Golden Angel 2018 - Golden Angel R3 - Pukai vs Kang

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Description: Entering the Golden Angel tournament only to find himself armed with a water gun did not excite Kang, but to get a real fight from Pukai was another matter. The strange woman gave him dreams of a unique actress only to find she is perhaps unatainable


For Kang the Golden Angel tournament was something he found out about and realized some skilled fighters were involved. Ones he wanted to test his ability against and perhaps find someone to put in his first movie. A movie that still isn't funded and may never be. But still! This...this is not what he expected.

A giant gun is being offered to him and he just looks at the official as if the man is insane. The Korean is wearing his mask which was not created by the miracle formula that created the Hawaii'n shirt he wears and the big trunks as well. "This is not what I want! I want a real fight!"

"Sir you have to-UWAAAAAAH!"

The official insisting on the gun soon gets picked up and thrown about and Kang stands tall and raises a fist. "This will be a real fight! I am not here for squirt guns! Whoever wishes to challenge me come forward!"

The water gun fight that is expected is what Pukai had prepared for.

It had been coming, she assumed, based on the focus from the beginning. Not that she had been in since then. Kneeling before the cross of the God, Goddess, being above, Pukai found 'peace' in herself to put herself on display if necessary. It was, clearly, just another test by the Goddess. She would stride through a river of blood if it was necessary. Like the fabled princess or queen that rode bare her horse through the city.

Showing up in the same single piece and 'frilly' bathing suit with a bathing cap, Pukai is lugging a rifle instead of a spear. The odd knight of the Sacred Order arrives to find Kang being offered a giant gun. The Korean Man wants a real fight - and that gun is thrown about. Every time it may be returned to him, she assumes, it would become another projectile. With a hop forwards on one leg, her jelly dress and bathing suit jiggling, then another, she leaps forwards with both to land in her quadrant, eyes gazing lazily forwards. "I am here... and will abide by whatever challenge is decided upon, and whatever rules are set." She so states, a small yet 'wide' because of that translucent dress, figure. "Make your claim, ... sir Kang, I believe? I will have no objection."

For however honorable her words are, her hand raises upwards in a peace sign.

Kang hears a voice and turns about. He knew little about his opponent admittedly and there is even a pause when he looks the strange woman over.

"I.......sir Kang!? No no! Just Kang shall do!" he is not one for being called such a fancy name and he still seems unsure of how to regard the woman before him. She isn't exactly human and her movements. Entrancing. "But tell me......have you considered being in a movie?"

It is hard for him not to ask. His experience for people that aren't human, save Jezebel, is limited to non existent, but here stands Pukai before him.

"Madam, if you wish to provide me a real fight I would feel obliged. I must know your moves!"

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Kang             0/-------/-------|

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. . . Blank eyes stare at Kang, momentarily seemingly to look past him as she does not react to his pleas. His words. His actions.

"Just Kang." Yes. That is his name now, as her blanking ends.

"OH. Ah! I apologize. Kang! I ..." Her hands flail as the rifle drops from her grasp, "I ... have never considered it. The Sacred Order does not focus on fame, or wealth. None of the teachings show for us to seek them." Possibly this means that she could be a very cheap actress.

Yet Kang stands before her and requests a real fight. "Then I shall oblige." Without a spear, it would be difficult - yet she turns for a moment and waves a hand at another soldier nearby from the order, waving him down. She bows after her request - and the spear is passed to her. Turning, she bows again to Kang.

A breath is taken in as she stands before Kang - and her dress, weird as it is, does not get any less weird. Ribbons tied to the back of it, seemingly decorations, unfold and begin to move - though it takes a key eye to see the tendrils that stretch a bit from her dress, moving outwards slowly encroaching towards Kang's side of the battlefield on the Golden Angel stage.

"Scared Order? Is that a dance troop or something?"

No, Kang doesn't often keep track of things going on in the world. Sure he was caught up in the chaos during King of Fighters, but he never fully knew what was all going on. He isn't dumb, but he is also a bit too focused on one thing and that is his movie. "And I understand! But you seem unique! I wished to at least mention it!" He knows he isn't going to get lucky with every offer and in this case it is more him testing himself against an opponent that isn't on par with what he usually deals with.

%"tThank you for accepting!" He is only semi registering what is going on with the woman's outfit and he seems more focused on one thing. That is rushing forward and then lowering his head to run head first into Pukai and knock her away.

COMBATSYS: Pukai blocks Kang's Kang Anger.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kang             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0            Pukai

"It is ... a family. More than that, it is an Order devoted to the betterment of this world." She declares, grasping the spear that was passed to her. Kang may not keep track but Pukai lives it - and is why she exists now before him. It is no surprise it matters much to her. Though she is just as blind as he is in many other corners of the world and life. "That is kind of you as well."

To be honest, Kang only asked if she had ever seen herself. She had not. Not that there is perhaps an option that she would not.

Yet it is simply meanings to words while actions take place that require more registered reactions than those of the lips and tongue! Kang rushes forwards, lowering his head to run head first into her to knock her away! It almost works. The spear is pushed forwards between her and Kang, the flat handle, impacting against Kang's head in a defensive measure as she slides backwards, tendrils behind Kang grasping the ground and helping her hold her ground. Her feet, clad in sandals instead of boots, dig into the ground as the platform may shift.

"I came here to duel, no matter what the duel may be!"

The flat side of the spear slams into Pukai causing how to skid further back, arms wiggling from impact, slightly numb. Apparently, it has affected her movement as well - Pukai's option is apparently to keep moving back. Small bubbles are emitted as she skips and spins around a step, the dress fluttering as what seems to be small jellyfish glide out around from her - slowly swimming through the air with short bursts of speed towards Kang. From his barreling charge, it might be a very easy charge forwards, towards her.

Yet if they were to reach Kang, the stings would be immediate. Latching on clinging, they would detonate in a burst of chi, they would release a burst of 'venom' as they died.

COMBATSYS: Kang interrupts Cnido Phore from Pukai with Kang Screw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kang             0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Pukai

He is a bit on the short side, but he has girth and his momentum is nothing to laugh at. Even so Pukai does well to handle his forward charge and the top of his head meets the flat of the spear. It hurts, but he has has taken for bigger shots to the head so he isn't slowed too much by the way the woman blocks his attack.

"You and me both! Duel, fight, whatever! This is not about silly water guns, but skill!" he declares and moves forward.

The movements and the attack from Pukai are unexpected. Then again he knows little enough about the strange woman to know what to expect. Despite that he surges forward and that jellyfish that is sent his way attaches to him and does sting, but he still doesn't stop moving.

Perhaps slowed, but not stopped he lauches upwars with arms expected. Backhanded strikes as he screws upwards to take Pukai up in the air with him before the final smack sends her away. The portly Korean soon lands and staggers some as he tries to recover from the stinging sensation he is finally fully feeling.

It wasn't entirely unexpected that Kang pushed forwards. The hallway of bubbles, of small, mini jellyfish was not entirely an open door for Kang to fly through, much like a far larger cherubium. Tendrils that had snaked across the platform reach for him as he continues to surge forwards. The Jellyfish all but prepares for the inevitable rush. It was planned. As Kang charges, it would get harder to move, some of the tendrils attemtping to stick to him and slow him down, to grasp him in place and keep him from his movement.

It wasn't just the jellyfish that Pukai had prepared - yet Kang manages to surge through it all, launching forwards - and Pukai is struck, backhand after backhand slamming into her as she rises upwards, the darkstalker knight toppling head over heels away from him - tendrils following her away as she bounces first on her 'cap' before ending up face down. Pushing herself back up quickly, she brushes herself off.

"Yes, of course! It won't be just...!" Is her agreement.

This time, Pukai is on the offensive. Her movement is hops, compared to a running dash, dress 'fluttering' as she kicks forwards, pulling her spear backwards on the approach. Yet where she would be in striking range, she would twist, swinging the spear sideways towards Kang, shaft first, to slam against his leg and hook it out from under him, before twisting the spear 180 degree and lunging forwards with the spear end - to keey him at a distance!

"As it is a performance, I am also trying to be entertaining... that is why they are watching too!"

COMBATSYS: Pukai successfully hits Kang with Armed Combo.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kang             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1            Pukai

The Korean seems please as he listens to the woman. He just gives a nod to her words then prepares himself.

Only he wasn't ready at all because comes forward and the spear hits his leg and he finds himself losing his balance. "Oh nooooo!"

He goes tumbling away and distance is created and Kang is left landing in a backwards roll as the big man looks like a giant ball before coming out of it. "Hah...hah!"

He considers things then he just nods. "Not too bad, but if you aren't someone I can perhaps grab for my movie this may not be worth me wasting your time." he admits and rubs his chin. "This Order you work for. Good to hear you serve the greater good! For me I must search for the perfect cast of my movie!"

With a hearty laugh he gives a nod. "You win this one young lady. I have others I need to test. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of this tournament!"

COMBATSYS: Kang takes no action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kang             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1            Pukai

With the spear strikign Kang's leg, Pukai moves to strike him with the pointy end - but the man isn't there. What should have been an unsteady movement becomes a tumbling! Kang is rolling away in the ditance, the big man rolling like a boulder was unleashed upon the world! Pukai hangs in the poise for a moment, spear held outwards as the tendrils move to strip away guard and prepare to take full advantage of the strikes that may come after! It all looks a bit silly, bits and pieces wiggling, other parts completely hanging there in a threatening manner - against herself.

"Ah!?" Pukai gasps a bit, the declaration that a movie is the important part. Pukai's facial expression, as tendrils begin to slide back into normal positions and placement, is a bit tempered. "Wasting my time - oh no! Kang, I -" Blank eyes come over her as she looks on to his declaration, to search more - laughing that she won! That she will move on! What a good natured man he is! Meanwhile, Pukai, relaxed, stares upon him like she is almst sleep walking.

When she is awoken from her trance like state - the other knight poking her - she immediately lashes out, "Ha!" A strike to his side that she immediately apologizes for. "W-Was I not fighting... oh it ended and... AH! I am so very sorry!" She bows to the other knight for forgiveness, "I am sorry again, Kang! I have ... I am drifting away a bit too often now as well. I will do my very best for the Order!"

COMBATSYS: Pukai has left the fight here.

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Kang             1/------=/=======|

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