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Message: 14/16 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Intro [1/4] Tue Jun 27 2017 P-Body
*The feed begins with zazzy jazz instrumentals, as the Terry Roger Show logo spreads out, live in front of a studio audience. On one side, the smiling, well dressed Englishman sits in a white polyester chair, in front of a thick, wooden table, bolted to the floor. Right by him, in another white polyester chair, a handsome, chinese man with silver hair sits with his legs crossed. The man is garbed in a ripped up T-Shirt, a spiked dog collar, and... red pleated skirt. He is wearing too much eye-makeup*

Lee Chaolan: "Ah! Excellent! Absolutely wonderful, Terry!"

Terry: "Oh, the pleasure's all mine Lee Chaolan! It's so nice to have a gentleman to interview, rather than... well..."

Lee Chaolan: "Say no more, Terry! I wouldn't want you to lose your fans!"

Terry: "So I notice you are in an unusual outfit!"

Lee Chaolan: "Oh, do you like it? It's the newest from Violet Fashions. They call it 'VioleNt Systems', isn't that adorable? It's sort of a grungy punk style, with that soft, sterile touch only Canadians can provide. "

Terry: "Those wacky Canadians."

Lee Chaolan: "And look on the back!"

*Lee Chaolan turns around, showing the back of the ripped T-Shirt.*

Lee Chaolan: "Official Corporate Whore! How droll!"

Terry: "I can see that, but... why the dog collar and... pleated skirt?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well that's part of the fashion line, Terry."

Terry: "But isn't that for girls?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well yes, Terry, but I believe if a man is beautiful enough, they can get away with anything, and while I may be getting a little grey, Terry, you can't deny that I am beautiful~"

*Terry turns bright red at this point*

Terry: "I- uh- yes?"

*Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up at Terry, as he uncrosses his legs, and swings it around, recrossing it*

Lee Chaolan: "Excellent~"

Terry: "Ahem, well, I heard you had someone you wanted to introduce today!"

Lee Chaolan: "Ah yes, I have a special friend here today."

*Lee Chaolan pulls out a tablet, and taps a few things on the screen. From off-camera, a Combot walks on, dressed in a white gi.*

Terry: "Ah, looks quite fashionable!"

Lee Chaolan: "It is more than just a pretty face! It is the newest member of the Combot 2.0 line! It has a generic martial art loaded on it, but that's hardly the best feature. Here, try it out!"

*Lee Chaolan hands across the tablet, as the Combot 2.0 falls into a defensive stance in front of them. Terry looks confused for a moment, holding the tablet.*

Terry: "Do I do... anything on...."

Lee Chaolan: "Do a quarter circle forward, and hit that button."

*Terry does so, and the Combot suddenly brings both of it's hands forward with a pushing motion. With it, a small, shimmering orange fireball is launched out.*

Terry: "My word! It shoots fire?!"

Lee Chaolan: "No, Terry, that's actually a chi blast!"

Terry: "A chi blast?"

Lee Chaolan: "Yes, Terry. See. Chi is the 'latent energy of the world' that almost anyone can tap into with sufficient training. Nearly all martial artists use chi internally, but as you have seen on the television, some are able to exhibit externally. We've never been able to quite get the same mechanics on Combots... until now, you see."

Terry: "H-h-how?"

Lee Chaolan: "Wonderful you asked, Terry! While it is a trade secret, of course, I am pleased to announce that the secrets behind this technology will soon be available to a select few people."

Terry: "Who?!"

Lee Chaolan: "Why, to the champions of the King of Fighters tournament that I am just announcing now!"

*A muttering and gasping overtakes the audience*

Terry: "Another King of Fighters tournament?!"

Lee Chaolan: "That's right! And after my disappointing performance last year, I decided what we need is more prizes!"

Terry: "And the first prize, Mr. Chaolan?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well."

*Lee Chaolan gestures at the Combot. *

Lee Chaolan: "Legal and commercial rights to the entire chi technology behind these Combots 2.0s."

*Terry falls silent.*

Terry: "What?"

*Lee Chaolan winks at Terry, teasing the edge of his pleated skirt.*

Terry: "That- what?"

*Lee Chaolan responds by flashing a thumbs up at Terry.*

Lee Chaolan: "Excellent~"
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Message: 14/17 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Summary [2/4] Tue Jun 27 2017 P-Body
It looks like it's another year, another King of Fighters tournament. The prizes are different this time: instead of getting a trip to a horrible island which sends you into death matches, we're now providing you a whole new set of hot new prizes. When you win, when you lose, when you do nothing, you'll be getting -something-. Most seriously, with the announcement of robots that can channel their chi, the real prize presented is deciding the future of this powerful new technology. Will the winner usher in a golden age of robots serving man? Will the winner use their new robot army to conquer the world? Or will they destroy this technology, locking it away from human hands forever? All this lays in the hands of simple teams who are ready, and willing to fight for fights sake.
What future will you choose for mankind?

The fundamental structure of the KOF is that it will be 2 vs 2 sequential matches. Thus it will be a 1 vs 1 match for most purposes; when a fighter is KO'd then another team member will step in and continue the fight. The standing fighter is allowed a 'tournament rest' to recover HP and reserve, which will be functionally a rest that is without the incoming damage and reaction penalty, and lacks the bonus healing from restore and recovery. Once 2 fighters on a team are KO'd, they lose and their opponent is the winner. In circumstances of DKO in the final round, the opponent who ended with the lowest HP will be the loser.

Each team can have between 2-4 active members. Each team must have a single standby member, who will be an unapped temp character. The purpose of the standby member is to ensure that the tournament will not be slowed down by team mates being non-present. Temporary characters can be active members as well and do not count as standbys. Each team will also have a team captain; this is the person who will ultimately be in charge of the team and be the one making the major team decisions. This team captain must be a member of the team.

Each character may only be on one team. Players may only have one active character on each team. Players may only enter two active characters into the tournament.

Teams must be formed ICly; you must have a scene with each non-standby member of the team in order to form the team. This includes if you are already in a pre-existing team (such as Psycho Soldiers). The purpose of this is not just for IC flavor, but also to ensure that you are able to meet with your team in the same time slots at least once. Once your team is finalized you send a @mail to P-Body with the team name, the team captain, the members of the team, and a brief paragraph or two on why the standby is on the team.

To provide some degree of balance and to prevent Boss Teams from forming at this time, we have some ratio enforcements. R6s and higher are restricted from this tournament; while they could solo some teams this is KOF not MotM. You are allowed one R4 or higher on the team; the rest can be pretty much under R4 and have no restriction. Your standby needs to be pulled from the R0-R2 temp list.

Before each fight, each team will secretly submit the name of their lead fighter to P-Body (the organizer). Once the organizer has received both leads, then the match can begin at the arranged location. After a lead is KO'd, then the team can appoint any member as the second fighter. If the lead fighter for a match was the lead fighter of the preceding match, the fighter will start with 15% less reserve. This only happens if the same lead is used in two sequential matches.

Mignon is still banned from this tournament.

The prizes for the tournament will be as follows:

First Place:
$50 Million American Dollars
Full commercial and legal rights to the ChiTek technology behind the new Combot 2.0s
A Team Headquarters Built to specs any location on Earth.
The KOF 2017 Trophy

Second Place:
$10 Million American Dollars
A Ceremonial Statue Crafted for the team in Southtown Park
Hot new CSYS equipment!

Third Place (Winner of the run off):
$1 Million American Dollars
A Special SNF theme based around you!
A Combot servant of your choice

Semi-Finalist (Non-Winner of the run off)
$100,000 American Dollars
The SS Opulence - As Featured at the Exotica Sands Resort!
A Special Mystery Prize!

Participants (The rest who qualified past pre-lims)
$20,000 American Dollars
A V-Gage for each participating member
Ten $100 gift cards for Olive Garden

This is just a summary of the tournament; a more detailed ruleset for the KOF tournament is published in the KOF 2017 logs section as below:

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Message: 14/18 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Story [3/4] Tue Jun 27 2017 P-Body
Alongside the tournament (and alongside SNFs, depending on what you need) I will have a signup for Side Story material. This signup will be ongoing with the tournament for people who aren't part of the tournament, but invested in the story (since last time, I did NOT give good support for people who were just in it for the story. Violet Systems, as a front for G Corporation, has been up to no good. Kidnapping, brainwashing, creepy chi-technology, and unauthorized use of likenesses, the only thing it has to worry about more than lawsuits from NESTS is a body of good-doers and anarchists who don't want to become cogs in a brave new world. As the tournament gets closer and closer to its finale, people may look at which teams are left_ and decide they don't deserve access to the corrupt technology behind the Combot 2.0. Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hand...

People who are interested in fighting for, against, or alongside G-Corporation during this tournament will have a separate signup that will be cycled through every tournament round. The purpose of this signup is for people who are interested in the shenanigans of the stuff around the tournament, but don't want to (or can't) participate in the tournament itself. You are free to do your own side things yourselves of course, but I definitely want to help you guys get mediums on the various antics going around. Will you be busting up HitBit servers? Destroying secret Combot factories? Or perhaps rescuing poor victims of dangerous G-Corp experiments? I'll write for you guys, and let y'all sort it out.

This will be following the same schedule as the KOF tournament, with a single extra round after the finals. This will be the conclusion of the tournament, and will be the last bit before this TP tournament comes to a close. These signups will begin when the pre-lim rounds begin, so keep alert, and keep active!
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Message: 14/19 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Conclusion [4/4] Tue Jun 27 2017 P-Body
We are using the following timeline for this;

You have until Sunday, July 30th to form your teams. Once you have your team in place, the team captain needs to send me (P-Body) a @mail with the following header: KOF Application - . Use the following template as a guideline for the contents:

Brief sentence explaining the team.
Team Captain:
Team Members:
Justification for Standby
Log links for scenes used to form team.

Once the teams are formed, I will set up the brackets. If we get between 8 and 16 teams, we will have qualifier matches for the weaker teams to fight for the bracket slots.

For the month of August, we will have any qualifier matches as needed, and the first round of the brackets. Each round of fighting will be allowed 2 weeks. For September we should be reaching the quarterfinals and semi-final matches. That leaves October for the finals and the conclusion of the side story.

Any scenes you make in regards to the KOF should be submitted; this allows us to capture the team-forming stages early on, and really show off just how your team comes together.

And above all else, have fun! This is gonna be a fantastic tournament, with drama both IC and OOCly.

If you have any questions on this tournament, just send me a @mail. You could page me too, but I can be a little flakey on pages.
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Message: 14/20 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Mid Month Update Wed Jul 19 2017 P-Body
Hello folks! P-Body here, giving the mid-month update. Well. Middish Month update.

So far we have only one team registered, and listening into the crowd of players, it certainly sounds like people are eager for teams and looking for them. Well, with only 11 days left, the time is now to register the teams and finalize them. If you can't coordinate with someone, find someone else. Remember that smaller teams are just as good (and in fact more fun for me to arrange for) as larger teams, so if you can't get your four man super team together, two... two man teams are just as good.

Finally, if you are looking for teams, but don't know quite how to approach people on it, I'll direct your attention to the Want Ads board, AKA +bbpost 10. That's for both IC and OOC want ads, so finding a team through that is exactly what you want.

Finally, like last year, I will hold a last-ditch USA Sport Team hijacking for one more team after the deadline, if you are unable to make a team by the deadline, but are still interested in a team. But clocks a ticking! Registration is closing the sunday after next!

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Message: 14/21 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: USA SPORTS TEAM Mon Jul 31 2017 P-Body
So we got 14 teams registered (well 13 and One Pending because -somebody- forgot to register after the did their scene), which means that the roster is almost stable... almost, save the most important time honored tradition since last year: Ambushing the USA Sport Team for their invites.

Anybody who is unallocated (I think the L4G ended up being pretty successful in that regard) and still wants to make a final push for KOF, can always take the invites from the USA Sport Team. That's how we got Team USA last year, so it totally works.

I am scheduling a scene August 1st, Tuesday, at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST in the United States to finally give the USA Sport Team their due. Anybody who is looking for a team, and is willing to take it from the USA Sports Team, can show up, and we can form the one last team for KOF! After which, I will post the brackets, and reset the signups for the side plot.

Lets make it and break it baby!
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Message: 14/22 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Reminder On Sign Thu Aug 3 2017 P-Body
Hello folks! Quick reminder and explaination on +signup KOF, because I don't think I was quite clear on the nature of the signup.

The concept behind the signup, as I discussed before, was that it was independent of the King Of Fighters tournament; it's a side story on it. The part I didn't discuss is that they are to be independent scenes done in parallel to the current round of KOF matches. So if you have two alts in the KOF, and you signed up two people in that signup, then you are looking at 4 arranged scenes within a 2 week period, unless you sit out that round of KOF matches. On larger teams, I don't see this being an issue, but with the number of 2 person teams, there is a risk leverage in play.

To clarify, you don't have to sign up for +signup KOF in order to participate in KOF. You shouldn't sign up if you are planning on participating in KOF matches that cycle. THe signups WILL reset for each KOF round, so if you can't participate this go around, you aren't missing out from the entire story.

I will be posting the KOF matches this evening; based on your matchups, you should work with your teams if you are gonna sit out that round, and focus on the side stuff, or you need to be present. I strongly advise not having a KOF Fighter being both in the tournament match AND in the side story, since it'll be tough to reach all the deadlines before the 2 weeks are up.

Long story short, if you have a character who is planning on representing your team for a KOF, don't sign that character up for the side plot for that cycle.
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Message: 14/23 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Team Rosters & S Thu Aug 3 2017 P-Body
With the team registrations finally complete, and the mysterious no-show of the USA Sports Team, we have reached 15 teams. As there are only 8 brackets for the King of Fighters tournament, however, what comes is a worldwide match to qualify for each of those brackets. Below are the teams registered, and the respective seeds for them

Seed 1: Syndicate Team
Captain: Duke
Members: Nagase
Standby: Hyena

Seed 2: Team Balance
Captain: Ryu Hayabusa
Members: Kasumi, Alma
Standby: Momiji

Seed 3: Full Moons
Captain: Eliza
Members: Felicia
Standby: Q-Bee

Seed 4: Rising Dragons 2017
Captain: Sakura
Members: Ryu
Standby: Allen Snider

Seed 5: Heirs to Legend
captain: Zach Glenn
Members: Honoka, Nakoruru
Standby: Radel

Seed 6: Hungry Wolves
Captain: Terry
Members: Brandon, Rock
Standby: Duck King

Seed 7: Team USA
Captain: Ken
Members: Senna
Standby: Sean

Seed 8: Team Revengeance
Captain: Noboru
Members: Maki
Standby: Hokutomaru

Seed 9: Anti-Wrestling Team
Captain: Marduk
Members: Abel
Standby: Boman

Seed 10: Bloodletters
Captain: Zabel
Members: Lotus
Standby: Victor

Seed 11: Masked Men
Captain: Jaguar King
Members: M.HOUSE, Tizoc
Standby: Rainbow Mika

Seed 12: Team Miggy Mew Mew
Captain: Miguel
Members: Sylvie
Standby: Rufus

Seed 13: Beautiful Girls Team
Captain: Claire
Members: Mai, Fumiyo
Standby: Bonne Jenet

Seed 14: Hard Knocks
Captain: Iincyo
Members: Hideo
Standby: Nagare

Seed 15: Sound and Fury
Captain: Aranha
Members: Alexis, Walter, Tabitha
Standby: Kyle

Following soon is the matches for the qualifiers, and the locations for the matches.
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Message: 14/24 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Qualifier Matchu Fri Aug 4 2017 P-Body
Now, here are the matchups for the following seeds, for the qualifiers
Preliminary Rounds:
B1 Qualifier:
Team Syndicate auto-qualfies for this bracket.

B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury

B3 Qualifier Match: Full Moons vs Hard Knocks

B4 Qualifier Match: Rising Dragons 2017 vs Beautiful Girls Team

B5 Qualifier Match: Heirs To Legends vs Team Miggy Mew Mew

B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men

B7 Qualifier Match: Team USA vs Bloodletters

B8 Qualifier Match: Team Revengeance vs Anti-Wrestling Team

This is the most important part of this

By Friday, 8 PM PST, I will need the leads from all the teams captains @mail'd to me. What that means is that the team captains must consult their teams, and choose a member to act as the lead for their match. You must mail it to me by 8 PM in private. If you do not @mail me a lead, I will choose your lead for you.

Consider as well, you do NOT need to pick your second choice in a fight. That will be picked after the first KO. I only need your lead @mailed to me.

Finally, after the lead is picked, consider whether or not you want to be available for your team, or whether you want to +signup. You may find yourself unavailable for your fight ICly, as the story match could be parallel to your team fight!

Remember, top priority right now is getting me your leads. @mail them in, captains, after you consult your team!

Following is a link to the bracket breakdown, so you can see the future of your matches.

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Message: 14/25 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017: Qualifier Matche Sat Aug 5 2017 P-Body
It's not just enough to register for the King of Fighters; with so many excellent teams, a crucible must be run. To fight for the chance to be one of the world's greatest teams, 14 teams must duke it out to qualify to be... the King of Fighters

B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury
Leads: Ryu Hayabusa vs Aranha
Location: Chicago, USA - Rail Yard
Right in the heart of the Windy City, two teams battle for the headliner of the great split, with returning faces coming to a brutal face to face match. Team Balance will be facing off against Sound And Fury, as wild card runs against wild card. Team Balance brings the returning ninja Ryu Hayabusa with a fresh new team, coming into the tournament with the beautiful Kasumi and the strange, even more beautiful Alma at his flanks. Facing against him is a practical army of Sound and Fury. Alexis returns with her new partners, the alien Aranha, the belligerent Tabitha, and what looks to be a cosplaying dragon mascot, Walter. The professional faces the weird in Chicago, as Balance collides with Sound and Fury in the fight for the 2nd Bracket.

B3 Qualifier Match: Full Moons vs Hard Knocks
Location: England - London Bridge
Leads: Felicia vs Iincyo
Situated over the River Thames, the world famous London Bridge manages to avoid falling down, in order to allow two strange teams to duke it out for the valuable 3rd Bracket slot. The beautiful Full Moons, Felicia and Eliza, are strange and elegant women of an almost superhuman talent, will be staring down the Hard Knocks, the best of the best of academic merits. Teacher and student will be fighting together, as the monster faces the mundane. Both Hideo and Iincyo will need to teach a lesson to the Full Moons. Hopefully, they won't be overwhelmed by the combat assets of the two madams.

B4 Qualifier Match: Rising Dragons 2017 vs Beautiful Girls Team
Leads: Ryu vs Mai
Location: Japan - Southtown Overpass
Underneath the Southtown Overpass, looks faces against talent, as the Rising Dragons 2017 butts heads with the Beautiful Girls Team in a fight for the 4th Bracket. The Rising Dragons 2017 bring recurring world warrior Ryu with a young prodigy Sakura, a fresh face to King of Fighters, if not the organized fighting circuit. Facing against them is three beautiful and dangerous ladies. Claire, Mai, and Fumiyo mix raw sex appeal with deadly skill, proving that good looks does not belay pure talent. Both teams will have to bring it all if they want to qualify into the tournament of kings.

B5 Qualifier Match: Heirs To Legends vs Team Miggy Mew Mew
Leads: Zach vs Sylvie
Location: Brazil - Theatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro
At the elegant and gorgeous Theatro Municipal Opera House in Rio de Janerio, the Heir To Legends will face off against Team Miggy Mew Mew. Honoka is teaming up for the first time with Zach Glenn and Nakoruru, both fresh faces in the King Of Fighters. Against them, is junk girl Sylvie Paula Paula and the infamous Caballero Rojo, a brutal returning face in the KOF. Bringing a brutality to the opera scene, both sides will need to balance performance against function, as they strike out for the coveted 5th Bracket position, for the King of Fighters.

B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men
Leads: Brandon vs Jaguar King
Location: Capcom Wrestling Association Main Stadium
Taking place in a specially crafted arena in international waters out in the Atlantic Ocean, this massive arena will be hosting not only one of the greatest lucha team ups the world has ever seen, but the one and only Brandon Malone, the hot-headed activist protesting Violet Systems and the HitBit brand. Teaming up alongside him is Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, relative unknowns in the world of organized fighting. With the likes of the heroic Griffon Mask, the amazing Jaguar King, and the terrifying MURDERHOUSE coming in the wings, we can only see if Brandon does better than his debut match last KOF in his fight for a position in the 6th Bracket.

B7 Qualifier Match: Team USA vs Bloodletters
Leads: Senna vs Zabel
Location: Egypt - Stanley Bridge, Alexandria
At the Stanley Bridge in Alexandria, Egypt, the battle for the seventh bracket comes between the 3rd place contender from the KOF 2016, the USA Team, against the new and terrifying faces of the Bloodletters. Ken Masters returns with a fresh new up and coming, the pugnacious Senna, bringing a raw brutality that might be enough to take them to the top. Facing off against them is the once famous Zabel Za Rock, the heavy metal rocker who not only was rumored to be dead, but also on the run for tax evasion. Accompanying him is the equally shocking Lotus, a fearsome face flickering in the annals of the Saturday Night Fights. With a festival in full swing, both Team USA and the strange Bloodletters will be getting an unusual level of attention in the fight for the seventh bracket.

B8 Qualifier Match: Team Revengeance vs Anti-Wrestling Team
Leads: Maki vs Abel
Location: Australia - Sydney Opera House
The fight for the final bracket comes to at the world renowned Sydney Opera Houses. Sitting at the face of the Pacific Ocean, the iconic opera house will host a different sort of performance for the King Of Fighters. Facing off in the cool early morning is Team Revengeance and the Anti-Wrestling Team. The returning ninja pair Maki and Noboru don't have the wrestling potential that local home boy Marduk is out to stop, but with Abel in the wings, it's going to be a fierce battle of speed vs power. And the winner will be the final entry that makes it into the King of Fighters tournament.

Deadline for your matches will be August 18th, on the Friday. The Deadline will be 11 PM PST, so you can make a last Friday push. That will mean that the weekend will almost certain be for registering your leads. I will finalize the signups next, to give your side plot missions as well, sometime tomorrow on Saturday.

Set up your matches, fighters, and remember the rules of the fight, per the ruleset:

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Message: 14/26 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017 - Story Mode Part Sun Aug 6 2017 P-Body
Sorry about the delay on this, plot TPs are -hard- and I am as dumb as a box of skunks.

With the King Of Fighters tournament launched, several men and women across the world rightfully find something sinister going on. As they investigate what lies deeper over the surface, they quickly uncover the level of diabolical control that the KOF implies... and how the future of mankind man soon find itself under a boot, with it's leaders burning a smile into their souls.

As a note, some of the people who signed up are not on there. That's because I've either gotten a contact that you were sitting out, or that you were a lead that was in a weird place for IC action. I'll make sure to get you in next cycle, but logistics must demand logistics.

Mission 1) Over River, Through Woods - Ichiro and Company vs Alma and Ayame
Location: United States - Appalachian Mountains
Late at night, across the rolling mountains of the Appalachian, a strange caravan carries massive cargo on a forbidden back road winding through the forest. And with it, the spectre of death hangs. Ichiro has his orders: Bring the shipment to the hidden location. Remove any individuals asking too many question. Dispatch anybody who interferes. Ichiro and his men may not be able to sense the incredible aura around the cargo. Alma and Ayame, however, may find the strange cargo, and have every reason to liberate the caravan of it's cargo, and learn which where the strange item is being taken.

Mission 2) Hack Dot Next - Noboru vs Claire
Location: Sydney, Australia - HitBit Processing Site
With the HitBit information finally being processed, fighter data used to be able to log and process remotely. With the new sensors, however, fighter data has become something more than 1s and 0s. Special sites have been set up around the world to manage and compile the data, chi and otherwise, to properly record and store for further experimentation and development. Many have been opposed to HitBit data, however; some have pursued legal recourse. Others, like Noboru, have a more personal approach. Noboru will be infiltrating the HitBit Processing Site, with the intent to sabotage the data in order to protect the integrity of ninjas. But with secret agent Clair of the Tekken Force running the show, we can only see just how far he can get.

Mission 3) School Daze - Sakura and Yuri vs Honoka?!?
Location: Southtown - Taiyo High
Taiyo High has gotten quieter and quieter. The burning spirit that the school was once known for was beginning to grow dim. And the only culprit that can be seen is the new V-Gage Educators. While the main curriculum has not been taken over by the virtual reality machines, the same cannot be said for the detention hall. Students who go into detention come back changed. Quiet. Submissive. Obedient. And a great loss in the burning Taiyo spirit in exchange. Sakura and Yuri have independently gotten wind of these changes, and finally have the opportunity to investigate, before Sakura must leave for the next King Of Fighters match out of Southtown. But as the unlikely allies investigate the Taiyo High detention hall, they will soon find an unlikely force behind the new, obedient students. A force that does not take kindly to surprises.

Mission 4) Cold Storage Blues - Faolan vs Henchman and Company
Location: Thailand
Ikari Warriors have pinpointed the location of where the remains of fighters from the Mortal Kombat tournament had been acquired and stored. A simple refrigerated warehouse, owned by a front company underneath Violet Systems, and by proxy, G-Corporation. While leaving it place is normally the right course of action, the word quickly reaches the Ikari Warriors that the remains were being moved, relocated to a laboratory. Faolan's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to find and intercept the remains, and identify the location where they will be relocated to. But with Henchman on hand to guard the remains, he will have to deal with the guards by stealth or by force, before the remain are shipped out overseas for whatever sinister purposes.

Mission 5) What The Doctor Ordered - Rust vs Trish
Location: Coordinate with Trish
A mysterious illness has spread amongst those taking part in the Play To Work project. But what isn't shocking is the magnitude of the sickness, but how minor it was. Merely fatigue and nausea, with no clear other side effects. That is, except significantly reduced chi production. With the illness spreading beyond the college students, a mere bystander in the history of man, Rust Jr, uncovers a single clue on the strange ailment: A small medical shop, owned by Patricia Eleanor Nathair that is up the ways. Rust Jr. must come to the clinic for clues, which may come innocently, or may come with a price beyond prices for the answers.

Trish, Honoka, Ichiro, Henchman, and Clair will be receiving further instructions on plotnotes via @mail, as guidance for their scenes. I encourage creativity freedom outside of what's outlined in the notes; what you do will have an impact on this story for the next round of signups, and I will be following your lead as much as you will be following mine.

Deadline for these scenes are Sunday, August 20th; I will have signups for it reset about a week before the qualifier deadlines.
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Message: 14/27 Posted Author
KING OF FIGHTERS 2017 - ROUND 1 PREP Mon Aug 14 2017 P-Body
So with the preliminary rounds settling out, we can start looking at next week. Two of the matchups are still pending; but at least, we have two others in place (Rising Dragons 2017 vs Heirs to Legend, and Fulls Moons vs Hungry Wolves). The Prelim rounds are due on Friday; if you do not meet the deadline, I will make a judgement call on the match, and ICly we will have a 'time out' and decision will be made. I -generally- make the judgement on participation and availability, but if it's not clear on who was more avail, then it will be straight HP judgement, as the case with DKOs.

In the meantime, I need the team captains to start thinking about who they want to set for their leads. Rising Dragons 2017 vs Heirs to Legend, and Fulls Moons vs Hungry Wolves have it pretty clear cut, while the other teams will need to wait and see who qualifies and who doesn't. The deadline for the team leads will be this Friday, so start considering, and start planning.

For the side story stuff, the deadline is a little further, Saturday instead of Friday. These aren't on a strict timeline like KOF, though, so I will allow a little wiggle room for them. I am resetting the signups for the side story stuff as well. As before, I am going to be heavily scrutinizing your signups if you are a lead. Don't be a lead and signup at the same time with the same alt, please. You can do separate alts; I almost had to DQ a fighter during the prelims because of a lack of showing up... and the player managed to do a side story scene. Otherwise, no restriction; you can still signup even if you had a signups this last round, with one note: If you don't believe you can do your assigned side story within the TP, please give me a heads up, so I can either ditch it or recycle it. I got a dynamic plot going on, so depending on what happens... can have major ramifications for the ending.

So in summary, signups reset, deadline is Saturday August 20th, captains need to start thinking about team leads and they need to be sent in to me by Friday August 19th, and hurry and get your outstanding matches done! I mean, all these matches have been outstanding so far, but seriously get them done.
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Message: 14/28 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017 - Quarterfinals Sat Aug 19 2017 P-Body
When the qualifiers end, the quarterfinals begin, as the King of Fighters truly ramps up as the 8 qualifiers come smashing together in the true spirit of fighting.

Syndicate Team vs Team Revengeance
Leads: Duke vs Maki
Location: India - Taj Mahal
After a startling success in Sydney, Team Revengeance advances in the face of dire odds into the quarterfinals. They will travel across the ocean to the legendary Taj Mahal, where Maki and Hokutomaru must face the fresh faces in this tournament, the only team that auto-qualified, the Syndicate Team. The infamous Duke, teamed with returning favorite Nagase, brings the terror of tournaments past as they will face down long runner Maki as the King Of Fighters heat up into showdown of, once again, of speed vs power. Place your bets people!

Rising Dragons 2017 vs Heirs to Legend
Leads: Sakura vs Honoka
Location: France - Chateau de Colde
The Rising Dragons and the Heirs to Legends advance from the qualifiers, traveling across the world to a small but elegant chateau in Gay Paree. There, Sakura and Honoka will stare down each other within the Chateau de Colde, a maison in ownership of a minor noble family. While the pair will battle inside, they will have the honor of battling before the true prize of the de Colde family; a famous art piece that stretches across the entire room. There, the two teams will battle for the chance to advance into the semi-finals. The only rule to follow? Don't wreck the interior; that stuff's expensive, and we don't want to test the patience of the insurance companies.

Team Balance vs Team USA
Leads: Kasumi vs Ken
Location: USA - Oil Refinery https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/snk/images/3/31/Kof95usabg.gif/revision/latest?cb=20100720014628
After a stunning performance of the other team of ninjas against the returning favorite Team USA, the two teams finally face a showdown to see who will advance, and who will stray. The elegant ninja Kasumi will face off against Ken Masters himself, to decide who will make it into the final four, and who will come home with ten gift cards from Olive Garden. And what better way to show off the ways of the United States than to show down at a nearly-abandoned oil refinery. Ken Masters can promote his nationalist flair to the lovely Kasumi amongst the abandoned junk piles and hissing steam vents amongst the rich aroma of processed sour crude oil. Don't hold your breath in this matchup, unless you are watching from the sidelines!

Full Moons vs Hungry Wolves
Leads: Eliza vs Terry
Location: Southtown - Live House 'Old Line' https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/snk/images/1/10/Garourockbg.gif/revision/latest?cb=20100719080252
With the strange new faces Full Moons coming out in a close match, they are pouring up and over against the Hungry Wolves in familiar territory. The Hungry Wolves bring in a hometown advantage as the fight comes in at Southtown, right outside the local favorite 'Old Line,' home of the hard rock. Eliza, the terrifying woman that brought Hideo down to his knees, will be leading in against Terry Bogard right outside the Live House. Will he be okay? Or will Eliza and her ladies make him bust a wolf?

The deadline for your matches will be September 3rd, on the Sunday. Remember to submit your matches, and remember to arrange your matches with your leads ASAP!
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Message: 14/29 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - The Side Plot Scenes Delayed Tue Aug 22 2017 P-Body
Hello folks!

So the Side Plot scenes aren't set up yet. It's already been delayed, and now I'm addressing the delay. The last few days were... not good to work on the scenes. And now that I am back at work, it's even more less good. I'm going to work out some free time to develop your scenes; I have the outlines, but there are new articles, scene description, and player notes... it's at least 4-5 paragraphs per scene, and with 17 participants, it's pretty robust.

My goal is to get these side plot scenes arranged by Friday. If it is before Friday, than that's great, and more time for you guys. While I am concerned about the plot and interrupting (and being desynced with) the actual tournament, I need to work and confirm with you guys on whether or not I should wait another week for the side plot, before doing the next round of tournament. I am actually quite surprised at how popular the sideplot is so far, and if there is enough interest in it, I can be convinced to extend the tournament matches by a week to give the side plot more space. I'm not looking at MK-level delays here, I'm just looking for more time to get you side plot details.

Mail me or post in BBoard 4 for your feedback or suggestions.
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Message: 14/30 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017 - Side Plot Part Fri Aug 25 2017 P-Body
I would like to first thank Ash for helping me with these fight descriptions. I cannot overstate how thanks to his help, I was able to get these out not only on time, but a day early. It's hard for me to delegate work, and as Ash has made clear, I need to start doing that. So make sure you take the time to thank Ash today. Your scenes depended on it.

And now to kill you all.

Mission 6) Teachable Moments - Aaron & Yuri vs Batsu
Location: Taiyo High
All across the Southtown school board, the V-Gage Educator has been introduced as the newest means of fixing listless students. Not only does it serve as a motivating teaching tool, it has found a powerful niche in deterring problem youths from causing further issues. What would have been the way of the future for Japanese education is not considered favorable by all; Yuri is one such student, part of the pair that revealed to the UN just how insidious and seedy the V-Gage Educator really is. Counted among its supporters, Aaron arrives to learn about the V-Gage Educator as a representative of the Boy Scouts, but that isn't what Yuri should be worried about. The real cause for concern here is a young hothead named Batsu, who has gotten in his head that Yuri is against the V-Gage, and he intends to beat it out of her head any thoughts against it.

Mission 7) Snips And Snares - Noboru & Nagase vs Oswald & Cooper
Location: Agra, India
Throughout history, it has been proven that all it takes to form an alliance is two great minds that think alike, for better or for worse. While Nagase and Noboru find themselves on opposing sides during the tournament, their goals align. In order to obtain that which they seek, they must work together... Because their enemies certainly are. Paid a hefty sum, two mercenaries for hire stand in the way of the HitBit facility's destruction. Oswald and Cooper have a welcoming gift for the intruders that is simply to DIE for.

Mission 8) Unnecessary Facts - Sylvie vs Yoshiaki???
Location: Southtown - Northern Outskirts
Sylvie is a junk girl, living her junk life to its fullest. An unaware puppet of NESTS, she lets them pull her strings all under the guise of her own madness. Compelled by the puppeteers to head to HitBit's main research and development facility, her purpose is to infiltrate and investigate. Little does she realize, the disgraced head of the R&D department intends to do the same, and views her presence as a golden opportunity not only to get back into Violet Systems good graces, but to net a pretty new waifu that he can play dress-up with. Can Sylvie protect her innocence against the crazed Yoshiaki, or will she be the next victim of the mad engineer?
Note: Contact Lee Chaolan for this mission.

Mission 9) To Catch A Killer - Claire vs Lotus
Location: Egypt
Even though brainwashing a true Darkstalker is a snap for Violet Systems, Lee Chaolan asks, "Who cares?" Mishima Zaibatsu's stance on the matter is far less dismissive. They're VERY interested. Not only will integrating Darkstalkers enable them to wield greater power, it would act as a buffer against G-Corporation's own incredible breakthroughs. Lotus is the perfect subject for capture and conversion, and Claire is under strict orders to bring her in for a fun time of psyche annihilation and unorthodox reprogramming. Understandably, Lotus isn't exactly cool with that, and being a Darkstalker whose favorite hobbies range from stabbings to variation of stabbings, Claire may be in for the fight of her life to contain this psychopath.

Mission 10) Okaerinasai, Goshujin-sama~ - Brandon vs Fumiyo
Location: Southtown - Downtown
There's nothing more irritating than a man who doesn't know when to keep his head down or his mouth shut. Perhaps the most outspoken critic of Violet Systems and their methods of combat collection data, Brandon Malone has gained the attention of Lee Chaolan through lengthy legal battles and condemning the company publicly. It's time he was silenced, for the greater(?) good. Enter Fumiyo, the sensual assassin. Enlisted and deployed, imagine Brandon's surprise when he finds this beautiful young woman in his hotel room... with a lot more to offer than warnings or threats.

Mission 11a) At The Mouth of Madness - Faolan & Bob vs Sergei
Location: Southpoint Canine Lab - Surface
In Thailand, Faolan has discovered that the remains of fighters from the Mortal Kombat tournament were scheduled to be sent to the Southpoint Canine Lab. Reaching out to the private industry on specialists, the Ikari Warrior heads to the recently abandoned laboratory with professional hero Robert Richards and expert monster hunter Zach Glenn in tow. As Zach descends into the depths, Faolan and Bob secure the topside, investigating the aboveground premises. Spared from the real horrors of the lab, they encounter their own challenges when Sergei and his team arrive on behalf of the United Nations, under orders to cover up the experimentation center's existence and eliminate all evidence. Can our investigative team fend off the dangers within... and those on the outside?

Mission 11b) Man Bites Dog - Zach vs ????
Location: Southpoint Canine Lab - Underground
Within the laboratory, the meddlesome trio uncover a terrible truth about the nature of the lab. Deep in the heart of what looks like experimental hell, Zach Glenn, master monster hunter of the Glenn Clan, has to brave it alone. With only the sweet thoughts of his beloved Honoka to keep him safe, he will let the rest of the investigative team secure the topside. He himself will pick through the maze of endless dog cages, and discern the darkest secrets of this seemingly labyrinthine maze. There, he may just discover that monsters are not born, but made... (Contact P-Body for this Scene)

Special Note: If one team finishes their scene before the other, they can arrive into the other scene to assist. Check in with the staff for health levels appropriate for arrival.

Mission 12) Cry Of The Planet - Raiden vs Ryu Hayabusa & Kelly
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
Following a series of rolling brownouts in Hokkaido, G-Corporation quickly takes credit for it as a side effect of their experiments. In truth, Raiden, the Thunder God, has awakened. Hearing the cries of the planet, he's driven to a blinding rage, and in his fury, he unleashes his power upon the countryside in a manner most unbecoming of his status. With more than just the hidden Darkstalker village where his temple is located in danger, one of the inhabitants by the name of Kelly moves to try and quell his rage. Ryu Hayabusa arrives in tandem, sworn to protect the world against apocalyptic matters just like this. It's up to them both to stop this clear and present threat to humanity, at any cost. Are they up to the task of striking down a God?

The deadline for your scenes will be Friday, September 8th. Likewise, I am extending the deadline for your KOF matches to September 8th as well. Remember to send your partners a @mail and schedule your scenes. We have a lot of activity spinning around, so please coordinate! I will reset the side plot signups the week of the 8th; if you have any scenes still from last round of signups... go ahead and finish them. I haven't added any new plot (except the Southpoint) and believe me, I can make some heck of a plot with those remaining ones.

Finally, I will be sending out @mails with notes of the 'hosts' of the scenes, with outlines of what to work with.
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Message: 14/31 Posted Author
KOF Side Plot Signups Reset Sun Sep 3 2017 P-Body
Hello folks,
I decided to get in early on the side plot signups, and I have reset them.

I've also added a new signup, called KOFTemps. What this is for is that I noticed last go around of side plot, I found myself needing to find some temps for the KOF side plot stuff. Rather than troll around for temps, I decided to set up a signup. The KOFTemps signup is if you want to make yourself available to volunteer for a temporary character for a plot-important scene. I won't assign anything without talking with you first, and if you don't like ANY of the characters provided, then you can opt out without consequence. This is primarily a tool for me to work with you, the players, on getting nice tempable dudes.

Both signups have a deadline at Friday, September 8th, as we get ready to move into Act 2 of the King Of Fighters. Get ready for some big things coming up....
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Message: 14/32 Posted Author
King Of Fighters 2017 - Semifinals Mon Sep 11 2017 P-Body
With the King Of Fighters being declared illegal, the non-Japanese venues have been unceremoniously canceled, as the organizers move quickly to stage matches in the only safe place: Japan. The semi-finals begin as the world holds its breath; will the King Of Fighters make it to the end? Or will the United Nations put an end to it once and for all?

S1 - Syndicate Team vs Heirs to Legend
Leads: Nagase vs Zach Glenn
Location: Southtown - Neo*Geo Land
The chaotic situation with the condemnation of King Of Fighters has not left the world without fighting. And not everyone agrees with the condemnation. One of the world's biggest supporters of King Of Fighters, the SNK Corporation, has offered one of it's Neo*Geo Land locations to promote the tournament. Taking place outside of the Arcade/Media Supercenter, the Syndicate Team brings the techno-ninja Nagase to face the Heirs To Legend's own noble warrior, Zach Glenn for a battle to the finals. Maybe when they are done, they can do a few rounds inside!

S2 - Team Balance vs Hungry Wolves
Leads: Rock vs Ryu Hayabusa
Location: Japan - Public Bathhouse
With a last minute reschedule, a local sumo wrestling champion has generously offered his training facility within the male side of the sento. Housing a wrestling ring for the trainees of the sumo style, the facility serves to be adequate for the fight between the Hungry Wolves against the ninja-styles of Team Balance. The mild Rock Howard, after overcoming overwhelming femininity, will get a chance to face overwhelming masculinity as he is paired against the master ninja Ryu Hayabusa for the semi-finals. Who will make it to the finals? And who will end up washing down the drain?

The deadline for your matches will be Saturday, September 30th. The tournament is slowing down due to the overwhelming demand for side plot; I apologize for the slowdown, but I feel it is best with the high demand for plot, and the low efficiency of my administration support. If you have any comments, or concerns, send me a @mail. Until then... Get Fighting! WE're moving into the finals chapters!
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Message: 14/33 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 1 (1/3) Wed Sep 13 2017 P-Body
Mood Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhL6gwV9T_s

We enter Act 2 of the tournament side plot, as the King Of Fighters enters the semi-finals. With the UN unleashing the ultimatum, Majigen breaching our world again to risk another Metro City event, an enraged god of thunder unleashing gaia's retribution, students rioting in the streets, and assassins crossing left and right, the world is at the brink of disaster. Still, nobody would do anything crazy at a time like this... right?

Act 2: Mission 1 - The Capture Of Lee Chaolan ~ Lee vs Sub-Zero
Location: Beach House
With Japan silent, and Lee Chaolan arrogantly defying them, the United Nations has decided to put an end to any empty words, and resolve the rogue executive permanently. Recruiting the deadliest assassins of the Lin Kuei, the United Nations has staged a hostile retrieval of Lee Chaolan at his vacation home at the beach. Sub-Zero has been instructed to deal with the CEO cleanly and efficiently: Capture the executive while the UN Special Forces occupies his bodyguard force, and extract him from the site. Alive. At least, in a state where he can be revived easily enough. The world will know soon enough that those who defy law and order, will be doomed to be crushed under it's boot.

Act 2: Mission 2 - Seek And Destroy ~ Miguel & Sylvie vs Gigas
Location: North Outskirts - Southtown
With Yoshiaki captured by NESTS, it is time to make their move. Not directly, of course. They have people for that. Unknowingly pawns of NESTS, both Miguel and Sylvie are lured to strike out at the Combot Research Facility. Their mission? Clear out the base, and expose the technology for NESTS to acquire. Unfortunately for them, they are quite expendable, and with Sylvie's previous actions, they have a guest waiting to greet them, fresh out of the depths of G-Corporation skunkworks.
Note: Contact Munin to face Giygas! I mean Gigas!

Act 2: Mission 3 - To Match A Ninja ~ Mai vs Munin and Hugin
Location: Southtown Park
It has become apparent to Munin that she has been used by HitBit to further their goals. With the HitBit organization withdrawing back into Southtown, Munin and her sister Hugin get a lead on HitBit. They get word that the tournament was infiltrated in a single team. That a ninja from the Beautiful Girls Team has the information they need on the HitBit schemes. A seductive, enchanting ninja, with an all too lethal edge, working for a secret organization. Unfortunately for Mai, it seems that there is some confusion on which beautiful girl they want...

Act 2: Mission 4 - Follow The Trail ~ Brandon vs Cooper
Location: Pao Pao Cafe, Southtown
As the Hungry Wolves move into the next phase of the tournament, Brandon Malone finds himself a wanted man. Not wanted by the law, but by the mysterious forces seeking to assassinate him. His contacts quickly draw together a lead, however. A mercenary by the name of Cooper, whose background ties him to the very people who ordered his assassination. Brandon has to corner him at the Pao Pao Cafe in Southtown, and find out the truth of who is out to kill him.

Act 2: Mission 5 - Assault On Battery ~ Noboru vs Fei
Location: Southtown Harbor
Noboru has finally found the location of the V-Gage Battery Warehouse, the central wholesale warehouse of the V-Gage batteries. With the international market shutdown, 90% of the V-Gage batteries are located here. But not all dealers of HitBit are wicked souls; Fei Rutherford, the billionaire philanthropist, had recently been handed over the warehouse by Lee Chaolan himself, granted unmitigated access to the batteries to serve for medical research. Noboru has the opportunity to cripple the chi-drain technology in the world for good. Will he do so at the cost of the cure of diseases?

Act 2: Mission 6 - Wrath Of God ~ Lars & Claire vs Raiden
Location: Hokkaido
The freak storm that struck Hokkaido is a disaster. While the government scrambles to assign blame, the reclusive CEO of G-Corporation emerges to Nibutani, holding a press conference. With the promise to rebuild the dam and the generator, it seems that human progress would not be stopped without something more stern than a warning. A thunderclap rushes upon the press conference, for teleportation is nothing for a god, especially so close to his warded lands. When Raiden arrives to strike the offending human dead, Kazuya finds unlikely rescue from a bitter source: The Tekken Forces elite, sent by Heihachi as a further humiliation to the man. As Kazuya is forced to flee, Lars and Claire must cover the escape of the Mishima by engaging with Raiden.
Note: Contact Mai for Lars duty!
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Message: 14/34 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 1 (2/3) Wed Sep 13 2017 P-Body
Act 2: Mission 7 - Paved By Good Intentions ~ Jedah vs Baiken & Ayame
Location: The Appalachians
When the missiles were launched at the SCP, the eldritch horror transported by Ultratech, it did not become destroyed. Instead, it was woken up. Fortunately for this island we call Earth, the creature was mostly benign, interested far more in returning home to lay its eggs, than to linger in an alien world such as ours. Unfortunately, it's method of returning home is to channel a portal to the nearest exit, quickly drawing the attention and presence of Lord Dohma himself, as the rest of Majigen pours into our world. Ayame is at the front lines to stop this invasion, and with some support of master monster hunter Baiken, the duo must dispatch Jedah quickly_ before the Dark Lord takes his prize as he sees fit.
Note: Baiken and Ayame have only 6 rounds to defeat Jedah; if they fail to defeat the dark lord in 7 rounds, the portal will close_ and Jedah will escape with the eldritch horror.

Act 2: Mission 8 - Culling The Horde ~ Lotus vs Ky Kiske
Location: Southpoint Canine Labs - Surface
The Southpoint Canine Labs have since been blown up and abandoned, picked clean of information and supplies. Then why are there monsters crawling around it? Lord Dohma has his orders to prep the labs, for the arrival of a precious gift from the Dark Lord. Ky Kiske, late to the party as usual, has come to investigate the Ultratech lab. Instead of finding secrets already pilfered by the Ikari Warriors, Ky Kiske is forced to confront the hostile band of monsters, lead by the psychotic Lotus. The presence of this monsters are sinister, and Ky Kiske may learn what loose ends are buried deep under the rubble below.

Act 2: Mission 9 - Clever Girl ~ Alma vs Riptor
Location: South Japan
The Sacred Order and Ultratech are, on paper, part of the United Nations. Both have their own dedicated goals, they even share a common focus on stopping invasions from beyond Earth. But the fact is, Ultratech does not take kindly when their plans are meddled in. When Alma unwittingly sabotaged a dangerous envoy to a Gears Lab, he marked himself by the rival organization. As his team battles it out at the Bathhouse, Alma will be forced to sit it out as before he can make, Ultratech sends out their most dangerous assassin: the RIPTOR Advanced Combat and Infiltration Unit. It's hunt or be hunted as the Sacred Orders' most beautiful member has to elude the world's most dangerous predator in the depths his hotel.

Act 2: Mission 10 - Lost In The Woods ~ Faolan & Fumiyo vs Sol Badguy
Location: Dark Woods
After sacking the Southpoint Canine Lab, the Ikari Warriors have a list, and a lead. With a data share with Zach Glenn, the Ikari Warriors have found that the likely location of one of the Unknown Gears lays in the Dark Woods outside of Southtown. Leading the investigation further is Faolan, taking point on this winding trail. While many mercenaries refuse to enter those woods, one volunteer slinks forward. The mysterious Fumiyo promises she has a lead on what lays within the forest, and she will help Faolan through them. But neither Faolan and Fumiyo can prepare when a lone figure emerges to intercept them, for purposes only known to him.

Act 2: Mission 11 - The Shining Path ~ Jin vs Frei
Location: Justice High
With his family in the midst of a public war with the United Nations, Jin Kazama is left with a moderately peaceful shelter. Only relatively; the schools are in the midsts of tearing themselves apart over But Jin cannot be expected to be tangled in conflict between his family and the world, can he? The question is brought to him by a mysterious sage, a wandering figure with a strange past. There is guidance in conflict; there is conflict in guidance. But Jin must see the paths that lay before him, and his must choose not only his future, but the future of the world itself.

Act 2: Mission 12 - After School Special ~ Sean vs Yuri
Location: Kyokugen Dojo
With the protests worsening, Yuri has been labeled a pariah across the schools, held as a symbol of the corruption that runs deep within the institution. Her father, concerned for her safety, has demanded her daughter stay home at the Kyokugen Dojo, where he can keep a watchful eye on her. Naturally, while Yuri is mostly a good girl, so is Sean, who has returned from the King Of Fighters tournament to a school at war with itself. He has to reach Yuri to understand the chaos that is unfolding at his school. But will Yuri see a potential friend? Or will she see just another enraged student ready to attack her?
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Message: 14/35 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 1 (3/3) Wed Sep 13 2017 P-Body

So much power and chaos in the world does not come with typical risks. Due to the presence of so much strength, AKUMA has been roused to hunt the strongest.

All side plot scenes have ASSUMED CONSENT for AKUMA to arrive, based on unknown conditions chosen by AKUMA himself. If AKUMA arrives on your scene, be prepared to fight the RAGING DEMON himself!

The deadline for your scenes will be Saturday, September 30th. There are -12- missions this round. There were 12 missions last two weeks. Things are dense and popular. However, because there are so many missions... I am gonna be a little slow in getting, uh, your temps and missions details in place. If you feel confident you don't need no stinking temps and background details? Go on and hold your scenes. If you don't? Wait for my @mails. In the meantime, scehdule your scenes, and work out when you wanna get it done. Those 3 weeks are gonna fly by fast!
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Message: 14/36 Posted Author
KOF Signups Reset Tue Sep 19 2017 P-Body
Hello folks!

I am resetting the signups early this time; both Temps and KOF signups are reset. The deadline will be the 30th; and remember to keep an eye on the news reports coming in.

Things are about to escalate.
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Message: 14/37 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (1/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
With the side plot consuming all, the world descending into war, and the absolute chaos of everything, I want to preface the next round of side plot with a couple things:

1) The actual, uh, tournament part of the King Of Fighters tournament is suspended. Heroes are gonna hero, and all that. What I want to make clear is that the tournament is not over. It is going to be delayed for the last two rounds of plot (this round, and the finale). After the finale comes, during the cool-off epilogue, we will have the finals. We may be having to do it out of Japan depending on happenings, but it will be done, no distractions, no gimmicks. Just a straight finale, Syndicate vs Team Balance for the Finals, HUngry Wolves vs Heirs for the 3rd place finish.

2) There are a lot of signups, if you haven't noticed. A -LOT-. Things are going to be insane, and a lot of people have multiple alts in the same thing. I will extend this round of side plot through the month as such. I know the story is slowing down; we've gone from 2 weeks between turnovers to 4 weeks. I also notice people are doing a lot of side... side plots scenes, that are not scheduled. With this month, I will encourage a lot of that, especially as we settle out to the finale.

3) If you need support, help, or need direction, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I can guide you along where you need to go.

4) You will be getting your notes slow; and maybe even on demand. There are a lot of you. I have a head for what you need to do, but there is a lot of you. I apologize if I get to you slowly.

5) Speaking of slowly, don't feel bad about moving through this round of scenes slowly. There are a lot of scenes. People are going to be limited in time. Just take it easy, and take it steady.

6) And finally, the whole point of all this is to enable fun. If you feel your fun is not being enabled, talk to me. We can work together to unlock the fun.

7) Come to think of it, there are a lot of temps too. I'll work something out with Glados. Work with your temp buddies, and don't get overwhelmed!

I will post the deadlines for the matches in the last post. Just enjoy this preface... and enjoy the second half of Act 2 of the King Of Fighters 2017 side plot!
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Message: 14/38 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (2/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
When Justice unleashed the full force of the Gamma Ray into the heart of Mount Fuji, the rest of the island was spared the horrific effects of nuclear fallout. Instead, the overwhelming fission energy was absorbed into the leylines of the sacred sites, corruption and destroying countless magic seals, wards, and barriers across the island. Most drastically affected was the countless hidden ninja bases across the island; with their wards destroyed, they are exposed, open to outside eyes... and rival ninjas. Weakness demands opportunity, and the whole of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding mainland descends into chaos as ninja clans go on the offensive, taking advantage of their rivals before they in turn can be taken advantage of.

Act 2: Mission 13) Homecoming - Ryu Hayabusa vs Hayate
Location: Japan - Mt. Fuji
With the seals and barriers of Mt. Fuji broken, the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan finds itself surrounded by enemies from all sides. But weakness creates it's own opportunities, and not only for outsiders. Ryu Hayabusa has returned from his King of Fighters tournament, ready to give leadership and direction to the clan. But a wrinkle comes in the sudden and drastic arrival of Hayate, the long lost eldest son of the clan. It seems that his arrival is just another fortunate boon for the beleaguered clan of ninja. But something is wrong with this Hayate... and with the knowledge he has, he must act to stop the world from cascading into the end.
(Contact Raiden for Hayate!)

Act 2: Mission 14) Reunion - Ayane vs Kasumi
Location: Japan - Koku An Dojo
Banished by her clan under the pain of death, Kasumi still persists, joining Ryu Hayabusa as the ninja returns to Mt. Fuji moves to assist Ryu Hayabusa, the ninja waits in the shadows. Condemned by her own clan, she must remain safe and secure. But slipping from the council, Ayane moves to find her half-sister. Ryu Hayabusa is daring to change the face of the Mugen Tenshin, to bring the diseased dishonor of her sister within. Ayane must strike swiftly and decisively, to eliminate her sister, before her mission is forfeit.
(Contact Momoko for Ayane!)

Act 2: Mission 15) The Snake's Temptation - Necalli vs Shermie
Location: Japan - Mt. Fuji
Shermie is a new face in the endless disasters that is this world. Well, if you can see her face under that hair. The young lady with bangs has come for a simple opportunity: to test the seals upon Orochi, and see if they have been weakened. Prowling around the mountain, however, is a figure hungry for the wild power that has been unleashed: The dreaded Necalli, the fierce and hungry creature lurking for energy. And with the riot of the blood heavy in the air, Shermie has more than enough energy to share... and more than eager to give Necalli more than he can handle.
(Contact Hitomi for Shermie, and Iincyo for Necalli!)

Act 2: Mission 16) Made in Japan - Nagase and Johnny Cage vs Kotal
Location: Japan - Mt. Fuji
Johnny Cage had it made. Made in Japan, that is. With a new movie announced and in production, he was ready to bust ninja, slap some shogun, and woo all the geisha in the latest action thriller. But Justice just had to mess it all up and nuclear laser everything. Now, the crew have been evacuated. A real ninja war has broken out. The Cage is PISSED. Instead of searching for the real culprit or those involved, he wrongly directs his wrath at the Iga Clan, which in turn draws the attention of Huitzilopochtli, a fierce demigod otherwise known as Kotal. Kotal meant to test the weakened seals of the mountain, but must contend with Nagase and some AAA actor with a grudge first, or else how will his konquest begin?
(Contact Raiden for Kotal!)

Act 2: Mission 17) Rites of Passage - Momiji vs Makai
Location: Japan - Ruined Temple
With the seals across Mt. Fuji broken, Momiji has been entrusted in restoring the balance. Returned to the abandoned temple, she begins the rituals to purify the corrupted leylines, and cleanse it of the foul energy Justice poured in. If her efforts are successful, then the magics can restore, and the magical wards can regenerate. Not everybody wishes the seals to return, however: Makai, the cursed channeler, has waited for the arrival of Momiji, to ensure that the seals remain broken long enough for him to harvest what lies beneath. Mystic battles mystic as the future of Mt. Fuji hangs in the balance.
(Contact Ayame for Momiji!)

Act 2: Mission 18) At The Edge Of Time - Ash and Zach and Ayame vs ???
Location: Volcano
Two individuals, bearing memories of the previous timeline. And one, with no memories of the previous line at all, still feeling inexplicably drawn to the smoking maw of the volcano. Zach, Ayame, and Ash all wander within, as the shadows of memories pull and tug at them. All three see the heart within the volcano's rage: A single time sphere, sparking with energy. What was one before, has become now. But a single figure stands between the three and the energy-engorged sphere. A shadow of the past, a spectre hanging high over... that would do anything to keep him from remembering.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Message: 14/39 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (3/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
The ninjas are not the only one affected by the great disruption of chi energy. With the surge of energy, even Raiden's wards have broken. The once hidden Darkstalker village, sitting outside of Southtown, is now exposed to the world. And the world has every reason to come. The various factions in the world descend upon the village, seeking only one thing: the rumored Command Gear that escaped there, the only weapon Japan holds that can drive off Justice.

Act 2: Mission 19) Welcome to the Jungle - Heihachi vs The Hidden Village
Location: The Hidden Village
Heihachi, naturally, has come first to the party. Bringing his Tekken Special Forces, the pointy-haired boss of the Mishima Zaibatsu has unleashed all his power to pierce the defenses of the Hidden Village. As the rest of the world catches up, Heihachi moves to hunt down the Command Gear, and bring it to heel as the weapon to destroy the United Nations... or maybe, just to face a challenge worthy of his name. The villagers, peace-loving Darkstalkers, have no choices but to make a final stand, fighting the invaders as best they can.

Act 2: Mission 20) Ice to Meet You - Sergei vs Kula
Location: Dark Forest
Meanwhile, a covert operations team of Spetsnaz infiltrate outside of Southtown, to stage their advance into the Dark Forest. Intercepting them are NESTS special forces, led by Kula on a scouting mission that was quickly turning into something far more. As Sergei and NESTS special forces duke it out in the woods, a cold heart battles against a fiercer chill. The two must fight it out to get to the heart of the woods, where the prize of the UN and NESTS lie: The Command Gear.

Act 2: Mission 21) Guerrilla War - Faolan and Clark vs I-No
Location: Eastern Japan
In the outskirts of the Dark Forest, the Ikari Warriors do not have to deal with the storming ninja wars. Focusing on the Command Gear, Faolan and Clark mobilize to not only out maneuver the United Nations and NESTS, but infiltrate the Hidden Village to safely eliminate the Tekken Forces within. At least, that is the plan. But all plans are undone when a red-hatted witch with a panache for heavy metal arrives. Hamburgers are not what satiate this witch, and the Ikari Warriors are in her way. Like all the others, she is after the same target. But her motives are known only to her alone. And time repeats itself again, and again.
(Contact Hayley for Clark!)

Act 2: Mission 22) Into the Woods - Kelly vs Felicia
Location: The Cliff of Crow Cabin
Kelly has every reason to stay and defend the Hidden Village. But the elders of the town had a special mission for her. Escaping the forest, Kelly leads the children of the village to safety, taking them away, far away. Taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, she tries to contact her brother, trying to find out what to do. But she will have company soon enough. Felicia, lost without her Lee, only has the promise of Heihachi: Bring me those who escape the village, and I may let you know where you beloved Lee is. Felicia now tracks down Kelly, and realizes quickly that she must bring the children to the clutches of Heihachi. Is it worth a man's love to commit such an heinous act?

========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Message: 14/40 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (4/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
As it turns out, nuking the creative center of most major ninja clans is a bad idea. A very, very bad idea. The United Nations may have expected Japan to take a knee against the overwhelming power of Justice. But both the legions of Gears and the bureaucrats that pull their strings will quickly learn of the true power of Japanese spirit, and the wrath of human decency against the worst atrocities under the guise of world peace.

Act 2: Mission 23) Truth or Consequences - Urien vs Kokan and Fumiyo
Location: Korea
War has begun. With the Security Council of the United Nations voting for war, it was time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and celebrate as diplomats do best: With a dinner party. With the inner crowd of the elite of the UN, even some of the more elusive benefactors, such as Tom Abel. Kokan and Fumiyo demonstrate the drawbacks of angering the ninjas of the world, as they descend with stealth and subterfuge at a great dinner. But the ninjas will find out, there are a few of the elites that are simply more elite than others.

Act 2: Mission 24) Collection Agency - Oswald vs Kolin
Location: Russia
The assassin's code is a simple one: To honour the contract above all else, even as the world's tide ebbs and flows. It does not concern the enigmatic Irishman whether his actions are right or wrong, Oswald's intent is fulfilling the request of the client to pilfer secret documents at a UN-affiliated headquarters. Turns out, that very same headquarters is a satellite office of the Illuminati, yet another organization dipping their hand into the pot. Kolin considers herself to be a good secretary, one of the best, but to leave her post to deal with a card-wielding wart on the foot of progress? Oswald may find himself in well over his head.

Act 2: Mission 25) Avengeance - Baiken vs Sub-Zero
Location: China - Lin Kuei Forest
In another world, in another timeline, there would be no homeland for Baiken. No past, no present, and no real future. Just moment, drifting through time. But there is reality for Baiken, a present, a future. And the United Nations has just demonstrated that it was willing to take it away. By the time the United Nation's retainer, Sub-Zero, gets the warning, Baiken was already deep in a Gears base, knee-deep in the wholesale slaughter of Gears. And if Sub-Zero cannot stop her, she won't stop. She won't stop until all of them are dead.

Act 2: Mission 26) Pirates of the K'aribbean - K' vs Sylvie
Location: Pacific Ocean
Junk on a junk, destination the New World, Sylvie was shipped off with her cargo of Combot research materials. She is the curator of scraps, rising up in the ranks of NESTS, from trash to semi-trash. Sylvie is doing a FANTASTIC JOB! But there's an end to all the gloating and fun on deck when the captain notifies her of some junk stowaway on the ship: A defect more defective than Miss Paula Paula herself. How did the renegade K' even get here, and what is his goal? If not to ensure that sensitive equipment sinks to the bottom of the Pacific for the greater good, then it must be as an illegal immigrant, because who the hell wants to live in Japan right now anyway!
(Contact Zach for K'!)

Act 2: Mission 27) Rememberance - Sol Badguy vs Justice
Location: China
It began at noon. When the nuclear pillar erupted over Mt. Fuji, Sol Badguy could stop and see the future of Japan unfold. The depravity of the United Nations. Lies, betrayals, and finally, the lust for power. There are few able to stop the madness from escalating. Sol Badguy is one of those few, his past mired with Justice's own. He had one goal: to stop a monster from being unleashed on the world. To stop a weapon from being unleashed. And finally, to try and find any spark of humanity, any memory to drag her back. He knows. He remembers.
(Contact P-Body for Justice!)

========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Message: 14/41 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (5/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
With the actions of NESTS, Noboru, and dedicated saboteurs, Violet Systems and Combots collapses onto its last legs. With the nuclear hammer dangling over the Mishima Zaibatsu, the remains of Violet Systems and G-Corporation struggle as the relentless barrage continues, ready to deliver the coup de grace. And yet, Japan persists. It fights. It struggles to bring the people against the reaper. And when the time comes, the incredible warrior spirit of the Japanese people will deliver. Unless, of course, you stop it in time.

Act 2: Mission 28) On Icarian Wings - Ibuki and Noboru vs Lee Chaolan
Location: Chinatown
The former CEO of Violet Systems has taken to hiding in the wake of his United Nations abduction, and subsequent escape. Taking a low profile while the world descends into war, he plots and schemes his next big return. But all the plots and schemes come to an end, as he is finally tracked down. The ninja pair, Ibuki and Noboru finally see through the executive's tricks. But how will they cope when they find him disguised as a professional masseuse in Chinatown? Will Noboru and Ibuki finally finish the saga of the Violet Systems? Or will they find a different kind of happy ending?

Act 2: Mission 29) The Devil's Due - Akuma vs Kazuya
Location: Osaka - Floating Garden Observatory
The manifestation of Raiden at the conference with Kazuya was eye-opening, to say the least. A physical god, unleashing pure lightning and thunder in a holy fury. But that was far from the most ominous appearance for the Mishima. Akuma's arrival at the battle with Raiden was only a taste of the power the raging demon sought. Now, Akuma has trailed after Kazuya, the brutal fighter seeking a true challenge. Kazuya is not unprepared; he knows he is marked by the demon. And he awaits Akuma high at the Floating Garden Observatory, ready for battle. Akuma will wring out the ultimate power of Kazuya, one way or another.
(Contact Hayley for Kazuya!)

Act 2: Mission 30) No Harm, No Fowl - Terry vs Geese
Location: Geese Tower - Top Floor
The Hungry Wolves find themselves scattered across the city of Southtown. Geese's city. Having called in Rock Howard upon the aftermath of the last round of the King of Fighters, now the teen heartthrob has gone missing. Alerted to this by Taiyo High and Rock's part time job, Terry Bogard kicks plenty of ass on his way through Geese Tower for some answers. Fortunately, the man of the hour is in, and while Geese doesn't have much to say of the whereabouts of his disowned heir, he certainly has a story to tell about the hole in the wall of his office penthouse. Suffice to say, Terry will need to beat the information out of him. Is today the day when Geese's goose is finally cooked?

Act 2: Mission 31) Hell To Pay - Jin vs Duke
Location: Business District, Southtown
After his conversation with the mysterious sage Frei, Jin Kazama has made his choice to confront Lee Chaolan, Heihachi, everyone who has brought Japan into this state of madness. Unfortunately for Jin, Duke is looking for answers too. With his opponents gone, and the tournament on hold, the crime boss has come to the Zaibatsu headquarters for answers, just like Jin. Unlike Jin, the crime boss has no restraint; he will get his victory, no matter who he must break to reach the end of the Mishima legacy.

Act 2: Mission 32) Night Class - Yuri and Ryuko vs Hideo
Location: Gedo High
Ryuko is your seemingly average high school student. Counted among her many interests are anime, texting, and Iaido. Unlike most girls her age? She possesses the burning desire to dispatch all of the V-Gage servers on campus. Teaming up with the number one rebel of the establishment, Yuri Sakazaki, they form an alliance to be reckoned with. Hideo does not like interruptions, especially when he is caught unawares while preparing the other teachers for their private lessons in the new Mishima-themed education. It's against the rules to be at school after hours, even if this isn't his school, and rule breakers are to be punished, or worse... Expelled.
(Contact Zach for Hideo!)

Act 2: Mission 33) Viral Media - Trish vs Alisa
Location: Justice High
When the nuclear blast was unleashed into the planet, Trish felt more hate than she had ever mustered in her allegedly long life And the first place to burn will be the V-Gage at Justice High. Trish comes to infect the V-Gage systems with her personal virus, staging it to spread across the entire student body. Unfortunately for her plans, the danger of infecting the students of Justice High means a danger for Jin. And Alisa, number one robot buddy, has her prime directive: Protect Jin at any cost.
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Message: 14/42 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (6/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
Some things are beyond definitions. Chance encounters, natural filth, and storied folks fighting on their own corners. And of course, a thunder god considers the ultimate sacrifice, in order to save the world from the powers that damn them all...

Act 2: Mission 34) To Dine Upon the Fly - Rock and Brandon vs Juri
Location: Southtown General Hospital
Well, Rock had his reunion with his dad. They laughed, they cried, he pat his son in the back, and Rock got to wake up in a hospital rather than a morgue. With Terry missing, Brandon finds Rock to try and find the rest of the Hungry Wolves. As Brandon tells Rock about Terry's plans, bad comes to worse as touring psychopath Juri makes her rounds with the patients of Southtown General Hospital. While she would always play with her vegetables, Rock and Brandon provide a different kind of nutrition she's constantly hungry for.

Act 2: Mission 35) Daniel Jack Excavates - Morrigan vs Lotus & Lilith
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
After his encounter with the famed ninja Ryu Hayabusa, Daniel Jack has been buried deep into the leylines of Hokkaido, a corruption driving deep underneath. Slumbering, but awake. Stirring, but asleep. Trapped in the boundaries of life and death, the ex-detective has found unlikely help by the servants of Lord Dohma, who has just the ritual to raise the bound shadow. But unlikely help is found in the strangest of places, as the demoness Morrigan has found delight in the actions of Jedah's minions... and has decided to take Daniel as a plaything for herself.

Act 2: Mission 36) Hello, God? It's Me, Ainu - Raiden vs Nakoruru + Honoka
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Raiden is in his metaphorical tent, as the cries of the planet grow into a cacophony. Recovering from his ambush from Akuma, the thunder god finds company by two of his worshippers. The Ainu maidens, Nakoruru and Honoka. The pair of ladies come for more than hosanna's, however. They bring rage and anguish over the destruction of their people and their homes, and find their faith tested by the Thunder God. Raiden must teach his followers the vision he shares... and how they can help bring about a brave new world against the treacherous United Nations and Japan alike.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Message: 14/43 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 2 Part 2 (7/7) Thu Oct 5 2017 P-Body
The deadline for your matches will be October 31st, All Hallows Eve. That's the whole month; that's a lot of time. As scenes are completely, I will compile together for the finale.

A consideration of the finale: Start thinking about which side your characters will be on. Will they side with the United Nations? Will they side with Japan and Heihachi? Will they join Raiden in his plan to destroy both? Or will they find another path?

And of course, I want to extend thanks to my fellow staffers, for helping to pull this together, the countless players I've knocked upon for ideas and plans... and especially for Ash, who was once again a big help in bringing together these scene summaries.

Now go forth! And make adventure, not love!
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Message: 14/44 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (1/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
The feed begins, showing the towering Command Gear Justice, clad in her armor, staring with yellow eyes into the camera. Behind her is the remains of a United Nations base, with the crawling shapes and figures of Gears behind her, hard at work. She speaks, her mechanized voice coming in harsh tones.

"Hello, citizens of Japan."

"I am Justice. I am the one who attacked your sacred mountain. If you are receiving this message, then know this: You live because I choose you to live. At this moment, my orders are to begin destroying Southtown."

"I am more than just a weapon, however."

"Right now, the Japanese counterpart to myself is in your city. Your leaders had lost their Command Gear, or rather, 'misplaced' her until the time came to use her against us. We see through this ruse. We cannot allow Japan to keep such an uncontrolled weapon of mass destruction in her grasp. You have seen the pamphlets in your city. But you are kept trapped in your city, like sheep to the slaughter. This is beneath me."

"But I have my orders."

"I am on orders to seek and destroy the Command Gear. I implore the normal citizens of Southtown to evacuate. I do not wish to execute civilians in order to stop the real enemy. I will, if I must. But as for the extraordinary citizens...

"I have been taught a lesson in the strong in the world. I am not alone. There are countless extraordinary humans, humans of incredible ability amongst you. To those, I implore that you stand up. You can make a difference in this world. Do you wish to stop this madness? Do you wish all this to end?"

And she leans in carefully to the camera.

"Bring me the Command Gear.

"Eliminate Heihachi.

"And stop the thunder god from destroying the world.

"Do you understand, Heihachi? I will never fight you. I will never provide you the fight you crave. If I catch wind of you near Mt. Fuji? I will simply destroy Southtown. And every single festering city you've spread your diseased madness in. And if you continue to test me? I was not made for your honor, or your challenge. I was made for war. And I conduct war as I see fit.

"You have your warning, citizens of Japan. I leave it to you to make the right choice.

"I will be waiting at Mt. Fuji for your decision."

The feed cuts out with a hiss.
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Message: 14/45 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (2/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
A grand, dark inner mansion sitting room flickers and crackles beside a fireplace. The great form of Kuma, bear supreme, lounges beside a high-backed leather chair. The camera slowly pans to the side to reveal Heihachi, dressed in a fine tailored suit of dark grey, with slender yellow scarf around his shoulders.

"People of Japan. We are at war. But why? Perhaps you do not understand why I have done what I have done. And why Southtown is under lockdown. ...It is because of monsters. Not the ones on television you have seen; ones created by man."

Suddenly the video changes, and shows a chained creature that looks like a werewolf in some cage. An armored Tekken Force man then steps up and opens fire. After a spray of blood, there is the steady 'clink' of the bullets being forced out of muscle before the wounds begin to heal.


Through a glass wall, a tall and noble looking man stands. Behind him is a mirror, reflecting only the man holding the camera. "Vampires."

A video recording of an almost pitch-black room. A goat is in a corner, tethered by a length of chain. Some... /motion/ barely caught, and the goat is drawn inwards, leaving only blood behind. "And worse. These monsters are called 'Darkstalkers'. They are among us. They have always been among us!! And these 'Gears' are simply an attempt to bend these monstrosities to one's own will..."

The camera returns to Heihachi, feeding a giant glazed honey ham to Kuma. "I found what I believed to be an individual capable of controlling these weaponized creatures, but they escaped to Southtown. Somewhere within is a monster beyond imagining. Once it is discovered, the lockdown will be lifted. This is for the safety of Japan...! But more importantly..."

Very, very distant footage of an armored figure with crimson hair and long tail is seen from something like a drone. A few moments later it crackles and vanishes. "These abominations... they are too dangerous to be allowed to exist. Will you stand with those who create a lifeform purely to kill other humans? Will you wait until they bring about the end of times, powerful forces able to annihilate even our holy mountains? Or will you side with the Mishima Zaibatsu, as Japan has, and use our full resources, from the Jack-6 armies, Combots, the Tekken Force, and more..."

"To do what must be done. To wipe out every last Gear, destroy the technology behind them, and make sure these monsters stay in the dark where they belong. Side with me. Help me find the gear in Southtown. In my hands, I can use her to shut down this enemy army. Then we need only to rip the head off the Gears' leader..."

"Before they break their leash, and countless innocents must die." The camera zooms out, before a brief text saying 'Brought to you by Kuma Productions, partnered with Dancing Circus.'
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Message: 14/46 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (3/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
At a press conference in Sapporo, Governor Kuniaki Moteki delivered Hokkaido's official response to the tumultuous changes in Japan. His guest speaker, Makaotari of Kamui Kotan village, told of the ruined city Biratori -- home of the Ainu folk hero, Okikirmui. As the gray-haired woman speaks in the Ainu language, her interpreter - a slim woman with thick-rimmed glasses -- is quick to follow up in Japanese.

"And in our blind ignorance, the Kamui had seen the danger. And in one night of righteous fury, the Kamui opened our eyes to to the abomination lurking beneath our most sacred home -- a crime against Nature placed there by G Corporation. Purging the infestation, unfortunately, left our culture's homeland in ruins.

"As Kamui Kanna has opened our eyes, he now guides our hand. It is we -- all of humanity -- who strayed from Nature's path. And it is we who must walk the path again. For while one crime has been sealed, another threatens to destroy the balance. It is we who must face the great beast. It is we who must raise our spears against the searing flames of the Gears, before they incinerate our lands as surely as they have Honshu. We Ainu cannot stand alone against this beast -- we all must stand united. We all must impale the Gear abominations on the points of our spears.

"For if we do not raise our spears, the Kamui will raise theirs. The blades of the Kamui will pierce the heavens and destroy the sky. The fury of the Kamui will set the earth ablaze. The sorrow of the Kamui will drown our cities beneath an endless ocean of rain. The mercy of the Kamui will bring Nature back into its former dominion, leaving the survivors with a refreshed Earth -- cleansed free of poison, for us to build society anew."

She draws back, smoothing hands over the rough fabric of her robes. Murmurs spread among those in attendance.

"The Ainu are no strangers to Nature. Are you?"

The Ainu elder and her interpreter step aside, allowing the Governor to speak once more. He reiterates the stance of Hokkaido and the Tohoku Coalition, denouncing the violence of the Japanese and private security forces. He emphasizes safety of the citizens as his primary concern. And with the Elder and the interpreter nodding quietly in the background, he echoes Makaotari's call to action -- to stop the Gear abominations at any cost. For while he is not a religious man, he must echo the concerns of the Elder -- that the Earth may not be able to withstand the fury of the Gods.
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Message: 14/47 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (4/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
On a FightTube channel once known for following this capoeirista as he fought in underground venues as documentation as his growth as a fighter. Every since the Majigen series, this particular channel had been mysteriously quiet until now.

The video starts out with a light-skinned black male who looks to be late teens to early twenties wearing a bandanna with a spider web motif sitting on camera with a white blanket as a background.

"I know it's been awhile since my last video, and I'm sorry. As for those who followed me during the King of Fighters and that one stint on Saturday Night Fights, I've gone through some changes."

He reaches for a water bottle off screen and takes a sip before setting the bottle back down once again off screen.

"To understand what is on my mind, about the UN's Gears, the Mishima Conglomerates, and Raiden or Haokah or Heyoka or Kamui Kanna or whatever you want to call him, I think a some background is required. The supernatural, it's all pretty new to me. Every since Majigen series and the whole incident in Metro City, I've been thrown headfirst into the world of the supernatural and I still struggle to understand it all. Through the process of fighting against the forces responsible for that Metro City incident, I came to be associated with a group that fights against similar threats."

He takes a deep breath, and lets his emotion come closer to the surface on his face. It looks as though he's a mix of several barely contained emotions. Emotions like sadness and rage.

"I also found a new home and while it was darkstalkers that threw my hometown into chaos it was also darkstalkers who took me in while I was still human and treated me more like family than my own /human/ parents. Jeff, Katherine... If you're watching this, I hope you're getting treated in prison as badly as you treated your kids."

He cringes after that part and for a moment, he looks pensive as if wondering if he should keep that in or start over. He stares into camera once more as if he were determined to forge ahead with this video as is.

"I digress. I became part of this community where part of it was a group of humans and darkstalkers co-existing peacefully. Where part of it was fighting to protect the world from the threat Jedah Dohma and others like him represented. Somewhere along the line, in fighting the good fight or whatever, my enemies changed me into what you see today. I don't even know what the hell I am at this point."

He stops again. This time, he's letting bits of that emotion out. His face contorts into a scowl.

"And then a G-Corporation taps into a power source that it should not be tapping into, causing a deity, who had up until now acted in defense of beings Earth, to now act against them by destroying their creation and with it, a multitude of lives. Why? Because tapping into that energy source such a massive scale seems be a way of pushing fast forward on the destruction of the earth by humanity. Add to that the UN building sentient nuclear weapons. One of which blew up our community when Mishima and his Tekken Force came storming in. Imagine for a moment, someone came into your home, killed some of your friends and family, provoked a fight and the resulting fight destroyed your home in a giant ball of flame. Imagine having to come up to the children of your friends and family members and have to tell them that their parents won't be coming home."

The young male of African descent pauses. This time it's for dramatic effect. It was as if he wanted the viewer to put themselves in their shoes.

"In my time post Metro City Incident, I've known the best and worst of both human and darkstalker kind. Caring humans and darkstalkers who took me in and treated me like family and those like Jedah Dohma, and the ones in charge at the UN who think it is a good idea to mobilize living nukes and to nuke a country over one man, as well as Mishima who feels he could run up into anybody's home and kill them just because they're different. I shouldn't be surprised, I've dealt with the same **** as a black man in America. Why should it be different now that I'm no longer human. It will be impossible for us to live our lives in harmony as long as beings like that have access to weaponry like that or the schematics the likes of which called down the wrath of a thunder deity to destroy it."

After this, the young male reaches forward and video stops.
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Message: 14/48 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (5/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
As the end of the world approaches, Justice, Heihachi and Raiden prepare for their final showdown. The battle for future days will not be between the warring triad, however...

All will be decided by you, the players.

The fate of the world lies in your capable hands, people of MotM. Shall Japan be brought to kneel, and submit to the demands of the United Nations? Will you defeat Justice, and liberate the Japanese? Destroy the Gears and cripple both Japan and the UN? Will you stand tall and face all three, and become a force to be reckoned with? Or do nothing, watching the blast cloud as it rises over Southtown?

If you wish to side with the United Nations, to help bring about the new world order of peace, use +signup UN-KOF.

If you wish to side with Japan, to defend their sovereignty out of respect for country that has once again been nuked by foreigners, use +signup JPN-KOF.

If you wish to side with the Elder Gods, those divine forces that choose to expunge the world of the unnatural presence of the Gears, even if it means sending humanity into a Dark Age, use +signup Ainu-KOF.

And then there are those listening to Aranha; If you wish to remain neutral and independent, or seek to stop all three from carrying out their extremes, use +signup Neut-KOF.

And as always, if you're wanting to volunteer your time as a temp, +signup KOFTemps is available to everyone; I have some pretty big characters in mind, so I'm always looking for help!

The final round of the KOF Side Plot begins...

What will you choose?

Signups close 11:59 PM PST, November 1st.
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Message: 14/49 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Finale Signups (6/5) Thu Oct 26 2017 P-Body
One more thing.

Please, for the love of god and all that is holy, do plotnotes for this. I'll reset them, but, last go around was 58 signups. Plotnotes are my friend. Set plotnotes, so I have an idea of what to do with you. If you don't, well, I'll make up my own ideas.

Look at the P-Body Birthday Bash

And think about it; I am going to find out where to put you without plotnotes

Please use plotnotes if you can
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Message: 14/50 Posted Author
KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (1/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Intro Music - https://youtu.be/oZaAMbR_4o0?t=1m4s

The die has been cast.

The people of the world have chosen their sides. A storm is brewing over Japan, figuratively and literally, with the ritual to purge the Gears from the world has begun. Southtown is abuzz with both UN and Japanese operatives, seeking the rogue Command Gear. And the United Nations has finally started the invasion of Japan. The world can choose to stop the gears, they can choose to stop Japan, they can choose to defy the very gods themselves. But they must choose. They must act. And they must decide. The time for talk is over. The time for action has begun. And no matter what your choice is, no matter what the consequences all, remember.

Sooner or later, we all make the flowers grow.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (2/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Downfall
With the Japanese Command Gear located and cordoned in Southtown, the United Nations finally has the opportunity it was waiting for. The Gear Armies, or at least, what is left of them, have finally been unleashed upon Japan. With Justice taking her command position at Mt. Fuji, the entire berth of the Gears invade the islands in Operation Downfall. Not only are these brigades are lead by the mysterious 'Valentines', there is a strange new Colonel with unnatural forces parallel to the Gears...
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMawlzqJHg8

Act 3: Mission 1) Justice for All - Justice Vs Leona, Heidern, Sol
Location: Mt. Fuji
Encounter Type: Sequential Match
Justice waits at Mt. Fuji, ready for the people of Southtown to decide between salvation and nuclear fire. But a familiar face has returned instead. Armed with the Ikari Warriors Leona and Heidern, Sol faces off against Justice once more. But the Gear Commander is a wily opponent, and has learned much from her experiences with Igniz and Sol. Rather than fighting them together, the Gear will divide and conquer, separating and picking off the defenders of humanity one by one, spreading them over the sacred Mountain of Japan_ before delivering the coup de grace against the last stand of humanity.
Outcome: Destroying Justice removes the threat of nuclear apocalypse over the head of Southtown; while the Gear armies are still in full force, it will at least spare Japan a bombardement. This would be a major loss to the UN.

Act 3: Mission 2) You Can't Fight Fate
Location: Northern Japan (Hokkaido)
Encounter Type: 2 vs 2
Wave 1: Ramlethal + Gear Horde vs Nakoruru + I-No
Mobilizing the main force into Hokkaido, Ramlethal, the first of the Valentines, leads her army of Gears into the land of the Ainu, aiming straight for the Lightning God that threatens their kin. Cold, calculating, and sadistic, Ramlethal's pragmatic advance bears two. Nakoruru, the sacred maiden of the Ainu people, decisively leads the offense as she intends to take no prisoners in the defense of her homeland. But it is more than just the island to defend. The mysterious I-No descends in a violent and merciless stand against Ramlethal, to stop the war cold. Past, present, and future come crashing down into confrontation over the fate of Hokkaido, as well as the world itself...
Outcome: Stopping Ramlethal will cripple the Gears advance in Hokkaido irrevocably. Hokkaido will be spared any Gear-related losses.
(Contact Sakura for Ramlethal!)

Act 3: Mission 3) White Dress, Red Wedding - Elphelt + Gear Horde vs Lita + Faolan + Cooper
Location: Western Japan
Encounter Type: 2 vs 3
Leading on the western coast of the Honshu island of Japan, the second Valentine, Elphelt, marches with her army. Idealistic and kindly, the commander belies a keen martial instinct and matronly guidance for her gears. Faolan of the Ikari Warriors takes the newest recruit straight from the newly integrated Delta Red, Lita Luwanda, along with a mercenary from the ranks of the Japanese employers, eager to help in the defense of his boss. Heading to the front lines, Elphelt will have to quell the passion in her chest of three potential suitors in order to lead her army into the heart of Japan.
Outcome: Stopping Elphelt will keep the gear armies out of the main island of Japan. It will not stop the Darkstalker army, however, but with both eliminated, the Gear offense will no longer threaten Southtown.
(Contact Frei for Elphelt!)

Act 3: Mission 4) Hollow Win - Jack O' + Ghost Horde vs Baiken
Location: Japan
Encounter Type: 2 vs 1
Staging an invasion at Kyushu's northern shore, Jack'O, the final of the Valentines, makes landfall with her ghostly horde of Gears. The eccentric Valentine switches from calculating genius to child-like, making her an unpredictable commander in the war, but she'll need all the wits she can muster when she swiftly collides with a single figure. Having failed to eliminate the Gears completely due to the interference of Sub-Zero, Baiken makes her stand here. Her village was ravaged by the likes of these creatures. Her family, her friends, only dim memories in her mind. They would die with her. Or they would be avenged.
Outcome: Stopping Jack'O will protect the southern island from invasion. Baiken, should she be the victor, will still not have the stains of guilt washed from her conscience.
(Contact Noel for Jack'O!)

Act 3: Mission 5) In Shadow's Clutches
Location: Rebellion Warzone
Encounter Type: Wave Match
Wave 1: Colonel Umberto Domenico vs Noboru + Faust (Fight To Yellow)
Wave 2: Colonel Umberto Domenico + Minions vs Zach + Frei (Fight to KO)
Making landfall on the northern side of Honshu, Colonel Umberto Domenico, Italian Commander within the United Nations defense forces, has brought to full bear a fourth Gear army. Except, there isn't a Colonel Umberto Domenico in the ranks of the UN. And these are not Gears. A horde of Darkstalkers has been unleashed upon Japan, under the authority of the United Nations, as part of the peacekeeping operation. This exploitation of loopholes has offended the Elder Gods. Warriors of Raiden, beginning with Noboru and Faust, move to intercept the army of darkness. But when the time comes to force Colonel Umberto Domenico in a retreat, Zach and Frei must face the true form of the Commander_ and endure, for the sake of Japan.
Outcome: Stopping Colonel Umberto Domenico will cripple the Darkstalker army in Honshu. Without the Darkstalkers, it will rely on Elphelt's leadership, and without her, the main island is saved.
(Contact Jedah for some reason on this one!)

Act 3: Mission 6) Darkest Day, Greatest Hour - Lotus vs Lei Lei
Encounter Type: One vs One
Location: Dark Woods
Summary: The allies of Colonel Umberto Domenico are in full force as well. Most infamous is the dreaded Lotus, the crazed knife-wielding fiend. But not all creatures of the dark serve said darkness. Lei Lei, the strange jiangshi, or hopping vampire, may seem like just another soldier in the darkstalker army. But the young lady shows much more than her mundane brethren; Lei Lei and her sister Lin Lin are joined by mystic ritual, dedicated to hunting down vicious monsters like Lotus. And should she drive away the crazed killing Darkstalker, she can move on lend her unique talents to the front lines of this war.
Outcome: If Lei Lei can defeat Lotus, she can shore up the offense on any of the gear invasion missions, as well as Justice, at the HP color he ended the fight at.
(Contact Baiken for Lei Lei!)

Act 3: Mission 7) Grimm Bloody Fable - Lilith vs Brother Grimm
Encounter Type: One vs One
Location: Rebellion Warzone
Summary: Lilith, the petite succubus, is a loyal soldier in the Darkstalker army. But the hungry shadow of the succubus can sense weakness, however, and taste the darkness sitting in one's soul. And naturally, one must nip out to have a snack once in awhile. Brother Grimm may be on the prowl for the monsters invading Japan, but he will soon find himself hunted by Lilith, ready to have a taste of the curse that lays deep within.
Outcome: If Brother Grimm can fend off Lilith, he can join up the offense on any of the gear invasion missions, as well as Justice, at the HP color he ended the fight at.

Act 3: Mission 8) Fear The Reaper - Ayame vs Daniel
Encounter Type: One vs One
Location: Meian Jinja
The dogs of war are nearly upon Southtown. And leading the vanguard between the city and the monsters is Ayame Ichijo, shrine maiden and monster hunter. Without hesitation, she leads a one-woman army against the stragglers and skirmishers, ready to confront the darkness. But the Reaper finds a familiar and wholly unwelcome face in her first skirmish. Daniel Little, the former Interpol agent. The man, having been twisted by his encounters with the underworld, has only quelled his madness long enough to attempt to return to the United Nations_ and join the ranks of the Darkstalker army. With Ayame standing between him and his fate, the Darkstalker has to face the Reaper.
Outcome: If Ayame can intercept and defeat Daniel, she can continue on to support any Gear invasion mission.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (3/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Diet Of Worms
Storm clouds grow over Japan, as the rain begins. High in the mountain passes of Hokkaido, the thunder god Raiden begins his ritual to undo the Gears. While he will stay his hand at the destruction of the gears, he must prepare for the unspeakable. The United Nations and Japan, enemies on opposite sides, begrudgingly send their soldiers in cold tolerance, to stop a catastrophic threat from descending. But the wrath of a Thunder God is legendary, and the Elder Gods have heard the prayers of a god...
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epzNDl6JpMo

Act 3: Mission 9) Ragnarok - Raiden vs Za Warudo
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Encounter Type: Wave Match
Wave 1) Raiden vs Angel, Sylvie, Tremor
Wave 2) Raiden + Youkai Allies vs Fumiyo, Master Raven, Raven
Wave 3) Raiden + Youkai Allies vs Ash, Ed, Jin Kisaragi
The day of judgement looms near. As his disciples move quickly to subdue the Gears threat, Raiden himself must prepare the ritual to save the planet from these monsters. Turning to the Elder Gods themselves for assistance, he has been granted access to powers beyond his mortal form. Enhanced with divine powers beyond even the greatest warriors of the world, he is still left with only a fraction of his true strength. A fraction is all that is needed, as he prepared to face against the warriors of the world.

Act 3: Mission 10) Summoning Sickness - Makai vs Vanessa
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Encounter Type: One vs One
Not all of Raiden's allies share his noble ambitions. Makai, a martyr chosen to battle youkai internally forevermore only to succumb to their power, wishes to see the world ravaged by the Thunder God's light. In the hopes that he will be spared the wrath of the divine being, the cursed exorcist assists Raiden with the very bound spirits that writhe within him, summoning the demons at his behest. There is but one way to stop these rites of damnation: Makai must be dispatched. Vanessa, the boxing detective, has been deployed by her employers to eliminate the mystic, and let nothing from hell stand in her way.
Outcome: If Makai is KO'd, Raiden loses one of his youkai allies, either the 2nd or 3rd wave.

Act 3: Mission 11) Which Witch Will - Eadni vs Axl Low
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Encounter Type: One vs One
Like Makai, Eadni is far darker one may consider for the servants of Raiden. And yet, she lends her support to the thunder god, respecting the divine forces and using her black magic to bind allies to his cause. She has many preparations in place for the inevitable warriors that will come to her doorstep. But does not expect the strange wanderings of Axl Low, who has come to change the future.
Outcome: If Eadni is KO'd Raiden loses one of his Youkai allies, either the 2nd or 3rd wave.

Act 3: Mission 12) Scout's Oath - Aaron vs Akame
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Encounter Type: One vs One
The retired monster hunter, Akame, has just one more job. Her target? Raiden, the Thunder God. Trekking through the Manji Valley, she may find herself lost amongst the switchbacks and rain-drenched trails. She happens upon a Boy Scout, Aaron, a trained pathfinder amongst the trails. Unfortunately for Akame, the boy scout has joined with the very target she is after; and if Aaron cannot convince Akame to turn back, then he may have to subdue her for her own good.
Outcome: If Akame wins, she can move on to a 4th Wave match against Raiden at his ending health level.

Act 3: Mission 13) Demon Slayers - Akuma vs Gen
Location: Tekken - Manji Valley
Encounter Type: One vs One
Unbridled power. Akuma once again tracks down Raiden, ready to battle a renewed god. But it may never come to pass. Gen, the aging master assassin, has found service with the Thunder God, and has come to defend him against the raging demon. Intercepting Akuma in the valleys, Gen must face Akuma off.
Outcome: If Akuma wins, he can move on to a 4th Wave match against Raiden at his ending health level.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (4/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Regicide
Heihachi Mishima has made his declaration against the world. At the top of his game, he has grown bored. This war, that brings so many lives in danger, is simply the next form of entertainment. He has made his challenge. And the world has come to answer that challenge. Descending upon the martial arts master, waves of fighters come to face against the legendary head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. If Heihachi wanted a fight, he will be getting one.
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cbv_-vu0U8

Act 3: Mission 14) Tyrants Must Tremble - Heihachi vs The World
Location: Downtown Southtown
Encounter Type: Wave Match
Wave 1) Heihachi vs Munin, Hugin, and Terry (At Green Health, To KO)
Wave 2) Heihachi + Jack Bot Swarm vs Ken, Kokan, and Miguel (At Yellow Health, To KO)
Wave 3) Heihachi + NANCY-MI847J vs Aranha, Kelly, and Kazuya (At Red Health, To KO)
Heihachi waits in his office, with his elite security team, waiting for his prizes to be brought to him. When challengers come, they will be struck down. But Heihachi has finally earned the fight that he deserves, not the one he has been hoping for. Not one fighter challenges, him, but a gauntlet of enraged martial artists, descending upon him to not simply beat him into humbleness, but to take him to a knee before the United Nations. And while Heihachi can endure nuclear blasts_ even one of the strongest fighters in the world can be worn down, can't he?
Outcome: If Heihachi is ultimately defeated and captured, this is a major loss for Japan.

Act 3: Mission 15) Nancy Boys - Jin vs Sub-Zero
Location: Business District, Southtown
Encounter Type: One vs One
Heihachi is not alone; as one of the richest men in the world, he has uncountable resources to drive off his attackers. One such resource is a powerful weapon, resting within the secret labs hidden right in the heart of Southtown. With the people becoming more belligerent, Jin has been entrusted to mobilize the secret weapon of Mishima: NANCY-MI847J. Before it can be deployed, however, the UN moves to intercept. Using their most powerful assassin, Sub-Zero is unleashed to eliminate the concealed site holding the infamous secret project of Mishima. And if Jin cannot defend the site, Heihachi's plans for support will be left on ice.
Outcome: If Sub-Zero wins, then Heihachi is forced to use a prototype model of NANCY-MI847J, which is weaker.

Act 3: Mission 16) Broken Toys - Gigas vs Juri
Location: Northwestern Forest, Southtown
Encounter Type: One vs One
Juri has run out of playthings in Southtown, and has grown bored. Unfortunately, when you are bored, you end up doing work. Instructed by her superiors that it is time to acquire some Mishima-flavored technology, violence and collateral damage permitted, Juri's on the prowl. Pinpointing a Jack-Bot Laboratory on the border of Mishima Zaibatsu territory, she has only one obstacle preventing her from making off with the robots: the biomechanical monstrosity, revived and restored. Gigas.
Outcome: If Juri wins, Heihachi loses his Jack-Bot horde in his 2nd wave.

Act 3: Mission 17) Snakebit - Trish vs Mr. Burr
Location:Southtown Overpass
Encounter Type: One vs One
With the madness of the world descending upon the ranks of the Mishima Zaibatsu, it is not surprising that some individuals can fall between the cracks. Trish, having been one of the figures sabotaging the full extent of Lee Chaolan's machinations, now finds herself in Southtown, everything collapsing around her. Moving to eliminate the last of the corrupt technology, there is only one figure left in the path of greatness: Heihachi. Unfortunately, as she moves there, she is intercepted by Mr. Burr, a criminal loyalist in favor of the Zaibatsu. As a strictly business matter, Mr. Burr intends to dispose of Trish, so she'll never reach Heihachi in time.
Outcome: If Trish wins, she can support the 3rd wave against Heihachi.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (5/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Chopping Block
With the United Nations pushing their offense in Japan, special operatives are already retaliating. With Congress refusing to authorize a declaration of war, it is up to a motley crew of both ninjas and vigilantes to assault the United Nations, and attempt to decapitate the leadership of the UN. The dark forces behind the UN may have won by their own rules, but the forces of good and Japan refuse to allow them to get away with their transgressions unpunished!
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imqvLToWH7k

Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad - Urien vs Mai + Chipp
Location: Downtown, Metro City
For Urien, everything has already won for him. He has secured power in not only the United Nations, but in the Illuminati. The United Nations will never be trusted again, and it will only serve his leaders. But still, the enraged ninjas persist. As their ninja compatriots work together, the ninja duo, Mai and Chipp, confronts the ambassador in his alias. Like their ninja companions before, they will quickly realize the true, oiled power of the ambassador. But they will not be alone... if their allies can break through.
Outcome: If Urien is captured, this is a major victory for Japan, secondary victory for Ainu.

Act 3: Mission 19) Angry Cogs Association - Abigail vs Maki
Location: Slums, Metro City
Encounter Type: One vs One
The other ninjas have spread out on the city, gradually closing in on the United Nations. Maki, the blonde ninja, has separated from her fellow Bushin-ryu Ninja, Guy. Slipping through the slums, she hopes to bypass the Mad Gears. Unfortunately for Maki, she has one great big roadblock in her way: Abigail. Having stumbled on the Mad Gear gangster while he was on break, she has to fight through him in order to make it to the United Nations, and assist her fellow ninja in battle.
Outcome:The winner is allowed to participate in the Urien fight.

Act 3: Mission 20) Take a Number - Kolin vs Guy
Location: Metro Square
Encounter Type: One vs One
Bypassing the Mad Gear security team, Guy has made his decision to eliminate the ambassador in his office outside the United Nations. Sadly, the ambassador is out. As Guy stumbles on the true intentions of the Illuminati and the United Nations, fortunately, Urien's secretary Kolin is standing by to take a message. Having made a counter-proposal before in the past successfully, Kolin is given yet another opportunity to woo another potential ally to her boss's side. And if he refuses? Well, there are plenty of plots of land to bury fools around Metro City.
Outcome:The winner is allowed to participate in the Urien fight.

Act 3: Mission 21) Sacred Assassins - Oswald vs Alma
Location: Subway, Metro City
Encounter Type: One vs One
Even the dead have a bone to pick with the United Nations. Having faked his death, Alma has snuck back to Metro City, with the intention of finding out the truth behind the United Nations. Unfortunately for him, he should know better than to take the subway at night. A mercenary in employment with the United Nations, and specifically the Illuminati, has followed the trail of the Sacred Order soldier. And he may be willing to share some answers with Alma, as a parting gift before sending Alma to the underworld.
Outcome:The winner is allowed to participate in the Urien fight.

Act 3: Mission 22) Starring Spangled Banner - Jezebel vs Kang
Location: Uptown, Metro City
Encounter Type: One vs One
Jezebel has announced the most terrifying event in this entire war: a reboot of Lightning Spangles. But that requires funding, and more importantly, international support. Heading straight to the United Nations, Jezebel expects to find the support she needs for the arts. But she is not the only one looking for support on the arts. Kang, the famous(?) director has also reached Metro City to get the support he needs on the arts. They could have a coffee chat, they could have a fight, they could simply find romance. Anything is possible when you are an Uptown Girl.
Outcome:The winner is allowed to participate in the Urien fight.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (6/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Shield Breaker
In response to the rogue Command Gear's presence in Southtown, the Japanese government and Tekken Force have secured the city, preventing anybody from entering or leaving the city. As the threat of nuclear devastation looms over the city, noble vigilantes have struck out, attempting to breach the Cordon and liberate the people of Southtown. With the student protesters becoming overbearing, and the people growing more and more restless, the barriers in and out of the city have found new allies from not only the Southtown Syndicate, but from the mysterious duo of Kain and Grant.
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrtbVd3Dafs

Act 3: Mission 23) Genesis - Kain vs Rock + Athena
Location: North Outskirts
Encounter Type: Sequential Match
The Northern outskirts of Southtown have turned into a demilitarized zone, a chain of concrete barriers and checkpoints to keep people in, and out. Overseeing the barrier in the north is Kain Heinlein, acting as a liaison with the militias supporting the barrier. To no surprise, citizens of the city are pushing into the north. Outraged at the treatment of his fellow residents, a single teenager steps forth to help. Rock Howard, the son of Geese Howard, and Kain's own nephew, stands in defiance not to make an uprising, but to help the people of Southtown. And he is not alone, as he will soon find out. The young student and former KOF champion Athena follows after, as the trickle of outraged denizens attempt to force their way to freedom.
Outcome: If Kain falls, then 25% of the population of Southtown can escape.

Act 3: Mission 24) The Border Of Eden - Grant vs Kasumi + Ryu Hayabusa
Location: West Outskirts
Encounter Type: Sequential
The western outskirts of Southtown are just as locked down as the northern entrance, if not more so. Lines of barbed wire and gunman towers hang over the long march through the cordon. Standing as the single-gatekeeper between the outside and inside is Grant, the terrifyingly powerful counterpart to Kain. Unlike the Northern Gate, no man dares challenge the Western cordon. But Kasumi is no man. The ninja, seeking to help the people without directly confronting either leader, has gone to attempt to undermine the gate with stealth and guile. And if that fails? She will fight Grant. But help is not far behind, as Ryu Hayabusa soon learns what has happened to his ally...
Outcome: If Grant falls, then 25% of the population of Southtown can escape

Act 3: Mission 25) Crime Syndication - Billy + Minion vs Nagase + Duke
Location: Harbor
The Harbor has been cordoned off like the land routes, to ensure ships do not escape the cities with refugees loaded within them. The Southtown Syndicate has eagerly offered support to secure the Cordon_ with one key exception within the ranks of the legitimate businessmen. Duke and Nagase, enraged at the Mishima Zaibatsu, have moved to seize power of the Syndicate members, and conduct the cordon as they see fit. Billy and his Syndicate allies will quickly find themselves in a sudden civil war... and heaven knows what will happen when Geese learns of this insubordination.
Outcome: If Billy falls, then 25% of the population of Southtown can escape.
(Contact Abel for Billy!)

Act 3: Mission 26) A Song of Ice and Fire - Nameless vs K' vs Kula
Location: Japan - Train Station
Kula finds herself trapped in Southtown, with no way to escape. That is, until she encounters K'. Finding no one else she can trust, she follows the lone wolf, to leave the city safely. Reaching the central train station within Southtown, however, she discovers an ally: Nameless. Nameless has no interest in Kula leaving the city, instead wishing to enlist her in ensuring the people of Southtown remain trapped in Southtown. Tensions escalate as while certainly Nameless and K' cannot agree, Kula must choose between both boys_ or choose her own path between them.
Outcome: If Nameless wins, the cordon is sealed. If K' wins, the cordon is broken through, and 25% of the population can escape. If Kula wins... it is her choice.
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (7/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
Operation Broken Arrow
To counteract the potential threat of a UN amphibious assault, Dream Amusement Park has been barricaded off with concrete barriers, and Sound Beach and the Boardwalk have been littered with dozens of "Czech hedgehog" obstacles. Landfall will prove difficult indeed for anyone who opts into using the Harbor... At least, that would have been the case until the Kanzuki Railway 7-Line train jumps its track. Pavement and sand alike churn underneath the derailed train cars as they slide eastward, making their way towards the sea -- and providing a number of openings within the Mishima-backed fortifications.

The rogue Command Gear is flushed out of hiding. And as the shining beacon of light flees towards the comforting lights and colors of Dream Amusement Park, waves of students begin to spill out from neighboring Pacific High School. Marching in the wake of twisted metal and train car wreckage, they advance upon the Dream Amusement Park with the intent of taking down the Command Gear, Dizzy -- but could other, smaller forces beat them to the punch?
Operation Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELJEpTUolJU

Act 3: Mission 27) Weapon Disposal - Dizzy vs Noel + Testament + Ky Kiske
Location: Dream Amusement Park, Southtown
Encounter Type: Sequential Match
Driven from her hiding place, Dizzy finds shelter in the empty Dream Amusement Park. Shut down due to the war, the place is abandoned. But as the chaos of the cordon breech spreads, the Sacred Order closes in on the rogue Command Gear. With Necro whispering in her ear, begging her to do anything to protect herself, things are only growing more and more desperate for the Gear, as Noel, Testament, and Ky Kiske each begin to close in upon her.
Outcome: Whoever defeats Dizzy_ can decide her fate, and which faction to present the prize to (or in the case of the Ainu, to deliver the coup de grace). Of course, with the reserve matches, the winner may be forced to defend their prize.

Act 3: Mission 28) Violet Spectrum - Lee Chaolan + Felicia vs Sergei + Potemkin
Location: Chinatown, Southtown
Encounter Type: Two vs Two
There is a prize within the chaos of the war, that has yet to be claimed: The ChiTek for the Combot 2.0s. With the Combot production almost completely destroyed, the last hold out of the illegal Violet Systems technology lays with a hidden laboratory in Chinatown. There, Lee Chaolan keeps the grand prize of the King Of Fighters tournament under lock and key, to keep it from Heihachi, the UN, from everyone but the rightful winners. But the UN doesn't play by the rules. Sergei and Potemkin, special agents on behalf of the UN, infiltrate the city to finally capture the technology, and secure it to its rightful owners. But Lee Chaolan has a secret weapon: a little catgirl wrapped around his little finger, and ready to die for her master.
Outcome: If Lee Chaolan and Felicia are defeated, Sergei and Potemkin can seize the HitBit technology, removing it from the KOF prize list.

Act 3: Mission 29) War Gods - Necalli vs Kotal
Location: Sound Beach, Southtown
Encounter Type: One vs One
Upon the shores of Southtown, two demi-gods of war face down. One embodying the brutal chaos of war, the other a more regal and commanding decider of the necessary wages of blood. But both come after a single target: the Command Gear. For Kotal, it is a bargaining chip, an offering to secure his power and influence over the mortals. For Necalli? She is food to be consumed. And neither can approach without ensuring the other has been suitably subdued.
Outcome: The winner can move on to the Dizzy fight; if the Dizzy fight is over, they may choose to confront the winner.
(Contact Noboru for Kotal!)

Act 3: Mission 30) Grave Punishment - Seishirou vs Leo Whitefang
Location: Boardwalk, Southtown
Encounter Type: One vs One
Leo Whitefang has spread out to search for the rogue Command Gear. With Noel and Ky Kiske covering the amusement park, that leaves the Sacred Order knight with the boardwalk. While this side of the harbor has been all but deserted, Leo will quickly find that he is not alone. The noble swordsman is caught by Seishirou, the wayward and sinister ninja. Thirsting for powers beyond our mere comprehension, Leo Whitefang is an obstacle. And obstacles must be removed. But Sei will quickly discover that Leo Whitefang has been looking for a definition in his dictionary for a man like Sei, and will unleash the grave punishment against the unjust.
Outcome: The winner can move on to the Dizzy fight; if the Dizzy fight is over, they may choose to confront the winner.
(Contact Abigail for Leo Whitefang!)

Act 3: Mission 31) The Tragic School Rush - Honoka vs Iincyo + Yuri + Ryuko
Location: Pacific High - Athletic Field
Encounter Type: Two vs Three
Honoka, in her guise as third-year student Miko Kobayashi, has united with students from Taiyo, Gedo and Pacific High Schools. With the V-Gage indoctrination leaving the students fully susceptible to psychic suggestion, she remains embedded within the crowd, a wolf in sheep's clothing, as the students march in protest of Japanese nationalist forces, right into the heart of Mishima-controlled territory. Students who aren't under her sway, though, might take offense to students being used as human shields -- both against the Mishima organization, and as a prelude to assassination of the Command Gear!
Outcome: If Honoka wins, she can move on to the Dizzy match.

Act 3: Mission 32) At Least It's Not Mignon - Ninon vs Kazuki
Location: Pacific High
Encounter Type: One vs One
Kazuki likes hurting awful. And as the city collapses into infighting between students, citizens, and everyone in between? He sees a lot of awful people. And Kazuki, looking at the chaos? Blames the V-Gage, and those who support it. Crossing over to Pacific High, he forces through the crowd, threatening and beating his way through to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately for him? Instead of bumping into a Mignon, he ends up offending her better sister, Ninon. Maybe they can come to an agreement.
Outcome: If Kazuki wins, he can move on to the Honoka match. If the Honoka match has ended, he can choose to pursue Dizzy, or confront one of the cordons.
(Contact Juri for Ninon!)
========================== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
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KOF 2017 - Act 3 Finale (8/8) Thu Nov 9 2017 P-Body
There are few weird qualities with the finale matches; I will be added more Q/A as they come to me.

1q) I don't understand these encounter types. Can you explain them?

1a) Yes I can!
Encounter Types:
# vs # - This is straight-forward; it is a # vs # match, no frills. Just practice good habits, don't gang up on the same person, and try to pair off if possible.
Sequential Match: This is KOF style; each round is a 1 vs 1; transitions between rounds is done with +nextround.
Wave Match: This is more complex; each round of the fight has a certain criteria for it; for Raiden's, it is fighting to the certain health threshold, for Heihachi, it's taking him down to zero. The important consideration is for each 'wave, after the wincon is achieved for that wave, the 'raid boss' disengages, and will re engage for the next wave. Thus, each wave participates for that wave, and not with the other ones.

2q) What is with these reserve matches?

2a) Reserve matches ultimately are how I get more people to participate in the 'headliner' matches, without having to manage the logistics for a 15 vs 1. Basically, you win the reserve match as an attacker, and go on to help the main match. Sometimes, like in the UN matches, these are for both the defender and the attacker. As a note, you don't -have- to participate in the follow up match, and if the match is already won, then you really don't have to

3q) *blankity blank* hasn't signed on in 2 weeks! What am I supposed to do?

3a) Talk to me, I'll find an alternate for you!

4a) I want to temp my characters, but it won't let me! What gives!

4q) Two notes: First is that you need to make sure we know you are doing multiple temps, and we can arrange multiple temps with you. Secondly, there are a LOT of temps, and they are currently in a queue to be processed. It may take the weekend to finish processing them, so if you don't have a temp available yet, please be patient.

5q) How long do we have for these matches?

5a) The deadline for the matches will be december 22nd, or 6 weeks from now. That will let people enjoy their Christmas, and ease into the next year without the threat of nuclear obliteration. Don't forget to submit your logs!
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King Of Fighters 2017 - The Temp Situat Sun Nov 12 2017 P-Body
Hello folks!

So I've caused a lot of confusion on temps, between who is temping who, and why the temps aren't available. This is due to my communication mistakes, not only between myself and the players who offered themselves up to temp, but also myself at my fellow staffers, who are hard at work at overhauling these characters.

To keep track of things, I am going to post who is temped to who, and which temps are ready for temping. I apologize things have taken so long, and how much of a mess I've made things

Temp Assignment:
Ninon = Juri
Kazuya = Morrigan
Chipp = Heidern
Lei Lei = Baiken
Potemkin = Sub-Zero
Elphelt = Frei
Master Raven = Christie
Leo Whitefang = Abigail
Billy = Abel
Jack-O' = Sylvie
Kotal = Noboru
Ramlethal = Sakura
Gigas = Munin
Ed = Kazuki
Grant = Makai
Jin Kisaragi = Ryu Hayabusa
Raven = Guy
Tremor = Leona

Currently Completed Temps:
Jin Kisaragi
Leo Whitefang
Master Raven
Lei Lei
Master Raven
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KOF 2017 - Raiden Raid Boss Changes Fri Dec 1 2017 P-Body
Hello folks!

So as you know, this is all a great big experiment. Some experiments work. Some need a little tweaking. And the Raiden Raid-en boss format is getting tweaked.

All the people in the waves will now will be part of a general pool for the raids. Additionally, Raiden has allowed that people outside that pool be allowed to participate (though he is putting first priority on the people on the list.) That means the following people will get first priority on the waves:

Master Raven
Jin Kisaragi

There are 3 hard scheduled matches for the Raid Boss.

Wave 1) Sunday, December 3rd
Wave 2) Sunday, December 10th
Wave 3) Sunday, December 17th

These will begin at 12 PM CST, and last until Raiden goes to bed. Each will be to knock him itno the next HP tier; he will teleport when the wincon for that wave is met... with the exception of the final wave, which will have it's own unique climax.

His minions now can be used in any raid, with a limitation; he gains an R3 and R2 minion from Eadni to be used across the waves. With Makai being defeated, his summons will not be able to support Raiden. Raiden will be allowed to deploy one minion per wave. The minion will only be allowed to participate in that awve.

I will give Raiden creative control and choice on who participates, and whether he wants to allow a character to participate in more than one raid. He is also allowed to host extra waves outside those dates.

The first wave is coming up fast, so please send out your @mail to schedule your slot with Raiden!
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KOF 2017 - Finals (1/2) Sat Dec 30 2017 P-Body
With the crisis between the United Nations and Japan resolved, the charges against Lee Chaolan has been dropped. The former CEO of Violet Systems and HitBit has not been re-instated, with both companies being all but shut down in the wake of the war. However, in an open interview after his release, Lee Chaolan has demonstrated an eagerness to continue the King of Fighters tournament that launched this war.

"For all my actions, apologies are not enough, I'm afraid." Lee Chaolan announced at his first press conference following his release. And the punishment for my arrogance still is taxed upon me. My wealth, my businesses, my assets are all desolated. My dear father, missing. Now, I should be collecting the ashes of my dreams, my destiny, and hiding away in shame. But I had a promise to the fighters on their prizes. I had a duty. And when it comes to fulfilling my duty?"

"There is just enough."

"If the fighters are still willing, and able, I would like to complete this King of Fighters. Duke and Nagase of the Syndicate Team are currently lined up to face the insidious Team Balance, and I eagerly look forward to the runoffs between Heirs of Legend and the Hungry Wolves! I may have to... improvise with the final venues, but I will do what I can. And as for prizes... well, The Combot 2.0 technology is currently out of my hands, but... I think I can offer a suitable alternative. Yes, I think this King of Fighters will be just..." Lee Chaolan then gives a roguish wink, and flashes a thumbs up.

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KOF 2017 - Finals (2/2) Sat Dec 30 2017 P-Body
With the main parts of the side plot closed out, and the world being saved, we can finally, -finally- move back to the actual point of the King of Fighters: The finals!

King Of Fighters Finals - Team Syndicate vs Team Balance

Run-Off For Third Place - Hungry Wolves vs Heirs to Legend

As before, I will require the leads. I will not inflict any penalties for repeat leads, as the downtime between tournament rounds was so large.

The prizes will mostly stay the same, though with the tournament, the Combot 2.0 tech has been acquired by THE RUSSIANS and the UNITED NATIONS. I got something in the wings, so, we will work it out.

Captains, please send in your leads by Monday, 9 PM PST, January 1st. I will schedule the stages, and we can cruise on into the new year with the finals of KOF.
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King of Fighters 2017 - Finals Sat Jan 6 2018 P-Body
Due to OOC events, I am delaying the Third Place runoff fight. It will be done eventually, but it is very important that it gets delayed. My apologies, and thank you for understanding.

KOF 2017 Finals - Syndicate Team vs Team Balance
Leads: Duke vs Alma
Location: Southtown - Howard Stadium
After a small world war, a gears war, and a nuclear hammer held high over it, the finals of the King of Fighters tournament finally have come. Taking place at the Howard Stadium, the largest fighting arena in Southtown, the arena is filled in spite of all that has happened. Duke of the Syndicate Team will be leading against the mysterious Alma, in a battle for the championship. At this stage, everyone is a winner; but who will be the world champion?

The deadline is Friday, Janurary 19th; after the finals is completed (and the status of the Third place runoff is confirmed) I will begin to distribute the prizes and special thanks, and KOF will be closed out for 2017.

Thank you all for sticking with it to the end!
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KOF 2017 - Runoff Finals! Tue Jan 16 2018 P-Body
With the two teams properly contacted, the Runoff for Third Place has been set at the G-King Arena in Southtown! With the presence of the G-King Arena being brought to the front and center, the rumors have already spread about the return of the G-King matches. Officials are the arena neither confirm nor deny the return to the G-King events, but people are hoping...

KOF 2017 Finals - Heirs To Legend vs Hungry Wolves
Leads: Nakoruru vs Terry
Location: Southtown - G-King Arena
For the longest time, with the third place runoff match delayed, the questions were abound: would they, or won't they? With Brandon recovering from his coma, and Rock and Terry disappeared in the wake of the Gear War, nobody knew the status of the Hungry Wolves. Would the third place go to the Heirs To Legend by default? Those expecting a quiet third place win were delightfully surprised when Terry has emerged from the fog of war, and has declared the presence of the Hungry Wolves in the runoff! Now, the third place prize of merely $1 Million American Dollars comes to play, as Nakoruru of the Heirs faces off against Terry of the Hungry Wolves at the G-King Arena! Perhaps some unknown fighters will even show their faces at the sidelines...

I'm giving the deadline for this all the way to the end of the month; don't let this inferere too much with any World Warrior scenes you want to take care of though!
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KOF 2017 - In Closing (1/5) Mon Feb 19 2018 P-Body
With the runoff and the finals of KOF complete, we have finally reached the end of the King Of Fighters 2017. As Wheatley already handled the closing post for a lot of the post plot stuff, I won't go into too much additional detail. The big details is the closing places, and of course, the PRIZES! For those interested in the brackets, here is a note of them


King Of Fighters Prizes:

Champion - Team Balance (Hayabusa, Alma, Kasumi, Momiji)
$50 Million American Dollars
Full commercial and legal rights to the ChiTek technology behind the new Combot 2.0s (Contact Lee Chaolan to settle this matter!)
A Team Headquarters Built to specs any location on Earth. (We will dig this out to you, you provide the layout, the room descs, and we will dig it where you need it!)
The KOF 2017 Trophy (This will be in your HQ)

Runner Up - Syndicate Team ( Duke, Nagase, Hyena)
$10 Million American Dollars
A Ceremonial Statue Crafted for the team in Southtown Park (Will be built to specs!)
The ARTEMIS Exoskeleton and TRULY VIOLET Power Armor

Third Place - Heirs to Legend (Zach, Honoka, Nakoruru, Radel)
$1 Million American Dollars
A Special SNF theme based around you!
A Combot servant of your choice (Reach Out To Me On What Fantasy Model You Crave!)

Fourth Place - Hungry Wolves (Terry, Rock, Brandon, Duck King)
$100,000 American Dollars
The SS Opulence - As Featured at the Exotica Sands Resort! (The Official Hungry Wolves Stage!!!)
A Special Mystery Prize - Meet Lee Chaolan to learn about this fabulous prize!!!

Qualifiers (Quarterfinalists):
Team Revengeance (Noboru, Maki, Hokutomaru)
Rising Dragons 2017 (Sakura, Ryu, Allen Snider)
Team USA (Ken, Senna, Sean
Full Moons (Felicia, Eliza, Q-Bee)

Prizes for Qualifiers (Per Team):
$20,000 American Dollars
A V-Gage for each participating member (Chi-Battery Included!)
Ten $100 gift cards for Olive Garden

Anti-Wrestling Team (Marduk, Abel, Boman)
Beautiful Girls Team (Claire, Fumiyo, Mai, Bonne Jenet)
Bloodletters (Zabel, Lotus, Victor)
Hard Knocks (Iincyo, Hideo, Nagare)
Masked Men (Jaguar King, MURDERHOUSE, Tizoc, Rainbow Mika)
Sound and Fury (Aranha, Alexis, Tabitha, Walter, Kyle)
Team Miggy Mew Mew (Miguel, Sylvie, Rufus)

If you need more information, please send out a @mail to Lee Chaolan or Me, and we can resolve it!

And now, the credits.
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KOF 2017 - In Closing (2/5) Mon Feb 19 2018 P-Body
Credits and Special Thanks; to give thanks to everyone who supported me through this TP.

Kobun is my number one co-staffer on TPs; to the point where it's almost important to keep track of -everything- she's done to support me in this TP. Editing summaries, assisting with TP with her alts, temping to fill in gaps, doing code work to make things work, and generally providing advice and support. I loved working with her on Rumble, and the only time I won't press her into TP service is when she's running her own TPs!

Glados is a dark horse supporter on TPs; I don't enlist her directly for help, but simply give her opportunities to do so. And in this case, she was a number one temper, a number one sideplotter participant, a number one fighter, a number one designer, and brought together with Wheatley's driving the big push with Blazblue. Glados is the glue that keeps this place together, and her expertise and experience is always invaluable.

Now I will piss and moan about Wheatley, rather, Wheatley will make me piss and moan sometimes. I want to make something very clear though: Wheatley was a windfall to have come back during the KOF, and was a major helper on the core story. He provided the entire Heihachi side of the conflict, was a major whipper and driving on temp, on plot structure, on everything. He used it to launch Blazblue alongside Glados, and basically the whole renaissance we're enjoying right now is from the shot to the arm his writing and world-building gives. He handled the closer when I was out of commission, and was one of the key workhorses of the whole TP. Wheatley's a fantastic person to work with on TPs, and when the time comes again, I'll ask for his help again. Thank you, Wheatley, for keeping this TP on track, and sorry that I've been an ass to you.

Jackal's contributions to TPs are always well appreciated, especially on his advice. I won't spoil how he contributed to this one, but let's just say I look forward to his signature contribution in every TP I run.

Crow's great. When I was first running TPs as Duke, Crow was the guy supporting me. Whenever I can run a TP, and Crow participates, it's always a treat to me. He's a rare find these days, but I look forward to his surprise contributions every single damn time.

I want to make something very clear: I screwed up Raiden's vision for Raiden. I gave him stage directions, I made him a lot more antagonist than he should have been, and that's my fault. I put this in context, but Noboru was the number one helper and team player. He temped like nobody's business, he was a key pillar of the anti-Gear motivations. The heart of the story was because of him, and I shouldn't have left him hanging in the end like I should have. The raid didn't work out, and in the long run? That's okay. Noboru was excellent in this TP overall, and I would work with Noboru again. Kudos, Noboru. I hope to see you again soon.

You know I had multiple burnouts during the KOF? Ash was one of the people who came in for the pinch hitting. Ash wrote several of the scene summaries and outlines, which is hard to overstate that the times where it was slow? That's when the burnout was slamming into me hard. Ash was also major contributor for both temps and alt support. The Hungry Wolves made it to the final four, and that was thanks in part to Ash's creative contributions. Thank you Ash!

Frei- I mean Rei's- contributions picked up speed as the more Guilty Gear side of things turned up, and I was eager to give him some hooks to play with. An excellent temper who provided editorial support, he also provided one of most subtle helpers: profile writing on the new Guilty Gear characters. Thank you Frei!
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KOF 2017 - In Closing (3/5) Mon Feb 19 2018 P-Body
Kira was one of my number one tempers, and boy did she temp. I'm still sad that I couldn't quite make the Guilty Gear TP into what she wanted, but she was a good sport in carrying out the final battle against Justice.

So before Munin showed up, I didn't think Gigas would ever get play. I have made a terrible mistake on this. Munin has come through with Gigas multiple times, and that's great; along with taking an active part in the plot, I gotta say thank you Munin!

My good friend Morrigan has an alt addiction that is only cured by temping, and temping she did! Any time I needed more tempwork, Morrigan was there, and with all her regular alts active in the plot, it was a grand old time. Thank you!

I like writing for Zach, he's flexible, and is easy to coordinate with on 'go do this.' He helped launch out the current played K' and Ky Kiske, and he was a workhorse through the plot AND the tournament. Balancing both can be a challenge, as well as being a captain, but Zach did it with flying colors AND pinch-hit when the time came. A+, Zach!

So low-key confession: Sylvie was the number one person who helped me with the transitions over into Blazblue. I really enjoyed her support for the KOF TP, and the fact she was a diligent temper that brought about the likes of Jack-O at the zero hour was absolutely vital. Her actions as Sylvie restarted NESTS, her actions in Noel kicked off Blazblue, so the player keeps ending up at the vanguard of the plot. Thank you so much, Sylvie, for helping me out in this story!

Faolan was one of the first people to sign up with the KOF side plot, and was a quick and eager temper. With full support in KOF and Plot, Faolan was a workhorse that helped get the story going, and helped launch the Ikari Warrior rising.

A real workhorse in the side plot, Baiken did tempwork, did villain support, AND also saved the world at least twice; I like writing and working with Baiken, and with the Gear Armies finally up her alley to slaughter, I think it's great to have her on the team!

I was really happy that Sakura came through with the plot; I know you've been having a rough time, and the fact you broke out with Kolin was a massive treat. Adding in you doing fantastic tempwork with Ramlethal, thank you so much for helping me out here.

Ryu Hayabusa
You lived through the winter! Sorry things ended up getting slowed down in the end, which was terrible for your timing, but your contributions in the KOF and early-mid portion will not be forgotten. Thank you so much, Ryu, for helping me out here!
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KOF 2017 - In Closing (4/5) Mon Feb 19 2018 P-Body
For your good alt support throughout the TP!

Excellent alt support; especially with Tremor and Leona! I am so glad you got space to come in with the plot!

For getting Kill-Stealed by Ayame, and having a good anti-UN plot running!

For your ace contribution towards the Justice plot! Metal Gear!

Cracker Jack
I know your academics were your top priority, but thank you for still hanging out for the side plot with your OCs!

For both an excellent contribution with the lovable Abigail, and wonderful Leo Whitefang temping into playing here!

For ace ninjaing, for being a good sport, and for being a fantastic Ky Kiske when the time came!

For excellent alt support, and hanging in there to the end!

Johnny Cage
Coming through in the end with Terry, and getting this closed out!

For all the alt support; my apologies that you ended up with more dead threads post-TP than I wanted though...

Thanks bro, for helping me out in this tournament!

For staying through a regular Ragnorok of a TP, with excellent alt support!

You'll always be welcome here, Rust. You're always a number one guy.

Thank you for killing so many of my NPCs! You're the best!

For reaching the end of the school plot with a surprise twist, as well as Maki support!

I was so pleased with your Necalli, and Iincyo's return was a real treasure!

Everybody else I may have missed:
Sorry I missed you; I tried my best. But Thanks To Everyone Who Participated In This Tournament!

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KOF 2017 - In Closing (5/5) Mon Feb 19 2018 P-Body
I want to give a final thank you for everyone who participated in this experiment.

Every tournament TP is an experiment for me, one way or another. In many regards, this TP was a failure; it ate up waaaaay too much time from the actual tournament, several threads were abandoned, and some of the raid bosses fell apart. Ultimately, though, it has given activity levels which hasn't been seen in a decade, and more important, brought in a lot of wonderful new players AND got the Blazblue ball going.

In the future, though, I promise this: I am going to cut down on the size of the side plot. The original intention of the side plot was a little something extra for people who weren't in the active fights. For me? That little something extra apparently was nuking Mt. Fuji. Still, people had fun, and at least MotM has a little more culture and nuance in the world. So what's next for P-Body flavored TPs?

Well, there might be tag team format not yet explored...

*******THANKS FOR PLAYING********

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