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Description: Felicia meets Lee Chaolan as he sits alone and shirtless in Castle Strolheim's Barracks. As Lee's control over Felicia breaks down, she comes to a dramatic realization.

Lee Chaolan was making things work out for him.

Certainly, losing his house, his home, his business, and everything was difficult. He was still not out of the woods yet; the bank was liquidating everything else he owned; everything had to be sold to meet his promises to his tournament winners. Lee Chaolan had actually nothing; only enough to put in a napsack. Lee Chaolan literally came to the World Warrior tournament with... only his skill to his name.

But at least they gave him his own bed!

Sure, he was sharing a barracks spot with others; but he was the first one there, so he got to get first picks. And he even had his first fight. A fight that the silver-haired executive was recovering from. Lee Chaolan was stripped to the waist, his body bruised and bleeding. His face? Well, the swelling was down. Adelheid was far worse, in theory. But Lee Chaolan was just laying there, eyes shut, resting. He could live like this. Just until things turn around for him.

Nothing could be simpler.

There is the sound of clicking high heeled shoes. Soft, faint--deliberate. Just on the edge of consciousness. They sound crisp and fine, like the clopping of satyr hooves. Italian.

"Oh Mr. Chaolan~" came the sing-song voice that Lee would know only too well.


She was in her Violet Girl form--long and glossy blue mane of hair combed and swept down along her back and shoulders, her cat-like features all but entirely suppressed--manifesting as her cat-like ears and the long white tail that hung down beneath and out the side the hem of her white strapless cocktail dress. Long blue satin gloves reached nearly to her shoulders. Along her shoulder dangled a soft powder blue fine leather purse. No valet with her now, that poor bastard was long gone, obviously.

"Aww, poor Lee--what did they do to you, dear?" she stepped over, heels clicking--her soft blue gloved hand--much more slender now, as was the rest of her--out of her usual Catwoman form. Normally her hands were much larger, like she was wearing mitts, with that coat of fur she had. Still, with her cute frown he could see the denting of her red cupid's bow lower lip by her fang-like eyeteeth as she pouted, looking down at him.

Was it a dream.

Lee Chaolan opens his eyes, at the song and dance show teasing his ears. Turning over, he instantly recognizes the 'intruder' as well. Felicia, the last of the violet girls; who had found him at his massage parlour. The last time they met... well, that was all past. She had found him now, travelled all the way to Germany to find him. And now, that she was here?

"Ah, Excellent~"

Lee Chaolan eases himself into a sit, gingerly putting a hand on his back. "Felicia! You have come back to me!~" He sings. "And just as beautiful as ever. Don't worry about me, daddy is just working~" He opens his arms, inviting the cat girl to come hither to him.

"Come here, so I can appreciate you better~"

It doesn't take Felicia long to hang up her purse and within seconds she's slithering down into Lee Chaolan's lap, her long blue gloved arms wrapping around his shoulders--carefully, that is. In only seconds she's emitting a purr--more lady-like than feline, at least at first.

"Prrawr~ I realize the company is well, rather no more--and the rest of the Violet Girls have split, but, I thought I'd come here to see how my lovely Lee was doing," she reaches up and grins as she boops him on the nose. Her ivory fangs are still denting that lower lip of hers as she leans in for a full red-lipped kiss, her eyes slowly lidding.

He could pull away, of course--she was aware he tended to when he didn't want that level of 'attention', or the like. She usually liked attention--much like how much she got just on her way in here~

"Mmmnphh... ahh... It is nice to be at your side again, Mr. Chaolan," she grinned, batting her lashes at him, as she leaned back.

Lee Chaolan was certainly more generous now.

Maybe it was the poverty, maybe it was the stress. But as Felicia curls into his lap, he was already running the back of his hand over her curves, toying with her blue mane delicately. As she offers the kiss so willingly, Lee Chaolan dips in, sipping in the beautiful Violet Girl. Well, ex-Violet Girl. As he pulls away, as he would pull away.... "Ah...~" He sighs, as Felicia leans back... "


Lee Chaolan winces, hissing in pain. "Take it easy!" He doesn't push Felicia off, but tries to ease her more upright. "I'm very tender, my dear. I had a very rough fight. Perhaps..." He does ease her up into a stand, so he could roll over on his bed, exposing his bruised and battered back. "Perhaps you could give me a massage, while I... apologize, I suppose."

"How did you ever get here, Felicia?"

"Aww, well you can't blame a girl for wanting to be a little affectionate, eh Lee deary?" Felicia smiles a little. She lifts herself gingerly off him and her heeled feet click against the dusty barracks floor. She slipped her gloves off and laid them over her bare shoulder, flexing her very human hands she had on at the moment--though the blue lacquered nails were a bit pointy. Had Lee given her any massage lessons? likely so that she could give them to him and his friends!

"Apologize? What for? and sure, lie back and relax," she grinned, her voice already smooth and low.

"Oh you know, boxed myself up, mailed myself here--like to Abu Dabi," she snickered at the Garfield joke.

"Actually I knew some men who ran product for Stray, they let me ride with them," she nodded. This was the truth, too--though there was other legs to the journey she didn't divulge.

Lee Chaolan lays face down, letting Felicia work her magic.

"... Hrm." Was his response, when Felicia tells the truth. He knows the langauge, he understands the words. And he realizes the implications. He does what he can to hide it, as he relaxes his body. "Certainly, you have something to be upset with me about. Being arrested, disappearing into hiding without telling you. Even the pink slip, and the loss of pay would be enough for some kind of temper. Lee Chaolan pauses a moment.

"... Have you been able to get any more treatments, Felicia?"

"Oh it's no trouble, a smart cat knows to keep a nest-egg," Felicia is giving him an honest attempt at a massage, which she was likely forced to practice a fair bit--so she's not bad at it.

"Treatments? No--the government and police seized and dismantled the V-gage machine," she traced a pointy nail down the man's spine, possibly eliciting a shiver.

"Don't remind me, how's a girl supposed to get her spa treatment, hmm?" she grinned a little, her hands now working with some vigor into his shoulders, being gentle with them still, but she's definitely a bit more impassioned now.

Lee Chaolan does in fact shiver.

Not a good shiver, but a somewhat apprehensive one. The passion, the pressure was building. He... he was not aware what would happen when the treatments stop. Part of him hoped she would end up a drooling vegetable like some of the others. But if she's alive, and present... she was a killing machine. Lee Chaolan was not letting his mask slip, as he gives a kind of moan at Felicia's work. And yet, his begins to sweat.

"How have you been feeling, Felicia?"

"Good, actually," Felicia continues with her massage, aware that the man is beginning to sweat--as if she can't feel his heart-race increase or the temperature of him. She had preternatural senses after all. Oh Lee~

"Should I... not be?" Felicia walked around as she'd casually slide his trousers down to begin working on his glutes.

"I mean, wasn't I before?" she asks with a grin.

But then, something hits her.

Before? She was working in dive bars and alt-lifestyle clubs as a kind of freakshow stripper act. Sometimes it wasn't even that. Then she was running packages, data, drugs--money--for the likes of Stray, Cracker Jack, goddamn Mr. Fucking Burr. And she'd sat with him at the round table of Shadaloo. She was a badguy--and she couldn't do anything about it--not then, she was too innocent, too gentle, she couldn't even rough up Miguel when Lee asked her to. She was pathetic.

"How does this feel?" she asks as she kneads the fleshy part of the thigh on Lee, that is, his buttocks, and also his hips. He finger movements were becoming more forceful, a bit stronger.

Then when she came back Lee had stuffed her into his V-Gage machine and worked her over for what, hours? Days? She couldn't quite recall. All she remembered was that she loved it. And she wanted very much for him to do it again.

"And here you are now, no house, no company, no legal tender--the govt took all your toys away..." she said in a low-voice, chiding him, berating him for his failure. If he tried to get up she'd find her palm clapped down between his shoulder blades.

He'd made her tougher, more fierce--not a killer, but she didn't take shit from anyone anymore. He'd also trained her to be able to take this much more feminine and humanoid-shape, which allowed her to actually do normal things like go to the store, or a movie, or even a library without getting looked at like she was a freak. She finally got a taste of the life she never had--and she'd been in position to help the refugees after the nukes hit Japan. She'd been able to make a difference, she'd been able to finally /do good/ and /do things/ that she always wanted to.

Of course, he'd also trained her to be sweet and submissive as part of her violet Girl persona. Demure. Arm-candy.

"And without a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out," she grinned again, gesturing to the barracks around them.

"Oh Lee, Lee Lee Lee--what are we going to do with you," she sighed with a grin.

Lee Chaolan does not lose his composure.

That's all he can keep from doing, as Felicia starts to work lower. Lee Chaolan was apprehensive; he felt something was up. As Felicia continued to talk, as he continued to sense the -weight- of the obsession, he was looking towards the ways out. In his battered, beaten state he.... might have enough time to slip out, while she was distracted. He was almost ready to give the line. 'Oh, there must be some oil in the bathroom.' Wait until she slips out. And then -he- slips out. A good way to avoid a little bit clinginess.

And then he starts to realizes, that he might still have some karma heading his way.

The executive was sweating harder now, as Felicia... breaks the programming. Not a bad memory, not a flashback, not a lobotomized coma. But just the parts she likes. As she berates, and humilates him, Lee Chaolan swallows hard, as he keeps that smile. He looks for the windows, for pots, anything. And he does try to roll over...

just as Felicia puts more pressure on him.

Trapping him, pinning him down. Lee Chaolan laughs nervously now, looking around the barracks.. the empty brracks. This wasn't the first time Lee Chaolan had an all-too clingy girl, of course. But Felicia was... augmented. Stronger. And worse of all? Doing exactly what she was programmed to. "Oh, pl-pl-please!" Lee Chaolan yammers, smiling his charming smile, looking up submissively at the catgirl. "You can do whatever you like, sweetie cakes!"

Lee chaolan has never, in his life, called Felicia sweetie cakes before.

"Poor rich boy, all alone in a strange, foreign place and not even a turkish bathhouse in sight," Felicia grins down at him, and when he starts to look up at her and begins to bed, her smile turns upside down, as well as frown!

"What is this bullshit? Are you seriously going to sit there and beg me not to hurt you?" She grabs the back of his short, silvery hair and would forcefully slam it back down against the bed--the cushion insuring no actual pain, of course, but it might muffle his breathing for a second.

"You do all this and /now/ you get all wussy and limpdick on me?" she leans down now, her hands on his back and shoulders.

"We both know that's not the kind of man I /like/, now is it, Lee?" her tongue slides out and brushes across his cheek. At first it seems playful as a gesture--but before long Lee can feel /barbs/ on her tongue, pricking at his skin--like his skin was raked with tiny needles. A far cry from sandpaper--she was a big cat, after all--and now thanks to Lee she had the level of control to handle miniscule manipulation of her form like that--she changed her tongue from smooth and soft, human--to hellishly barbed, like a cat's!

"Poor poor thing, did they beat all the man out of you? Are you a beta now...?" her voice was rising.

"WHAT'S YOUR DEADNAME, LEE?" she raked her claws ever so carefully across his back, producing tiny welts.


Lee Chaolan -did- have a groveling side, it's true.

Not everything was up and assertive for Lee. Sometimes, he had to dress as a butler, flash thumbs up, and order salmon for Kuma. Sometimes he had to be the sub, not the dom. The problem was, -nobody- had called him out on this before. Nobody, but his own father. So as felicia starts putting the pressure on?

He starts really trembling.

"Please, Felicia, I-" He sputters, as Felicia starts licking him. "Oooooah?" He whines, as he struggles. As Felicia's madness spreads, Lee Chaolan starts thinking -fast-. He had to get control of the situation, some how. She -wanted- him to take control. And with her aggressive nature... he thinks, and as the claws finally come out? "EEEEEEK!"

"Felicia, would you control yourself!"

Lee Chaolan rolls over, sitting straight up. But the executive was not crying, not sobbing. But he was frowning, looking... so disappointed. Back bleeding light, face red. "Felicia, I expected some bad behavior from you, but this? This is unacceptable." Cool, measured, and direct. And every word aiming to pierce that heart of passion. And a one shot, aimed squarely in the chest.

"I'm having some very serious second thoughts about our relationship."

To be fair, Felicia hadn't even intended to slide her claws against his back hard enough to break the skin--she was more going for the sort of welts one might see when a cat got to them. She looked down at her hand--the index finger on her right hand had sprouted a short coating of white fur, and the red polished nail there had begun to slide out further. Elongating. Becoming sharper. She ignored the fact she had Lee's trousers pulled down as he flipped over, instead frowning at her finger and turning it over. She was losing control.

With a grit of her teeth the nail slid back into her finger and the fur became thinner and thinner till it all fell away in a flick of her finger.

She had just had her face inches from Lee's, screaming into his face like the drill sargeant in Full Metal Jacket--but now she was placid again, blinking over at him as he began to speak.

"Relationship? Oh of course," she said in a sarcastic tone, nodding a little with a grin. "You didn't even want me even when I was yours," she looks down now, inspecting her nails casually, not seeming to be overly broken up about it, in fact.

Certainly, Lee Chaolan did feel like he was caught with his pants down.

And yet, exposed and naked, he looked awfully miffed at Felicia. Control was something he felt slipping past him; and when pleading and groveling don't work... you do another strategy. Instead of showing weakness, you bottle up. Don't show weakness. She might kill you, or worse. Far, far worse. "well, it was a different time, a different circumstance!" Lee Chaolan says lightly, still sweating. "You've were much more quiet and submissive then, and far more obedient. I could put you down somewhere, and you would stay put, without even a complaint. Now all of a sudden, you're hunting me down, and have the audacity to demand I treat you better?" Lee Chaolan scowls for a moment, before crossing his legs. And then, a smirk.

"You're still crazy about me, aren't you~"

"Part of me was, part of me realized the truth even then, but still was tolerant of the situation, I mean--It's not like I'd get a better job opportunity like that," Felicia takes a deep breath and runs her slender, small hands through her long glossy blue hair. Much less wild like her usual mane of hair, it looked a lot more groomed.

She looked directly at him when he said that and smirked, biting her lower lip just a bit, but shook her head.

"But now without your company and all your toys you can't even give me what I enjoyed about that whole situation. I do have to thank you still, because it was great for my career. I suppose I can still let you call on me, if you need help--god knows you do, and I'll be around to help..." she looks around the austere and rustic barracks of the castle, cringing a little before smiling.

"Well, not /here/, but I'll definitely be around," she grins and winks at him, tossing him one of her spare cellphones. It would land in his lap.

"Maybe I can even help you bounce back, our positions seem to have been reversed," she donned her shoulder-length gloves again, sliding them up her arms one by one slowly before putting a finger to chin as she peered down at him.

All those times he had used and abused her, and she loved him for it. It was sad in a way, that now that he was stripped of everything he couldn't even give her what she /did/ enjoy about him. A bit tragic. But still a situation she could appreciate.

The trouble was?

Lee Chaolan had nothing now.

Even his dignity was almost spent. And for his own creation, and yes, he thought of it as his creation, to turn on him so... dismissively? As Felicia stands up to him... he starts to feel... like when he first came into the Mishima household. Belittled. So small. He hated that feeling, he loathed it. And past all the smiles, the charisma, the smooth talking? He never, ever wanted his girls to be turning on him. So when she challenges him? When she declares that she can do whatever she wants?

Lee Chaolan actually stands up, letting the pants fall down.

"You won't," Lee Chaolan declares with a chill in the air. "Leave me, Felicia. You can't leave me." He wasn't going to say he needed her. He would never say he needed her now. "I can be a very vengeful man, Felicia. You don't want to be my enemy. You are best suited to be my little lap kitten. So why don't we just pretend you didn't make this little mistake. Besides." He tosses his hair.

"What will you do, when you walk out that door?"

"Of course I can, and it's not the first time you've been caught with your pants down," Felicia grinned and poked a finger at Lee as he stood up. She still had her sense of humor alright. Not much could dampen that.

"I admit, that was fun while it lasted, but without the V-Gage and your company you're just a sociopath with gray hair," she continued grinning.

"Probably go soak in a bath, handle some calls on some new gigs, go out to see a movie," she shrugged.

"How do they say it, 'Bye Felicia'?" she looked over at him with an even bigger grin now. It was fun torturing him. Especially with how much of a narcissist he was. She was standing there with her hand on her hip, idly checking her smartphone.

"Oh, also forgot, you might need this, considering where you're bunking," she took a small plastic band from her purse and tossed it onto his bed.

It was a flea collar.

Lee Chaolan so naked.

Not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, mentally. This was his lowest point in his life; even when he was an orphan, he at least had himself. He had least had the clothes on his back. But for the last creation, his last piece of malice, to be standing here... mocking him? It's almost too much. Lee Chaolan begins to tremble, the veins on his neck growing tight. And when she starts to look at her smart phone? He approaches her. But it takes the flea collar, to cross the line. And Lee Chaolan actually draws his hand back for a moment, ready to strike Felicia.

Before lowering it.

"Fine." He says coldly. "I'm not going to dangle of your string like this, Felicia. We'll see how well you do in a few weeks. We'll see what happens when it turns out, there are complications, and you'll be a drooling vegetable facedown in a gutter. Alone. Forgotten. And thrown away. Maybe you can come back then. This is only temporary. I'm already on my way bouncing back. But everything I've given you? It will be gone. By the time you talk to me next? I'll be a millionaire again, and have my life back. And maybe, maybe I will forgive you, when you crawl back, pleading for me to fix you." And Lee Chaolan crosses his arms, looking at Felicia smugly.

"On your knees~"

When Lee approaches her she flicks off the display of the smartphone and places it back in her purse, her eyes locking on him.

"If you could put me on my knees maybe you'd have me back, it's kind of delicious irony, you know," she is smiling again, but her back arched a bit, stiiffened, then her eyes travel below his waistline.

"You really should take more care of little Lee down there, there's a bit of a chill in the air," she takes a deep breath, before her heels click, stepping closer to him.

"We need some time apart anyway, then maybe we'll see how much we miss eachother, I know I'm definitely going to miss this," her blue velvet gloved hand brushed over his hip with a grin, before she drew back. No kisses for him. Not for a while anyway.

"You know my number, I'll be around."

And with that, she leaves.

Lee Chaolan glares after Felicia, as she walks out of the barracks.

There is a coughing sound. Lee Chaolan turns over, where a single initiate of Strolheim stares, looking up and down Lee Chaolan nervously. Lee Chaolan looks at the door, and then at the initiate. And finally, on the flea collar. Picking it up, he turns back to the red faced initiate. And he flashes a thumbs up, an uncertainly look on his face.


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