the Eastern European nation of Romania, far from civilization, there is a legend about an ancient Gothic castle that appears within a valley permanently covered in shadow by the three craggy mountain peaks that surround it. Legends say that it can only be found on the night of a full moon. Two months ago, following a half year of preparation and exploration, a small team of bold monster hunters finally verified that the legend has merit, discovering the stone edifice with tall spires reaching over thirty stories into the air.

Eager to confirm the other half of the rumor and perhaps rid the world of one of its dangerous apex predators, they ventured within. Six hours later, the small party all suddenly appeared splashing down into a pond in the heart of Metro City Park. The stories they told about their adventure were hardly taken seriously - of the castle itself, of the halls of undead, the ghoulish, and the monstrous. Of the traps and winding corridors seemingly designed to confuse and disorient. And of the vampire princess behind it all, the vile creature that brought their venture to an end by teleporting them all the way around the globe when she tired of toying with them.

Their story was largely dismissed by the world at large. None of them appeared to be grievously wounded. And there were bigger, more important things going on. Like Golden Angel PPVs and World Warrior. It all blew over and likely would have been completely forgotten.

But then someone at the SNF offices heard about it and got the wild-eyed idea of recreating the story for a fight venue. All they needed were two lucky honorary 'Monster Hunters', some sob story about a poor orphaned girl, and off they went.

Jacky, Felicia, the honorary monster hunters, and a small crew of camera men and one man as the designated MC of the event have been flown to Romania, traveling the last leg by a pair of large helicopters to the valley rumored to be the point of interest. Always dark simply because the mountains forever block out the sun during the day, it is darker even now, at night. The sky is overcast, a soft rain falling, the temperatures cool but not freezing.

While it can't be seen through the cloud cover, it is a full moon tonight, and as promised, there is a building. A great, Gothic structure, situated in the valley. A moat surrounds it. Entering it would be a feat for the camera crew if not for the skilled fighters featured in this event if not for the fact that the drawbridge is lowered and the portcullis beyond it is wide open.

There seems to be nothing preventing the SNF crew from heading across the bridge and into the courtyard beyond. The edifice within appears to be a blend of Gothic cathedral and Eastern European castle. Immense, with the front two spires reaching high into the sky, it is shaped like a cross lying on the ground, with an East and West wing, and a very long central main building running north and south.

Oh, and there's the welcoming party. Slow moving zombies, faster moving animated skeletons with golden glowing eyes, begin to stumble into the courtyard from side walls or the building's entrance itself.

The SNF crew being noncombatants, it falls to Felicia and Jacky to deal with the Fright Night rejects shambling toward the group!

Due to the rather... remote and rugged nature of the terrain out here, Felicia has eschewed her more human form and disguises for her full on Catwoman appearance, and the extra muscle and ruggedness that came with it. She kept a leather satchel with her things in it--GPS phone, address book, spare makeup, waterbottle--but that was about it. The waterbottle was for her, though not the kind you spray cats with--the kind you drink out of.

A large man-with-no-name-style poncho over her shoulders and a pair of foam wrap-around sandals was about the rest of her gear for this trip, approaching the castle and trying to meet up with Jacky when... suddenly zombies?

"It's been a while since I've seen actual undead before--even moreso such a lower form of it--eww, these ones have gone off!" Felicia has been clearly hanging around England way too long lately, their turns of phrase have started to creep into her speech. She had to give it to the orchestrator here, she hadn't expected an actual... dungeon-style/encounter!

Felicia is not sure how to tackle the slower moving ones at first--did they projectile vomit? She wasn't sure--the skeletons were probably a bigger threat for her, being faster--she proceeds to start cracking some skulls!

With the difficulty of reaching this fabled haunted castle, it does come naturally that the SNF crew would have to arrange for helicopters to take the fighters to the last leg of the hike there, passing over the steep, craggy Carpathians. But Jacky? Jacky isn't one to just ride in some little glass bubble with a propeller like he's taking a tour of the Montana scenery or something. No. Jacky has Bryant money. And the Bryants also have their own special forces security team, complete with all the assets, resources, and trappings of a full fledged PMC.

This includes a Boeing MH-47 Chinook helicopter, a dual rotored behemoth used for transport of military personnel and equipment the world over.

Right now, this hulking display of engineering genius and logistical might comes descending from the dense cloud cover, noisily "chopping" the air, and flooding the bridge below with light from a series of mounted floodlights. In place, the Chinook descends, until it is some 40 feet or so, where it just turns in place, so that the tail end aligns with the bridge. The large bay door in the back lowers, opening into the innards of the beast like some gaping maw of darkness.


Jacky's distinct enthusiasm rings in his voice as it spills from the loudspeakers mounted to the helicopter, blaring in every direction and echoing off of the rocky walls of the mountains surrounding the castle.


The speakers start kicking out the iconic guitar riffs of a metal classic, Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills". Just as Bruce Dickinson's unmistakable vocals kick in to spin a tale of white men's evils, there is the rip roaring whine of a performance built engine, and twin beams of light peer out from the darkness of the Chinook's bay.

Suddenly, an all black indy racing car erupts from the back, practically leaping off of the ramp like a rocket. Its arcing trajectory soars far overhead, as it roars over the SNF camera crew and casts an ominous shadow over them. The car has a few decorations to make it seem to fit in better with the surroundings. The front wings that extend off of the nose, as well as the spoiler, are both shaped with a scalloped design that makes them seem to give the profile of bat wings. The lightweight, speeding car lands heavily, bouncing a few times, with the wheels already spinning and creating an ear piercing screech of burning rubber with each connection to the drawbridge. When it finally gains traction, it fishtails, and speeds across the way, barreling at racetrack speed into the courtyard.

There, as our intrepid, all-purpose, cultural catgirl starts to kick some undead ass, that bat-themed piece of racing machinery whips around. The smell of burnt rubber and exhaust fills the air, as the engines practically split the night with their eardrum busting volume, cranking up into high gear.

Jacky cuts the wheel, casting the car into an extended drift, leaving streaks of black across the cobblestone flooring, and using the car as a bludgeon to slam into zombie after skeleton after zombie, making each explode upon impact into a shower of bone and dessicated flesh.


As the indy car finally squeals to an abrupt stop, the Blue Streak himself uses the momentum of it to help him in a very dramatic leaping launch out of the car. The blonde haired fighter himself seems to have taken their surroundings and set up into consideration for the evening's festivities, as well, as when he's practically flying overhead, his long black overcoat, trimmed in bright red, billows out behind him, with tattered edges giving the impression of great demonic wings. The rest of the lean, mean, fighting and racing machine is decked out in a tuxedo, with a black vest, white gloves, polished shoes, and a dark silk ascot held with a ornamentation of a skull with batwings. Coupled with the large, upraised collar of his coat, he looks like Bella Lugosi's better looking, younger brother.

As he descends back to the earth, the Jeet Kun Do fighter dive kicks right into a skeleton, shattering it on impact, and immediately rushing into a throng of the undead. He wraps his arm around the neck of one zombie, and uses it as a balancing pole with which he holds on to, as he kicks up, and spins around, half running, half kicking a series of other zombies and skeletons with enough force to practically explode them on impact. As he does this rotation, he's cranking the head of the zombie he's holding around and around, and as he lands, it finally pops off, and Jacky then uses THAT as a projectile. Winding up, he throws the head into yet another skeleton, right in the ribcage with it smashes through the sternum and gets caught in the ribs, peering out dumbly.

"I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR YOU!!!" Jacky calls out triumphantly, pointing to the remaining undead as he comes to a standstill right beside Felicia.

Maybe this entire venture wasn't a bad idea, after all.

Within seconds, the SNF camera crew are busy capturing as much of the action footage as possible. The script writers responsible for framing all of this footage when it goes back for editing are already salivating at the potential narrative surrounding the two intrepid monster hunters (and PMC backup). Sure, Felicia might be a Darkstalker, but she's a Darkstalker with a heart of gold and a willingness to help fight the good fight against evil monsters. And Jacky Bryant is the brave soldier of fortune (with a fortune) unwilling to let evil go unstopped.

With the massive chopper, utterly insane vehicle launch, and courtyard demolition derby on the animated dead, this event is already shaping up to feature the most spectacular effects in recent SNF history.

Clearly the shambling zombies and charging skeletons had no idea what they were in for, with bones breaking under Felicia's strong strikes, Jacky's racing machine plowing a route clean through them followed by additional undead dismantling as he power launches from his vehicle.

If they weren't mindless constructs, they would probably have the good sense to just go right back to lurking wherever they wait between unwelcome visits to the castle. But no, they just continue advancing, oblivious to the inevitable destruction awaiting them, and the SNF crew is more than happy to eat it all up, cameras rolling, mics recording. There's only a handful of the decayed welcoming party left following the effective cleanup of the combat duo, with one of the skeletons preoccupied with trying to extricate a blinking zombie head from its shattered ribcage.

This is definitely a disaster for the home team.

From the belfries of the twin, massive spires on the front facing side of large structure, swarms of bats surge out into the misty sky. The winged bloodsuckers on the right are pitch black, their swarm an ebony shadow moving through the sky as it storms down toward the front of the cathedral entrance. The group from the left glow with a sanguine hue, an animated smear of blood that swirls down from the other side.

Atop the staircase, the two swarms collide, flying into a collapsing spiral that finally fades away, leaving in its wake, the mistress of the house herself.

Rachel Alucard is not an imposing figure. Under five feet tall, her stature may make her pass as one of the orphans this weekend SNF is all about helping out. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to be suffering from any kind of impoverishment, dressed in a layered Gothic attire with all blacks, greys, reds, and white lace. Her hair is done up in a pair of long twintails, each tied off by a black ribbon, the ends of which stick up and lean forward, giving an impression of a bit more height, or a pair of ears.

Her feet don't quite touch the damp stonework staircase as she hovers just off the ground, crimson eyes taking in the spectacle that has become of the courtyard, with its lights, cameras, roaring engines, and scattered undead parts.

At Rachel's side, sitting on the ground itself, is a large, pudgy black creature that looks feline in nature but far too soft and bulbous to actually be a literal mountain lion. And on her other side hovers a crimson bat-winged creature shaped mostly like a bean.

But for all her child-like appearance, Felicia, at least, would likely know that creature that has come to see what all the ruckus is about is the real deal - a vampire of tremendous power. The shuffling undead that provided no challenge at all for the two fighters have come to a stop now, standing listlessly as if no longer certain of their purpose.

Her right hand lifts to rest curled fingers against the side of her head, eyelids half closed. The drizzling rainfall doesn't quite reach her as if there is an unseen sphere shielding the child-like monster from such annoyances.

The large cat at her side is the first to speak, his cat eyes large and the color of blood. "Goodness, Princess, look at this mess. Though I will say that entrance may be the best we've ever seen. And such..." his eyes flick between Fecliia and Jacky, a purr to his voice, "Lovely company this time too."
The flying bean chimes in, "B-but what are they even doing here?"

The mistress of the house releases a soft sigh - for emphasis only, considering she doesn't actually need to breathe. "I already took it upon myself to investigate what this... ridiculous fracas is all about. Our visitors are attempting to entertain the world with some kind of..." Her left hand lifts from her side, waved back and forth dismissively, "Charity performance exhibition."

The new arrival drifts down to the base of the stairs, eyes opening as she studies Jacky and Felicia for another moment. "Very well. But I also demand to be entertained." She extends her right hand out to her side and the large cat-like creature shifts, drawn up and narrowing as if being pulled into a black hole. But rather than vanishing, he becomes, well, a black parasol. With cat ears. Which the blond vampire is content to hold over her head.

"Come," she smiles faintly, though there is no mirth to the expression. "If you are good enough to dance with me, I will be benevolent to your cause. But if you are unsure, you should leave. I cannot promise you will survive this gala if you show the slightest bit of hesitation."

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard has started a fight here on the left meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|

At least to her credit Felicia gives the crew something to actually film--her long muscular arms and legs sweeping out to trip and smash skeletons--before giving the more roadkill-esque undead a hard time. Speaking of roadkill--she nearly wound up such as Jacky rolls up in his rather flashy car! Ohshi--

Felicia was right in the middle of grappling with a decaying on the hoof zombie when Jacky rolled up--deftly taking the abomination by the shoulder and throwing it under the front bumper as Jacky comes to a stop. Sure, there'll be a bit of a thump--but she doubts the rockstar-looking guy will notice it, what with that much of a flashy entrance! The nearby decaying denizens dealt with, Felicia turns to their... host.

"Hey! Didn't I see you on a show, about a teenaged witch?" Felicia tilts her head at the large talking cat--really, Felicia is one to talk, though she doesn't try to pull the actual talking cat bit on people too much--except when she wants to screw with them, which is not often, to be fair!

"I'd be more up for dancing with Billy here--but sure, lets go, hiyah!" Felicia begins the fight by jumping into the air--then coming down with twin jump kicks!

COMBATSYS: Felicia has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

As the shambling horde is now left thinned and all but defeated, Jacky eases into a casual posture, one hand curled into a fist and pressed against his hip, and his stance slightly cocked to the side. The man has swagger for days that will certainly play well on the screen, for sure. And that lopsided grin, those sparkling blue eyes, with a fire that even this rainy, gloomy night cannot seem to extinguish. Yeah, Jacky's here to give a show.

But, when the towers of this castle explode, vomiting forth twin streams of seemingly endless bats, even his confidence takes a momentary hit, and his smile falters, replaced by a moment of shock and awe.

"Hey, what's this?" he asks of his partner, the seductively feline, and not at all like Michelle Pfieffer, Felicia. As the two disparate masses converge and congeal, Jacky's confusion only grows, and he puts a hand on Felicia's shoulder as he exclaims, "What the devil?!"

The little girl manifests, and Jacky stands, raising his fists and at the ready, anticipating some sort of evil trickery, or aggression. What else do you do in a situation where someone shows up like that? And he thought HIS entrance was impressive! Totally upstaged.

"HA! Salem! I get that reference!" he says with a loud, sharp crack of laughter at Felicia's joke to the bulbous catbrella. Then he side eyes her, and says, "You know... it's not like you have much room to talk, though, beautiful..."

For once, it isn't Jacky that's jumping the gun to kick things off. As Felicia suddenly lunges forward and goes full on blitzkrieg into assault mode, Jacky lags a moment behind, just letting his blue eyes follow the azure haired catgirl as she soars overhead.

"I could get used to that..."

But then, he's rushing forward, as well. Felicia, jumping, is taking the high road, while he takes the low, simply dashing across the courtyard until he reaches their target.

As Felicia lands from her Delta Kick, Jacky intends to use the moment that Rachel may be off balance from the attack, whether or not it succeeds or fails, to capitalize on his advantage. He tries to snake one of his arms around the back of the girl's neck, getting her into a headlock, so that he can snap one foot up behind him, thereby kicking her in the face with just enough force that, as he releases her, she'll fall backwards. It's a theory, at least.

"We're here to take you somewhere safe, and give you a new forever home! Little girls shouldn't be left alone in creepy castles with zombies and skeletons! Where certain there's some nice goth family out there who would LOVE to adopt a girl like you! YEAH!!"

COMBATSYS: Jacky has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////////////////////// ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Felicia's Delta Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////////////////////// ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Jacky successfully hits Rachel Alucard with Dragon Snap ES.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////////////////////// ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

"Oh ho ho," Nago, the large ridiculously soft looking cat, chortles at Felicia's comment before he gets pulled into his duty as a delicate looking sunshade. "I must say, being compared to one as refined and brilliant as Sir Saberhagen is quite the compliment. May he live on as an inspiration for us all."

Her demand made, Rachel Alucard waits, allowing her black boot-clad feet to finally touch the ground, both of her hands gripping the ebony shaft of her cat eared parasol. Her long twin tails, reaching almost down to the ground themselves, sway back and forth from the subtle air currents slipping through and around the courtyard.

But she needn't wait long. The catgirl leads the charge, definitely demonstrating a complete lack of hesitation, just as the vampiress had warned. With Jacky coming in at the same time, the short lady of the castle seems to be facing a two verses one scenario. Then, of course, she does have her two familiars.

Focusing on Felicia's double-foot dive kick, Rachel cooly reaches out with her left hand to seize Gii, the flying crimson bean, and pull him into the athletic woman's attack. The motion is a blur, so fast as to defy explanation, until that powerful kick smashes into the round body of the unfortunate familiar, squishing him inward, provoking a nasally whine, "Ow! Princess...!"

But Rachel is otherwise occupied, finding herself closed in on by Jacky, crimson eyes widening slightly as he aims to hook his arm around his smaller opponent's neck. "Unhand me, you brute-!" she has time to exclaim as he wrestles against her. There is some push back on his attempt to grapple the uptight princess into position, but it isn't enough to prevent him from bringing his foot back up for the quick heel toward her face. Her hands release their hold on her parasol and the black device melts quickly, changing shape in the blink of an eye, Nago stretching himself out, pudgy paws extended, diving to intercede.

Instead of the bony impact against the small statured hostess of this brouhaha, Jacky's heel digs into the more pliant, giving body of that bizarre cat. "Princ-mrphz!" the feline exclaims, his act seemingly one of desperation to take the hit rather than let the martial artist's foot touch the girl's face.

Released, Rachel leans back, zipping away from Jacky and Felicia, the black cat blobbing back into a parasol in her delicate looking hands. Coming to a stop a little ways off, she pauses, her eyes half-lidded as she takes in the unexpectedly coordinated duo. Gii, recovering from the dents Felicia's legs put in his body, flutters over toward the girl, moaning in pain.

"Good," Rachel appraises, "It seems this annoyance will not bore me." She lifts her right hand, flicking it at the wrist, "But it does seem I will need to teach you some manners as well. You will not be taking me anywhere. I did not feel it necessary to point out that I'm significantly older than either of you children, but I can see now that it is necessary to educate you on such matters."

She releases her hold on the cat-eared parasol, letting it flop to the ground, not as a cat, but a cat eared cannon?

"Do try to keep up." the girl declares as suddenly the cannon fires off a shot, sending a spinning pink blob arcing through the air toward the two. A second shot goes off a moment later, then a third, with three pink spinning masses plunging toward the two visitors.

A collision would be jarring, not for the mass itself, but for the discharge of a significant burst of electricity stored within each of the projectiles. Whether or not any of them connect, all three will end up bouncing to the courtyard floor somewhere or other, before suddenly springing up into pink iron rods decorated with little bats on the top, bat wings extended.

Surely, their significance will be made clear later.

Felicia at first realizes that Lolicula here is definitely a different kind of opponent--her kicks find no purchse and she's able to land deftly upon her sfeet again, taking a moment to pull her wrap-around sandals off so that her bare feet can clench the ground. To fight Rachel was like trying to shadowbox--like attempting to fight something that was too incoporeal to withstand blows. Or at least--she was able to easily have her subordinates take the hits for her--as she realized after knocking poor Gii over.

"Oh shit--sorry!" she ran the back of her hand over her forehead, coming away wet. She had worked up a sweat. A clear sign she needed to lay off the fancy feast and get back to some more serious working out these days. All the broadway and theater shows had done a number on her fitness!

"Damnit, don't ignore me, hiyah!" Felicia jumped up towards Rachel again, trying to deliver a very short and snapping sort of haymaker to her!

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Jacky with Tiny Lobelia.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////////////////////// ]
                                  |=------\-------\0          Felicia

"Did I just kick the cat?"

Jacky seems seriously concerned about this state of afairs. Honestly, he looks horrified. "Tell me I didn't just kick the cat! That's like seven years of bad internet luck! My porn searches will only t.. nevermind!"

Putting off his moment of horror brought about by unwitting animal abuse, Jacky Bryant falls into a loose, open stance, his fists only half closed, and his posture limber, bouncing back and forth on the balls of his feet, presenting only his side to Rachel and her companions, making him a smaller target.

"Oh man. Classic kid right there. She's really a big girl! Well, we're just trying to give the big girl a new pair of nice, loving parents who might buy her a pony! That's good, right?!"

Of course, by this time, Mina Tepes here has summoned forth her catcannon, and leveled it at Jacky. Jacky is a lot of things. Loud. Brash. A great racer. A competent fighter. He's a lot of things, and wears a lot of hats. He has no dearth when it comes to experiences.

But this? This was something new.

The canons fire and Jacky has a momentary reaction, an instinctual urge to place himself between Felicia and the shots. He raises his arms to try to block and mitigate the impact, but what good is that against the nature of those pink blobs and their electric charge? Jacky is thoroughly shocked, both literally and figuratively. Once. Twice. Thrice.


He falls back, with crackling electricity still arcing about his black overcoat, and... perhaps thankfully, with his hair standing on end again, after the drizzling rain had nearly flattened it.

And then Felicia is rushing in for that haymaker, and he's closing in just behind the catwoman. He's hoping that Felicia, again, will help to set Rachel off balance just enough that he can win out over her.

This time, he's grasping for one of her wrists, trying to draw it around to her back, much like a police officer might do to you if they caught you going over 120 mph in a 30 mph zone. His other arm will slip around the front of her neck, pulling back almost like a choke hold. If he manages this, he steps back with one foot, pulling Rachel back into a near freefall, only to draw that rear foot back up with an explosive knee to the center of her spine.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard dodges Jacky's Sadistic Hanging Knee.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////////////////////// ]
                                  |=------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard interrupts Aggressive Strike from Felicia with Rabbit's Adonis.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  /////////////////////         ]
                                  |=======\=------\1          Felicia

Hovering near his mistress, Gii has a bit of an indentation on the side of his face from where he absorbed the full kinetic force of Felicia's incoming attack. But little by little, it seems to be puffing back out. It's dubious, considering his bulbous form and how easily it gave under pressure, that he even has bones in the first place. Even still, Felicia's apology causes the little bat winged critter to open his mouth in aw, his eyes going wide.

Did someone... just apologize... for hurting him? Has that /ever/ happened before. His tiny mouth hangs agape and he even forgets to flap his wings for a moment, causing him to start to tumble out of the sky before he catches himself and flits back up. One can almost imagine his eyes becoming tiny hearts as he gazes back at the lovely cat girl. "I-it's okay! I don't hold it against you! You can do it again if you m-must!"

Rachel rolls her eyes, releasing an other exaggerated sigh. "Really, Gii, stop fraternizing with the opponents. I cannot abide an ally who can't keep his head in the game. If this keeps up, I will simply have to replace you."

That seems to be enough to get the little bat familiar to gulp nervously.

Her eyes flick over to Jacky next as he expresses distress at having kicked the cat-shaped black mass that keeps contorting into different forms to suit the little blond's immediate needs. Her parasol has something to say on the matter, of course, though it isn't clear where his refined voice is coming from at the moment. "I will go to any lengths to prevent the princess from coming to harm." Including getting kicked in the face, it seems.

The tiny vampire lifts her hand to rest against the side of her head again, looking at Jacky with an expression of displeasure. "I have an entire stable back at the main castle," she replies, carefully not mentioning that all the steeds housed there are skeletal, rotting, and probably the inspiration for Ring Wraith steeds.

"I do not want a pony."

Another idle wave of her right hand conjures a swirl of black energy that moves as if a floating liquid at first before congealing and melting away to reveal a... flying Jack-o-Lantern? With bat wings. Its eyes and mouth aglow with with a bold yellow light from whatever candle illuminates its shelled out interior. For now, it just hovers there, looking spooky and out of season.

"Besides," she continues. "It's not like I'm alone here. I have plenty of interesting company. For example," her left hand pulls away from her parasol, palm raised as she leans forward slightly. From seemingly no where, a frog roughly the size of her head hops out of her hand to land on the stonework courtyard. "Permit me to introduce you to George XIII, one of the most regal individuals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting."

The frog croaks but otherwise sits still, his frog eyes blinking. It really just looks like a large, normal frog.

The additional distractions summoned, Rachel releases her hold on Nago once more, the black parasol melting away, falling down around her shoulders, becoming flat and elongated, until it has transformed into a shrouding cloak of raven black fabric that covers the vampiress's form.

Again, the two close in on her and she continues to look calm though it would be wrong to call her disinterested. Her eyes, even when half-lidded, are focused on the two. It has been a long while since she's had visitors that merit a personal intervention on her part.

When Jacky reaches for her, Rachel moves her arm into his grasp, cloaked in the black fabric that was her feline familiar only a moment before. And when he goes to wrench it behind her back, she slips free of the cloak, leaving it in Jacky's grip while she backs into Felicia's incoming hammering punch. The back of the cloak grows two crimson cat eyes that peer at Jacky. "Goodness, so forward, and we haven't even been formally introduced yet."

Raising both hands over her head, Rachel closes her eyes, seeming to ignore the incoming feline powered punch...

In that moment, the sky is torn asunder, a massive column of salmon colored lightning blasting down directly into Rachel, as if the tiny girl was a living lightning rod. Of course, the magical stormbringer is unaffected by her own bolt of charged power, but Felicia is unfortunately swinging right into it in the same moment, the force of her blow mitigated by the black lash of power that seeks to blast her clean away from Rachel.

The Gothic dressed girl drifts away slowly this time, as if carried by unseen currents, moving at an angle perpendicular to the space between Felicia and Jacky. Confident as she seems to be, she is still wary about being surrounded by them... perhaps the gulf is not so large as she continuously attempts to imply.

"Well Jeez, if we don't wind up with our blood sucked out of this, I might take you up on that!" Felicia is adept at being catty, but she can be flirty as well. At least good-naturedly. She's not trying to put one over on the poor winged servant. Felicia then attempted to give the Lolivamp a haymaker--and her nails seem to touch something this time--though as the lightning begins to rains down, well... Felicia finds it a hair-raising experience! And fur, and tail, and pretty much everything is shocked to standing up on her at that. The energy of it badly burns her too--along her arms and body, winding up smacking against the stone floor of the walkway with her heart momentarily stopping--before her regeneration and Werecat physiology instantly kickstarting it again.

As Felicia pulls herself back up, she is determined to get Rachel back for that--putting her shoulders outward as she prepared herself--her body suddenly wreathed in glowing white chi as she rapidly spun herself into a ball--rolling toward Rachel with blinding speed. On contact, she'd unroll herself into a lightning fast uppercut!

"Nonsense! Everyone wants a pony! Man, you should have heard my sister growing up. Pony this, pony that. When she finally got one, you couldn't pull her out of the stable! She still loves her horses!" Jacky proclaims, as he's wrenching... a shawl? Catshawl? Off of Rachel's shoulders. When it speaks, he looks down at it, blinks, and then throws it aside. "But no one sane likes frogs! They're gross, slimy, and give you warts!!!"

Jacky makes a soccer style punting kick at the frog, before he advances on at Rachel, circling around in a wide arc so that he can line her up between both he and Felicia, after that lightning bolt crashes down and lights up Felicia. He has to wince at that. That looked painful. He can smell the burnt fur in the air, coupled with the ionization of it from the lightning itself. Still, Jacky is nothing if not bravado!

"So you can summon lightning! Nice!" he chirps, sounding delighted as he can possibly be. "But... My Kicks..."

With this, Jacky comes rushing at Rachel, now that Felicia is recovering from getting obliterated. "...are faster than lightning!!!"

As Felicia rolls like a bowling ball at Rachel from one side, Jacky comes in at the other. He draws his hands up, defending himself as he takes his trailing right foot and swings it around with a roundhouse kick aimed low at Rachel's legs, twisting first his upper body, then hips, and then leg to draw more power out and channel it into the attack.

"Just!" he kicks.

"Let!!" Another kick, higher now, at around hip level.

"Us!!!" And another!

"Help!!!" This kick is thrown at near shoulder level.

"YOU!!!" This last aimed for the vampiress' temple, chambered as the previous ones, but his follow through is absolute, pivoting on his foot as his leg swings about with the force and fury of a cyclone.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Jacky's Lightning Kick EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  /////////////////////         ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Rachel Alucard with ES Rolling Buckler.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  /////////////////////         ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

Tossed aside, the black cloak loses its shape, bloating back out into the large, black cat who's shape shifting seems to be a key component of the bratty girl's defensive strategies. Landing on all fours, he begins to amble back after Rachel, looking awkwardly hurried considering his rather nonathletic design. "Coming, princess!"

Rachel's attention seems somewhat divided, eyes flicking back and forth between Jacky and Felicia. There may be the faintest hint of a smile at her lips as she surveys her handiwork on the electrocuted cat girl, however. "Hmm... yes, if you are so concerned about my wellbeing, perhaps you both could become permanent residents of my castle. It is an awfully large fortress for just one vampire. I'm sure it could accommodate a couple more."

The SNF crew continues to do their work, managing to operate entirely on the periphery of the energetic if confounding conflict, definitely not wanting to miss out capturing one moment of the cinematic exchanges between the three combatants. The hazard pay for those guys must be significant.

As Jacky points out that really no one likes frogs, Rachel frowns, however, her attention shifting from Felicia over toward him just in time to see him take a swing for George XIII. "Ribb-" the frog points out, vanishing just before the man's foot would have sent it flying, the world's most unaerodynamic soccer ball. The tiny immortal in black huffs, "Really, my tolerance for your ruffian asperity does have its limits, you should know."

But she really need concern herself more with Jacky's incoming assault, as he seeks to prove his claim comparing the speed of his kicks to lightning itself. And, all things considered, it's a reasonable comparison. Though Rachel's response seems as dispassionate as ever, there is a slight undertone of haste on her part not present thus far in the fight. Without Nago at her side, she is perhaps more vulnerable than she had been earlier.

At her side, Gii seems to be mesmerized by Felicia, his chubby crimson cheeks somehow managing to display a hint of sheepish blush. One can almost picture him clasping his hands in front of him, scuffing one of his taloned feet shyly but for the fact that he doesn't actually have arms.

Unfortunately, his opportunity to watch the graceful feline warrior in action is cut short as Rachel's hand snaps him out of the air again, moving him into the path of Jacky's blisteringly fast kicks, intercepting each strike as if she was a coach catching a pupil's strikes with a padded training glove. Each impact squishes the crimson winged thing a little more as Rachel moves him expertly into position for each swift kick...

"Uuoough." is the commentary the battered familiar has to offer on the matter. It's the last kick that really hits home, however, Gii knocked clean out of Rachel's hand by the powerful cycloning spin kick smashes into him with even more force than before.

"Tch," the vampire grunts, looking unamused, whirling to check on Felicia's status... only to be bowled into by the spinning ball of opalescent chi and athletic werecat. "Gah!" the little girl exclaims, slammed from the side by a tackle any pro football player would be proud of. In spite her small stature, it doesn't completely devastate the tiny target, but the uppercut that digs into her dress-covered torso dislodges her, knocking the lightning weaver up into a small arc before plunging back down toward the courtyard floor.

"Priiiinceeess!" Nago exclaims then, leaping forward at the last moment, sprawling out as he hits the ground right where Rachel lands, cushioning her fall as if a bed of feathers. She doesn't even have to get up to her feet on her own, the feline's shape expanding upward, allowing the pampered vampire to simply step forward, her boots coming down on the courtyard floor. She glares toward Felicia then, her right hand lifting, palm wiping across her mouth, coming away with a tiny streak of crimson.

"Of course, before you can join me, we will have to make sure you're properly house trained..." Her glare fades after a moment, her temper seeming to cool, a faint smile returning, "Though I wonder... how you get along with werewolves, little kitty."

She turns toward Jacky then, her right hand swinging out in a backhanded motion, unleashing a sudden burst of wind swirling in the form of a six foot tall tornado of powerful currents that seek to batter the charismatic man and knock him away. "As for you... at least you came in the proper attire. All that remains is a lesson in humility."

Felicia was definitely commanding more size and weight due to the form she was in--either of her combatants would have likely seen her before--but in her far more slender human-ish form, that she used during a lot of her stage and media appearances. She finally succeeds at getting a clear shot at Rachel--and she can feel her tendons and joints pop as her first connects in that rising uppercut of the lolivamp--pushing her into the air.

"Sorry to rough up your handler there, but--" Felicia asides to Gii, just as she attempts to give Rachel another furious thrashing.

Felicia pushes herself even harder this time, trying to leap toward Rachel with monstrous speed and grapple onto her with her legs--furiously slashing at her with both arms!

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Jacky with Solomon's Seal.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1            Jacky
                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

Poor, poor Gii. Jacky really does give him a good walloping, with each kick landing into his squishy beanbod with the pointed toes of his polished Italian leather shoes, until he is punted away with his painful exclamation. As Jacky exits the spin on that final kick, he lifts one hand to cup the side of his mouth and shouts after him, "So very sorry!!! That wasn't meant for you!!"

Back in the fray, Jacky watches Felicia get in a good one on the hostess of this Fright Night Fightfest, sending her rocking. He lets out a whoop of triumph for his teammate. "That's what I'm talking about! YEAH!!!"

"You can't have it both ways, sister! Which is it? Do you want me to stick around forever, or do you dislike my attitude?" Jacky asks, just as Rachel gets righted onto her feet by her fatcat familiar. "Ruffian asperity is part of my charm!"

As Rachel sends out the column of swirling air, Jacky's eyes go wide as saucers and his eyebrows nearly meet his hairline. He's used to people fighting with their fists and feet. He's not so familiar with all of these magic and ki based attacks. That is certainly going to be something he needs to focus on, in the future! What does he even do with an attack like that?!

As Felicia tries to give Rachel of the Cat Scratch Fever, Jacky is swept up in the tornado, which spins him right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round, round round. He's lifted off of his feet, and sent hurtling a few yards away, where, as he tumbles in the air, he manages to lash out with one hand and drag his gloved fingertips across the ground, helping him right himself into a landing on his feet, even if he stumbles backwards from the remaining momentum.

"That wasn't your best shot!!!"

He closes in with a lunging in punch, aiming low to try to ram his knuckles deep, deep, deep into the pit of the vampire loli's gut. His other fist comes swinging around with a powerful hook, aimed at the girl's face, and hopefully catches her on the chin. It'd be nice to score a straight, clean knock out. Still, he's not going to let up with that, as he follows through with a backfist, and then ends it all off by chambering his leg, knee to chest, and then thrusting outward with a lunging, powerful sidekick at Rachel's chest to send her careening away, and hopefully setting her up for Felicia's next attack.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard dodges Felicia's Scratch Attack.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |=------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Jacky successfully hits Rachel Alucard with Rage of Dragons EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |=------\-------\0          Felicia

Gii's flight through the air eventually takes him into a collision course with the wall of the black stone Gothic structure where he flattens then peels off, flopping onto the ground on his back, tiny taloned feet sticking up in the air. While he did his duty, voluntarily or otherwise, in defending Rachel from Jacky's last attack, it does leave her without the surprisingly durable minion for the moment as he tries to figure out which way is up.

"So pretty..." he murmurs in a detached, dazed tone of voice.

Nago, meanwhile, regains his normal form, sitting on his haunches at Rachel's side, a cat nearly as tall as she is. "Do not address the princess as sister, it's Lady Alucard to you, scoundrel!" His voice, deep yet flamboyant, bears a hint of a growl, though it seems born more of annoyance than menace. As if something that looks like a sentient black beanbag with paws could actually menace anyone.

For his impudence, Jacky suffers a concentrated, powerful tornado beyond gale force winds. By the time he's landed, the spontaneous mini-storm has dissipated, its purpose served.

Recovering with the skill of someone who's no stranger to wild fights, Jacky snaps back with a blend of bravado and taunt, and the vampiress's eyes narrow slightly, a crimson glow present in her irises that wasn't there before.

"You and your entire entourage wouldn't survive my best shot, mortal." she retorts, sounding a touch irritable. Extending her arms out to her sides, a pair of crimson bat wings stretch out from the back of her dress at waist level height. Part of her attire, they are made of cloth rather than leathery flesh, but the demonstration does give the pint sized bloodsucker a bit more of a presence.

Unfortunately for her, both fighters attack in unison this time, Felicia and Jacking coming at her simultaneously. And with Gii just then pulling himself together to hover up off the ground and whirl around in search of Rachel, she has only her feline familiar to help with defense. And defend he does, crimson cat eyes widening as he sees Felicia leaping for his mistress behind. "Princess!" he exclaims, leaping with surprising speed for how lumpy he is, intercepting the werecat's assault. If she wants to treat anything like a clawing post, at the moment, it will have to be Nago's hide as he expands up, narrowing, becoming a sheet of pliable but unbreakable fur covered steel to absorb whatever pain was originally meant for the vampire.

This leaves Rachel to contend with Jacky herself. Her wings expanded, her lips are drawn back, tiny fangs protruding down from her row of top teeth. With no familiars to take the hit for her, she's left to withstand the onslaught on her own. His fist digs in deep as intended.

There is no gasp even though he landed a diaphragm crushing blow. She simply hadn't any air in her lungs at just that moment anyway. More importantly, however, is that in spite the give, and in spite the storm of strikes he transitions into with expert skill, smashing his hands and feet into the vampire child is like hitting a wall. The martial artist has almost definitely smashed through bricks with more give than this pint sized terror.

The hook impacts her face, turning her head slightly, but she snaps her focus back at him, eyes flashing as she takes a blow to the opposite cheek from his backfist, head turning the other way. She's weathering the storm of blows like a bulldog boxer who's taken too many hits to the head to even know how to dodge anymore, but as his knee strikes her chest then foot smashes into her with a solid heel, there is no lack of clarity in the shadow creature's expression. She is dislodged, at last, by the final blow however, sliding back a few feet along the stone before coming to a stop.

It may not have been the launch off he had intended, but actually budging the immortal Observer even an inch is a feat creatures in the underworld would consider remarkable.

Glaring at Jacky, she curls her fingers, forked lightning crackling over her fingertips. A shadow expands out from around her, pushing back even the glow from the mounted to the SNF cameras, a form of inverse illumination repelling light.

Weathering whatever Felicia has in mind, Nago is still mindful of the blond girl's behavior, however, and he manages to stammer out between exclamations of pain, "P-princess, don't you feel these two are doing a remarkable job at providing the entertainment you sought?"

The observation seems to distract the little spellcaster, causing her to blink, the lightning fading from her fingers, curling back up her forearms and vanishing. The shadow recedes then, a reduction in presence as light returns to normal. "I suppose they are." she comments. The bruises on her chin and cheek are already beginning to fade as abruptly as they appeared.

Her tiny smile returns, eyes on Jacky, "I will have a special lesson for you, in a moment. But first-" Gii finally gets back to the fray, gasping for breath. "Ah, Gii, you're just in time." Rachel remarks calmly.

"Princess-" he starts to whine as the unkind master snatches him out of the air again, whirls around, and attempts to bash Felicia with the tiny familiar!

This is not Gii's best day ever.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Rachel Alucard's Gii Divebomb.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  /////////////////             ]
                                  |===----\-------\0          Felicia

"Well at least I got another whole audience here--" Felicia seems to have taken noticed she's hypnotized Gii, more or less--since they seem to be drooling over her. What is also not lost on the Catwoman is that she's got a superpowerful, magic-using vampiress in the shape of a young girl trying to ruin her shit, really bad.

Felicia is however quite surprised when she's instead leaping into Gii's personal space--the lolivamp having disappeared in the seconds it took for her right foot to push herself off the ground and bow her knees to get them into position. She winds up taking the stange lumpy winged creature to the face--though the blow is dampened by her grabbing him at the same time. It's sort of like getting hit in the face squarely with a big lumpy pillow!

"Mmphh, mmphh!" Felicia landed on her feet from the jump and must then contend with crowbar'ing Gii off her face, trying to turn and then throw the thing at Rachel in retaliation. Which might be hard--since well, the damn thing seemed to be rather bewitched by her! Would it even let go?

"It's Lady Alucard to you, scoundrel!" Jacky retorts to the cat immediately after giving Rachel a bit of the old razzle dazzle, mocking his voice by making it sound overly posh and a caricature of a caricature. He places his hands on his hips and wobbles his head from side to side, as he does so. "Tut tut! Cheerio! Have a bully good day, sir! Unhand my mother's breast, villain!"

But, while Rachel is distracted by throwing Gii at his shapely fighting partner, Jacky is going to press the attack as best he can. This little girl is one tough cookie, but if they just keep it up, together they'll be able to whittle her down. Vampires, man. "Where are the Coreys when you need them?"

As he dashes in, Jacky leads with a hop. His right leg draws up, bringing his knee to his chest and then smoothly transitioning to thrusting out his foot, the pointed toe of his polished black shoes swinging straight for the underside of Rachel's chin, and continuing on until he's in the full splits. That, however, is not the end of the attack, as in mid-air, he's following up with the left in a similar fashion. "YEAH!!!"

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Rachel Alucard with Quick Throw.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |===----\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Jacky's Double Dragon ES.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |===----\-------\0          Felicia

Gii does prove to be far less effective as a means of bludgeoning Felicia than simply being an annoying, love-struck obstacle currently clinging to her face by pressing his bat wings against her temples.

It's enough to muffle the cat girl's ability to speak, which may have been Rachel's intent all along - though if that was the case, one has to imagine she would have targeted the sass talking American instead. Of course, squished as he is, the bean-shaped bat familiar can't really talk very clearly either. Clutching for dear life against Felicia's face, he checks in to see if he's doing it right.

"Mam phi phelping?!"

But the werecat's strength proves to be sufficient to pry the little annoyance off and hurl him back at his cruel mistress while Rachel's attention has shifted back to Jacky as she promised. The familiar bounces off the back of the tiny blonde's head before flopping to the ground on his back. It is far from a devastating blow, but it does push her head forward slightly, like getting pegged by, well, a thrown pillow in a pillow fight, as Felicia herself already discovered.

"No," Rachel answers the muffled words from her abused familiar. "You are most definitely NOT helping, Gii. This will be reflected in your performance review."

"Awh..." Gii murmurs, not moving to get off the ground quite yet.

Meanwhile, Nago has reformed back into the soft, large cat, standing now on all four legs at Rachel's side. His eyes widened at Jacky's mocking imitation of his voice and manner of speaking, he looks more bewildered than angry. "My word. This must be what they mean when they talk about Millennials destroying everything. The impertinence of this one is simply unbeliev-"

The complaining cat gets cut off as Rachel extends her hand to touch the top of his head and, with no apparent effort, stretch the ebony furred creature up over the front of her like a plank. Rather than delivering an undoubtedly satisfying blow to the Alucard girl's chin, his kinetic force is driving into the stretched form of her offended familiar's face while Rachel simply hunkers behind the makeshift barrier.

The first impact jars her slightly, even through Nago's force-dampening body, and the second kick budges the girl back a foot or two before her black boots come to a stop.

Nago is of course the one looking worse for wear as both of the orphan vampire's minions have been taking nearly all of the beating for her. "Ugh, Princess," the cat moans as the girl releases her contact to allow him to snap back to his normal rotund feline shape. "Perhaps this reception has gone on long enough."

"Mn," Rachel muses, eyes half lidded as she lifts her hand and flicks it once. "I feel as if they have yet to be taught proper manners. The lesson will continue for now."

The exact purpose of her hand gesture may not be immediately obvious... but off to the side, the meandering hovering Jack-O-Lantern Rachel summoned some time ago suddenly bursts forward with sudden purpose, hurtling toward Felicia from a blind angle. It's possible she may not even notice it in time, as it swells with a surge of power and attempts to explode against her upper back!

To Jacky, the goth-vamp continues, right hand back to resting against the side of her head. "Perhaps I should show up at your front door and scatter your doormen like twigs. How would you like that?"

COMBATSYS: Felicia slows Impish Gypsophila from Rachel Alucard with Sand Splash.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |=======\==-----\1          Felicia

Once Felicia has prised Gii off her face, and apparently just in time, she tries to re-orient herself, after the lovestruck bat-creature has decided to let her to, so to speak.

"You can help me over there, guy--I need to pay attention here--" Felicia is cut off, watching the girl stretch her minion into a plank--and then she realizes there is a shadow forming over her--that of a giant... pumpkin? It was just like that one stop-motion film--except that was a giant peach and not a pumpkin--and oh god it's gonna crush her!

Instead of trying to scramble or roll out of the way, Felicia tries something drastic--leaning down and balancing herself with her palms against the ground as she attempts to scruff a huge mount of dust, sand and earth up into the air--trying to deflect the pumpkin--


However, this manuever does not actually work--leaving Felicia half-trapped under the giant pumpkin--which hopefully broke up a bit against her, as she lay on the ground.

Poor poor Nago. He has to endure double heapings of abuse from Jacky, in the form of mocking as well as getting pummeled on in the service of his beloved master. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't seem to really dissuade Jacky even the slightest bit, as he keeps on striking the plank-shaped with all the fury he has to bear. If he's able to demolish the cat, she can't use him anymore and will have to learn how to defend herself for real. Meanwhile, he's also continuing with the verbal assault.

"By great Neptune's beard, old chum! I dare say that the blonde haired ruffian is rather remarkably eloquent! Also beneficent as well as magnanimous!"

Jacky slips to the side, his body ducking and weaving to the left and sliding his feet, so that he sort of circles around Rachel, looking to cut Nago out of the equation here as the vampiress is distracted with slamming Felicia with pumpkins and such.

"Time to kick things into high gear!!!"

He rockets forward with a lunging step, raising his leg into a knee strike intended to rock the vampbunny and maybe, just maybe, break her defenses to allow his follow up attacks to come through.

Dropping the knee, he uses that foot, firmly rooted to the ground, to brace himself as the other chambers knee to chest and thrusts out with a ferocious, but flawlessly executed sidekick, complete with the snapping twist of his hip right at the end to add just that little bit of extra oomph. Without even a moment's pause, he immediately transitions, pivoting again while that leg is still extended, and raising it even higher. With his foot completely raised, so that he's doing the splits, he snaps his leg back down with an axe kick fast enough that the faint whoosh of air shifting can be heard, and when his foot collides with the cobblestone underfoot, it creates a clapping sound not unlike thunder.

But, even then, Jacky is not finished! Oh no. Ever the showman, Jacky is already spinning on that freshly planted foot, to launch a bombastic spinning heel kick, snapping his knee bent at the last fraction of a second before impact. Hopefully, Rachel is going to feel that one in the morning!


Righting himself and adopting his loose, bouncing fighting stance, Jacky thumbs his nose and does a quick shuffling of his feet, dancing back and away in a style that anyone who has ever watched a Bruce Lee film would instantly recognize.

"Well, first off, my doormen aren't rotting corpses and shambling skeletons! They weren't exactly welcoming, you know!"

COMBATSYS: Jacky successfully hits Rachel Alucard with High Gear.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |=======\===----\1          Felicia

Poor Felicia. In spite her best efforts, that smashing pumpkin collides with all the hollowed gourd fury embodying the quiet rage of every vandalized Jack-O-Lantern ever. More likely, the actual harm is less from the pumpkin and more from the arcane bomb the little vampire sorceress appears to have planted in it. Either way, it shatters, the arcane energy discharged, and orange pumpkin bits scattered around the area of impact.

Meanwhile, upon being released back to his normal form, Nago bares his teeth toward Jacky, clearly having just about enough of this uncouth rapscallion.

"Your disrespect has been endured for far too long. Princess, shall we not destroy this one with all due haste?"

Not paying attention to Felicia for a moment, the spoiled Alucard child keeps her focus on Jacky. For the last little bit, he's been keeping up a relentless storm of attacks and Nago is starting to show quite the many lumps from the ordeal.

"Mmmn," Rachel muses, crimson eyes half-lidded.

She gets no further as Jacky does what he seems to do best - shift straight into high gear with another pressure storm of techniques. Unfortunately, the vampire's defenses seem to be extremely difficult to crack. As the first kick comes in, the heartless creature once more pulls Nago wide, his body absorbing the impact of the blow, another dent in the pliable feline's body to show for his trouble. Her timing is dangerously fast when she's focused to the degree that it almost seems that there is little to no hope of actually breaking through... Especially since she seems perfectly content to let her familiar suffer the entire brunt of everything Jacky throws her way! At best, she's being forced backward a step, but that isn't the kind of progress the Jeet Kun Do practitioner is looking for here.

Meanwhile, Gii sits up, blinking his blurry beady eyes toward Felicia. "W-wha-... did you... wait... are you all... you n-need help!?" He flutters up off the ground, still locked in a star-eyed gaze on the undeniably attractive and dangerous werecat.

Sucking in his breath, he closes his eyes, "Hang on, I'll save you!" Leaning forward, the bat-winged little familiar zips over, clearly intending to rush over and help Felicia to her feet. But Rachel is just in the process of backing up as he does so, and rather than making it to the pumpkin bashed fighter, the crimson bean-bodied familiar collides with Rachel from the side, completely distracting her defense against Jacky.

"Ah-" the vampiress starts in surprise at the collision. Without her impeccable timing, her use of Nago as a shield fails to correct for Jacky's powerfully executed axe kick, his heel coming down to smack against the tiny monster's head, causing Rachel to bow forward slightly.

A rather unlady-like growl escapes her lips as she stands upright, releasing Nago to snap back to his normal form while opening her hands, clearly intent on tearing into Jacky at that point. Only, his late but no less powerful spinning heel kick catches her in the side of the head, knocking Rachel to the side several feet, even staggering her slightly.

Gritting her teeth, she brings her hand to the side of her head where she was struck, glaring at Jacky then. Lightning begins to play along the fingers of her other hand as she prepares to deal with the blond once and for all, but Nago speaks up before she unleashes whatever the lightning weaver was about to unleash.

"Please allow me, Princess!"

Rachel exhales, "Very well."

And in the next moment, Jacky will find himself targeted by a flying, giant cat, leaping to crash into him and try to tackle him to the ground. Nago does look soft but he also appears to way far more than his appearances let on. And he's actually fast at that. Will he catch Jacky beneath his mass?!

Meanwhile, Rachel turns around to figure out what happened, finding Gii flying in dizzy circles in the air between her and Felicia. Her eyes flick back and forth between the little critter and the beautiful fighter, her mouth curling into a frown.

"I see that you have bewitched Gii... I have no choice but to remove you from the equation, it seems." Leaning forward, the tiny vampire glides toward Felicia, the wings at her back expanding out wide, dark, and crimson. Her arms at her sides.

"You had your fun. Now time to pay the toll." the immortal creature declares.

The wrath of the pumpkin indeed seemed to carry the hatred and despair of every poor hollowed out vegetable, left to decay and rot after all hallow's eve and thrown about and smashed by unruly kids after school. At least that was the kind of pain Felicia was feeling right now--she definitely felt like something had crushed against her--or crushed her, period.

After a moment, the pumpkin rocks--or what is left of it, as Felicia pulls herself out from under the remains, partly broken and very bloody--she pulls herself out of the heap and begins to pull in chi--generating it and glowing like a cold, blue fire.

"Tiny vampire woman! Let's dance!" Felicia at once screams out--running toward Rachel full force and preparing to unleash a hellish combo of lightning fast swipes, punches and kicks!

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Jacky with Nago Pounce.
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1            Jacky
                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |====---\-------\0          Felicia

The cat comes, and Jacky raises his arms to block. It looks like it should have been perfect, in truth. His arms cross before him, his face tucked in underneath them so that it doesn't get hit. He raises one leg, to protect his vulnerable midsection, even. And yet, somehow, Nago still manages to bowl him over with the flying attack, sending Jacky's limbs flying akimbo, and the blonde haired fighter tumbling head over heels across the pavement. How in the hell?!

Pulling himself up to his feet, the Blue Streak smirks, as the blood starts to trickle down from somewhere in his hairline, flowing down his temple and dripping from the corner of his jaw. His eyes burn with intensity. He looks, first, to Rachel, and then to her cat familiar.

"You know... I ain't got time for you, you smarmy, posh speaking fleabitten weasel!!! Go play in the litter box already and leave the big kids to do the fighting!!!"

Still, Jacky's not rushing back into the fray just yet. He'll let the lovely feline contender have herself a go at the vampiress while he just takes a second to get his wind back. Yeah. That's it.

COMBATSYS: Jacky gains composure.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |====---\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard endures Felicia's Dancing Flash.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Rachel Alucard   1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  ///////////                   ]
                                  |====---\-------\0          Felicia

Back on her feet, Felicia decides to fearlessly charge directly into the tiny vampire, the burst of blue flame chi that illuminates the night-lit stone work courtyard. Approaching her, wings extended, shadows stretching out from around her, Rachel Alucard briefly looks like a legitimate noble vampire noble of Makai in spite her small stature. Her eyes glow crimson, arms extended, showing no concern for the violent combination of attacks Felicia sees fit to dish out upon her.

Unlike before, the little blond makes no use of her familiars to fabricate her defense against the strikes that come, leaving herself fully open to the combination of punches, kicks, and clawed swipes. And for certain, they leave a mark. She recoils slightly at the kicks, grunts softly at the punches that pound into her fragile looking form, and were the claws rake, cloth is shredded and small, thin lines of blood appear in the surface of any cut flesh.

But for all that, for all the werecat's fierce assault, the vampire sorcerer merely continues walking forward into her, her lips drawn back into a mirthless grin, tiny fangs visible from her upper row of teeth.

"I've accommodated your dance for long enough. This is where you take your leave, I'm afraid, so that I can finish dealing with your impertinent partner."

Her small right hand lifts, fingers curling into a loose fist, before she pulls her arm back. Nearby, one of the iron bat-topped lightning rods explodes into a swarm of crimson bats, their cries echoing throughout the courtyard.

"Though I must admit,," Rachel continues, grin widening, fangs protruding even further as a result, "I have no idea what a vampire werecat would be like. I guess we should find out, hm? While I can't speak from experience, I'm told a vampire's bite is quite the euphoric experience. You'll have to let me know, should you survive it. But first, allow my pets to soften you up."

"B-but princess, I thought you hated sucking blo-" Gii starts to protest. He gets cut off, however, as the swarm of summoned bats explodes past him, surging toward Felicia with undeniable purpose. Individually they are no threat, but collectively, each tries to scratch, buffet, or bite onto her. Their lifespans are brief - they have only a matter of seconds to perform their function before the spark of arcane energy that gives them form evaporates and they vanish. But during that brief window, it is entirely on Felicia to try and survive the assault!

Meanwhile, Jacky finds is own defense smashed through by the giant cat. It wasn't entirely fair of course, for his eyes would have suggested one degree of momentum behind the weaponized beanbag chair, when in reality, the black furred familiar weighs several times more than he looks like he should. Perhaps the only real chance was to escape being caught beneath him all together.

Sitting on his haunches following his violent tackle of Jacky, the really not particularly threatening beast looks fairly indifferent about his success, large crimson cat eyes blinking as he studies the man, perhaps expecting that to have been the end of him.

But the Lightning Kicking Jeet Kun Do practioner is back on his feet in an instant, defying expectations that he would be so easily defeated, and the cat's eyes widen a little in visible surprise. "Oh ho ho. Goodness. Even after that, you still have that much moxie, do you? You have quite the unbreakable disposition. Most who have faced the princess for this long have been forced to acknowledge the futility of their struggle. But you still fight. Is it showmanship or delusion, I wonder?"

His large head turns, glancing over his shoulder slightly, "Ah, ah, if you value the well-being of your cohort, you may want to take your chance at distracting the princess now."

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Felicia with Beezle Lotus.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Rachel Alucard   2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Jacky
                                  >  /                             ]
                                  |=======\===----\1          Felicia

Even as Felicia charges forward--she can feel the weight and potency of the vampire's blood, perhaps sensing the volume of it's power even before she reaches it.

"I'll give you a headache 'till next Halloween, babe!" Felicia shouts as she proceeds to begin her basic combo on Rachel--a series of swipes--leading into a kick--lightly at first with her right, then following it up with a heavy roundhouse with her left--before bringing her right fist up from beneath her as she crouches to deliver a punishing uppercut. All the while however, she can feel her blows impacting--but there is little physical feedback the entire time--like the blows she's making aren't causing the vampiress to have much.... 'give'. It's difficult to explain.

"Nnnghh--" she grit her teeth, feeling a combination of frustration and fear even as she pulled back, her chi reserves expended. And then the swarm of red bats descend on her. Now, normally sending a bat, or bats after a giant cat is a bad idea--even if Felicia being a Catwoman makes this a fair bit different--the thing is, these bats are not afraid of a large feline, at all. They swarm around Felicia and trying to attach themselves with their fangs--the cat lady not reacting fast enough to either ward them off with her claws or fists.

"Ack--hey, get away--There are youtube videos that start like this--they don't end well--" Felicia threatens, and then the fangs sink in.

All at once, the bodily change is rather... abrupt. There is a sound at once like a very large passing of liquid, like someone drawing soda through a straw--and she begins to... shrink.

"What the... Oh shi--"

Arms and legs immediately become broomsticks, shoulders fall in, the skin sucking against collarbones and ribs. Curvaceous hips and glutes suddenly deflate, ample bosom reduced to washboard, skin stretched over the underlying bone structure like a balloon forced to conform against the shape and ridges of something made out of plaster.

"Oh nooo!"

The Catwoman tries to cover herself, her poncho shredded by the bats, even as her lips are drawn back against her face in a brief rictus grin--at once standing there and looking like a parodic blue-haired and quasi-naked scarecrow, the thin furry wisp of a cat tail tangling from backside of her and seemingly blown about by the wind.

She falls over, making a clattering, portentious sound like a dufflebag full of bones settling to the ground, at least as her regenerative powers begin to slowly fill her back out again. FWUMP.

"Nnghh... g-goddamn--that hurt..." far be it from a nun to say the lord's name in vain, right? Well, to be fair, Felicia hadn't quite gotten to that point--though her adoptive mother had been. Even as her body's werecat blood struggles to overcome the curse transmitted by the juvenile vampire, she somehow is able to gain ground and get close enough to Rachel again, trying to impale her on her still quite bony clawed hand and throw her with her last strength!

COMBATSYS: Felicia can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Rachel Alucard   2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Jacky

"It's not over until one of us crosses the finish line! That's just the way it goes, furball!" Jacky declares to Nago. He flashes the black cat-thing a steely eyed glance and a lopsided, puckish grin, before looking back just as Rachel unleashes the swarm of bats in the direction of Felicia.


The cocksure, brash young racer struts back towards Rachel, even as Felicia is inundated with the arcane facsimile of a batcloud. His brows come crashing down over those glinting blue eyes, and his look is fierce, burning with passion, and no small amount of anger. He pushed his white-gloved thumb into his tuxedo-shirt clad chest, and stands up straighter, as he calls out, "Why don't you try fighting me one on one, instead of picking on the sexy catgirl, or making your poor fat pets do all your fighting for you, huh!? C'mon! Let's do this!!!"

With that, Jacky runs forward full tilt, the red lined, black overcoat that shrouds his lean, athletic form fluttering behind him, tattered ends whipping about like a 90's comic book anti-hero from hell. "I'll be damned if I'm letting you turn me into some shit sucking creature of the night! We're not gonna be some bloodsucking Brady Bunch!"

His dead run takes leave of the ground as he leaps, not upwards, but forward. That sleek, well honed body twists in the air, nearly laying horizontal as he corkscrews with one, singular rotation. Using that extra power, Jacky comes out of the spin with a back thrusting, flying sidekick. It's an almost iconic image, that. His bottom leg tucked up under the striking one. His leading fist extended and balled tightly, and his other arm extended out behind him, with his palm open and flat, like he's balancing on a surf board. People the world over associate that kick with Bruce Lee. Or Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. Either one. His nice, leather shoes do come with hard soles, and that heel isn't going to feel good, should it connect. He can only hope that the tsundere gothic lolita girl will be too occupied being impaled on the poor, withered Felicia's vicious talons to notice the kick aiming straight for her head.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Felicia's ES Hell Cat.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Rachel Alucard   2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Jacky

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard interrupts Strong Kick from Jacky with Sword Iris.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Rachel Alucard   1/-<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=======\1            Jacky

As the poor werecat falls victim to the swarm of blood sucking vampire bats, Rachel Alucard stands by calmly, her right hand lifting, fingers curled slightly as she rests them against the side of her head just above her right ear. Crimson eyes, glowing now, close to half-lidded as the younger, albeit far more mature looking darkstalker is left to fend for herself or die trying against the arcane infused horde of winged vermin.

Her long sleeves have been torn through in several places by the feline woman's desperate but quite savage combination strike, and the raking lines across her pale flesh that were seeping blood moments ago have already started to close up. "I'm almost afraid that is true," she comments softly concerning the threat of a lasting headache. "This entire gala has gone on long enough. Were it to last any longer, I do feel that I would have to take to bed rest to do away with the headache such theatrics have inflicted me with."

The crimson befanged swarm feasts, seemingly dangerously so, on the blood of the voluptuous Felicia. The physical transformation is severe enough that it would be natural for any observing it to wonder if she will be sucked dry and left to die all together. But finally, the swarm disperses, each of the bats becoming nothing more than a crimson mote of sparkling energy drifting in the wind blowing through the courtyard. Then, one by one, they vanish all together.

"Yes, I do imagine it would. Should I put an end to your suffering, child?" Rachel asks, lips upturned on one side of her mouth into a grin that borders on a smirk. She makes no attempt to back away or avoid her victim's defiant attack, however, merely extending her right hand into the path of Felicia's emaciated paw to catch it. Even withered as she may be, the kinetic power behind the blood-stolen girl is remarkable. Yet, for all its strength, Rachel stops it cold, her arm barely seeming to flex. The strength of the tiny vampire's grip is entirely unlike anything she had demonstrated earlier in the battle, and while she doesn't crush so hard as to inflict pain with her deceptively delicate looking fingers, there would be no mistake made by the darkstalker that the blonde vampiress /could/ break bone.

"P-p-princess, please don't hurt her!" Gii pleads, flying around in useless circles above Rachel's head, looking throughly distraught.

"Ah, but with one bite, all her pain would-" Rachel never gets to finish the thought as Jacky has had basically enough of that crap.

Coming in with a perfectly executed flying kick and no small amount of striking power behind his technique, he seems to have selected his moment perfectly. Rachel hasn't turned to look toward him and her hovering familiar is too panicked over Felicia's fate to even warn her. Nago has said nothing after encouraging Jacky to act, merely turning around to watch the final exchange play out, sitting contentedly on his haunches as the dents on his soft looking body slowly pop back out.

Everything definitely seems to be going well for the blonde American's intervention, but for one tiny detail. As he flies through the air, he passes between the two remaining bat-tipped lightning rods deployed by the Alucard girl some time ago. And the instant he does, crimson lightning explodes down from the sky and rockets between the two, catching the heroic blue-eyed martial artist in mid-air with a truly phenomenal amount of lightning power.

His momentum would be robbed by the storm blow, to be sure, and though his foot would ultimately impact the back of Rachel's head, leaving a damp mark on her previously immaculate beribboned hair, it barely seems to budge her. Like with Felicia's blow, it's as if all the kinetic force is simply absorbed and redirected somewhere else, the tiny vampire left unharmed when his attacks earlier in the match had absolutely smacked her around some.

Releasing Felicia's hand, Rachel turns toward Jacky then, the wings of her dress folding in to rest flat against her bell-shaped skirts.

"Hmn... no, I must say, even as a vampire, you would be entirely intolerable. Too much..." she makes a face, "Rambunctiousness." She breathes in, extending her hand toward Nago, drawing the ebony feline's form back into that of a lacy black parasol that she grips lightly in her hands, holding it over her head.

"I'm afraid I must withdraw my invitation for the two of you to join me. Castle Alucard is not taking on orphans at this time."

Jacky would still have time to strike the pontificating brat if he wanted to. The viewing audience would absolutely endorse it.

"But since you have come all this way, and did prove to be suitably entertaining for a little while, allow me to leave you with enough to cover the fare home." she continues as Gii flies worried circles around Felicia.

Pulling her right hand away from her nago-brella, a jingling crimson purse rests in the palm of her hand. Turning her hand sideways at the wrist, the coin purse clanks against the cobblestone courtyard, a couple of coins of shimmering gold spilling out.

"I suppose you could use the change for your..." She waves her right hand dismissively, "Charity." Another soft sigh. "I trust you will show yourselves out. I'm afraid the castle is presently understaffed."

She draws her right hand over herself as if pulling an old fashioned vampire cloak over her body though she isn't wearing one. A shadow moves with the gesture, however, and her form, as well as that of her parasol and of Gii, all become darker by the moment, until only a black silhouette of the creatures remain. In a moment, that too vanishes.

High in the belfry of the cathedral tower, Rachel reappears, Nago sitting at her side, Gii sitting on the large cat's head.

"Goodness, princess, that was a lot of theatrics for our guests, was it not?"

Rachel sighs softly, waiting to watch the crew clean up in the courtyard below.

"The audience needed their monster. It's important to play one's part. It was for a good cause, after all."


Jacky is certain that this kick, above all kicks is going to rock this little monster's world and end this fight. As he flies forward, he calls out at the top of his lungs, "MY KICKS ARE FASTER THA--!!"


Suddenly. Lightning. A thunderbolt from the sky rains down on him, shocking the hell out of him, but... at least his hair is still standing on end,right? It causes his muscles to spasm and convulse, even as he still manages to at least give Rachel a nice little tap on the head with his foot. He falls to his hands and knees, his face downturned as steam from his damp clothes rises up, pouring off of his shoulders and back. His eyes peer down at the wet cobblestone under his fingers, and he takes a moment, trying desperately to hold on to the last vestiges of consciousness that he can cling to, like Kate Winslet greedily holding on to an entire door to herself in the middle of the icy Atlantic.

"Ngh..." he grumbles as Rachel drones on and on about vampires and charities. Having grown up in a sufficiently WASP environment all of his life, he knows very well the connections that go unspoken between the two. "Little girl.... you're...."

Pushing himself up to his feet, the Blue Streak, brings up his hands, fists loose, with his thumbs and pinkies extended. "You... really just.... talk too damned much!!!"

He does a fast dashing slide, just as Rachel is dropping the coin purse to the ground. He ducks down low, rearing back one fist. Bursting forward, he tries to plunge that fist in the pit of Rachel's gut. Following hot on the heels of that uppercut, he swings up with a rapid roundhouse kick, leveled at her head. A one two combination of a left jab and right hook follows soon thereafter. The hook leads right into an elbow, which, in turn, spins around to a backfist and spin kick combination delivered almost simultaneously. From there, he spins into a wide legged, low postured stance. His fists rise up just under his chin, as his muscles tense with everything he has left in him, then he explodes out with a whiplashing backfist in classic JKD fashiom, with the intent of putting that arrogant snotnosed brat on her butt.

But, regardless of how it turns out, Jacky is running on fumes, and that last burst of nitrous left his tank below E. He crumples down once again to his knees, sitting back on his heels, and just trying to catch his breath as Rachel and co. vanish from site, leaving only a spent pair of fighters in the rain, with the camera crews circling around them, just gobbling all of this up.

Far overhead, the Bryant Special Forces Chinook starts to descend over the courtyard, where his privately funded med team prepares to scramble to take care of the wounded catgirl and racer.

COMBATSYS: Jacky can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   1/-<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard dodges Jacky's Pole to Win.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   1/-<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard has ended the fight here.

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