Golden Angel 2018 - Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????

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Description: The new Golden Angel Waterpark hosts a grand celebration of its opening that features a whole new style of competition: extreme high-impact butt battling. The full power of fighters will be unleashed by those who volunteer for the challenge, to the awe and admiration of those who kick back to spectate and relax.

At last, the true Golden Angel Tournament can begin.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" shouts Kintoki Aho, representative of Oudoukou Chemical Concern, makers of the eponymous Golden Angel. Clad in a shining gold speedo and glamorous purple sunglasses, revealing skin that suggests a hazardous overuse of tanning beds, Aho speaks unnecessarily loudly into a microphone that projects his voice throughout the Golden Angel Waterpark. The space has been cleared for the participants in the tournament, their friends, other notable fighters, and those who worked to make the tournament a reality, which still comprises a sizable number of people. They are concentrated in the center of the domed area, lounging on deck chairs and sipping refreshments from the nearby vendors -- all on the house today, of course -- and enjoying the sun streaming through the glass above.

"Welcome to our first celebratory social event! The Golden Angel Tournament is going off without a hitch thanks to all your hard work! Please enjoy yourself to the fullest! But wait!!" In an abrupt change of time, Aho raises his eyebrows behind his formidably oversized sunglasses and spreads one arm wide. "For those courageous souls who dare, a true challenge awaits, a battle beyond even the great sights we've seen so far!"

His hand is pointing toward the pool beneath the waterslides, where three flat buoys float, just wide enough for two people to stand uncomfortably close.

"The battle known as ... Keijo!!!!!!!!"

He pivots abruptly. "Here to explain is our host, the lovely Alma Towazu!" So saying, he thrusts the microphone aggressively at Alma, who stands in a more modest set of white and blue board shorts. Aho seems a little irritated. No matter how many times they had him apply the Golden Angel, they couldn't get Alma's swimsuit to turn out any sexier. It's cute, though.

"Thank you," Alma replies, graciously accepting the microphone aimed at his face and smiling as he turns toward the attendees. "I am told that Keijo is a noble art form, a competition wherein one uses one's whole body in an attempt to topple their adversary into the water." Whisper, whisper. "Ah, excuse me. Except for the arms and legs. But that's-- hmm."

Alma hesitates only for a moment before smiling sunnily again and gesturing to his side, where stands an easel next to a stack of canvases. "Thus, those who dare to compete will have their struggles painted by me to commemorate the valiant clashing of their spirits. Winners may have their portrait painted, if they so desire!"

* Disclaimer: Alma's painting style is highly ... impressionistic.

Those with the determination to join the battle are encouraged to swim to the buoys suspended in the water. Others are free to mingle, spectate, and otherwise enjoy and refresh themselves. It's a party, after all!

Having finished his little speech, Alma smiles again and prepares to hand the microphone back to Aho. "Now, everyone, please enjoy a rousing game of Keijo."

Whisper, whisper.

"Excuse me. Please enjoy a rousing game of Keijo!!!!!!!!"

"Holy shit!"

That is call from Marduk, who stands at the side of the pool, dressed in- he's not actually in a swimsuit. He's in his green and purple boxers, his knee pads, his elbow pads, and his special necklace made out of cool things. The bald Australian was putting on some goggles, as he dips his toes into the water. "I gotta hurry up, it's gonna start! I gotta say, I am really excited that I get to be a part of this. As you know, Keijo is what people call 'butt battles.'" Marduk doesn't actually seem to be talking to anybody. He also pronounces Keijo phonetically. N"ow I was thinking, how could Vale Tudo get involved in butt battles. But then I thought about it. Babes have big, juicy hamburger buns. Ready for squeezing. ANd vale Tudo is full contact, all rules! And while they attack with their butts, I could attack with my hands." Marduk nods, as he eases himself into the pool. He lets out a high-pitched squeak. "HOLY SHIT!"

"It's COLD!"

Marduk eases himself in, and he starts to wade out. "Now, since we are gonna take turns I think, do you think we get to frisk out the losers, and you know, 'revive' them. I'm not talking CPR, you know. But like a body massage, with some -hot- melted butter, mmmm mmm! Cause the oil floats on the water, it's a lot easier than you think, you could be all in the water, and get rubbed down. You ever get a hot butter massage?" Marduk asks aloud, finally seeming to direct his conversation to a nearby person. "It's like a butter massage, but with some real popcorn butter, which is actually an oil!" Marduk swims out to the floating platforms.

"My favorite's parmesan, it makes them smell like Spaghetti popcorn!"

The microphone is suddenly apprehended from Alma by a long tanned arm that slinks over his shoulder. Angel slides neatly to the side, stepping out from behind her moderate clothed co-host to reveal a swimsuit that is far more befitting what the promoters had in mind. The young teen wears a simple black slingshot bikini, probably about the only piece of clothing in existence that could manage to cover up less of her body that the usual attire she wears. She fills it out with ease and the sight is something to behold, likely causing several jaws to drop for various reasons and most of the viewers with children to change the channel.

"Hey, hey, ladies and jellyspoons! You heard the man, it's time for everyone to show off their skill in a battle of speed and coordination! No time to be shy, it's your moment to shine!"

Angel gesticulates wildly as she talks, waving her arms around in various motions that causes her outfit to jiggle and bend in interesting ways. It's probably good that the thing is stuck to her skin because it looks about ready to fly off at any moment. Ofcourse, this shamelessness is precisely what she was brought into the project for, that and the fortuitous happenstance of her name.

"After we find out who the mightiest Keijo!!!!!!!! contender is, we'll move on to the swimsuit competiton! Judged by none other than Alma and myself!"

The sudden shout of profanity causes Angel's head to turn and she stares quietly for a few seconds as Marduk openly rambles his view on things to no one in particular. She blinks a couple of times and then grins, turning back to the crowd.

"You heard it, folks, free offer for hot-butter massages! Just talk to the cue-ball over there!"

"Why in the hells did I agree to this?"

Clio St. Jeanne, Lieutenant in the Novus Orbis Librarium, looks up at the loud shouty man in the speedo. A pair of large blackout sunglasses cover her eyes for protection from the wretched day star. She is practically glowing, though not from tanning, but the general opposite, under the protection of many, many, many layers of sunscreen. The final gooping of Golden Angel has, much to her tired pleasantness, given her a swimsuit she has to admit is to her liking. A pair of boyshort bottoms in a rather basic but always workable black sheen is paired with a sportier violet halter. While conservative in some regards, the material clings in a way no regular bikini could and seemingly little more than contour showing minimalist version of a wetsuit meeting a catsuit.

She also has water shoes, but she brought those with her. It's just safety.

She winces at the microphone shouts and brings a can of energy drink to her lips and wishes the life saving caffeine would do its job much more quickly than it has been. She had been watching the large shouty man, but now the new voice calls up to take her attention. She looks at Angel and at her swimwear.

Now Clio knows why in the hells she agreed to be at this competition.

"It is a little cold, yeah," the voice that comes from across the pool is, unfortunately for Marduk, not that of a sultry lady. No, it's the deep, almost melodic baritone of one Robert Richards, master karateka and (unwilling) sex symbol.

Bob is a huge, huge man -- six and a half feet tall and seemingly almost that wide. Golden Angel has provided him with a conservative blue and white pinstripe "flapper" bathing suit that comes him quite well, with short sleeves at the top and shorts at the bottom. He wades through the water like a barge, making his way to the platform steadily.

"Hey," Bob says quizzically, "Aren't you Craig Marduk? Glad to see you're back in the fighting circuit. I heard you had some trouble in Sydney..."

How exciting! Water! Combat! Water combat!

Sylvie is superly over dressed as she normally is, eyes wiggling on her head, hands, and feet as she strides through the stands, shifting from side to side as she moves further into the crowd that is building. "Ohhh, so you have to be a fan of watersports? Well, bzzzzt, wrong! Sylvie isn't a good sport with water!" She complains - for obvious reasons. Still, Sylvie doesn't intend to walk over to the group. That is because Sylvie has no intention of being a commoner!

"I deserve water better, anyways!" With a bit of effort, a megaphone is slid out as Sylvie floats over towards the judges group - literately floats, as electromagnetic energy putters her through the air. Possibly one of the many reasons she is not IN the water. With Angel there already, Sylvie gasps! "Okay okay~! You better believe it, and tons of butts about it! There's a supa dupa groupa people here today, eheheh!~" Comes the dumb as hell declaration from Sylvie, in total seriousness.

It should be noted Sylvie dunked herself in Golden Angel before coming out. It shows.

It turns out, also, that her soul bathing suit is just as bad as her fashion-sense. Pink as hell, it covers from her neck all the way to her ankles, with a cyan blue mid-driff that waves off, somehow, with multiple frills. There are eyeballs spotted all around it too. It seems there is no escape from the eyeball motif.

"Angel, shouldn't you be out there though? No way you'd ever lose!" Sylvie proclaims to Angel, floating in the air still, hands giving off slight sparks.

Mint drops SIGN: Three pose rule (READ ME).

"Free hot butter massages!?"

Marduk turns towards Angel, looking up and down her. "Heh heh heh." Marduk growls. And then, he looks at Clio. "OOOH! Not quite as damn sexy, but still a hot, hot, mama!" And then he goes on Sylvie. "Eh, a six. But man, look at all these -babes- to Keijo with, with rock hard nipples. My butt is ready for banging!" Cries out Marduk... as he hears a voice behind him.

It's a man?!"

Marduk turns around, sweeping his arms. At first, he looks -mad-.... but he processes the words. "Oh damn, you heard about me? Yeah, that Sydney stuff was a load of shit. I got cleared, I even got a penpal in prison, and god damn though, you look like a beach ball!" Marduk focuses harder on Marduk wait. Your nipples are hard too." Marduk mulls a moment, treading water. He looks down at himself.

"Oh SHIT!"

There is a shimmer in the air. Something easily ignored up until a point what looks like a solid wooden door opens up. "I am not late I hope!" Calls out a tall lanky figure.

He steps out of the door which soon disappears and he stands there with arms high in the air and one hand holding an old doctor's bag. "I heard there is to be great fun and just in case someone would get hurt I am here! I am a doctor!" He is also standing on Marduk's head without realizing it. While tall he is increadibly light as he leans off the head of Marduk and lands in the water with a splash. Once again he has changed out his usual outfit for the rather garish red and white striped 1920s style swimsuit he wore when he had fought Hitomi. Reaching into his bag he digs about and pulls out a large flatable raft to deposit onto the water and awkwardly climbs onto it. He is much too long for the raft though and he has to adjust to where he is sitting on it with the bag resting behind him. The bag is moving about some as if someone or something might also be trying to get out. "When does the fun begin!?"

"Lots of charm out there today," Bob says, scratching his beard. "But glad to hear it, Always hate to see a skilled fighter go bad." Is Bob being serious? Does he not know about Marduk's reputation, or is Bob just looking for the best in the big man? "A penpal, huh? Maybe you guys can meet now that you're out of the hole."

And Bob just rolls with the beachball comment. "Huh, I guess the pattern is a little similar, isn't it?" Bob laughs. "--everything okay there, bud?"

The arrival of the kooky girl with an eye-ball fetish is met with a sound of joy - from one person atleast. Angel turns to find her newest little sister floating around like some kind of Pikachu Jesus and lets out a shout of greeting, grinning at her with that trademarked dopey lop-sided smile of hers.

"Hey there, kiddo, you're just in time!"

She gestures for the floating lab accident to come down and stand next to her, apparently unphased by the garish clash of colors and weird iconography that apparently represents Sylvie's inner self.

"Well, hey, like you said. There's no way I'd lose so it'd be unfair to everyone else! Besides, I can't make snarky commentary on everyone else's performances if I'm not watching them! I got obligations to meet, girl!"

Her attention is momentarily stolen by Faust's even more bizarre entrance, which is a pretty impressive feat in and of itself. She boggles at the dimensional traveler with the bag on his head but eventually just looks at one of the nearby cameras and shrugs. Hey, man, she just works here.

Fortunately, the prospect of the first Keijo!!!!!!!! match getting paired up means she has something else to focus on. Angel darts over to the side of the pool, drawing the attention of most of the cameras with her as she sweeps an arm towards the figures of Marduk and Bob.

"Looks like we have our first challengers, folks! Not exactly what we were expecting but I bet it'll be a good show anyways!"

Alma nods solemnly as Angel plucks the microphone from his grasp and elaborates on the introductory announcement. "Yes," he agrees, his voice no longer amplified. "Golden Angel reveals the character of the wearer, much as the colors of an aura reveal one's inner self." Not sure that analogy is very flattering toward your own powers, Alma. "To evaluate these swimsuits will be an interesting exercise." Not sure you get what a swimsuit competition is about, either.

When Sylvie addresses Angel, Alma glances toward the hovering young woman in the eye-scorching attire -- and smiles. "Truly, what a fascinating spirit she must have." The eyes, Alma. Don't you see all the eyes!? "Hmm. Better water, you say." Observing the nature of her power, he turns back toward Kintoki Aho, who is busy leering every which way, thereby missing a strange little door and a stranger man appearing spontaneous behind him. "Aho, salt water conducts electricity well, making it difficult for Sylvie to participate. Is there a smaller pool with fresh water we could use for a similar competition?"

Aho stares at Alma for a long moment before reverently placing a hand on his shoulder. "Towazu," he murmurs. "You're a *genius*."

"Well, thank--"

"Everyone!" Aho shouts again, even as he gestures rapidly at soem of the on-duty staff, causing them to scurry about. "We have a special treat for you! *One* of our smaller pools will offer an even *greater* challenge: a Keijo!!!!!!!! battle suspended above *fresh* water! Woooo!"

As one of the smaller pools is quickly drained and refilled, workers grunting and huffing to carry an extra buoy over and drop it in with a splash, Alma turns blithely toward Sylvie and smiles. "Now you're free to compete if you choose."

Though anyone who loses that match won't be able to participate in the swimsuit competition aftewards...

A long, slow sip of that big can of energy drink while Clio watches the paired arrival Sylvie and Faust. Her eyes, hidden by her sunglasses, close for deep and calming breathing. It was way, way too early in her day for this. Fairness to the hosts of the Golden Angel competition, anytime before the sun was down would be considered too early.

With her drink in hand she finds a deckchair to watch from. Her legs cross and she lounges, stretching out her not exactly tall frame and watching.

Attention perking up when she hears the names of the first contestants, a grin spreading across her face when she sees who Angel is directing toward.

Things are now about to get interesting, Clio St. Jeanne thinks. Much as she'd like to see Angel take a shot at the pool herself, it would be great to see the loud shouty man take on the walking slab of meat.

"We can talk about my hole later. Well, I got a lot of problems, beach ball." Marduk begins, looking down. "I got some real hard nipples, cause of the cold." Marduk then pauses, and looks up. "Also, I think I had someone on top of my head." Marduk thinks hard, between his nipples and a hard place. "I gotta say, beach ball, it's gonna be a hard time, if I have to balanced between people riding on my head, unless it's like my dick. Cause you know, with the butt blasting, I'mma gonna get ALL KINDS on my dick!" Marduk pauses another moment, carefully contemplating.

And suddenly, the spotlight metaphorically is on HIM!

Marduk looks around, jaw slack, pointing a finger at his hard nipple, as if 'who me.' "WHO. ME?!" He says aloud, splashing the water, looking at Bob. "OH HOT DAMN, MAN, WE ARE GONNA GET TO BUTT BATTLE SOME BABES!" Marduk nudges, winking. Swimming HARD, Marduk was already scrambling on a platform, leaving his massive frame out. Pouring out the water from the depths of his shorts, he starts eagerly looking around at all the -babes-, fingers wriggling as he falls into his Vale Tudo stance. His eyes goes over them one... by.... one.... licking his chops. "So come on, babes." He purrs, finishing his gaze on Clio.

"Who's ready to ride the Marduk Express?"

Sylvie doesn't really hear the 'six' comment, but if so, Sylvie would ALMOST be prone to agree. Almost. "Ehehe, You're totally sweet, like an Angel!" Sylvie proclaims with a bright smile, standing near Angel after her electromagnetics spark to a finish and die out. Standing as she moves left and right, Sylvie was in a bit of a foul mood from the rest of the happenings over the previous days, weeks, etc. A giant FAKE eyeball and then getting her rear kicked by that man, Gato, or whatever?

Like, she was GOOD as fighting. Why wasn't she good at FIGHTING?

"Hnnn, yeah, that's super important! You're totally right!" Looking at Faust as well, Sylvie tilts her head. He came from .. nowhere? Paula stares a bit as well - but then ANGEL BOLTS. "Wha!? Paula's left alone, all alone, in the cold!? Is this the end of pretty Paula!?" She gasps, hands clasping her cheeks tight, before Alma glances back over and there is .. fresh ... water?

"BINGO!~! Sylvie's in business now! Get ready!" Electricity sparking off her hands sends the woman shooting from the stands down towards the platform with the rest of them - her frilly watery swimsuit with eyeballs ALL OVER IT fluttering as she floats over onto the platform, landing cheerfully with a bright smile. "Isn't it great? Sylvie made it super better! All because she was here! If she wasn't, we'd all be buzzing, now, they're gonna buzz for an ENTIRELY different reason~!" She proclaims, throwing both hands up.

Marduk speaks, Paula blinking at Clio and then back to Marduk. Tons of eyes blink as well on her limbs, on her head, in her head. "NAN DESU TO!?! Warning! Warning! Creeper detected! Paula's gunna punch you!" She so declares, throwing a hand fowards... to point! Perhaps. "If you think Paula's a paula pipsqueak, then you're just pretending, Slab beef Man chops!"

Not even an apology from the good doctor. How rude of him and maybe it is because he is taking in all the sights. He even reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle of water along with a straw. He has to swat at a tiny hand that tries to reach out of the bag while he does so and quickly closes it back up. "Not now!"

His attention shifts about as he looks towards the rather loud Marduk and then towards the snazzily dressed Bob for a few brief moments. "Ahh, good show!" he drops the bottle in his lap so he can clap for both men. "I am sure you both will do well! Beware if the young Hitomi girl shows up. Do not underestimate her bottom! I think she may have steel implants."

The bottle is picked back up and the strap popped into the opening once the top is pulled off. He then pokes the straw up under the bag and sips. "Do let me know if you need a doctor!"

Minal Panesh happens to be almost completely out of her element here. She's left her bulky KNUCKS at home, but she's brought a set of smaller bionic prosthetics that could almost pass for 'human' -- if their plastic weren't colored a vibrant shade of seafoam green, with the seams and mechanisms sealed off in bright white. The Golden Angel chemical seems to be in full agreement with the color palette, setting off the Indian-American's dark skin with a mint green one-piece swimsuit that shows off the softer side of the hard-edged Marine. A small mint leaf is visible on the right breast, with a few stripes of seafoam green adding a splash of color to the design. Still not -fully- trusting of the chemical, she wears a cream-colored sarong around her hips as backup, and a wide-brimmed sun hat.

Mint... seems to be raising an eyebrow at Marduk's loud talking, as she stops just short of Faust.

"Is... is there something -wrong- with implants?" asks the double amputee with a grin on her face.

An island of warm, luxuriant sunshine, the Golden Angel Waterpark is without a doubt the best place to weather the doldrums of winter. Don't dawdle while walking past the pock-marked boardwalk, mind the craters that haven't gotten fixed yet, and march right into a summer paradise.

The shadow manipulator of Gedo High has arrived, with her trusted lieutenants.

As they approach the Keijo!!!!!!!! battle arena, Saya is the first to break the ranks of the trio, springing ahead with an eager smile on her face. She's applied a fair amount of Golden Angel -- and the wonderous chemical has gifted the blue-haired brawler with a wild bikini that looks like it was straight from the 80s, black and white stripes spattered with angry streaks of red and purple. She calls back, gesturing wildly with her arm -- "Come on, you slowpokes!"

The red-headed Touji Matsubara is sedate by comparison. Golden Angel has gifted him with a swimsuit that works wonders with his ox-muscled physique; he offsets this daring look with a short-sleeved shirt, left fashionably unbuttoned. "Fff, we'll get there eventually..."

And trailing Touji is Miko Kobayashi herself, in a two-piece racerback swimsuit, black in color, with a gray stripe running diagonally across the right, and a red flower of some sort on the left. Unlike Saya, there's hardly an ounce of fat upon her lithe form -- which might come as a surprise to those who had only seen her in her Gedo uniform. Her hair is pulled back into a bun -- and a pair of thin-rimmed sunglasses perches upon her nose as she walks past Clio's lounge chair.

"Quite the array of competitors here..." she notes quietly to no one in particular (though who happens to hear may be something else), her two companions already beginning to intersperse into the crowd. As much as the shadow manipulator has done for Southtown in recent weeks, it may be a blessing that she is only here to observe for now.

"Uhh...right," Bob says, not really sure how to respond to Marduk's hole in any other way. He'd heard rumors about Marduk's legendary tact, but this all seems way beyond anything he could have imagined. When Faust arrived, Bob was not sure how to parse it. For a fleeting moment, he wondered if there were unmentioned psychotropic side-effects to Golden Angel. Was there a form to fill out for those?

And then, suddenly Bob gets a wobbly nudge. "Urgh," he says once Marduk's out of earshot. "That guy's bad news, I can tell..." But then Bob sees Faust floating by. "Oh hey, nice suit," he says, distracted for the moment to talk to the good doctor. "But doesn't your uh," he gestures, "bag get wet?"

Oh no, with Bob distracted, will some other poor soul be forced to ride the Marduk Express?

Called out, called out, time to ignore the creepy guy. Thanks to sunglasses and ennui, Clio St. Jeanne is prepared to sip an energy drink rather than allow a man floating a lonely buoy to taunt her into doing something like activity this early in her day.

She's double saved by the appearance of a heroic splash of saccharine color and once more Clio thanks the talented makers of her sunglasses.

And while she is content with smiling half way to herself and watching for when the big man takes on the bigger man, she hears the voices of others. Two women, a guy, and she slowly leans back into her deck chair to watch Miko Kobayashi walk past her. She raises her eyebrows and drums her fingertips at the side of her can of energy drink. Okay, things just got a lot more interesting here. Much more.

Marduk doesn't even seem engaged with Bob or Faust at the moment.

"LOOK LADIES." Marduk rumbles, focusing mostly on the swimsuited beauties. "WHERE ARE THE BABES? I WANNA BUTT BATTLE SOME SEXY ASS BITCHES." Marduk points at Clio as she sucks on the drink.. "COME ON! COME ON!" And then he just throws his hands in her direction. "Oh Screw this, YOU'RE PROBABLY SOME GOD DAMN LESBIAN OR SOME SHIT." Marduk scans the water lines, looking over the poolside even. I'D EVEN TAKE THE CRIPPLE" Marduk rumbles, pointing at Mint. "OR SHIT, SOME FLATCHESTED SCHOOL GIRL BITCH" He points at Miko Kobayashi. Marduk was circling the platform, which was rocking -dangerously- with every step. "ANYTHING BUT THE GOD DAMN SIX." Marduk rumbles, throwing -RIGHT BACK- at Sylvie. "CAUSE I DON'T BUTT BANG SIX OUT OF TEN BITCHES! YOU EVEN THINK YOU CAN RIDE THE MARDUK EXPRESS YOU.... YOU...."


Marduk unleashes the carpetbombing of a commentary, as he points at Sylvie. "WOOOO! WOOOO! OH YEAH!" Marduk begins clapping for himself. "HOLY SHIT, you better GET IN THE WATER, cause that's a SICK-ASS BURN! YOU AND YOUR EYEBALLS ARE TOTAL THOTS. YEAH. I WENT THERE! WOOOOO! TOUCHDOWN!" Marduk throws his arms in the air... and suddenly spreads his legs apart, trying to keep his balance. "Whoa now...." Easing himself back stable, he grunts.


"Hmm?" Faust is finishing off his water when the straw pops free and he glances towards mint. The single eyehole cut in the back seems focused on Mint as he glances over the young lady. "Of course not! Sometimes they are needed. I felt it was worth warning other patrons of her pert posterior of steel so no one breaks a finger or such. Or even a foot if they tried to kick."

He raises a hand and rubs at the bottom of the bag as if it was his chin. "What colorful ones you have. Are you one of the fighters in this glorious little tournament?" He asks and and long gangly arm exteds to offer a hand to Mint. "Ahh! And where are my manners. I am Doctor Faust!" There is a soft 'Eeeeeeee' that comes from the bag and he lightly swats it with his free hand. "Not now!"

He will offer a hearty shake if the hand is accepted and he then motions with his other hand. "Perhaps you should take on one of the various challengers! I do not think anyone else has a steel butt. Wait a moment." He raises his voice. "DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A STEEL BUTT LIKE HITOMI?"

"That's right, you, big guy!"

Angel continues to hover near the edge of the pool as Marduk drags his massive bulk out of the water and onto one of the prepared platforms, easily taking up a large portion of the available surface area. She grins at his apparent lack of understanding of the situation and grins even wider at the insanely cringe-worthy commentary that he practically shouts to the entire room in some kind of unholy mixture of Tourettes and verbal diarrhea.

Holy crap, this guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

"Is no one going to step up to the challenge?!"

The dusky-skinned girl whirls to face the crowd, her ample bosom catching up a moment later, and points accusingly around the room.

"This man has a need! A burning DESIRE! His warrior spirit requires a worthy competitor!"

Angel runs between various people as she bellows into the microphone, poking them in the nose or giving them side-eyed glances, practically calling the courage of everyone in the room into question! You can't hide forever! She'll get to you too!

On the platform for the fresh-water, Sylvie glances over at Marduk once more. "Eh, Siiiiiix? Sylvie has six eyes~!" She giggles, throwing a peace sign and winking!

Oh that is some serious shit talk.

Sylvie's smile holds as she tries not to crack under the brutal verbal assault. Angel likely knows the stats of the NESTs failure very well. One of the very, very top level notices was *WARNING: Unpredictable* next to a very nice **WARNING: Emotionally Unstable**.

The goading from Marduk is very clearly not helping it. "AHahah.. Sylvie's super thotty! She has tons of thots!" Sylvie exclaims, raising the other hand with give another peace sign as she throws her body around in a loop somewhat. The verbal assault continues. Sylvie's face is strained as she tries to keep smiling, "I .. what? Huh!? Sylvie's NOT thotty, and not naughty!" The girl proclaims, cheerfully, "Hahaha ... oh you're..." He doesn't even care. Yelling. Screaming. Whooping and holloring.

Sylvie super super hates people like him. Sylvie's head tilting a bit as she smiles, face, hands, legs, entire body tense.

Finishing into her hair, a megaphone with a HEART in the middle, and spikes on the side, is held up. "BEEP. BEEP. WARNING~! Please CLEAR the pool for a MOMENT we are DOING CLEANING."

The woman proclaims before TOSSING it over her shoulder and kicking off the platform, causing it to slosh. Like a bat out of hell, or a Paula scorned, the girl twists around in the air. She can't sock him one - she can't kick his face. Oh, this is easy! Butt first, Sylvie dives towards the 'Marduk Express', all eyes figuratively and literately on her. "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!" She bleats out, body suddenly lighting up with electricity all around herself.

It will be positively shocking, her body threatening to make contact with Marduk's body like an arrow from the guy, electricity arcing off her in wild, frantic jolts. It's much like a meteor of some kind, except small, bitter, and full of spite, trailing saiyan like hair that so perfectly floats and never touches her back.


Marduk, in fact, was turning his back to Sylvie.

Wiggle Wiggling that thick plate of well-honed man-ass, Marduk was shifting his attention over to Angel, mentally undressing her, step by step. He actually air-gropes her, thinking that maybe, he found -his- butt battle opponent. Licking his lips, he almost filters out Sylvie's threat. Smelling the familiar smell of ozone, however, he actually scoffs, not even turning over. "Don't worry, I get tazed all the time-" He begins aloud


That was Marduk's follow up as he is sent -flying- off the platform. Ass smoking as his trunks seat are blasted open, the bare-bottomed Marduk sails through the air. He passes over Bob, as he goes like a rocket. Marduk was stunned, yes, with his tongue out. But he relaxes, as he approaches the surface of water. The delicate water would break his fall...

Except, of course, he immediately skips off the surface.

Sailing over the edge of the pool, he sails over the concrete. Fortunately, he doesn't hit the concrete... because he smashes -straight- though the bottom of a nearby fixed foundation food stand, smashing under the counter. Hitting the fry machine, there is a hiss and a scald, followed by a SCREAM as the machine tips over on Marduk. The sizzling bald man stands up.


Marduk screams, as he flails around blindly, knocking over the nearby food stand employee. Grabbing the nearest thing, he smashes HEAD FIRST into a popcorn machine. Knocking the popcorn over him, he screams LOUDER as popcorn oil smears all over him.


He finally screams as he runs the opposite direction... falling head first into a cotton candy machine. "I AM DYING" He screams as he lifts his head up, his bald head replaced with a large, pink afro. Dazed, he falls over the counter, landing head first on the concrete. Ass in the air, he gives his last words, before falling unconscious.


Marines in the Special Forces are trained to be good judges of character, eager to pick out oddities and discrepancies which might be signs of a hostile party. Like Marduk -- he's pretty hostile! Mint actually breaks into laughter though -- for Craig Marduk's amplified shouting is barely par for the course in her Marine barracks. Lesbian? Cripple? Mint just flashes a toothy grin -- for while she's pretty sure she can take him on in a -fight-, she's not equipped for that right now. "Gonna take a pass on that!" she calls back -- loudly, but probably not loudly enough to be heard.

Besides -- she's got a hand to shake. And it's a perfect handshake -- not too hard, not too light -- that she gives Faust, smiling back to him.
And then wincing as he shouts past her.
"Er. No. No steel butts here."

Well, Creg Marduk was correct about one thing. She blinks back at the shouting and raises her can at being called out for being a lesbian. She sips the drink and then nearly spits it back out against when the colorful girl explodes into a jolting meteor. And then the man skipping from water the restaurant. And at that point, just chaos happening.

"I'm just going to lay back down and let these people police themselves," she tells herself. "Don't get involved." She switches her crossed ankles and leans back into her chair. The can put aside, she claps for the showcase of electrical might and the clearing of the loudmouth bald guy.

Turns out, crashing into an unbeknowst, undefended opponent wth electromagentic energy that was spliced into your very being by an evil group using material from one Kyo Kusanagi turns out rather effective! The built up energy buzzing around Sylvie is used to reckless effectiveness as Sylvie crashes directly into Marduk, butt first. With the charge released right at that moment, the impact was like a crack of thunder! Sylvie, sizzling as well with the POP and CRACKLE of ozone, lets out a hefty breath and watches the chaos, as Marduk goes sailing off!

Her mouth wide, she stares at MAN SLAB BEEF ASS as he crashes, splashes, and skips into the stage and the food stand. Sylvie doesn't even wince, watching with awe and amazement, then clapping her hands at the very end of it! "Oh! It'll be WAY easier for Sylvie to stomach you if you butter yourself up, and are sweet!" Sylvie grins, throwing up peace signs and then hopping in place, waving her arms!

"Super Sylvie Paula Paula is winning so far!" The hands go infront of her face as she leans forwards with an idol, waving her fingers infront of her face like an idol. "Ehehe, this is E-Z~! Someone's gotta challenge Sylvie for sure! She's got tons of Paula power left!"

Her hips wiggle about as she basically dances a bit!

As Touji and Saya run through the crowd, Miko raises a finger to her sunglasses, dragging them downwards so she can peer over them at the shouting Marduk. He makes... a few comments which the psychic -could- take vocal exception to, but nothing worth calling forth the full fury of her ire. Not even when the brute points right at her. She's better than that -- all she does is smile, inclining her head in his direction.

And then the shouty man gets utterly -nailed-, drawing a rather condescending golf clap from the young woman who looks a -bit- too refined to be a Gedo High student.

"They're having fun on their own, mm?"
The vocalized thought is shared in no particular direction, but clear enough to be heard by Clio -- even though its speaker was scarcely even looking her way.
Ruling out the possibility that the response was incidental, Miko simply pulls herself into the lounge chair next to Clio, reclining in its luxurious, mass-produced comfort.

Only after she is settled does she relax her ice queen facade, crossing her ankles, and then making her hands into a pillow, tucked just beneath her tight bun of raven-black hair.
"It's a shame though, they drained the pool just for her, and she even abandoned it."

Sylvie floats back over to her platform open over the oher water. "Mmm, Angel, is it okay if I go for a swim? No one's gonna decide to fight me? Ehhh? It's super silly! I'm really the best? I guess that means I'm gonna be a champion now!" She declares, landing on the platform after levitating over the water.

If there was a cheat, that is what it'd look like!

Twirling along the platform though, Sylvie teeters on the edge, whirling her hands as she almost takes a dive based on simple dancing!

It has long been the belief of Angel that the gods have specifically chosen her to be one of the luckiest people alive. Though abandoned at a young age, she was chosen not only by a new and amazing family but ones that turned her into a super soldier and then pretty much made her immune to hang overs, which might be the best super power ever. On top of that, she's managed to avoid the wrath of the big scary guys up at the top of NESTS for going on fifteen years now despite being one of the most annoying goofballs on the planet.

But, as she watches the youngest member of her adopted little family of science experiments turn herself into an electric butt-missile and the subsequent series of events that follows, she realizes without a doubt that she is truly blessed to be alive.

Angel's eyes sparkle like a kid at Christmas and she busts out laughing, doubling over with hands on her stomach. After several seconds of this, she manages to recover her composure and turns to Sylvie, giving her an energetic thumbs up as she brings the microphone back up to her face.

"And with that amazing display we have a winner, folks! The adorably quirky Sylvie has defeated Marduk with a single blow, shattering expectations! Forget what that candy-ass, or I guess candy-head in this case, said, viewers! This judge is rating this little miss a 10 when it comes to Keijo!!!!!!!! spirit!"

Whirling back to the crowd, with yet more jiggly fanservice as a result, Angel once more turns her attention to the other attendees, eyeing them openly as she strides towards the lounging ladies.

"Hey, hey, this is no time to be resting on your laurels! We still have plenty of time for some new contestants to PROVE THEIR WORTH in a contest of will! Who's gonna be the next big winner?!"

Haruna Abe, who had been enjoying an iced drink, had also just now looked down into a copy of Astrology Monthly (the magazine for real astrologers! fold-out of this year's top sun sign!) at the exact time when Angel swings past and declares that she's looking for the next big winner.

Haruna looks upright abruptly, having realized that there has been a distinct shortage of meaty buttslap sounds for the last thirty seconds. Slowly she focuses. "Yes?" she says on reflex, attempting to focus on Angel (a challenge to anyone). "I'm sorry?" She smiles at Angel, pleasantly.

Mentally she rewinds and reviews what just got said. The pleasant smile freezes in place.

One moment, Bob was briefly distracted by Faust's dashing swimsuit -- and possibly the smell of the vending stand. The next, there was a crack of thunder. Bob ducks his head, expecting something to come crashing down in any moment. His expectations are fulfilled when, low and behold, Marduk sails overhead to crash into the vending area.

"--ooh," Bob says, "I've heard of thunder thighs, but I don't think they meant something like that..."

Whatever the case, Bob moves through the water toward the platform. "Angel, right? Do you still need a contender?" he calls out.

With hands on her waist, Sylvie sits on her platform as she watches Bob AND Haruna go over to Angel. "Hey! Hey Angel~! Best of those two can face me~! You know I'm so super great not a f-failure at all you know!"

With that, Sylvie begins to dance a fan favorite. Some may recognize it.

Her hands grab the frill and push it down, hips wiggling back and forth. Then hands shoot up to the side of her head, fingers, two of them on the seperate ends, pointing at her head on both sides as she wiggles her hips some more. This repeats for a few times, as she twirls about to do it some more. All that is important, as her arms both go behind her head and cross behind her neck, is that her hips keep swaying left and right, as she stays limber, before she places the <3 sign with both her fingers and thumbs over her chest, moving it back and forth a bit, like it's beating, as she dances.

It's to keep limber, for real.

The tanned Mexican whirls to face Haruna, locking onto the sound of the first voice to speak up like an automated turret. She gives a mischievous grin at the obvious confusion on the mystic's face but doesn't let her ignorance get in the way of ensuring that things keep moving along smoothly. A hand shoots out and she points at the small woman as if doing so has somehow tagged her with an inescapable tether only to shift over to Bob moments later as he calls out.

"Looks like we have our next two contestants, folks! It's time for another Keijo!!!!!!!! baaaaaattle!"

Sylvie's suggestion is met with approval from afar as Angel turns to give her another thumbs up.

"You know it, kiddo! Work it!"

The busty co-host does a few J-pop dance moves of her own in time with her sparky cohort but eventually turns back to the cameras and shoos Haruna towards the pool and the platform where Bob waits.

"Get a wiggle on, it's what people came to see!"

Haruna feels pierced by an Angel. She is not alone in this.

"Uh," she says, before


She's up on the platform!! "Hi," Haruna says to Bob, sounding terrified in a controlled way. Haruna's swimsuit is a blue and purple starry top and a navy-blue bikini bottom with a pentagram on the front, /all class/. "So how do we do this exactly?" Her eyes flick out towards Sylvie who is bobbing up and down in an emphatic, back-driven manner.

It is so. Angel, for better or worse, is the one running this show.

"Hey," Bob says pleasantly, giving Haruna a little wave. "Don't worry, I'm not looking to clobber anyone like--uh, that guy." Bob peers past Haruna toward the disaster area that was Marduk's landing zone.

"From what I know, to win at Keijo!!!!!!!! you gotta knock the other person off the platform, but you can't use your arms or legs." Bob gives a shrug, apparently at a loss for further explanation. He runs his hand down his big, striped 1920s swimsuit, working out a wrinkle.

"I hope you've got a good plan in mind, I don't wanna disrespect you by trying to take it easy!"

On her own special platform, atop the DANGEROUS water of REVEALING (clothing), Sylvie begins to do the second half of her dance - which involves twirling around and lots of booty movements, twirling her hips around as she acts like a super awesome sailor scout, or something of the sort!

She pauses to clap for Angel - and Haruna. As well for Bob. One will... find defeat! Or victory!?

"Oh, my," Haruna says, eyes widening. One hand comes up to veil her mouth in a perfect moue of shock and astonishment. "Is that really the secret of Keijo!!!!!!!? Well, I suppose -"

And then she throws off that ladylike demeanor pretty hard considering that she takes two running steps and then flies up in a side-hip-check right square at Bob's belly! (Bob's burgers? Hopefully he's not building anything in there.)

"Is this correct?" she asks, mid-air.

"That's right," Angel calls out, her voice blaring easily across the water from the speakers. "The objective is to send your opponent into the water using your body! Arms and legs are off-limits. I'll leave it up to your imagination to work out the rest!"

It would seem that her explanation was unnecessary, however, as Haruna gets right into the spirit of things with a sudden surprise attack! Several of the spectators offer appreciative noises and clapping at the shift in demeanor having assumed that Bob would be the aggressor against the much smaller Japanese woman.

"Woah, looks like she's a fast learner!"

Bob seems jolly enough (as befitting a fat man such as he). In fact, it seems a bit odd that someone like Bob would be here at all considering his appearance, but then again this is an event where Sylvie just destroyed Marduk with a single, empowered hip bump. What seems impossible is indeed possible, when Haruna suddenly takes to Keijo!!!!!!!! as a natural, launching herself forward with a side hip-check, Bob's eyes narrow with surprise!

He launches himself forward to meet Haruna in the middle, clashing belly with bottom with a mighty grunt!

"Not bad!" Bob says as he rebounds with a slide and sweeps his hair away from his face. "Nice move! What's your name, miss? I'm Bob."

A slow motion view would reveal a beautiful interlocking set of ripples between Haruna's moderately generous backside and Bob's far more generous icon of American affluence, but the long and the short of it is that Haruna's momentum is canceled and she is thrown back with a distinct wobbly 'poom!' sound from... somewhere? Bob, probably. Landing, she stares at him for a moment.

And then steps nearer, to avoid being on the edge. "My name," she says with an effort to reclaim a haughty tone, "is Haruna Abe; it is a pleasure to meet you, I am sure." To herself she thinks - headbutts? No, that's going to give me a concussion or force me to smell him.

She circles. She crouches. This makes her backside stick out. Her hands come down near her knees, like a sumo, if a much shapelier one. ('Lump' is not a shape, Honda.)

"What brings you to Japan?" she asks. "We've had some trouble lately..."

Gasps! That is what Sylvie does at the impact. From her seperate platform, the woman watches on, doing a bit of idle dancing as she pays rapt attention to her, or just the other, competitors! It's an exciting batch, and it's weight and speed vs .. Haruna Abe! Sylvie doesn't know more than that.

"ANGEL! Sylvie wants some food, okay? Can you throw her something!" She yells out, from her dungeon platform over FRESH water.

Miko lifts her sunglasses up as Angel approaches, loudly exclaiming that this is no time to be resting on her laurels. This being right after she chose to take her seat upon the lounge chair, she flashes only a sardonic smile back at the busty co-mistress of ceremonies.

It's a little much for the psychic to take in, really. Beside her -- someone who had a particularly notable reaction to her modest swimwear, and a similar response to Marduk's braggadocio. And in front of her is the irrepressible Angel, of course. But all around her thrum the hearts and minds of the citizens of Southtown -- many of whom being kids themselves. The psychic is ... right in the middle of all this thriving, youthful energy.

"I'm content to watch the masters at work here for now, thanks," she responds with a grin.

Her eyes drift knowingly over to Clio. Perhaps the psion picked up on an even stronger spike of emotion than would have been let on.

But as Angel saunters off, riling up the crowd, Miko finds her attention drifting similarly to Bob and Haruna. "... Well at least this match is... longer, I suppose."

"Hmm? Oh, sure, kiddo!"

Angel glances around for a moment before locking in on one of the nearby snack carts. She pauses as she sorts through the various bags of chips, candy bars, and other assorted junk food as she realizes that she has no idea what sort of things Sylvie like. It's not like NESTS gets together for a big family trip to the grocery store every month. She scoops up an assortment of various things, stuffing a hot dog into her own mouth as she does so, munching it down without the use of her hands in a moment that is immortalized on film as atleast half of the cameras crews unabashedly ignore the contest going on between Haruna and Bob to follow the scantily-clad teen around.

"Hmm... eh, I guess this is good enough."

Dumping everything she'd collected into a bag, including several pieces of fruit and some soda cans, Angel ties it off and hoists the beach-ball sized container over her head like a key-item just obtained from a dungeon chest.

"Jya jya jya jyaaan~! Everything you could want in one neat package! Catch!"

Angel casually hurls the large object across the pool like a mortar shell as if it weighs no more than a balloon, assuming that anyone from NESTS shouldn't have any trouble with something as trivial as that.

Despite appearances, Bob has the familiar musculature of a sumo beneath that excessive girth, and he is deceptively agile for a man who is most definitely over 300 pounds. If Haruna -had- opted for the headbutt, she would find that Bob actually has the smell of rather nice cologne. He seems to have a good nose for it. Unfortunately he also smells of sunscreen and salt water, but such is the fate of those who enter Golden Angel.

Bob steps slowly around, resting his weight on his back leg and keeping his front elevated slightly so his foot rests on the heel. It's definitely a fighter's stance, if any awkward one.

"That's what brought me here," Bob confesses. "As a karateka I love this country, but things have been so dour here I felt like maybe I could lend a hand. If nothing else, maybe the tournament will raise people's spirits." He gives Haruna a winning smile. He has very nice teeth. "Plus I thought of friend of mine might be here. She's a karate expert too. What about you? What brings you to Golden Angel?"

Bob does, politely, give her a moment to respond before going on the offensive again. He surges forward, barreling toward Haruna like a raging bull. He winds up, ready to throw a punch--!

And then stops himself mid-swing with several short hops.

"Oh wait!!" Bob says, realizing his mistake. "No hands!!" A critical weakness?!

This is where Haruna is already leaning herself forwards and saying as she passes underneath the outstretched arm of Bob, "I'm in it for the money," her hair trailing behind her as she gets behind him.

"YOU'RE OPEN!" she shouts then and throws herself backwards, to exploit the imbalance of Bob recovering from his aborted strike -- he has mass on his size but she has the momentum! Or something like that! The cameras would have shown a pretty mean face on Haruna just then if they weren't all focused on Angel's rack, so maybe that's better that way.

"Ah-- and I want the wish too of course~! I'm a sucker for things like that!" The mean face is now completely gone.

Hungry beyond belief, Sylvie is tottering back and forth lazily as she tries to keep up the dance. "Bzzzzt. Lowe power warniiiiing, Sylvie's gonna shut dooooown." She bleats out, yawning wide as she turns about, "Angel! You're a life saver! I'll do my best to hang on 'kay!?" She waves once more before she hops up and down, twisting her hips excitedly as she works to keep her pep in her step - and with Bob and Haruna on the battle, Sylvie is about to do her best in observation.
R 'Jya jya jya jyaaan'.

"HuhwhahUH!?" Sylvie whirls around - with fruit, soda cans, meat. All of that in a bag. All of it 'casually hurled' by Angel in a mortar like motion. If Sylvie was super ready and preparing herself, it would likely have been even easier - the mortar would be able to be captured and paused in the air somewhat. Cheating to the max. Instead Sylvie is watching the large object close in on her in slow motion. "WAAAH!?" Throwing her arms up, Sylvie attempts to warm it off, to catch it, and the momentum is slowed as Sylvie skids to the end. "AH!? No no NO Sylvie is SUPER strong, she WON'T LOSE!" She beams, smiling wide as she presses forwards against it - foot skidding right off the edge, half of it barely staying on, the front of the foot right on the edge!!!

"Phew~!" Sylvie exclaims, winking and throwing a wave towards Angel. "Thanks~! Oh I'm kinda thirsty!"

A soda can. Which she opens, the shaken can suddenly SPRAYING, causing Sylvie to tilt backwards, eyes all opening wide as she grasps for the bag, flailing, "AW HEL-" SPLOOSH. Splash! Sylvie then the bag crash down into the water, followd by the can, with Sylvie now clinging to it. "Wah. Sylvie's all"


"AIEEEEEEEEEE!" There's a scream of surprise as Sylvie's exposed to the elements - AND - to the crowd! Eyeballs about her hair are grasped for front and back, wet hair now covering her front! "Angel! Angel! Gimme a towel! A toWEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" She whines!

Angel turns away once the package is delivered, preparing to return to her commentary on the Keijo!!!!!!!! match at hand. She misses the drama that unfolds as Sylvie briefly struggles with the receiving part of the service. It isn't until she hears the sudden sploosh and every camera in the building turns to face the pool of fresh water at once that she realizes something might be amiss.

Her quizzical expression quickly turns into another devilish grin as she takes in the situation, unable to pass up the opportunity to poke a little fun at her misfortune. Sorry, Sylvie, it's for the ratings! This is Japan, just roll with it!

"Hey, don't be shy, Sil! I thought you liked having tons of eyes on you~! Bet this is some kind of record, huh?"

She winks at the blonde girl and lifts her hands to her temples, index finger and thumbs extended in her trademarked devil horns as she wiggles them playfully.


"Of course," Bob says. "It is a nice prize." It's said without judgment. Perhaps Bob, even for his love of fighting, can still appreciate that sometimes someone just has to enter a tournament for the prize money. He is after a PI by trade, after all.


Bob steps forward, planting his front leg to catch himself. Muscles tense as he applies a hard brake in a great demonstration of athletism. Fat or no, Bob definitely has full control of his movements. That is, until Haruna throws a wrench in the works.

There's a heavy thump of her backside against Bob's back, and Bob, durable though he is, is still off balance from overextending just a moment ago. He bounces forward precariously, his arms flailing cartoonishly as he tries to get his balance.


The front row gets a bath of saltwater as Bob bellyflops into the pool. After a moment, he rises up, tossing water from his hair with a quick snap of his head. "You got me with that one!" he calls, unoffended. "Nice move!"

Towel! TOWEL! That is what Sylvie so desperately wanted!

Angel gives her a devilish grin and pokes fun at her. Don't be shy!? ALL EYES ON HER!? Sylvie's eyes open wide at the assault on her by Angel, dripping wet int he water as her clothing is washed out - bit by bit - draining off...!!! "It's not at a-all what I w-wanted!" Sylvie exclaims, huffing. Oh she did the same thing when Marduk said such things! Grasping the side of the platform, fingers digging angrily into the floaty bits, Sylvie's lips curl in a cruel grin. "T-Thanks for the TOWEL." Sylvie huffs.

~~ I thought you wanted to be strong? So why are you giving up? Didn't you WANT us to go harder on you, so you weren't a failure?

I .. I just asked for some rest...

Fists pound against the floating material as Sylvie pushes up and out of the water, electricity crackling along her body as she levitates, hair trailing over front, bolts crossing her front to mostly make any flash photography completely pointless. Videos may also have some issue as she lands on the platform before Haruna, hate in her eyes. "I'm here dammit! YOU HAVEN'T WON!" She exclaims, electricity crackling around her body like a coiling snake, yellow lines zapping angled across the front and midsections of her, fading only to be replaced with another from another direction. It's an imperfect system, but Sylvie isn't perfect.

"SO PUT UP YOUR CHEST!!" Sylvie roars. Bob may be lucky that the electricity isn't hitting the salt water yet. YET.

"Oh, how sportsmanlike of you~ Thank you, and good luck in the main tournament," Haruna calls, sweet as sugar again. BUT

And just when Haruna thought that she was moving on, along came Sylvie. Haruna startles visibly and violently when she rises up on a plume of electromagnetic horror force, even as she takes a half step backwards and raises up a hand, cringing in part and also putting herself into a guardable stance.

Then the force... retracts... no, it's not, Haruna thinks. "Well, then," Haruna says, narrowing her eyes, "Good afternoon to you, but I have no intention of losing - especially to someone who brings an electrical storm to an arse fight."

"Oop! I mean bottom," Haruna adds, even as she does much as she did against Bob - leaping forwards. The close observer might see that she's taking some pains to hop up with both feet so that she's not grounded while hip checking, but--

She's also tensing up! As if she expects this to hurt!

Well, that was...unexpected.

Angel had entirely planned on helping her poor little sis out after getting a few quick moments on camera but it would seem that her bit of joking has prompted the girl into doing something foolish! Or perhaps she always had the heart of a streaker and this is just her coming out moment. Either way, a very naked Sylvie is now facing off against the sugar and spice contestant who has just giving Bob the boot - or the backside, technically.

"Well..." Angel scratches her head as she peers into the cameras for a moment, somewhat at a loss. But she quickly recovers and simply rolls with it, grinning like a used car saleman.

"It looks like our championship match is going to be a little more /flashy/ than expected!"

Like some kind of final boss, Sylvie just HAS to BUTT in Haruna's way. Electricity trails over her skin, bare as it is, as Sylvie's hair, wet, drapes over her front. That part is kept rather barely covered - yet the parts below are managed to only be covered by intense flashes of electricity that manage to occur just enough with time between them to mostly cover things that need to be. Mostly. Whether this is Sylvie herself controlling it or something completely different through force of will, it's rather intense.

Eyes narrow right back, Sylvie standing bare naked compared to Haruna. "Guess you wenre't SMART enough too~." Sylvie exclaims, cheerfully, "Bzzzt, no rules not to." She so happily declares like any other - and with Haruna already leaping forwards, Sylvie isn't one to hold back. With Haruna lunging towards her, Sylvie twirling around rapidly - with electricity swirling around her as she does so. With a CRASH, like thunder, Sylvie would manage to impact Haruna, butt to butt, and may instead of directly shock the woman, SCORCH some of that bathing suit she is wearing! That's actually the goal, but they trade, butt to butt, initially! Impacting off, Sylvie grins menacingly as she skids to the edge, "Ehehe, next time it'll be the WHOLE thing!" Sylvie threatens - leaning forwards a bit an- there's an eyeball floating to cover herself. She's really going all out!?

Bob, in the meantime, has wisely drifted back across the pool to get out of a potentially electrifying experience. Wiping himself with a towel, he's seated a few rows away from the action.

"Wow," he says to no one in particular. "This is a lot more intense that I expected," a pause. "Maybe that's why they were insistent on that pronunciation..."

zzzzTTTTFH! "Kyahh!!" Haruna squeals, back arching in sympathetic muscle lock as her swimsuit bottom is scorched substantially and an actual brief, vigorous flame rips up the back of her suit's top. Whirling around, she retorts, "Is that your goal, you exhibitionist? Or are you just trying to throw me by exploiting my sense of shame--?!"

What a dire accusation! Haruna circles, circles - leaps to the side back the way she came, and then spreading her arms back and throwing herself forwards.

A chest press!? Well, if Sylvie's going to lean over onto eyeballs, she might as well see if she can go 2 for 2 with the anti-Bob strategy.

With Haruna squealing, Sylvie gives quite the mean grin towards the woman as she makes such a claim. "Maaaaybe~." Sylvie giggles, "Nu-uh, I'm not an exhibitionist~! Sylvie's just not a QUITTER." The woman exclaims with almost sinister glee. Yet the dire accusation is made! Sylvie, now with a small eyeball or two floating around her front and back, keeping this under serious ratings issues, peers at Haruna, "Can't worry about that if you wanna win! Sylvie's ... NOT.. A LOSER!" She challenges!

That is before that chest press comes towards her. Sylvie thinks for a moment - and then does the unthinkable. With the chest press coming forwards, Sylvie lunges forwards - head first towards that chest instead of trying to meet breast to breast! It's the top of her head, though! Towards the stomach, though the chest is coming down quickly! The electricity crackles, and Sylvie's send skidding backwards from the assault - the woman wincing. Almost blown off from the chest press! "No limbs, right!? Ehehe... This time, I've got you!"

Electricity throws Sylvie forwards, tucking in her legs and arms to be a cannon-ball towards Haruna's body!

She can't really control herself like that, could she, though!? Would Haruna figure out to ... duck!?


Seated in the pleasant kitchen of her pleasant home, Aya Hazuki leans back in her chair, mug of tea in one hand and her cell phone in the other. If one were to get uncomfortably close, they could hear the tinny voice of her cousin Rei through the phone's wee speaker, talking rapidly. "So that's the story. Can you go? I'm... occupied at the moment or I wouldn't ask. And it's important."

Closing her eyes and setting the mug down, Aya pinches the bridge of her nose. "I want to be sure I understand you properly," she says, her tone of voice hinting that there is a lot of information about to be read back to him. "You are off doing who even knows what, so you want me to attend a party at a waterpark for a fighting tournament sponsored by a company that makes a swimsuit that's applied as a lotion. And you want me to do this because, and I want to be really certain on this one, one of the PRIZES of said tournament is an actual human being who, in this world, may or may not be part of an international crime syndicate."

There is a long pause, before Rei answers: "Yeah basically."

A heavy sigh, in response. "You owe me."


Aya Hazuki arrived fashionably late to the party, not the least reason being that it's an indoor waterpark and she had no bathing suit of any kind. Which precipitated a journey to PURCHASE one. Then there was a heated argument with the security people about the idea of bringing an actual single-bladed katana into a waterpark, which the staff felt sent the wrong message. Aya's response had been that said message was intentional.

This, then, turned into an additional hour of combing gift shops until a compromise could be reached: a discount bokken, of the sort used during summertime watermelon splitting on the beach.

Thus it is after a significant (but stylish) delay that the battousha and inadvertent corporate co-sponsor of this event walks into the park itself, wearing a deep jade green two-piece, the bottom covered by a sweep of white sarong with gold embroidery, knotted at her hip. The effect is fashionable but ruined, somewhat, by the discount-looking wooden sword stuck through the space behind the knot.

Aya takes off her sunglasses just in time to watch two women, one of whom is surrounded by floating eyeballs, leap at each other ass first.

"...okay. Sure."

Technically, Aya, Haruna is leading with her chest.

She tenses up - as if to duck, but -

BUT!! Electrical signals have already influenced her muscles, which are already not the strongest set that the Amida Buddha ever put together. Even if she has strength and tone, she isn't possessed with the same MuscleForce destructivity that might have powered a Zangief. Sylvie's head hits Haruna right in the diaphragm.

Her rebuttal to her words are as follows: "Kwuhhghhk--"

As she goes flying backwards, her electrically burned top starts to come loose. Fortunately she is likely to hit the water before it is completely removed, but from her arc of flight...

Sylvie has prevailed, through the power of SHAMELESS EXPOSURE.

The last words that come out of Haruna's mouth, though they may not be words, as Sylvie USES her DAMNED HEAD for once. Competition had been sparked in her not a week ago by a man named Gato. The bitter nature of Sylvie didn't look past it, no, she couldn't let it go. In this case, Haruna was caught between Angel's words and the actions from Gato not too long ago.

Falling flat on her face, Sylvie staggers upwards, electricity arcing less so - like a battery beginning to run out of juice. "I ... I won.. hahaha..ehehehe...." Sylvie remarks as she clambers onto her feet entirely, standing up as she stares forwards, standing on the platform floating in the center of the ring. "SYLVIE IS .. THE WINNER~!" She cheers out, arms extending upwards, then leaning back like a certain character from a long running show, one Boa Hancock, a hand out as she gives a laugh - and then stops. "L... Low energy...B-Beeeeep shuuuutting down."

Thunk. Toppling backwards, the eyes floating about her crash to the floor on the platform. They, thankfully, manage to roll perfectly between her legs to censor her and prevent any embarassing photos! Hair manages to cover the rest. Likely a towel would be joining shortly.

Haruna had just been barely caught up in the storm as it dissipated.

Sylvie mumbles something about how Haruna was totally a worthy challenger but not shameless enough, then about kamui's and her embarassed nature holding her back - but could also be dreaming and sleep mumbling.

Miko lounges in her chair beside Clio, sunglasses pulled down -- and can't help but shake her head with a faint smirk as the insanity unfolds, first as Sylvie falls prey to the 'helpful' offer from a friend, and then as Bob is toppled off into the pool.

When the crazy eyeball girl decides she wants to -challenge- rather than flee for relative safety, Miko's attempt at morbid amusement is upgraded to shaking her head side to side, a stain of red flickering across her cheeks. Sure, she's seen her share of starlets in compromising positions -- wardrobe malfunctions happen from time to time in the circus.
Well. Miko doesn't know Sylvie.
So she's perfectly content to laugh at the young woman's expense.

But... she figures it's about time to go. Miko throws her arms forward, pulling herself out of the chair. With a glance in the vague direction of Touji and Saya, she murmurs, barely above a whisper, "C'mon, you two, time to go."

And even though Touji is thirty feet away, he turns his head towards Miko.
And even though Saya is nearly on the border of one of the salt water pools, she turns her head towards Miko.

Miko jerks her head to the side. And before long, her disciples come running through the crowd to meet up with her again.

And that's when the trio notices Aya, as she removes her sunglasses. For a moment, Miko's eyes grow larger behind their tinted lenses. She -could- talk to Aya... but rather than risk her identity, Miko turns obliquely to the side, guiding her two companions in a roundabout route for the exit.

At a less... distracting time, perhaps, that brief but intense glance from the Gedo eminence gris might have tripped Aya's situational awareness. As it is, a naked girl in the proximity of a pool of water and surrounded by electricity is the sort of spectacle that commands attention. He'd assured her, ASSURED HER, that the tournament would be good for the center and bring in money for the community. As the person who doesn't do the books but DOES sign the checks, this was an undeniable fact.

But Aya and Rei were going to have a Very Long Conversation about this situation whenever he gets back from whatever it is that made it so she's here instead of him.

Walking through the crowd -- which can't decide if they should be enthusiastically clapping or averting their gazes and thus are doing a little of both in an erratic and intermittent manner -- Aya finds her way over to an information kiosk and actually reads up on whatever the hell it was that just happened. In fact there's a brochure she's sifting through, complete with pink-colored silhouette cartoon figures on the front, battling it out, boobs to butt. Flipping through it absently, Aya raises an eyebrow. "The sad thing is, this would actually be excellent training for awareness of one's maai." Yes, way to parse 'fight with your tits out' as having swordsmanship benefits, Aya.

Haruna appears to have opted to die from drowning rather than surface right this moment.

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