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Description: Dizzy finally arrives at the Sacred Order headquarters, with fanfare and warning. The adepts and acolytes, unable to contain their curiosity, come to see the strange Command Gear. To their surprise, they not only meet the monster... but meet each other, forging the beginning of friendships, something more, and something far less...

It was nice here.

The gardens of the Sacred Order were beautiful affairs. Generally maintained by the nuns of the Vatican grounds, they followed the classic Roman style of ornamental horticulture. Staged in the center of one of the many connecting porticos across the Sacred Order's grounds, it followed the same structure as the ancient Romans. Squared sections were placed throughout the neatly trimmed grounds, each segment a simple blend of flowers, shrubs, and herbs. The courtyard kept a single fountain in it, with four statues at each corner. Unlike the classic, it naturally minimizes the more obscene statues, choosing instead sculptures of the Virgin Mary. Tile path crosses through each of the four points of the courtyard, with benches around the central fountain. Normally, wildlife was uncommon in the gardens.

That was before Dizzy was brought here.

The blue haired command gear's arrival was announced across the grounds. The nature of her was... was the rumors seizing the acolyte and adepts of the Sacred Order. Who was she? What was she? What was a command gear, and what did she do? And why was she dressed like that? Why was it leather straps, underwear, and black stockings? What of her black and white wings, like an angel? Or the reptilian tail, like a demon. Was she a monster? Why was she here, and not imprisoned? The questions muttered through. And yet, the adepts and acolytes could approach her.

They just had not chosen yet.

The blue-haired girl reclined on the grass by a bench, playing with a small rosebush near the fountains. A single bluebird was sitting on her finger, peering curiously up at her. Dizzy whistles to it softly, and it in turn sings back. There wasn't much nature. But here, there could be nature. Another bluebird flitters down, landing on her shoulder. She turns to it, transfixing her red eyes on it. And with a smile, gives another whistle.

Both bluebirds join Dizzy, in a three piece harmony of singing.

Biyu Zhou is a bit of an unusual one, for the Sacred Order. Yes, technically she is a member, but she joined under a touch of duress... not that she isn't happy to be here. As an archaeologist and student of history, both mundane and not-so-mundane, the Vatican is one of those places that's always promised.. a little something more. The Chinese archaeologist was off in one corner of the grounds when Dizzy came in, chatting with one of the aforementioned nuns.

It's not sure which is stranger, really--a Chinese girl dressed just a little like an action hero archaeologist, the floating, technomagical arm floating along just behind and to her right, or the fact that she's speaking Italian with the nun, sounding almost but not -quite- fluent. Dizzy will, if she's 'listening' for such things, probably note Biyu's presence as she arrives; that arm is clearly not some Tinkertoy object, still as it is right now.

As Dizzy arrives, Biyu smiles and finishes up her conversation with the nun, leaving off of it with a little bow, and she turns as she goes, steadying her saber in its scabbard with one hand as she walks towards the center of the area, where the Command Gear is reposing.

Well, that's done for now. Haruna's participation in this Golden Angel venture and its relevant Golden Wind and revelations regarding someone who has a name kind of similar to hers - is over! She can fly, on the Sacred Order's dime, to Europe!

Which is great.

However, Haruna, having gone on a walk round the statue garden well away from the usual nooks near the building, in order to sit, recenter herself, and possibly take a short nap in the daytime - always a pleasure - is surprised when she rounds a corner, some distance away from the impromptu performance of bird and Gear.

She feels horribly mundane for a moment. (Haruna is wearing a blue-purple tie-dyed cotton dress with straps over the shoulders, reason: 'i felt like it and it's still a little chilly.')

Haruna immediately hates that feeling, but she falls still, lest the avians be disturbed. Her eyes thus flick to Biyu and she thinks: well, you don't see THAT every day either. Am I being paid enough...? Or is this sort of thing why I'm still at the entry level?

It hadn't been too long after Pukai had been helped back that she was given time to rest - she needed it, it was claimed, after her run in with a Darkstalker. One that was not quite as friendly as others. Not that all of them were quite friendly - many were rather boorish at times and violent. It wasn't quite the same as the one she had met.

Yet it was noted that there was someone new, something new, that had been talked about in the gardens. Word travels quickly, if only due to the more insular nature of the Order after the United nations had played their hand. It was a sad story, but one that brought with it such goodness. For example, the gardens had wildlife!

Dizzy as well.

Patting herself down, dressed much like one of the rank and file Sacred Order, Pukai gives others a wide berth - especially due to the odd bell on her head, covered with a rather wide cap that obscures it somewhat. Not the odd shape. The hair, and rest, at least seem somewhat normal.

Not only the songbirds join Dizzy, Pukai approaches - but as Biyu, a super hero for real, strides towards Dizzy, Pukai is a bit hesitant. And then Haruna rounds the corner. "Oh! Your dress is quite pretty and colorful..." Pukai exclaims - looking up, though the bell/hat may be facing Haruna. Pukai isn't quite tall.

"She's new." Pukai exclaims, as her hat? seems to wobble somewhat - also, is Pukai just gently glowing? Just a tinge?

Haruna actually almost lets the birds stay put.

It's only when the other Sacred order members approach, the birds take flight.Dizzy looks up at the bluebirds, the whistling dying on her lips. She reaches up, sitting up from her recline. She was frowning faintly. She liked the birds. Animals were so much more comforting. But now there were... people? She looks at the strangers, and... tries to understand what she is seeing. A strange extended arm? A transparent hat that was jiggling? And why was that one wearing a funny colored shirt. Did someone spit up on it? Dizzy realizes there were -three- strangers.

And she warily rises into a stand.

Dizzy actually looks nervous, as the members of the Sacred Order... seem to be approaching her garden. Of course, it was really -their- garden. But Dizzy's wings were unfurling, as the people seem to circle around. She looks around, her frown turning into a glimmer of fear. Her tail switches and writhes, as feather molt from her wings. Dizzy looks from person to person to person, her face actually turning a bit red. She falls her attention on Biyu, staring at her mechanical arm. "Are you... speaking human?" She begins, unsure how to ask the question. Her eyes cast on the scabbard... and there was a pulse, almost a crushing, smothering presence that billows out from Dizzy. A vibe of hostility? Dizzy's pupils narrow, as she strokes her wing. "... H-hello. I... I am Dizzy. I didn't mean to..." Didn't mean to what? Dizzy stares at the ground, averting her eyes now. "I am sorry if I... if I distracted you..."

"... Commander Ky Kiske told me I could stay in the gardens..."

Biyu blinks. "Uh? I was speaking... Italian," she says, hesitantly. Not that she's shy, just that she wasn't expecting -that- kind of question. There's only a moment before she recognizes the girl, though, and Biyu breaks into a smile, trying for as warm and light-hearted as possible. Gently she pushes the scabbard of her weapon back and around behind her a little bit, to move it further out of view.

"I'm Biyu Zhou. Uh... I'm a pretty new member to the Order, but the commander mentioned you a little bit. Of course you're okay to stay here. You weren't distracting me at all!" Unbidden, she sits down, not right next to Dizzy, but a companionable distance; the arm hovers just behind her, like it were in some sort of idle mode. (Which it is.)

Glancing at it, she smiles a little. "Uh, yeah. That's..." She considers her words for a moment, "One of the reasons I'm here, actually. But he won't hurt you or anything like that, I promise you." Glancing around, she sees Haruna, looking as normal as normal can be, and... the jellyfish girl, which gives her a touch of pause, but she masters that a moment later.

Haruna's eyes turn towards Pukai.

Who complements her dress!

(Internally Haruna tenses up and feels the savage subtle inward urge to strike against Pukai, for to Haruna's senses, honed in subtle energies and baptised in the lights of the constellations, Pukai is an ACCURSED BEING... But, she thinks, think back to the briefers you got. Don't screw this up. She's not DOING anything.)

Haruna exhales. "Ah - Haruna Abe, pleased to meet you all!" she says, with a dip of a bow. She folds one arm behind her back then, beaming sunnily. "No, no - you were just a surprise," she then assures Dizzy. "A pleasant one!"

she has a tail, Haruna thinks. Her eyes return to Zhou. "Ohh, just starting, or have you been around a little bit? Maybe you can show me around."

"Then of course you can, if it is the word of Mr. Kiske." Pukai adds, a bit after Biyu and Dizzy speak - but she hears them. It's hard not to hear her! Dizzy seemed to be on the verge of fight or flight just from them approaching. Likely what she had learned from the initial attempts at capturing, or harming, her from certain other organizations.

As Haruna bows and Biyu sits, Pukai moves to great herself as well, "Hello. I'm . . ."

Eyes stare at the three, but mostly at Haruna, almost empty as they do not even blink. Did she notice, Haruna!? The killing intent!? The blessings of the light!? They continue to stare a few seconds too long - and suddenly blink. "U.... ah?" Then blink again, absolutely not having caught on at all about Haruna. ".. Pukai." Is the answer, finally. Her slow motions causes her to drift closer, at which point she bumps, gently, against plant. A translucent dress wiggles upon impact on her midsection. She is quite accursed, but she's no monster!

Also, has been in the Sacred Order since she can remember. "I'm Pukai, and you can stay however you want, Miss Dizzy." She repeats, "It is nice meeting everyone!"

"Oh! Italian..."

Dizzy grips her tail, holding it warily. "I haven't met any creature that speaks Italian before. Is it common? Is it... is it a type of..." She trails off again, relaxing as the scabbard is pushed out of sight. Dizzy was quite shy, even at her village. She didn't feel comfortable around large groups anyways; and by village standards, this was a large group to her. Pukai had an accurate assessment; it was fight or flight. Except Dizzy could fly... and her fight instinct was what she was REALLY afraid of. And yet, they were introducing herself to her?

No, to each other as well.

Dizzy smiles now, nodding her head, her gaze now at Haruna's feet. "I... I think it's nice to meet you all too. I am sorry, I am not used to..." She peeks up from her feet staring, giving another smile, tightening her grip on her tail. "Did Ky Kiske tell you I am here? I mean, I think he wanted me to make friends... and I was, with the little birds. And there was a tiny little chipmunk, right by that little bush there..." She points past Pukai, at the bush she bumped.... and she widens her eyes. "Oh...?" She begins, tilting her head, looking at Pukai, up and down her strange... her strange shape.

"... You aren't human, are you?"

Hooboy. Where to start... Biyu keeps smiling, though. "Italian is one of the many languages that humans speak," she replies, thinking her answer through. "Quite a few people speak it in the world, but it's not the most common language spoken. That's probably English, really." She doesn't ignore the newcomers, repeating their names and giving her own again in introduction, then chuckles at Haruna.

"All this is kind of new to me, too. I'm maybe not the best person to be getting the tour from, so to speak," she adds. Leaning back, she puts her hands behind her, enjoying a bit of downtime.

"I've heard that Southtown is being plagued with monster attacks, I've been meaning to go see what I can do to help out there. But I understand that the NOL is largely taking care of the problem, too." And she doesn't really want to run into them, per se, lest she attract some unwanted attention.

"Not directly, no," Haruna says with a laugh. "Oh! Well, you certainly seem to be making friends with them!" Or compelling their obedience, Haruna thinks but does NOT say. Her attention returns then to Biyu, to whom she says, "Oh - I was just there, but it's for a charity event. There's a few days before the next round, so I flew in with some other people..."

She doesn't speak at Pukai just yet. No. Not yet. Let other people explain more. Perhaps she can learn the real truth around the fringes. The jagged, venom-cell-filled edges...

Hardly quick to begin with, Pukai was by nature now not much faster. Somewhat sleepy eyes watch the other three, especially Dizzy, as they talk amongst themselves. Introduce themselves. She doesn't really remember what the conversation was about, eyes and ears seemingly unfocusing at the same time - up until those words ring out.

"..." Eyes focus on Dizzy once more. Such an unassuming question, yet one that she hasn't ever been asked directly - at least not very often. "No I'm..." Not? Not anymore. It has been years. Almost a decade. "A undine." She answers with a smile, "The goddess blessed me with this form... it is my belief that she has a plan, and a purpose..." The smallish woman proclaims, hands clasping together as she bows her head forwards much like the nuns and the acolytes do, learned with time.
%"I could provide a tour if requested." Pukai claims, as she stands a nice clip from the others. Just enough to keep distance - specifically from Dizzy, but that is because Haruna and Biyu were far closer to her - and to surround her more would be ... it's not nice! To help, her bell 'cap' ripples juuuust a little.

It's almost like the tension releases.

Dizzy was not comfortable with humans; having her first encounter being her village being murdered soured her on the relationship. But as Pukai explains she is an undine, blessed by the goddess, a light seems to come over Dizzy. Just like her, she feels. Not a human, but like a villager. Dizzy almost seems to be in a daze. "Humans have... other languages... just like birds!" She exclaims, a little, well, dizzy. "How amazing! And you were looking at Southtown too, with the monsters... with the monster attacks."

The light goes out.

"I was in Southtown too..." She begins, staring at her feet. "... I was a monster the Sacred Order was looking for." The impression begins to be made. What exactly was the NOL looking for? Dizzy exhales, and clasps her chest. "But it's good, if they are still around Southtown!" Dizzy says brightly, looking at Haruna, and Biyu. "That means some of the villagers survived! And then they can be rescued, and taken here with me!" Dizzy's optimism practically glows, as she looks back at Pukai, keeping closer to her... perhaps too close, with the tentacles drifting. She reaches to pull her dress lightly, touching the beautiful gossamer drifting. "Ky Kiske told me, when I woke up on his lap, that I could get a tour from one of the acolytes. A tour means that I am shown around. I would like very much to be walked around and shown the grounds!" Dizzy smiles, looking at Biyu and Haruna. "And... I would like it very much if you two could come too. I like the humans here."

"They are so friendly!"

Biyu immediately realizes her error. "Oh--I--" Dammit. Biyu slumps. "I didn't mean _you_, Dizzy... I joined after all that, kinda... it's hard to explain. But obviously we weren't hunting you to do harm to you, since you're here. The monsters that are showing up now are..." She trails off.

"Well, they're not like you." Of that she is sure. None nearly so powerful--and none able to be reasoned with.

"Dizzy, you're not a monster. Not the way I mean the word... you might nto be human but that doesn't make you a monster." The Chinese woman covertly _looks_ at Haruna and Pukai. Please help her out here. She didn't mean to do it!! Honest!!

"I've heard rumors that more monsters are appearing all around the world, too. Something's going on... it's a good thing the Sacred Order is here. We'll be needed." At Dizzy's suggestion, Biyu nods.

"That sounds like a great idea. I need to learn the layout here, too, anyways..."

Haruna thinks to herself: Thanks for putting your foot into it so I didn't have to! She resolves to buy Biyu a drink.

"There's been a great disruption," Haruna agrees. "The geomantic lines of power in Japan are all bollixed up." (To Dizzy she explains, "That means it's a mess.") A hand goes to her hip as she muses.

She considers trying to feel out Dizzy's 'energy'. She opts not to, lest... well: lest she take it the wrong way. This is a time for meetings, not in depth analysis.

"On his lap?" Haruna murmurs to Dizzy, parenthetically.

How wonderful a thought. That humans are like birds, with so many languages. Pukai's eyes remain open, somewhat expressionless save for a faint look of wonder upon Dizzy. This is something to protect. That much is certain. Now that she was no longer just another member of the Order. Now that she is actually able to defend others - even if she may be closer to what some may describe a mons-


Her head bobs, listening to Dizzy, a small smile spreading across her lips. Yes. They could have survived! They can be rescued! It's true. While Pukai may not be moving towards Dizzy, she does slowly ~drift~ a bit towards her, and with small touches, Pukai gets that odd sensation. The sensation that 'prey is caught'. You could practically hear her stomach rumble - before all potential stinging ceases. "Oh....!" Biting her lip, tightly, Pukai cancels such food thoughts - and does NOT sting Dizzy. It would be oh so bad if she did.

Biyu's words trigger a bout of stumbling, rambling from the woman as she quickly tries to divert such misunderstandings. Pukai's head bobs up and down at the covert look. "Yes.... I too would like to look around and see everything." Pukai adds. . . ."....Oh. I'm giving it. Even better." She states!

Pukai's gaze lingers more on Haruna, mm? She knows of all the issues in Japan? "Many of them. A lot of work I'll hope to help with, too."

Dizzy is hardly aware of Pukai's hunger reaction.

Touching the smooth surface, she is aware of Haruna and Biyu's back and forth. She recognizes, at least, that she made Biyu uncomfortable. "Oh, I am sorry Biyu. But... I think it will be very important that the Sacred Order will go out to help people like me. I would like to help them, when they come." Oh no. As Haruna explains the geomantic lines of powers, though, she seems more... confused. "Well.... maybe we can fix that... too?"

Naturally, her own energy was like licking a light socket, so Haruna was erring on the right side.

As Pukai begins to begin, the Gear is eager to explain to Haruna about her experience with Ky Kiske. "Yes, on his lap. Commander Ky Kiske is very kind and gentle to me. When I was being transported here, he stayed with me in my cage. And he held me, and he told me all about good, and evil, and how you follow a God here! He also told me how babies are made, and what sinfulness was, and how I was very beautiful!" Dizzy has a look of youthful innocence, as she looks to the other girls.

"Have you laid in his lap too?"

"Geomancy's a complicated subject... I'll explain it later," Haruna tells Dizzy. Then she nods along with the rest of what she's saying, actually smiling with a faintly condescending indulgence until a question is asked and, with complete conversational casualness, Haruna says, "Oh, no, not yet."

Two seconds pass.

Then she says brightly, "Oh, Biyu, you were saying something about a tour?? Or was that you, Pukai?? I feel like we should go right now."

Biyu is equally aware that she made Dizzy uncomfortable. It's mutual! But that's not really... great either, is it? The Chinese woman frowns slightly, then shakes her head. "I don't know much about all that," she confesses, to Haruna. "I've studied geomancy, but... as a historical subject. I'm not a practicioner of the arts. Had... certain things not happened, I'd probably be writing a thesis about all that's happened, instead of living it." She laughs, and it only sounds slightly forced!

Biyu gets a kind of vacant-eyed look on her face when Ky's lap starts getting discussed... like... 'how did we get to this?' But she shakes her head at the question. "I, uh... no. I've never... been in his lap." She thinks back to the few times she's seen him. He's handsome enough but he's always had a kind of slightly sour look on his face too. Maybe it's just that lack of Dizzy...

"Ah, so. Anyway. The... the tour?" Biyu looks to Pukai. The tour! Right! Let's go and leave this talk of Ky's gentle lap behind.

Pukai does not mind the poking, prodding, and stroking of her jelly-fish dress. It is nice that someone likes it - especially someone so innocent and pure, worth protecting, and also possibly keeping her comfortable, happy, and definitely not interested in sudden nuclear retalliation for feeling threatened. That was all quite a thing.

"I'm sure we can fix it... I will be happy to look into it as well, with others. I have business in the area as well." She adds, before a tendril raises from her dress - ribbon on the base - as she points it out, "That would be one of the chapels - and over there, the commons room..."

The questions come, however. Statements as well. Pukai's eyes, widen, as she stops and seemingly parses what she heard. It's not a blanking - but it may as well be for all intents and puposes, with Haruna asking about the tour. "Ah - I'm sorry about trailing off again! It would be dangerous, possibly, if I sat in his lap." She adds.

Then continues the tour! There are comissaries! There are steeples! There are peoples!

"Oh." Was Dizzy's response. There was a lot more she had to talk about. Especially on geomancy. She was very curious about the details. Also, more on Ky's lap. However, it was time for...


"Oh!" Dizzy exclaims, as they reach the commissary!

"OH!" Dizzy says as she sees the Steeples, adjusting the new dress shirt she got at the commissary.

"Oooooooh!" She says, having met all the people.

"What a tour!" Dizzy says, back the garden. "Those hours just flew by! I was especially surprised at the level of detail on the steeples! How long have you been here, Pukai?" She asks, tugging on the jelly dress. Dizzy still did not have pants, but she was very happy to have gotten a new shirt.

There is a lot to cover! Pukai would lead Dizzy, Haruna, and Biyu through the tour as slow, or as fast, as they would like it! It still takes quite a lot of hours! Well, not THAT many, but it does take a few! Eventually, they stop where they start - at the garden. "They are lovingly cared for, for the Goddess (or God if you prefer) watches over us. It is important that in our acts, we give praise for those that watch over us."

Perhaps a bit preachy, but Biyu and Haruna may understand why ... upon next question.

"I believe.. eighteen or seventeen years." Comes her answers, "It has been wonderful, those years. That you would all join us and share in our blessings, and our labor to protect others, I will not be able to thank you enough. It is selfless, and it is truly telling of all of you."

She's looking right at Haruna and Biyu especially, with a bright smile and warm eyes. Clearly, this is happiness.

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