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Description: During downtime for Golden Angel, Hayley Bretherton encounters Clio St. Jeanne by the pool. Of course, both being fighters means it doesn't take long for a unofficial match to start...

The Golden Angel Tournament is not the kind of place that Clio St. Jeanne had ever expected to find herself. Neither for business, nor for pleasure. The notion of being in a tournament intended for competitors was never something that crossed her mind. And yet, here she was, in the stone islands area of the waterpark, finding a strange sort of enjoyment at the concept of being in this sort of competitive environment.

Compared to the struggles against demons, confronting the sheer power of the likes of Jubei and his wife, the idea of simply fighting hand to hand in swimsuits is almost quaint. Certainly, some would not see a difference, and might take offense at Clio's somewhat dismissive opinion of sport fighting. But to her, this was entirely a sparring contest. She hadn't even intended on using the modified sash in her upcoming bout with Makoto. No, this was about practice and enjoyment. The idea of the wish as anything but some monetary reward with a fancy name is out of her mind

With the sunlight high, and the waterpark still feeling the warmth of its false heat, Clio is resting on an island with the water's heat turned up high. She leans back, her sunglasses on, she's not wearing the Golden Angel stuff today, opting just for a basic black cross top and bikini briefs. It's simple relaxing time in a spot that's slightly separated from a few other people. Though there are plenty in the park for all that's going on, Clio's got the small heated jet pool to herself for a moment. Just a peaceful time all alone, where no one could possibly intrude.

For Hayley, Golden Angel is a much more competitive affair. Relaxing, certainly, but the young Australian is always on the look-out for new challengers and new contacts through which she can test herself. Iron tempers iron, as they say. It may be a sporting event, but so far she's met some pretty impressive fighters.

But today? Today is different. All work and no rest just drains the batteries, and Hayley has had a lot on her mind lately. Today she just hopes to get away from everything take some time away, and enjoy herself. To this end, she's dressed in a much less flashy swimsuit. It's a black, modest one piece with red bathing suit shorts pulled over the bottom half. She has a towel around her neck and a pair of oversized sunglasses when she reaches this section of the park.

For better or worse, she slides into the pool without even looking.

"Oh!" Hayley says. "Sorry for just dropping in. I didn't think anyone would be over here. I can step out if you want--"

And there goes the neighborhood. Clio looks over at the newly arriving woman, her eyes covered by a pair of aviators. She isn't actually frowning that the Australian has just slipped into her chosen pool. After all, the place is a water park, she was just sharing the small hot tub with some other woman and she can't exactly complain that someone like Haley has just joined her.

She waves her hand in a dismissive manner and takes a moment longer to consider the woman slipping into the water. "You're here for the tournament," she says, having seen name and face rosters being bandied about. "Did I see you at the opening party?" she asks, taking off her sunglasses and folding them up. Being around all the water has left Clio without her usual make up stylings.

She does take a moment to look over Haley, it's not a bad thing to look at. Considering a good half of the contestants in this tournament, she hasn't been disappointed yet.

Hayley smiles sheepishly, putting on her best grin for Clio. "Heh...heh...how did you know? --oh, I missed the opening ceremonies. I actually was getting everything ready for my first match." Hayley takes off her towel and from her around neck and sets it on the side of the tub.

"I uh...I'm kind of sad I missed it. The event was uh...some kind of ... butt battle thing, right?" Hayley taps at her cheek with her index finger, seemingly deep in thought even if her sunglasses hide her eyes for the moment.

Clio pinches the bridge of her nose and yawns. "Hey, sorry, but I'm not totally awake yet," she says. "And yeah, Keijo. Would've been better as Kaiju, but I'm not the director of this thing." She blinks herself to a more wakeful looking state, pushing up and out of the water to sit on the edge. The heat and comfort was dragging her to a too cozy of a place.

"Shame you didn't get there on time. You missed this douchebag getting blown to hell and back. It was pretty cool," she smiles, easily though her half-lidded expression makes her look a touch sarcastic. "Could've used a contender in there, think they're looking more for your type than mine."

"Oh, no problem! It's really cozy here sometimes." Hayley chuckles a little at the joke, having been in Japan enough to appreciate it.

"Oh? Hope he maybe learned his lesson." If Hayley knew who it was, she'd know it to not be true as a fellow Australian far too familiar with Marduk's reputation.

"O-oh?" Hayley asks, looking up at Clio. "You're competing too? --err, how do you mean?"

Clio shrugs. "I'unno. I took a cat nap," she answers, leaning back and bracing herself, leaning and looks up toward the ceiling of the greenhouse dome. "It gets warm here. Damn day star.

"I am," she answers, crossing her legs and stretching out. "Name's Clio. Sorry, totally not meaning to be playing the mysterious 'I actually read the notices' lady, just get tired this time of day."

She does laugh and then stops to look at Hayley. "Serious?" she asks. "You know the point of the swimsuit stuff, right?"

"Oh, I'm Hayley. Sorry I didn't introduce myself, either!" Hayley rubs the back of her head, straightening her hair a little.

"W-well, I figured it was partly for people to take a gander..." she reddens a little, sinking down in the pool slightly. "But you look nice if you ask me!"

Clio taps her fingers on the edge of the pool. She's parsing things, placing Hayley into a social box that reminds her more than a little bit of Noel Vermillion. "Good to meet you. I don't normally do this sort of competitive thing. Not quite what I do. But there are a few people I work with want a bit of notice and good will," she admits without getting too much into details.

"Partly. Sure, if you consider ninety percent to be a part. Technically it is," Clio laughs with a scoff. "And thanks. But don't tell me you're getting embarassed by this. It's literally swimsuit goop. It's high end body paint when you get down to it. You can't get that red thinking about people seeing you in a one piece."

"Oh? The fighting bit or specifically tournaments?" Hayley asks. She rises up a little bit, getting some more confidence now that the conversation's more in her court. "I fight a lot, myself. That's really why I entered...not that the prize money isn't nice..."

Hayley looks away, fiddling with her hair again. "Well...yeah, I suppose. I'm just not used to -this- much attention is all."

"Ah, and to think you don't look like the type with bloodlust," Clio quips. She watches Hayley come more out of her shell and so she adds a smile. "What sort of fighting you do? These types of tournaments?" she asks, gesturing out toward the center of the waterpark for emphasis. "Or other kinds of things?"

"And, you know, your hair looks cute, you don't need to keep fixing it," she says. "It's not much attention. I'm only one person."

Hayley laughs. "Well I'm glad," she says with a smile. "Well, sometimes. I mostly have been just traveling around. I came here from Thailand not too long ago, and before that I was back home in Australia...I just tend to find people who seem strong and challenge them to street fights if they seem nice enough."

Hayley is nervously twirling her hair around her finger when Clio comments. "O-oh," she blushes just a little. "Thanks. Nervous habit I think."

"You travel around having street fights with nice people?" Clio has to process that one a little more slowly. She thinks on the matter, and it gives her a little laugh. Then a longer one. "I don't doubt you, it's just that I never though much about picking fights with nice people. But if it takes you around the world as a brawling vagabond. Well, I have to think you're a good fighter."

"I'll have to keep my eye out for you if I ever take you on in this thing." She kicks her feet in the water, leaning forwards again, resting her forearms on her knees. "What's to be nervous about?"

"Yeah...I'm sure it sounds silly," Hayley chuckles. "But I'm trying to create my own style, so it helps to get a lot of experience. I just have to be careful who I spar with because there's some really dangerous fighters out there." Hayley rubs her cheek. "I'm probably going to start up my YouTube channel again too."

"Yeah? Well, if you're here, I'm sure you're pretty tough, too." And then Clio asks, and Hayley pushes her sunglasses up to get a better look. Her eyes are a nice, bright green. "Well--I feel a little awkward meeting new people in a swimsuit I guess. Had a few bad experiences on a cruise a while back..."

Hayley remembers a lot of flirtatious older men (and women). She also clearly remembers Jezebel being none to the happy about it.

"So, you're going to teach people your style? Or are you just trying to figure out the way you do you when it comes to punching people?" Clio asks, "Or just show off on FightTube? Hope for hits, sponserships, winning tournaments and living in style?"

It's far from Clio's wanting out of fighting. It doesn't quite strike her as coming from the same place where she does. Where she feels most alive and alert in the thick of things. And how, in a lot of ways, that frightens her into trying to do good with it.

She starts to frown at the admission about the cruise and her fair flirting takes a back seat to concern as if this was a dark haired, very hippy Noel Vermillion. "I'm sorry. People can be pretty shitty sometimes. Especially when they think you're vulnerable."

"Not sure if I'll teach people yet, but...this might sound dumb, but I'm trying to impress my dad. He was working on his own style before he...left. I'm hoping to maybe find him while traveling, or lure him out if it takes off and I get successful." Hayley looks down at the water. "I might be a dumb plan...but I'm hopeful. --I want all those things, too though." She says this with a bit more gusto. "I'm hoping to get really great at it!"

"Oh, it's okay. Thanks. I think they mostly just couldn't resist. I uh...didn't realize I was going to get that much attention after I finished my training..."

Clio is quiet for a while. Her posture goes back to leaning, leg crossing, looking upward. Closing her eyes and listening. Just listening to what's being said. She can see Hayley's posture, hear it in her tone the way she averts her eyes and talks about things that hurt and yet doing so openly. So not totally like Noel, but definitely a degree of innocence. "Doesn't make you any less if you want something dumb," Clio says.

A pause for realization. "Fucking hell that was stupid. No, it does make you less if you want something dumb. Just, wanting your dad isn't dumb. Even if he did ghost you." She looks back toward Hayley. "Well, I hope you get what you want. And I hope it doesn't turn out bad. You don't seem like a bad person that needs that kind of thing."

She does, however, have one pressing thought for Hayley. "First off, they could resist, don't blame yourself for creeps. And, well, why wouldn't you get attention?"

For a brief moment, Hayley seems horrified. But then, Clio corrects herself and clarifies, and a flood of relief rushes in.

"Oh...we got along really well before that...it just didn't really seem like him. I'm kind of thinking maybe something was up, and me getting to that point will make him feel a little safer about showing himself."

"That's true, I guess." She manages a smile. "--and well, I didn't used to get it. It was mostly after I whipped myself into shape in the Outback..." Take that as you will.

A slow frown stretches across Clio's face when Hayley reveals more of her hopes and aspirations surrounding her father and her situation. There's a mixture of feelings and approaches. On one hand, her instincts tell her that nothing good can come of Hayley's father showing up. On the other, she can certainly see that Hayley just wants something that people should be allowed to want.

Clio rubs the back of her neck, her other hand tapping out on the rocky island terrain. "Maybe if something is up," she trails off. "You know, I'm not good on dad things. I never knew mine, so who am I talk about that."

That subject pushed aside, she focuses on the other. "You whipped yourself into shape in the outback? Like, training montage with a lot of squats and such?"

"Oh," Hayley says, "I'm sorry to hear that, Clio." Hayley's expression certainly shows it. Her brow furrows a little bit and her mouth droops. She may be missing her father, but her memories of him are what have encouraged her to look so hard for him.

But the conversation shift gets her excited again--if a little sheepish about it. "Yeah--are you familiar with Five Animals? It's that kung fu style that imitates animals for stances and philosophies? I tried to imitate that using what I know from--well, from a bunch of different martial arts: karate, taekwondo, kenpo, boxing, judo..."

"And yeah, lots of conditioning too. Climbing trees, boxing a few kangaroos, wrestling some alligators...how did you know about the squats?"

"Don't be," Clio dismisses the concern over her father. "I don't know the deal and my mother won't talk about it. Besides, I've got other things going on in my life to waste it wondering."

"And yeah, Monkey, crane, etcetera," she continues on the subject of styles. "So, you're trying to just take whatever from whatever to make something new? I guess it could work. What've you got so far?" She slips back down into the waters once again, pushing up and off and into the steaming pool. "Trust me, you look like you condition a lot." The unspoken subtext of 'I could bounce a quarter off your ass' is kept unspoken.

"Oh, well, that's probably a good attitude to take then I guess." Hayley bites her lip. "Glad it's not dragging you down too much. Sounds like you stay really busy!"

"Well," Hayley slides up into a stretch. She slips off her sunglasses and sets them on the side of the pool, then vaults up onto the side. "I actually transition a lot between different techniques and stances to keep them guessing..." Hayley assumes a bit of a kenpo stance, feet spread a little and hands left open and flat. "'specially to fake people out when I recognize something enough to try to imitate those tricks--I guess in a way that's not really keeping with the theme though, eheh heh..." She drops back out of the stance to rub her shoulder. "I used to do big jumps to put power into stuff--I was calling it kangaroo--but I was leaving myself wide open by telegraphing too much." Her voice drops a little there. Maybe it's a bad memory?

"But I still kick a lot!" Hayley stands on one leg, deftly throwing out several snap kicks without effort. One can hear the wind whip with each one--and it's no wonder with those legs. "The jump training built up a lot of strength there even if the jumps themselves are...a bit much. But I've got a few other ideas too!"

Hayley beams at Clio, checking in to see if she's still listening."

Clio enjoys watching Hayley slide up and out of the pool. Resting her arms on the sides, she looks up at watches Hayley's short assumption of her stances and explanation of her styles. Nodding along, she makes some considerations of what's being told. "I mean, you pro-types always have some kind of gimmick, don't you?" she asks, head tilting curiously. "So of course you can't drop your style choices."

Clio pulls herself up out of the pool to sit on the edge again. "Telegraphing can suck. Instead of going up, have you thought about going at?" she asks, rolling backward out of the pool and up to her feet. "You have strong legs, so charge and drop kick. Kangaroos do that right? Forward kick with both feet?"

Clio starts to stretch a bit to get the languid warmth from the pool out of her system. As always, the longer the afternoon goes, the more awake the woman is becoming. Like clockward. "And have you thought about looking into savate? With legs like yours, you could wreck someone." Oh, Clio is listening, definitely. And she's watching.

Hayley gives Clio a big grin. "Well, not always! Some people just specialize really heavily. Growing up working on my dad's show though, we traveled to a lot of different schools, so I just got bits and pieces of everything. I guess I'm more of a generalist than a specialist right now."

"Y-yeah, I'm working on my angling to get more of that for haymakers and such." Hayley starts to pantomime. "Leap in low--" she bends at the knees, imitating the jump--rather than jumping across the pool--and then pivot on the hip on landing. Kapow!" She throws a shadow-boxed haymaker in slow motion."

"Dropkick? Yeah! They do. I got hit with them once or twice...but I also have a technique I call Crocodile Tear," she says this as a rip rather than a drop, "which is a flying leg scissor. Catch 'em with my legs for the takedown, like crocs do with their jaws."

"Ohhh, I love Savate, but I haven't studied it in a long time! I should practice in it again...do you do Savate, Clio?"

"Your dad has a show?" Clio asks, hand resting on her hip, watching the other woman panto and practice. Yeah, there's a distinct innocence and eagerness that's a little infectious. She laughs just a small bit at Hayley's shadow haymaker.

Stepping back, she nods. "Flying head scissors. Never really thought of giving that a name, but, yeah, yeah, I can see where that kind of thing would work for you," she says, laughing a bit, looking at the leggy girl. "And I know you seem to want to be a generalist, but you may want to consider specializing."

"As for me, no, I don't really do savate. My mother's French, sure, but I sort of have my own thing going." Clio shrugs and looks away. "I'm taking a bit of a handicap here in not taking things my usual way, but this is more of a fun time for me, I don't much care if I win." She looks back to Hayley. "You weren't looking for a fight right now, were you? I mean, I could, but, you know."

"Yeah. Well, had a show. Fight Hunter! If you ever want to watch some while you're here, I'll be happy to get you a copy." Hayley smiles widely at Clio.

"Yep! I mostly just wanted to keep it in theme," she says with a goofy smile. "And probably, but I'm still trying to pin down the blend I want, or what to focus my efforts on the most."

"Ohh, that's cool. My mom's Chinese, actually, which is why I know so much Kenpo. That's what she does for the movies." Hayley paces over to the side of the pool where she's closer to Clio. "What do you usually do? We don't have to fight -now-, I mean, you said you were sleepy! I can help you spar a little if you want sometime. ...well, if we aren't matched up against each other. Heh."

"Keeping on brand. That's a pro for you," Clio says with an easy grin. "And I'm good. I've got a lot I haven't been watching already. Don't want to add more to the pile."

She starts to stretch again, down toward her toes with fair ease, bouncing a bit as she taps her water shoes. "So you're an entertaining family? Cool. My mom's a biologist," she says, standing back up again. "I am not."

Stretching out her arms, she hums. "A little brawl will get my blood pumping. Tends to wake me up. And, uh, my style usually involves hitting someone with a long metal chain until they stop moving."

"Ohhh, a weapon fighter! You aren't a gangster or anything, are you? Is that rude to ask about?" Hayley brushes her hair back. "I mean, you seem way too friendly to be one, but--chain fighting. That sounds brutal! Tricky too."

"And yeah! She's really big in China, actually. To be honest, she probably makes more in a movie than the show did in its whole run these days..." Hayley laughs at Clio's joke. "Biology -is- cool though!"

Hayley starts stretching, doing some toetouches and arm extends. "If you're really sure, Clio! I didn't even tell you about Wombat style yet, so you may just have to see it in action!"

Clio nods, but then shakes her head. "No, no, I'm not a gangster. Depending on your definition," she says, turning to face toward Hayley. "It's not much of a secret as far as the tournament goes, but I'm with the Library."

Clio shifts on her feet, taking a slight crouch, springing legs and bouncing on the balls of her feet, a side to side sway. It's not her usual style with her chain, but this will give Clio an idea of whether or not to she should be using that weighted sash when it comes time to fight for real.

"Best way to learn is to get out there and experience first hand," Clio says, and then she moves, whip fast, down low, a striking sweep toward Hayley's knees in a blurring burst of speed.

COMBATSYS: Clio has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Clio             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hayley has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hayley           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Clio

COMBATSYS: Hayley blocks Clio's Light Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hayley           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Clio

"Ohhhh," Hayley says. "I don't really know a bunch about them. I hope you like your job, though. I can see why they'd want someone like you here to make a good impression on people."

And as Clio starts to move, Hayley starts to assess her stance. The Australian steps, spreading her her feet evenly and rocking on the balls of her feet. She grins, clearly excited already.

And when Clio rushes in with a swift kick, Hayley intercepts it with her own leg by stepping into the block to cut out some of the momentum. As soon as she does, she steps forward with her opposite arm, throwing out a swift jab toward Clio's belly.

"Wow, so fast..." Hayley mumbles to herself. "--oh, yeah! I totally agree!"

COMBATSYS: Clio blocks Hayley's Jab Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Hayley           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Clio

"We are the knights of azure flame after all," Clio says. In a bit of showmanship of her own, when she sweeps her arm downward, circling out to keep the punch from fully hitting, she does so with a small arc of violet chi burning in the wake of her hand.

She rotates with the hit, hand going down. Her right leg scythes back toward Hayley's head, this time, her foot brings with it an arcane flame. "We are humanity's light in the darkness!" she grunts out through exertion in the force she puts behind the hit.

COMBATSYS: Hayley just-defends Clio's Strong Kick!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Hayley           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Clio

"Knights of the Azure Flame?" Hayley asks, rolling that around in her mouth. There's a flash of violet chi, and her eyes widen. Clio's smooth block and transition into a scything, chi-infused kick clearly makes Hayley sweat a bit, but the excitement is palpable.

But even so, Hayley's quick on the defensive. She ducks in low, slipping in close to Clio where she uses her forearms to intercept the blow. By moving inward, she misses out on the worse of the hit, allowing her to catch it where it's weaker than the foot itself. Unfortunately, this both puts Hayley uncomfortably close and seemingly in a position where she can't actually get a good angle to punch (her hands occupied) or kick (due to proximity). She seems to have disadvantaged herself.

"That's so cool! I'm not nearly that good at chi techniques!"

That is, until she tries to smash into Clio with a mighty hip check, swinging her butt toward the other girl's stomach to try to knock her right over!

COMBATSYS: Clio blocks Hayley's Aggressive Strike.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hayley           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0             Clio

Hayley is fast. Clio can appreciate that. And then the two are very rather close to each other. Clio's grinning like a predator, ready and anxious for the next strike. But all the same, she's very surprised to have a sudden hip-based attack, even from the hip heavy Hayley.

Hands move, brace against the bottom and she bounces back off of Hayley's hips and to a more comfortable distance away. But now with a brief handful and a feeling of stinging in her wrists from the force of the blow. "That was something," Clio admits, a bit puzzled at what sort of offence just happened here. "But yeah, you need to look into focusing on those legs a bit more.

Clio is once more a near blur, moving rightward, then cutting to the side with a sudden feint and a short shimmer of fiery chi.

COMBATSYS: Clio successfully hits Hayley with Random Strike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hayley           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0             Clio

Hayley notices the grin. She's excited too, but it does give her a moment of feeling a bit small. While Clio is shorter, that confidence and chi mastery does give Hayley a feeling that she may not be the big dog in this fight.

"Wombat style!" Hayley beams. "It gives me another striking point, among other things. --you think so?"

But before Hayley can inquire further, Clio is bearing down on her. The chi-infused strike catches Hayley hard in the ribs, knocking the wind out of her with a wheeze. She rubs her side as she backsteps.

"Wow, Clio," she says. "I can tell you're really strong." Hayley shifts stances, extending one hand, turned sideways with the fingers pointing toward Clio. She keeps her other closer, almost using them for aiming. As she does, Hayley takes deep, focusing breaths and tries to get a better read.

COMBATSYS: Hayley focuses on her next action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hayley           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0             Clio

Clio spins out of the kick and slows back down into her normal, odd, crouching stance. Looking more like she's ready to pounce than to fight. She laughs, clearly getting a rise in energy at the pace and back and forth of a fight. The adrenaline in her veins waking her more than her usual coffees do.

"I like the name. And, you know you have the ass for it, right?" she asks, laughing, free wheeling as she twists, fingertips touching the ground and drawing a quick circle as the sparking fire starts at the tips of her fingers. "Hope you're ready for this is if you're going to slow down in a fight," Clio says, snapping forward in a blur. Her fingers spark off the ground, a gout of violet fire spews forth like a wave toward Hayley. And through it, she appears with a flash, hand wreathed in more of that shadowy flame. Two strikes for one as the wave of chi is joined with a heavy hand to breadbasket.

COMBATSYS: Clio blitzes into action and acts again!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hayley           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0             Clio

COMBATSYS: Clio successfully hits Hayley with Whipflash.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hayley           1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0             Clio

COMBATSYS: Clio successfully hits Hayley with Stygian Fist.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hayley           1/----===/=======|===----\-------\0             Clio

"Haha, yeah, that's intentional! I trained really hard to get it!" Hayley wiggles her butt just a little, but she doesn't break her stance. But then Clio's on the offensive again, and Hayley has to struggle to keep up against her speed and power.

The first hit smashes into her with a flash of chi that slips past Hayley's attempts to guard and staggers her back. The second hit clobbers her good, bowling Hayley right over onto her back with a wet thump against the poolside.

"Hurrgh," Hayley grumbles, rubbing her side. "You're -really- strong, Clio. I didn't know someone this tough would be in Golden Angel..." She staggers up, climbing to her feet while still holding her side. "But don't count me out quite yet!"

"I didn't want to go this hard in a quick spar, but..." Hayley surges with speed, determined to narrow the gap. She leaps in, then steps up, trying to vault off of Clio with a powerful step kick. If it connects, she launches up, coming back down with a double knee. From there, she vaults up once more, flipping over to try and bowl Clio over with a seated slam to finish her airborne onslaught.

COMBATSYS: Clio dodges Hayley's Swooping Season.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hayley           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0             Clio

"Thanks, I've been doing this for a while," Clio says, skipping back and giving Hayley a bit of room to breath. "And sorry if it's a bit intense, I'm used to having to keep up with my coworkers," she explains. She's around some particularly dangerous individuals on a daily basis. Clio is used to being on the lower end of the threatening spectrum compared to demons and creatures from various hells.

"But being cute is making it harder for me to tag you. So don't. . ." Clio trails off when the woman surges toward her and uses her as a springboard!

"I thought you were embarassed to be in a suit?" Clio says calls out. Hayley's springing up in the air, but Clio is shorter, faster and limber enough to dash herself out of the way of Hayley's return to the surface world. "Nice try, but a bit to slow," she says, spinning back around with a burning heel kick toward Hayley's head.

COMBATSYS: Hayley blocks Clio's Medium Strike.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hayley           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0             Clio

"I can tell," Hayley says breathily, trying to get enough distance to get her engine back up to full speed. "You must have some pretty scary coworkers...no offense!"

And when the compliment is tossed out, it's fortunate that Hayley's already mid assault and too far into it to loss her momentum.

"Oh. t-thanks. Well I still am a little bit," she admits. "I just have to keep my mind on the fight and that makes it a little e--" Hayley stops herself mid-sentence, throwing up both arms together to intercept the burning heel. It slams heavily against her guard with a thump, after which Hayley pushes off with a backstep.

I give up!" she says quickly. "I think you've got me this time, Clio. I wasn't really expecting that much--and you say you normally fight with a weapon instead? It's not some kind...limitation, is it?"

The kick meets arm and Clio uses the sheer strength of Hayley's positioning to rotate off of her and land with an acrobatic plant, ready to take on the next thing that Hayley can possibly send her way.

And then nothing happens. Hayley gives. And then she explains. And then Clio feels a pang in her chest.

Adrenaline rushing high of the fight crashes down to the ground like a lead weight. Clio looks down, around, at the girl she just hurled herself at like a violent force. She closes her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I, yeah, yeah, I do work with some heavy hitters. We take on things that threaten lives and that means not a lot of half measures." Clio tries to explain her situation, her reasoning, and she starts to pace slowly. "And I don't think I'd have respected you as a fighter if I went easy. But no, no, why the hell would a weapon be a limitation? It stabs people. Or chokes them, or hits them a lot harder than a fist can normally."

She walks over to Hayley and offers her hand. "I want to make it up to you. See, I sort of have this thing after a good fight. I get ice cream. It cools you off, tastes sweet, it's good. My treat?"

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[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hayley           0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Hayley has ended the fight here.

"No, no, it's okay!" Hayley says, awkwardly apologizing as well. She runs her hands across her shorts, straightening them out. "I got in a little over my head, but it's not the worst situation I've been in. You have to be tough for that kind of thing--I really want to get there myself, to be honest."

Hayley shuffles her feet, rubbing her arm where she stopped the kick. Another moment and she's checking her ribs.

Hayley reaches to take Clio's hand. "Really? That sounds nice, actually--aww, you don't have to do that though! But if you insist..."

Hands clasp and the agreement is binding. "Yes, yes I do insist," she tells Hayley. "And if there's any damage, let me know. I'll look to getting you some help before your next round of combat in the tournament. That is, of course, if it isn't against me."

Clio releases Hayley's hand and takes a much happier skip-step back, hand hitting her hip and cocking just a bit. "Just kidding!" she says, one hand up. "Besides, that fight finally woke me the hell up. Gah. I forgot how boring it is just laying around in water. Comfy, but boring."

"I should be fine. I'm tougher than I look! All that conditioning has paid off in that regard, I guess." Hayley laughs. And then Clio backs off, causing the Aussie to blink in surprise.

"Oh!" she chuckles again. "Yeah. It's nice and relaxing, but I can't stay still for too long. I start doing drills and such to keep myself busy..." Hayley rubs her forearm. "But anyway! Have you tried much around here yet? I'll admit I haven't done much exploring myself, so I'm open to suggestions."

"I know you are, you pushed your ass into me. I need to know your regimen," Clio says with a laugh. She walks over to the pool to retrieve her aviators and slip them back on.

"There's some over in the park, but if you want to explore a bit with me, I know some better joints in Southtown proper," Clio says. "Where we can eat wearing some real clothes. I get bored sometimes while working, so I've found a few places out of the way."

Hayley blushes just a little. "Yeah, that took a lot of training to make work, trust me." Hayley grins. "If you want to know the regimen I can share, but it's pretty intense -- training and diet both!" Hayley scoops up her own towel and sunglasses, slipping the glasses onto her head and the towel around her neck.

"Sure, whichever's fine. I do like seeing new places. I mean, just the other week I found a noodle bar with a free meal if you beat one of the staff members in a duel..."

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