World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Robert vs Urien

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Description: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except when that jerkwad Krauser is keeping track of everything via incredibly intrusive smartwatches. Sketchy old man Krauser.

Las Vegas, the city where anything can happen. Robert Garcia has been here many times in the past, and this same trip he's already logged a number of hours on the blackjack and craps tables. But today is a bit special -- a VIP-only unveiling of a brand-new prototype car currently under development. Quite the treat for a sportscar aficionado like himself!

But the glitz and glamor of the unveiling ceremony has wound down. And now, the affluent playboy and three other gentlemen spill out of a stretch limo, finding themselves on Fremont Street, just outside the famous Golden Nugget Casino where he happened to be staying.

Garcia adjusts the tie, loosening it somewhat. He's dressed in a tuxedo -- but with business concluded for the evening, there's nothing saying he has to stay -formal- any more. With his top shirt button undone, the Italian playboy begins striding up to the Golden Nugget -- ready to begin round two at the casino.

A fairly formal invite was given to Robert; there's not much information on Urien, beyond records that he faired very well against the rising star known as Valkenhayn. Considered something of a dark horse, the main thing about the Greek warrior is his durability. Kyokugen, the ultimate destructive art... if Robert truly wished to test himself against someone who considers themselves to be at the summit of indestructability, then this is a good test indeed.

Of course, Urien is also wealthy, and he's spent a fair amount of time gambling. Huge amounts of currency are the only thrill, even if money means little to him, and by the time he finishes he has no idea if the Illuminati is in the black or not. Just excessive laughing, a few flirty females, and the gracious owners trying to tempt him to keep staying and splurge further. A man of excesses and vice, the offer is quite tempting, before his watch beeps when the agreed upon time is reached.

"Sigh..." Slowly he swivels off the stool, arriving unfashionably late. Wearing a dark blue suit with crimson tie and silver undershirt, impeccably tailored to properly show off his imposing size and muscles. One hand in his pocket, the other loosening the knot of his tie slightly. Nothing about him seems particularly exceptional at the moment, beyond mass and being hardly unattractive himself, if in a different field than Robert's own.

Plus, that weird gem in his forehead.

"Kyokugen, huh... Takuma would kill bulls with his bare hands, isn't that right?" He grins a touch, rolling his shoulders before tipping sideways. He's... oh. Yes, he's drunk. To some degree. "Can you...? Stop and kill a bull like that, I mean...?" He's in the ring now, so by all technical accounts, the fight has started.

Gambling... fighting. It's all the same after a point. And in all honesty, compared to fighting Eiji Kisaragi on an empty street in Italy, Robert would much rather a fight take place under the watchful eyes of a cheering audience. It's tough to murder someone with hundreds of witnesses.

Luckily -- Robert had that car viewing to take his mind off this fight. Almost as soon as he enters the casino, he sees a crowd gathered around Urien. He almost pays it no mind -- until he sees the distinctive white hair, and the even more distinctive gem. Enough reason to be cautious. But he won't be caught staring -- a glance at his wristwatch shows him the two data points he needs.

1 - Yes, it's Urien.
2 - Yes, it's almost time.

Robert strides in, leaving his tuxedo coat and his tie upon an attendant's arm.

"Can't say I ever tried.

Garcia flicks his lucky coin into the air, catching it and slapping it onto his arm. He squints his eyes at the result -- and drops the coin back into a pocket.

"There's lots of stories about the old man. Can't believe -everything- you hear, can you?"

Robert slides into the ring, nearly effortlessly. And cracking his neck from one side to the other, he studies his opponent's expression.

"So we doin' this?"
Robert pauses, assessing the apparent drunkenness of his opponent.
"We're doin' this."

And then, with little to no warning, he surges forward, leading with his knee. He'll seek to grab hold of his opponent by the shoulders, then practically walk -up- his chest with a series of kicks, before backflipping away to safety...!

"Ryuuchou Kyaku!"

COMBATSYS: Robert has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Robert           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Urien has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Robert           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Urien

COMBATSYS: Urien dodges Robert's Ryuuchou Kyaku.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Robert           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Urien

There's little surprise that the vast majority of the audience is already rooting for Robert. The betting odds are slightly in his favor, given he remains high on the list of World Warrior participants and the only meaningful success for this large man is against a wolfenhayn who has never been seen by the public. "Well, if you can't kill a wild bull, you're wasting your time with me...!" Urien declares, pointing a finger accusingly at Robert. His body language clearly indicates he's looking down on the man, despite his open stance and lack of balance. "Oh yeah, we're doing this. We're doing thi--"

Oops. He keeps on taunting, as Robert opts to take the initiative. Maybe of Urien had demonstrated a remote amount of honor or respect, there might be a bit more restraint. Instead, the knee swishes past. Is he... no. He got lucky. It was a desperate stagger that almost takes him off his feet. Rather slow, really, and if he hadn't been staring directly at Robert to apply sass he'd have had no real prayer of avoiding it.

"Fine... you wanna fight?! Well... I'm here to WIN..." Big words from a drunk who's shown little technical skill, but as Robert recovers from his attempt, Urien spreads his stance and clenches his fists. Suddenly a great roar of energy bursts out, the wave literally able to be felt even by the distant audience. His suit billows wildly as if caught in an updraft, chi blooming like a supernova within. Crackles of dark magnetic energy sluice about his limbs, creeping color spreading across his hands and face a few moments later, turning his skin from a pleasant tan to a deep, unnatural bronze. It flashes over his hair, spiking it wildly and leaving it white, the gem blazing all the while.

And then his feet sink about a quarter of an inch into the ring, the stone far from soft but unable to easily accomodate a form that now weighs multiple tons. It is like ying and yang within, as opposing elements of Earth and Air are fully ignited and forced to comingle, and that unnatural explosive rush is contained within that body through dense skin and finely honed magnetics.

"Ssss..." He blinks, disappointed. "This burns all the alcohol in my system... damnit...!!"

COMBATSYS: Urien manifests bronze skin and white hair, unleashing his true power!!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Robert           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Urien

Robert sails past -- and lands awkwardly on his feet, continuing to run forwards to keep what's left of his momentum!

"Well, damn, if you wanted to keep drinking, then why the hell'd you invite me, chump?" Robert whirls about, his fancy white shirt flapping about from the momentum. He slips into a loose stance, bobbing about on the balls of his feet as he keeps his hands hovering at about waist level. He seems to have some smartaleck comment coming, but...
That's when he sees Urien unleash a roar of energy.

"Okay, okay, keep yer shirt on..."
The change has -not- gone unnoticed. But Robert Garcia's style is predicated on one thing and one thing alone -- always looking good for the ladies.

And standing around as his opponent burns up the alcohol in his bloodstream is not the best way to do that.

"Should'a thought'a that b'fore you did it!" Orange flames well up in his hands, as he lifts them upwards -- but rather than throw them like any -rational- fighter worth their salt might, he decides to show off a little more. For the ladies. The orb of orange flames is dropped onto his raised right knee -- and with a quick twist to the side, Garcia unhinges his foot and sends the sphere arcing into Urien's chest!

"Ryuugeki Ken!"

COMBATSYS: Urien blocks Robert's Ryuugekiken.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Robert           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Urien

"Appearances." Urien comments simply, his demeanor indeed changed to someone both sober and irritated. A heat boils off him, little waves that increase the temperature a good twenty degrees. The fact his suit has survived with no apparent damage means it must be very unique indeed, although the tie has come untucked and is dancing around his face. Annoyed, he undoes it and yanks it off to skid from the stage and land. Crowds are a little more apprehensive now. In terms of basic presence, Urien's rather impressive from a spectator's point of view, as transformations are hardly common in the broadcast world.

When the orange ball comes hurtling towards him, one fist curls inwards, unleashing a sudden backhand covered in a rippling purple aura. It connects with the projectile, deforming it slightly, but the technique not causing it to detonate. It's launched off with increased speed, exploding somewhere on the roof behind and knocking out a few of the lights with a spray of glass. A couple muffled squeaks, as the people over there were not expecting potential collateral damage. Assuredly, this man has not a single care about how he's percieved.

Winning. He said he's here to win. Although Sagat made a public show of things so the world acknowledged him, Krauser has drawn out many with no interest in anything but the end result.

With a meaningful delay, the large man then hauls himself forward, leaning back his entire body as his energy condenses to his upper body. Reinforcing his forehead, he the unleashes an empowered headbutt towards Robert, amidst a burst of lightning, added weight increasing the inertia. This was... not unskilled. His instincts, his motions, are compact and precise, someone trained enough to have mastered the core fundamentals of combat. Yet he moves like a savage beast, accenting that with a dangerous aggression built around caring little about enemy counter-attacks...!

COMBATSYS: Robert can't buy an interrupt against Metallic Headbutt from Urien with Ryuuga EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Robert           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0            Urien

Robert frowns as his Ryuugekiken -- an attack which is usually a great hit with his fans! -- is knocked aside with an abrupt backhand and sent into the lights. Robert draws backward, taking a deep breath as he redoubles his focus upon his eerily metallic opponent.

"There's such a thing as overdoing it -- y'know that, right?"
The Kyokugen Tiger has seen this kind of strength before -- and he's no less intimidated by it now. He keeps pacing backwards, staying light on his feet -- and in many ways, he hopes to bait Urien into a particular course of action. The hostility, the aggressiveness -- both can leave him open to a blistering counterassault. He's seen Ryo make the same mistakes -- and he's fully prepared to counter it.

Or so he thinks.
Garcia's eyes widen in surprise.
Ryo had -never- come at him -that- quickly.

He drops low all the same. Action leads to reaction. And the Tiger will surge upwards into a riotously fast uppercut, aiming to plunge that fist right into Urien's chin, and catapulting him upwards much like his earlier Ryuugeki Ken.

Reality does not play ball with that notion. And Robert finds out just how -metallic- that hit can land, as Urien's forehead slams right into his. His fist flies harmlessly upwards -- its motion swept up with Urien's quickness.

And then, just a moment afterwards, all of Robert's limbs trail behind him, as his core is sent flying backwards. Instead of Urien going up -- Robert falls back. And his back slams into the barrier encircling the ring, his body falling limp for that one moment. His forehead is an angry shade of red as he slumps forward, pinpricks of crimson flooding to the surface as evidence of the burst capillaries.

He catches himself, one hand to the arena floor as he catches his breath -- and fights off the starry black haze crowding in upon his vision.

"And... that's... that's overdoing it, bruh..."

Dazed, he rises back to his feet, his guard a bit higher than before. Urien may have caught him unaware once... but would it happen again? Unlikely...

Indeed, it's not difficult to bait Urien. The surprise was likely in the competency of the attack; knowing it was coming certainly gave a significant advantage, but his attack speed is not lacking. Supernaturally dense muscles allow him brief, explosive movements, combined with that honed finesse from growing up in the live or die years in the Illuminati's Emperor moulding programs only a few years ago, hours of training and practice burned into his mind and body until it was as natural as breathing.

That means he's not blind. The whirl of the fist. Danger, his instincts thrum. He let himself rush into that, and the fault of it not landing is Robert's lack of familiarity. He has seen enough fists to know when one would have merely bounced harmlessly off his face, and that...

Was not harmless.

Rising up slowly, both of Urien's hands stuff into his pockets, beginning to approach the fallen fighter at a fair clip. "I almost killed a man with just that. Heh. You might be flashy and a pretty boy..."

He then twists, launching a savage foot towards the side of Robert's ribs, trying to slam in deep with those well-polished loafers, sadism spreading across his wildly grinning face. "...But you know how to take a hit!! You're just a walking statistic to me. A number in this tournament to surpass. Are you telling me..."

He repeats a second kick, laugh coming louder. "You intend to actually FIGHT BACK?! There's winners, and there's losers. You're beneath me!! Accept it and lay DOWN!!"

Some people fight to improve themselves. Some people fight for love of the sport. Urien... is a bully. He fights to assert himself, to prove to himself he is mighty. A significant mental weakness, as Robert's nonchalant attitude seems to already be causing agitation and arrogance in the large Greek...

COMBATSYS: Urien successfully hits Robert with Medium Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Robert           1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0            Urien

Glass finally reaches the arena floor, tinkling with a soft cadence. Robert narrows his eyes at Urien, smirking in reply to the boastful talk. He's been talked down to by bullies before -- and this man is no different. Kyokugen-ryuu has shown him how to put this sort of character in their place.

But it won't give him the speed he needs to leap out of harm's path. Garcia starts to leap sideways, but the metal-infused Illuminati man is much too fast for his tardy reaction time. A loafer slams squarely into Robert's well-dressed ribcage, breaking bone. The Kyokugen Tiger jackknifes, reeling backward in an opportunity the second kick is quick to follow up with. He leans away from the kick -- less cracking of bones, but a meatier-sounding impact.

Some of the audience with more delicate constitutions turn to excuse themselves.

But Robert Garcia is still on his feet -- shuffling backwards. He's not about to kneel before any god other than the capital-G kind.

He shifts from side to side as he shimmies away, drawing in his breath.
"Listen, pal, you don't have to take it personal just 'cause my ancestors beat up your ancestors."

And since Urien was so kind to introduce him to -his loafers, Garcia decides to return the favor by hopping forward -- his right foot erupting in orange flame. Balancing on his left foot, he will slam his right heel at Urien's knee, with an explosive burst of chi landing on contact. If it contacts him solidly, he would bring it back for a second hit, aiming higher along Urien's leg, a bare instant later with another burst of his powerful chi. Each strike, he exhales a little bit more of his breath, careful to meter it out for maximum impact. Each success will provide another opportunity for Robert to piston an additional kick into his arrogant opponent -- each kick going higher and higher until he hits the face. And if all of -those- hits land, he'd lean forward, giving his left foot a chance to join the foot as he hurtles forward into a flying kick, directly into Urien's solar plexus!

COMBATSYS: Urien interrupts Ryuuko Ranbu from Robert with Aegis Reflector+.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Robert           1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0            Urien

Hands are still within Urien's pockets, and his open stance gives the impression of someone vulnerable. This is bait of his own, however; although Robert has triumphed over many exceptional opponents, few people in this world fight like the Illuminati's second in command. When Robert begins to launch forward, the response seems fairly dumb. He just sweeps both hands from his pockets and extends his arms, fingers splayed and palms out, as power surges within.


Robert's fast. Too fast. The scorching foot slams into his knee, causing a heavy grunt as the enhanced chi burns into that suit which endured his personal aura without incident. The second drives into his hip, weight shifting sidelong, before through clenched teeth he bellows out the next.


Suddenly a great wall of dense magnetic energy appears, the next kick driving into a wall of inverting force. Lightning roars through it to surge and shock into Robert, as Urien slides past, bolting in a fierce run that leaves dense footprints in the hardened arena floor and then twists, now settled directly behind.

Only then does the wall explode outwards, to send Robert rebounding in the direction of the waiting tyrant, favoring one foot... but having established an offensive advantage that, from his twisted smile, he has every intention of capitalizing on.

There's something to be said for durable clothes. Urien's clothes have been able to stand up some of the most incredible stresses. And up until now, Robert Garcia's tuxedo shirt had been a veritable Tide ad, perfectly clean and pristine white.

But as Robert's foot slams home -- giving the Garcia scion a much-needed feeling of satisfaction in a woefully brutal fight -- that may be able to change. For as the magnetic wall begins to form, Robert's kick is caught in the backlash. The wave of chi slams outward like a shockwave, crackling with lightning that tags several points along the black pants, along the white shirt and blue cummerbund. As Robert roars out with pain, spots are seared into the garment, and lines radiate outward, the black charring crossing seams and ignoring all boundaries. In one massive explosion of magnetic repulsion, Robert Garcia finds himself whipped around -- and now hurtling towards Urien.

Every muscle in his body is on fire -- and many of his bones are aching. Irritation flares on his face as he draws in his breath.

And then Robert Garcia, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, wreathes himself in orange flame.


He extends his foot forward -- and channels the remains of his energy into one seriously fast kick. He doesn't just aim to -kick- Urien -- he aims to kick =through= him, slamming into him with such speed and power that he practically nails him to the floor, with a furious explosion of chi to seal the deal.

If he should be so lucky as to manage that, he would lean backward into a backflipping kick, aimed at jacking the metallic man's jaw so hard it snaps him backwards to the arena floor before he can flip away to safety.

COMBATSYS: Robert successfully hits Urien with Hien Shippuu Ryuujin Kyaku.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Robert           0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1            Urien


This was a critical mistake. Most people sent surging through the air like that would not turn it into a literal benefit. With the added leverage of the magnetic wall, although seeping away some of the force, that heel explosively slams into Urien's sternum. A foot-wide hole is blown into his undershirt, singing the lapels of his suit, expression warping predominantly into surprise. Behind, another wave of impact force whirls out. Then there is the brutal strike to his jaw, sending Urien's face upwards, a few beads of blood seeping out.

Yet it doesn't feel quite right. Dense. Like kicking a mountain, moving an island, his chi having surged up protectively to harden his skin even further. Disoriented, he crashes down to one knee, awkwardly sliding back. But his right hand opens, as a great vortex of purple energy begins to whirl into a microscopic black hole. Drawing in energy from his inner storm, more and more, condensing it into a singularity of force. Robert begins to flip away... but the aggressive positioning Urien established is not completely lost. Still, the Kyokugen is out of melee range--

"HRRRRAUGH!!" Urien then strikes the ground before him. He's enraged. That blow... in technique, he utterly lost. Had he been a normal fighter, where the merits of his worth were defined by training, expertise and talent, he might be laying defeated on the ground. Only this augmented body, gifted by the Illuminati, is what turned it into a furious ache.

And all of that fury turns into a great pyre of energy. A massive pillar explodes upwards, hitting the ceiling. Shattering through, countless lights shattering to begin raining glass over the crowd. The entire stage shakes as if caught in an earthquake, powerful waves of destructive force blowing people over who were standing to watch, power flickering off in the casino for a few moments before massive pieces of debris begin to rain down into the broad area of desolation his blow formed, a crater perhaps fifteen feet around Urien in all directions.

Security is rapidly escorting people away, trying to evacuate from watching a fight where an absolutely barred technique was just thrown at full force. If this had been a fight for show, as was meant for this venue, he would be immediately disqualified. Yet the judge here is not the casino, as sunlight pours from the hole ripped asunder overhead....

But the solemn scion of Strolheim, far away on his throne.

COMBATSYS: Urien knocks away Robert with Dominant Crush.

[                                < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Robert           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0            Urien

There are things a man can do.
And there are things only A MAN can do.

Robert Garcia likes to think of himself as someone who grows proportionally with his level of challenge. If he never pushes himself harder, he will never grow. If he were to rest on his laurels, bask in his many successes... he'd grow soft. Weak. And the Garcia scion has felt himself growing weak in the previous years. Training... just wouldn't cut it, alone.

That's why World Warrior meant something to him.
No one would fight him with kid gloves here.

And Urien is definitely not fighting with kid gloves on.
Those things are metal, with jagged edges and protruding rivets.

Robert lands on his feet, and almost instantly drops to one knee. His fists remain loosely clenched, his breathing shallow. And he relishes, for one moment, that he actually made his mark on the opponent.

That moment does not last. And the arena erupts into a pillar of electromagnetic fury. Robert has little to no chance to avoid getting swept up in the wave -- though he tries to leap. It has no effect -- and he's swept into the air. Waves of energy tear at his shirt, ripping it open at the buttons. The violent force proves to be too much for the sleeves and legs of his clothing, splitting them apart at the seams.

And yet -- Robert himself is made of sterner stuff. He's forced backwards -- almost to the edges of the arena. And still, for one moment, he bears down onto his knee, the lone point of opposition.

And then his eyes burn with the fire within. The relentless mountain of force gives way as his orange flames rise up, forging a pillar of his own to stand against the tide.

The Kyokugen Tiger stands up -- both fists clenched.
And the now bare-chested Kyokugen Tiger roars, even as the ceiling gives way, even as roof tiles begin to fall.

Robert Garcia hurls himself forward launching with a flying dragon kick. The first kick would slam into Urien's chin, knocking him back.

COMBATSYS: Robert can no longer fight.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Robert successfully hits Urien with #Metsu Ryuuko Ranbu EX#.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/-------|

And then a torrent of kicks would follow -- high kicks, low kicks, overhead kicks, undercutting kicks. A relentless barrage of kicks, all delivered with bonecrushing force from the burning Garcia.

But the barrage -would- end -- and he would roar forward, unleashing the accumulated wellspring of his chi into one powerful burst of chi, shaped into the form of a massive dragon's head, easily large enough to engulf Urien whole.

One would hope that Krauser was watching.
Because afterwards -- Robert would once again drop to a knee -- collapsed, and spent.

There's little ability for Urien to react, standing up amidst the broken area around him. His response to Robert's sudden rush is to open his arms, invoking the full force of his defensive might. That massive well of power erupts outwards, craggy and metal-like formations of physically manifested chi bulking out from all of his exposed skin, rivulets of lightning surging between them. He looks like some manner of monster then, as the first of the kicks strikes into him. He begins to say something, likely cheeky, when the heel strikes him in the chin with surprising force.

"...!!" A rain of blows falls upon him. Blowing away portions of his suit, and sending broken chips of metal flying like shrapnel, dissipating some seconds after. Slowly, gradually, he manages to shield his face, before the last kick slams into him wholesale, a great eruption flowing over him much like a dragon's furious breath.

When the billows of smoke fade away, he's skidded a good four meters, well outside the ring's remnants. Many large potholes are dented into his huge form, cracks beginning to split and link them together. Before with a sudden roar he snaps his fists down, and his imbued form is released.

The kinetic force and angry chi temporarily halted by his magnetism is dispersed violently, wild and dangerous blasts of metal and cracks of lightning impacting all around. A wise thing it was, to evacuate the surrounding area. Empty seats have pieces of bladed metal a good few inches around buried in, and people ducking heads in the further distance avoid any serious damage.

The last tatters of Urien's suit flutter away, leaving him only in a thong, once more bronze-skinned. His leg his sore, his lip is busted, mild difficulty breathing... But he won, even if it forced him to depower himself to avoid the crushing damage that Robert was going to inflict. He begins to step forward when the watch beeps repeatedly, a notifier indicating Urien is now the winner.

"Tch... I think we're done here." Twisting away, he strides off along the path, further upset that he has to leave the casino and properly reimburse them for the damage. No more ladies and gambling for him tonight...

At least, not at THIS establishment.

COMBATSYS: Urien has ended the fight here.

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