Illyria - Illyria Act 2 - The Guardian Watchers

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Description: Anji is not too far from the control room, following the flow of energies pulsating through the corridors. Tracking down the flow, he reaches the central energy core of the magical complex. While the energy seems to be intuitively tied to some kind of gate, the energy seems to be circulating up and down. And what more, there seems to be a break in the flow, disrupting and dispersing the flow throughout the infinite corridors. It would be easy enough for the scholar to fix. But as Anji investigates, he accidentally awakens one of the guardian armors, a Dullahan. Infused with the spiritual essence of the creature within the leylines, it moves to destroy Anji... before he repairs the flow.

It took time. Countless hours of laboring working with Biyu and others to learn the secrets of the tomb. For Anji Mito all the work is paying off as they have made headway on the expedition and now he can maybe find what he desires most. Answers to secrets. To venture into the unknown and attain more knowledge.

He walks through the halls towards the core with the only real noise being of his footwear clacking on the ground. "Amazing, truely amazing." he muses and his hands brush along one wall and look to trace along one of the leylines. He glances about as he does his best to decipher things. If anyone could figure things out here it would be Anji, but even all his knowledge on old languages isn't enough to fully understand what everything is, but it is enough. Something is broken and it needs to be fixed. Something he might be able to do even if he is working only half understanding everything. It will take time, but the result? It should be worth it.

With that he gets to work. He starts to path the various leylines and see which ones are having trouble and figure out where to start fixing things. He will keep it slow and steady. Rushing things would only cause trouble and he always does his best work when alone without other people looking over his shoulder.

As Anji makes his way towards the core, a metallic, echoing voice abruptly rings out!

"Halt! This is a restricted area!"

A rather technical-looking archway nearby begins to glow. Parts of it suddenly disconnect themselves, hovering down to floor level. Piece by piece they attach to one another, until they form a large hulking suit of animated armor! Once formed, instead of a head, a large burst of blue and while fire reaches up from the empty neck-guard.

With heavy footsteps that echo through the room, it makes it's way towards Anji "Who are you and why do you come here? You are not allowed to be here!".

The voice echoes through through the core and it does cause Anji to give pause.

With a raised brow he turns about and studies the automaton that forms and comes forward towards him. "Ahh, a guardian. I suppose I am not surprised." If he is intimidated he has a really good poker face because right now he just looks completely calm and collected. If anything he is feeling a bit annoyed by this. This is slowing his progress at the moment and he rather get to work before any of the others decide to come check on him and see what is going on. People that will be there that interrupt his work.

"Anji Mito, a name that will mean nothing to you, but I am here to repair what is broken." He gives a flick of a wrist and a rather obscenely large fan somehow slips from his sleeve and he easily catches in hand. He opens it slightly and lightly fans himself as he regards the machine. "I know some of the language. I know things are not right. I may be one of the only people alive to fix it. Will you allow me?"

The armored being pauses in his approach once within 10 feet, and is silent for a moment. It seems taken off guard by the offer of assistance, and seems to be contemplating Anjis offer as it slowly circles him.....

After several moments, it once again replies "Very well. If you wish to make such an attempt, i will keep watch as you do so..... but be respectful. This place was built by the Kings of old, and respect for such must be maintained!". It moves to walk several steps behind Anji as he proceeds

Rarely something like that works. That is why Anji actually stands there for a moment a bit surprised by the answer he gets. So it is more than just an automaton that looks to destroy anyone but his creators that come traipsing about through restricted areas. He will have to say he has to welcome small miracles.

A flick of of the wrist causes the fan to disappear once more and he just nods to the construct. "I am always careful, but I will let it be known I can only translate some of the markings here. Enough to do what needs to be done, but any help in this matter would be useful."

He steps over to a wall and seems he has set where to start the long process of trying to repair what needs to be repaired. "Is there any assistance that can be offered or are you only programmed to guard this area?" He asks while looking back to the guardian with a bit of a grin flashing across his features. Maybe he can learn something from such an old creation that apparently is still fully operation. He is rather glad he wouldn't have to destroy it for the time being.

"Alas, i know not. As you have surmised, my appointed task is to defend this ancient place from intruders that seek it harm, for my lord and liege of old" is the response the walking armory gives as they proceed to the task at hand.

As Anji takes a closer look at the paths of the chi leylines, he would find that it is less that something is 'broken', and more that something is 'interrupting'. The flow of chi wavers and thins in places where it shouldn't, and not all are as strong or even as others.....

The fact that the flow is just being interrupted and possibly diverted might be a better thing. It will still take work, but the fact he might not have to do any actual tinkering beyond trying to get things to route properly. "Hmm, I see. It was worth asking. The technology is astounding to be working so well after all these years." he says. His attention has already shifted back to where he is examining one of the weaker points of the flow of energy across the leylines.

Adjusting his spectacles he feels along the line and considers things. "Power is being drained somewhere I believe. Or at least being redirected in ways it shouldn't be. Perhaps I should have gone to the control room with the others first." Perhaps he was too eager. Still he will have to work with what he is given as he rather not interrupt Biyu and the others while not knowing they are having their own troubles right now.

He keeps following things around finding if there is any sort of pattern to it all or perhaps finding the source of what might be causing the leylines to be in such a state. "For now no one in here wishes to do harm. We simply wish to understand your creators. Trust me in saying if someone was looking to cause damage to place I would be defending it just as you would."

On closer inspection and with diligence, Anji will find after a bit of backtracking that there is one particular leylin that is the weak link. It angles off into a side wing of the facility which seems to have seen much less activity.

Success. Or at least he will consider it small success for the time being. Find the start and work from there usually is the best option.

"Hmm.....what is this way?" He asks while taking a few steps in the direction before stopping and turning about on his foot to regard the automaton following him. While it is being non hostile right now he is about to go running into a room that might trigger him to go into attack mode.

He lazily extends an arm and points off to the side wing. "I believe our problem is in this direction. Any defenses or such I know of so I don't do damage to this place.....or myself for that matter."

The taciturn armor responds "There is none that will activate in my presence. That is simply a support tunnel of some minor importance to my knowledge".

"Hmm, I see."

Unassuming area that is of little importance. "Perhaps it is important to someone or something." Anji muses and he turns about and starts to walk down the corridor. His gaze flicks about to make sure nothing gets by him as he tries to track down the source of all of this trouble. He falls silent once more as he concentrates on his work though there is the occasional glance over his shoulder just to make sure the guardian stays true to his word and does not get hostile. If anything having him around might be of help if there is actual trouble at the source of what he is trying to track down.

It is a decent trek, and while still maintained, there DOES seem to be more dust than previously. Few seem to have been down this way in some time, even the custodians who defend it. Suprisingly, it is here that an interesting discovery is found by Anji in his search.

There, near a wall and impaled into the ground, is a sword. Covered in glowing runes, and made of what looks like some dark and metallic substance, it lines up perffectly with the weakened leyline Anji has been following!

The fan comes free of his sleeve again mostly for Anji to idly fan away some of the dust as he delves deeper. Then his eyes brighten up as he comes to a stop and raises a hand.

"I think it found our problem. And how curious." He steps closer and slowly circles about the sword as he comes to a crouch and leans forward a bit. Not yet touching it he considers things before his gaze moves towards the guardian following him.

"It seems maybe this area was chosen because it was unassuming to those that still roam these halls? Does this blade look familiar to you at all?"

For all it's size, you would think such a smaller blade (by comparison, at least, as it IS a longsword) would not phase such a creature.

This proves to be the OPPOSITE reaction!

The mountain of metal aside Anji actually hisses, as if in pain of some kind "It is a cursed blade. That such a thing would have been placed here.....". Once in closer proximity to it, the metal giant actually stops and circles, keeping a shoulder angled towards the direction of the blade rather than face it directly "It should be destroyed. I would slay whoever DARED bring such a thing here if i was able!

A brow quirks and Anji watches the construct move about. "Cursed. I see. Well someone did not like your creators from what I am guessing." Then a bit of a sly smile spreads across his features. Though he lifts the fan up to mostly cover his face, though there is some mischief showing in those eyes. Something perhaps easily lost on the guardian that circles around the blade.

"Well then I am sure who did is dead at this point and it needs to be removed." He lightly taps the folded fan against the blade as he gets a thoughtful look. "How can it be destroyed? I will do so. I am rather resilient to curses and more than likely have means to access the proper way to dispose of this thing if I am allowed to take it of course."

Anji rises to his feet and his gaze moves to the construct once more."I am sure you have no qualms about me removing this thing and taking it away to destroy it as you don't seem like you are able to do it yourself."

"It would be a great service. I would like nothing better than to see it tossed into the hottest fires in the realm!" comes the armors response, with a hint of hope in it's tone

That is all he needs to hear. The moment he is given the approval of the guardian he steps forward and puts the fan away once more. His hand glows as he reaches to gently touch at the handle of the blade first with just a finger to see if he gets any sort of feedback from it. If it seems like there is no problems in touching the blade he will look at pulling it free from where it rests.

"So who would this belong to? Enemies to your creators? Enemies that still exist or is this blade possibly as old as you?"

The sword gives little resistance, and does not hurt Anji to touch. It is cold to the touch, but otherwise seems to have little effect.

At least, initially!

A sound almost like a generator starting up can be heard, as the the whole place in it's entirety comes to life! Runes built into the walls, long forgotten in meaning, start to glow as power is restored! The entire place rumbles, as the walls and ground begin to shake! Dust, dirt, and the odd loose rock fall from the ceiling as the ancient machinery comes to life anew!

The armor seems elated "It is done! The flow i restored! All is as was ment to be once more!".

Warden falls asleep.

A bit cold to the touch and nothing more. It doesn't seem really special as a whole when he holds it. Then again he is never a person that was into swords. Baiken on the other hand? Well now she might be rather interested in his finding. One he has no real intention of destroying, but the guardian he deals with right now does not need to know that.

Then things start to rumble and it seems the power has fully restored. This is a good least Anji Mito thinks so. "Ahh, yes. I did say I would do that. Now the question is with everything restored shall the scholars that currently roam this place be allowed to study it as long as we do not cause harm? In return this blade will be disposed of by me personally."

And by disposed of taken outside of the tomb and kept in a safe place until it too can be studied. Once that is taken care of he can see how Biyu and the rest have been doing in their own searches and what the restoration of power as a whole has done.

Warden wakes up.

A beat passes, after which the armored being responds "If they can survive the journey to arrive here, they will be left in peace".

This couldn't have ended up better at all. Anji gives a sly smile as he gets that agreement from the guardian and he gives a bit of a bow. "I am glad we can see eye to eye. I shall inform them to be on their best behavior when studying this place." he says in reply as he rises back up fully.

He lifts the blade and turns it about as he studies it a bit. "Well then. This blade will not dispose of itself so I shall move along to do so and inform the others along the way." With that he turns to return to where the main camp is set up. Mostly to give notes to those still there about the guardians and not to fear them. The blade? Well he will dispose of it from being inside the tomb at least. It looks much too valuable and perhaps holds some importance to get rid of it.

"All in a days work~" he sing-songs too himself and hums a little tune as he leaves.

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