Angel - Golden Angel Round 3 Promotional Announcement

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Description: Angel explains the premise of the final round of Golden Angel!

As the time comes close for the third and final round of Golden Angel to begin an announcement goes out about a special broadcast that will be made to explain some unique rules that will come into play. This video is shown on all of the various monitors throughout the Golden Angel stadium itself as well as being heavily advertised on local television, social media, and streaming sites to ensure that it reaches the widest audience possible.

The video starts with some promotional shots of the Golden Angel stadium, the camera panning slowly across various images of its gaudy Vegas-like architecture, golden-paint and angelic iconography slathered liberally upon its pools, water slides, and gift shops. Dozens of attractive people fill these shots, mostly women showing off skimpy swimwear granted by the eponymous Golden Angel lotion, clearly enjoying themselves as they splash about in the salty water while a familiar female voice narrates from off-screen.

"Hey there, guys and gals! This is your co-host for the Golden Angel grand opening event, the lovable and totally not wanted by the authorities, Angel! As you can see, thus far things have been a huge success! Tons of people have found happiness and relaxation at our new Golden Angel water park. No longer do you have to wait for summer to have a little poolside fun or make a trip to the beach to see some hotties wearing practically nothing! Golden Angel is your ticket to heaven!"

The video footage shifts abruptly from the cheesecake promotional shots to brief clips of the various fighters who have participated thus far duking it out all across the park. Plenty of these warriors are quite attractive as well and even the most conservative swimsuits have been edited to look a little more appealing with some movie magic.

"But it isn't just the allure of cheap junk food and overpriced merchandise that has kept our audience riveted, oh no! The battles between the contestants in our epic showdown for the chance to win the grand prize have been heated and fierce! There's been drama! Action! Romance! Okay, probably not but atleast plenty of eye-candy, which is what you all came here for~!"

"However," she exclaims, the screen suddenly going dark as faint ominous music starts to play. Her voice drops to a lower tone giving it a air of gravitas. "The challenges that these rookies have faced thus far have been but a prelude to the true contest. They have clashed, skill against skill, to determine which of their mighty arts is superior. We have seen their punches and kicks, we have seen their bulging biceps and toned abs, we have seen their war-face! Now... we will see if that strength is only skin-deep!"

The video fades back into view bringing with it the Golden Angel park's central arena, though it is difficult to recognize it as such at first. Gone are the hot dog stands and open pools, replaced with a massive arena that looks almost like a hockey stadium. Towering Plexiglas walls create a giant circular arena surrounded by tiered bleachers. The interior of the ring looks like someone smashed American Gladiators and Ninja Warrior together and then dropped the resulting obstacle course into a half-foot of water. Dozens of barricades and obstructions lies scattered about throughout an area easily the size of a football field, if you kinda squished it together into a circle.

"Behold, the Gateway to Heaven! Now before you ask, worry not! All shall be explained! You see, while we've thus far been pretty happy with how things have turned out, there's just been this lack of something... a spark... to really make our event memorable. And so for this final event, we've decided to turn up the stakes to see just how far our competitors will /really/ go for some fame and the grand prize!"

The camera's angle shifts to a much closer view of the new arena. Angel finally steps into view, clad in the scandalous black micro-bikini she'd worn during the first Golden Angel party. She grins at the audience, giving them a quick show of her famous devil horns with one hand, the other occupied by what appears to be a large toy squirt gun. She hefts the weapon up, resting it across her chest so that it is clearly visible.

"Alright so here's how this is going to work! Each contestant will be issued a weapon like this one here, having their pick from pistols, rifles, or a big ol cannon. Speed, Balance, or Power, it's all up to them! And with these weapons they shall engage in a battle of wits and willpower amidst our field of battle!"

She makes a sweeping at the arena behind her and the camera swings sideways for a moment to capture the view from a lower angle, showing off the various bits of cover that could be used before snapping back to the buxom Mexican.

"But Angel, I hear you say, how will we know which one of these fighters is the winner? Are you going to use something boring and lame like scoring points? Will there be judges? It is an honor system? Bzzzzzt! Wrong, wrong, and wrong!"

Angel reaches out and nudges the camera sideways and it pans out as another beautiful woman steps into view some dozen feet away. Like Angel, she is wearing a slinky outfit that does little to hide her curvy charms and she poses in an exaggerated fashion like she's being photographed for some cheesy swimsuit calendar. The co-host hefts her water gun and points at the woman, unleashing a quick couple of blasts which strike the woman dead in the chest. She peers down at herself, feigning confusion for a few moments as the liquid drips down her body but her expression shifts to one of mock surprise as her swimsuit top starts to melt. The camera shakes comically and zooms in on this but the actress covers herself and turns away at the last moment before anything too racy gets revealed.

"That's right, kids," Angel says enthusiastically, her fingers covering half the camera feed for a moment as she grabs the lens and pulls it back towards her, leaning in close to give a devilish grin to the viewers. "These puppies are loaded with fresh water. Not just that, all of the water in this arena is fresh! Or, well, sort of a diluted mixture so things won't escalate too quickly but you get the drift!"

Angel steps back and hefts the water gun onto her shoulder allowing the camera to frame her against the backdrop of a giant Goldie statue, the bikini-clad hippo pouring water from a stone vase that splashes noisily into the ankle-deep pool that fills the entire arena.

"There will be no needs for points or judges! The first person to chicken out or have their entire swimsuit destroyed loses! This will be a battle of willpower! Determination! Shamelessness!! So come on down and let's see which one of our contestants is willing to bare it all for a chance at the grand prize!"

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