Maxima - Things To Do When Bored in Tennessee

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Description: Destroy part of Gatlinburg: Check. Potemkin decides to try to collect on Maxima's bounty. Big lad battle ensues.

Being on the lamb is nothing new for the giant man simply known as Maxima. The day he left NESTS with his friend K' was the beginning of a large game of cat and mouse with the organization. It meant never staying in the same place for a long period of time and often resorting to crime to keep funds from running out. In this case it seems an ATM has decided to liberate all the money it contains to the cyborg.

It isn't something he likes to do, but holding down a job in his situation isn't exactly something that is feasible. That and he is sure the bank won't be hurting too bad with the cash he took. "Getting smarter, but not smart enough." He muses to himself. The security on the ATM has made it harder to hack into, but still nothing too hard for the cyborg with top of the line technology at his disposal. Even the cameras were adjusted to run a loop of previous footage to make it look like no one ever approached the ATM. He stuffs the money into a pocket as he looks about to make sure no one is still around and he starts to wander off.

Operating at odd hours is going to be something he has to do pretty much on a permanent basis at this point. Being chased by NESTS is one thing, but now some crazy assholes decided to put a public bounty on him. He has already dealt with a few groups that fancied themselves bounty hunters. He taught them a lesson as to why they should look another line of work. The problem is it isn't always going to be easy. Skilled hunters will eventually come for him and K' eventually. Of course Maxima didn't realize eventually would be coming so soon.

Indeed. He is being watched. Defeating bounty hunters can have repercussions. Word spreads. Leads are left and additional trackers are soon put on the trail as the roof of a nearby parking garage serves as a convenient roost for one such individual. He blends in nicely with the vechicles parked there. Being big enough to bearhug the cab of a semi truck helps with that.

"Target sighted. Commencing operation. Potemkin out." The behemoth rumbles into the Zeppian tech comm device stored on his battle gauntlets. He then lowers it and continues to watch Maxima as the man moves away from the ATM, waiting until he nears an empty intersection at which point he leaps. Hurtling for the area just in front of Maxima.

For Potemkin, who can be air dropped from altitudes reserved for military flights, a self imposed fall from the top of a four story parking garage to the distance of an intersection is as of nothing and he plummets like a hurtled meteor to impact with a loud *KATOOOM* that shakes the entire city block and craters the streets, pluming dust up in the air around him in a mushroom cloud like dispersal. He wastes little time, emerging titanically from the dispersing debris cloud to loom over Maxima even at the current distance while intoning: "Halt!"

The silence was nice while it lasted and if Maxima perhaps were a normal man the impact of Potemkin hitting the ground below would have knocked him off his feat. Yet the cyborg just stops in his walk as Potemkin lands and creates a mini earthquake and getting debris all over Maxima's clothing. "Tch..." He had just gotten his stuff washed too.

It is also rare for Maxima to be looking up at someone. He is near seven foot himself, but even now he is dwarfed by the man standing in front of him. Already the cyborg is scanning the subject. He doesn't need his advanced analysis to know this guy is going to be more than a capable fighter as opposed to the wannabes that he has dealt with previously. Blows will be traded. There is no denying that, but where he should look to plant his fists? That is what he is scanning for. Even the biggest of foes have weak points.

"Either the police are using tanks or you are here for other reasons." Maxima says while just smirking slightly. If he is intimidated he doesn't show it. "Care to step out of the way so I can get moving? I am pretty sure you just woke up the entire city and I rather not be here when the cops show up."

"That will not be a concern." Potemkin's voice is so deep it is nearly unintelligible as it rumbles forth from his highway lane wide chest, "The authorities have already been notified on the nature of this operation. We will not be disturbed."

Maxima's scans reveal...oddities. First off this is no cyborg. This is a man. The immensity present is true flesh and blood and a physical power that burns with so much strength and burning chi that's actually being regulated by the uniform which is functioning as some sort of Chi-Tek based pressure suit to allow the soldier to control his own immense might. Monofilaments and cooling systems are woven throughout it enable him to better channel his chi and to keep each blow he unleashes from being out of control in its destructive force. Even with the suit, any sort of determination reveals the giant can exert tons of pressure with his finger tips alone This is some sort of monster, in contrast to his soldierly and confident tone. Certainly, though, considering the basic human construction of his body and the necessity of the technology to let him fight at full capacity-weaknesses can be determind.

"Class B Bounty Maxima. You will come with me for detainment and questioning. This is not a request. I will restrain you by force if necessary."

They never make it easy. It always has to resort to blows and in this case Maxima will actually have to be careful. The size already gave away that Potemkin was not just a run of the mill yahoo that bought a gun and thought they could get rich. The plus side is this guy isn't NESTS so he isn't having to worry about being dragged back there. Not a great plus side because it probably just means Potemkin wants to drag him a place Maxima equally rather not go to.

"If you insist." The cyborg says with a sigh. He starts to remove his jacket which wasn't really doing a good job of hiding the armored body beneath it. There is a hiss as steam is emitted from him activating his battle systems and idly cricks his neck. "Not sure who you are, but I am going to have to politely decline." He apparently didn't hear the part where it wasn't a request.

It also looks like he will have to be restrained because he quickly moves forward towards the big man instead of running away and he extends a hand outwards to slam it into the stomach of Potemkin and use his momentum to slam the bigger man into a nearby building as his gauntlet releases a blast of energy for extra measure. "Hope you are as tough as you look. Otherwise I am going to feel real sorry for this."

COMBATSYS: Maxima brings his battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Potemkin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Potemkin

COMBATSYS: Potemkin endures Maxima's Maxima Press.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Maxima           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0         Potemkin

The truth is that Potemkin doesn't fancy himself a mere bounty hunter but getting in on these bounties is a way for Zepp to add its influence and aid to the current state of affairs and with a nominal mutual interest in the same things as NOL at the is what It is. Needless to say, there are other things he'd rather be doing right now - but that doesn't mean he's not a fighter or a soldier and as Maxima gears up for an attack, Potemkin tightens his gigantic physique and braces his form. He takes the punch straight to the gut, a resounding *BOOM* rippling out with the force of the attack pushing him up off his feet and sending him backwards to land upright but keep sliding until he hits a nearby wall. He imbeds into it and sits there for a second, glowing eyes shut, as if Maxima knocked him right out.

Then he moves, lifting himself up from the rubble and beginning a slow earth shaking plod forward, "Impressive. I wasn't sure how hard you could hit, but I see now that I have no need to worry about holding back.."

With that he suddenly leaps, closing the distance in an instant and then descending down towards Maxima with both of his massive fists blurring forward and then down in a monstrous hammer strike big enough to smash a row of cars beneath it.

COMBATSYS: Potemkin successfully hits Maxima with Mega Fist Shift.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Maxima           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0         Potemkin

It couldn't be that easy. Maxima knows all too well despite being a forceful blow it wouldn't be enough to down a man like Potemkin. That is why the cyborg is already stepping away from the rubble and readying himself for whatever the bigger man has planned. "Could have at least waited until I was out of the city. Taxpayers aren't going to like this." He muses and watches Potemkin finally get up.

He quiets down as he watches the movements of Potemkin. Already possible scenarios are being played out in his mind as he figures the best way to stop those giant fists coming down at him. He raises his arms to soften the blow, but it isn't enough. This time it is Maxima's turn to create some property damage. In this case he is slammed into the already damaged street and further making it worse as another cloud of dust and debris kicks up.

He doesn't stay down long. "Heh, you aren't too bad yourself." Maxima drags himself back to his feet and dusts himself off a bit before grinning at Potemkin. "Gonna take more than brute strength to take care of me." he says and he steps inwards again, his big meaty right hand looking to slam into Potemkin's chest as he looks to release another blast of energy soon after his fist impacts. "Hope you're up for the challenge."

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Potemkin with M4 Model Vapour Cannon.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Maxima           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0         Potemkin

"For a wanted man with a bounty, you seem strangely concerned with the citizenry. For the law enforcement and now the citizens." observes Potemkin as he leans right forward into the blast. It erupts into his torso, rippling a shockwave through his granite crushing physique to blast out behind him, tearing up concrete and shaking the earth. He, himself doesn't move, instead holding his ground and suddenly lunging forward to press Maxima backwards and then reaching out with a gauntleted hand.

The red armor on the gauntlet opens up, releasing a cooling reactor and several cartridges as his vast palm seeks to wrap around Maxima and lift him upwards. Energy rushes through the gauntlets unleashing a devastating explosion to accompany Potemkin's crushing grasp. The force of which should launch Maxima even further into the sky and then back down again like a miniature comet should Potemkin maintain his grip long enough to unleash the blast.

COMBATSYS: Maxima Toughs Out Potemkin's Heat Knuckle Extended!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Maxima           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0         Potemkin

"Never judge a book by its cover. Or wanted poster in this case." He knows why NESTS would want him, but this other group? He isn't fully sure what it is all about. He hadn't even taken the time to see what sort of crimes were pinned on him. Not like knowing is going to help anything. Most people see dollar signs in their eyes and nothing more. "You seem like good guy and all. Just can't let yo-GRK!"

Maxima doesn't fully finish. His timing just seems to be off and if he manages to get out of this mess he might just have to do some repairs to make sure everything is running at an optimal level. It isn't hard to lift Maxima when you are a man with Potemkin's strength, but the big man might realize Maxima is much heavier than any normal man should be and it feels less like flesh and bone he is tossing about. And in the strong grip of Potemkin there is little Maxima can do other than just take the punishment before he is blasted upwards and away.

He manages to recover as he falls and twists his large body about to land heavily on the damaged street in a crouch before launching himself forward. He quickly hurtles himself forward and goes to deliver another punch. This one just a straight up right cross without any aid of his energy blasts. "Hope the money is being put to good use if you capture me.....key word being if."

COMBATSYS: Potemkin just-defends Maxima's Fierce Punch!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Maxima           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         Potemkin

The punch would certainly be strong enough to end another fighter, smash a car apart, tear down a wall and crater the ground. Potemkin just..stands there. It slams up into his helmet with a resounding *CLANG* that causes his head to turn and the sequoia like monster neck muscles to tense. But he otherwise just sort of looms there without moving an inch in a startling display of strength and fortitude before slowly turning his head to look back down at Maxima.

"You strike me as honorable but I have my orders and will not question them."

His huge fist balls up, creaking sinew audible with the sound of the armor crinkling up, "Now let me show you my resolve!"

With that he lunges forward, both of his fists plummeting outward in a double punch straight ahead strike that he leans his vast body into it. A thunderous shockwave rippling out from both giants that craters the ground and shatters nearby windows.

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Hammerblow from Potemkin with M19 Model Blitz Cannon EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Maxima           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1         Potemkin

"Honorable? I'll take that compliment." He just robbed an ATM so he can keep funding his travels so he can't really say he is too honorable, but he does consider him a good man when all is said and done. It is just certain measures must be taken and he can only hope he can make up for the thefts and other acts he does to keep himself free while trying to take down NESTS.

He steps forward as Potemkin comes at him. Those big fists coming forward as Maxima crashes through them with his forward momentum. His own shoulder being thrown forward so he can slam it into Potemkin and launch both himself and the big man into the air long enough for Maxima to deliver yet another powerful fist right to Potemkin's torso, the released blast of energy only helping accellerate Potemkin's meeting with the ground.

Maxima lands on his feat with a heavy thud and his gauntlet hisses as it cools itself off. He has been relying on the vapour cannons a bit much this fight and he rather not have them overheat at a bad time. "Are we done? I got places to be."


Potemkin slams back down, nearly three thousand pounds of muscle impacting the ground with the force of a thrown semi truck cab. A crater circles out around him and the ground shakes for blocks, setting off some alarms in buildings and cars from the sudden earthquake. His body smoulders and his eyes are squinted shut. Potemkin is angry. At himself, not Maxima. It seems he still has much to learn about underestimating others.

But then Maxima's casual words strike him and his glowing eyes snap open, narrowed in a boiling wrath that begins to strain his coolant systems to their limit. He lumbers to his feet, slowly rising up and up up and then suddenly clenches both of his fists infront of them..and then spreads his arms to the side in a monstrous flex. His suit strains to contain him and then begins to actually breach in spots as his immense physique swells, contorting his armor around it as if he were wearing a skinsuit.

"Not hardly. Perhaps -you- are underestinatimg -me-, cyborg?"

He thunders in, leaping forward and then bringing his huge palm hurtling downward at Maxima in an attempt to literally smash him into the ground with it while at the same time unleashing a discharge of chi once again.

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Fierce Impact from Potemkin with M4 Remodel Missile Cannon EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           1/---====/=======|=======\=====--\1         Potemkin

It is a bit of brashness on Maxima's part even if a bit unintentional. It is more he hasn't been holding back and it seems Potemkin isn't really a bad guy so he rather not rough him up too much. "I don't underestimate." he says calmly in reply. "My battle systems make it hard to do just that. I know you are strong. Perhaps even on the same level as me. But...there are always other factors that sometimes make it hard to pin down how things will always go." His body is state of the art, but some things are just hard to calculate and he has go give room for error.

"But if you insist on continuing then so be it." He makes no attempt to move out of the way. In fact he just waits to when Potemkin is coming downwards to make his move. He tilts a bit to the left as he punches upwards hoping Potemkin's momentum carries him right into the awaiting energy blast. The big man's fist do find their mark as they slam down hard on the shoulder neck of Maxima and drive him downwards to his knee and making the ground around him crater even more. Once again he has to rely on his vapour cannon, but at the same time breaking out the big guns in the middle of town is perhaps something more as a last resort. It all just depends on how tenacious Potemkin is and if Maxima has to use his other bits of arsenal to escape.

"I apologize." Potemkin's voice actually does sound remorseful for a moment, "It is my own inadequacy that have led to this. I would normally avoid this but I fear I've little choice. Limiter RELEASE!"

Potemkin's physique, already pushed to its limits, suddenly becomes a full on mountain of sinew and brute strength. A shockwave rippling through it to shred the armor around one of his arms to reveal the mocha hued skin beneath and a bicep bulging to the size of a tractor wheel. The ground shakes violently as he holds against Maxima's attack, not being pushed back but instead pushing back against it to send his gigantic arm hurtling around in a violent upper cut intending on sending Maxima hurtling into the sky. A thunderous *BOOOOM* resonates across the entire cityscape at the impact.

"MAGNUM OPERA!" Potemkin roars, rearing his whole body back and targeting Maxima's descent to then send his fist hurtling forward to plow for him with unrestrained strength. A show of what the giant's standard punches can do, uninhibited, and with the resolve and energy to do so. The air itself buckling with a shockwave that ripples out away from the giant shredding through the ground and nearby buildings in a force wave should the punch find its mark or not.

COMBATSYS: Maxima endures Potemkin's Magnum Opera.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0         Potemkin


Limiter release? Maxima admits he doesn't like the sound of that and even a few warnings are going off as Potemkin comes in for the strike. There are safter options, but sometimes playing safe isn't always the best ideas. At the same time if anyone else probably stood there ready to take the hit they would probably be considered a madman.

Heavy fist meets metal and Maxima is lifted off the ground and sent skyward only for him to get a second punch slammed into him and sending him rocketting down the street at high speed where he crashes into the side of a parked van and explodes out the other side to careen into a building that finally stops his momentum. The side of the building crumble and the cyborg lays there for a moment wondering if perhaps the option he took wasn't the best one.

He lets himself rest there waiting for the approach of Potemkin. So the vapour cannon was useful, but still hasn't taken the brute down. Only one other thing to try. Well two other things that he could try, but he decides against breaking out the missiles in the middle of a city.

Once he feels Potemkin is close enough he explodes out of the rubble and looks to catch the bigger man off guard as he looks to slam both fists into Potemkin and then try to get a firm grip. If he can then that is when the party begins.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Potemkin with MX-III CIWS Launcher.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           0/-------/---<<<<|=------\-------\0         Potemkin

"Apologies in advance." Maxima says before he hefts up Potemkin and swings him about and sends him into the air. His systems use the trajectory in trying to see where the blast will make the big man land so to cause minimal damage. Or just further damage to an area the two have already torn up. That is when his chest opens up and a blue glow forms. A glow that turns into a large laser blast that erupts from his chest to slam into Potemkin and send the big man hurtling away.

"Heh, tough one." The cyborg muses to himself as his chest closes back up and he finally gets a moment to sort of regroup. He just hasn't realized how short of a breather he is actually going to get.

A flash of brilliant blue followed by enveloping fire and smoke billow up around Potemkin as he blasts backwards and impacts against the ground with the blast of energy rippling around his battered form. Anything he has to say is obscured by the sound of the roaring explosion and the shaking of the ground and for a moment all is indeed obscured. That is until the colossus emerges out of the dust cloud, seemingly looking none the worse for the attack then he was before it landed. A moment of invulnerability presenting itself as the surge of power from his limiter restraints being tuned down have further bulked and reinforced his body beyond the point of being harmed.

At least that's how it looks. As intimidating as it might be - to some - for him to no sell such an assault, the truth is that he cannot sustain this. He wears his suit for a reason and he risks exhausting himself in a continual fight not to mention savage mass destruction. In short it's going to catch up to him so he knows he has to finish this quick. If he can that is: "Impressive."

He rumbles, "I didn't think anyone could take my Magnum Opera and simply get back up." He continues approaching, pointing a meaty hand at Maxima, "I will have to simply hit you harder."

He doesn't give any time for the implication that even his last attack is not his full strength and instead suddenly lunges forward, clearing the distance between him and Maxima with a sudden leap and then a sliding landing that grinds his huge body across the pavement as his massive fists arc back. He then lunges them forward, on either side of Maxima, in an attempt to literally crush the cyborg between fists big enough to crush cars, each while his gauntlets again fire off a burst of energy, with a discharge of shells.

COMBATSYS: Maxima blocks Potemkin's Hammer Fall.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Maxima           0/-------/--<<<<<|==-----\-------\0         Potemkin

It takes a lot to surprise Maxima and this is one of those moments. Much how Potemkin is impressed Maxima survived that attack the cyborg is likewise in disbelief that Potemkin is still standing. Not only standing, but having the energy to keep going. "Troublesome. I have to say you get an A+ when it comes to tenacity." And that part of being punched harder? No, Maxima doesn't like the sound of it.

He takes a step back and steadies himself when Potemkin comes in with both arms swinging to crush Maxima in between them. He raises his own arms to absorb the blow and he gives a rather big grunt as he has to use all his strength to keep from being squished. One good heave he manages to slip free before those two big arms slam together. "The question is. How long can you keep going?"

Maxima has sustained quite a bit of damage, but he has the bonus of not being fully human so he doesn't tire as easily. Even now he takes time to reroute energy to his self repair systems as he backs away. If he has to he will just try to outlast the bigger man.

COMBATSYS: Maxima gains composure.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Maxima           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0         Potemkin

The truth is that this has been going on for longer then Potemkin intended. Not just for his own sake but for the property damage. While much was accounted for in the pre planning, Maxima has proven more resilient then the giant soldier had been briefed on and furthermore this self repair protocol is another surprise as well. He's not happy.

"It would seem they forgot to brief me on a few things.." he rumbles while taking a knee as if preparing to take aim like a sniper.

"If you're going to retreat, you had better retreat." He warns, "Regardless of how long I can or can't last, you're not going to like the condition I'm going to leave you in and you're not considering backup on my end."

He braces one huge arm with another, fist pointing at Maxima and then he suddenly..flicks his finger. A loud sonic boom peels through the area. A burst of air and a shockwave ripples out as a concentrated bullet of force rockets out from the giant just from the force of that finger flicks, rippling violently at Maxima.

COMBATSYS: Potemkin successfully hits Maxima with F.D.B..

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Maxima           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0         Potemkin

"Tch, well retreating would be nice, but you will keep chasing so we are at a bit of a standstill."

Even taking time to help repair himself is only helping a little. Maxima knows damn well he has to put this guy down for good one way or the other. Getting his clock cleaned and getting captured is not something he wants. That and K' would never let him hear the end of it once Maxima was released or manages to escape. "There is probably a lot of information missing there. Not like I go make house calls and let everyone know what I can do."

He has already showed more than what he would have liked in the way of his fighting capabilities. Not only that Potemkin is about to experience another one. Wait, what is with the flicking?

Maxima soon finds out as the sheer force of the flick actually bowls the cyborg over and he has to catch himself in a backwards roll. "Okay....then. That is different." He says with a smirk even as flames seem to start surrounding Maxima as he launches himself forward looking to crash right into Potemkin at high speed to try and knock him to the ground before leaping skywards and looking to just land on the bigger man with all his weight. Well there is another crater more than likely.

COMBATSYS: Potemkin fails to interrupt Bunker Buster from Maxima with Trishula.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0         Potemkin

well that didn't time well. Or wasn't a good mix of different energies.

As Maxima crashes into him and then comes hurtling down, emblazoned with energy, Potemkin releases his coolant systems and slams his massive fist into the ground. A huge multi colored column of flame and chi bursts up around the giant as he flexes and presses down with enough strength to shake the city block. But Maxima is to fast the column of fury feedbacks along with the force of Maxima's impact. Potemkin goes down, flattening into the earth as the energy column disperses and ripples out in every direction save the one it was intended for.

"My suit has been compromised.." he grunts, sounding furious as well as anxious. "Blast!"

Maxima realizes things could have gone very bad there, but luck seemed to be on his side as he narrowly avoided being caught in something that would have not felt good to say the least. So he is sitting there on top of Potemkin when he hears the mention of the big man's suit being compromised. "Oh? Is that mean you are giving up?"

He has a feeling he knows the answer. That is why he doesn't even think twice about doing what he does next and that is to just grip Potemkin while getting to his feet and to pull the bigger man up to his feet. "Nevermind. I think I will just to make sure you leave me be." He comments.

All he does is to pick Potemkin up and chuck him away. It isn't exactly the most forceful of throws, but Maxima has been expending a large amount of energy and he is more looking to make sure Potemkin isn't going to be able to give chase when Maxima tries to leave.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Potemkin with Quick Throw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Maxima           0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1         Potemkin

A Cyborg with this power, being able to lift Potemkin isn't the question per se - but a successful grapple is another matter. At least it would be under normal circumstances. Right now Potemkin struggles with his own injuries catching up with him and his pressure suit sustaining damage as well. As such he's no longer fighting at full capacity and when Maxima grips him and tries to lift, he fails to brace himself - at least somewhat.

"Did you hear me say I was giving up?" he questions as he attempts to reverse Maxima's grip into a throw of his own. The sudden shift of their immense weight actually pushing them off the ground and sending them into a tumbling ball of massiveness that spirals up and then back down earthwards. When Potemkin releases his own grip, he impacts solidly, rebounds and then slams into the side of a pickup truck, flattening it under his ton and a half immensity. As for Maxima---

COMBATSYS: Potemkin can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Potemkin Buster from Potemkin with M9 Model Maxima Missile.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           0/-------/---====|

Maybe he should have just punched the big lug. Instead Maxima finds himself rolling about with Potemkin on the ground. This is not how he really envisioned his night going. He really would just like some peace and maybe some bourbon. He can maybe look at breaking into a liquor store after this at least for the latter. "You don't really give up."

He realizes they are in the air once more when the two break from the grapple and he sees where Potemkin is landing. That is just why Maxima turns about for extra measure and comes soaring downwards with fist extended to slam into Potemkin to make sure the big man is down. After seeing him shake off the effects of a powerful laser Maxima really isn't taking chances.

His energy is pretty spent and he is in need of some time to recharge as well as work on some minor repairs. Before he gets up he checks Potemkin's pulse and nods. Good, still breathing. He didn't think he did anything that would kill the guy, but best to check and make sure he is okay. Other than being sore as hell when he wakes up Maxima feels this big guy isn't going to be too bad off.

"Nice try, but I don't have time to be captured. Too much left for me to do." Maxima says while getting to his feet. "Shit, the jacket...." Before he leaves town Maxima backtracks to find where he put the jacket containing all the money and finds it thankfully not utterly destroyed. He lets out a sigh of relief as he slips the jacket back on and disappears off into the night. Time to get out of town and find a place in the wilderness to rest for the night. Hopefully a place with no more bounty hunters.

COMBATSYS: Maxima takes his battle systems offline.

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