World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifiers - Urien vs Valkenhayn

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Description: Tracking down the scent of cheap bronzer all the way to a resort in Greece, Valkenhayn faces off against a decadent, leisurely man who hides a secret power. The Lycanthrope ends up trapped between a rock and Urien's well-oiled thighs.

World Warrior, to Urien, is little more then a triviality. Signing up for it was primarily to give a middle finger towards Gill, for the gall of him recieving an invitation and not his mighty younger brother. Without that, it's liable he would have taken little interest in the conflict... which might be why he's presently settled in a resort, resting adjacent to a grand pool with a few scantly clad females doting on him with peeled grapes and cooed words. The watch is upon his wrist ignored, clad in a leopard-print speedo with white robe wrapped about him, reclining on a full-length lounge chair. "Hahaha... what a pointless contest." he purrs out to the nearest redhead. "Only insecure fools need to prove their strength!! I only joined because this tournament would be a sham if I didn't sign up!!"

After the devastating battle against Duke within Strolheim itself, the strange Spaniard who seemed to handle Krauser's day-to-day business took Valkenhayn aside and - realizing the Lycanthrope was also a servant, of sorts - requested a bit of professional courtesy.

In the form of asking him to kindly take any further fights /outside/ of the castle itself, where Blood wouldn't be forced to deal with organizing the necessary repairs to the property.

A savage monster he might be, but Valkenhayn was polite enough to acknowledge this request... so, he has been on the prowl for those who took their watches and spread back out across the globe. This brings him to Greece of all places; a resort, which caused the werewolf to do a double-take upon catching sight of the luxury on display.

Could a World Warrior truly take refuge in such a place?

Even before he's within what could be considered 'hearing distance' of the robe-clad Grecian, Valkenhayn's hyper-sensitive ears allow him to catch his comment. It's enough to bring a scowl of disgust to the man's face, as he strides up alongside the pool.

Given the relative state of undress on display, his attire seems entirely out-of-place; long-sleeved white dress shirt, brown and yellow vest with golden chains along the front, pleated black trousers and polished 'Oxford'-style shoes... is he, perhaps, the help?

"Only prey hides in their nest..."

Those words, growled out through clenched fangs, ought to dispel any thought that the man approaching were a mere servant... and if Urien glances at his watch, he'll likely be informed of the promixity of a fellow contestant. The well-dressed man with the brown ponytail stops several yards away, regarding Urien's relaxed form with no small amount of disdain evident on his face.

"While the predator is on the hunt."

Sneering across the distance at the individual surrounded by women, Valkenhayn scoffs loudly after a small pause. Folding his thick arms over his chest, he raises his head to look down his nose at Urien - obviously viewing him as beneath his attention.

"I've come to prove myself... I wonder now, if I haven't wasted my time. What could possibly be proven against a decadent fool such as yourself?"

There's a glance done towards Valkenhayn when he arrives; as someone waited on for the majority of his adult life, Urien fully recognizes a well-trained butler. "...?" Of course, the pointed teeth seem to do a good job of clueing him in to the fact this isn't quite so mundane as an uppity help insulting a client. Of course, attacking Urien right now would risk injuring those supple ladies adjacent, who are peering towards Valkenhayn with wide eyes. "Prey... Did you just call me prey?!" His eyes narrow, although the well of energy within him is much below the werewolf himself. A moment later he brings up his watch, tapping at it. "...ah? Valkenhayn? Never heard of you in my life... Pffthaha!! Rank #24?! You're not even worth my time!!" He leans back, almost preening himself. "You're making a mistake. I'm only #20 because I don't give a shit. Go fight someone weak if you want to jump through Krauser's hoops. I'm busy right now...!!"

It is no surprise that Urien had never heard of Valkenhayn... he was hardly a professional fighter, after all, and his greatest deeds have been lost to the sands of time.

That does not make him any less dangerous, however. One could even argue that the mystery surrounding the well-dressed werewolf makes him a more formidable foe than one whose fighting style has been documented in countless public battles.

"...Yes, you seem busy, indeed."

His arms still folded across his chest, the fingers of one gloved hand drum across his bicep; he seems to be spending some time considering if this man, hardly impressive in any regard, is in fact worth his time.

Yet, he'd come all the way to Greece to fight this man... and to turn back now would hardly reflect well upon him; to say nothing of the time wasted traveling here.

No, he must teach the man some humility. The blue in his eyes slowly begins to shift, a red tint swirling into the irises as he stares daggers at the relaxing Urien.

"Get up."

Valkenhayn's voice rumbles out from deep in his throat, twisted by barely-restrained anger and disgust for the man's attitude... as well as those rapidly growing fangs in the mouth of his human form.

"You /coward/."

A quick, sharp glance is shot around Urien to the women fawning over him before the Lycanthrope finishes his thought with gruff, angry words.

"And send your whores away, if you value their lives."

Urien knows nothing about even the likes of Ryu; outside names being notorious, he has spent no time watching them or developing countermeasures. Utterly self-assured at his own personal strength, even though he has openly realized the flaws of such a mindset in his conflict with Blood. "I'd rather enjoy these woman than fight someone as weak as you..." He draws his tongue up an adjacent cheek, causing her to get quite the look of revulsion.

That changes immediately once Valkenhayn's provocations become more direct. "...I see... you really care about this stupid tournament that much, eh?" He then presses up to his feet, although the females remain bunched up, unsure what to do beyond an apparent fear of displeasing the powerfully built Greek. "Fine... I'll give you your wish!!" He whips out both of his arms, flinging the gathered females away roughly to tumble with shrieks some meters off...

A moment later, the gem within the middle of his forehead shines brightly. A moment later, a great torrent of energy bursts forth from within him, as earth and air chi collide unnaturally, generating a storm of power that flares his physical abilities far, far higher. His skin visibly shimmers, becoming much harder, as his weight begins to double again, and again, and again. He bears little resemblance to the comparatively weak fighter he was prior... if nothing else, Valkenhayn's senses would see why his raw power make him worthy of World Warrior...

"Come on then. Buttle me, weakling!! I'll even give you the first shot!!" An aura of dense purple-black energy whirls around him, sending his robe dancing wildly as both his heels sink with a crack into the stone foundations surrounding the pool...!

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Valkenhayn       0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Urien has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Urien            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0       Valkenhayn

A small, rough chuckle actually escapes Valkenhayn's lips as he watches the scantily clad women go flying off as a result of Urien's sudden movement. Aside from that, however, he seems singularly unimpressed by the man's sudden showboating - standing in place with folded arms as now-crimson eyes stare at the man.

"I care only about the hunt..." growls the werewolf in response to Urien's statements about the tournament. Unfolding his arms and letting them hang at his sides, fingers curl into his palms in preparation for battle.

After a moment's pause, he realizes the /real/ reason he was sent to this realm with Madam Rachel's invitation.

"...and representing my Master."

To the more youthful, more impetuous and less respectful Valkenhayn, it is a distant second - almost an after-thought - to the thrill of being able to tear into worthy opponents again. It has truly been too long since he was allowed to indulge his savage inner nature - he has felt more alive this past week than he has since first taking up Lord Clavis' offer of service.

The sudden burst of energy from Urien - flaring up in concert with the glowing gem on his forehead - causes Valkenhayn to raise an eyebrow... he had been wondering how such a decadent, lazy individual had earned the right to join such a prestigious tournament.

Feeling the sheer, overwhelming power radiating from the Greek man's form, he now understands the reason this man is amongst the list of competitors.

As Urien's robe is tossed off of him, the Lycanthrope lets out another chuckle at the man's ridiculous leopard-print swimsuit. And yet, the strength this man seems to wield with casual ease is no laughing matter - and so the humour is short-lived... particularly as his feet crack the hard stone of the poolside surface.

In response, Valkenhayn holds both his arms to either side - a flare of purple chi covering his own frame for a split-second, blinding with it's brightness.


His response is seethed through a clenched jaw and grinding fangs, blood-red eyes sizing up the opponent as though he were a piece of meat to be feasted upon.

Rushing forward with great speed, the werewolf covers the few yards between him and Urien in short time. That purple chi seems to congregrate around one arm, wreating the entire limb as he lunges forward with a bone-shaking uppercut to test the endurance of his foe.

COMBATSYS: Urien just-defends Valkenhayn's Nacht Rozen!!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Urien            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0       Valkenhayn

"Hah. I could tell you're nothing more than a servant...! And I'm an emperor who everyone lives to serve!!" Urien certainly seems to have gotten arrogant after his transformation, although the feel of his aura is certainly significant. If he had the technique and skill to go along with it, he might have a legitimate claim for being amongst the strongest alive. It might give Valkenhayn a false impression of him -- merely rating him by his strength and durability, he's assuredly in the uppermost echelons of those who have ever lived...!

"Give me your best shot...!!"

He had intended to merely ignore Valkenhayn's blow. But the sudden burst of motion, the strength within that clenched fist, causes him to twist backwards. His forearm swerves in the way, and the impact hits him dead in the palm. There's a great burst of force cracking the stone wall behind, sending him skidding backwards to the full extension of Valkenhayn's punch, but ultimately the invigorated power of the wolfenhayn was insufficient to plough through Urien's own, both limbs shaking as they struggle in nearly a deadlock.

"...! Tch...!" He then slides forward, rearing backwards and then launching into an overhead swing, intent on belting the werewolf on the shoulder to slam him down into the ground with a somewhat simplistic blow. "If that's the hardest you can punch... your fists won't ever reach me, old man!!"

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn blocks Urien's Aggressive Strike.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Urien            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0       Valkenhayn

As his fist slams into the strange man's palm, Valkenhayn lets out a small grunt of frustration; despite this individual's arrogance and decadent lifestyle, he seems to be able to back his boasts up - certainly not lacking strength or endurance in that heavily-tanned body.

It seems as though adjustments must be made, going forward.

Urien raises his arms high and thunders down with a massive overhead swing - a blow that would surely be devastating if it were to land. Raising one forearm into the blow's path to block the attack, the Lycanthrope is nevertheless forced to one knee by the limb-shaking impact that travels through his body.

Another low growl leaves his snarling jaws, as crimson eyes burn up at the face of his opponent... the rumbling sound takes on a more savage quality suddenly, as Valkenhayn explodes upwards in a fresh assault.

Moving swiftly out of his kneeling position, the lanky human form of the butler takes on a different appearance... in the split-second which it takes for him to rise up, the man is replaced with a large, hulking wolf - chestnut brown fur bristling in anger, as it rockets upwards.

Opening those jaws wide - fangs slick with spittle - the Lycanthrope snaps out towards the iron-like skin covering Urien's throat... should he find purchase upon the man's windpipe, the wolf will thrash it's muscular body back and forth to try and draw some blood from it's opponent.

COMBATSYS: Urien blocks Valkenhayn's Rigoros Reiben.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Urien            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0       Valkenhayn

There's a mild look of surprise from Urien when his crushing assault fails to find purchase. He's bearing down his weight, but despite those dense muscles and superior vantage point, Valkenhayn's well-honed technique keeps him at bay. Urien isn't untrained; he flows efficiently and with purpose, but there's no edge to it. Someone who absorbed masterful teaching, but then allowed it to stagnate into the being he is now.

"...insect...!" he growls out, before earnest shock when he whirls into a furred wolf. Slipping backwards, both hands shoot up to capture Valkenhayn by the top and bottom of his muzzle, teeth just shy of clamping down on his throat. With a roar he then shoves the wolf backwards, before kicking off the ground to launch himself forward. His upper body rears backwards, a moment later flowing into a brutal headbutt, aiming to slam his nigh indestructible forehead right upon the lupine wherever he can find proper purchase!!

COMBATSYS: Urien successfully hits Valkenhayn with Dangerous Headbutt.
- Power hit! -

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Urien            0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0       Valkenhayn

A bark, equal parts surprise and pain, escapes from the jaws of the wolf, as Urien's headbutt slams into it's chest cavity with the force of a speeding semi-truck. That noise is quickly drowned out by a savage *CRACK* - akin to a wrecking ball impacting bone - as the canine goes flying backwards through the air.

There is a small spray of blood that leaves the beast's mouth on it's next exhalation of breath, making it clear that the brutal technique of the Grecian has caused some form of internal injury within Valkenhayn's wolfish aspect. Fortunately he has the healing abilities of a Lycanthrope, or that one forceful blow might have been enough to take away his ability to carry on the fight.

But even as he rockets backwards from the shockwave of force, the werewolf's bones are already knitting themselves back together; a benefit of his monstrous nature.

Suddenly, the backwards momentum of Valkenhayn is stopped, as a blazing, brilliant deep-purple chi suddenly wraps itself around his canine frame - fur standing up on end as the energy flows through his damaged body. In an instant, he comes to a momentary stop in mid-air...

...before there is a sudden surge of power from within - causing the purple to burn even brighter - as he rockets back /towards/ Urien in a full-speed shoulder charge, attempting to test the true strength of the man's footing.

As he travels forwards like a missile, the spiralling wolf lets out a loud, ear-piercing howl that cuts through the surrounding area.

COMBATSYS: Urien fails to interrupt Kaiser Wolf from Valkenhayn with Anger Snap Fist.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Urien            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0       Valkenhayn

Bracing himself, Urien digs his rear foot into the ground, sliding forward and bending low. He seems to welcome this new rush forward, spreading his fingers before clenching his fist tight. Aura slithers through him bracingly, reinforcing his already ironed flesh, before he lets out a shout towards the rushing wolf. His fist rockets out with surprising speed -- he saw the rapid rush, and keenly enough to react to it. Yet here is where that lack of training fails him; he was off, sufficiently enough for Valkenhayn to impact his chest at full speed with no proper guard. Eyes bug out before a moment later he's sent flying backwards, burst through the wall like a reverse kool-aide man and skidding on his face through the parking lot, knocking over a cheap silver Tundra with a shoddy paint job to roll off. He begins to push himself up a touch slowly then, heavy cough leaving his pained chest. "...Tch...!!"

Twisting his body to the side moments before impact, Valkenhayn manages to evade the fist that is thrown out to knock him aside... even though he strikes his opponent dead-on, he does not receive the reaction he might have expected.

To him, it's like running head-first into a brick wall - only the blazing chi that covers his body allows him to rocket into such a toughened opponent without causing damage to himself in the process. In fact, he seems oddly re-invigorated as he slams into Urien - a fire burning in his eyes as his momentum shifts backwards suddenly.

Flipping through the air on the rebound, another transformation takes place; it is the form of a man who lands on his feet, rather than the paws of a wolf touching down on the ground.

The man's face is no less ferocious than his canine form; a scowl shows slick, glistening fangs in place of teeth as he regards Urien as a predator might stare longingly at it's prey...

"Hrmm..." grumbles the butler as fingers grasp at the ends of his gloves - pulling them down tighter over each hand, in turn.

"Such arrogance, so misplaced. You remind me of an old friend."

Accompanied with a wolfish grin, Valkenhayn does not elaborate upon that comment... he is thankful, at least, that this one seems to talk less than his former, egotistical 'partner'. A small mercy.

Then the Lycanthrope dashes back into motion.

As he runs at Urien - legs carrying him forward in long strides - the werewolf rears back with one arm. Several steps forward, and another flash of chi covers Valkenhayn's gloved fist before he steps into a brutal straight punch leveled at his opponent's jaw...

COMBATSYS: Urien interrupts Charged Combo from Valkenhayn with Aegis Reflector+.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Urien            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0       Valkenhayn

With a grunt, Urien slowly rises up to his full height, imposing and massively dwarfing the werewolf in both height and weight. Blood is smeared out of his lip, one thumb reaching up to swipe it away. His entire body is aching heavily, but the onslaught didn't inflict the severe level of trauma that the lycanthrope himself suffered in response. Both might be enduring fighters, but one of them manages such with recovery, and the other through merely shrugging off harm.

"Arrogance...? Hah! I'm right to be arrogant!! You're the one underestimating me... WHILE I ALREADY KNOW YOU'RE WEAK!!" His forearms snap together, crossing before himself as Valkenhayn drives forward. Honed mastery, incredible technique, all thrumming together in this instant. Both arms snap out, framing Valkenhayn between them as he drives out that fist.


The fist slams into his jaw, twisting his hulking form to the side with a sudden sound of pain. But a great shimmering field of dense magnetic energy, infused with electricity, roars out and impacts Valkenhayn dead-on. Shocking him violently for a few moments, before suddenly sending him sizzling into the air, in a graceful arc that will cause him to descend right towards the titan once more...!!

Already moving to follow up the punch with another blow, Valkenhayn finds his movement suddenly arrested by his opponent's shocking magnetic barrier. His entire body jolts and twitches with current, accompanied by the slightest smell of smoke that seems to emanate off of his skin.

He's trapped for a moment, jaws clenched together as the electricity courses through him to make any further movement impossible. A low rumble comes from deep down in his throat, obviously trying to make some noise - but finding it impossible to articulate.

The sudden blast, when unleashed, sends him hurtling upwards, ponytail whipping whipping in the air as his head hangs back limply; eyes seem to roll back into his head as he travels up... until he reaches the peak.

At the apex of his upward path, the Lycanthrope's eyes snap back into focus - the red irises growing deeper and more savage as he growls hatefully, beginning his downward descent.

When he does land on the ground, directly in front of Urien, he lands on four paws rather than two impeccably polished shoes. Back in his wolf form - frizzy fur standing straight up and smoking, as a result of the electrical current - Valkenhayn snaps his jaws up at his opponent before he leaps directly towards him.

Accompanied with another flare-up of purple energy, the werewolf attempts to grab hold of the man's broad shoulders with two paws, planting his back paws into the man's gut as he hurtles towards him at high speed...

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn successfully hits Urien with Blitzen Wolf.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Urien            1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0       Valkenhayn

With the claws of all four paws latched onto the iron-like skin of his opponent, the velocity of Valkenhayn's forwards dash continues; it's enough to carry the larger man into the air with the wolf still holding on tightly to him.

As the pair travel high up, the Lycanthrope suddenly spins his body - the canine is able to twist Urien around numerous times, as they both hurtle back down to the heavy stone surrounding the pool.

Switching his grip on the Grecian, Valkenhayn arranges the spin so that his foe slams down into the stone face-first with the wolf clawing away at his thick, muscular back... and as Urien impacts the ground, a sudden blast of purple chi explodes outwards to wash over the heavily tanned man.

The force traveling up through his four legs, the beast lets out a sudden, sharp howl before leaping away - spinning in the air before landing on the ground several feet away.

Urien's staggered for a fair amount of time, body relaxed a few moments before snapping back to attention once more, at around the same time as Valkenhayn up above. Blood seeping from his split lip in earnest now, no longer a mere split gum. Instead of focusing on a more traditional defense, he clenches himself head to toe, power welling up and bursting forth as a shimmering aura of deeply condensed chi.

Lifting Urien is quite a feat. He's a number of tons right now, giving him significant defense against aerial assaults in the first place. That admittedly handsome face slams into the asphalt intensely, kicking up black lumps in all directions. The explosion sends him bouncing away, skidding on hands and knees to a stop. Sizzles pour off him, but as he thrums up to his feet, it's clear...

He wasn't badly hurt by that.

"You remind me of that annoying ticket holder... You barely even hit harder, you damn wolf." A grimace turns into a somewhat savage grin, before he suddenly bolts forward. Arms and legs pumping as the distance is closed in a heartbeat, twisting down and then kicking off the ground, launching his shoulder towards Valkenhayn's chest with a roar. A moment after, hit or miss, he twists his entire body into a powerful standing clothesline, intent on slamming his arm into the wolfen's face right after, the dull finesse offset by his terrifying physical prowess and aggressive onslaught!

COMBATSYS: Urien successfully hits Valkenhayn with Chariot Tackle.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Urien            1/---====/=======|=======\-------\1       Valkenhayn

As Urien - looking remarkably unhurt by the impact against the stone, and the explosion of chi that followed - launches himself back towards his position, Valkenhayn executes a short hop into the air - transforming mid-leap into his human form, before his feet land back on the ground.

Two forearms are raised up in front of his body, clearly expecting some kind of punch or savage blow from the Grecian - and thinking it would be easier to absorb the punishment in this body, rather than his wolfish aspect.

But he's wrong. There is no blocking such a brutal, almost inhuman assault; and the shoulder-check breaks through his defenses in an instant, knocking the wind out of the Lycanthrope's lungs and sending him stumbling backwards - his center of balance knocked askew for just a moment...

...and a moment is all that Urien needs. The spinning clothesline that follows absolutely /devastates/ Valkenhayn, sending him smashing down into the stone with a sickening sound. The suddenly limp frame of the butler rolls across the ground several yard, carried along by the sheer momentum and force of the blow.

It takes a few moments - after his path along the stone comes to a halt - for the werewolf to push himself back to one knee. Biting down on the grimace of pain that momentarily passes over his face, he does his best not to express the agony that courses through his body... his entire skeleton feels as though it were smashed with that single, forceful attack.

"You /bastard/..."

His voice comes seething out between clenched fangs, one hand pressed tight against the center of his chest as both shoulders rise and fall with deep, ragged breaths.

The amount of damage inflicted on him in the short time since the fight began threatens to overwhelm even the Lycanthrope's impressive healing abilities... every moment that passes, every inhalation of fresh oxygen, seems to steady him more and more...

...but there is - for the first time - something other than anger and bloodlust in those crimson eyes that stare at Urien. It looks, perhaps, like the werewolf might been considering what he has truly gotten himself into this day.

Even the seemingly unkillable, hellish Syndicate crimeboss did not display /this/ level of durability and iron-like willpower. Who is this man? And where did he get such power, if he spends his days lounging poolside at decadent resorts???

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn gains composure.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Urien            1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0       Valkenhayn

The only reason that assault breached through is Urien's raw force; this assault had no technique, no maneuver, meant to avoid raised forearms. Only the whipcord strength and sudden compression of heavily enhanced muscles and far more weight than most any other fighter in the world, giving a superhuman level of inertia behind the blow. "Hahaha...!! Is this all you have?!" he roars out, before kicking forward once more. Absolutely not interested in giving quarter or conversation, only a few hearty gasps are managed before the looming bronze form surges in a rapid advance. He leaps up at the last moment, arching backwards and then slamming both of his fists down in an attempt to slam Valkenhayn down into the ground with savage force!!

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn dodges Urien's Medium Punch.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Urien            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0       Valkenhayn

"Come, and find out..."

Valkenhayn's tone is low, barely above a whisper - and with a dangerous edge to it - as he responds to Urien's bellowed words. His eyes are narrowed, with bared fangs displaying his inner fury at the man's behaviour - and his own performance against such an arrogant foe.

Although he is given only a few seconds of reprieve to focus and compose himself anew, the Lycanthrope nevertheless stands taller - straightening his spine as his fingers curl towards the palms of both gloved hands. Each breath seems to have steadied him, filled him with a renewed vigor and vitality that he was sorely lacking after the brutal assault he was previously subjected to.

The back of one forearm comes up and wipes underneath his mouth, dragging crimson fluid away from his skin to stain the white of his dress shirt.

Then Urien is upon him once more, the wall of bronzed muscles bearing down onto him with unrelenting force. As the Grecian leaps up into the air, Valkenhayn ducks and moves forward... he transforms back into a wolf, the top of his head only narrows misses dragging along the bottom of his opponent's legs as the man travels overhead.

Not even bothering to turn around to face the tanned individual who lands behind him, Valkenhayn inclines his neck to the sky; crimson eyes stare at the clouds, as he arches his head upwards.

Starting as a low growl that seems to shake the very foundations under their feet, the Lycanthrope suddenly opens his jaws - the low rumble erupting into an echoing, ear-piercing howl.

And with it, a sudden blast of purple chi that radiates out from his entire body - tearing apart stone as it travels in a circle outwards, with the wolf remaining the focal point.

COMBATSYS: Urien Toughs Out Valkenhayn's Vormund Wolf!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Urien            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0       Valkenhayn

"I'm not finding out anything, worm...!! This is over now!!"

And then he takes a stance once more, toes clenching to curl into the ground. Arms spread open, palms facing outwards. His eyes are wild, ferocity building up to a crescendo. The storm within him is primed to the maximum, and he almost literally explodes forward as the howl begins. He impacts it without even the slightest hint of slowing down, whirling up to stand directly beneath the wolf as he's lost into the instinctual cry of hopeful victory.


He then twists, unleashing a terrible clothesline to slam into the canine and send him hurtling backwards like a meteor.


A moment later, a great wall of electrified energy bursts into being once more... and if the wolf is fully caught, he will be launched into it, as Urien begins to charge forward once more, likely in for a world of hurt...

COMBATSYS: Urien knocks away Valkenhayn with #Aegis Onslaught#.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Urien            0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0       Valkenhayn

The moment Woofenhayn slams into the electrified wall, he begins to shock heavily once more, spasming in place as arms cross before flashing out a second time. "AEGIS REFLECTOR!!" He fires another of the tall, shimmering square walls a meter behind, before launching forward and rearing back, slamming his head into the pinned wolf. He then charges up a ball of energy, firing it into the lupine's chest, shocking him into place with a mad cackle, sending him spiraling upwards as the first of the shields fails.

A moment later Urien has launched himself into the sky, before descending to slam his knees into the aged butler's spine. The pair crash into the final Aegis Reflector, stopping them both dead and leaving Valkenhayn to begin getting electrocuted once more. Furious blows rain down, ending with a brutal shoulder-charge and clothesline, both hands then grasping out to capture him.

And then hauling up the canine, dropping down into a sitting spartan drop, crushing his skull into the street and beneath well-oiled thighs, launching the wolf like a great bouncing ball spiraling into the midst of the parking lot...!!

Once the howl has escaped his jaws, the wolf spins back around to face Urien once more... and canine eyes widen as he notices the man has rushed straight through the explosion of chi which he has unleashed.

Valkenhayn's muscles begin to tense, to leap or twist out of the way of the incoming assault - only to find that his opponent has gained too much ground too quickly. There is no escaping the onslaught which approaches, and the clothesline strikes the beast fully - sending him hurtling through the air.

Flying backwards, the canine's form is soon overcome by the wall of electricty - which jolts his system and keeps him suspended in the air for a moment. Time enough for Urien to charge forward and grab hold of the Lycanthrope before there is a chance to recover.

Another electric shield is fired at him, and Valkenhayn finds himself utterly trapped in between... completely open for the headbutt that follows.

A ball of energy sends him up into the air as Urien laughs in sick glee; the wolf struggles to spin his body, to change his course, only to find his muscles completely useless following the shocking blast.

Urien leaps up and comes crashing down as the Lycanthrope descends, dropping a knee into the beast's spine... as they impact the third Aegis Reflector, a series of blows rains down upon the butler to pummel him brutally.

His head crashing down into the stone underneath WELL-OILED THIGHS, Valkenhayn is left limp and beaten, his body tossed away with ease.

Sent careening into the distance, the butler smashes into the asphalt of the parking lot - quite a long ways away from the sight of their battle poolside. The ground craters from the sheer force of the impact, and at it's center a large, hulking wolf - battered beyond any hope of continuing the fight.

The only sign that the Lycanthrope is still alive, comes from the steady rising and falling of it's chest as breaths come in and out of it's lungs. With enough time, the wounds will heal and the wolf will stand... but for the moment, the beast is out cold, tongue lolling lazily out of it's mouth - a pool of blood forming underneath it's open jaws - as the creature's eyes remain shut to the world.

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn takes no action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Valkenhayn can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/-------|

Slow, hearty pants leave Urien as he looms upwards to his full height, standing over the wolf. His heel rises then falls, slamming down upon Valkenhayn's muzzle and grinding heavily. Intentionally attempting to injure him further, with an angry snarl. "You piece of trash... I told you not to mess with me. You ruined my good time!!" A last kick to the ribs follows, to send the wolf flying into the farther distance, uncaring where he might land amidst the Greece resort.

Then a torrent of energy rushes out of him, great pillar roaring into the sky before his skin lightens to the standard tan, hair shifting to the normal color. He's left panting and aching, rolling his shoulders heavily as he turns to march his leopard-thonged body back towards the hole in the resort.

"Heh... hope you're watching, Krauser." he growls at the watch. "This is the fate of everyone who dares to challenge me!!"

COMBATSYS: Urien has ended the fight here.

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