Illyria - Illyria Act 1 - Uncertain Magnitude

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Description: It's not only the Sacred Order acolytes marked by outsiders. Even the Crusaders are targeted for elimination, the heartfilled soldiers volunteering with the Sacred Order to Illyria. Rashid, joining with the crusades as a matter of adventure, finds his team caught in a landslide between a mountain pass. Separated and scattered, he retreats into a nearby cave. There, he finds the ninja Tremor, who arranged the accident and is under strict orders to deal with the Sacred Order ruthlessly.


Part of Rashid feels he should still be searching for his friend, but right now information has been almost nonexistant and no real lines of inquiry to persue. That is why the Arab had chosen to help out the Sacred Order on the expedition to this new, foreign land. In exchange he has made mention to those in the Sacred Order if they could help him find any leads to where his friend has gone they would let him know. Now here he is leading a small group including himself, Azam and a few others on an expedition.

" are being quiet again."

"Hmm?" Rashid seems to snap out of his thoughts as he looks to the muscular butler who walks with him. "It is okay, Azam. I am just keeping focused. Doesn't this interest you at all?"

"It is interesting, but we don't know what dangers lurk around here."

Rashid is about to assure Azam everything will be fine, but it seems the big man's words summon trouble right at that moment. There is a rumbling and everyone looks about. "Landslide!" Shouts one of the fellow Crusaders and people start to go in a panic.

"Azam! Get them to safety!" Rashid calls out and he already is starting to move himself. The ground shifts and rocks fall as Rashid soon finds himself seperated from the rest of the group. With things still falling around him he quickly spots a cave and makes a mad dash and dives in.

The rumbling is soon stopping and Rashid lets out a small sigh of relief. "Well that could have been worse."

The Dragon Stirs.

With these new challengers to the world stage comes uncertainty and anger. Only so much power exists in the world and only so many people can hold it. Conflict is inevitable and it is within the interest of The Black Dragon to nip these budding powers early and with extreme prejudice. And so Tremor has been dispatched to Albania to test the might of this new enemy.

The Acolytes travel through the mountainous passes of Albania, a place ripe for Tremor's elemental potential. He has watched this particular group from afar for some time; hidden among the stone and traveling through the earth itself to keep his distance and nature hidden.

When the time comes to strike, Tremor's shockwaves split the earth and send a torrent of stone down to the ground below. Bury them. Bury them and their Order's hopes. To dash them off the stones. Or maybe just dash the stones off them.

But one has escaped. One that's not an acolyte, but an ally. An army of zealots are difficult to dissuade, but should those zealot's allies fall they will be weak and exposed.

With concentration, stone forms over Tremor's body and then all falls away as the earthen shape crumbles.

Down in the cave, among the stones, the earth rises up into the vague shape of a man. It cracks and shatters and Tremor steps from the rubble, out into the cavernous surrounding. Walking around a stalagmite, watching his target savor the moment of survival.

A short, cruel laugh from the ninja at seeing Rashid's relief. "It is worse. For you."

The Arab can only hope that his allies had all avoided being crushed beneath the rubble. Azam was with them so that makes him feel much better. He is more than just for show, but a strong and capable man himself who should be able to lead the acolytes' to safety and to their destination. Rashid will just have to catch up.

He is tapping his watch to see if he can get a signal to send a communication that he is okay when that laugh echos through the cave. Rashid gives pause and his brow furrows when that unfamiliar voice speaks up. He twists about and can see the figure though the darkness of the cave. At least an outline of it as he reaches up to tap at the eyepiece he wears. A little light pops on from the side that helps illuminate the cave better.

It seems his day is getting worse and he isn't even sure who this man is, but it is safe he isn't a friend. "I don't know who you are, but I am Rashid of the Turbulent wind!" he declares around the same time he is already twisting about, his leg lifting in a kicking motion even though there is still distance between himself and Tremor. Dust and wind kicking up and growing stronger into a small tornado that sails right towards the ninja. "Remember it well."

COMBATSYS: Rashid has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rashid           0/-------/-------|

Straightforward and earnest. This man seems something respectable compared to the weaker children and desperate men on suicide missions that he has run across. A cocksure young man with the energy and readiness to make his strength known. This would be an excellent test. The likes Tremor feels he hasn't seen since challenging a mountain in Metro City.

With his contentment hidden underneath his metallic mask, his eyes burning coals, he pounds his fist into his palm. "I will carve it into your tombstone."

Dropping his foot back, hands positioned in the style he learned so long back as one of the Lin Kuei, Tremor felt the anticipation of a true fight that he has not in some time.

This will be, he thinks, a true Kombat.

COMBATSYS: Tremor has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Tremor

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[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Tremor

The windblown gust swirls toward Tremor. A miniature tornado scattering loose stones left in the wake of the earth-touched man's arrival. Tremor stands his ground, turning his eyes from the wind and shielding his mass with the weight of his arm and the tense stance he holds.

He twists from his planted position. Turning to Rashid, his hand reaches out to the nearby stones. A clenching fist and one of the hearty stalactites tears from the ceiling and flings itself toward Rashid with a crushing force.

COMBATSYS: Rashid blocks Tremor's Rock Start.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Rashid           0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Tremor

It is rare that the Arab comes off serious, but right now his life is being threatened. He can only hope all the training up until this point will serve him well. If not this may be the end of his journey. At the same time if he can handle this man maybe just maybe he will have a chance against those who had kidnapped his friend.

His gaze remains focused on Tremor and watches the ninja's movements. What he expected was quick strikes, not a stalactite being torn out and being flung at him at high speed. He has ot think fast and he twists about and avoids the spike of the projectile as he drives a forearm into it to divert the path. He winces in doing so. The stalactite was heavy and not exactly easy to move despite all the force put into it. He is quick to move forward after that though. A quick dash before he goes into a forward roll right towards Tremor.

At the last moment he unfurls from that roll and his legs kick outwards. A rather quick dropkick looking to drive both feet right into the cut of the ninja and drive him back.

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Nail Assault.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Rashid           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Tremor

Termor takes the world seriously, even if he can find enjoyment in things like bad Johnny Cage films or the old Lightning Spangles show. There are amusements even in a serious man's life. A life wrought with betrayals and turncoats that, in the case of the Black Dragon he continued to serve their needs so long as they were unawares of his ultimate schemes.

"You are not one of the Order. Are you so ready to lay your life for theirs?" he asks, crossing his arms over his chest and face. Rashid's impact swirls wind and earth into an eddy around the two fighters. Tremor's position remains unmoved.

He stomps forward to catch the landing Rashid, a shockwave runs through the stones, splitting and shaking the cavern around the pair. Together with the shaking step comes a double palm strike toward Rashid's chest. To take the wind and fight out of the quickly moving opponent.

COMBATSYS: Tremor successfully hits Rashid with Shock Wave.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Rashid           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0           Tremor

He doesn't get a chance to really answer. The ninja moves quick and hits hard. Those palms slam hard into his chest eliciting a gasp of air as it is knocked from his lungs. Ribs crack and the Arab goes flying hard back against the cave wall where he slumps down for a moment with a groan.

He manages to pick himself back up. "I am not one of them, but they may have answers for something important for me. For that I will do what I must." he says through heavier breaths. His eyes narrow some and he pushes forward once more. He has to keep up his assault and not give the ninja room to breath. To do so would mean certain doom.

As he draws near he begins to spin, arms stretching out as he becomes something of a tornado himself. The wind like energy he seems to have mastery of working along with the multiple strikes he tries to deliver.

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Spinning Mixer.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rashid           0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Tremor

Tremor nods. He can agree with the idea of alliances of convenience and mutual exploitation. He's hit his mark and feels the pressure should be enough to push this leaping man down. Though Rashid is proving to have a great deal of fight in him as the man continues to assault. A whirling dervish of a fighter at odds with Tremor's stony sturdiness.

This time, the steady and solid base of Tremor holds out to the ends. Feet planted, each time Rashid strikes it finds a hard, stony musculature that cracks and stands firm against the rapid assault.

To contend with quickness, Tremor gathers his might and wills the earth itself to formulate into a spiky, crystalline orb in his hands. Each time he batters back against Rashid's strikes, he cradles the sphere as it grows. And on reaching its peak, the ball explodes outward in a violent rain of shimmering shrapnel.

COMBATSYS: Rashid dodges Tremor's Krystal Shatter.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rashid           0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0           Tremor

Strike after strike he looks to find a opening or weakness. The ninja so far has shown himself capeable of handling everything Rashid has tried so far. Even if he is concentrating on his attack he has caught that growing orb that the ninja is starting to create. One that is growing larger and eventually explodes.

Most people would have not found time to avoid the shrapnel that erupts from the attack, but Rashid despite being so close by shows his flexible nature as well as agility as he comes out of that spin and he twists about to find one of the few rare openings where the shrapnel does not scatter.

That is perhaps the best chance he has to get the drop on Tremor. The moment where he looks to kick low at the left shin at first then follow it up with a elbow to the chest.

COMBATSYS: Tremor endures Rashid's Aggressive Strike.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Rashid           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Tremor

The man is fast. Few have managed to avoid the rain of crystals. Even a god felt their sting. But Rashid's dance against death has earned a single word of compliment from Tremor as he sees the display before him.


Tremor sees that he will have to bring the fight closer against the Arab whirlwind. He must take the fight right against Rashid's own offensive. Elbow coming in, Tremor stands his ground and wheels his hand back. A disc of sharpened, wickedly jagged stone and crystal blades flattened by Tremor's force and collected by his will. This blade swings toward Rashid, thrown point blank with a violent force. Hoping Rashid's aggression will prove his opening.

COMBATSYS: Rashid just-defends Tremor's Krystal Kutter!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rashid           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Tremor

Hitting the ninja is like just beating against a brick wall. It just doesn't seem to do anything and it just seems the ninja is slightly amused by the rather futile strikes that do little to nothing against the tough skin. "I'm not here to im-"

It comes quickly. A sudden swing and another strange creation of Tremor comes at him with little time to react and think. His body is more moving on its own as he twists and brings his other elbow about to knock away the blade as he leaps backwards to finally put some space between himself and Tremor. Even close quarters isn't really giving him an edge here.

The confines of the cave aren't exactly the best place for him to fight, but he tries to make use of the walls as he moves towards the nearest one actually carry himself upwards and then push off of it to come towards Tremor, but he quickly twists about at the last second to sail over the ninja and attempt to deliver a quick kick to the back of Tremors head before he lands behind and twists about to plant another kick right into the lower back.

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Riding Glider.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Rashid           0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

The boy is proving quite impressive indeed. Tremor was right to separate him from the others. His task would have been quickly over if this man was bolstered by the numbers of Sacred Order. The man's speed and agility was more than adequate to compensate for Tremor's strength.

But Tremor moved as the earth. He would press onward and onward, growing forceful if the man could not stop him in time.

Tremor's arms go back behind him. He stops the kick with his wrists. Twisting around to force away the brunt of the second kick. Though a few stone dislodge from Tremor's skin, orange glowing cracks and fissures heat underneath the man's exposed chest. He brings his fist in a crushing arc downward toward Rashid. The fist growing in size and weight as stone from the cave surroundings builds and adds to the ninja's mass.

COMBATSYS: Tremor successfully hits Rashid with Rock Head.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rashid           1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0           Tremor

Not only the support of the Sacred Order, but also of what looked to be his bodyguard that was also seperated from Rashid. Those two alone could have problem more than some trouble, but right now it is Rashid fighting for his life and seeming to be pulling out all stops in doing so. Yet it just never seems to be enough due to the ninja's defenses.

He is still short of breath from the powerful blow earlier and exerting himself only seems to be slowing himself down slightly. That hand comes down and he looks to avoid it, but this time it slams right in his head causing Rashid's eyes go go wide and almost bulge out from t he impact that cracks his skull and drives him to the ground in a heap.

He tries to keep his wits about him. His vision blurred by such a strike and his mind reeling as well. He rolls back and gets to a knee as a hand raises to his head. He isn't done yet. Not by a long shot at least. He leaps forward but almost seems that he lands on air to push off with a foot, his body twisting about before firing forward once more like an arrow to slam his foot right in the face of Tremor

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Eagle Spike.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rashid           1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0           Tremor

Stone and earth are hard to damage. But Rashid is putting up his best fight. Each chip in the stone, each strike against those defenses is pushing more and more against the earthen fighter's endurance.

The blows comes and Tremor plants his feet. The heat inside of him causing the glow of heated magma to pulse out from his core. Each strike hardens the surface of the ninja to a glossy sheen of obsidian.

"Show me every ounce of strength you have," he tells Rashid. "Let me know what I should remember of you." He talks to distract Rashid. To hold him in conversation as his body absorbs the stone from beneath and around him, stone and pebble and heat forging underneath his stony skin.

COMBATSYS: Tremor gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rashid           1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

Every ounce of strength? Rashid has done that and yet he has done little. Tremor seems little than worse for wear despite all this. The blurred vision is clearing slightly, but the Arab sees the strange ninja seeming to just pull in more stone to help shore up his defenses further. This location is all too perfect for Tremor and not very helpful for Rashid.

He just can't let himself think this is hopeless. He has things that are unresolved and dieing along in this cave is not the outcome he wants. He can't leave Azam alone. He can't abandon his friend.

Taking a deep breath he focuses on trying to find an opening once more. He flings himself forward and twists about, his body still moving quickly despite the beating he has taken. He flips about once more and brings the heel of his left foot down hard as he can aiming at the very top of Tremor's head.

COMBATSYS: Rashid successfully hits Tremor with Beak Assault.
- Power hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rashid           1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

Every ounce of strength. Show me. The thought is deep in Tremor's mind as he considers and waits and holds his ground. He's trying to pull himself back from the wounds he's been taking and hiding underneath his stony exterior. The effort that it takes, the willpower, and the times he has stood to death itself and come out the other side is what gives Tremor the ability to walk through fires and appear unscathed.

But stone is eventually eroded by wind. The strike hits. The aerial slam knocks against Tremor's skull. His mask dislodges, hangs from his jaw. He stumbles back, his hood falling and exposing his bald head. He stumbles back and sways, he holds a staggering hand out for balance.

But he does not fall. With rage, his hand closes again and he twists around onto Rashid. A strike, and another, and a third. Swinging heavy fists in a whirlwind dance of Tremor's own. Back hand and hook in turn to batter and blow against Tremor's opponent.

COMBATSYS: Rashid blocks Tremor's Klean Slate.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rashid           1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

For once it felt like hitting something other than a brick wall. A weakness perhaps found as he feels his foot strike home and he quickly twists about to land to the side of the ninja. " you are human.....or at least close enough." he says through his heavy breaths. The response is a rather enraged Tremor that comes in swinging several times.

The Arab moves quickly. Arms coming up to try and deflect the blows as best they can as he is pushed back with each strike. Though with each swing Tremor truly never gets the hit he wanted. Instead Rashid is bounding back and he narrows his gaze.

Then he spins. A quick movement kicking up a gust, but it grows much larger than the initial one he used when striking at Tremor. The cave rumbles as the tornado forms and advances towards the ninja to drive him back further while also threatening to bring the cave down on the two.

COMBATSYS: Tremor dodges Rashid's Ysaar.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rashid           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

Fists against flesh. Uncertain hits and glancing strike. Never with the purchase that he needs, but Tremor isn't fighting precisely. In the heat of the moment, the stone-shinobi fights with a fury. Striking hard and again to put the pressure and wear down his quick opponent.

Rashid's wind roars out at Tremor, spiraling toward the man and striking him square in the chest. The stone figure stunned into stillness.

And then he cracks, and crumbles, and nothing is there at all but a pile of loose stone.

From behind Rashid rises the earth itself, trembling as Tremor appears to reform from the gathered stones. "I was, perhaps no longer," Tremor admits, lifting his big boot and thrusting it forward into the small of Rashid's spine.

COMBATSYS: Tremor successfully hits Rashid with Medium Kick.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rashid           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0           Tremor

Rashid was actually looking pleased. The wild winds should certainly be helpful in taming the ninja, but then it seems that despite the close quarters Termor had managed to find away to get around the roaring winds.

It is how the ninja gets the drop on Rashid. He should have been fast enough to avoid that kick, but he was still stunned by the fact somehow the ninja got past one of his more potent attacks and that kick slams hard into his back. Forward the Arab flies and he hits one of the cave walls hard and collapses once more. His body is wanting to give out on him. He isn't sure he has much left. Help doesn't seem to be coming and he isn't sure just how much more he can do to the ninja at this point.

He gets up and twists to face Tremor once more. Stepping forward he ends up sliding low. He actually looks to slip between the man's legs and grab at the ankles tugging as he does so to drop him on the ground face first and hopefully give Rashid enough time to backpedal away from the ninja.

COMBATSYS: Tremor just-defends Rashid's Quick Throw!!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Rashid           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0           Tremor

The wind may wear down the earth, but a mountain takes time to erode and time is what Tremor finds the most useful in kombat. He stands sentinel after his vicious kick to the Rashid's back. Watching the man fly painfully against the stones. He doesn't follow up on the strike, however, giving Rashid time to gather himself while Tremor reaffixes his hanging mask and fallen hood.

"What is it that the Sacred Order holds that you may need?" he asks, voice muffled, but it rumbles from the mask like rocks in a tumbler. "There may be other ways. Ones that don't tie you a group that may yet hold back someone of your potential."

Talking, Tremor actually likes to do it from time to time. It's easy to dismiss a man of his size and strength as a brute, but despite his every burning fury he has not survived on foolishness.

And it's in his defensive tactics that he shows this. As Rashid gets close, he turns his knee and plants his base down over Rashid, nearly pinning him beneath his bulk, Without a word, he reaches for Rashid, trying to catch his slippery opponent in hand to lift bodily back up in front of him. Should he get a hold, there's a slap to the face and a violent thrusting toss into the stones of the cave for Rashid.

COMBATSYS: Rashid manages to escape Tremor's Blood Rock!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rashid           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1           Tremor

Slippery indeed. Rashid seems like he is helpless and easy to snatch off the ground given his attack didn't go at all how he wanted, but yet he finds himself able to slip away across the ground before he can be grabbed. "Not interested if you are the one offering." Nothing good would come with working with or for someone like Tremor.

He is still a bit uncertain of where to go though. He can't keep up the pace he has been going at for much longer. He is built for speed, but the punishment has been too much for him. Standing up straight like he is has become something of a task even. Moving quickly like he is right now? even more trouble.

He breaks into a forward cartwheel then leaps upwards, twisting about once more and almost ending up right above Tremor before diving straight down into the ninja looking to plant his foot into the top of Tremor's head once more.

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Airborne Eagle Spike.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rashid           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1           Tremor

Hands slam into the ground. Tremor breaths out heavily, heat venting from his mask. While Rashid is speaking and slipping away yet again, small bits of rock and skin flake off and crumble to the ground underneath him. But pain is weakness leaving the body and Tremor is used to the aches and exhaustion that are beginning to plague him.

The words get to Tremor. His hand near the ground curls into a first. He punch the ground. A wave of force causes the cavern to shake. Tremor exhales and lifts himself back up, the fissures in his forearms and chest glow with a violent purpose.

"If you continue on your path as you are, you will die," he tells Rashid. He tenses his body, dirt crumbles and stone bursts from his body. "But your time does not have to be today."

He stomps his foot and the ground trembles under his touch. The stalagmites around Rashid bend and slant, pointing toward Rashid. With a rumbling cry, Tremor charges Rashid, his hands growing heavy with accumulating stone. A heavy hammer blow aimed for Rashid's head, threatening to use enough force to drive Rashid to a great deal of pointy pain.

COMBATSYS: Rashid parries Tremor's Stalag Might!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rashid           1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0           Tremor

The landing is less graceful than the previous ones. Rashid falls to a knee before picking himself back up and trying to ready whatever the ninja might have in store for him. "If I die doing what I feel is right so be it. I might not be ready, but I rather die now than associate with someone like you."

He tries to keep focus with his slightly blurred vision. He sees Tremor charge forward and he seems him go on the move to try and cave the Arab's head in as the cave rumbles and it still threatens to collapse at any moment. Yet when that hand comes down Rashid falls backwards into a roll and narrowly avoids the incoming strike.

He comes out of the roll as he comes up to one knee with a hand resting on the ground to keep him upright. With a deep breath he concentrates and there is a heavy wind starting to pick up. It is much like last time as a large tornado is whipped upwards and coming at Tremor, but in this case it is more of a distraction than the actual attack. Bursting through the winds is Rashid once more, his body moving as a whirling dervish of its own as the wind has enveloped his body and looks to batter Tremor along with several kicks and punches from Rashid.

COMBATSYS: Rashid successfully hits Tremor with Ysaar Mixer EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0           Tremor

Tremor's weighted fist slams heavily into the ground. A hammering blow that shatters the stones around his hand and the ground of the cavern itself. And Rashid is nowhere to be seen. His speed keeping the young man darting just out of touch and the weighty death that Tremor brings down.

The wind roats and strikes. The power of the wind lifts and twists and turns himself about, the power of wind added with the swiftly striking Rashid careening, one with the wind as Tremor is one with the earth.

The power of the strikes and the strength of the wind lift and toss Tremor bodily into the twisted and bent stalagmites. He crashes down like a weight. The stones all around and from above start to fall and bury Tremor underneath their weight.

All goes quiet and still.

The stones begin to shake and tremble. They fall from the pile, rubble scattering and the form of Tremor rises up from the fallen stone and dust. The ninja is covered in dust and slate. His chest and arms glowing with molten heat. The stone against him seems to melt and meld into his body. The ninja absorbing the earth surrounding him, supporting him, bringing him reinforcement should Rashid delay much longer.

COMBATSYS: Tremor gains composure.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Tremor

Rashid drops down to the ground panting heavily. Unleashing that attack took a lot out of him and though he felt pretty good about the fact he might have finally downed the ninja. That feeling soon fades when things shake and it seems Tremor is still standing. Rashid just looks at a complete loss at what he is even supposed to do at this point. There is too much earth around him for the ninja to absorb and Rashid himself is fighting off exhaustion.

"Dammit...." he mutters under his breath. Frustration and desperation building up in him. He gets up and he goes straight for the ninja and looks to up and grab him. Less finesse here and using his actual strength to try and just heft Tremor for the ground. "Just stay.....DOWN."

He looks to swing about the ninja with all his force to just slam him hard against the wall with all the might he has left then toss Tremor to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Tremor blocks Rashid's Power Throw.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0           Tremor

The stones converge against Tremor. The earth shakes in his presence. The glowing, molten light of the elemental ninja's eyes are shut as he gathers his strength. His chest rises and falls, shifting in color and density. A glistering tone coming to his cracked skin.

Rashid finds himself slamming into the slab that is Tremor. A quivering runs through the giant man at Rashid's strike. The body is weakening as the pressure is mounting. But for now, Tremor still stands.

"No," he tells Rashid. "Even when I have been left for dead, I have walked across worlds." A twist and a sharp elbow crashes down toward Rashid's head.

Tremor will save the quips for later.

COMBATSYS: Rashid dodges Tremor's Aggressive Strike.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0           Tremor

Still the ninja stands. Somehow they both stand really. The cave itself has perhaps taken the most punishment as rubble is sprawled all across the ground and cracks forming on the walls where both men have impacted with force. Rashid himself has little in the way of breath right now to say much else. He needs to conserve what energy he has to try and down the ninja.

He manages to will his body to move more quickly than it wants to. Another powerful blow from his foe would probably be the end of him and he knows it. That elbow swings and Rashid ducks low to avoid the strike before quickly reaching up to try and grab that arm.

He tries to get a firm grip then swing himself upwards and attempt to wrap his legs around the ninja's neck while using his momentum in an attempt to bring Tremor to the ground and choke him out with both legs trying to crush the man's neck.

COMBATSYS: Tremor fails to interrupt Combo Grapple from Rashid with Mountainous Pain.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Rashid           0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Tremor

Two physical powerhouses. One built for speed. The other in his element in a very, very literally way. Tremor rumbles the ground itself as he stands his ground when Rashid proves simply too quick to hit. He twists, turns, tries to grapple the slippery young man and to put a quick and painful end to his troubled existence.

And yet, nothing is found. Here, the speed that Rashid moves at is too much to handle. Tremor may have might and sturdy leverage, but Rashid has sheer velocity and when the two jockey for a grappling position, it's Tremor that finds himself hurled to the ground and under a choking grip by the rapid attacks of the wind itself.

The blow hard enough that Tremor is forced to rethink his positioning, his momentum, and the truly impressive willpower of this young man to remain alive. He is impressed.

He can't choke the ninja out fully, but at the same time he feels he at least managed to slow him down further. He releases and quickly rolls away to scramble to his feet expecting quick retribution.

It doesn't come. It seems maybe his attempt did more than he expected and he seems to have for a moment at least dazed Tremor enough that maybe he can finally topple the pile of rocks. Even if he fails he can say he died giving a valiant effort. If only Azam and his friend could see him. They would be proud.

Thinking he has his best chance to try and down the ninja for good he surges forward. Adrenaline is kicking in as he runs right for Tremor and takes to the sky. Arms go wide and a single leg extends wind gathers and swirls around his foot as he drives it right at the chest of Tremor.

COMBATSYS: Rashid successfully hits Tremor with Dash Eagle Spike.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Rashid           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0           Tremor

Back to his feet, staggering up. Dust and stone falling from his body. Tremor's mask falls to the ground, clanging off the stone floor and echoing all around in the silence of the fight in these moments of stillness.

The kick comes. It drives Tremor back. He bounces from the wall and lurches forward. Staggering forward, he catches himself on his front foot, steadying and looking toward Rashid.

He cannot remain here. Not in this condition. The young man has proven himself more than capable of surviving a fight for his life, but can he prove himself able to survive against the elements themselves?

Rumbling with rage and exertion, the cavern starts to quake and rumble. A heavy stone lifts with the twisting of Tremor's hand. A mental focus on the small boulder. With a lurching toss, the stone is hurled at Rashid. The intent is not necessarily to hit, but to simply distract. Whether or not it strikes Rashid is irrelevant. Tremor is not going to remain to watch as his form is already crusting over with rock. To hide himself so that the shinobi may yet live to fight another day.

COMBATSYS: Tremor can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Rashid           0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Rashid blocks Tremor's Not For Granite.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Rashid           0/-------/---====|

He lands in a stagger and it takes a moment for Rashid to keep upright, but his balance is there for now. Somewhat dazed and out of breath he has trouble keep his focus on Tremor and the object he creates. It sails towards Rashid and all the Arab has the energy to do is raise his arms up and let it impact against him. The force is enough to send him staggering back where he bumps his back on the wall and before he knows it he is alone.

"I....did it?" He asks and then there is a rumbling. This time not because of the ninja, but rocks being pulled away from the cave and light peeking in around the visage of a hulking figure.

"Master...." the familiar voice of Azam is heard.

Rashid just smiles and he pushes himself off the cavern wall. "Azam......I did it. I survived." He says nothing more. He then falls forward and faceplants hard on the ground. His body finally giving out from the pain and exhaustion. At least for now he has survived to fight another day as his butler comes to tend to him and take him back to camp, but today two men will not forget this confrontation and one day their paths may just cross again.

COMBATSYS: Rashid has ended the fight here.

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