Demitri - A Midnight Strolheim

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Description: Abigail runs into Demitri at Castle Strolheim after the matches.

It was nighttime in the castle--though this was not the familiar environment of Zeltzereich for Demitri--no, this was instead Wolfgang's ancestral home. Demitri was still idling about here, he had yet to collect what he was owed from Wolfgang--not that he minded overly much about the money--this excursion had brought him out of hiberation, after all. After that fateful confrontation with Belial, Demitri had been exiled. But that was a long time ago. He'd been out and about for a bit now, and had been able to see a lot of new and strange things. And he'd been able to get one over on Morrigan, albiet briefly.

Right now however, Demitri was idly leaning against one of the larger dining room tables, a large styrofoam container open next to him, which appeared to carry ice, like a cooler--however as he idly sipped from a blood pack held in his hand, it was clear what was going on here. He was also still visibly roughed up, at least from the large knot he had on one of his temples from where Akuma had delivered the knockout blow for that fight--or was that the one after him? He couldn't remember.

The ground begins trembling. It's gradual but increasing in intensity. The sort of rumble that occurs when a semi truck is rolling past and people mistake it for a passing earthquake. Either way, heavy *BOOMS* begin echoing through the vast chamber. The seismic disturbance increases.. and whatever the source is seems to be getting closer and closer until finally the immense singularity that is Abigail emerges from one of the side hallways, practically filling the entry way up with his vastness and managing to make even this huge hall seem overcrowded and full by sheer presence alone.

Not that he's pristine looking. Oh sure, he's built like a herd of roided out bull elephants but the canvas of his body bears the scars, burn marks and bruises of the finale of World Warrior. Bloodstains are apparent on his mechanics gloves and his googles hang from his thick barrel sized neck..broken and useless. His dreads are a matted mess as well and the frown on his face shows he's likely had better moods.

Either way, a gigantic duffle bag is slung over his shoulders and as he nears a long table near Demitri, he unslings it and drops it down onto it while muttering and grumbling something unintelligible to himself. As for Demitri himself, the goliath gives the vampire lord a quick glance..and then a double take upon noticing him..uh..sipping from his blood pack. "Uh.. I don't think you're supposed to drink that.."

For someone with less focus, the sudden booming noise and vibration--like that of a T-rex lumbering into the hall--might have caused them to spook and drop their drink, but not Demitri. He was however distracted from it--as he looked over to take in the very towering individual.

"You are not, my case is different," Demitri turned and placed the pack into the styrofoam container, closing the lid.

"Demitri Maximoff, my return to these lands was not as triumphant as I'd expected, as you can see," he gestured to himself, with a small shrug.

"You don't seem as if you've had the most success either, I take it?" he turned toward the mountain of muscle, his cape thrown over one shoulder as he extended a hand in greeting.

"I had not known there were humans or non-dark ones that were that strong, I must admit."

Abigail blinks a few times as he considers Demitri's words and mannerisms. He emits a low rumble, swelling his huge chest and then relaxing it as he takes a huge deep breath and slowly but surely brings his own annoyance and temperature down to more cordial levels. At this point he does indeed reach out and accept Demitri's hand and rumbles slowly, "The names Abigail.." Which is..undoubtly strange unto itself. But Abigail continues.

"This is my first time doing something like this. I know a lot strong people but..uh..I've never seen anything like some of the things I saw here. Was weird. I didn't think weapons would be allowed but some guy punched me with what had to have been a mini nuke.. and then this girl was like..cosplaying as a samurai..except she had a real sword!'

Okay so his recollection of events is abit skewed but he does nod his head and confirms, "So...I'm not surprised you were..uh..surprised. Some of these folk were psycho's coming out of the woodworks. ... I guess I did alright, all things considered.."

"Interesting name," Demitri replies calmly, looking up at Abigtail. His own eyes at the moment are human, colored brown. He nods as Abigail speaks and even seems amused by the mention of the samurai.

"If you think that is strange, you should see how Morrigan Aensland dresses, ahem--it is impolite to speak of people who are not here, my apologies," Demitri makes a little bow of his head, but he doesn't exactly sound apologetic with that, either.

"The man I fought had a fierce power that I had not known possible, outside of Darkstalkers, anyway--it should be obvious that that is what I am," he nodded.

"I take it you've not run into many dark ones before?" he asked, gesturing with his chin towards the styrofoam medical container, since yes, most people didn't tend to drink blood. Unless one was in the law profession, that is. (EPIC JOKE.)

"Don't' know her by name...but I'll uh..take your word for it." Responds the giant. He emits a rough rumble of a laugh at Demitri's comment but then ends up shrugging.

"People with all sorts of strange powers about, man. At least..some are stranger then others. I hear there's even folk saying they practice like..magic and stuff." Abigail rubs his jaw, "Actually, some witch girl once caused all sorts of damage to my shop.. Anyway. Yeah I've heard of Darkstalkers. There's a lot of them."

The giants face darken slightly, "In fact..there was some sort of crisis in Metro City because of them. I don't' remember the details. I wasn't in town but the city took a lot of damage. Now Darkstalkers are everywhere." He begins fumbling with hs duffle bag as if searching for something, "....A lot of folk don't even like dealing with them. They get mistreated and shunned a lot. Kinda a bad deal for 'em if you ask me.. Uh, where've you...been..exactly? Kinda secluded"

"I'm sure you'll run into her soon enough, she gets around a lot," Demitri nodded with an experienced, serious look on his face, pulling his cape back around his front.

"My kind is capable of magic as well, though much of my abilities is purely fuelled by chi energy, it is what sustains my body," he catches himself rambling a bit, shaking his head.

"Witch girl, you say?" this topic seems to pique his interest, it would appear. Were there more spellcasters than just the succubus and her sister running about, he must have been thinking.

"I've heard of that--Jedah Dohma's work, no doubt--he's... how do you people say it here? An 'asshole', I think it is," he nodded firmly.

"He believes himself the savior of the night for the dark ones, but that is not so--we have always kept to the shadows, most of that were smart, anyway--we don't hunger for war with the rest of humanity," he paused. "Yes, the rest of humanity, we too are people."

"Me? I was in hibernation in my castle."

"'re..a Darkstalker? I don't have a problem with Darkstalkers." Abigail stops just short of the classic 'My best friend's a Darktalker' level of tackiness but he seems sincere, "One of my best customers is a werewolf. I mod his truck all the time. I tried to stiff me for some money for an alternator once and so I piledrived him off a rooftop in the slums.." Ah, memories. Ironically, Morrigan was there as well though Abigail couldn't have known who it is Demitri speaks of.

"I got a recruitment letter from those NOL guys. I guess they're the ones you should keep an eye on, yeah? They sound like they don't like Darkstalkers to much. Maybe you should pay them a visit hmm?"

Abigail stretches his massive arms and then reaches up to rub his shoulders, "Anyway, yeah, witch girl. At least she was dressed like one. But she was..strange. I thought she was a Darkstalker cause she was all..spidery like was something else. It was..chaotic. She wrecked almost ten thousand dollars worth of equipment in my junk yard! But then she just produced money from nowhere to pay for it. You know..magic!"

"That's good, because I don't have 'a problem' with yourself, either," Demitri seemed to laugh a bit at that, his ascot moving as his barrel chest rumbled slightly with amusement. He stood and listened for a moment, the set of his jaw indicating he was enjoying himself, a slight grin.

"I've only met one of those myself, and--oh? The NOL?" the name was vaguely familiar to him. Something about a bounty.

"They are the human intelligence group, correct? Humans tend to fear things they don't understand, it is typical," he shrugs.

"Very well could have been a dark one, they--or rather we, come in all shapes and sizes," he nods.

"A simple trick, it very well might have been an illusion," he said with matter of factness.

"Maybe." Abigail taps his jaw again and then muses, "I felt real to me. I didn't get any calls from the bank after I used it to get my stuff fixed. Maybe she just had it stashed away? Had built it up over time? Or stole it? Who knows. Point is..yeah...she was probably a 'Dark One'."

There is a pause as he considers all of this but then his mind returns to more immediate matters, "So you ..uh..are out of the tournament? What happened? You made it this far so you must have impressed this Krauser type? Who is this guy anyway? Everyone's so powerful but they're just going along with this at his say so. Is he really that strong?"

"Hmm, fabrication of that sort is not at all unheard of, if it was via some supernatural means, anyway," Demitri shakes his head. He doesn't seem to find it /that/ impressive, though it does seem to be a nice trick.

"It's quite possible it was real money as well, it's not like most of us pay a mortgage or have many financial demands, you know," he smiles a little, but relents.

"I know very little of Krauser, I admit--I was awakened by the invitation to the tournament--and yes, I beleive by the terms of it I am 'out of it'," he doesn't seem too bothered by it.

"I have only just re-awakened and my powers are still not at full, there will be other tournaments, I am sure. For the most part I've been... reaclimating, I've been asleep a long time. Humans were still fighting with axes and primitive firearms the last time I was about."

Had he not encountered the bizarre entities, strange powers and seen much more then that..the fact that he's talking with what -sounds- like an ageless being might phase Abigail..even make him uncomfortable.

Well, nevermind actually..he is phased a little bit. He wrinkles his nose slightly as he considers this revelation.

"Uh..yeah. That -was- a long time ago, wasn't it. Well things are different now. We have cars. Trucks. Vrooms. They're the best. You need one now that you're awake. To get around, that is."

He considers Demitri for a few more seconds and then asks curiously, though with some -slight- hesitation.

"So..what do you think of things, now that you're awake. Any..uh..plans?"

"Going to see to Lord Dohma at some point, as well as miss Aensland, for one thing--once my powers are what they're supposed to be, that is," Demitri nods. He frowns a little as Abigail tries to explain vehicles to him--or at least tells him he wants one.

"Automobiles? Ah yes, hmm..." he puts his hand to his chin and briefly muses over the thought of a stretch limousine. That did seem to be a novel idea, he had to admit.

"That could be an idea, once I've gotten my castle together and worked on regaining my strength--I've been... out of practice, as you might understand," he flexed his right forearm, popping some joints and cracking the knuckles with a clench of his fist. He seemed 'alive' enough, at least not wholly undead, not like a corpse.

Ah good. Nothing about world domination or destroying all humanity.

"Well that all seems reasonable enough." Abigail muses, "I mean, all your talk about being asleep and how humans have were sounding like..I dunno..Dracula or something. Sure there's tons of things to do. Also.."

Abigail pauses as if to consider this next statement and then shrugs, "Well..World Warrior -was- televised. I suppose you're kind of famous now. I plan to do some changes when I get back to Metro City, push my business using this. Folk thought I wasn't worth anything. I started at the bottom and got into the finals. That oughta bring them flooding into my shop. Get you car modded by Abigail! World Warrior!" he pauses to consider this and then adds, "We'll just have to leave out the part about how I got bounced out of it by that Rugal and Geese, folk..."

At the mention of Dracula, Demitri just looks at Abigail for a moment. Pause. Then continues.

"Humans do progress, yes, but in many ways they stay the same--I awake to nuclear fire, humans with egos sharp enough on their own to split atoms--they barely just avoided all out war, and meanwhile thanks to Jedah they're busy trying to stab at darkstalker kind," Demitri shakes his head, making a sound like 'tsk tsk'.

"Geese Howard? Hmm. A man of no small reputation. I was defeated by the one called Akuma, supposedly he's the rival of the one they call 'Ryu', very powerful chi user," he sighs.

"As far as I know, Morrigan didn't fare much better against him, he's... scary," he admits with a faltering tone in his voice.


Abigail considers this. He has about as much ability to sense the details of chi as he can squeeze water out of a dry rock. Still..

"I fought him." He reveals. Probably a bombshell revelation. "I wasn't scared ..well..I did 'pick up' on his psycho-craziness.. I don't think I -enjoyed- fighting him but I managed a few solid hits. I guess I see what you're saying."

He slings the duffle bag over his shoulder, "But you're getting stronger still, right? And you were able to fight him 'weakened' so..maybe that means -you're- the scary one, when all is said and done?" He ponders this and then shrugs and turns to start moving for the door, "GOtta get to the airport. Stop by Abigail's Scrap Metal when you get your car!"

And with that, he's gone..though the pounding of his footfalls continues on long after he's out of sight.

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