Circuit of Champions - SNF: RED CHAMPION BELT FIGHT

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Description: BRUTE FORCE WRESTLING is one of the CWA's biggest rivals. Reaching out to the raw crowd at Nashville, the Canadian Outlaw Maxima brings the heavy metal to the ring. But the crowd will be buffered and blocked, as his arrival only means one thing: He wants the Red Championship Belt. Such arrogance draws the attention of the ARMOR KING, who bring the belt. And Maxima can just take it, if he thinks he can take down one of the world's strongest wrestling champions.

The rumble goes throughout the arena.

The drumming drone of Mexican Metal thumps with the feral snarls of jungle cats. The Brute Force Wrestling arena was a lot more rough than it's contemporary counterparts. A hollowed out warehouse, roped off with chains. The catwalks are changed into the seats and stands for the crowd. Bleachers circle around, holding their folded chairs. This was a gritty place, for gritty fighters.

Like the Armor King himself.

The wrestling legend was dented iron; his title having slipped from his paws. But the Puroresu master strides down from the walkway, the jets of flame bursting all around him. The Dark Skinned wrestler was garbed in his iconic black armor, the sinister spikes pouring out as he stomps down the line. Upon his head was the signature of the Kings: The jaguar mask. The mask carries a single red eye, which -gleams- as he marches to the king. Rolling under the ropes, he stands up, and throws his arms in the air, showing the last part of his costume around his waist.

The Red Champion Belt.

An armed security force mans around the perimeter of the ring; this was not for Armor King's sake. But his opponent's unique situation. While not an explicit outlaw, several paramilitary encounters meant that the BFW made sure to keep the man safe; if anyone interfered with the match, they would be looking at a full force to subdue them. But where was he, the opponent? The challenger? Armor King looks around, snarling over the loudspeakers across the warehouse.

"*jaguar noises*"

It had been some months since Maxima had been in Tennesse. The last time he was in the state lead to mass destruction at the hands of himself along with Potemkin which was trying to apprehend the cyborg. It was after that when he disappeared and tried to lay low for awhile.

It worked for some time, but slowly Maxima was getting tired of running and laying low. If people wanted to come after him so be it. NESTS at least seems to have backed off and the only other problems he has had to deal with as of late are small time bounty hunters who were wanting a nice payday. It didn't work out so well for any of them. They are probably looking for a different line of work or sticking to the more easy targets from now on.

There is no music for the Canadian when he emerges. Just one big lad stepping out and heading to the ring to butt heads with another big lad. His gaze is fixated on the wrestler when he hops up onto the apron then slips through the middle and top ropes. He is already analyzing his opponent and formulating a battle plan.

He then smirks slightly as he stretches and there is a hiss as he starts to bring battle systems online and a stream of vapour escapes from each cannon as they turn on. "Nice belt. Ready to rumble?"

Armor King's face had no tell.

Wearing the mask, there was a mystery around him. Even as Maxima arrives, the audience shushes in awe. While Maxima's last efforts in Tennessee was a major impact to him, the man was not a criminal. But the cyborg striding in brings a kind of hushed shock. As he moves up on the apron, Armor King actually looks up and down him. Or the mask does? It's hard to tell where the fighter begins and the mask ends, even with the scans. Armor King wasn't giving any tells on that.

But his body fortunately spoke the rest.

Behind that armor was pure muscle. Armor King moved with deliberation; every step had a flicker of showmanship that concealed a dangerous blend of power and skill. Though closer inspection on the armor showed it to be a facade; it was decorative, not true armor. A small softness in the wrestler's defenses; a weakness that may be exploited. The wrestler slaps his hand on the belt, before thrusting a finger at Maxima. And there, he gives the staggering threat to this challenge.

"*jaguar noises*"

With his own challenge given, Armor King throws his arms in the air, conceding the first action to dare Maxima to come at him. The crowd roars as Armor King takes small steps, his red eye locked on Maxima coldly. The plate was set. Would Maxima take initiative?

Or would he continue to analyze his opponent?

COMBATSYS: Armor King has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Armor King       0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Maxima brings his battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       Armor King

Maxima can do many a thing. Translating jaguar noises is not one of them. So he will just guess that was 'yes' to his question and leave it at that.

Then it seems that the champion is even wanting Maxima to take the first shot of the fight. A request Maxima himself seems happy enough to oblige as he just gives a nod. "Have it your way."

The ring does give him some limited movement, but at the same time there is nothing that says they have to stay in it. For now though Maxima seems fine in treating this a bit like a wrestling match. Given the crowd he also has to be careful with his weaponry anyways so it is best to start things in a simple manner. That simple manner is the fact Maxima taking two big steps forward before jumping into the air. He isn't a wrestler, but he seems more than able to deliver a rather crisp and powerful dropkick right at the chest of Armor King.

COMBATSYS: Armor King blocks Maxima's Dynamite Drop.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0       Armor King

Certainly there was a kind of non-verbal nuance to take when facing Armor King in the ring.

The jaguar noises are part of the show, the character. The persona. How much was an act and how much was skill was becoming more defined though. He -also- didn't want the audience to get hurt. And while he would want to keep it in the ring, well, it wasn't a wrestling match. Safety first for the audience! So when Maxima opens with a drop kick? He actually gets a brief nod from Armor King as he spreads his stance open, bracing for impact.

And he barely manages to catch the drop kick.

The gauntlets of the armor shatter on impact, as he makes a cross guard block against the kick. Staggering backwards, the wrestler gives a feral grunt as he falls into the ropes, having to ease off it. Shaking his arms free, the shards of armor fall off as he eases on his feet. Growling, he stomps forward towards Maxima. Armor King was more than a wrestler.

He was a heel.

The audience actually starts erupting in heated boos as Armor King doesn't even attempt to wait for Maxima to recover. Lifting a heavy leg up, he suddenly drops it. To -stomp- on Maxima's chest before he could even get up! A second stomp comes, a battering, beating barrage. A then, a third stomp comes, coming as a full drop as he hurls his whole leg down across Maxima's body. A little worse looking than it is actually is, coming long. But the hard shift of momentum comes with a roar of booing from the audience, as that last drop comes aiming -right- on Maxima's head.

So underhanded!

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Strong Kick from Armor King with M19 Model Blitz Cannon EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Maxima           1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0       Armor King

The ring shakes when Maxima lands on the ground. He is already a big guy, but add in the extra weight of him being mostly made of metal it is probably a good thing they reinforced the ring itself to handle the big heavy hits both men are sure to belt out during the course of the fight. This was just the first of many.

He starts to sit up when that big boot slams into his chest. It isn't flesh and bone that the wrestler finds his boot grinding into, but something hard and metallic. Something that has little give and if anything that first boot just seemed to really anger the Canadian. The second time the boot comes down reaches up and curls an arm around that leg so the third kick is never delivered. It self he is more yanking on the leg to pull Armor King downwards as Maxima's free hand makes a fist and impacts on the chest of the wrestler firmly.

Then Maxima smiles. "Tsk tsk." There is the hiss once more and the vapour cannon fires right as he releases the leg to blast Armor King away and give him time to get up. "Don't be such a bad kitty."

More machine than man, it turns out.

No gimmicks, no tricks. As the stomp comes, Armor King hits real metal. The third kick never even comes, as the wrestler is jerked down. While the fist connects, it's that hot blast of steam that sends Armor King crashing into the corner. Hitting it hard in the shoulder, he takes a moment to play up the damage. While he's clearly hamming it, it's obvious from the burns and the fact he's desperately ripping off pieces of his armor the sheer scalding effect that had taken place. Bruised and burned, the wrestler eases back up to a stand. Looking at Maxima a moment, at that comment on the bad kitty, he -pounds- his chest, pulling off more chunks of armor, revealing the burns. And holding up one finger, he turns towards the audience. He thrusts a finger at them, shaking his head.

"*jaguar noises*"

The crowd roars and boos at the statement, as if they understood. Armor King shows off the crook of his bicep, and then turns back to Maxima. Staggering in, he reaches out to seize Maxima. Here, the pivot and the pure power comes into play. Should he get a grip, the wrestler would attempt to hauling opponent into the air with him, then flip them upside down. In the air, he would start holding on his ankles, planting his feet into Maxima's arm pits, and land with the opponent hitting head first into the mat. Well, with the combined weight of both wrestler?

The reinforcements would be severely tested.

COMBATSYS: Armor King successfully hits Maxima with Muscle Driver.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Maxima           1/-======/=======|======-\-------\0       Armor King

There is a helpless shrug from the Canadian as Armor King seems to be making his case on the burns and such. "Some things can't be helped." Is all he says in reply.

That is the only words he gets out. Armor King is quick to close in and make a grasp for the cyborg. It might take more power than the wrestler anticipated to heft Maxima about, but he manages to do so. An impressive feat in the fact it is near a quarter ton of machine man that is being turned and pivoted about. Then there is the impact in the ring that rattles and gives way. The coners falling inwards ring collapses in a heap with both men in the middle.

Maxima starts to get to his feet once more as he gives a quick look around. A place where he wouldn't bring the action too close to the crowd behind where Armor King is starting to stand up. Then he nods when he sees the Brutron. "Hup!" Maxima quickly dashes forward. His right hand balling up into a fist to slam into Armor King's chest once more as he continues forward. He looks to just push the wrestler back right into the Brutron before there is another scalding blast that erupts from the vapour cannon.

COMBATSYS: Armor King endures Maxima's Maxima Press.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1       Armor King

And the whole ring goes down.

When the wrestlers break the ring? That's usually the end of it. But as the Muscle Driver come crashing down, the whole audience goes crazy. This was already past the limits of a straight wrestling match, and the mechanized man just brings the full force. The heap of men untangle in the middle, while the audience stands up, looking down to try and get a good look of what was going on next. Maxima is the one up first, and as Armor King eases on his feet, the rushing punch comes. Wrestler turns in time to see it.

And he bodyslams into the fist.

Armor King doesn't yield. He doesn't allow himself to break. The punch is caught with his shoulder, the wrestler moving to wrap his arms around Maxima. It comes fast, but not fast enough. The push back is negated by a second attempt to grab on, and as the jets of steam burst over him? He refuses to break free. A third, final attempt of a grapple comes, as his skin begins to turn bright red from the burns. Snarling, he tries to seize up Maxima. And if he gets the grips?

He would lift him high overhead...

COMBATSYS: Armor King successfully hits Maxima with Jaguar Screwdriver.
- Power hit! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0       Armor King

And he lifts Maxima high up, bringing his legs into the air.

Holding Maxima upsidedown in a suplex position, he holds it there, as the crowd begins to roar. Armor King turns around, taking heavy steps as he delays it, delays it for a moment. The audience knows what's coming. The whole crowd begins to ramble, pleading for Armor King to let him go. Let him just walk away. Armor King shakes his head, as he shuffles Maxima around. The wrestler calls out.

"*jaguar noises!*"

Armor King gives a little hop in the air, and sends Maxima head first straight down into a spine-shattering tombstone, the whole audience shrieking at the pure impact. Driving Maxima down hard, he holds him there, keeps him hard in that tombstone position, before he finally, ultimately, releases Maxima. He begins to stand up...

Well Maxima has to give credit where credit is due. Armor King is one tough cat. Instead of being pushed back into the tron he fights and looks to get a firm grip on Maxima instead. And well the tenacity pays off because he eventually lifts the cyborg once that blast of steam was released.

It is also rare for Maxima to get ragdolled in such a manner. Potemkin did it with some ease, but given the size of that man that isn't exactly a surprise, but Armor King does well at making it look easy to the crowd as he hefts up Maxima then drives him head first into the ground. It doesn't matter if there are mats covering the concrete. They do little to help soften such a powerful impact and the ground under the padding cracks.

The cyborg's body slumps to the ground once released and the champ gets to his feet and has some time to celebrate.

Then there is a beeping that comes from Maxima. It looks power is rerouting itself as parts of his cybernetic body start to slowly repair some damage. "Not bad." Maxima says as he sits up and starts to get to his feet. He rubs the top of his head then spits out a tooth. "My turn?" He asks and he surges forward to quickly close the gap. His right hand looking one more time to slam into the meaty chest of Armor King.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Armor King with MX-III CIWS Launcher.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Maxima           0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0       Armor King


That fist impacts and it is the first of many strikes. Ones that Maxima unload onto Armor King with several punches and kicks to batter the wrestler. "One!" There is another punch with the force of the vapour cannon coming with it. "Two!" The second one lands before Maxima claps his hands together and swings upwards with a mighty strike to actually knock Armor King up into the air. "And three! M24 activated!" That is when his chest just opens up and out of that gaping hole there is a bright blue flash as the sound of something powering up echos through the areana before a blue laser beam erupts from the cyborg's chest and blasts Armor King right out of the air.

"You'll have to excuse me. I am not really much of a wrestler, buddy." Maxima tells his opponent while cricking his neck and letting the the hole in his chest close back up.

Armor King does take a moment to work the audience.

He gets his boos on cue, the awesome effort being sold over as a filthy trick. Sure, Armor King made it look easy. But that was part of the presence. Armor King was a true powerhouse, and his signature Jaguar Screwdriver was a staggering demolisher. Maxima's stunned response, however, brings a round of cheers. Armor King turns around, looking in... well looking like he always does. But stumbling back, he lets out a cry in shock.

"*jaguar noises*"

As Maxima takes his turn, the rush of speed actually takes Armor King off guard. He tries to catch it, tries to grip it. But Maxima was just -stronger-. The punches come out as he expects a tackle, and he's forced to bring his guard within. When the vapor cannon comes out again, it's even worse for the wrestler. There is a pained growl as the beam of light comes, and the -flash- knocks Armor King straight up. He ragdolls himself, before landing with a crunch on the mats. He lays there.

Armor King isn't getting up.

"... One...!" The call out comes. The audience is apprehensive; Maxima is a relative unknown, for sure, but Armor King was the heel. If Maxima won this... the crowd would be over with him. There is a little dazed movement from the wrestler. There was a building round of cheers, uncertain for Maxima.

".... Two...?"

"*jaguar noises*"

The cry comes out as the wrestler kicks his legs in the air. Perking up, he shoots up into a stand, eye burning as he eases back up. His armor falls off him, utterly destroyed. But the bruised and burned body of the wrestler endures, as the wrestler barely musters a stand. Uneasy on his feet, the wrestler desperately wakes up with a leaping, surging in haymaker, diving back at Maxima with a overhead axe handle smash with both hands. Armor King was right on the line.

But he was still in this match!

COMBATSYS: Maxima fails to interrupt Capital Punishment from Armor King with M4 Remodel Missile Cannon EX.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Maxima           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0       Armor King

Was he supposd to pin him? No, this isn't really a wrestling match. That would just be silly. He just stands there seeing if Armor King was down and out or perhaps playing possum. It is a good show if it is the latter and really does end up being the case because the wrestler kips back up to his feet and looks ready for more action. "Huh, nice."

He rears back and starts to throw a punch when Armor King comes at him. The punch ends up missing entirely when that haymaker lands cleanly across the jaw and knocks Maxima off balance. Then that second strike hits as the axe handle slams onto the top of the cyborg's head that causes Maxima to stagger back, but not fully go down.

"Hnnn, gonna take more than that buddy." He tells the wrestler as he straightens back up. He has taken some good damage, but he thinks he can squeeze out a bit more power before he is going to need to take a break and let his repair systems kick on fully.

Maxima wasn't going down.

The mechanized Canadian was taking and dealing the worst that this fight had to offer. And while the overhead smash manages to knock Maxima out of his attack, he was not getting knocked down. For the audience, who has long been used to Armor King being a pure power wrestler, seeing the heel being forced to chain his showstopping grapples into chains was shocking. Maxima's bulwark was refusing to crack. While Maxima's damage WAS building up, at least he can count on a safe night of self-repaired with the BFW's security force watching over him.

Win or lose.

Deep into Maxima's guard, the wrestler was gasping for air, the fatigue crawling on him. He couldn't risk slowing down. The moment he slowed down, Maxima was going to blast him across the room. So as Maxima tries to steady himself? The jaguar-masked fighter lurches in, arms out. He was going for another grapple, high and low. If can get a grip, he would heave Maxima over his shoulders, the canadian face down. There, he would spin around, and then toss Maxima away... with a last dirty kick to the head for good measure before the canadian hits the ground.

If he could even get that far.

COMBATSYS: Maxima breaks through Hades Drop from Armor King with M9 Model Maxima Missile!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Maxima           1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1       Armor King

A good night of repair. And repairs that don't require replacing parts much like his fight with Nameless. It took weeks to rebuild himself properly and even now he still needs to find some higher quality materials to feel fully like his old self. For now that is in the back of his mind because he has Armor King coming right for him.

The wrestler hefts up Maxima, but what he finds is the cyborg is sandbagging him hard and given the fatigue it is starting to get hard to shoulder all the weight. So Maxima gets tossed, but not far away at all or with perhaps as much force that Armor King would have liked.

It also leaves Maxima quickly coming out of the crouch he landed with a big upwards punch that sees his fist slam right into the jaw of the masked wrestler. "Stay down." he mumbles as he staggers back a few steps and tries to find his balance once more. He is prety sure he won't be able to handle much more if Armor King keeps coming after him.

Not enough.

With Armor King struggling, the last heave isn't enough to send Maxima far away, enough to send him tumbling. And tumbling is the key word. As the wrestler's kick comes out, he is greeted by as punch straight into his 'jaw' per say. The blow hits into the mask, and Armor King stumbles back. He falls backwards, landing on his bottom. And he begins to rise up into a stand.

And falls to one knee.

Armor King holds, winding back a fist. But nothing comes out. The audience starts muttering, and then chanting. "Maxima! Maxima! Maxima!" Comes the cries. Armor King was locked between the mother of all uppercuts, and falling. He weaves back and forth in his crouch, as the chants build. And finally, throwing his head back, he gives a snarl.

"*jaguar noises*"

And he flings out a desperate uppercut, aiming to land it squarely into Maxima's center of mass. No finesse, just power and experience, as he makes a last knockdown attempt. He won't be standing to enjoy it. Armor King would collapse with the last great effort, collapsing with the hurling uppercut. All while letting out the feeblest sound as he drops.

"*jaguar noises*"

COMBATSYS: Armor King can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Maxima           1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Armor King successfully hits Maxima with Dark Destroyer.

[                                <
Maxima           1/-======/=======|

The chanting is heard. Maxima is groggy and he is mostly focused on Armor King in hopes his fellow big lad stays down like he was told. Maxima was very polite in saying it so that should help. Nope, nevermind. It looks like he is still getting up which elicits a small 'tch' from the cyborg.

That big uppercut comes sailing in and Maxima is quick to bring and arm up to try and deflect it, but he is a bit slow and he misses and really steps forward right into the uppercut that jacks his jaw and causes him to lose a few more teeth from the looks of it. Maxima staggers back a few steps then wobbles. "Damn..."

He then sort of goes rigid and just falls backwards with a loud thump on the ground. He's taken too much punishment and he can feel his body already redirecting power to help repair what it can. It looks like there will be no new champ in this areana tonight. Both men seem down and out for good.

COMBATSYS: Maxima takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Maxima has suffered catastrophic damage and fallen offline.

It comes as a colliding silence.

The judge of the match steps over the remains of the rope, inching towards the center of the ring. Looking nervously at the range, he checks both Maxima, then Armor King. There is a look of concern. He waits. He waits, as the audience begins to murmur again. And finally, he thrusts a hand towards the downed Wrestler. "Armor King..."

"Armor King successfully defends his belt!"

Thus comes the claim from the judge. Boos burst out from the crowd. "Come on! Maxima's the last man standing!" Comes a bystander. But the judge shrugs his shoulder. "The rules are, the challenger MUST win! DKOs don't exchange the-" The judge takes a nacho basket to the head, as the audience begins to riot. The security force stands fast, not for Maxima's sake, but for the judge's sake, as the crowd goes wild for the wrong reasons. Armor King and Maxima are both down. But Armor King holds on to his belt.

For now.

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