Marduk - Marduk Meets His First Bounty

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Description: Marduk, the freshest recruit for the Front Line Militia for the NOL, has learned about the wonderful world of the para-military organization. They have macbooks! Snug-fitting blue and white uniforms! And of course, bounties. While sitting at a coffee shop, he discovers a bounty RIGHT OUTSIDE with Sylvie Paula Paula! He goes out, and soon learns that there are more important things in life than money. It is Dumbo.

Marduk wasn't exactly sure if he wanted to join the NOL.

At first, when he saw the pop up banner at his fan page, where he was uploading new pictures of himself, he didn't like it. What was the NOL? Why would he join it? The hulking, seven-foot tall brute and brawler was hardly the paragon of wit and intelligence. And yet, he suspected that any pop up ad that declared itself as a get rich scheme that also included glory. Marduk felt that it really was too good to be true.

And then he saw the paycheck.

"HAW HAW HAW, this is FUCKING AWESOME!" Marduk says, a bluetooth headpiece in his earpiece, as he is sits at a small wire-frame coffee table. He was hovered over a tiny laptop, with a tiny paper cup of coffee beside it. He was over in a coffee shop at Tirana, the capital of Albania. He was -supposed- to be meeting up with the expedition, but well, he was at a coffee shop with his NOL provided macbook, dressed in his new NOL militia uniform. While the blue and white was a little tight on him, the hat looked great, as well as the rank of Private E-1. Normally, it wasn't appropriate to be so noisy. But the coffee chop clerk, spotting a fresh black eye and neck bruise, continues to avert his eyes from Marduk as the other customers continue to file out of coffee shop. Marduk didn't notice.

He was too busy working hard as a NOL agent!

"So I gotta find some SWEET ASS bounties!" Marduk rumbles, as he chicken-pecks his fingers on the macbook keypad. "Cause at the NOL, they got some FAT ASS bounties. UNF! I got some... RAGNA! Who is worth like a billion dollars! And Got a Thunder God! And I got some kind of shitty vampire chick, like, holy crap, I could have been making loads of money all this time just PUNCHING the SHIT out of bad people and bringing them in for money." Marduk sips his paper cup of coffee, totally free of course, and puts it down. "But I just need to find out where I can find them!" Marduk rubs his chin, peering at the computer.

"I wonder if I can find them by using this google search engine!?"

Sweet ass bounties don't just walk out onto the street every day. You've gotta hunt for them. Except when they do. Sometimes, the world is strange. Such as when Sylvie strides across the street, as odd and bright pastel colored as she had always been.

So when Sylvie strides out of an iecream shop not far a way, she tingles. Good lord she tingles. "Ah, tastes way better than that slop from before~. They super know how to make eye-ce cream, don't you think, Eyeball?" She asks no one and nothing in particular, as she licks the ice cream, body giving off a few stray sparks. "Ooh~. That was really good!" Of course, she's controlling them. Of course, she doesn't care. None of these people are Paula Paula, and she sure as Sylvie couldn't give a rats rear about them!

"You didn't pay for that miss!" "Sylvie Paula Paula paid for it by being in your store~! She's SPARKLING!" Sylvie admits, not even turning to face the woman, a cheery sing-song as she gives a two fingers salute on one hand towards the woman, skipping away with not a care in the world.

She wasn't worth a Ragna, though.

Marduk does a double take out the window.

For starters, Sylvie looks all crazy and shit with those eye balls. And dress. Marduk didn't like expect that, even in Europe. But then, he narrows his eyes at her... and then the computer screen. Back to her. Back to the screen. And then, he -gasps-.


"It's... Sylvie Paula Paula!"

Marduk points his fingers on the screen, as he reads back the words. "She is wanted alive, and she is worth $23,000! Known augmented human with direct ties to the NESTS Cartel. Capture and detain for debriefing and incarceration! HOLY SHIT! She sounds like a HARDENED CRIMINAL type!" Marduk does some more chicken-pecking into the search engine of google. "AND SHE WAS IN KING OF FIGHTERS! How SUSPICIOUS! I was in it TOO! SHIT, this all makes sense." Marduk finishes his coffee, looking out the cafe window. "Well, I guess I can just get out there and beat her up, and make a lot of money!" But then, Marduk rubs the crease of his chin.

"Or do I?"

Marduk leans back in his too tiny chair, looking at his laptop. "I suppose I could just sit here, and drink my coffee, as opposed to going out there, and making a scene. I mean, look at this computer! It has some crazy ass games! Like where you can punch people... in the digital world! Or this HILARIOUS game where you toot a trumpet at Donald Trump's head. There are a lot of things I -COULD- be doing instead of making a scene." Marduk grunts a bit, standing up. Stomping out of the coffee shop, he leaves his laptop of classified material behind. The clerk watches him run out, and sighs.


Marduk stomps out into the street. "HOLD UP THERE! SYLVIE PAULA PAULA! I am a NOL RECRUIT by the name of MARDUK! Now I just read that you TOTALLY are worth at least $23,000, and that's a HORSE TON of REAL MONEY! But you gotta hold stay put! I need you to stop crossing the street, so I can reach you, and start FIGURING OUT how the SHIT am I even supposed to do this bounty thing! Like, holy shit, how is this even supposed to work?" Marduk stops his pursuit, hands on his blue velvet hips.

"Gosh, it's hard making a scene over a bounty!"

The ice cream was slowly, mercilously, devoured. Sylvie was skipping away as the massive meathead burst out onto the street, throwing a hand out towards her and telling her she's worth money. With a disinterest, Sylvie twirls around to pose. "Yup!~ That's me, Sylvie Paula Paula! I'm totally priceless though, so don't you think that's too low? You shoulda haggled!" She beams.

"Oh well, guess you'll have to let me go, you know?" She remarks, gleefully, "Because Sylvie Paula Puala can shoot right outa here, like a shot!" It's possible though, that she doesn't want to yet. As her hands begin to spark and shock, the woman makes noise just by moving, gaudy bits and pieces on her over costumed head and body certainly not helping!

"Or Eyeball says I should punish you~! In the name of the Paula, of course." With that, there's a surprised shock look, before a peace sign is pointed towards Marduk. "'Cause Paula isn't going to any stinking, stupid jail! She's super cool, and super amazing, AND SUPER worth WAY more money!" Madurk may stop his pursuit, but challenging someone, especially an unstable woman listening to her invisible imaginary friends is an entirely curious idea.

Sylvie accelerates, pulled off the ground by her hands as they spark in the air, electromagnetic waves pulling her along!

COMBATSYS: Marduk has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Marduk           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marduk           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sylvie

"OH NO!"

That is Marduk's response as she turns around to face him. "HOLY SHIT That's a LOT OF FUCKING EYEBALLS!" Marduk says in sheer horror, recoiling away from the display. "Uh, OH DAMN, you are CRAZY!" Marduk says. "You probably like, killed HUNDREDS of PEOPLE or some shit! Okay, so you are not priceless, but let me think about this. You are going to... shoot like a shot, if I let you go. Well no then! I won't let you go!" But then she says she was going to punish him in the name of PAULA!? "Holy shit, like Paula Abdul? I gotta tell you though, prison is NOT bad!" Marduk then sees the electrical energy building, and he actually starts to sweat. "OH NO! OH NO!" He was actually kind of scared now. This was his first mission, and he got the -most dangerous lightning girl- and Marduk looks around desperately.

"Wait, Eyeball!"

Marduk looks at the wrong eyeball. "Talk some reason to the crazy bitch, Eyeball!" He pleads, palms up. Marduk shakes his head. "Cause if there is one thing that Craig Marduk hates doing, it's definitely punching the shit out of crazy broads! So last chance! DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!" Marduk starts lowering into his wrestling stance, his palms still up. "Cause you know what's gonna happen? You know what's gonna happen? It's gonna be the MARDUK EXPRESS baby!!" Marduk pounds his uniformed chest once.


It wasn't so much a question but a statement. A statement of clarity.

"All the better for me to SEE you with! Well, most of them work!" Is her claim, as she closes the distance. Killed hundreds? Nope. She hadn't actually! Not quite yet! Well, maybe once or twice!

"Nuh-uh, Eyeball is TELLING me to do this! It's a good idea!" Sylvie agrees with the eyeball as she bobs to the side around a lightpole, then a mailbox, before coming straight up to Marduk!

"So Sylvie's not going to give up that easy! Especially when she hasn't even begun to fight!" It's clear. Except she does begin to fight! Skidding to a stop before Marduk, the woman twirling around in place, she leaps up and then twists her body around to bring a heel towards the man! Her skirt and dress flares up as her hair goes the opposite direction, the hell accelerating towards Marduk as electromagnetic energies pull it down towards his limb!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Marduk with Guillo-Ton!.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Marduk           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Sylvie

"OH NO!"

Marduk was saying Oh No a lot. As Sylvie was already beginning to fight, Marduk speaks fast, sweating all over, right through his uniform. "Well, like, I am thinking of a lot of things to tell you, and this definitely sounds like a very smart thing for me to say, to de-escalated this situation!" Marduk points at Sylvie as she stops short.


Marduk bellows, as he tries to evade the very forces of nature. It doesn't work very well, as Marduk takes a heel-ful of impact. I mean Marduk is made of meat, and it would be like kicking a literal brick house. But Marduk gets a bruise, and looks kind of mad at that. "OW! Okay Sylvie Paula Paula, I am REALLY getting PISSED OFF and your EYEBALL is BAD and I HATE YOUR EYEBALL!" Marduk then responds the best that he can muster: he attempts to slam both of his arms around Sylvie, to grab her. And if he succeeds? He would then go to unleash the most cruel of techniques. He would POKE his FINGER into one of Sylvie's giant eyeballs, before throwing her straight for the lamp post.


COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks Marduk's Combo Throw.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Marduk           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0           Sylvie

Oh no indeed!

As Marduk decalres the EYEBALL is BAD AND WRONG, Sylvie brings her foot straight down towards Marduk's body as he makes a declaration! "He IS NOT!" She grumps, responding in an angry grunt as she brings that boot towards his frame! The leg almost bounces off as Sylvie flails her arms, "Well you should stop CALLING him bad!~ He's super smart, smarter than you would ever be! All of them are! Some of them aren't even real!" She yells back as Marduk tries to grab her - and manages it! Just not fully.

As she wiggles and waggles in his arms, he throws her at a lamp-post, but she manages to avoid having the eyeball poked - which is why she's able to catch herself on the lampost insstead of the post catching her! As she wiggles upwards, waggling straight skywards, she spins around once on that post!

There's no surprise then when she twists to the top and points downwards to Marduk!

"Mr Eyeball's cool and neat! You're just a dumbo made of meat~! Also, you totally give the worst hugs!" She states friendly like, before rubbing her feet together. Then clicking her heels once. Twice. Three times. "BZAAAP~! I wish you were A LIGHTNING ROD!" And arcs of energy lance down towards Marduk, her fingers wiggling as she causes havoc below!

COMBATSYS: Marduk endures Sylvie's Denki Kaijin.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Sylvie

Marduk feels like he made the right call.

As Sylvie gets more angry, Marduk knows he has the upperhand. Fighting was a mental game, not just physical. He had to get into her head, make her crazy. The eyeball dodges it, but as she spins around that post, Marduk is already staggering at her. It was genius.

And then the lightning comes.

"AAAGH!" Marduk screams as his skeleton reveals itself. Staggering, he nearly gets knocked to the ground. Fortunately, a lifetime of experience with tasers in public areas and bars and from police officers gives him the power he needs to just man through it. Staggering TOWARDS Sylvie instead of away, he takes heavy steps. His mind was stirring, his thoughts reeling. And then, as the electrical energy continues to course over him, he suddenly realizes.

"HOLY SHIT, it's so obvious now!"

"Neat rhymes with meat!" Marduk concludes. "And you know what dumbo is, Sylvie? Huh? Huh? It's not a LIGHTNING ROD! You know what Dumbo is?" He suddenly makes a trumpeting sound. "HE'S AN ELEPHANT SYLVIE. BARUUUUMP! BARUUUUUMP!" He makes a trunk-like gesture, as he extends his arm out before his nose. Swinging his arm around, he dives in low, and then -slams- his arm trunk at Sylvie, attempting to knock into her like a raging bull elephant. Or the lamp post. Either, really. All while singing aloud.


COMBATSYS: Sylvie dodges Marduk's Raging Beast.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marduk           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Sylvie

Atop the post of light, Sylvie giggles as she shoots down those electric tethers accelerate down to buzz Marduk as she happily zaps and buzzes against him! Of course, he seemingly staggers TOWARDS her. This is... this is new! "Oh wow! You're running TOWARDS Sylvie? You know that's kinda a dumb idea, right? It's SUPER COOL you wanna help Sylvie though!" She beams, giving off a wink and then another wink with her other eye, bobbing back and forth, before Marduk talks about elephents and rods and BARUMPs! The woman tilts her head and then she watches as Marduk dives towards her with the arm, trying to knock into her like a raging bull elephent! And the lamp post.

The woman is a bit surprised, and she's shaken from her perch! So much shaken that she kicks off the perch that she is atop of!

It works, magically, as Sylvie flips forwards and lands behinds Marduk as he charges forwards, hands sparking rapidly as she slow hovers over him and lands behind!

"Ehehe. So close! But Sylvie is SUPER! Super pretty, and super a-ma-zing!~" She sparkles with electricity before kicking forwards off the ground, launching herself towards Marduk - and then clinging to him! Pulling the electromagnetics on the ground, she aims to pull Marduk into the ground before she KICKS off, springing backwards! It's not too exciting, but it's certainly sparkly! "Hah~! Sorry you're all tired already~!"

COMBATSYS: Marduk interrupts Paula Hip from Sylvie with Bull Charge.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

Marduk -slams- into the lamp post.

Nearly knocking it clean over, the wrestler swings his arms like a great animal. "BABY MINE DRY YOUR EYES!" He continues to belt out, as he stumbles around. He might be playing into Sylvie's Paula Paula hands, yes. But he was a human wrecking ball, with all the finesse and grace of a bull elephant. Even as his uniform rips and tears, his 'trunk' continues to swing around as Sylvie teases him from behind. As she clings to him, he suddenly picks up speed. As she fights to pull him to the ground, Marduk continues to pick up speed...

Smashing through the window of the coffee shop.

Smashing Sylvie through, he continues his stampede back into the counter, where the cashier ducks down. Marduk slams Sylvie hard against the counter, his rampage coming to an end as he sings. "REST YOUR HEAD CLOSE TO MY HEART NEVER TO PART... TO PART..." He wheezes, as he kind of stumbles back, sitting into a chair for a second. His uniform was already soaked in sweat.

"So, yo, you've ever seen Dumbo before?" Marduk rumbles, catching his breath.

With Marduk nearly knocking over the lamp-post, Sylvie is set forth with no actual drive beyond Eyeball's declaration of war upon Marduk. Usually, that is actually a pretty good push. It is for now, as well! Yet it becomes less so as Marduk manages to pick up speed - and smashes through the window of the coffee shop. Sylvie is pulled through of course, bouncing against a chair and a table, and then Sylvie slams hard into the counter, splayed out.

"Ge-eeeze... I don't have a clue about some stupid dum-dum movie, Mr." Sylvie answers, shaking the cobwebs and bell ringing out of her head. Of course, he sits into a chair and is soaking wet with sweat. "Gross. You're a sweaty large man! I'm not going to be thrown around by one of those!"

Too late, really.

With such force, Sylvie throws herself off the side of the counter and twists around, aiming to slam a foot into Marduk's stomach, then his face, as she moves to flip over and around him and his stupid chair! It won't be an easy rest!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Marduk with Medium Kick.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Marduk           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

Marduk was just catching his breath.

But when Sylvie interjects?

That snaps Marduk right out of it.

"Now hold the f-" He begins, as he pushes out of the chair. He tries to block against the incoming kick... except he tries to block against the face kick, that was a stomach kick. ANd then, when he moves down to catch the stomach kick, he takes it -right- to the kisser, knocking him flailing over into another table. He moans, rolling over. Pulling at a chair, he rights himself up to a stand, swaying side to side. He lifts up a single finger.

"Now hold the fuck up there a second."

"Dumbo is a VERY serious and VERY dramatic movie." Marduk hurls the chair away, pointing a finger at Sylvie. "Now I know you might think that it is which dumb, because it is called Dumbo, but it is actually very smart when you think about it." Marduk starts to work himself up, knocking over a nearby table, turning it upside down. "I mean, my BODY SWEAT is just like dumbo BIG OLD EARS. I might be big, and sweaty, but I got FAMILY I LOVE and a MAMA who would ALWAYS sing to me no matter how SWEATY or BIG I GET!" Marduk's rage was building to a head, as his rant seems to only work him up more and more. "So I am PRETTY FUCKING OFFENDED that you THINK DUMBO is some kind of DUMB SHIT MOVIE!" He knocks over another table-

Sending his laptop to the floor.

"OH SHIT!" He screams, grabbing his bald head as he stares at the broken MacBook.


COMBATSYS: Marduk gathers his will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Marduk           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

As Marduk pushes out of the chair, failing to block against the kick and the stomach kick, and the kick kick, Sulvie just focuses on bulldozing into the larger man. Hell, why not, right? As he's knocked onto another table, flailing, the woman flips forwards, dress fluttering full of stains and grease and god knows what else from the counters! Aren't they supposed to wash those?

With the chair thrown away, a finger pointed at her, Sylvie answers with a shrug as she stands on one of the table sections with a bench and a round-about-seating on it. "You're all talking, but I mean you're just proving you're a big dumbo." Sylvie adds as he goes on, and on, and on - and then he knocks the laptop to the floor. Sylvie glances at it, peering. "Oh! Good, you were gonna break it anyhow! Sylvie saved someone else from having a stupid problem from you! She's the best!"

Posing on the table with peace signs, Sylvie then shakes her head, "Like I was saying - beep beep BEEEP - important message! Sylvie doesn't know what a CHILDHOOD IS! Soooo, Sylvie's going to beat it out of you~!" She sing songs, "Maybe it'll drop, and then Sylvie'll be even more of a powerful paula!"


With that declaration, Sylvie immediately charges towards Marduk at a perhaps mistaken attempt, shooting towards him with a spark of electromagnetic energy to grab an arm and wrench it backwards - but mainly she's trying to twist it and wrench it, so she can use it as a swing to boot his head!

COMBATSYS: Marduk barely endures Sylvie's Combo Grapple.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Marduk           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie


Marduk suddenly realizes what kind of girl he is dealing with. His rage almost fades. Almost, because Sylvie beep beeps."Oh! A message! Uh, where is the phone..." He tries, as he approaches Sylvie to find it. Instead, Sylvie grabs -ihim- instead of him grabbing the phone, and as the spark doesn't do much to him, the pivot wrench twists his arm around. He could handle that. But the kick to the head? That swells up his eye. And yet.... Marduk does not bellow this time. "Oh shit, you must.... you must have never had a childhood." Marduk realizes. "that's... THat's..." And Marduk wipes a tear from his swollen, black eye.

"That's so FUCKING SAD!"

Marduk is quick to add. "I'm not crying because it's so fucking sad, by the way, but because you kicked me in the eye, and that really hurts." Marduk tries to shake Sylvie free. "Maybe.... I shouldn't turn you into the bounty." Marduk says decisively. "I should sit you down, and have you watch EVERY FUCKING KIDS MOVIE that I grew up with! Dumbo! Carebears! Aladdin! It's like I am a BIG BABYSITTER!" Marduk reaches out to latch his grips around Sylvie's bouncy bounce eyes. Should he get a grip? He would swing Sylvie around once, before letting go, throwing her back out to the street. "Come on, Sylvie!" He roars out.


COMBATSYS: Marduk successfully hits Sylvie with Medium Throw.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Marduk           1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1           Sylvie

As Marduk goes for the phone, Sylvie grabs him and as he wrenches the arm, then kicks Marduk, it turns out that that is a bit of a bad idea! Because he tells it like it is and wipes a tear from his eye. It is indeed quite sad. Not that Sylvie seems to care, or make it seem like a big deal! The woman is then told it's because of the EYE kick. "Weeeelll duh, like, even Sylvie knows boys don't cry, you know~?" She proclaims, grinning madly before Sylvie is shaken free - and then she is grabbed! Aladdin! Carebears! Movie! The bouncy eyes are grasped!

It's horrifying. Worst of all, she's swung around, and thrown back to the cruel, mean streets! It is a travesty.

Tumbling, bouncing, Sylvie comes to a stop as she lands, bouncing twice. Staggering upwards, the woman isn't exactly the prettiest sight, but she is still of course, Paula Paula. It's good enough, isn't it? "Geeze no no NO, Sylvie's gotta life to live, and it's not in the past!" She exclaims, eyes renched wrong-way, all cross-eyed! With a happy laugh despite eating dirt, Sylvie skips forwards - and then lunges towards Marduk.

"MY time to do THAT." She proclaims, angrily, as she seriously steps forth, both hands coming together and then stopping a foot before Marduk.

"Oh, wait, I was supposed to do a thing here ri-OH!~" Her legs rub the ground, her fingers poke Marduk. There's suddenly a tether of electricity that Sylvie is attempting to whip backwards as a cage of the stuff crackles to life around Marduk. "Hahahah~! You'll never cage me! Sylvie's never going to just let herself be caged... she cages others!" OR SO SHE CLIAMS, whipping Marduk back and forth as best she can against the side of the building and the street, before drop-kicking him at the end! If ... if she gets the man!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Marduk with Magneto-Trapo!.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Marduk           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0           Sylvie

Boy do cry, but only if it is their party, because they can cry if they want to.

As the towering brawler hurls Sylvie, Marduk strides with heavy steps out of the broken window, and out on the street. "Look you can't live life as a criminal without having a fucking childhood. It's not normal!" Marduk injects standards of normal into this encounter. Already, she was skipping towards the approaching Marduk. The brawler drops down into his defensive stance, ready and braced for another kick to the head. And then... she stops.

Marduk pauses a moment. % R
"So uh, did I- did we forget something-"

Suddenly, that poke comes alive, as electricity wraps around Marduk. "OH THIS IS NOT GOOD." He bellows, as he tries to ball himself up. And well, he is not very balled. Not very balled at well. As he is slammed, again and again, the towering starts to get a little loose as the slamming frenzy ends with a finishing drop kick. Marduk finds himself into his own little crater on the street.

Marduk flops a moment.

"NOW HOW I FEEL IS" Marduk begins, rising up, giving a sudden twitch. "LIKE I AM ON FIRE. AND I CAN'T FEEL MY BONES." Marduk reaches a full stand. "THIS IS TERRIBLE AND I HURT." Marduk explains, turning back over to Sylvie. No, not turning back at her. Throwing -right- back at her. "NOW I'M GONNA BREAK YOUR LEG A BIT." He rumbles, as he attempts to lift Sylvie up by her Paula Paula legs, and -slam- her on her back. Should he succeed? He would come right down, latch his legs around her right knee, and -wrench- the hell out of it in a single, smooth take down.


COMBATSYS: Marduk successfully hits Sylvie with Knee Bar.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Marduk           0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0           Sylvie

Not even then, really. Never.

"Uh, that's what makes a child a criminal, du-uuuuh? I think, Sylvie super doesn't know! She's all spacey after getting THROUGH into a TABLE~!" How sing-songy you can get after it, is potentially up there. Sylvie just paula powers through. As Marduk manages to avoid the worst of it, balling up, Sylvie makes sure that he still feels it in the crater! Yet Marduk rises up into a full stand! He clearly is hurt.

Not as hurt as Sylvie is about to be! With Marduk suddenly lifting Sylvie up, the girl flails a bit as she can see with great clarity that this is about to hurt! It does. Oh boy does it, Sylvie flailing from the pain, arms pinwheeling and legs bending unnaturally. Oh, it's like she's back at the lab!

"No no NO! DO NOT break Sylvie's super legs, you mean, terrible person!" Says the criminal. Of course it gets worse as those legs bend over and wrench the hell out of her legs. With a pained cry, Sylvie topples over more-so on the ground, curling up a bit before growling.

"I already HAD eyece cream... but I guess I'm a glutton for it, too." She laughs, pained, "Cause she's just a fat, trashy glutton... but you're a WRECK TOO! Sylvie's super nice, so she'll make you feel worse, free!"

With that, her hands open wide. "Give Sylvie a HUG~!"

It's not a hug, but a sparking, condensed stream of electricity that is traveling from her to Marduk. Because why not?

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Marduk with Dischar-Jing!.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Marduk           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0           Sylvie

"Your logic is a little flawed and confusing, and I want to point out to you why it is!"

Marduk's rebuttal is precise, as he rolls off of Sylvie. He is clearly hurt, which is obvious to everyone who was not Marduk. Marduk's moments were stiff, stilted. Even as Sylvie flails, he tries to ease on his feet. And then... she wants a hug? Marduk turns around, a smirk on his face. "Finally! Now we can-"

Sylvie does not hug Marduk.



Marduk stumbles backwards, stomping a foot down to get his center again. Shaking a finger at Sylvie, the smell of steamed hams fills the air. "I am totally not a terrible person! I am a great guy, who was cruising on the internet, and want to kidnap cute crazy girls for money in a foreign country! AND get paid for it! And I don't even want that. I just want to FIX you, and then GET YOU ICE CREAM, and we can WATCH DUMBO and SHIT together. I mean if you already had ice cream-"

And Marduk pauses.

"Oh, wait, that's a pun?"

Another pause.

"Oh god, that's FUCKING hilarious." Marduk begins, guffawing with laughter as his legs start to tremble under him.

COMBATSYS: Marduk gathers his will.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Marduk           1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0           Sylvie

"No!" Sylvie answers Marduk with such a pointed answer that it's hard to argue!

Of course, when Marduk rolls off of her, Sylvie barely can stagger to her feet - and it's all wobbly and winded. With Marduk going for a 'hug', Sylvie super takes advantage of the situation! It is because she is not a super great person. What a surprise!? With her trap sprung, Sylvie manages to kick off the ground with a leg and barely put pressure on the other.

"Of COURSE it's not!" Sylvie calls out, "Now go away! Eyeball says this is over and you learned your lesson!" The woman proclaims, Sylvie answering best she can - of course he declares that he is a great guy, wants to make a quick buck, etc. "Nuh UH. I AM NOT. GONNA BE. FIXED!"

Out of a dress, a megaphone comes, "I AM PAULA PERFECT!"

With a hint of anger, she rises into the air as Marduk guffaws and laughs, trembling, "I'll make you laugh all-right! You'll be SPASMING with laughter~! So much you can't BREATHE!" Her arms extend outwards, legs dangling as she begins to rotate, faster and faster, before lightning begins to arc out rapidly, randomly, everywhere! "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~!" She declares as she emits the electricity in so little elegance and little care for Marduk's attempt to take care of her!

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Sylvie's Paula Experiment.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Marduk           1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0           Sylvie

"Wait where did that that megaphone come from-"

Marduk does not get the answer he wants. He does get the answer he needs though. That answer was -lots- and -lots of electricity. Marduk tries to figure out how to defend against lighting. He responds by -punching- the lightning. It kind of works? As the smell of steamed hams gets stronger, Marduk staggers through the wild current, pushing forward. "I gotta say, in honor of Woman Appreciation Day, which I think is like, today? Or maybe it was yesterday, I don't follow that shit." Marduk swings around, unleashing a -mother- of all rising hammerblows, attempting to -smash- right through the center of mass of the PAULA PERFECT, all while mansplaining to his eyeballed counter-part. "I THINK it is important that I, a MAN, fix you, Some kind of crazy ass bitch. And furthermore-"

"Oh wait a second."

Marduk stops a second, and places his index and middle finger at the carotid artery on his neck. And then, on his wrist. "Oh." He says flatly, eyes going wide.

"Uh oh."

Marduk then starts falling over backwards, from the lack of cardiac activity.

COMBATSYS: Marduk can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Marduk successfully hits Sylvie with Deathbringer.

[                                <
Sylvie           0/-------/----===|

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/----===|

Where did it come from? It's a mystery, but it may be hanging off of her somehow. Somewhere. Some... what?

Of course, Marduk /punches lightning/. Sylvie, spinning in the air, finishes her whirling dervish of electrical excitement, where Marduk is slowly, steadily, punching his way to her face! Once all the lightning is out of the way, then her face would be punched as well! It's a terrifying, unhappy though! Then again, that is many of them!

Of course, that massive hammerblow comes forwards.

The mother of all hammerblows ACTUALLY DOES slam into Sylvie Paula Paula, who is sent spiralling, perfectly, and pretty, through the air. Her attempt to avoid it is in vain as she decries her terrible and /necessary/ ways! Not.. really, actually. Yet that impact sends her not only spiraling into a wall, but through it! It's when Marduk pauses to stop and check that Sylvie pulls herself up, in fear - and then ... AND THEN!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has reached second wind!
Sylvie freezes. So does... Marduk?

She does the other bit, clawing her way out, in fear staring before she comes out ... victorious? Covered in ice cream from the wall (of the ice cream store) and totally dusty, dry-wally, and beaten up!

"Huh?" She asks, frozen in fear, face not even moving from the mask of fear that overcomes her, as Marduk reels back to check his pulse. Then topples over. There's a few moments where Sylvie doesn't move again - before she floats to the ground, less in fear. Peering down at Marduk, Sylvie tilts her head once more - then pokes the Marduk pile. "Oh, guess Sylvie wins! Mr. Eyeball did say this was over, anyways. He's always right!" Is her declaration.

"Zzzzzzap. I'm ... all tired, beeeep, low battery." Her eyes would nearly flash red from the low energy levels. "And it's your fault!" She harrumphs, 'zapping' Marduk with anger! It's a short zap. His heart likely resets!? It wasn't on purpose!

"Now Sylvie's gonna go eat some more somewhere... bleh...!~ You messed up her clothes and everything!" A bit of a grump, she's just low energy right now. A tad sad.

Walking, not skipping, Paula hops to it - to go use stolen money from thugs she beat up, since they robbed someone else before she robbed them, to eat!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has ended the fight here.

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